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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Eternal Moonlight - It certainly was :D

- Scout (Sentret) grew to lv 6!


Selma, Route 30

Selma and Flynn followed Nicole out onto route 30 that evening, somewhat uneasily.

"This is the best place for Leds to battle!" Nicole said reassuringly and let the bug pokémon out of his pokéball. He took one deep breath of the fresh country air and went haywire. He was clearly happy to be here again. Nicole laughed and even Flynn smiled.

"Leds was born here, in a swarm of other Ledybas," he explained. "He has never really been angry with Nicole for catching him, but he likes to come out here sometimes."

"I see," Selma said and smiled calmly. It was quite beautiful to behold the girl and her pokémon playing out here. But the weather wasn't that great actually. "It's rather... misty, don't you think?" Selma said.

"Yeah. It often is out here. It's beautiful on days when the sun shines brightly though. Then the whole air becomes yellow in a way."

Selma looked at Flynn, who was watching his sister play. Maybe he wasn't so cold after all. Selma had gotten that impression of him first. The boy had black hair that almost looked blue, square shaped glasses and rather pale skin. He looked more like the type to read and study than the type to play outdoors with pokémon. Nicole was his opposite. Her hair was black as well, but her skin had a slight tan to it and she looked like a fit girl who had spent her whole life playing and never sitting still. Much like Selma. Only, Nicole wore a dress. Selma never wore dresses.

Suddenly, a swarm of Ledybas came flying over them. Leds and Nicole stopped playing and looked up. Maybe Leds knew some of them?

Some of them seemed awfully curious. They came close to Nicole and Leds and stared at them. Leds greeted them and they seemed to be slightly less afraid. Some even came up to Selma and Flynn now.

"Maybe I should catch one of my own..." Selma heard herself saying.

Flynn looked at her. "That sounds like a good idea. Part of a trainer's job is to collect many pokémon so that you'll eventually find your dream team, no?"

"That's right!" Selma searched with her eyes through the Ledybas in the vincinity and suddenly noticed that one of them was gazing right at her. It didn't even blink. Selma didn't blink either. It was a staring contest.... and finally, Selma gave up, as her eyes hurt.

"You won that one," she told the Ledyba, who was sitting on the grass a few meters away. "But you won't win a battle! Come out, Totodile!"

Toto came out from his pokéball and jumped around happily as usual. All the Ledybas were startled and Nicole was angry that she had disturbed their new friends. The Ledyba that had linked eyes with Selma jumped back a few meters... but then seemed to accept the challenge.

"Huh," Flynn said. "A Ledyba with guts? Not a usual sight around here."

Not a little guts, either. It charged Toto with a Tackle before Selma had even called out an order. The attack hit Toto hard, and enraged him somewhat.

"Alright, take advantage of that, Toto! Use Rage!"

The Totodile's eyes started glowing red as he lounged forward to perform a Scratch. Ledyba was fast however and evaded the move, retaliating with another Tackle.

"Whoa, it's got some strategy as well," Flynn said. Nicole came closer and looked on, interested.

"Toto, Leer!" Selma said. Toto gave the bug an intimidating look that made it halt in the air and get down a bit. Then, Toto took advantage of his Rage and hit the ladybug with a Scratch attack. The bug wasn't down yet, however. It used Supersonic.

"Remember to cover your ears!" Flynn yelled.

"No, not giving it the chance!" Selma quickly shouted. "Toto, Water Gun now!"

Totodile sprayed the water gun out and hit the bug right when the supersonic waves just had started reaching the crocodile. It didn't affect him much, as the waves stopped coming as soon as the Water Gun hit its target. Ledyba was shot down and hit the ground.

"And that's the difference between a trained pokémon and a wild one!" Flynn said with a triumphant smile.

"What is?" Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... this?" Flynn answered and pointed to the battlefield, where Toto had clearly won. The bug was struggling to get up. "You should probably catch it now, Selma."

"Oh, right! Pokéball!" Selma searched through her bag and reminded herself to always keep an empty one in a pocket on her shorts or jacket. She found one quickly and threw it at the bug before it could get up... but the ball sprung open after a second the the Ledyba materialized again. It was panting, looking at Selma with intense eyes.

"Hm, maybe it just wasn't enough."

"We'll have to battle it harder," Selma said. "Toto, use Scratch! See if you have any rage left in you!"

Toto nodded and set off towards the bug on the ground, claws up. But the bug didn't seem to have any plans on getting scratched. It flew up into the sky, evading Toto's attack, and then dove down for a Tackle.

"Water Gun! Stop it in it's path!" Flynn shouted.

"Uh, yes! Water Gun like he said!" Selma shouted as well.

Toto was confused for a second but blew out a Water Gun in time to slow down the Ledyba. The bug had dove fast though and it still reached the crocodile, knocking him off his feet, even though the impact wasn't as great. "Toto!" Selma yelled, worriedly. The crocodile pokémon seemed to be in a pinch, having received several tackles now. The bug gathered energy to get up from the ground. No. Toto acted before it could leave again. He Scratched the pokémon hard, hitting its wings. That seemed to really hurt. He gave it yet another Scratch.

"You don't want to kill the bug, do you?" Flynn said a bit skeptic.

"Well, last time it wasn't hurt enough. Better safe than sorry," Selma retorted. "Pokéball, go!" And this time she threw it with force. It was drawn to the bug, hit it and sucked it in. The ball twitched and rolled from side to side a couple of times...


@ Charm -

- Selma caught a Ledyba! (lv 7, female)
- Toto (Totodile) grew to lv 10!

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Who Terribly Wants To Skip Cherrygrove But Figures Battling Scenes Are Too Much Work

Chris, Matt, and Celia met outside the Pokemon Center, all looking extremely well rested. Matt ran hyper circles around the two older kids as they contemplated what to do next. "Maybe today we should focus on Matt's pokemon; he won't be tempted to run back into the forest and drive Noctus insane..." Chris said. "That sounds good, but I don't know how much help I'll be; he doesn't listen to me."

Celia seemed a little bit ashamed, but Chris laughed. "He just wants to get his Pokemon stronger; why don't you go shop or something today. I can handle him." Celia slapped him for his stupidity, then promptly left and went shopping.

"Okay Matt, today is just you and me." Chris and the little boy stood in a large park, fairly crowded with overactive joggers and small children. "So let's see your Pokemon." Chris said. Matt nodded, then reached for the single Pokeball placed on his belt. Throwing it onto the ground, a purple bug with white antennae and red compound eyes appeared.

"Veno!" it cried, standing on two brown feet. "Oh wow, that's an awesome Pokemon!" Chris said, pulling out his Pokedex. "Venonat, a Bug Pokémon. Its eyes function as radar allowing it to see in the dark." "Oh wow, a Venonat!" very impressed with their mother's choice in pokemon, Chris decided it was time to try and help him.

"So, what exactly do you want to do with your little Venonat here?" Chris inquired, seeing the boy's expression. He seemed proud of it, but a little insecure as well. Exhaling deeply, Matt spewed out a long string of words. "Say again? Try speaking a little slower this time." "I want to be an awesome pokemon trainer like you with a pokedex and pokeballs and items and-" he stopped to catch his breath.

"Well, you have to have pokemon that you believe in, of course. " Chris said. Fumbling with his Pokeballs, he released Noctus. Venonat, scared by the owl pokemon, quickly hid behind his trainer. "It's okay, Venonat. He's here to help." Matt put his hand on the little bug's head, calming him down considerably. It made a little squeal, but slowly warmed up to the unfamiliar Pokemon.

"Let's try something simple; a race. Me and my Pokemon versus you and yours. We'll go to that tree," Chris said, pointed at a tall oak about half a mile away, "and back here. While you cannot interfere with my running, the Pokemon are free to do what they want; all attacks are fair game. Ready?" Chris finished, eager to start. Noctus perched on his shoulder, one foot gently catching on the fabric. "Ready." Matt replied, prepping his Pokemon. Venonat seemed to understand what was going on, and stood in a running position.

"Go!" Chris said, taking off in a blur. Noctus was flying alongside him, with Matt not far behind. "Noctus! Use Tackle!" the bird complied, and rammed into the little bug pokemon. It was blown back, and Matt was forced to slow down and make sure it was okay. "Venonat! Run ahead and use Disable!" Venonat sprinted up until it was just behind the other pair, and began to use its move. Its eyes glowed light blue as it stopped Noctus from trying any more of his physical power. Although he kept running, Chris knew he had no other way to attack. They were only halfway there, but there was no way for him to distract Matt. Unless... a devious plan formed in his mind as Matt began to close the gap. Getting closer and closer, his face turned from excited to determined.

"Use your own Tackle now!" Venonat sprinted and leaped, but Noctus was too fast to get hit. Swiftly avoiding the attack, he returned to his position above his trainer's head. "Noctus, try a new approach. Use Growl, then Foresight!" Noctus began to fly backwards, his head facing Venonat as his body flew forward. He made a cute beckoning noise, distracting the little purple pokemon. It began to slow, but Matt hit it lightly on the head. Returning to its senses, it picked up its pace yet again. Noctus then began using his next move; something that used his beginning psychic powers. His eyes glowed red as he locked onto his target, who ran in a straight line. After locating him, Noctus honed in even closer. Perfectly locked-on, he knew his next move would hit exactly where he wanted it to.

There was only a few hundred feet left, and the battle raged on. Venonat violently tried to tackle Noctus over and over, as he dodged repeatedly. They were almost at the flag, and they were basically neck and neck. Chris had the advantage of longer legs, but Matt had a good deal more energy. Their pokemon did not seem as worn out as their trainers; still in fighting mode. Chris knew he had to finish it, and fast; what kind of teacher loses to his pupil on the first lesson? "Noctus, end this! Hypnosis!" Noctus agreed, and a red beam flew from his eyes. Hitting Venonat dead on, it quickly fell asleep. "VENONAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET UP THIS IS A RACE!" Matt screamed, obviously not happy with the turn of events.

