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Old 08-02-2011, 11:24 AM
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Default Johto Chronicles {RP}

We will start off! Since there is not much interacting here, it's no big deal if the ones who sign up later "fall behind" a few areas. Get going~
[LINK TO Sign-Up/Discussion THREAD]

Johto Chronicles
rated K+ or something like that

[click for RP theme song]

Johto is a beautiful region where people and pokémon mostly live in harmony. Mythology has strong roots in the citizens and legends are often told about the many kinds of pokémon that inhabit the region. Grassy fields, rocky mountains, dark caves and streaming rivers, Johto has something for everyone. There is even a lot of coastline for the ones who simply cannot live without seeing the horizon from time to time. There is a professor here, who lives in New Bark town and studies pokémon and their connection to the myths surrounding Johto and other regions. Currently he is very interested in the legendary beast trio. He seeks to capture them, only to be able to study them further. But he is not sure of their existence, even if things are pointing towards it being true. He needs help.

- Pine
This professor's name is Pine. Professor Pine has announced on the radio from Goldenrod that he wants trainers to work for him, trying to find the legendaries. But no one replies on his job offer. No one really believes that the beasts do exist, even if they do make for good bedtime stories.

But then, kids started to call professor Pine up. They believed him and wanted to help. Pine wasn't sure what to do... but he really wanted to find the beasts. So he decided to do something that no one had done before him.


Normally when people became pokémon trainers, they got a pokémon as a gift, bought one or went out and captured or befriended one on their own. Then they started training. Every official battle they lost, they had to pay money to the winner, and in every battle they won, they earned money. That was how a trainer made a living. The good ones became better and better and went on competing against gym leaders for 8 badges what would allow them to enter the Pokémon League competition. The bad ones grew up and took other jobs in their lives.

What professor Pine wanted to do now was to let 6 trainers have the chance to get a rare pokémon from him and start their pokémon journey. He also had in his posession some mechanical devices known as pokédexes, small encyclopedias on pokémon. The kids who signed up would get one each. And then they would go out to explore Johto, battle others, capture pokémon and maybe even battle gym leaders for a spot in the Pokémon League competition... and all that time, they would be on the lookout for the legendary beasts. In Pine's eyes, it was rather brilliant. He would have 6 scouts around the region.


It was early noon on the day when the 6 kids would arrive and get their starter partner pokémon. Professor Pine was nervous but happy. This was a great idea. No doubt about it. He had two young aides, Ms Rose and Mr Clover, but they could not be asked to perform the quest he was putting onto the children. He needed them to do other work here. The aides were currently placing the 6 pokéballs containing the pokémon onto a bench in the middle of the biggest room in professor Pine's laboratory. When a kid came, it would be shown into the lab by either Rose or Clover, and then professor Pine would have a quick chat with the young trainer and let him or her pick their partner from the table, as well as get their pokédex. One of the aides would hand the trainer 5 pokéballs to start them off with, and then they would be free to go. To roam Johto and create an adventure for themselves.

New Bark Town

New Bark is the first town visitors from Kanto normally come to. It's a rather small town or a big village, depending on how you want to view it. It's got a few shops but nothing pokémon related. There are a few farms and many small houses where a lot of families with children live. There is also the laboratory where the relatively unknown professor Pine works and lives with his two aides, the young Ms Rose and Mr Clover.
Rose - - Clover

What can you do here?

- Generally, in a city, you can buy things in a pokémart, visit a pokémon center and heal up or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open. You can also make up your own adventures, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of your own creation.
- You cannot capture any pokémon inside cities.
- You may meet up with other trainers, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

In New Bark though, there is no pokémon center and no pokémart. There is no gym either. You have to go visit the lab and get your starter, pokédex and some pokéballs. Then you are free to do whatever you want.

Route 29

Route 29 is a fairly uneventful road stretching from New Bark in the east to Cherrygrove City in the west. Along the road, there are some farms with great fields as well as patches of forest here and there. In the middle of the route, there is the gate to route 46, but the guard only lets people with several gym badges through.

What can you do here?

- Generally, on a route, you can catch wild pokémon and battle trainers. You can also make up your own adventures, meet your own NPCs and anything, actually.
- You cannot meet up with the other players. Unless I say so specifically.
- What level the pokémon you capture are depends on the quality of your post.
- When you want to capture a pokémon, END YOUR POST WITH THE POKÉBALL SHAKING or something. I decide if the capture is successful or not.

Pokémon found on route 29
Type: Normal
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle
Type: Normal/Flying
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Type: Normal
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight, Defense curl
Type: Normal/Flying
Lv: 2-4
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight

When I post an area, you may make any number of posts there, and move on when you feel ready. Of course you can't move on before I've posted the next route, though.


Aaand why not post first to show you what I mean.

Selma, New Bark Town (it's a good thing to write who you are and where you are when you start your post)

The red head girl got out of the car and hung her bag over her shoulder. "Thanks for the ride, dad!" she said happily. Her father looked a bit worriedly at her.

"I know this was my and mom's idea but... don't you want me to give you a lift to the next town after you've received your pokémon?" he said.

"No, dad! I'll be fine," Selma laughed a little. "Don't worry. I'll call you whenever I get to a pokémon center. And walking is part of the journey, right?"

"Right," dad said and sighed. "I'll be going then. I'll hear from you soon. And... take care, sweetheart."

"I will," Selma said. As he drove away with the car, out onto route 29 and back all the way to Olivine again, Selma did feel a lump in her throat though. She was going to miss him. But then again, she usually missed him since he wasn't at home much. But no use standing around here being sad. It was time to get rolling.

She walked into New Bark, a cute little town, nothing like the rather large Olivine City. After a short walk, she found the laboratory. An impressive building, albeit a bit small. She walked bravely up to the door and knocked. A young man opened. He gave her a stern look at first, but then seemed to lighten up. "Ah, one of the trainers who applied for the job?" he asked.

"Well, I'm not a trainer yet," Selma explained.

"No, of course not. Come along with me," the man said and walked inside. Selma followed him through a corridor and came to a large room where a young woman and a man were standing at a small table. On the table were several pokéballs lined up. Her starter was there!

"Ah, one of my little helpers?" the man said and smiled towards Selma. "I am professor Pine, nice to meet you. What is your name?"

"Selma. Selma Sanderton," Selma asked, feeling just a little bit intimidated by having three people stare at her. This wasn't really like being in a sports competition. In those, she liked when people watched her.

"Well, I see you've met Clover, my assistant." The young man beside Selma nodded at her. "And this is Rose, my other assistant." The young woman nodded as well. "And with that, it's probably time to let you pick your starter. You are lucky, you are the first one to come! You get to pick from all 6 pokémon."

Selma walked up to the bench and looked at the names listed below the pokéballs. She had got images and info on the pokémon in a letter from professor Pine earlier, so she knew which one she wanted. The water type.

"Totodile," she said. "Totodile will be mine."

"A fine choice!" Pine said as she picked up that pokéball. "Now, you should have this as well. It is a pokédex." He handed her a red little machine. She knew about it, she had trixed with her belt to make a spot for the pokédex there. Now she took the device and fastened it to her belt immediately. Professor Pine chuckled. "I can tell you are ready," he said. "Just one more thing."

He nodded to Rose, who went back to some big drawers. From there, she picked up 5 tiny pokéballs. "They will get bigger if you press the button," Pine assured Selma as she accepted the pokéballs and put them into her bag. She put Totodile's ball onto her belt though.

"There!" she said, immediately feeling a bit more secure. "Am I ready to go now?"

