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Old 07-22-2011, 05:17 AM
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Default Megaman Legends 3 Canceled. Anyone else feeling the fire?

*Not made by me, credit goes to original artist*

I do apologize if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed to be more fitting here.

Capcom announced their cancelation of the 'Megaman Legends 3' project three days ago. This sequel was anticipated for over 10 years and when it was finally announced, fans were in sheer joy over such a thing happening. Now, such dream has been brought to a tumbling crash. Keiji Inafune, who had left the company, apologized himself for the project's cancelation. A few reasons being there was not enough fan base to support the Prototype and one specific mention that it had nothing to do with Keiji Inafune leaving the company.

This has brought an entire uproar to the Megaman comminity. Petitions all over the place on all sorts of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been growing in the masses since Capcom's announcement. Various support groups and sites are being made for the revival and continuation of the project.

Rumors are escalating that ComiCon fans going into Capcom space mentioning Megaman or wearing any Megaman related Cospay are being asked to leave or being kicked out of the area. There has not yet been confirmation however.

Any Megaman fans out there, what are your thoughts on this?

My personal thoughts on this are one, Keiji Inafune was keen on making Megaman Legends 3. Him leaving the company, there had to be something to do with that. In my mind, how Capcom wrote their announcement and was vague about everything else but stating his leave had no effect, that contradicts what they're trying to say. Fans proposed their own ideas and contests were held for the best ones to be used in the game, so saying there weren't enough fans interested I believe to be a total miscount on their part. Fans everywhere are fighting this, and I personally have never played a Megaman Legends game before, however I am a fan of the series. I find this to be a devastating disappointment to me and many people I know.
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Old 07-24-2011, 02:10 PM
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Default Re: Megaman Legends 3 Canceled. Anyone else feeling the fire?

To be honest, I've never played any of the Legends series, I've played Battle Network a lot, as well as Starforce, and I really want to play the original Megaman series Dx (I watch videos to get rid of the want, but I may buy the game on the Xbox Live Arcade section =O). Although I have never played them, they seemed really good, and the fact that there would be a new Megaman game coming out got me all excited. I mean, a new Megaman game on the newer consoles? Get in!

I was a bit gutted about this happening, but hey, someone will eventually pick up the Megaman series and revive it... right?

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