It was only a matter of time before Chris touched the tree, clearly the winner. Matt was still with his pokemon, screaming profanities that most kids his age had never heard before. "Son of a Banette! I'm gonna Far'fetchding kill you! You worthless Wailord!" he spouted. "Calm down Matt, your Pokemon did all it could. It was planning that really earned me the win, not experience. In fact, for a kid your age you're a genius! I thought that was going to be easy, but I even had to use Hypnosis! That wasn't in my plan. I mean really, look at Noctus!" the owl pokemon stood on the ground, panting loudly. "Thanks for the help Chris." Matt had understood what he meant, and realized how well his pokemon had really done.

"I'm really sorry, but I have to go. I'll escort you back to the Pokemon Center, but after that I'm leaving." Chris said. "No! Don't leave! You'll leave me here with Celia! Nooooooo!" Matt cried, holding on to Chris's leg. Gently taking him off, he smiled. "You'll be fine. With your Pokemon's new strength, I think she'll treat you with a little more respect." he winked, and the smaller boy grinned. "Now let's go! Don't want to keep Celia waiting!" After returning Noctus to his ball with a quiet thanks, the two set off to the Pokemon Center, each reviewing what they had learned that day.


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Robert Masters
A New Begining

The sun rose on the horizon as the boat's horn sounded, stirring Robert from his slumber. The boat ride was supposed to be ten days long, and it was day ten from his count. Still, he was taking a huge step in his life. He had rebelled agianst his micro-managing parents and ran away not just to a different city, but a whole different region. He was free of them, and he was free to start his own life the way he wanted.

Robert stepped outside to see the New Bark Town port coming into veiw. The young boy took in a deep breath. True there was no difference in the scent of the sea air, but somehow it felt more invigorating. It smelled like freedom.

As soon as the boat docked, Robert grabbed his backpack and made sure all of his money was accounted for in his wallet. It was certainly more than most other trainers often started with, but it was nothing compared his the rest of the cash that he left behind in his home bank. He was going to need to set up a new bank account in Johto so he wouldn't have to carry it all around in his wallet.

Robert left the boat and followed the directions Professor Birch gave him to the New Bark Town lab. Robert could feel his heart race as he knocked on the door. When the door opened, Robert was looking at a very attractive woman with red hair. "Um..I'm here for my first Pokemon. Professor Birch sent me here, so I believe Professor Pine is expecting me." Robert said in a slightly nervous tone of voice.

Rose smiled and gestured for the boy to come in. "Ah yes, you must be Robert. Come right in." she answered in a rather sweet tone fo voice. Robert stood there for a moment before snapping himself out of his little daydream. "O-of course!" Robert said as he headed into the lab.

Professor Pine walked up to Robert and offered the young boy a smile. "Welcome to the Johto region. I have to say, normally running away from home is discouraged, but given what Birch told me, in your case I think it's the best thing for you." the man spoke before leading Robert to where the Pokeballs were held.

"Normally we have a pretty nice selection of Pokemon, but right now, this is the only one left, unless you want to wait a day or two for an Aipom." The professor spoke before he picked up the Pokeball and released a young female Cyndaquil. "This is Cyndaquil, a fire-type starter Pokemon. Her sibling was taken by another trainer, but I've not heard back from him in some time." Pine spoke.

Robert knelt down and smiled to the little fire Pokemon. "Well, you're pretty cute, aren't ya?" Robert spoke before he remembered a little item Professor Birch gave him when he left Hoenn. Robert took out a Pokeblock dispenser and produced a pokeblock made from a Pecha berry. He had four other Pokeblocks in the dispenser, each one with a different flavor: spicy, sour, bitter and dry. The Cyndaquil sniffed at the block before taking it and eating it.

Robert watched as the Pokemon ate the Pokeblock and then saw the Pokemon's face light up with a bright smile. "Cynda! Quil, quil!" it chirped. Robert smiled and picked the Cyndaquil up, setting her on his shoulder. "Looks like you like it, huh?" Robert asked. The little fire type nodded her head happily.

Professor Pine took a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, handing them to Robert. "Here, you'll need these. The Pokedex will give you information on all of the Pokemon that have been found over the years here in Johto, and you'll be able to capture Pokemon with these Pokeballs. Also, this Pokeball here is Cyndaquil's." Pine spoke. Robert took the Pokeballs, hooking Cyndaquil's Pokeball to the chains hanging off his left pants waist and the others on the chains on the right.

"I would also ask a favor of you." Pine spoke as Robert took the Pokedex from him. "There are several legendary beasts in Johto which have had little documentation. I would ask that you keep an eye out for any of these legends, as capturing one would allow us to better understand them." Pine replied.

Robert looked over to a large painting which showed the legends of Johto: Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh and Celebi. One of them caught his attention more than the others: the fiery beast Entei. It had the appearance both powerful and regal, eyes seemingly full of determination. "Sure, I'll do it." Robert said before looking at his Pokedex. Turning it on, Robert scanned his Cyndaquil to get all of the details he could about his new friend.

"So you're a female huh? Well then, how about I name you Flare. Sound good?" Robert asked his cyndaquil. The fiery pokemon nodded and chipped. "Cyndaa!" it said happily.

Robert gave a bow of his head to Professor Pine. "Thank you Professor." he spoke before looking up at the Cyndaquil on his shoulder. "Let's make tracks Flare! Our new life begins!" Robert said as he rushed out of the lab.

After making a quick stop at the bank to create an account and get his funds linked to his Pokedex, Robert headed to a small country store. There was no Pokemon items aside from Pokemon food, but Robert was looking for traveling gear anyways. He could always visit a Pokemart in the next town. Robert used some of his funds to buy a small pitch tent, a sleeping bag, a mess kit, a canteen, some trail mix, a few pouches of stew mix and a canister of Pokemon food. Once he was ready for his journey, the young boy headed into Route 29 to begin his new life.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Thunderbolt - why not refrain from posting until you're done? xD I'll evaluate le post when you're done~

@ Master Zorua - Nice first post! A female Cyndaquil sounds awesome. What ability do you want for her? Say it in the other thread.

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Part 2, Growl isn't a usless move :D

The Pokémon Centre was much easier to find when one knew where to go. As Summer stepped inside, she noticed the interior was a lot larger than the outside let on. Several trainers hung around, many of them around her age. They were spread into a few distinct groups, and all seemed to be chatting about Pokémon related things. Scout, still a little crowd shy, didn’t really like amount of people here. Mint, on the other hand, relished every moment. The brunette herself, although a little uncomfortable, was rather fine. Chatting with them wasn’t required; the only one here that she’d need to talk with is the nurse.

“Hello,” the woman welcomed, and from her voice alone, it was easy to tell she was a nice person. After returning the greeting, Summer asked about having her partners healed. The nurse nodded gently, but also asked that the Pokémon be placed inside their Pokéballs, which would, according to her, make things easier.

“O-oh, okay,” the teenager nodded, drawing their respective spheres. Scout didn’t resist, easily allowing himself to be consumed by the beam of red light. Chikorita, on the other hand, put up some resistance, running around the Centre in an attempt to avoid the round capsule. After several minutes, the nurse put an end to this, which by now, had drawn quite a bit of attention, forcing Summer to grow nervous.

“If it would prefer to stay outside, we can still heal it perfectly. It’ll just take a little longer,” she stated, forcing a sheepish nod from the brunette. She was also informed Scout would be early in the morning, while Mint would require a few hours more. One of the Chansey, holding Sentret’s Pokéball, placed it inside the tray, and beckoned the grass type to follow.

“B-be good now,” the teenager asked, waving goodbye to her starter.
“We can offer you a room for the night, if you’d like,” the nurse added, forcing Summer to smile and nod. After being given the key, she decided to go to the Mart seen during her walking around.

Being without both of her Pokémon... was weird. Not long after leaving the Centre, she started to feel something rather unusual for her. She quickly grew lonely, missing the company her teammates offered, their quirky charm. As a kid, the girl never had any close friends, and spent quiet some time alone, but was always fine with it. Sighing, she stepped inside of the store, and was met with a blast of cool air. Someone was running the A.C in here, forcing some shivers from the trainer. She made sure to browse quickly, picking up a single Pokéball and two Antidotes. Luckily for her, the line up was rather short, and she was able to leave fairly swiftly.

The sky outside was morphing from its usual daytime blue into a brilliant show of colours. Already, opposing the sunset, it had turned dark, and a few bright starts were shining. Summer had been walking around for a good while, not doing much of anything. She would occasionally sit on bus benches, but never rode the large vehicle. Once the streetlights switched on, the girl finally decided to head back to the Centre.

Her room was simple and clean, just the way she liked things. Lying on the bed, the brunette continued reading her book on Johto lore, but didn’t get many pages in before falling asleep.

The alarm clock in this space rang at nine, sharp. Still wearing her clothes from the previous day, the girl awoke slowly, and starred at the ceiling for a few minutes before finally getting up. She preformed her usual morning routine, changing into the other sundress packed. This one was almost identical to the other, minus a smaller a bow and colour, which was a mossy green.

Heading back to the lobby, Summer exchanged the key for her team. Mint, full of life, hopped around as she had before, looking refreshed and restored. Thanking the nurse, she and Chikorita started for the exit, but were interrupted before reaching the door.

“Hey, that’s a neat looking Pokémon you got,” a friendly voice exclaimed, its owner gazing at the grass type casually. This girl was wearing a light brown top similar to that of a school uniform, complete with a pink neckerchief. Her forest short shorts were obviously not part of the educational institute’s issued clothes, however.

