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Default Superkid (season one)

I'm a cartoonist, but before I draw anything, I write it out in an easy-to-follow script first. I know it's not conventional, but it's easy to follow. I have sixteen "episodes", or chapters, finished.
This is a story I've been working on for nearly a decade. I'm thinking of a more creative title, but until I do, this will suffice.
Anyway, on with the script.
Warning: contains blood. I didn't write it in, but the military scenes are dark and there are a lot of deaths.

Setting: Frozen tundra. Mounds of ice and rock litter the battlefield. Human-like forces fight robotic units.
Time: Afternoon

DemonMaster stands looking over a huge battle from a balcony of a floating battleship.

DemonMaster: (voiceover) Those foolish soldiers. They believe they can suppress my forces with their inferior technology. They have yet to understand my intentions. The closer I get to their archives in the 'Valley the closer I am to finding out more about the Superkid. (aloud) Where are you hiding?

A larger drone with a spear and heavy armor appears. It’s bulky exterior is supported by a hovering jet attached to it.

DemonMaster: What do you want?

Security Drone: Unit Capitus found Dux Ferrum behind enemy lines and are interrogating him for information on your remuneror.

DemonMaster: Show me the feed.

A smaller robot, with a more simple design hastily scurries with a small device attached to a screen and hands it to DemonMaster. This robot is unarmed and short, with a design of a more Futilian-like design.

Service Bot: The Oris-bot that had been filming was destroyed before capturing the entire contact with Dux Ferrum. A second Oris-Bot is now streaming to us, sir.

DemonMaster: Pull it up.

The screen comes to the life of a window-view perspective of an icy cave. The room seems to be converted to a crude military base. Two dead soldiers and three damaged drones lie on the floor. The drones had painted shoulder guards- members of the UnitCapitus. The Oris-Bot slowly shifts its view to the right, showing a toppled pillar of ice and a Futilian. He is dressed in military fashion, and a sword is strapped to his back. The rest of the drones, including the Commander are all damaged and on the floor. The Commander attempts to position itself to get up, but is met with guns from two Futilian soldiers and Dux Ferrum himself.

DemonMaster: (to Service Bot) Patch me through the auditory input of Commander, now!

Service Bot: (taking out second device) Right away, sir.

Dux Ferrum: Take this message back to DemonMaster, bot: I’m a man of my word, and an honorable soldier. I’d never go against my word. I’ve sent his remuneror to his ship, as requested. I saw to it that he got as far as possible through the battlefield without being hurt.

DemonMaster: (to Service Bot) Patch me through the vocal speakers.

Service Bot: (typing on device) Yes sir.

After a few seconds, DemonMaster speaks into the screen.

DemonMaster: (angry) I spare the lives of dozens of millions of citizens for the captivity of one man, and you fail to send him here? I expected Futilian scum from the beginning, but I didn’t expect a pack of liars to face me!

Dux Ferrum: Well, look who came out of the woodwork. I’d expect that someone as powerful as you would be brave enough to face me in person. As for your prize, I sent him with a squadron of elite troops, he should have reached you by now. You should have picked him up on your scopes. (to troops) Find that Oris-Bot. I’m not about to be stalked.

The troops seek out and find the little probe and shoot it down. The transmission goes blank.

DemonMaster: Can you patch me into the optical receptors?

Service Bot: My apologies sir, but it appears that the optics on all of the drones in that room are down.

DemonMaster: (impatient) Hurry up and get me into the drone commander’s optics!

DemonMaster listens carefully. The shuffling of troops can be heard, along with the “shwing” of Dux Ferrum’s sword. DemonMaster reacts quickly.

DemonMaster: It is useless to destroy my drone commander. It is worthless to me- in fact I could have another one built and commissioned in a few days. It’s one of the principles you Futilians cannot understand. Even if you destroyed all 5,000 drones I have on these plains, I would simply have 10,000 shipped here tomorrow. There is no point in resisting.

Dux Ferrum: What do you want from us, demon?

DemonMaster: (angrily) I want the Superkid! That is all that I want from your people. (coldly) If you do not hand my remuneror over within the hour, I will not be able to locate the Superkid, and the blood of eight million citizens will run through the streets of Futia City.

Dux Ferrum: (in shock) That wasn’t part of the trade!

DemonMaster: It will happen if I don’t get my spoils. You promised me this man in exchange of the military retreat from Futia City. Your soldiers are taking a long time to evacuate, and so now I figured you needed a bit of… motivation.