"Well, yes," Pine said. "Are you aware of the mission I want you to undertake?"

"I think so..." Selma said and recollected her memories. "You want me to explore the whole of Johto and try to find, and capture if I can, the three legendary beasts, Raikou, Entei and... Suicune."

"Very good," Pine said and smiled warmly. "Then, you're all set. Off you go. Have fun on your adventure! Call me sometimes. I want to hear about the pokémon you catch and see!"

"Will do, professor," Selma said and programmed the professor's number into the pokédex. It hade a notepad function.

Then she nodded to Clover and Rose, though they didn't nod back, and she went out from the lab. She was free now. She had a pokémon and she was going on an adventure. Niiiice.


When I have time to, I will write dungeonmaster-posts. Those posts will simply update the levels of your pokémon, and say if you've received a special item or something like that. Sometimes I may control NPCs in these posts as well. For now, no pokémon has gained any levels or been caught, so no need to make an update post until someone has posted on route 29.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
New Bark Town

Chris took a deep breath, then quietly exhaled as he trudged along. He had been traveling for almost two days, with only a backpack filled with food. Although the path was dangerous, the Knights could not afford to drive him and leave the other children alone.

"Finally here!" he exclaimed, stopping to take a rest. He was directly outside the small town, amazed at its size. "Wow, it's small..." he thought. "Goldenrod has to be at least three times this size." Chris got up, lifting his heavy pack as he did so, and quickly walked into the village.

Chris wandered around, trying to map the town in his head. There were a few small homes, a walkway going through them, and that was it. It was surrounded by trees, giving it a fresh and earthy smell. He then saw one building that did not look like a home. It was the biggest building in town, although still small for a Goldenrod resident. "This must be the lab," he said to himself.

After knocking on the door for several minutes, someone finally came to open it. It was a fairly young man, quite a bit older than Chris. The man took a long look at Chris, then moved aside and opened the door fully. "Here for Professor Pine's offer?" he asked, rather unnecessarily. He knew Chris would be here for the offer; why else would someone travel to New Bark Town?

Chris slowly walked into the laboratory, thoughts racing through his head. The assistant told him to take a left, and promptly disappeared from sight. He followed the instructions to find an older man and a woman about the age of the other assistant, standing in front of a large table. He jogged towards them, just as the old man began to speak.

"Ah, you must be here from my ad," he said. "I am Professor Pine, and these are my assistants." He beckoned towards the woman, who smiled and said, "My name is Rose. The other man you saw is Clover." Chris grinned, then turned his attention back to the professor. "I'm Chris. Chris Knight."

" I get to choose a Pokemon?" he inquired, anxious to see. "Yes you do, and they are right here." he pointed at the table, where five pokeballs rested. "The ad said 6; has someone already been here?" the professor laughed. "Yes indeed, a young lady by the name of Selma. Now choose your Pokemon, and choose wisely!"

"I want a Pikachu. Do you have one?" Chris asked hopefully. "In fact we do! You're in luck." the professor reached over to the far end of the table, picking up the last Pokeball and throwing it to the floor. A young Pikachu emerged, his cheeks crackling with electrical energy. "This is the one for me. I'll name you....Light!" he said happily, taking the mouse-like pokemon into his arms. The professor laughed, then turned serious again.

"As stated in the ad, your journey will have more than one purpose. The explore Johto. The find the legendary beasts. The third?" he stopped, waiting for Chris to respond. "The third is..." "To have fun, of course!" he whacked Chris on the head, then whispered something to his assistant. He pointed at Rose, who began to speak.

"This is your Pokedex," she said. Reaching into a cabinet, she pulled out a red PDA-type object. "It will record any Pokemon you see or catch." Chris placed it in his pack, but Rose was not done yet. "Take these too." she passed him five mini Pokeballs, which he put on his belt. "Thanks for everything Pine," Chris said, starting to leave. "WAIT!" Pine yelled, as Chris sprinted back. "I just wanted to give you my phone number." Pine had a devilish grin, then took Chris's pokedex and added his phone. "Good luck!" Rose said, as Chris yet again ran from the building, into the afternoon sun.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Selma, Route 29

Selma wasted no time in leaving the small town and walking out onto route 29. The wind was blowing slightly, rustling her hair and the tall grass and plants on the fields next to the road. Selma thought she heard noises of something running around in the tall grass, without her seeing it. That reminded her...

"Totodile, rise and shine!" she said and held out her pokéball in front of her, as she had seen trainers do on TV. It worked. A tiny, blue crocodile took shape in front of her, after being sent out from the ball through a white lightbeam.

"Toto!" it said energetically and waggled its tail while looking up at Selma.

"Whoa. You look so much cooler in real life than on pictures," Selma said and leaned her head to the side. Totodile imitated her and did the same. Selma noticed, and raised a hand. Totodile did the same. She laughed. Totodile let out a noise.

"Haha! You're a little imitator! That's good. Show's that you're observant. So... My name is Selma. It's nice to meet you, Totodile."

Totodile seemed to think for a moment, but then smiled. "Toto!"

"I hope that means you're happy to meet me too. I'm your trainer now. I love water and you are a water pokémon so I know I'll come to love you soon enough!"

Totodile seemed content with that statement and started to look around. He'd apparently spotted something. And indeed, out of the tall grass jumped all of a sudden a Starly. It blinked, looking at Selma. Maybe it usually avoided humans. But then it spotted Totodile. An unfamiliar pokémon invading its territory? No way. Attack! The gutsy bird pokémon shot forward in a Tackle attack.

Selma was taken by surprise, and so was Totodile. The attack struck the crocodile and he was pushed backwards, knocked into Selma's legs. Selma looked up. The bird seemed to sneer at them.

"We won't let it just do that! Come on Totodile! Use..." she quickly took up the pokédex and looked through Totodile's attacks. They weren't exactly many. They would have to train. "Use Scratch!"

Totodile ran forward with his claws ready. Starly took a leap and came in for another Tackle. The attacks hit each other and both pokémon were thrown back. But this time Totodile wasn't knocked off his feet, only Starly was.

"Now's your chance! Scratch again!" Totodile came in for the attack, but just then Starly took off into the air. Totodile could only watched as the tiny bird soared higher... and then came down to tackle him.

"Totodile! Dodge!" In the last moment, Totodile seemed to hear his trainer's words and jumped aside. The bird hit the ground and was a bit hurt. "Now, Scratch!" Selma happily commanded. This was fun after all!

Totodile seemed to think so too when he finally closed in and the attack didn't miss. Starly fell back to the ground and remained lying there.

"Excellent! You won your first battle!" Selma exclaimed and jumped up and down. Totodile did the same, though whether or not it was imitating her or if they simply were alike each other, none could tell.

"Oh, right," Selma said, remembering something. She quickly rummaged through her backpack to find... an empty pokéball. She was going to capture the bird.

"Pokéball, go!" she said, cheesy enough, and threw it. It hit the Starly as if the ball was drawn to the pokémon (it probably was) and the ball started twitching on the ground.


So, now I guess... I'll do an update post for myself xD Feels a bit silly and you guys HAVE to tell me if you think I'm unfair and give myself a too easy journey. But anyways, here's how it's gonna look:

@ Charm -

- Selma caught a Starly! (female, lv 3)
- Totodile grew to lv 6 and learned Water Gun!

(pokémon can learn up to 8 moves at the same time in this RP)
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Sam Sage, New Bark Town

Energy was pumping through Sam. The day was beautiful, warm and sunny, with a gentle breeze, and she was soon to be starting an adventure through Johto. Her walk from Cherrygrove City had not been long, but it had seemed to take forever. She was anxious to meet Professor Pine and receive her Pokemon; she knew just the one she wanted, she only hoped it hadn’t been taken yet.