“T-thanks,” Summer said, giving her a gentle smile. Mint jumped up a few times, excited as ever.

“You know, we should have a battle! It'll be fun,” she proposed, which caught the brunette a little off guard. Despite this, the challenge was accepted.

Once they were in the small field at the back of the centre, both teenagers had their Pokémon selected. Giving Scout a break, Summer decided to use her starter. Her opponent was a cream coloured feline, named Meowth. Before getting started, she wanted to get the Pokédex’s scan of it.

“Meowth, the scratch cat Pokémon. It loves things that sparkle. When it sees a shiny object, the gold coin on its head shines too.” The gizmo spoke mechanically as ever.

“I’ll open, Glimmer, use scratch!” the other girl exclaimed, idling no more. The cat nodded, running swiftly on all fours, readying itself for a strike. Having already dealt with clawing foes, Summer wasn’t alarmed, and simply got Mint to avoid the blow. After having jumped to the left, she was then told to follow up with a razor leaf. Swinging her head leaf created the familiar green projectiles, which were fired at the foe. Most of them ended up hitting their mark, although it was obvious this wasn’t near over. “Go for another pass,”

The brunette was little shocked that they would try the same tactic, seemingly without having changed anything. When Glimmer was drawing near, Mint braced herself for another dodge. However, it hadn’t its claws drawn, which Summer interpreted as a tackle attempt. Little did she know it couldn’t learn this attack, and was, as a result striving for another goal. She, however, was given a hint when the other trainer got it to slow down, although didn’t pay this much attention,

“Mint, go right,” Summer ordered, and the grass type preformed the movement perfectly. However, she hadn’t anticipated the command for bite, which the cat obeyed. With its speed down, it was able to match Chikorita’s movement to a tee, and without warning jumped slightly, grabbing the head leaf with its mouth.

“CHICHCI” the small Pokémon screamed, the intense pulling both painful and having been unexpected. Luckily for her, the feline couldn’t drag her weight for too long, and movement began to grow sluggish. It, however, still clutched the leaf, and showed no signs of letting go soon. Without this, razor leaf was inaccessible and tackle would only bring more pain. Options were limited, and being stuck like this, Summer knew, must be hurting. Nervous, she knew an action had to be made soon, or the match would be lost.

“Good job, Glimmer!” her opponent cheered, obviously happy with the way this battle was turning out. The brunette, however, was left in a tight spot. None of her offensive attacks would work… but… there was still an option left.

“T-try a loud growl,” Summer called, hoping this would work like it had against Scout. Again, Mint unleashed a piercing cry, which was enough for the other girl to block her ears. Meowth also flinched, and let go of the leaf in the process. Wasting no time, the brunette followed up with another razor leaf, not wanting to chance getting close enough for another bite. Again, the grass type drew the sharp shots, and aimed them for the deconsecrated feline. They all smashed head on, forcing a cry, this time from the foe.

“Ok, I think we’re done,” the girl admitted, even though her Pokémon still appeared fighting fit. “Don’t want to go too hard before heading off,” she explained, and Summer nodded.

“They call me Chloe,” she finally introduced herself, before paying out, and calling back Glimmer.

“I’m Summer,” the brunette said, with a nod.

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

(Edited my last post in the SU to reflect the chosen Ability.)
Robert Masters
Route 29
Aiming for the Skies

It was still early in the morning when Robert placed his foot on the start of route 29. Robert took out a stick of beef jerky to munch on for breakfast, offering a few pieces to Flare who gobbled them up. After he finished his small meal, he pulled out the Pokedex again. Before he only skimmed over the information, but this time he wanted to see just what his friend was capable of doing.

"Let's see. Flash Fire ability. That means you soak up flame attacks to empower your own. That could be useful. Tackle and Leer. We can use Leer to lower an opponent's defenses and Tackle as our main, and really only offense. Serious nature, huh? Well, we're a serious team, right?" he spoke to Flare with a grin.

As they walked down the path, there was another trainer up ahead who looked like she was having a battle with a Sentret. She seemed to be using a Pokemon he had never seen before, one that looked like a green snake with legs. As he got closer he overheard her fight commands.

"Now Snivy, use Tackle!" the female trainer called out. The Snivy dodged around the Sentret's Pound attack and did a flip, using its tail to launch the Sentret up into the air. The girl then whipped out a Pokeball and tossed it at the aerial Sentret. But before the ball could reach the Sentret, a wild Starly flew by and caught the ball, flying off with it. The Sentret landed on its feet, and while the girl stared wide-eyed at the bird Pokemon, the Sentret ran away.

"What?! You have GOT to be kidding me! After all of the training and some dumb bird swipes my ball before I can capture that Sentret? That's just my luck..." the girl spoke out in frustration.

Robert stepped up to the girl. "What, you're going to let a bird beat you? You gotta have more fire than that." Robert said as he looked at the girl. The girl turned around and glared at Robert.

"I have a grass type. Grass types are weak agianst flying types, or don't you know that?" the girl scolded. Robert just smirked.

"Type advantage, type disadvantage. All nice things in their place, but a true trainer never gives up and always believes in their Pokemon. Look, we'll help you get that Pokeball back, and then you go and catch that Sentret. Deal?" Robert spoke, holding out a hand to the girl.

The girl canted her head off to the side and looked down at the ground. "Alright, deal." she spoke, sounding like she was defeated already.

"Come on, put more spunk into it! The world isn't ending, and you shouldn't let it! Let's go!" Robert said as he grabbed the girl by the hand and pulled her with him.

The girl ran with Robert, reclaiming her grabbed arm and ran along with him down in the direction that the Starly flew off in. The two ran deep into the forest until they came to a tree that not only had Pokeballs, but other sorts of balls as well, from baseballs to tennis balls and even golf balls.

"Well, at least it's consistent." Robert spoke before he fished out her empty Pokeball from the pile and handed it to the girl. However, the Starly swooped down and made an attack at Robert and Flare. Robert jumped off to the side to avoid the attack.

"So, you wanna play, huh? Ready to show it a thing or two Flare?" Robert said as he stretched out his right arm. Flare nodded and ran to Robert's outstretched arm, using it like a branch. The Starly swooped down for another Tackle attack. As it came closer, Robert began giving orders. "Leer!" Robert called out. Flare gave an intensive stare right at the Starly's eyes, causing it to shudder and waver in its flight path. Robert turned with his arm so that the Starly flew past. As it turned around, Robert gave another command. "Now, Tackle it!" he said as he swung his arm towards the Starly.

Flare used the momentum of Robert's arm to lunge at the recovering Starly and slammed her head into the Starly's, knocking the bird down to the ground. A normal tackle wouldn't have caused as much damage as Flare did, but with the Leer attack dropping the Starly's defense and the added force given to Flare's Tackle by the momentum of Robert's launching arm, this Tackle did a real number on the now hurting Starly.

Robert took out a Pokeball and tossed it at the Starly, causing it to become sucked into the ball. The ball landed and began rocking back and forth, the red light flashing as the bird inside struggled.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Who Cheaply Made A Sad Post Just To Get To Route 30

Chris sat outside the gate of Cherrygrove City, recovering from his run. He had returned Matt to Celia's care, and stood with his back to the city, overlooking the forest ahead. A bit more wild then Route 29 had been, he was a little fearful. Would the Pokemon be stronger? More powerful? Would his Pokemon be up to par? Putting this out of his head, he set out into the forest.

It was more different than Route 29 than he could have imagined. A dense fog covered the land, and rocky hills separated the forest. Walking blindly, he stumbled along the beaten path. Noctus was with him, trying to steer his trainer in the right direction.

"Which way now, Noctus?" Chris asked. Pointing his leg towards the left, he made a small noise. "Okay, let's go!" he began to jog, picking up his pace. As he walked on, the path grew smaller. The trees gathered closer and a dense layer of canopy covered the sky from view. The fog grew more and more dense, until neither Chris nor Noctus could see. "What do we do now? Should we just stay?" he said, looking a little bit more nervous than before. Noctus nipped his shoulder in response, knowing it would not be good if they sat and stayed.

It got a little darker, but Chris ignored it and kept walking straight. However, just a few minutes later he kept going. As trees surrounded him on both sides, the path turned into tree roots. At the first root, Chris stumbled and fell. Lying on the ground, he moaned in pain. Noctus pecked at his shoulder, telling him to get up. Chris had only gotten the wind knocked out of him; besides a small cut on his elbow, he was fine.

Getting up to walk, he suddenly screamed and fell back down. A green bug hung from a single white string, right in Chris's path. With a black face on it's back, it had looked like a ghoul in the dense fog. "Spin!" it cried, offended at the trespasser. Pinching its blood red jaw, it looked like a formidable opponent. "That looks like a good addition to my team!" he thought, looking at it. Chris reached for his pack, pulling out his Pokedex.

Fumbling to open it, it finally opened and scanned the new pokemon. "Spinarak; the String Spit Pokémon. Spinarak can climb any surface easily, and shoot a strong web from both the front and back of its body. Its prey is caught and held tight in its web." "Sounds awesome! Let's catch him Noctus!" he said, Noctus on his shoulder. He flew off the shoulder to face off the bug, not yet too afraid. "Use Tackle!" Chris commanded. The owl pokemon rammed into Spinarak, breaking the thin thread it was standing on. Climbing the tree again, it got back in its traditional position. Closing its jaws and concentrating, a thicker strain of sticky liquid hit Noctus.