Dux Ferrum: An act like that would be… would…

DemonMaster: It would be unpreventable. Your soldiers cant defend them, so they are in my hands. I have no business with your government, and I don’t fight by your war code. There is nothing you can do about it except send me one man in exchange for millions.

Dux Ferrum plunges his sword into the drone. The sword’s material cuts through the drone’s metal exterior and completely deactivates it. The auditory input and vocal output feeds go blank. A shadow in the darkness appears. Two sets of robotic eyes accompany him. The man speaks.

???: (calmly) I believe I'm the man you want.

The security drones come forward and stop the man so that he cannot be seen.

???: (to drones) At ease, I am unarmed and completely inferior to DemonMaster’s powers. There is no threat of me attacking.

DemonMaster: I’ve gotten quite impatient.

???: I have all of the information you need to finding that Superkid. But it's going to cost you...

DemonMaster: I’ll remind you, Futilian, that you are the captive.

???: I want a copy of all of your technology blueprints, and unlimited funding for production. In exchange I will give you all of the information about the Superkid.

DemonMaster: Give me the information, I will not play your games.(thinking) If I give you my blueprints, you will use it against me. It would be a foolish move to do such a thing.

???: Using your weapons themselves against you would attract too much attention. This meeting cannot be discovered, especially if I walk out alive.

DemonMaster: I cannot give you my files. Why would I make a trade like this? What if your information is fake?

???: And what if it isn’t, and you end up drowning your chances in my blood? I'm afraid you don't have much time before your opportunity is lost. I suspect the kid you want will be gone by tomorrow if you don't act fast.

DemonMaster: Who are you to know all of this?

???: I'm the only Futilian to contact the Earthians. And therefore I know their situation. And your potential "hosts"? There are two of them.

DemonMaster: What manner of traitor are you? To give me all of the information I need like this?

???: Both sides of this war will question my actions. It is however in the greatest interest of both of us. Now I suggest you hand me those blueprints. I know you have them. Hand them over, if your search for the Superkid is this valuable.

DemonMaster: Right. (to service bot) Fetch me my storage capsule.(to ???) The data files are contained in that unit. You can keep it.

???: (respectfully) My sincere gratitiude, DemonMaster. You’ll find my information quite reputable.

DemonMaster: (coldly) You had better hope so, for Futia City’s sake.

Setting: Langhorne High School
Time: Midday

E-man is in the classroom, taking his final exams. E-man is dark skinned and skinny. His black, curly hair droops off of the sides of head.

E-man: (Thinking) Ok, this test is 500 questions and... (Looks at paper) I’m on problem 5 already. Wow, I made huge progress! I was all of the way back on problem 6 yesterday. I guess I can take the rest of today off. I bet everyone else still has a lot of work to do. (Looks around at the other students then at page again) Maybe I should do one more problem, just to be safe.

E-man looks at the problem, yawning. Question 7 says, “If Jimmy had an egg, and it was 45 degrees and partly cloudy on a Tuesday, how many slices of cheese would he need to make a cheese omelet?”.

E-man: (thinking) Now that’s a dumb question. Without toast and orange juice it wont be part of a balanced breakfast! Hm… “D: Not Mentioned”.

E-man starts to write. Outside, clouds start to cover the town.

DHI (Department of Human Interest) Headquarters, Washington DC

Two agents sit at a conference table with their boss.
Agent 1 (B75): So, you wanted to see us?

Boss: Yes. I have received info of your mission to Paris. Not good…

Agent 2 (C64): Is there a problem, sir?

Boss: A problem? No, unless that massive street riot doesn't count. Other than that, great mission.

B75: Now, you see, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for-

Boss: (interrupting) I am sick of you two causing trouble and not playing by the book!

B75: A book, sir?

Boss slams a giant manual the size of three phonebooks on the table.

Boss: This book.

B75: Never seen it.

Boss: This is the agent handbook.

B75: Now, If I had to read everything that comes-

Boss: You know your job is as good as gone if you don’t complete this next mission, right?

B75: Urf…

Boss: The last two Superkids that we know are out there somewhere. We have send agents to find them, but they’re tricky. C64, get to the computers and look for reports of Superkids in the assigned states.

C64: What are all of the assigned states?

Boss: All of them.

B75: What do I do?

Boss hands B75 a mop.

B75: (Sighs) Right.

