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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default [WAR X] "Opposites Attract" by XaiakuX

WAR Team: The Cullen
Title: Opposites Attract
Form: Poetry/Short Story

In the land of the immortals, where the light and the dark never intertwine. There existed a goddess whose beauty radiated far and wide for the entire realm to admire. But still there was a sort of emptiness, loneliness, a void in her chest that she just couldn't fill. You see, she had all the fame, the glory, and the adoration of all of her peers and then some, but there was one being in particular who didn't seem to care at all. This monster had walked into the light, in hopes to become it, but wasn't aware of how truly breathtaking the world outside of his own truly was. The goddess approached the monster and there she spoke to him.


Hello there creature, can I ask why?
Why you've wandered to the land of light?
There would be nothing for you here,
Unless you've lost something you hold dear.

I am the goddess of the light and bliss.
I am the granter of eternal happiness.
I take away the pain and sorrows.
I allow a failing life to see tomorrow.

You seem lost, what's on your mind?
Why have you blessed our presence with your kind?
We do not hate, nor do we fear.
We only ask why you are here.

This place, the heavenly realm welcomes all.
Even a shadow who has blindly jumped the wall.
So speak to me, beast of the darkness.
Tell me, what desires do you harness?


The beast looked to the goddess. It appeared to her as a man, with long messy black hair, dark eyes, pale white skin and dressed in tight black leather clothes, all long sleeved to conceal his skin from the light; a feeling that practically burned him. He watched the goddess as she spoke, but dared not to mutter a word until she had finished. As the goddess stared into his dark eyes with warmth, kindness and acceptance, he released this bizarre mess of words for her to listen to.


I am here to see the light that I have missed.
I am sick of all the emptiness and anguish.
Constant days of misery and loneliness.
I cannot stand the hectic world of darkness.

I used to loath this place; filled myself with hate.
No one ever questioned their own form of fate.
I have questioned my life. I want to change.
I want to feel a lover that I will never betray.

I have fallen in love with you, my goddess of light.
I want to hear your laughter every day of my life.
I want to see your smile shine endlessly, ever bright.
I want to be with you forever until there isn't a future in sight.

Please do not reject me, this feeling is all that I have.
I jumped the wall for this chance, the moment that I grasp.
I have made my move, now I await your response.
If you deny my love, then I will be forever gone.


The goddess was taken aback by the monster's words. She did not expect them, nor did she want to believe them. However, something made her tick; made her smile and embrace the monster. The monster didn't know how to react, so he merely burst into tears. His eyeliner ran down his with his cheeks, following each tear. He was the embodiment of evil and neither could believe the actions of the other. But both beings felt happy.


Beast, you need not worry. You have nothing to fear.
You have filled a void, so I shall hold you close and dear.
I have longed for the love that you have just delivered.
In a way of beauty that causes my body to shake and shiver.

I will love you until the dawn refuses to come.
I will love you forever; beyond time and then some.
You have relinquished my emptiness and made me whole.
You will forever be the essence of my immortal soul.

Show me where you were born, let us become closer in your birthplace.
Do not worry for my safety - a world where your love comes from is no disgrace.
Take me into the darkness and let me see your land.
Do not fear the shadows, for I will be your light and hold your hand.


The beast and the goddess shared the realms of darkness and light until their forever stopped existing. This day, their descendants have found one another and once more rekindled that passion and love. They've reignited a flame over a millennium in age. They allow it burn just as brightly as the day it was lit. The monster in black and the goddess in white. The beast of the darkness and the lady of the light. Total opposites, but closer than any creatures who claim they are the same in every way. This is the creed that was written by the monster. Written to proclaim his eternal, and undying love for the goddess.


The sun sets over a scene so serene.
A goddess in white and a monster in black.
As the moon rises over the clouds for all to see,
Black roses bloom in a meadow of grass.

The goddess embraces the monster with a love so pure.
But of love and life; the things that make the monster smile.
The monster no longer dreams of death and torture.
The monster has found love, what he had longed for all the while.


I am the monster and you are the goddess.
I feel so confined by this vile darkness.
For you to save me from this supernatural hell.
I don't know anything else so I beg you'll teach me well.

You claim that you're mine, and that I am yours.
It makes me wonder what our lives hold in store.
I'm finding it difficult to breathe, without your love.
Through the wicked shadows and evil, you're my light from above.


Opposites attract like the sun and the moon.
I get a certain feeling when I think about you.
I am the darkness and you are the light.
Waves of strong emotion that I do not dare to fight.

The clouds are a dull grey, but behind them the sun shines bright.
Evil shadows that lurk in the darkness are eradicated when you shine your light.
You take a path that I do not dare to walk,
But I feel an urge to follow the moment that you talk.


There's a fine line between good and bad.
Your days are filled with happy, my days are filled with sad.
You walk in a meadow of flowers, butterflies and bliss.
I wallow in a burning forest of hatred and loneliness.

But for some reason you chose to come over to my side.
For some reason you chose not to run and hide.
I don't understand it when you say that there's a light inside of me,
Because all I've ever known is fear, hate and misery.


Your efforts seem in vain, but you remain steady to them, true.
All I seem to think about is the stresses that I put you through.
I gave you no inch, but you took a whole mile.
Shining bright and smiling, happy all the while.

I feel a warmth that I can't quite explain.
Something new and different, it drives me insane.
It's no longer a feeling of evil, but a loving embrace.
With your light shining through me, I feel happy and safe.


-For this Girl.-
♥ .. Gem n Ems .. ∞

.|.[Linkage].|.[-.Norse God of Chaos.-].|.Best in the World.|.

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