His wings were wrapped into the string, falling onto the ground. Noctus cried in pain, slowly losing his ability to breathe. "Noctus!" Chris said, ripping the strings off his wings. "Use Foresight, then another Tackle!" The Pokemon complied, focusing his psychic powers in his eyes. They glowed red, and focused on Spinarak. "This is good, this means the fog won't do anything for him." Chris smiled at his strategy, then focused again. Noctus swished into the air, then pounded his beak into the little bug. "SPINNN!" it cried, falling to the ground yet again. This time, when it got back up, it was trying something different. The face on his back glowed, scaring Noctus out of doing anything more. Noctus sat huddled in his trainer's arms, not willing to go back and fight.

"Cmon Noctus! I know you can do this, just go and get him for me! For us!" Chris whispered softly. Noctus simply whimpered once, then got back on the field. Running as fast as he could, Noctus jumped and aimed for Spinarak. The green spider retracted its string, pulling it up onto a tree branch. The Hoothoot, however, was prepared for this. Without his trainer's command, he jumped and grasped the branch with his feet. The momentum brought him onto the branch, knocking Spinarak onto the moss-padded ground. It looked at its opponent with evil eyes, performing its Scary Face move yet again. This time, however, Noctus was prepared. Shaking off his fear, he leaped down, plunging his sharp stout beak into the head of the bug.

It hit, but the small horn on its head grazed Noctus's chest. Both Pokemon howled, both in serious pain. Spinarak recovered first, deciding to switch to the offensive. Jaws glowing a violent purple, tiny pricks of poison flew from his mouth onto Noctus, crippling him severely. Noctus was sprawled on the ground, poison coursing through his wings and pinning his wings. He could not move, stuck on the ground. "Oh no!" Chris cried, seeing his Pokemon unable to move.

Chris knew there was only one move left that he could use. "You won't be able to fight for much longer, will you?" Noctus shook his head, beginning to close his eyes. "Just do this one thing for me, and use one more move." Chris tried his best to convince Noctus, assuring him he would not have to get up. "Just...use Hypnosis." The psychic energy inside him was used only once before in battle, and was much more prepared than his physical strengths. His eyes shot out a red beam, captivating the attention of Spinarak. He fell asleep promptly, sitting on his back. His legs were facing up, and little spit bubbles came from his maw. Noctus, no longer able to fight, went unconscious as well. Gently putting his pokemon back in its ball. "Let's try this. Please work!" Chris grabbed a Pokeball from his waist, and walked up to the little bug. He kneeled next to it, placing the ball onto its form. It materialized into a beam of light, and the ball closed quietly. It shook twice, the button on the middle flashing red. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease..." he thought quietly.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Thunderbolt - there's a nice finished post :D

- Noctus (Hoothoot) grew to lv 7!

@ Eternal Moonlight - I especially enjoyed reading the beginning of the post :) you described the setting very well.

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 9 and may now learn Poisonpowder!

@ Master Zorua - A very short battle, but your explanation sort of makes sense. I like Robert's personality ^^

- Flare (Cyndaquil) grew to lv 6 and learned Smokescreen!
- Robert caught a Starly! (lv 2 Male)

EDIT: Oh, didn't see your last post there, Thunderbolt. I'll read it right now :3

EDIT2: 'K, now I've read it, poor Noctus! Awesomely illustrated battle also.

- Noctus (Hoothoot) grew to lv 8!
- Chris caught a Spinarak! (lv 8 Female)

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in two days
And that this is a fairly sucky post.

Sam Sage, Route 30

The morning was overcast and cool, but it had yet to rain, yet. It may have been the weather, but Sam felt that Route 30 was rougher, somehow less happy than Route 29. Still she walked along the winding road, seeming not to mind. While Solir, it seemed, was always sad, Athena seemed to have been depressed by the weather.

Sam noticed this and said, “It’s not so bad Athena. A little rain never hurt anyone. Though it does seem to have chased most of the Pokemon away.” Sam had yet to see a wild Pokemon, and it was unfortunate, as Sam had run into some cool Pokemon on Route 30 in the past. She had one Pokemon in particular in mind.

“Keep an eye out for anything that might be a Pokemon, especially Mareep.” They continued to walk, looking for any sign of life, but soon Sam had all but given up hope. Then she saw a rustling in the tall grass along the side of the road.

Solir and Athena saw it too and stopped, waiting for instructions. Sam tried to creep forward and get a look at the Pokemon, but at the very edge of the road she still couldn’t see, and she didn’t dare step into the grass for fear of chasing away the Pokemon. With barely more than a whisper, she gave Athena instructions.

“Circle around the other side and try to chase it onto the road, alright?” Athena nodded- though how, Sam wasn’t sure as she didn’t seem to be much more than a head- and flew off to the other side, landing in the grass. Though she could not see Athena, Sam heard a series of loud hoots, then a startled yell, and the grass shook furiously as the Pokemon ran towards the road.

The Pokemon burst out of the bushes and a smile spread across Sam’s face. Frozen before her, panicked to see more strangers possibly wanting to hurt it, was a small sheep with a blue face and yellow wool. It was the exact Pokemon she had been looking for, Mareep.

Athena appeared shortly after it. Mareep turned towards her, apparently feeling she was the largest threat. The sheep charged at Athena, who was caught off guard. The owl was pushed to the ground, but still well enough. She rose into the air and screeched at the sheep. “Tackle!” Sam barely finished the word when Athena swooped at Mareep. She knocked the sheep on her side, but it used the momentum to role back onto its feet. It jumped at Athena just as she had begun to rise, knocking her to the dirt. This time the owl stayed on the ground, possibly from fear of being knocked down painfully again. She stood on one foot, the other seemed completely invisible.

“Another Tackle!” Athena ran at her opponent, moving her feet so quickly she still only seemed to have one at a time. She hit Mareep head on. It was knocked back, but held its footing. It looked at Athena, hurt and offended, and let out a small noise that was supposed to be a growl. This was fairly cute, but Sam knew it was a ploy.

“Tackle,” Sam shouted, think it was getting a little repetitive. Athena however, was hesitant to attack. It seemed she had fallen for it. While she hesitated , Mareep jumped at her. Athena was furious she had fallen for the ruse and without the slightest hesitation this time carried herself forward as fast as she could hit Mareep head on with such force that both were knocked back.

“Alright, let’s finish this with Hypnosis.” Athena’s eyes glowed bright red as she concentrated on Mareep, who stared back, unable to look away. Faint red circles came from Athena’s eyes and grew larger as they moved toward Mareep. When the circles hit the sheep, she slumped to the ground, eyes closed, breathing slowed. Sam took this opportunity to throw a Pokeball. Mareep was sucked inside, and it shook.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Robert Masters
Route 29
Showing the Ropes

Robert picked up the Pokeball from the ground. "You see? You want something in life, you gotta go for it! That Starly could have stayed airborn, but it didn't. It could have done any number of things. That's what makes Pokemon battles interesting. You never know how it's going to turn out until the end. And if you lose? Well, count it up as a learning experience. Think about what went wrong and how to handle it better the next time that situation comes up." Robert spoke to the girl.

The girl smiled a bit, cheering up some from her rather depressive manner. "Thanks." she spoke simple. "My name's Lilly, and this is my partner Snivy. What's yours?" she asked in a more pleasant tone of voice.

Robert held out his hand to her and smiled. "Name's Robert, and this is my partner Flare the Cyndaquil." Robert said in a friendly tone of voice. "Cynda!" Flare chirped as she hopped off of Robert's shoulder to go and socialize with the Unova Pokemon.

Lilly took Robert's hand and shook it before picking up her Snivy and sitting it on her shoulder. "I'm originally from the Unova region, but I wanted to start off someplace I've never been before." She spoke before she walked with Robert out back towards the path.

"Well, I guess we're both tourists here. I'm originally from Hoenn. My parents wanted to run just about every aspect of my life, including forbidding me from going on a Pokemon journey 'because I'll never run a company if I go off and play with filthy beasts', they'd tell me." Robert spoke before shaking his head.

Lilly blinked a bit. "Well, sounds like you had it hard. But, at least you're not under their heel anymore, right?" she replied as they got back on the main path.

Robert gave a nod of his head. "Damn right! I've got a burning spirit, and I'm not gonna let them douse me! Right Flare?" Robert asked. Cyndaquil nodded her head before saying, "Quil!"

"But anyways, why don't we travel together? It'd make traveling easier." Robert suggested. Lilly chuckled a bit and shook her head to the boy's offer.

"Thanks but I need to do this on my own. If I don't, I'll never get better." she spoke, politely refusing the offer. "But we'll definitely see each other again." she spoke before she and her Snivy went out to try and find the Sentret that got away.

Once Lilly was out of sight, Robert turned his head to Cyndaquil. "She likes me, right?" Flare, a bit jealous by that statement, deided to pull a quick prank on Robert and yawned at him, releasing a puff of black smoke. Robert coughed a bit and wiped his face with his sleeve.

"Hey! What was that all about?" Robert shouted as the chuckling Cyndaquil. Robert shook his head a bit before taking out the Pokeball with the Starly. The Starly looked about confused by all that just happened.

Robert knelt down to the little bird and took out his Pokeblock dispenser and then his Pokedex. After determining the bird's nature to be Adamant, Robert popped out a spicy-flavored Pokeblock before holding it out to the little bird. "Here. Welcome to the team." Robert spoke. The bird looked at the Pokeblock before it began pecking at it and eating the food.

"I think I'll call you Vivi." Robert spoke to the little bird. The bird tilted his head before then returning to feast upon the rest of the Pokeblock. When it was done, it waddled over to the Pokeball and began to play with it, rolling it around and bouncing it on top of his head.

"I see. You must love playing with round objects. That's why you kept taking all of those balls." Robert said with a coy smile. Catching the Pokeball, he used it to return his fathered friend to his new home.

An hour had passed as Robert and Flare had restarted their trip fown the road. Lilly came out of a bush in front of them, unaware that Robert was there. "Ha! I finally got you!" she exclaimed as she held up a Pokeball. As she turned to look at her Snivy, she saw Robert and Flare standing no more than three feet away from her.