5 minutes later… B75 is mopping the floors in the computer data room. C64 is on the computers.

C64: Ugh, it’s gonna take forever to find a legitimate Superkid report at this rate!

Setting: Langhorne School
Time: Midday
Weather: Drizzle

E-man is snoring on his desk. His test is drowning in a pool of drool. Brendan is sitting next to E-man, flying paper airplanes and occasionally doing a problem or two. He is tall and has blonde hair. He touches his earring, as if it was bothering him. Brendan stares at the paper, hitting the unconscious E-man with a paper airplane.

Brendan: (thinking) Let’s see… problem 384.

Question 384 reads: Jimmy has two eggs. It’s 95 degrees on Wednesday in Houston. How long should he cook the bacon for if he has to babysit his little sister on Saturday instead of going to the basketball game?’’

Brendan: (muttering) Who even writes this crap?

Brendan promptly folds his test into a paper airplane and flies it out the window. Suddenly, lightning strikes. E-man jumps up out of his napping.

E-man: What the heck?!

In the office, the principal is looking through the energy tests of the students. Suddenly, he expresses shock at one particular paper.

Principal: (thinking) Emanuel scored 723 on the energy test? How the heck did I overlook that?

Back in January…

The principal is at a huge party.

Secretary: (laughing) Hey, shouldn’t you be evaluating the energy tests?

Principal: Meh, we never have any real cases. Just file them all as “pass” when you get a chance. I’ll recheck them sooner or later!


Principal: Oh, right.

The principal looks through Brendan’s files.

Principal: (thinking) We’ve got two Superkids in this school… I'd better file a report to the DHI!

DHI Headquarters, Washington DC

C64 is looking at all of the reports. Suddenly, he spots something.

C64: Got one.

B75 comes over.

B75: What?

C64: Here are those two Superkids the boss was ranting about!

B75: What’s it say about them?

C64: Not much, just that one of them scored a 723 on the Energy tests.

The two agents check out of the building and load up their van.

B75: Wait…what?

C64: It’s a blood test that counts the amount of a strange chemical in your body. If you have too much of this chemical, you develop strange abilities. It just started in this generation, so we call them “Superkids”.

B75: What’s the chemical?

C64: I don’t know. I didn’t get to that chapter.

B75: So where was this report filed?

C64: A small town just outside of Philadelphia.

B75: (exasperated) Great, we have to drive all of the way up to Pennsylvania…

C64: We were halfway across the planet the other day.

B75: Yeah, but France and Hong Kong are cool. Pennsylvania is boring.

C64: Get in the van.

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Default Superkid Episode 1 Part 2

Note: Feedback pl0x

On the dark planet Futilia…

Setting: A huge city. All of the streets and buildings are deserted and ruined. Rubble covers the first three stories of a large tower. Gunfire can be heard throughout.
Time: Daytime

A soldier with an assault rifle sidles across a wall. He has a holographic Plexiglas visor over his eyes on his helmet. He is inside a huge tower. An armed squad of men wearing those uniforms with helmets closely follows him. The first soldier has full shoulder pads and a drape, a sign of leadership. They continue silently down the wall until they reach a stairwell. The first soldier, obviously the leader of the squad, signals for the men to stop. The troops ready themselves.

General Mari: Keep it together, men. We need to hold off the robot advance until the barrage of tanks and jets arrives. Then we can make our escape.

GrayTroop1 (Castle): They have us surrounded!

General Mari: We might be able to push these ‘bots back down the stairwell.

The sounds of clanking can be heard as robots run up the steps. The robot turns up the stairwell and enters Mari’s sight. The bot is short, about four feet tall. It is of a humanoid form, but with a slightly bigger head. It has two glowing bulbs for eyes, and a speaker for a mouth. It also carries a gun. Tons of drones follow this one. As they exit the stairwell onto the next story, Mari and a squad of troops ambush them. The drones immediately fire back, taking out a few of the General’s troops.

General Mari: (firing gun) Get back! Get back!

Castle: (with other troops) What do we do?

General Mari: Cover our 'six and move back up to the next floor! Keep moving- we have negative time!

Castle backpedals as he fires his gun. The troops keep moving up as the robots keep advancing. Some troops throw grenade-like bombs at the robots. The bombs and assault rifles take out quite a few ‘bots, but robots keep pouring up the stairs and advance. As General Mari and his troops back up the stairs to the next floor, the gunfire stops.

GrayTroop2 (Collins): I hear heavy shells coming from outside!

