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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-01-2011, 03:43 AM
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Post [WAR X] The Big Root

With high speed, a nosedive well performed by Fearow, straight towards Tangela. Tangela tried to avoid the attack, but what could he do. He was too small to run away from Fearow. Fearow's Keen Eye prevent the weak Tangela escaping from his sight. Moreover, Tangela had been injured from the battle.

It had been 5 minutes the Fearow brutally hunt for Tangela. Tangela could do nothing but to escape the long beak owner.

Tangela felt so exhausted from this one-sided battle. His thick vines could no longer protect him from the Fearow's attack. Tangela felt down to the ground, his eyes were going to close. Darkness slowly swallowed up his sight, as a something felt down from Tangela's vine. A Big Root. A charm given by his mother before he left his hometown.

"Mother," Tangela said as he was going to leave.
"My son, take this. It's a Big Root, it's a charm. Whenever you're in big problem, take it out, remeber me. I'll be there with you. Mother will be together with you," his mother took out the Big Root and gave it to Tangela, and wave good bye to her beloved son.

From there on, Tangela started his journey to become stronger. Any problems and challenges came through him had been passed. "I must become a reliable Pokémon like my father." Tangela was always proud of his father that passed away after he fought with Raticates to protect his child from those Raticates.

Tangela's memory stopped at the moment. He grabbed the Big Root, ran forward as Fearow coming towards him. Tangela rolled to make his movement faster. Fearow flew too fast and couldn't turn back, Tangela crossed the Fearow from behind.

With high self confidence, he planted his roots to the ground. He used Ingrain. Once again, Fearow flew to attack Tangela. Tangela focused on the upcoming strike. He remembered his father using the same technique to defeat Raticates before he himself was defeated. As the Fearow coming nearer, Tangela jumped and pulled its roots from the ground. Stones and rocks was pulled as he pulled his roots. There, he learned a new move, AncientPower. Tangela's body shined, and he landed on Fearow's neck. Tangela evolved to Tangrowth. Tangrowth grabbed Fearow's wing. Using AncientPower at Fearow's chest then smacked the Fearown down on the ground. Using Leech Seed and Constrict to entangle the Fearow. Tangrowth sat down feeling his breath. Recovering himself and looking at his new look.

"I have become stronger. And now I look like father," Tangela's tears fell down.
He stood up. Walked some steps, then he started to run, faster and faster.
"I'll show mother what I have achieved since the time I left home. Mother must be so happy"

Sun had set, the sky turned dark. Tangrowth arrived to a familiar place, a place where he wouldn't forget. He walked faster to his birth place, to the home where a happy family fomerly lived.

Trees fell down, brownish leaves, withered grass, were all he could see. Nothing else. But it was exactly the palce he used to be. "What had happened here?"

"This place was dead. A group of Slakings came here one year ago. They claimed this place as theirs. They fought Pokémon that didn't obey them. Took our food, home, our rights!" A voice coming somewhere around.

Tangrowth turned back, he saw Exeggutor standing there, with sad voice, he continued, "You mother asked us to migrate. We asked her to come with us but she insisted to stay. She were waiting for you. And... Your mother was tortured by the Slakings. They made her their slave. Until one day, she passed away."

Tangrowth was soaking wet by his tears. Thinking about his mother.
"Mother, I'm home. As you waited here to see me return. Mother, you see. I am stronger now. I've evolved into Tangrowth. Mother..."

Tangrowth wiped his tears, took out the Big Root, "Mother, you'll always live in my heart. I will take this Big Root out with me when I miss you. Mother, I'll not go down. I'll show you that your son is really a Pokémon you'll proud of."

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