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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-14-2011, 10:02 PM
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Default War X - Destiny Journey

Scene One

A kitchen in a small house in Twinleaf Town. Destiny, a ten year old girl, is sitting on a chair at the table while her mother cooks.

Mother: (turns on tap but no water comes out) (suprised) No water? But I need it for the recipe!

Destiny: Why don't you try turning the tap up to max?

Mother: (turns tap on even higher) Still no water? Dest, can you go fetch some water from Lake Verity?

Destiny: (curiously) Isn't the path there dangerous?

Mother: Yes, it is, which is why you can borrow one of my Pokémon for the journey there. You're old enough to own Pokémon and battle with them, anyway.

Destiny: I don't really want to battle with Pokémon, just in case some attacks hit me on accident.

Mother: (carefree) It'll be fine, Dest! All of my Pokémon' moves are likely to hit the target.

Destiny: (faking excitement) If you say so.

Mother: That's the spirit! Now, I'll just get you one of my Pokémon from my Trainer Memory box upstairs...

(Mother exists the scene to go upstairs)

(Mother re-enters the scene, holding a Pokéball. She gives it to Destiny)

Mother: Now, Dest, this is my Shinx. He's called Zippy. We were quite the contest stars back then...
Anyway, Zippy knows the moves Thundershock, Tackle and Growl. Simple, but the kept the crowd pleased.

Destiny: (sarcastically) Cool.
And please may I have a bucket to carry the water in?

Mother: Yes, there's one in the back garden.

Destiny: Thanks!

(Destiny exits the scene to go get a bucket)

(Destiny re-enters the scene, carrying a bucket)

Destiny: Bye, mum! See you soon!

(Destiny exits scene)

Scene Two

Destiny is walking through Twinleaf Town, carrying her bucket in one hand and Zippy's Pokéball in the other. The sun is shining - not too brightly but not too dim.

Destiny: (to herself) Boy, it sure is a wonderful day...

(Barry, Destiny's neighbour, enters the scene)

Barry: (excitedly) Hey, Dez! Isn't that a Pokéball you have there? I got my own Pokémon today, why don't we have a battle!

Destiny: Woah, Barry, slow down a bit! Also, I don't have time for a battle, I'm running an errand for my mother. See ya later!

Barry: Bye, Dez.

(Barry heads down the path to Route 201.)

Destiny: (speaking quite fast so Barry hears her as he rushes off into the distance)
Wait, Barry, I'm headed down Route 201 too! Maybe we could travel together and protect each other from wild Pokémon? You know, if one of our Pokémon faint?

Barry: (looks back) That's quite a good idea. Come on, Slowpoke!

(Destiny runs after Barry, out of Twinleaf Town and into Route 201.)

Scene Three

Barry and Destiny are walking along Route 201 together. The grass is quite breezy and the trees' branches sway in the wind.

Destiny: I'm headed to Lake Verity, so I will be taking this path. (points to gap in forest area of Route 201 that leads to Lake Verity). I assume you'll be heading to Sandgem Town?

Barry: Correct! We should be parting ways now, right, Dez?

Destiny: Yep.

(Barry exits the scene to head to Sandgem Town while Destiny cautiously approaches the grass in front of the entrance to Lake Verity.)

Destiny: (to herself) I know Mum said that tall grass isn't dangerous now that I have a Pokémon, but what if I encounter a wild Pokémon who attacks me? (shivers we fear)
Be brave, Dest, be brave...

(Destiny starts walking through the tall grass, one step at a time. Eventually, she makes it through, without a single wild Pokémon appearing to her.)

Destiny: (looks at the gap in the tress that creates a path to Lake Verity.) This is it, I've almost completed my errand. (walks through gap in the forest area)

Scene Four

The water in the lake ripples slowly, the tall grass waves gently and the Pokémon in the lake dart about. Destiny enters the Lakefront and approaches the water.

Destiny: (bends down to scoop up some water with her buckert when she notices her reflection) (shocked) It-it's my reflection! It looks like I'm in a contest hall with a Luxray; one using Thunderbolt on the Star Seal. And it looks like I've got some ribbons pinned to my shirt - five!

(Destiny thinks for a few minutes about what the reflection could mean. The 'reflection' ripples away as she does.)

Destiny: Maybe the reflection shows the truth! Maybe I'm supposed to become a co-ordinator. That's the case, so I will!

(Destiny hastily scoops up a bucketful of water before running back home to tell her mother about her decision and the 'vision'.)

THE END. Well, at least for now. I kinda wanna write multiple sequels about Destiny earning each ribbon she will get.

A/N: This isn't as descriptive because it's a playscript and you would be able to see everything yourself in the play. But, a little description's better than none, right? :P

The scenes are quite short but whatever.
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