Castle: Now they just have to clear out this tower complex and they’ll have taken this city!

GrayTroop3: Is support even coming?

General Mari: (tense sigh) …

The troops back up onto the next floor up.

General Mari: Barricade the entrance.

Two soldiers block the downward stairway entrance with desks and whatever they can find. Suddenly, a loud laser-like blast blares through the streets.

Collins: That sounds like a 1m laser cannon!

Castle: They’ll knock our planes right out of the sky!

General Mari: (tense) Shut up, stay alert! The barricade should hold off our pursuers for a while. Reload and prepare for-

A bullet shatters the small window and hits one of the troops.

General Mari: Snipers! Get down!

Collins: (rushing to soldier) Man down! (to soldier) Can you move?

Injured Soldier: (Panicking) Ahh, agh! (in pain) What do I do?!

Green smoke starts to shoot out of the bullet wound on the soldier.

Castle: (panicking) Poison gas?!

General Mari: It’s a signal flare! Once an artillery gun operator sees the smoke, they’ll start firing at us. Keep your composure, stay low, and keep moving up the stairs. We don't have much time before they see the smoke.

The troops keep advancing up the tower. The building is constantly blasted with cannons.

Castle: They’re going to rip this tower apart!

General Mari: Not before we get this homing beacon. We're almost at the top now. Get your grapples and a icer' ready, we’re going to jump down and regroup with our tanks. But first, (looking around) Who’s the gunner?

GrayTroop6:(hesitant) ...... me sir.

GeneralMari:(proud) Lead the charge, soldier.

General Mari hands GrayTroop6 his assault rifle. He takes it and moves to the front.

GeneralMari: (serious) Die or not, you'll know you did your job.

Collins: (determined) We're getting that flag.

GT6 leads the last charge onto the rooftops. They all toss Ice Bombs onto the roof, obscuring them from being picked up by the drones' heat sensors. GT6 takes out many bots using Mari's gun. General Mari runs through crossfire to retrieve the Futilian flag, which is a homing beacon, tattered and burnt. GT6 stays behind as the remaining men parachute down and regroup with the rest of the Gray Troops. GT6 fights about ten bots by himself to cover the exposed troops. He is shot down quickly, but has done his job. With the other GrayTroops is an old man, unarmed, but commanding the army. He carries a wooden staff with a green orb on the top. General Mari addresses him.

General Mari: Dominus Futia, how is the defense going?

Futia: Not well. The robots outnumber us fifteen to one. Their cannons will cut off our planes. We have to fully retreat if we are to live to fight again.

General Mari: Well then... this will be our last fight then.

Futia: It would be foolish to continue fighting. They will just shoot us like dogs.

General Mari: Every dog is dangerous, Dominus.

Futia: Your men will die in vain, General.

General Mari: No man of mine will die in vain- he has already served us well.

Futia: We have too much at risk. We need to save as many as we can. A surrender will bring a stop to this bloodshed. We have too many soldiers still out there.

General Mari: That’s for you to handle, not me. Is this a rescue mission? (pause) I have command over these troops and I will do with them what I want to. If you don’t want them to be in danger, don’t hand them to someone who intends on using them well.

Futia: Go on then. Their leader is near. Destroy it and send DemonMaster a message.

General Mari and his squad go on forward, the General still holding the flag tightly. Dominus pulls Castle and Collins back.

Collins: What are you doing, Dominus?

Major Futia: Sparing you both from this destruction.

A rocket strike demolishes a nearby building. The squad shields themselves from the debris. General Mari and his few remaining troops trudge onward towards Master Drone, not knowing where they are due to the dust cloud. With the robotic leader is a large group of drones.

Master Drone: (transcribing audio from DemonMaster) Aim and fire.

The robots fire on the unsuspecting troops, causing them all to jump or hide behind debris. The dust is too thick to see anything but the faint yellow glow of drone eyes. The Futilians start to lose the battle. Two soldiers give up and try to flee. The Major signals for the two soldiers to get into the first tank. The tank starts towards the General. Soon only the general is left, with three soldiers dead and two fleeing. The Master Drone moves within view of Mari. It is a tall drone, with a small satellite and MASER cannons mounted on its head and shoulders respectively.

General Mari: (standing) Here I stand, 'bot.

Master Drone: It would be a waste to just fire on you now. Now, being spared, you will hand over the beacon.