"Oh! Sorry you had to see that. But I caught that Sentret!" she spoke in a cheery tone of voice.

Robert smiled and placed his hands on his waist. "Great news! See, I told you you could do it." Robert spoke before giving her a thumbs-up with his right hand.

Lilly smiled and gave a nod. "Yup. Now, let's have a battle! I'm not going to worry about types anymore, so your Cyndaquil against my Snivy!" she spoke with a still friendly yet challenging voice.

Robert smirked a bit. "That's some hot stuff!" Robert said. Taking out his Pokedex, he noticed that there were some changes. His Pokemon had gotten stronger, and she had learned Smokescreen. At least that would account for the face full of smoke she hit him with earlier.

"Let's rip it and rock it Flare!" Robert called out. Flare hopped off of Robert's shoulder and landed onto the ground, ready for battle. Snivy calmly and coolly stood before its trainer.

"Alright Snivy, use Vine Whip!" Lilly called out. The Snivy let two tendrils fly out and towards the Cyndaquil.

"Smokescreen into Tackle!" Robert called out, thrusting a fist forward. As Vine Whip closed in, the little fire type let loose a thick cloud of smoke. Cyndaquill used this smokescreen to avoid the tendrils and rush forward.

What the Vine Whip did grab was Robert's leg. And when Cyndaquil burst out of the smoke and slammed hard into Snivy, those tendrils pulled forward, causing Robert to fall on his rear. "Gah!" Robert yelled out before getting himself back on his feet.

The Snivy was knocked backwards towards its trainer. It was hurt, but far from done. "Now Snivy, let's put an end to this. Use Attract!" she called out. The Snivy smirked and then made an alluring wink, sending flowing hearts at the Cyndaquil.

"Quick Flare, dodge it!" Robert called out. However, both trainers would be hit with dismay. Not only did attract hit, but it didn't work at all. "What?" Lilly spoke, feeling a bit confused.

"Well then, that must mean your Snivy's a female. Flare, use Tackle!" Robert called out. Flare lunged forward at the Snivy, charging with a great push of speed and force.

However, Lilly quickly recovered her composure when Flare went on the attack again. "Tackle it up into the air, then use Vine Whip!" Lilly called out. As Flare came in for the strike, Snivy flipped backwards and used her tail to launch Flare into the air. Snivy then tossed one vine up at Cyndaquil, smacking it further up.

"Grab that vine and use Tackle!" Robert called out. Flare's paws gripped the vine while it was still in reach and pulled hard on it, launching herself at Snivy and colliding head-on with the grass type. Snivy found herself ko'd from the hit as she was knocked into Lilly's arms. Flare landed and shook her head to get rid of the throbbing the impact caused.

Lilly sighed and recalled Snivy to her Pokeball. "Wow, that was hard. Maybe I put a bit too much into it. You did a great job Snivy." She said before attaching the ball to her belt.

"What are you talking about? That was fantastic! You almost had me there." Robert said with a smile as he picked up Flare and placed her on his shoulder. Spying an Oran Berry bush, Robert grabbed two and tossed one over to Lilly. He handed the other one to Flare, who ate the berry greedily. Robert picked another Oran berry and proceeded to eat it himself.

Lilly caught the berry and brought her Snivy back out. The Snivy felt like it was hit by a mack truck, but she was conscious and standing. "Here, eat this." Lilly spoke to Snivy before handing the grass type Pokemon the berry. The Snivy took the berry and began eating it. It began to feel much better once it swallowed the first bite and then proceeded to finish up the food.

"Well, thanks for the battle and the berries. I still have to train so I can get ready for the first gym. I'll see you around!" Lilly spoke before she picked up Snivy and headed off on her way.

"Yup, she definitely likes me." Robert said once Lilly was out of earshot. Flare, being the little jealous Pokemon that she was, hit Robert with another Smokescreen attack.

"Will you knock that off?!" Robert yelled after coughing away from the smoke. Robert headed off towards the exit of Route 29 towards Cherrygrove City.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 30
Part 1, A not so pleasant greeting

It had been a good ten minutes since Summer and her starter had left Cherrygrove, slowly continuing their journey. Here, the weather here was downcast, almost as if it wanted to rain, but hadn’t yet. The thick fog hanging in the air did nothing to brighten the mood, if anything, it made things worse. Visibility was of course down, making sightseeing near impossible. Despite the concern this brought to the brunette, it wasn’t what bothered her most about Route 30. This honour instead went to the chillier weather, which would occasionally draw a shiver or two from the girl. She was of course used to a much warmer, sunnier climate, and wished a sweater had been purchased back in town. For a few moments, she contemplated returning to buy one, but opted against it.

This route was also rougher then the last, sporting many more ups and downs, which, without long range sight, made it more dangerous. From what Summer had noticed, tall grass seemed to line the path, which itself snaked around often. She made sure to watch for wild Pokémon, although spotting them was a little difficult.

Mint didn’t seem too fazed by the change in terrain. By instruction, she hopped a little slower and stayed closer to her trainer. Her attention would sometimes be grabbed by rusting from the grass, although she never tried to investigate. The fog might have cut her impulse a notch or two, much to the teenager’s relief. Metaphorically, she had her hands full trying to watch for hazards within her limited visual range.

Things, however, went rather smoothly despite the minor issues. Until, that is, they reached their first encounter with a small patch of forest. Combining both the dense fog and thick foliage resulted in a rather eerie scene. Chikorita, despite growing a little more nervous, didn’t seem too badly affected by her surroundings. It wasn’t a far stretch to claim Summer had the creeps, and would flinch at the slightest noise. To her, this was something right out of a horror movie, which she could never sit through.

“M-mint?” she would often call softly, and would feel a little better when a response was given. This comfort, however, would quickly fade. Missing a tree branch poking from the right, the girl was met with a terrible fright went the limb poked her shoulder. Shrieking, she raced forward, passing her starter in a few moments, but didn’t get too far before tripping over an ill placed rock on the path.

“Chika!” Mint exclaimed as her trainer moaned a little, slowly pulling herself up again. She was a little stunned, and despite feeling sore, was otherwise fine.

“I-I-I’m okay,” Summer managed, dusting her dress off. “B-but… what was t-t-that?” she asked, feeling her heart raced once more.

“Ka!” The grass type stated, pointing up at a branch, which swung in the slight breeze.
“Oh…” the brunette replied sheepishly. She would have to be more careful next time; fear would have to be tamed. Easier thought then done, however. The rest of these woods were trekked with much uneasiness, and exiting was met with open arms. Sighing in relief, Summer decided it would be good to break for a small bit.

Finding a single tree off to the side of the road, the duo sat down, and was met with damp grass. However, it didn’t take long to adjust, and the teenager pulled two leftover apples from yesterday. Much to their delight, the fruit was still delicious, and made for a great snack. Little did either of them know, they had an uninvited picnic guest.

Hungry, a Pokémon watched two travelers eating bright, ripe apples. She hadn’t eaten in about a day, and was eager to have breakfast. All they needed to do was put the pommes down, and then it was sticking time. However after some further observing, the red spheres were quickly being reduced to cores, and neither of the newcomers seemed like they were going to pause anytime soon. Reluctantly, she realised plan B was in order…
“G-good thing we kept some of these,” Summer stated, before licking some of the juice from her lips. Mint simply nodded before taking another bite. These were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

The bushes then rustled with vigour, and when the duo turned around, noticed a small blue lion emerge from the fog. It didn’t look too friendly, yellow eyes narrowed.

“Orita!” Mint stepped forward, locking gaze with the unfamiliar creature. Wasting no time, the brunette reached into her satchel, pulling out the Pokédex in hopes of gaining knowledge on this Pokémon.

“Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. The extension and contraction of its muscles generates electricity. Its fur glows when it's in trouble.” Like previous times, the device spoke robotically.

Wasting no more time, the electric type sprung forward, and had an easy hit, sending Mint flying a little. She had seen the attack coming, but didn’t have to time to react.
“A-are you okay?” Summer asked a little concerned. Nodding, Chikorita picked itself up, and eyed her foe, showing no signs of backing down. “U-use razor leaf,”

Mint sprung into the air and, like before, drew her head leaf back and swiftly pulled it forward, release a small barrage of projectiles at the opponent. However, right as they were going to strike, Shinx jumped up, avoiding all but one shot. Wasting no time, it utilised the speed earned from the decent to power up another tackle, which, despite Mint’s dodge attempt, did hit glance her side. Although the grass type wasn’t sent hurling, she did still feel the impact.

Summer bit her lip. Beating this creature would take some thinking. The question still tormented her mind, would she be fast enough?

As the girl thought, Shinx was attempting another pass at Mint. With the command to dodge having been made early enough, she was able to leap out of the way fast enough to avoid any damage. Using this chance to try out her starter’s newest attack, Summer asked for poisonpowder.

Nodding, Chikorita swung her leaf around a few times, conjuring up a small cloud of purple dust. Some of the particles had a slight shine to them, although without any strong light, it was hard to tell how bright it really was. Flapping the leaf like a fan, Mint pushed her attack forward. Eventually, it broke into the air above the Flash Pokémon, encircling it before seemingly vanishing. However, the blue lion soon slowed, coughing a little, which proved the move had worked.

However, the opponent wasn’t about to give in yet. Turning around, it narrowed its yellow eyes, with now glowed eerily. Intimidated, the grass type back up, and her nervousness slowed her down too much to avoid the oncoming tackle. Again, Mint was sent back, but like before, also pulled herself back up.

