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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-17-2011, 02:48 AM
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Default [WAR X]Ukulele Blues

(Um... don't read this if you don't have to. It's... not my best work :P)

Pichu must always look his or her best, especially when one is a celebrity. As such, one must always be prepared for any instant in which fans or enthusiasts would pour out their adoration. This is the very reason that one particularly special Pichu spent hours in front of the mirror meticulously grooming every inch of his fur. The electric mouse was so absorbed in his work, that he hardly noticed how still the house was that morning. His Partner should have been up and ready, dressed in her red and white uniform. Downstairs should have been filled with the sound of preparations for breakfast. Yet these observations were lost on the little guy until he finally deemed himself presentable to the world.

Strapping on his treasured blue ukulele, the Pichu leapt from the vanity and scurried across the floor. With his mind eagerly anticipating another day of adventures, he never suspected that today might be different.

I hope that today we’ll take a patrol around Cocona Village, he thought with a smirk as he hopped down the stairs, carefully cradling his instrument. The children there absolutely adored him. Perhaps if Summer allowed him the time, he would play them a little ditty or two.

Only after he leapt off the last step did he first begin to realize that something was off. For one, the table was utterly empty. Little Pichu couldn’t find any trace of the odd smells of human food. None of the house’s other occupants were anywhere to be found.

“Hello?” he called out, head cocked in confusion. No one replied, to his dismay. How unusual. Were the humans running late today? No, that didn’t seem likely. The head female of the house always made sure that mornings slid by without a hitch. Unless, of course, she was away on business again. Pichu noticed that the order of the household seemed to deteriorate whenever she was gone. If that was the case, then Pichu knew he should step up and scold his humans.

Just then, Pichu heard a muffled peal of laughter. Perking up his pointy ears, he realized that the sound came from the little human’s room, off to the side of the kitchen. Really, he puffed. Were they merely goofing around? Scuttling across the floor, he aimed for the door while preparing a lecture in his head. Before he could even pass through the kitchen, however, his Partner strode out giggling.

“Hey, Uke,” she smiled as soon as she spotted him. “There you are. I was wondering where you got off to.”

Pichu stared, forgetting his speech for that moment. To his shock, the human wasn’t dressed in her Ranger uniform. Instead, Summer wore regular street clothes, the likes of which Pichu had never seen before. He gaped at her, wondering what in Oblivia was going on. Was this house in such disarray that she forgot all about her job? How on earth was he supposed to sort through this mess?

“What are you wearing?” he demanded. Unfortunately, all Summer heard was a repetitive Pichu, Pichu!

Of course, the human misinterpreted him, smiling goofily. “You’re looking sharp today, Uke. Have you seen Rand or Ben anywhere?”

Nema appeared from her bedroom as well, dressed in unusual attire was well. She had ditched her lab coat for a Hawaiian-print shirt, with shorts and flip-flops like a regular tourist. Just behind her—wonder of all wonders—was the house’s top female: Leanne. They all looked ready for a… vacation.

“Aw, the poor guy looks confused,” Nema sympathized, though she wore the same giddy grin.

“Didn’t you tell him, Summer?” Leanne frowned.

Summer paused, thinking for a moment. Then sheepishly, she admitted, “Ha, ha, I guess it escaped my mind. Sorry, Uke. I meant to tell you: today is our day off.”

“Day off?” the Pichu furrowed his brows. “What does that mean?”

Leanne smiled, like she thought she understood, but said instead, “You and Summer have been working so hard lately; we thought you deserved a break. Rand will run the patrols today, so two can just relax for the day.”

The brown-haired Ranger sighed, turning to the other humans, “You really didn’t have to do this, guys…”

“Yeah, you really shouldn’t have,” Pichu dryly agreed.

“Of course we did,” Leanne chuckled. “It was the least we could do. Now… Who’s ready to hit the spa?”

The girls all squealed with uncharacteristic girlish giggles, and began chattering away excitedly. Meanwhile, Pichu regarded them as ludicrous. What was so special about this “spa” that made them so worked up? Would he ever fully understand these humans?

“Do you want to come with, Uke?” Summer suddenly remembered him. She knelt down next to him, holding out her arm and inviting him to hop on her shoulder.

“No way,” he stubbornly turned his back on the offer. “I hate spas.”

Admittedly, he wasn’t sure what a “spa” was, but at that moment he was a little too flustered to be honest.

“Something wrong, Uke?” Summer frowned.

Nema put her hands on her hip, copying the Ranger’s frown. “You know, one of these days I should really make a Pokémon-to-Human-Language-Translation-Communicator.”

“I think that Uke’s ego is getting to his head,” Leanne smirked teasingly.

Pichu puffed out his chest defiantly, though it didn’t help his cause. The girls giggled again, and finally Pichu decided he had enough. Adjusting the ukulele on his back, he stormed off, making for the door. Before he could reach it, however, it swung open on its own accord. Pichu found himself running into the leg of another Ranger—Ben.