General Mari: (hatred) It's not just a beacon. Without this, Futilia will lose hope. I’d sooner just be shot on site.

Master Drone: Then who will protect your flag?

General Mari: (pausing) I see you have cannons and rockets lined up. Who do you think those are for, huh?

Master Drone: (shooting out clamp coils) I will take you to DemonMaster.

General Mari protects himself with the flagpole beacon. Master Drone snatches the flag and destroys it. Robots, rockets and cannons fire at the remaining squads of soldiers. The tank fires on the Master Drone, destroying his drones and causing it to put up its shield. It gets knocked back and takes damage. General Mari stands firm before being grabbed by Major Futia. They make their escape in the second tank. The tank fires at the rockets, destroying a few before going around a curve. Soldiers are left behind, pleading for a ride to safety on the tank.

Major Futia: This is a dark day for Futilia, General.

General Mari: (bitterly) Yet you take it so lightly?

Back on Earth…

E-man and Brendan are walking down the hall. Brendan is flying a stealth bomber paper airplane through the hallway. Little paper bombs fall out of the bottom, striking random students.

E-man: You gotta teach me how to do that.

Their principal opens the door to his office and addresses the two.

Principal: E-man, Brendan, I'd like to have a word with you two.

Brendan: Crap, I promised my parents to not get in trouble five times this week.

E-man: (panic) What are we gonna do?!

Brendan: We’ll play it cool. Just follow my lead, don’t say a word. I’ll talk us out of this.

E-man: You would think I would have stopped trusting you by now...

E-man and Brendan enter the office.

Principal: Follow me.

E-man: (whispering) He doesn’t look angry.

Brendan: (whispering) Shut up!

Principal: What was that, Brendan?

Brendan: (nervous) Nothing.

Brendan and E-man follow the principal into a blank room with no windows, vents, or chairs. The door is solid metal.

Principal: I know your secret, E-man. And you too, Brendan. People like you must be dealt with. I have called in the DHI to take you, so you will wait in this sealed room.

Brendan: You think we’re just going to give in quietly?

Principal: It’s the law. So I suggest you give in when they come.

E-man: (desperate) Do you even know what they can do to us?!

Brendan: A metal door cant hold us in here. E-man and I are way too strong.

Principal: I wouldn't count on breaking down this titanium door.

Brendan: Where’d you get the money for that?

Principal: Y'know those new English books you were supposed to get this year?

Brendan: Yeah?

Principal: ....yeah....

The principal slams the door closed. Multiple locks activate on the door.

E-man: So much for “talking us out of it”.

Brendan: (annoyed) I didn’t expect this.

E-man: Well what do we do then?

Brendan: Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.

30 minutes later…

Brendan: I can't think of anything.

E-man: Well, looks like you’re 0/2.

Brendan: (angry) I don’t see you getting any ideas.

E-man: Usually that’s your job.

Brendan: I guess we’ll just have to improvise.

The door is unlocked. Agents B75 and C64 from the DHI come inside the room.

B75: Alright Superkids, it's over.

Brendan: ‘the heck are you guys?

B75: We’re with the DHI.

Brendan: We know. You don't think we wouldn't know about a organization that's supposed to kill us?

B75: Now just come with us, and don’t try anything funny.

Brendan: (getting up aggressively) Heh.

C64: What are you-

Brendan charges at C64 and headbutts him into the wall. B75 grabs Brendan and tries to drag him away from C64. E-man delivers a kick to B75, and the fight starts. Once C64 and B75 manage to get E-man and Brendan away from them, they take out stun-wave guns.

E-man: Wah!

E-man and Brendan disarm the agents and knock them over. Brendan grabs E-man and they escape from the two agents.

C64: (into radio)Targets are on the run!

B75: Get off me! We have got to get those kids, or our jobs are as good as gone!

C64: I'm secure with my position- I don't know about you though...

B75: Pursue the targets!

B75 pushes C64 off of him and runs after the Superkids.

10 minutes later, outside…

It is pouring outside. The two annoyed and rather soaked agents search the streets frantically for E-man and Brendan. The two kids sneak in alleyways to avoid capture.

E-man: Wait, isn't the rain going to affect your powers?

Brendan: Uh... Shoot. I forgot about that. We're going to have to find another way to beat them... lemme think... (thinking)

E-man: (nervous) Think quickly!

Brendan: (bright) I got it! My powers might not work in the rain, but yours work twice as well in it!

E-man: (confused) I don't follow.