“Try a-another razor leaf,” Summer called, still utilizing Dana’s tendency to point at her foes. Nodding, Mint created new sharp leaves, and sent them flying in Shinx’s direction. This time, to avoid the blow, it tried to bank toward the side, which ended up proving less efficient than the previous dodge. The blue lion ended up suffering a hit from about half of Chikorita’s shots. When Shinx turned around, the brunette noticed its face going purple, with small bullets of sweat falling from its cheeks.

“Shi!” it shouted, making a despite sprint for the half eaten apples left on the ground. However, the Flash Pokémon failed to anticipate Mint charging from the side, the tackle causing it to go flying, barely missing the tree.

She could feel her blood start to boil, everything hurt so badly. What was happening?! Trying to ignore the pain, the lion cub-like creature pulled herself up. Her paws were shaking; standing was a chore, which was proving harder by the second. Another attack… seemed unlikely to happen. Even… running away, the thought tired her. Hunger and this… bizarre pain… were consuming her. Was… this… the end?

Summer couldn’t help but to take pity on the small Pokémon, whose fur was glowing ever so slightly. Reaching into her bag, she pulled a fresh Pokéball and wasted no time tossing it. Bouncing off the Shinx’s head, it opened and consumed the electric type in a brilliant show off light.
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ sammy - don't worry 2 days is nuthin :3 I want a Mareep too!

- Athena (Hoothoot) grew to lv 6!
- Sam caught a Mareep! (lv 7 Female)

@ Master Zorua - really amusing post ^^ Robert and Flare's friendship is gonna be fun to read about.

- Flare (Cyndaquil) grew to lv 8!

@ Eternal Moonlight - Nicely written about the weather and the setting :) And usually you won't get to choose the gender for the pokémon you catch, but this time you were lucky ;)

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 11!
- Summer caught a Shinx! (lv 8 Female)


Selma, Route 30

Selma and the others had gone back to the pokémon center in Cherrygrove to heal the newly caught Ledyba after the last events. Nicole wasn't too happy; she wanted to battle Selma right now! But Flynn gave her a mean look and she soon shut up.

Inside the pokémon center, it was unusually non-crowded. "Maybe you should check your new pokémon out?" Flynn suggested.

"Sounds like a plan!" Selma happily said and let the Ledyba out. The pokémon had recovered in the care of the pokémon center rather quickly. Now it came out in a flash of white light and sat on the ground blinking at Selma.

"Hello," its trainer said. "I'm your trainer now. You were really good at battling, but with my help, you'll become even better!"

Ledyba leaned its head to the side as if it was considering an offer.

"YES," Nicole suddenly said from behind them all and made them jump. "We will battle it. Me and Leds will battle your new Ledyba!"

"Uh... but I just caught it. Do you think it's ready for another battle already?" Selma said, a bit unsure.

Leds the ledyba floated up to the new Ledyba on the floor. He talked a little to it, but it turned its head away. Leds seemed a bit unhappy but still eager to talk to it again.

"Hm, I think your Ledyba is a girl," Flynn said to Selma.

"How come?"

"Leds seems to want to impress her."

"Let him impress her by battling her!" Nicole shouted and jumped up and down to get attention.

Selma turned to Ledyba, who met her stare. "What do you say?" she asked the bug.

Ledyba nodded with a "Ledybaa!" She clearly didn't have anything against another battle already.

"But remember, we've gotta battle in their home territory: Route 30!" Nicole said and set off again. Selma and Flynn sighed and followed her, Selma returning Ledyba into her pokéball again.

When they were out on route 30 again, Nicole found a good spot where the fog wasn't as thick and the grass was rather plain, although there were some large rocks and boulders here and there.

"Let's begin!" Nicole said and motioned for Leds to take the stage.

"Alright. Ledyba, shine!" Selma called out and let the pokéball fly. Ledyba came out and fluttered its wings to become airborne.

"This will be epic!" Nicole said, burstling with energy like a little girl who had just been promised a new barbie doll. "I start!"

Flynn sighed. "I'll just... stand over here," he said and sat down on a rock some ways away.

Nicole's eyes sparkled and Selma's gleamed. Both girls loved to battle, clearly, Flynn thought.

Nicole did start. "Leds, use Supersonic!"

"A change of tactics, eh?" Selma commented. "Use your own, Ledyba!" she ordered her new pokémon. Ledyba wasn't very well trained thought and wasn't as quick as Leds was. His sonic waves hit before she could start her attack. She whimpered and started flying in uncontrolled circles.

"Darn it!" Selma said through clenched teeth.

"Now, Comet punch!" Nicole said, smiling eagerly. Leds came in for the attack and hit Ledyba with many swift punches.

Ledyba managed to squirm away from Leds and almost crashed into the ground before she seemed to regain her senses.

"Ledyba, are you ok?" Selma asked. She got a confused look in reply. "Don't worry, the battle has just started! We'll make our comeback now!" Selma said.

Flynn couldn't help feeling it was all a bit cheesy... but then again, Selma did seem like the cheesy type sometimes. It was just her way.

Ledyba now nodded and flew back up into the air, towards Leds. "Use Tackle!" Selma ordered, and Ledyba accumulated more speed until she...

"Dodge it!" Nicole shouted, and Leds managed to focus enough to avoid the Tackle. Ledyba shot up towards the sky instead of impacting him.

"Now, Comet Punch again!" the younger trainer said.

"Dodge it!" Selma repeated. Ledyba now showed that she was rather quick after all, she just wasn't used to people commanding her what to do. She managed to dodge the slightly heavier Leds' punches by diving down.

"Aim it downwards! We've got the upper hand now!" Nicole said, still happy and feisty.

Selma thought hard. Ledyba was beneath the other bug, who was turning downwards just about... now.

"Supersonic, now, Ledyba! QUICK!" Selma called out. Ledyba hurried a bit more this time and sent out the supersonic waves before Leds' Comet Punch reached down to her. The soundwaves hit him hard and made him lose control. He accidentally punched himself in the face.

"Great!" Selma said.

"What!" Nicole said.

"Cool," Flynn said.

Selma laughed, excitedly. "Now's our chance to hit him. Use Tackle upwards!"

Ledyba was getting into the spirit as well. She tackled Leds on her way up, then she turned and saw that he was starting to regain his senses.

"Tackle again!" her trainer shouted, and she spilled no time in turning around and diving down to give him another Tackle, powered by gravity as well.

"No! Leds!"

Selma was getting so into the battle so she nearly didn't see Flynn waving to her from his rock... he was shaking his head and making signs to tell her to stop... oh... right.

"Good job, Ledyba, you are really great!" Selma said. Ledyba paused to look at her trainer and felt that maybe it wasn't so bad to not be a wild pokémon after all. She got distracted. And-

Comet punches suddenly hit Ledyba hard, as she hadn't seen them coming. She had to shake her head and force away the pain to see where her enemy was, when the punches finally stopped. Then she was tackled, and thrown down to the ground. Her bug body was pounding. Ouch.

"Looks like Ledyba is hurt," Flynn's voice came. "But Leds is still rather ok. This means that Nicole wins the battle!"

Selma let out a breath as the younger girl cheered and jumped up and down, hugging her champion bug. She had nearly forgotten, in the heat of the battle, to let the other girl win. It had been worth it... or had it? Ledyba was getting up from the ground, looking hurt in more than one way.

"Ledyba, you were so great. For our first battle! We'll get you fixed up and then we'll travel together. We're partners now. The next battle we make, we'll win."

Their eyes met, and Ledyba fainted in the arms of her trainer.


@ Charm

- Ledyba grew to lv 9 and learned Comet Punch!

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Route 30 Ft. Bug Catchers

Chris let out a squeal of excitement when the ball clicked shut. Spinarak was his! "Spinarak get!" he cried. Shortly after, Light hit him with a Thundershock. "Fine Light, I'll try to stop the references..." he gave the electric mouse a thump on the head, then released his new pokemon.

"Spina! Spin!" it said, climbing onto Chris's shoulder. "Hey there Spinarak!" he said, petting its little head. "I think I'll call you...Silk! Welcome to the team, Silk." he said, releasing the other two pokemon as well. "These are your new friends. Meet Noctus," he said happily, pointing at the brown bird pokemon. " and this is Light. Don't be afraid, they won't hurt you!" Silk crawled up to the two, who met her with affection. Making a noise of joy, she joined her new companions.

"Okay guys, let's move out!" Chris returned Silk and Light to their respective balls, leaving Noctus for his powers of sight. Although the fog had slightly cleared, it was still fairly hard for Chris to see. They were out of the heart of the forest at this point, and it reminded him more of Route 29. The trees began to clear, culminating in a stony steep slope.

"Let's go!" Chris said, false enthusiasm filling his voice. He decided to return Noctus, pulling out Silk for her ease at these kinds of things. They began to climb, but only made it halfway when the voice pierced his ears.

"Is that a Spinarak? I've been looking all over for these!!" it said, revealing its face when Chris looked forward. A little boy with a straw hat and a bug-catching net was screaming in disbelief. He looked to be about 7, barely old enough to be surviving in these brutal woods. "Yes, it is. Her name is Silk." Chris said, using his "I'm-older-and-have-to-take-care-of-you" voice. "Oh wow! Can I touch it?!?!" the boy said, examining her closely as his fingers twitched. "Silk is a female, and sure." he began to pet the little green bug, who sat like a fat cat and if a bug could ever purr, it was now.

He eventually pulled away, and sat at the top of the hill. It was fairly flat at the top, harboring some flowers and a middle-aged tree. It curved into the middle, covering the top in shade. "Kid, what's your name? Do your parents know you're in these woods?" Chris asked, a little concerned. "My name's Kyle. Yes they know, they bought me this cool net too!" Kyle said, brandishing his net.