But now she was in New Bark, nearly running what was obviously the Professor’s Lab. The town was small, even smaller than Cherrygrove, and the Lab was the biggest building. She knocked on the door and waited a little impatiently. After a moment a man answered the door and asked, “Are you answering the ad?”

Sam nodded her head and replied, “Yeah.” The man led her into the building and into a large room. In the room stood a man and a woman. The man was older than the woman and the man who had led Sam into the room, and was easily recognizable as the professor.

“Hello,” he said happily. “You’re here to answer my ad, right? I’m Professor Pine, and these are my assistants, Rose and Clover.” He pointed to the man and the woman, who were now standing next to each other. Sam noticed while he spoke a table with Pokeballs, no doubt the Pokemon she had to pick from, but two were already missing. Her worry that her choice was gone resurfaced. “So, I’ll let you pick a Pokemon from those on that table to take on your journey.” The Professor led her to the table. Each Pokeball was labeled with a name. She scanned the labels and was relieved to find that the last one on the table read Cubone. With a smile she grabbed the Pokeball containing the Lonely Pokemon.

“Cubone, a good choice,” Pine said with a smile. “Now, here’s your Pokedex,” he said handing her a red device, “and here’s five Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with.” Sam stored the five red and white metal balls in her backpack. “You know what your mission is, right?”

“Explore Johto and attempt to find the legendary beasts,” she answered with a quick nod.

Pine’s smile widened. “Alright then, off you go!” Sam thanked him and left the Lab. Once outside she pressed the button on the Pokeball containing Cubone. With a flash of light the brown Pokemon stood before her. He wore a skull on his head and held a bone in his hand. He looked sad and made no effort to communicate with Sam.

She squatted down in front of him. “Oh, come on. Don’t be so sad. I’m Sam. Do you mind if I call you Solir?” He shook his head slowly, but did nothing else. “Alright, we’ll have lots of fun I’m sure. We’re going to go on a journey to explore all of Johto. Don’t look so sad.” Cubone nodded, but continued to look depressed. “Oh, fine. Be all sad if you want, I’ll fix it eventually. Anyhow, for now we’ll be going towards Cherrygrove. Off we go then.” She walked towards Route 29, the sad little Cubone at her heels.

Excuse me do you have a little girls room?
We used to, but we let them all go!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Route 29

Chris left the town, breathing in the sweet air of nature. Pikachu ran alongside him, squealing in delight.

Chris stopped, and so did Light. "Hi there Light!" Chris scratched between his ears, and Light smiled. "One day, you'll be as strong as the little Raichu!" They sat on the top of a small hill as Chris decided to check out his new Pokedex.

"Wow! This thing is impressive." Chris looked through the options, laughing and petting Light the whole time. "Maybe we should try out your powers." Chris picked up Light, then returned his Pokedex back to the pack. They stood at the top of the hill, scanning the nearby area for other Pokemon. The trees rustled quietly as a breeze blew through the forest.

"See anything Light?" Chris tried to look for other Pokemon, but he didn't see any. Light, on the other hand, had appeared to see something. Pointing at a patch of grass, Chris seemed perplexed. "It's just the wind Light, nothing to worry about." However, upon closer examination it was flowing the wrong way! Chris returned Light back to his Pokeball and ran up to the grass. He peeked into the foliage to find...a sleeping Hoothoot!

"What's this? A sleeping pokemon? But it's day!" Chris thought about it, then remembered Rose's gift. He pulled the Pokedex out of his pack, and listened to it carefully. "Hoothoot. The Owl Pokemon. They are nocturnal, and usually try to hide as they sleep in the day." Chris laughed at his good fortune. However, the little owl began to rise from the commotion. "Hoot!" it said as it rose. Ready for battle, it looked for its opponent.

"Sounds like a fight!" Chris grabbed his Pokeball, and Light materialized in a beam of red. The little bird out sped the electric mouse, and quickly ran forward. It slammed into Light, pushing him backwards as he cried in pain. "...Light! Are you okay?" Chris checked the Pokedex again, and looked at his moves. "Use...Thundershock!" Light's body began to glow with a yellow aura, and a bolt of energy struck Hoothoot. It yelped in pain, cringing at the super-effective move.

It was Hoothoot's turn. Instead of attacking, it chose a pathetic squeal as its move. Light frowned, not willing to attack a helpless Pokemon. However, Chris knew if he wanted to catch it, they would have to continue attacking. "Use another Thundershock!" Light tried to attack its enemy, but Hoothoot flew into the air, avoiding the attack. Hoothoot chose its last remaining move; Foresight. It used its beginning psychic powers to lock onto Light, keeping a constant eye on him. However, this time the attack would not miss.

"One more time! Thundershock!" Light focused on his enemy, charging the strongest bolt of electricity yet. It pounded into Hoothoot at an intense speed, leaving the bird motionless on the ground. However, it slowly rested and got back to its feet. However, the Hoothoot was not done fighting. It went back to its original attack, sprinting towards Light. "Quick! Dodge!" Light rolled to the side, just a second too late. A powerful Tackle had hit him; the Hoothoot was heavier than it looked. Light looked a bit tired, but still wanted to fight.

"What to do now...Tail Whip!" Light turned around and whipped his tail around, looking cute and helpless. Hoothoot did not want to hurt sucha cute little thing, and refrained from attacking. " Sounds like we're almost done! Use one more Tail Whip, then another Thundershock!" Light looked cuter and cuter, creating a helpless illusion around Hoothoot. It worked perfectly, and Light used his new favorite attack yet again. The bolt of yellow struck Hoothoot on the left wing, hopelessly crippling the ability of flight for the battle. It cried out in pain, stumbling to the ground with no sense of balance.

"It looks like now might be our chance!" Chris was extremely excited, and pulled one of his new Pokeballs from his belt. "Let's hope this works!" Chris threw the ball with all his might, and it hit Hoothoot dead on. Hoothoot disappeared in a beam of red energy, and the Pokeball began to wobble. The button in the center glowed red as it shook, and Chris could not take the suspense. "COME ON POKEBALL!"

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ sammy0295 - Nice first post! A depressed Cubone, eh? Interesting. I'll add you to the front page in the discussion thread~

@ Thunderbolt - Vivid battles where you have to struggle a little are the best :D

- Chris caught a Hoothoot! (lv 4, male)
- Light (Pikachu) grew to lv 6!

(I use a dice to determine the gender of the pokémon you capture, but you can in most cases wish for a certain gender by stating it at the end of a post)


Now, don't feel rushed. You can post several times on Route 29, capture several pokémon or battle trainers or anything. But IF/WHEN you want to continue on, here is the next area.

Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove is much bigger than the village-like New Bark. There is a pokémon center where many young trainers gather to show off their pokémon and where travelers rest up. You are likely to be challenged if you look like a pokémon trainer when entering the center.
There is also a pokémart that sells relatively basic things like pokéballs and potions and antidotes for the most common poisons cause by pokémon and plants in the neighborhood.
On top of that, there are a lot of streets and houses. It's still a small city and not the busiest place imaginable, which the inhabitants are content with.

What can you do here?