Brendan: Don't you know anything about electricity?

E-man: .... perhaps...

Brendan: (rolling eyes) Anyway, water conducts electricity. So your powers should really light those guys up. We'll avoid them for now, but we don't have anywhere to go.

E-man: I see them!

E-man and Brendan sidle against the wall and wait silently. The exasperated agents stop at the alleyway.

C64: (tired) Should we look here?

B75: Nah, we’ve looked in every alleyway in this town. What makes you think that this is the one they’re hiding out in? (takes a cursory look) Not there.

The agents pass the kids to continue their “search”. Brendan and E-man crawl from behind trash cans.

Brendan: (fierce whisper) We gotta make a run for home before they find us! E-man: But how? We need to stay hidden so that they cant see us. Brendan: Follow me.

20 minutes later… Brendan is leading E-man through the woods. They both are soaked, and Brendan is steaming.

E-man: I still cant believe you know these woods so well.

Brendan: I usually find a way in here to escape trouble, so I guess it should do for escaping government agents.

E-man: Yeah, I guess-(looking up)Watch out!

E-man pushes Brendan out of the way of a lightning bolt that strikes through the woods into E-man. A surge of light lights up the woods. E-man staggers to his feet and shakes it off.

E-man: Ah… geez. I hate it when that happens.

Brendan: Never mind that, those agents definitely saw that flash. We need to get out of here, and fast!

E-man: (shaking off) Right.

E-man and Brendan exit the woods into a giant field.

Brendan: Whoops.

The field is completely barren and soggy, with only a single road running through it. A white van with the letters DHI is parked off of the road. The agents stand outside it.

B75: Let’s go. They’re not there.

C64: Guess you’re right.

B75: Get in, we gotta get back to base… (mumbling) Where the boss will tear our heads off.


Brendan: (whispering) Let’s get closer to that van.

E-man: What?! Brendan: We’ll sneak up on them and attack!

Ominous sparks appear in the clouds.

E-man: Do you hear something?

Brendan: You’re attracting more lightning!

The lightning strikes directly in front of the van, forcing it to a screeching halt. The agents get out, look around, and run after the Superkids, stun-wave guns at the ready. Lightning bolts all curve and strike around E-man, who is fleeing. A huge lightning bolt shocks E-man and electric energy from his body shoots out everywhere, knocking everyone else down.

C64: The kid’s using some sort of attack!

E-man: (slightly in pain, but still surging with power) What? No I’m not!

A strange yellow lightning bolt symbol forms in E-man’s pupils. The electric surge gets stronger.

B75: What’s he doing?

C64: He’s going into some strange state of consciousness!

B75: Wait, how’d you know that?

C64: It was in the briefing.

E-man: (edgier voice) You’ll never take us!

The surge of electricity concentrates into an electric aura that surrounds E-man. He charges at the agents with unnatural speed. Brendan spectates a few meters back. E-man meets B75 with a huge punch to the stomach, sending him flying back a few feet. C64 tries to grab E-man, but the Superkid retaliates with a throw. With both agents on the ground, E-man relaxes. Brendan walks over.

E-man: I got them softened up. Now you can take over.

Brendan: Yeah, sure.(thinking) He was never able to do that before...

Brendan walks over to B75, who is still reeling from the blow. B75 manages to get on one knee.

Brendan: Now the tables are turned.

B75: Not a chance… B75 leaps and tackles Brendan, while C64 gets up only to be face to face with E-man.

C64: Uh oh.

E-man grabs the agent and tosses him into B75, who was engaging in a fist fight with Brendan. The collision sends both agents into a heap on the ground.

C64: Great, so they’re stronger than what the pamphlet said.

Suddenly, the cloud overhead starts to glow yellow. E-man: (snapping out of it) What the? A gigantic yellow beam shoots down from the sky, hitting the field. From space, a tiny yellow line connects Earth and Futilia. Earth is considerable larger than Futilia. Back on Earth, the beam devastates the area. Trees are ripped up, some buildings are ruined. The agents and everything trapped inside the beam in flung up into the air as if the beam was a tornado. A black robed figure with yellow eyes shoots down. E-man looks with fear as the figure stares at him, but it passes him. And just as quickly as it started, the beam vanished. The two agents fall down and hit the soft mud, but their van crashes hard to the ground beside them. The van flips a dozen times and comes to a stop in its upright position. The injured agents' eyes both flash red for a second and they seem to go blank. The Superkids were gone.
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