“Hey, Uke!” the spiky-haired youth beamed down at him.

With a prompt Pichu-humph!, Summer’s little Partner Pokémon ignored him and jetted outside. Even as he ran from the house, he could imagine the look of confusion on the boy’s dimwitted face as he overhead the human’s fleeting words, “What’s with him? And why aren’t you in uniform?”

Leaving the girls to explain their little conspiracy, Pichu plunged into the jungles just beyond Rand’s house. All the while he fumed within himself, wondering why Summer had to ruin his plans for the day. He had been looking forward to doing a patrol—and possibly going to Cocona Village. All those disappointed fans…

Suddenly breaking out into a clearing, Pichu declared to the whole forest, “My ego is not blown!”

Several Pokémon darted at the sound of his abrupt shout, some taking to the sky, some burrowing underground, others simply plunging through the forest. Watching them flee, Pichu sighed and sat down dejectedly. What was he going to do now? He had a day off—a whole 12 hour period to take a break from work. He guessed he could do anything he wanted, but… what did he want to do? At a lost, he absent-mindedly whipped out his ukulele, and started playing, letting his electricity course through the strings.

Thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thra-thrum, tha-thrum.

As the sound of music filled the forest air, its inhabitants began to stir once more. Some ventured out into the clearing, intrigued. A duo of Totodile danced closer, enlivened by the beat. A flock of Starly alighted in the tree over Pichu’s head. Shy Ledyba peered from behind trunks in enrapt fascination. Happy to have an audience, Pichu played louder. Had he ever preformed for the Pokémon around here? Surely, they must have heard him play around Rand’s House? Well, if not, all the more reason to strum his ukulele.

Thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thra-thrum, tha-thrum.

For a while, the magic took. The Totodile danced, and the Starly sang along, but as time when on, and the rhythm stayed the same, the attention Pichu was receiving abated. The Totodile eventually lost interest and skipped away in a new game of tag. The Starly stopped singing after a while, grooming their feathers, then suddenly took to the air. The Ledyba, realizing that everyone had left, disappeared as well. Pichu was alone once again.

Gazing around in discouragement, Pichu let the last note falter.

“No one appreciates me anymore,” the little mouse hung his head with a sigh. Back on Dolce Island, the other Pokémon threw a party every time he played. They had loved them back there. But, sadly, Dolce Island was no more. A dumb, stupid, crazy bunch of humans destroyed it. Humans. Picking himself off the ground, Pichu strayed deeper into the forest. Where he went, he paid little attention. The local population, if they even noticed him, paid the same kind of attention to him: none.

Eventually, the terrain changed below his paws. Sand replaced the fallen vegetation, and the trees gave way to a sunny beach. Pichu stopped to stare out at the ocean longingly. Was Docle Island’s old home somewhere out there? Heaving yet another lengthy, depressed sigh, the little mouse kicked at the sand and landed on his rump. Knowing that no one would really care, he started playing his ukulele in a sad tune.

Thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thra-thrum, tha-thrum.


Pichu jumped at the booming voice, nearly dropping his instrument. His little brown eyes darted all around the beach, trying to find the speaker.

“Oh, such music!” it called again, lyrical and bright. Each word seemed to come in all directions at once. “Don’t stop! Keep playing!”

“Who are you?” Pichu jumped to his feet, cheeks sparking. He hoped he looked braver than he felt, because the enormous voice unnerved him somewhat. Was it a bigger Pokémon? Would it try to attack him?

The voice laughed like delicate bells, audibly narrowing to a point somewhere before him. A warm wind twirled around him, swirling around the sand as bright colors started dancing in the air. Pichu wasn’t sure if his ears told him right, but he could pick up faint strands of music weaving between the chaos. Suddenly, the colors and wind converged at one point, and a figure blinked into existence.

“Darling, aren’t you the Combee’s knees?” the stranger laughed again, but Pichu could only stare. The creature that had appeared out of thin air had a humanoid shape, but its build was quite graceful and delicate. Its arms and flaring skirt were gray, while fiery red hair twirled around her round head. Looking closer, Pichu realized that there were odd sets of lines and dots that pattered that hair.

“Come now,” the stranger waved a round hand. “It’s not very polite to stare, honey.”

She laughed again, her voice sweet and enchanting—like music in motion.

“Uh…” the mouse gaped unintelligently. “Um… who… who are you, exactly?”

“Oh, how rude of me to forget,” the stranger gushed, giggling. “I am Lady Meloetta, the Pokémon of Melodies. Now would you return me the favor and tell me who this mysterious musician is?”

“Me? Uh, well… Um, they call me Ukulele Pichu?” his voice rose at the end, like a question.