- Generally, in a city, you can buy things in a pokémart, visit a pokémon center and heal up or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open. You can also make up your own adventures, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of your own creation.
- You cannot capture any pokémon inside cities.
- You may meet up with other trainers, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

New Bark Town

Flying all this way had been amazing, the view was spectacular and the ride smooth. The only complaint Summer could conjure was the cooler temperature. Of course, she knew this was something that would have to be worked around, since the seaside cities were usually pretty warm compared to inland Johto. None the less, feeling a little chilly did nothing to damper her mood. A mix of nervousness and excitement boiled deep inside, which would only intensify when Pidgeot started to dive for the ground. They were close now…

… One pass over the town revelled its small size. There weren’t really any large buildings, although one did stand out among the rest. It was a little bigger, and much longer, leading the girl to believe this was probably her intended destination. No way of being certain, however, unless they got closer. Sensing his rider lean to the north, to her area of interest, the bird made one last approach and finally touched down. After hesitating for a moment, Summer finally dismounted and toke a few slow steps toward the door. It didn’t take long for her to realise that she, was in fact, at the right place.

“I-I guess we finally made it” she started, glancing back at Pidgeot. It was time for him to return him, he couldn’t stay with her, she had to do this on her own. “I’ll see you back home, once I g-get there,” Summer was starting to grow nervous, and the bird picked this up. He hesitated for a moment, but nodded and once again toke to the skies. Normally, a Pokémon would need to rest after that trek, but he was used to long distance flights.

Summer paused for a few more minutes, before finally knocking at the front door. It didn’t take long for a man, how was obviously older then herself, to answer the door. He was a little intimidating, but the girl didn’t back away, not now. After a few moments, he finally spoke.

“You must be here in response to the Professor’s broadcast,” the man spoke, although it was obvious he anticipate the reply to be yes. When Summer nodded, he opened the door, revealing more of the interior. It was simple, but clean, just the way she liked things.

After being shown to the main area, the character promptly vanished, probably to keep watch over the entrance, Summer figured. This new room was much larger, and a little more cluttered. Her cobalt eyes, however, swiftly darted toward the two people here, a woman, who sported short-ish hair and another man, although he appeared to be older than the previous. It didn’t take them long to notice that she’d entered the space.

“Hello there, I’m Rose” the lady greeted, and Summer dared a few steps closer toward them. This was it!

“H-hi, my name is Summer” the brunette managed, shifting her gaze to the professor, who also extended a hello and introduction before asking a similar question to that posed by the man at the door. To this, she simply nodded, now looking at the row of Pokéballs on the table. Six is what had been advertized, three were missing. She wasn’t the first here. After staring for a few moments, the teenager returned her attention to Pine.

“I guess I should let you choose your Pokémon! A few other kids around your age have already made their selection, but you still have three choices,” the man explained, and Summer nodded, approaching the table. She scanned the small row carefully and toke a minute to gave her option a last thought. However, in the end, the brunette ended up going with Chikorita, as previously intended.

“I’ll take this one,” she said, holding the red and while sphere, smiling softly.

“Fine Pokémon indeed,” Pine started, his grin slowly wearing off, “but I must warn you, this one is a little… spirited. Perhaps you should meet her?”

“Oh s-sure!” Summer exclaimed, tossing the Pokéball onto the ground, just as she’d seen on TV. However, unlike the matches on air, nothing happened.

Both Rose and the professor chuckled, and she had to be explained that in order to release a Pokémon from the sphere, it had to be enlarged. “Simple as that,” Pine concluded.

“Go, Chikorita,”

A small, light green quadrupedal creature emerged from the bright flash.

“Rita!” she exclaimed, before running two laps around the humans, before finally stopping in front of the stranger. The grass type tilted its head, staring at the girl with her large, red eyes. After a moment, she jumped up and down, seemingly out of excitement.

“I-I see what you mean. But I-I like her!” Summer nodded, confirming her statement. The professor smiled, although it was hard to tell if this was out of joy or relief.

“Good, now, in accepting this mission, I assume you know what you’re get- I mean doing, right?” he posed, looking at the brunette expectantly.

“Of course. T-to track down the beasts Entei, Suciune and Raikou and explore this region.” She replied, although he didn’t look satisfied. “Am I m-missing something?”

“Having fun silly! What’s up with you kids anyway?”


“Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Live for the adventure!” Pine stated with passion, lifting his right fist into the air. Chikorita jumped up again, and then again.

“O-okay,” Summer stated, looking a little surprised.

“Anyway, I’ve kept you here long enough,” he started, then signalled Rose to get one of the red gizmos on the desk.

“But, before you go, here is your Pokédex. It stores data on all the Pokémon you’ll encounter on your journey.” Summer nodded, allowing him to continue. “And, of course, Pokéballs, useful tools for catching and storing Pokémon. I trust you know how they work?” he finished, holding back a chuckle. The brunette nodded sheepishly, taking her gifts and storing them inside her tin coloured satchel.

“Thanks… I really appreciate everything” the girl added, returning her gaze to Pine.

“Oh, before we forget, here is our number. Contact us if anything turns up!” Rose added, giving Pine a slight nudge, although Summer didn’t get where she was going with it.

“Will do!” the teenager stated, and then started for the exit, turning around to call her starter. Excited, the grass type nodded feverishly and darted for her trainer. Such energy!

OOC: LoL, got a little carried away with this one ^^'
Oh, and I made Mint female, but if that's an issue, I can change it

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Selma, Route 29 (part 2) (it might be a bit long :x )

They had successfully caught the Starly and Selma let it rest inside the pokéball for a while before she sent it out to greet it and welcome it to their small team. Starly was skeptic to a beginning, especially towards Totodile's antics. It seemed to be somewhat more to the serious side. But after a while, it seemed to surrender to the fact that it now belonged to a trainer. It seemed a bit sad about not being able to fly high up into the sky whenever it wanted, though. Selma noticed.

"Starly, I can keep you out of the pokéball at times, if you promise to not run... I mean, fly away," she told her. Starly shone up. That was not how she had pictured a life together with a trainer! It was definitely better. The bird immediately took off and kept soaring above Selma as she walked beside the swaying fields of Route 29 in the afternoon sun.

As Selma walked there, she suddenly thought about naming her pokémon. Maybe that would make them warm up to her even more.

Suddenly, she noticed that someone was walking on the road towards her. A boy, about her age, perhaps a year younger. He was smiling widely and holding two pokéballs in his hands. When he spotted Selma, he didn't really care at first. But then he saw Starly come down and talk to the girl and that seemed to tell the boy that she was a pokémon trainer. That did it for him.

"Hey! You!" he called out happily, waved and almost stumbled when running up to her.

Selma blinked and let him come. "What?" she asked, a bit intimidated by the sudden approach.

"Are you a pokémon trainer?" the boy said with gleaming eyes. He was just the same length as she was. Pretty short for a boy.

"Yes... I just became one today, actually," she said.

"Oh! I only became one some days ago," the boy said. "I'm Jake!"

"Nice to meet you, Jake," Selma said, smiling. "My name is Selma."

"Selma! So, do you want to battle?"

Selma was a bit surprised. "Uh... battle?"

"Yes, you know, like trainers do! I have only battled once against another trainer, but I won!"

"Oh, I have never done it," Selma said and scratched her head with an apologetical smile.

"Don't worry, it's just like fighting a wild pokémon, only there are some rules. THough... I'm not sure what rules. But we'll figure it out as we go! I've got two pokémon. How many have you got?"

"Two as well!" Selma said, starting to feel competitive. She could do this!

"Well then," Jake said and ran back a bit to make some space between them. "I'll start, since I'm the challenger. Hoothoot, go!"

He sent out a rather fat little bird. It looked a bit crazy.

"Alright, Starly, shine on!" Selma said. Starly remained at her side and raised an eyebrow at her. "Uh," Selma sweatdropped. "That means you're supposed to enter the battle."