"Do you have any Pokemon?" Chris asked, still unconvinced. "Yes, my father gave me this one!" he said, reaching for a blue backpack. He pulled out a blue and red Pokeball, and threw it in the air. "Pidgeoo!" the odd Pokemon cried, flying in the air. It was a brown and tan bird, with a purple crest of slicked feathers on its head. "Woah! And you think Spinarak is impressive?!" Chris said, reaching for his backpack. The Pokedex spewed its usual monotone, talking very slowly.

"Pidgeotto, an evolved form of Pidgey. It is armed with sharp claws and dives from the sky to capture its prey. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeotto can be more dangerous. Approach with extreme caution." the bird caught sight of Chris, and began to dive. Although Chris managed to dive to one side, he knew the bird would not stop. On the ground, he grabbed Light's ball and threw it. Light came out, slightly confused. However, after a swift strike from Pidgeotto he knew what was happening. "Thundershock! Then another!" Light shot the bolt of energy into the air, but the bird pokemon was too fast. It dove again, pulling Light's feet from under him. Light got back up, and tried to hit Pidgeotto again. Yet again, Pidgeotto dodged it with ease.

"You have to make it work! Thundershock!" Chris said, just getting on his feet. Light tried again, trying to make a larger beam. His attack was a lot weaker, but this was the first time it actually made contact. However, Pidgeotto still had a huge level advantage. It did not seem too hurt, and went for yet another blow to the Pikachu. Watching his Pokemon taking these blows, Chris knew he needed to come up with a plan.

"I've got it! Thundershock again Light, but only use it when he's about to hit you." Light nodded, then waited for the next strike. As Pidgeotto came to ram into him, the attack finally connected. Pidgeotto screeched at the hit of energy, but continued its assault on Light. Not realizing that each time he dove it would get hit, another swoop soon followed. The electric mouse used the move yet again, ignoring the repetitive movepool. The sooner he got out of this, the better. Pidgeotto was hit yet again, beginning to tire. Nevertheless, it tried once more, picking up speed as it dropped. "More, more!" Light's attack hit spot on, and this time Pidgeotto fell to the ground.

Deciding to change its strategy, Pidgeotto stood on the ground. It didn't have enough energy to fly, so it was time to try something else. Running on the ground, it hit Light with a powerful Tackle. "We can stall this for a bit longer now; try a Tail Whip, then a Growl!"

Light, a bit shocked (no pun intended) at his trainers orders, began anyways. He faced away from his foe, shaking his tail in a cute manner. Pidgeotto seemed captivated by the motion, and didn't try to move at all. Light added to the illusion with his Growl, a whimper of pure innocence. At this point, Pidgeotto refused to do anything. "Now, go with a Thundershock!" Light concentrated, and tried to make the battle end. The electric shock pierced Pidgeotto's right wing, and it lost balance quickly. "Tackle!" he cried, and Light slammed his body into the bird. Paralyzed and battered from the beating it had taken, Pidgeotto finally stopped and fell unconscious, no longer able to battle. "Yeah!" Chris said, picking up Light.

"You realize I could have recalled Pidgeotto, right?" Kyle said, sweatdropping.

"Oh. Right."

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 30
Part 2, Confusion bites... no,scratchs...

With Shinx in hand, the duo continued their trek along the narrow path. Summer was uneasy about calling her newest Pokémon out quite yet. It had appeared to be in really bad shape when caught, and the girl figured leaving it rest for a little while might be best for now. After a while, her curiosity managed to get the better of her, and she finally released the small lion-like creature. The blast of light against the foggy backdrop made a nice contrast as the Pokéball unleashed Shinx.

“Shi…” it cried, still purple to the face. Remembering that poison lingered on after a battle, Summer quickly reached into her satchel, eventually finding the spray bottle. It didn’t look hard to serve, although the blue and black Pokémon wanted nothing to do with it. Some heavy convincing was in order before it would even consider ingesting the bizarre fluid. Eventually, Mint ended up taking a small dose to prove the medicine wasn’t harmful. Noticing Chikorita was fine a few minutes later, Shinx finally agreed.

It didn’t take long for the antidote to work its magic. The electric type’s face soon returned to normal, and it appeared much healthier. However, the Pokémon still seemed uneasy, eyeing these strangers nervously.

“I-I’m Summer and this,” she started, then shifted her attention to her started, “is Mint.” Excited to meet a new friend, she jumped up a few times. Shinx didn’t seem any more comfortable, despite the introductions. It simply sighed, looking at the ground bellow. “D-don’t be sad, we’re going to have a great time,” the girl tried her best to cheer the lion cub up a little, but wasn’t meeting much success.

“Inx,” it mumbled, not moving its head any. Wanting to know more about the new team member, Summer drew her Pokédex once again. So… she was female and knew the attacks tackle and leer.

“Chik!” Mint tried to strike up a conversation with the electric type, but had no success in doing so. She was only met with sad stares, and eventually gave up. Summer really didn’t know what else to do…

Until she heard the Pokémon’s stomach growling. It then made sense to her why Shinx had charged for the apples like it had at the end of the fight, and could even explain why they were attacked in the first place.

“W-want a granola bar? “ she asked, pulling out a berry flavoured bar from her satchel and unwrapped it. Seeing this simple item of food forced the hungry creature’s mouth the water as she nodded slightly. Unlike before, where it needed the medicine checked, the lion cub simply stuffed her face once the item was placed on the ground. Summer ended up feeding her a second, which was consumed just as fast. Now, Shinx looked better, although still seemed downcast for some reason.

The teenager left her outside, hoping Mint’s cheer might rub off on it. In the meanwhile she continued to watch for hazards while thinking of a good nickname for the electric type.
Finally, the trio made it to a small opening, the tall grass absent from the right side. There, Summer managed to spot a large ladybug, which simply returned the girl’s stare. Mint, who’d also noticed the insect, drew closer, wanting to get a clearer look in. However, like Scout, it interpreted this as an act of aggression and charged the grass type. After ordering a successful dodge, the brunette checked her Pokédex.

“Ledyba , the Five Star Pokémon. It is timid and clusters together with others. The fluid secreted by its feet indicates its location.” Well, this one wasn’t too shy…

Realising both Mint and Shinx had both battled recently, Summer decided to go with her Sentret.

“Go, Scout,” she called finding and tossing the rodent’s Pokéball. “Use scratch!”
Nodding, the brown Pokémon charged at the Ledyba, who was too shocked from the swap to dodge in time and was hit dead on. Shaking its head, the bug type charged forward, using the attack Summer recognised as tackle. Not requiring any orders, the brown Pokémon jumped out of the way, with plenty of time to spare. Compared to Mint, this thing was slow.

The brunette, however, remained cautious. She’s never seen this Pokémon in battle before, and didn’t know its other attacks. Or really, anything else for that matter.

“Scratch again,” the girl ordered, and drawing his claws, Scout made a pass for the lady bug. In defence, it tried to avoid the blow, but moved too slowly and Sentret was able to follow its movement enough to deliver the punishment.

Things were actually looking good for them, nothing the bug seemed to do worked for it. Still, Summer stayed weary, despite how well this was going.

“Another scratch,” she called, and, readying the attack once again, the rodent leapt for it. However, before it could execute the move, Ledyba released a bizarre noise. The frequency was high enough to give the girl and her Chikorita a dizzying headache. However, to Scout who was so close, this had a far worse side-effect. Rattled by that sound, he withdrew his claws and landed on the ground, looking around. “W-wha?” Summer was a little confused, what was he doing?

Little did she know her Pokémon was even more puzzled then she was. “Scratch it,” she ordered, and was shocked when he turned to Mint and tried to strike her instead. Luckily, she was far enough to avoid the attack in time, leaving the Sentret even more dazzled.
It required another Pokédex check, but Summer was able to pinpoint what had happened. Supersonic… an attack that could confuse…

Luckily for her, in the time it had taken her to use the gizmo, Ledyba had only really attacked once, the rest of the time, it laughed at Scout’s antics. He was now dangling from a tree via his tail, and showed no signs of recovering anytime soon. Summer considered recalling him, but decided it would be best if they figured out how to work this out. She would soon regret her tactics, as her order to scratch the foe only resulted in three ugly lines scarring the rodent’s face. Taking a break from the laughing fit, the insect got another tackle in, which sent Sentret flying back in a tree.

Luckily, the impact managed to snap him out of the puzzled state. Noticing his movement return to normal, Summer knew she had to end this before Ledyba tried the attack again. However, before she could really reflect, the foe came in for another hit. M-maybe the girl could warp this to her advantage…

“W-wait until it gets closer,” she called, hoping her idea might work. Giving his trainer a weird look, Scout nodded, turning back at the oncoming lady bug. “N-now use scratch,”
Using the short distance between them, the rodent quickly drew its claws and smacked the opponent head on. The speed it had built only served against it, and, having been rattled enough, the bug decided to fly away.

That could have been worse, Summer realised, and after congratulating her Pokémon, called him back into his Pokéball for a well earned rest.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

((OOC: Sorry I haven't replied yet! I'm veryveryvery busy nowadays. I will try to make time for reading and rating and putting up Route 31 tonight.))

OOOK here we go!

@ Thunderbolt - interesting "battle" xD

- Light (PIkachu) grew to lv 11 and learned THunder Wave!

@ Eternal Moonlight - Your team is getting cuter by the minute :3

- Scout (Sentret) grew to lv 8 and learned Quick Attack!


Route 31

This route looks almost like route 30 and is a somewhat non-steep slope all the way west to Violet City. By the time you've gotten here, it's probably raining, although it might clear up rather quickly.

The route starts with a sign telling you to go north for Dark Cave or west for Violet City. If you try to go north, you will encounter a roadblock consisting of a digging team that is about to excavate Dark Cave. Therefore, you may not enter. You'd better go west.

What can you do here?