“How charming,” Lady Meloetta twirled in delight. “I don’t believe that I have ever seen a creature like you. Play, little Pichu! Play!”

“Um… Okay?” Without knowing what else to do, Pichu complied, strumming his instrument and coursing his electricity through the song.

Thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thra-thrum, tha-thrum.

Lady Meloetta laughed and danced, encouraging him to play more. At first, Pichu wasn’t sure what to think of his strange audience. Yet her enthusiasm was contagious, and he began playing with more heart—more than he had ever given before. He wasn’t sure what was coming over him, but soon he felt giddy with excitement. After his song ended, he laughed along with the odd Pokémon.

“Encore, encore!” she applauded. “Play me another song, Maestro!”

Pichu smiled impishly, then pulled the ukulele up once more.

Thrum, thrum, tha-thrum, thrum—

“No, no, you silly mouse,” Meloetta shook her showy hair. “Play me a different tune.”

He frowned, the earlier spell wearing off. “But… that’s all I can play…”

She blinked at him in bafflement for a light moment, before belting out a guffaw. “Truly? Well, I suppose that explains a lot.”

“Hey!” Pichu testily puffed out his chest. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

She giggled again, which Pichu suddenly found quite obnoxious. “Oh, calm down, little one. No need to get so fired up.”

“I’m not fired up!” his face belied his statement, yet Meloetta wasn’t put off by his temper. She smiled and drifted closer, her feet never touching the sand.

“Not to fret, darling,” said she, and Pichu watched in wonder as she changed form right before her eyes. Her hair lengthened and fell down her shoulders, changing from red to a gentle green. “Music is my gift to the world—mine to give away again and again.”

Meloetta held out her arms, and the air commenced into a wild dance around the two Pokémon. With enrapt wonder, Pichu watched as the air mixed with color once again, yet this time patterns emerged. In multiple hues, he saw the strange series of lines and dots—just like the patterns in Meloetta’s hair. Again, he heard the faint trill of music, whose sweet melody lulled his eyes close. He breathed out a satisfied sigh, feeling drowsy but relaxed. Only Meloetta’s soft chuckle made his eyes open again, and then he saw his ukulele floating in the air before him.

The wind cradled it, letting the music bars and notes—yes, that’s what they’re called—play around it. It took Pichu a moment before he realized that he too was floating. He cried out in sudden alarm, squirming as he tried to correct himself.

“Silly mouse,” Meloetta giggled somewhere below him. “Don’t you fret, darling, I got you covered. Now, how about you play me another song?”

Pichu gulped uncertainly, but shyly he reached out for the ukulele. In response, the wind brought it closer to his grasp as if trying to encourage him. The moment he touches the blue-stained wood, the music bars suddenly race up his arm. Pichu gasped as electricity seemed to race after them, but for some reason he couldn’t pull away. After his whole body surged with the strange shock, he opened his eyes and saw Meloetta waiting patiently. She nodded optimistically, and reluctantly Ukulele Pichu began to play.

The sound that came out of it surprised even its owner. Pichu wasn’t even sure of what he was doing, but somehow the motions came naturally to him. Soon, he simply let himself go, letting the rhythm of the music flow unceasingly as he ran his paws over the strings. Vaguely, he became aware of Meloetta laughing and singing along with his wondrous tune, and soon other Pokémon strayed from the forest to join her. A massive crowd soon surrounded them, cheering and swaying to their combined masterpiece.

Unbeknown to the ukulele player, the music attracted more than just forest Pokémon. A lone human wandered the woods, dressed in a peculiar red-and-white uniform.

Ben paused after stepping over a fallen tree, his ears picking up on the melody. With a frown, he turned to the creatures that he had befriended. “Do you hear something?”

The Buizel, Cherrim, and Aipom that were with him hardly heard him, their ears already perked. Turning from them, Ben’s frown deepened. Where could music be coming from?

Oh, you dunce, the boy Ranger shook his head of his stupidity. That’s gotta be Uke!

He started forward, almost leaving his entranced Pokémon. After they shook themselves from the spell, the trio chased after the Ranger as he tore through the forest. They reached the beach, but were surprised when they spotted the crowds gathered on the sand. The music was loud and clear by then, despite the cheers of the Pokémon. Ben could recognize the sound of Uke’s blue ukulele, but… It sounded so different. As far as he knew, Uke couldn’t play like that. Could he? Cautiously, he braved forward, trying to see past the shoulders of a trio of Ursaring.

“No way,” Ben breathed as he finally caught sight of Summer’s partner Pokémon. Sure enough, Uke was the one strumming the ukulele, but singing by his side was another Pokémon that he had never seen before. While he still gaped at the unusual sight, the strange creature glanced his way. With an impish smile, the singer winked—and disappeared.

Fumbling with his equipment, he pulled out a communicator and stammered into it, “Uh, Summer? I think I found Uke…”

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