If Starly had had shoulders, she would have shrugged them. She flew out in between the humans, facing Hoothoot.

"Hoothoot, Foresight!" Jake called out. Hoothoot's eyes started gleaming in purple and Starly felt as if something was happening to the air around her.

Selma didn't notice anything though. "What a strange attack," she said. "Starly... use Tackle!"

Starly shot away towards the other bird, but Hoothoot's eyes returned to normal and somehow, it evaded the attack right in the nick of time.

"How...?" Selma said.

"Foresight lets the user look into the future and predict movements!" Jake said proudly.

"How did you know that?"

"Uh... another trainer told me yesterday."

"I see. Starly, use Growl!"

"Hoothoot, Growl as well!"

The two birds fluttered around in the air between the humans and started beeping and growling strangely at each other. It was unclear if any of them really had an effect on the other. Selma decided to break off.

"Tackle!" she called out... in the exact same moment as Jake did. Both pokémon flew towards each other with power, but Starly was knocked back thanks to Hoothoot's much greater weight. Selma's bird tumbled in the sky before falling down right in front of her.

It struggled to stand up, as Selma ran up to it and sat down. "Starly! How are you?" The bird responded by smiling weakly towards its trainer. It hadn't fainted. But this was enough.

"I'll let Starly rest," Selma said and pulled into its pokéball. "And Totodile, shine!"

The water type came out of the pokéball, jumping up and down and being ready to fight. Jake grunted. "In that case, Hoothoot won this round! Good work," he told his pokémon before sending it back into the pokéball as well.

"Now, Bidoof! I choose you!" He called out another rather fat pokémon, with large teeth.

Selma and Totodile both wrinkled their noses, which Jake seemed to notice. "Hey! Be nice!"

Selma smiled apologetically again. "Sorry! Uh, Totodile, start with Water Gun!"

Totodile sprayed his attack and hit the Bidoof right on. Thankfully, the Bidoof was rather sturdy, and didn't even nearly faint. It shook the water off its body and looked annoyed at Totodile.

"Bidoof, show 'em a tackle!" Jake shouted and Bidoof did so. It hit Totodile as well, who was knocked backwards a little bit.

"Totodile, use Water Gun again!"

The crocodile obliged and a little more of Bidoof's health was chipped away.

"Bidoof, Tackle!"

The beaver pokémon obeyed and Totodile was knocked back by the impact once more.

"Is that the only move you know?" both trainers yelled at each other. Then they stopped to blink. And then they couldn't help laughing. Their pokémon looked worriedly up at them. Had they gone mad?

"Sorry," Selma said. "No, it's not the only move we know. Toto, Scratch!"

Totodile ran up to the slow Bidoof and scratched it hard. The Bidoof looked rather hurt, both mentally and physically.

"Uh... tackle!" Jake said.

"Wait... is it the only attack your pokémon know?" Selma asked then.


"Oh... oh well." Selma smiled her apologetic smile once again. "Totodile, finish it off! Scratch!"

Bidoof charged at the crocodile as he raised his arm...

"No, wait! Use Water Gun instead!" Selma suddenly shouted after a change of mind.

Totodile was a bit confused, but managed to load up and fire the gun before Bidoof reached him. The beaver was sprayed back and actually rolled into Jake and knocked him over, soaking him in the process. Bidoof looked pretty much knocked out.

"Uh... I guess I lose," Jake said, getting up and returning Bidoof to its pokéball.

Selma's smile slowly grew wider. "Does that mean..."

"You won."

"Yay! Did you hear that, Totodile?" she asked her pokémon, who indeed had heard. He was jumping up and down, waving his arms... and Selma was doing the same. It was hard to tell who was imitating who here.

"Anyways. I think this counts as an official battle, so I will give you some money now," Jake said, walking up to her.

"Oh?" Selma said. She hadn't realized that they were playing for money.

"It was good to get some practice though!" Jake said.

Selma smiled and accepted the money. "You're an optimist," she said.

"Well, yeah," Jake replied. "Why not be? Well, see ya later, Selma!" he said and resumed his walk towards New Bark town.

Selma waved at him. Yeah. If she returned to New Bark at some point. She was sure that she would.

"Actually," she said to Totodile when Jake was out of sight. "I accidentally called you Toto during the battle. That is a good name, don't you think?"

Totodile thought about if for a second, then smiled and growled in his happy way. "Yeah, there are probably thousands of Totodiles named Toto, but still. I only have one," Selma said. "And Starly will be called Star. Fits her perfectly!"

With that, she returned Totodile to the pokéball as well and kept walking towards Cherrygrove City.


@ Charm -

- Star (Starly) grew to level 4!
- Toto (Totodile) grew to level 7!
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 29
Part 1, Mint’s first stand

It hadn’t taken the duo long to exit the small town of New Bark and head for the first Route, numbered twenty-nine. The sun hung high in the sky, and a gentle breeze passed every so often, briefly playing with the brunette’s hair and dress before dying out. Summer had to smile, the wind reminded her of home, where gusts often rolled off the sea. However, instead of sand, the earth here was clad in dirt and grass, a perfect environment for wild Pokémon to live. That also meant this was a good place to make a catch. However, most were probably hiding to avoid detection, or simply sleeping the day away.

“Chikorita! B-be careful!” Summer warned, noticing the green creature running toward uneven ground. Pine hadn’t lied when he said she was spirited, since they’d left the lab, she hadn’t stopped dashing and jumped about. If someone drank ten cups of black coffee, they probably wouldn’t be as hyper as her. Not that the girl minded, but this could be a safety hazard if the Pokémon wasn’t careful. “Why don’t you stay by me for a while?” the girl offered, just loud enough for the grass type to hear. A little surprised that she listened on the first shot, Summer smiled. Maybe… her thoughts were cut short when she caught a glimpse of her starter hopping at her side.

“Chik” she started on the first jump, “ori” on the second and finally “ta”. The brunette, not knowing exactly what the leaf Pokémon was saying, decided to make a causal remark then guess wrongly.

“It’s p-pretty nice here, eh?” she asked, nervously wondering what the reaction would be.

“Chi” along with a higher leap was her response, affirming her trainer’s question. It was a nice change from that stuffy old lab, plenty of room to frolic about and no Pine or assistances to cram her back into that… sphere thing. This was F-U-N!

Summer nodded, and then noticed something… interesting. A crisp minty aroma was hanging in the air… and it seemed to be coming from Chikorita. Every time the grass type bounced, the delicious scent grew stronger, and weakened slightly when she’d lower. It was… quiet soothing actually, and was one of the girl’s favourite smells.

“Cochi!” the Pokémon stopped dead in her tracks, and when Summer turned to see what was wrong, point her front right paw (?) toward the side. Following her lead, the girl’s cobalt eyes met with a brown creature, poking out of the lush grass. It… was a Sentret!

Now, she was faced with a choice, should she just leave it alone, after all, it wasn’t acting hostile or aggressive. At the same time, it would make a great catch!

Chikorita, restless as she was, didn’t stay parked for long, and was already approaching the stranger. She’d seen one in the lab before, but was never given the chance to say hello or anything!

Noticing a possible threat nearing, the wild rodent released a moderate growl, hoping it would act as a repellent. Although this did draw the trainer’s attention, it did nothing to deter her partner.

“P-please! D-don’t aggravate it!” she warned, not realising Chikorita was already too close. Fearing they would get a first strike in, Sentret jumped into acting, drawing its claws and made closed in on the threat. Unable to dodge in time, the grass type received an ugly cute down the left side. It hurt, but not nearly enough to take her out of action. If it wanted to play, she would gladly!