- Generally, on a route, you can catch wild pokémon and battle trainers. You can also make up your own adventures, meet your own NPCs and anything, actually.
- You cannot meet up with the other players. Unless I say so specifically.
- What level the pokémon you capture are depends on the quality of your post.
- When you want to capture a pokémon, END YOUR POST WITH THE POKÉBALL SHAKING or something. I decide if the capture is successful or not.

Pokémon found on Route 31:

Type: Grass/flying
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis, Tail Whip
Type: Grass/Poison
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport
Type: Normal
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Splash, Charm, Tail Whip
Type: Bug
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Growl, Bide, Struggle Bug


Selma, Cherrygrove City (long post, for story reasons :D )

Nicole had been overjoyed when she won against Selma. It seemed to permanently raise her self-confidence because when they had gone back to Cherrygrove, healed their pokémon and gone home to Nicole and Flynn for the night, Nicole was still boasting about her pokémon and talking about the amazing battle. By the time they had breakfast, the young girl was still wearing a smile that didn't seem to fade whatever anybody else said.

"Pass the butter already," Flynn said grumpily. Clearly, he wasn't the morning person.

"Oh, sure!" Nicole answered which made Flynn and his parents raise their eyebrows. Selma choked a giggle. Apparently things normally didn't go this smooth at the breakfast table in this family.

Mr and Mrs Tider were nice, decent people who were only happy to have Selma staying over. She had slept in the large sofa in the living room, while her pokémon had slept inside their pokéballs.

When breakfast was over, the three kids went outside.

"So," Nicole began hesitantly. "You are leaving now, aren't you?" she said, looking the older girl in the eyes.

Flynn looked quietly from one to the other.

"I guess so," Selma said. She hadn't really thought about that, but of course she couldn't stay in Cherrygrove forever. "I will always remember you though! And I'll come back to visit you some time!"

Nicole nodded slowly but Flynn was still very quiet and looked like he was biting his lip. It was sort of strange to see.

"Yes, we will see each other again... because I'm traveling too," Nicole said.

Flynn blinked. "What?" he blurted out. "What did you just say?"

"I will go on a pokémon journey! But not together with you, Selma. I will travel alone with Leds! And we will keep being better than you!"

Selma smiled and was about to say that she thought that was an awesomely fun idea, but Flynn came in between.

"You are too young!"

"I am not! I am 11! I can take care of myself!"

"11 is nothing! I'm 14 and even I am hesitant to just go out into the world. And definitely not alone!"

Nicole stared angrily at her brother. "You wouldn't leave. You don't have the same connection with pokémon that I have. You would never make it as a pokémon trainer!"

Flynn's eyes narrowed. "There are many ways to travel and see pokémon. Fighting isn't the only way."

"Ha!" Nicole crossed her arms and didn't see that her parents came outside in front of the house behind her, to see what all the commotion was about. "You will see! I will pack my stuff and leave today. Mum and dad will stand behind me for sure!"

"Yes, that's for sure at least," Flynn said, crossing his arms in a similar move and looking over her shoulder at his dad, who was wrinkling his furry eyebrows and stroking his mustache thoughtfully. Nicole spun around and saw them, realizing they had heard her words.

"I-I mean it," she blurted out quickly. "It's not just something I'm saying now. I've... thought about it for a long time, mom... dad."

Mr and Mrs Tider gave each other a long look. Mrs Tider nodded and Mr Tider sighed. "We know, honey. It's clear that you and your Ledyba are growing up together. To travel would be great for you."

Flynn dropped his jaw and Selma kept quiet, not wanting to destroy any family moment here.

Nicole shone up. "Really? You are the best, dad! And mom!" She turned around and smirked towards Flynn. "Well, I'll go pack my things then."


She did, rather quickly, and waved goodbye to everyone before lunch-time. Her parents had told her to call whenever she could, they had talked to Leds and made him promise to protect Nicole at all costs, and they had provided her with everything she needed to survive if she had to sleep outdoors... she was on her way to become a pokémon trainer.

Selma had wanted to come with her on the first route, but Nicole insisted on going alone. When she was completely out of sight from the Tider house, Selma noticed that Flynn was biting his lip again. She suddenly wished that she was better at reading people, and tried.

"Do you want to go too, Flynn?" she asked softly.

"I... yes. I guess," he replied and looked down. "But I don't have any pokémon. It would be lonesome."

Several quiet seconds passed before both of them spoke at the exact same time.

"You could come with me?"

"Can I come with you?"

They blinked at each other and then started laughing.

"Seems like it's agreed on, then," Flynn said. "I'll... go pack my stuff?"

Selma smiled widely. "Do it!"

That made Flynn smile as well, and he literally jumped back inside the house to tell his parents about his decision. Selma turned her head up towards the sky. It was blue. Not a cloud in sight... oh wait. Lots of clouds at the horizon. Going this way. Typically. They were bound to come over them soon.


Selma, Route 30 (agaaain...)

As Selma Sanderton and Flynn Tider walked Route 30 for the third time in two days, they were both feeling spirited and happy, even though the air around them was as misty as ever and made every noise sound like it was passing through layers of cotton on the way to their ears.

Something stirred in front of them. Flynn held out a hand to show Selma that they should be quiet. Carefully, they moved forward... and saw that the mist was a bit clearer in a small grassy field ahead of them. A small herd of sheep pokémon were grazing the field.

"Oh, wow!" Selma said quietly and picked up the pokédex. It told her that they were Mareep and had electric powers. "This sounds good..."

"So, you up for your first battle of the day?" Flynn said beside her, winking.

Selma smiled back as an answer. She was happy to see Flynn feeling so alive. It would be nice to have him and his brains by her side on the journey.

The red headed girl stepped up and took forth a pokéball. "Shine, Ledyba!" she said and sent out her newest member of the team.

Ledyba came out and stayed airborne. She looked back at Selma, seeming to decide whether she would listen to the human again or not. Selma gave her a warm smile and nodded towards the Mareep herd. Ledyba seemed to shrug and buzz closer to the grassy field. The humans followed her.

When they were close enough, one of the Mareep spotted them and yelled to the others. They backed off.

"They're escaping," Flynn said.

"Won't let them," Selma said. "Ledyba, use Supersonic!"

Ledyba shrieked louder than the humans could hear, making the closest Mareep afraid and confused. They started running into each other. But one of them seemed unaffected so far. It stepped up in front of the others, looking like some kind of a leader, even though it was pretty small. Maybe it wasn't a leader, it was just gutsy. Funny, Selma seemed to get a lot of that lately from pokémon.

The Mareep growled intimidatingly, and Ledyba seemed to instinctively back off a little in the air.

"Don't listen to that, it's only trying to scare you! But you are stronger than that!" Selma called out to Ledyba, who stared more intently at the Mareep to show it wasn't afraid. The Mareep growled again, however, and affected Ledyba over again.

"Start attacking it before Ledyba becomes too uneasy to move!" Flynn said behind Selma.

"Ledyba, come in for a Tackle!"

Ledyba dove towards the Mareep, but the sheep was quick and met it with a tackle of its own. The two pokémon collided and bounced back without having been harmed much. The Mareep's head seemed though, but so were Ledyba's scales.

"Again! Move close!" Selma ordered. Ledyba came around and whipped up another tackle with speed. Mareep growled at the bug as it was coming towards the sheep on the ground.

"Damn it," Selma said. This would surely make Ledyba twitch and lose speed. Wait. "Ledyba, switch to Comet Punch! Now!"

Ledyba heard the order, thankfully, and used the speed she still had from the Tackle to give extra power to her punches. She gave several to the Mareep's belly as she flew past the sheep instead of crashing into it. Then she turned quickly and gave it some more punches.

"Ledyba's Comet Punch is really fantastic," Flynn said and corrected his glasses to look closer at the pokémon battling.

"Yeah, it's great!"

But then, Mareep growled again and Ledyba backed off, landing on the ground. Mareep took the chance and jumped at the bug for a tackle. It hit hard and Ledyba tumbled backwards. Mareep gave her no chance to get up before another Tackle came.

"It's tedious! A dangerous opponent," Flynn commented.

"Ledyba! Are you ok?" Selma said and ran forward to check on the bug. But Mareep's fur started sparkling with electrical energy when the girl got close.

"It doesn't want you to step into the battle..." Flynn said, reaching out a hand to motion for Selma to step back again.

"Argh... alright..."

Ledyba got up, though. Her face was rather blank. Clearly, she wasn't the one to show emotion or express feelings very often. Mareep however, was looking angry. And it was panting. The Comet Punch had hurt it, apparently.

"Supersonic, it's tired and may get confused now!" Flynn suggested. Selma uttered the order and Ledyba sent out her shrieking sound waves again. The humans covered their ears just in case, but the Mareep shook its head. It was affected... it was stumbling. It ran forward in another Tackle, but missed Ledyba and ran into a rock, hurting itself again.

"Finish it with a Tackle!" Selma called out to Ledyba, who was still on the ground. "Uh... if you think you can manage?" she added a bit worriedly.

Ledyba turned her head to look at Selma, and actually seemed to smile for once. Maybe it felt victory was near. She launched the tackle on Mareep, who fainted from the impact. Selma cheered, Flynn smiled contentedly and Ledyba soared up in the air to see what Selma would do next. Maybe something similar to what had happened to her yesterday?

Indeed, Selma took up an empty pokéball from the designated pocket she now had, and threw it at Mareep, who were sucked in. The ball rocked for a few seconds...

"I told you we would win our next battle," Selma said to Ledyba above. Ledyba's face was blank again... but she was flying around, content.


@ Charm - I like my characters 8D mehehe. Even though Flynn acts like Brock and looks almost like Max, lol

- Ledyba grew to lv 11!
- Selma caught a Mareep! (lv 8 Female)

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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