Landing gracefully on its bottom paws, the Sentret tried for another pass, but this time, Chikorita had enough time to react, although she only narrowly avoided the blow. She was exited to get a strike in, and the grass type tried to leap off the ground, but failed to anticipate the foe using its tail. Which, it of course did, and tripped the green creature in the process. There was still fight left in her, but Chikorita wasn’t as confidant as before.

Summer, on the other hand, was being of little help to her ally. She was a little panicked, and trying to find an opening to attack, but was unable. What now?!

Smirking, the racoon-like Pokémon narrowed its eyes and focused in on the opponent. Taking this as a chance to attack, the green creature made another dash. Just as she was about to connect, the Sentret dodged, forcing her into a painful crash with the ground to avoid the nearby rock.

The girl bit her lip, feeling her heart sink a little. This battle was in no way going in their favour, and at this rate, a loss was inevitable. What could…

The foe stood on its tail, ears shot into the sky. That’s when she remembered this species had great hearing. Could that help?

Picking herself back up, the red-eyed starter eyed her target carefully, almost afraid to make another move. Every time she tried something, it backfired! Smirking, the Sentet leapt upward, hoping for another strike. Instead of moving however, the leaf Pokémon looked to her trainer for guidance. This was now or never for the teenage girl!

“Mint, use your g-growl! Make it loud!” as she called, Summer realised her error in naming, and could only hope Chikorita would listen.

Smiling, the green creature opened her mouth and emitted a sharp snarl of her own. Being close to the source of the piecing noise, the Sentret cried out, grabbed for its ears, and ended up tripping itself. There would be no better chance to finish this!

“Tackle now!” the brunette shouted, pumping her left fist. Nodding, the grass type lunged at the foe and ended up pushing it back a little bit. Wasting no time, the girl pulled a red and white sphere from her satchel, made sure to enlarge it, and tossed the object at the target. Landing on its target, the ball open, and in a beam of light, swallowed the rodent. It shacked once, twice…

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

... and finally the ball came to a stop with a 'ping'.

@ Eternal Moonlight - Nice to see Summer's personality steer the post. That's how RPing should be~ I must remember to press harder on Selma's personality in my own posts.

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 6 and learned Razor Leaf!
- Summer caught a Sentret! (lv 3, male [Ability: Keen Eye])
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Route 29/Secluded Area Part Deux

Chris sat at the base of a tall tree, overlooking the land as Light climbed above him. He wondered where all of the other "volunteers" where, considering one had already left before him. As he thought about this, Light slipped on a branch and fell onto his head. "Light!" Chris exclaimed, hitting the mouse pokemon gently on the head.

After not coming to a conclusion about the others, Chris stood up and promptly started to walk. Sending out Hoothoot (who he had nicknamed Noctus), he bent over and asked if the owl saw anything. Pointing to the east with a single "hoot!", Hoothoot started to fly towards it. "Wait up, Noctus!" Chris said, sprinting after his Pokemon. "I AM YOUR MASTERRRRR!"

When he finally found Noctus, the tired Hoothoot had already fell asleep. Putting him back into his Pokeball, Chris decided to see what the big deal was in this location. It was a rectangular piece of land, about the size of a Pokemon field. It was far away from the normal path of the route, with strange clouds covering it. Trees surrounded the entire perimeter, but there was no one else there. Suddenly, a small yellow animal began crawling across the stage! "Wow! Today really is my lucky day!" Chris said happily, then pulled out an empty pokeball. "Pokeball, go!" he threw the pokeball at the animal, but what he found was slightly unexpected...

The ball didn't work! The animal slowly rose, then faced him and began to scream. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"it said angrily, revealing a human face. Chris stared at him in horror. "You're...not a Pokemon?" he asked, confused. "OF COURSE NOT!!" he replied. Throwing Chris's Pokeball back, the man slowly began to calm down.

"I'm a Pokefreak. We dress like pokemon, see?" he turned around, showing Chris a sewn Pikachu tail. "Whatever," Chris said, clearly unimpressed. The man looked extremely offended, then took his place at the other side of the field. "Then you shall battle me!" he reached inside his costume and pulled out a Pokeball.

A rabbit-looking Pokemon with a long tail popped out, saying "Sentret! Sen!" Chris whipped out his Pokedex, and scanned the unfamiliar pokemon. "Ah, a Sentret." he said, then reached for his own Pokeballs.

Picking up Noctus, he threw the ball into the air. "Noctus, show him what you can do!" Chris said, then immediately regreted it. Wow, that was terrible! Noctus stood, ready for battle in front of him. "Use Foresight!" Noctus complied, and a light blue aura circled his red eyes. The Pokefreak laughed. "Sentret, destroy this loser! Tackle!" Sentret began to run forward, but Noctus flew into the air right before it hit. Sentret looked up in the air, clearly not able to reach Noctus.

"Use Tackle, Noctus!" the bird pokemon flew down, crashing its rather large body into Sentret. It was a hard blow, but Sentret wasn't down for the count yet. It went in for a Tackle of its own, this time hitting its foe. Noctus was blown back, but held his ground with two feet. "Now Noctus, use Growl! Then two Tackles in a row!" Chris said, seeming to have the upper hand. His Hoothoot obeyed its orders, and made a cute whimpering sound. Distracted by his opponent, Sentret stayed still. In a split second, Noctus rammed into Sentret, who hit a tree, obviously unable to battle. The Pokefreak spit, then reached into his costume yet again. Returning Sentret, he pulled out yet another Pokeball.

Chris, after returning Noctus, decided it was Light's turn to play. Sending the Pikachu out, Pokefreak squealed in delight. "THAT'S PIKACHU! JUST LIKE MY COSTUME!" he said, then threw out a Pokeball of his own. A red fish came out...without water. It flopped along the ground as Chris burst out laughing.

Not even bothering to reach for his Pokedex, he gave Light just one command. "Thundershock, please~" Light did as he was told, and the fish looked almost ready to give out. At that moment, it began to rain. The ground quickly turned to mud, and the fishy pokemon looked rejuvenated. Flailing in for a Tackle, it surprisingly hit Light head on. "...Thundershock! More and more Thundershock!" Light tried to use his regular attack, but found that something else happened. Small lightning bolts fell from the sky, one for each Thundershock commanded. The fish stood no chance; after the third one, it was knocked out.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!" The Pokefreak quickly reclaimed his pokemon and thrust some Pokedollars into Chris's hand. He got back on his knees and crawled away, murmuring some foul language. Chris simply smiled, and sent out Hoothoot. "Hoo," he replied happily. "You know how to get us out of here?" Chris asked. Noctus simply nodded, then took off. "Not again!" he rubbed his head, then went to catch up with Noctus.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Thunderbolt - The battle between Pikachu and Magikarp was a bit short. But since this is still in the beginning, I'll be nice~

- Light (Pikachu) grew to level 7!
- Noctus (Hoothoot) grew to level 5 and learned Hypnosis!
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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Sam Sage, Route 29

Route 29 was unremarkable, but Sam had always though it was beautiful. It was similar to many other Routes in Johto, a path cutting through a lightly wooded area, but still, she had always like it. Solir on the other hand, did not seem to be enjoying it much. He followed her closely, but made no effort seem like he had any relation to her. Sam noticed it, but made no mention of it. She stopped suddenly and Solir, looking at the ground, did not notice until he bumped into her leg.

She turned around and picked up the sad creature. She held him in his arms and looked at him kindly. “From what I’ve heard about Cubones, you miss your mother, right?” He nodded solemnly. “Alright, I can understand that, but you can’t just wander around being sad for the rest of your life. I’m not saying you’ll get over it or anything, I get that it’s got to be really hard on you, but acting like this isn’t going to help.” She place Solir gently back on the ground.

Then in a much cheerier voice, said, “So, let’s see if we can’t find a Pokemon to catch, maybe for you to make friends with.” They continued to walk, now staying more towards the trees, hoping to come across a Pokemon. Sam stopped when she heard Solir let out a small cry behind her. She turned to find him pointing to a high tree branch hanging overhead. Sam looked up, but couldn’t see anything of interest in the tree. Solir banged on the trunk as hard as he could with his bone. Something rustled on the branch.

He banged again. There was another rustle, a flash of twin red orbs, and something fell from the tree. Sam instinctively moved to catch it. When it landed in her arms she saw it was a small round bird, brown with black markings around its huge red eyes. It shrieked and flapped its small wings, scrambling to get away.

The little owl seemed unsure who to attack first, Sam or Solir. Solir solved the dilemma by banging on the tree again and cry at the Hoothoot. The bird dived at Solir who jumped away, barely making it. The bird turned back and prepared to dive again.

“Solir, try to hit it with Bone Club when it comes back.” As Hoothoot charged again, Solir hopped out of the way and swung his bone like a baseball bat. Unfortunately he only grazed the owl, but it seemed to hurt nonetheless. Hoothoot dive again. “Bone Club again!” Hoothoot had aimed better this time and tackled headfirst into Solir’s stomach, knocking him to the ground while Hoothoot rose back into the air. The Owl Pokemon shot back down at Solir who still lay on the ground. “Quick, dodge it!”

Solir barely managed to roll out of the way. Hoothoot pulled up at the last second and screeched at Solir angrily. The owl’s eyes began to glow red. Sam recognized it as Foresight. It had apparently gotten sick of missing. It scanned Solir who had regained his footing and now waited for instructions and a chance to reach Hoothoot. “You’re not going to be able to dodge the next attack.” Hoothoot still floated above them, eyes glowing. “So make sure to hit it first!” Solir either misinterpreted his instructions, or just thought his was a better idea, because while Hoothoot continued to stare at him, he chucked the bone he held as hard as he could.

The bone hit Hoothoot right between the eyes and dropped to the ground. Hoothoot’s eyes stopped glowing and stopped flapping. It dropped a few feet through the air before it started his wings flapping quickly again. The attack caught Hoothoot off guard, but now Solir had lost his bone, and was left for the most part, open for attack. Hoothoot dived once again, faster and angrier than ever before.

Without really thinking, Sam threw the only thing she had on hand, a Pokeball, intending to distract the bird. It hit Hoothoot and bounced back. The bird did stop, but only because he was transformed into a ball of glowing light, then sucked into the Pokeball. The ball fell to the ground and began to shake.

EDIT: OOC: 3 Hoothoots so far, each with a different color foresight...

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ sammy0295 - Neat, I've always loved the Bone Club xD Creativity is good but careful not to treat it as the attack 'Bonemerang' though.

- Solir (Cubone) grew to level 6!
- Sam caught a Hoothoot! (lv 4, female [Ability: Insomnia])


Selma, Cherrygrove (once again, long, sorry >.< I like to write 8D You don't have to write posts this long if you don't want to)

It was evening when Selma entered Cherrygrove City. She immediately followed the signs leading to the pokémon center and entered it. Inside there were many people even though it was starting to get late. Selma tried to look friendly and calm as she walked up to the counter and asked the nurse if she could heal her pokémon here. The nurse took Toto's and Star's pokéballs and put them on a tray that she marked with "Selma Sanderton", before handing the tray over to a big, pink pokémon that walked away with them. Selma recognized the pokémon as a Chansey. They had those in the pokémon center in Olivine as well. Sweet, helpful pokémon.

The nurse suggested getting a room for the night as her pokémon got healed and rested up. They had recently built more rooms since this was a popular place for both local trainers and travelers to meet up and many needed some place to stay. Selma thanked her and received a key to a room. She went back and actually fell asleep very quickly even though the room and the bed was very simple and small.

Next morning, Selma woke up and tried to find her pokémon. But then she remembered where she was and where her pokémon was. She got up and out to the entrance hall of the pokémon center. There, she noticed that there was a cafeteria as well. It had been closed the previous evening.

She gave back the key and received her pokémon. They were as healthy as ever again! Pokémon centers really were great. Sponsored by high up people from the Pokémon League Competition, so that trainers didn't need to pay anything. She took Toto out of his pokéball and was greeted by him jumping up and down.

"Wow!" a voice was heard and a girl ran up to Selma. "A Totodile! That's my favorite pokémon!"

"All pokémon are your favorites..." a boy said and walked up to them. "Please excuse my sister," he said to Selma, politely.

"What? I didn't do anything!"

"Not this time."

"You are mean!"

"Please, I don't mind people looking at my Totodile," Selma said, sweatdropping. "I mean, it's not like he dislikes it," she added and pointed down at him. The pokémon was currently flexing in front of the girl.

"Hm, but still," the boy said. "I'm Flynn by the way. And this is Nicole."

Selma took the hand he held out. What a polite boy. "Nice to meet you, Flynn and Nicole," Selma said, even though Nicole seemed rather preoccupied with Totodile and didn't try to greet her like her brother did. "My name's Selma." Flynn seemed to be in her age or older, while Nicole seemed to be a year or two younger.

"Are you a pokémon trainer, Selma?" she asked, finally looking up at the girl from Olivine.

"Yeah... I am," she replied.

"Oh! Battle me!" Nicole yelled eagerly.

"No, Nicole, you shouldn't challenge trainers, I've told you..." Flynn tried to stop her.

"How else am I going to get stronger?" Nicole said sourly and pouted.

"Uh, it's no worry! I love challenges. And I'm not that strong yet," Selma said. "Not that I'm gonna let you win, of course."

Nicole seemed to love Selma's cockyness. "LET'S GO OUTSIDE!" she demanded and marched out through the door to the pokémon center. Flynn sighed and shrugged while motioning for Selma to step out before him. Selma and Toto did so.

Outside, the morning wasn't quite as sunny as the day before had been. Clouds covered the sky. Nicole took a firm stand many meters away on the plaza in front of the pokémon center. Some people seem to realize what was about to take place, and came to watch. Selma stood right outside the pokémon center. Flynn stood by her side.

"Flynn! Get over here now!" Nicole called out to him.

"Nuh-uh," He replied and crossed his arms, stepping closer to Selma. "You wanted to battle. You'll have to do it on your own."

"But..." Nicole looked a bit taken aback. "But you're supposed to help me...?"

"If you don't do it on your own, how are you ever supposed to get stronger?" Flynn asked tauntingly.

Nicole pouted again, but did pick up a pokéball from her pocket. "Fine, then!" she said and threw it out into the air. "Leds, come out!"

The pokéball burst open in a white light that transformed into a ladybug-like creature that remained in the air, flying. The ball went back to Nicole, obediently. Selma thought it was a very cute little pokémon. She took up her pokédex from the belt and pointed it towards the bug. "A Ledyba," she said to herself.

"That's right. Nicole caught it just north of here," Flynn said nonchalantly.

"Alright, I'll use Toto! Go on and shine," Selma told her blue companion with a smile. Totodile smiled as well, of course, and bounded forth to the scene.

"So... you are the challenger so you start attacking?" Selma suggested. That was how Jake had done it.

"Isn't it the other way around?" Nicole said with a questioning look. "Seems a bit unfair otherwise."

"Oh, sure!" Selma said and sweatdropped with her usual apologetic smile. Darn that amateur trainer Jake... "Toto, use Water Gun!"

Toto fired his Water Gun, but Leds the Ledyba managed to dodge it swiftly in the air.

"Leds, Supersonic!" Nicole ordered.

"Oh dear," Flynn said.

"What now?" Selma asked.

Leds started to convey supersonic waves through the air. Toto didn't really hear them... but he felt them. And he grew so very dizzy... he didn't know what was up or down after a few seconds.

"Toto, stop playing around!" Selma yelled, before feeling it as well. What a horrible feeling...

"Cover your ears," Flynn said and covered his own. Selma did as she was told, and the nausea stopped. Toto didn't seem to have realized how the attack could be stopped though. He looked like he had trouble standing still.

Nicole wasn't hit by the attack, standing behind Leds. She laughed. "Always as fun!" she said. "Now, Tackle!"

Leds flew down and tackled Toto rather simply. Toto fell over from the hit and shook his head. He was still confused.

"What's the matter?" Selma said, also confused but in a different manner.

"Supersonic makes your pokémon dizzy," Flynn explained, speaking loudly to get through to her.

"No, Toto! Use Water Gun again!"

Toto spun around and almost hit Selma and Flynn with the Water Gun attack. Nicole kept laughing. Leds too. Then, something snapped inside the Totodile. He regained focus and fired his Water Gun straight at the bug. It got no warning and was shot down from the air. Stumbling, it tried to dry its wings quickly and get back up.

"That's my boy!" Selma shouted happily. Flynn smiled. "Now, Scratch it while it's down!"

"Leds, Tackle it on the ground!"

Toto leaped close and swung his claws at the same time as Leds jumped forward into a Tackle. It wasn't as good at evading attacks on the ground as in the air though, so the Scratch hit and made the bug sway from its path and miss with the Tackle. Leds didn't really feel good right now. But it came up into the air again, rather angry.

"Supersonic again!" Nicole shouted frantically.

"Water Gun, quick!" Selma shouted just as frantically. This was exhilarating. It was a race to decide what attack would be best in the exact right moment... Selma realized there and then that she loved pokémon battling. It was a sport, just like any other sport... only there was something different. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

The Water Gun had already been fired as the Supersonic started, so it hit and shot the bug down from the air again. And this time it didn't get up.

"Seems like you lost," Flynn's voice came from behind Selma. She spun around with a confused look. "Oh, not you," Flynn explained and pointed. "My sister."

The people on the plaza were applauding Toto and Selma and Toto just lllloooved the attention. Nicole was furious. Seems like she couldn't take a loss very well. She returned Leds into its pokéball and marched up to Selma. There she stood not really knowing what to say for a few moments, opening and closing her mouth. Selma spoke instead, making her characteristic smile.

"Well fought! Leds is pretty tough," she said.

Nicole nodded. "Yeah. I've trained him for a while. Anyways. This is yours." She handed the older girl some money. Not much, but Selma was grateful. "Are you staying in this town for long?" she then asked.

Selma looked down at Toto who had finally calmed down a little as the crowd moved along. "I don't think so. We're supposed to be traveling Johto."

"Oh, please stay for a bit longer! For today at least!" Nicole squealed and fell to her knees in front of Selma, who felt really awkward all of a sudden.

Flynn looked embarrassed. "Get up, stupid!" he said.

"Please teach me more about battling cleverly," Nicole said and looked up at Selma.

"What? But... you have probably been a trainer for longer than I have..."

"You just need to listen to me and REMEMBER what I say even when I'm not there!" Flynn said a bit angrily.

"No, I want to battle Selma again," Nicole said and got up.

"Oh... I guess I can stay today," Selma said with a smile.

Flynn sighed. It was going to be a long day.


@ Charm -

- Toto (Totodile) grew to level 8 and learned Rage!

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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Chris Knight
Route 29

Chris was taking a nap, sprawled on the ground. Noctus sat on his stomach, enjoying the ride as it went up and down. Light was nearby, picking flowers and shocking them. Suddenly, the voice of a young boy pierced the air and woke Chris from his nap.

"Hey, Mister!" he came up to Chris, looking obviously scared. "What's wrong?" he was confused, nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary. "..M-m-m-my pokemon! It was flying, but then it got stuck in a tree!" Chris gasped. "Where is it?!!?" he was beginning to panic. "Over there!" the boy pointed to a tree, just about 25 feet away from them. Upon closer examination, there was a little bird at the top of the tree. It looked extremely worried, and had its wing stuck in a branch.

Pulling out his Pokedex, he scanned the newcomer. "Pidgey, the bird pokemon."

"Go, Noctus!" he threw the Pokeball high into the air. The little Hoothoot popped out, and tried to assess the situation. Using Foresight, he figured out where the problem was and tried to wedge the wing out. Pidgey cried out in pain, which didn't exactly help.

Chris knew he couldn't use Light; he was too heavy, and risked shocking the bird. Then, suddenly, he remembered Noctus's new move. "Noctus, Hypnosis!" Noctus's eyes glowed red as red circles of light hit the Pidgey. Dazed and confused, it promptly fell asleep. With this, Noctus was able to pry his wing free and slowly lifted it to the ground. The boy cheered, and cradled the little Pokemon in his hands. Pulling a Berry from his pack, he shoved it in it's mouth, slowly bringing it back to life.

"Now that Pidgey is healthy, would you like to battle?" the boy seemed truly anxious to battle. "Okay then...but first, what's your name?" "I'm Dan." "Chris." Chris knew he could win; an Electric type against a Flying type? Too easy.

The two trainers faced each other, each already done choosing their Pokemon. On Chris's side, Light whipped his tail around, ready to fight. Dan, on the other hand, was talking to his Pidgey, who nodded and squawked.

"Light, let's start this off. Use Thundershock, then Tail Whip!" Chris smiled; this was going to be quick and painless. However, Dan had other plans. "Dodge, then use Sand Attack!" Light sent his traditional spark of electricity, but the bird quickly evaded it. Pidgey went back onto the ground, and began to kick up dust. This dust hit Light's eyes, crippling his sight. He blindly waved his tail about, not entirely sure if it was working on his enemy.

Strangely enough, it was. Pidgey was captivated at the cuteness of his foe, how unknowing and lovable he appeared. Chris, on the other hand, had different intentions for it. "Two Thundershocks, now!" Light quickly complied, and two shocks of light hit the bird. He fell to the ground, obviously in much pain. Dan slouched. "Try two Tackles!" Pidgey got up, then rammed into the mouse with all his might. Light fell, crashing into Chris's shins. Another assault soon followed, and Light was looking quite exhausted.

"Don't give up yet, Light!" Chris still had faith in his pokemon. However, Dan beat him to the punch. "Two more Tackles! We got this!" Pidgey went to attack, but Chris had better ideas. "Roll, then use Thundershock!" Light got onto the ground, then shocked Pidgey when he wasn't looking. Falling to the ground, Dan noticed something was obviously wrong. Electric energy pulsed through Pidgey's body, rendering him unable to move.

"Wow, you paralyzed him!" Chris was happy with the battle so far, and ready for it to end. "Use one more Thundershock! That should do the trick!" Light summoned the biggest shock ever, and it made contact perfectly with the unconscious bird. Joey got on his knees, realizing the battle was over. He looked in his pockets, and quickly realized he had no money. "I'm sorry Chris, I don't have any money for you..." Chris simply smiled. "It's alright; battling you was fun enough." the two trainers parted, both happy to have met. Maybe they would meet again someday...

OOC: That was my lame attempt to level up a Pokemon without battling.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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