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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
Affected RPers: Grassy_Aggron

Sovereign's avatar finally returned to the ship amid much cheering of his crew. Having watched the entire battle from high above, many of these young people had wanted to join in the fight themselves. Few, however, were mages, so it was unlikely they could have contributed much more than keeping Sovereign operational. Sovereign told them as much in an attempt to keep their self-worth up. As he was doing so, a message came over from Triple T.

[Sovereign-sama, Magister Delani wishes to give his thanks. He hopes the Magister Circle and the Fleet will remain on good terms.] A short silence. [Um...I hope I'm not intruding but...Shouldn't we take the Executioner, not the Circle Knights? It's crazy - and I know crazy - to let them have it. We could use its ancient technology to help keep the Fleet going. Besides, I'm not exactly fond of the Circle Knights...They always give me "the look". I don't like them.] A cough. [Agh...Sorry. Got caught in a tendril of the black crud. Someone saved me, though. But now I don't have my rocket launchers any more...And a giant hole in my head. It hurts...]

Sovereign mulled over his response for a while. [There is no way we can prevent the Order of the Red Circle from taking the Executioner short of killing them all. Being ships, we have little in the way of flexibility when it comes to the amount of firepower we can bring to bear.] This all-or-nothing response had been troublesome in the past and it would remain so in the future. Sovereign always either had the option of either building-leveling firepower or doing absolutely nothing. Hence why humans were still vital to the Armada. [As for the technology, there is nothing of the Executioner that does not already exist within Fort Aer's databanks. The issue has always been one of resources, not technology.]

However difficult it was, Sovereign attempted to inject a tone of concern into his transmission. [Will you be able to make it back to Fort Aer? I will do my best to assure you the best repairs that can be given. If you cannot make it back yourself, I will tow you.]

(OOC: Lol shortest post in several pages)

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Fort Aer
Affected RPers: N/A

The person inside the ice had defrosted completely, and the pod came up...

...Avalon liked the face, but was expecting otherwise. Instead of Karazin-a slightly tall, lanky young man who had the wit to outsmart some Alakazam, he found the muscular mass that could probably lift things many times his own weight with relative ease, a man named Mario.

Mario was one of Avalon's friends, and henceforth, this was a victory regardless of odds tilting a semi-unexpected way. However, Mario was nothing short of ripped. And not just a little, it was almost inhuman-like someone replaced Mario's regular muscles with Machoke muscles. It got even more impressive when one considered a fifty-pound iron ball hanged off a chain from a small metal cuff on each wrist.

Avalon was hoping for a more mentally-capable person-Karazin-But Mario wasn't dumb in the slightest, with above-average intelligence (basically like the rest of his friends). He wasn't slow either.

Mario looked to the control room, and walked up a small plight of stairs that led to the door that shielded the control room from the rest of the cryogenic storage facility. Opening it-and finding his saviors from his icy prison-he clapped.

"Bravo, Avalon, well done. I had a timer set for...uhh...two hundred years later than this, but it looks like my services are required early." Mario said, looking at a small little section of the control panel that told Mario that he had been woken up hundreds of years ahead of schedule.

"Weren't our services always needed, no matter what?" Avalon joked.

"Yes, they were always needed. I do think Mario's got amnesia!" Blizzard said, mockingly.

"Ah, off it!" Mario said, not offended in the slightest.

Avalon, Blizzard and Mario walked outside of the facility, feeling quite cheery. The few moments of sorrow-filled solitude when Mario was absent were now gone.

They were on the verge of re-entering the main lobby, when Mario stopped rather suddenly. "Oh! Almost forgot something..."

"And what would that be?" Avalon asked.

"Remember when you said to hold onto a few of your PokeBalls because you were going to go down to Saffron's ruins?" Mario said.

"Yes, I do. Why?" Avalon asked.

Mario took three PokeBalls out of his pockets-one Luxury Ball, one Timer Ball, and one Ultra Ball. He gave the Luxury Ball and the Ultra Ball to Avalon, who knew the contents: Ovation the Togekiss and Gyro the Raichu, two of his best Pokemon. Ovation was a beautiful Togekiss who had a calm and nice personality, a presence that could heal people on contact, and was big enough to be an arial mount (Avalon didn't like riding on Handro) not to mention that she was an excellent battling Pokemon. Gyro had a brown metallic coat, red electricity (like his master), and a thousand and one ways to use discharge, and all that aside, he still had enough wit to think his way out of any situation.

"Ah...I see you still didn't recreate the computer we were working on..." Avalon said. "...Or did you simply not have enough time to reach it?"

Avalon and a small group were trying (very hard) to recreate the computer-and henceforth, the Pokemon Storage System-something that wasn't really working when they initially tried. Of course, considering Avalon froze himself, and probably so did the rest of his friends (from the looks of things), Avalon had already guessed that it probably was still unfinished.

"It's unfinished." Blizzard said. "We were so close. It's probably ruined beyond repair now, considering time's cruel hand...all that salvaging, all that reconstructing, all that hard work...gone."

Avalon felt sad. That was like trying to re-invent the wheel, and it felt even harder. So close. But that didn't drag him down.

"Alright, Mario! just to get you up to speed...We've got three more locations where the cryogenic storage facilities are located, and two of them contain our allies!" Avalon said. "We've already checked Saffron and Mancia, and of course there's no other cryogenic storage facility in Fort Aer, so that leaves Lamentur Vail, Paransanti, and Magnansanti!" Avalon added. "Lamentur Vail is closest, so we'll head there next."

"Sounds like a plan! Wait...You've only got a plan to reunite us if-"

"All hell's going to break loose. And then some." Blizzard said, finishing Mario's sentance. "Aside from the Executioner, there's no signs of anything like that..." Blizzard said, thinking hard about anything that could be a sign.

"I've got a feeling about this...And you know that if I've got a feeling about something-"

"It's bound to happen." Mario said, finishing Avalon's sentance. "...So...Does anybody know if the teleporters still work?" Mario asked.

"The chance of that is-"

"Almost zero." Avalon said, finishing Blizzard's sentance. "It looks like we're flying." he added.


Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Affected RPers: N/A

...And that's what we're doing tomorrow! Any questions?" Vyraz said, having just told Jamal the full of what he intended to do tomorrow.

Jamal's jaw as agape, and his face that outmatched the Slayer in terms of sheer fury was starting to come back.

"...You can ask, no harm, really..." Vyraz said.

Jamal nearly sprang for Vyraz, but thinking better at the last second, he instead decided to take Vyraz's advice. "WHAT THE HELL?!?! NOOOO WAY IN MONGIRU BARRO AM I GOING UNDERGROUND EVER AGAIN!!" He screamed, in a voice that nearly blasted Vyraz's eardrums straight through his head. "Do you remember what happened last time?! THE EXECUTIONER WOKE UP MID-EXPLORATION, THAT'S WHAT!!!!" Jamal yelled.

"...I didn't require you to go, for the record." He said.

"...Oh." Jamal said, now extremely relieved from his prior thought of Vyraz being potentially, indirectly responsible for another uprising of the Wave.

'Knock knock knock knock.' Vyraz had visitors! He opened the door, completely unaware that he'd get three crossbows straight at his face in response.

Vyraz whipped his hands up at the sight, and so did Jamal, both backing up so that the Magnan Guards could get in, followed by the Magnan King himself. They looked much more foreboding and serious than their prior business engagement.

"Oh! Great Magnan King!" Vyraz said, bowing. Jamal followed Vyraz's suite.

"Stand up! Now!" The King said. The age in his voice seemed to vanish a bit. The duo would have done it regardless of this fact.

"Now, according to several magic-tracing devices that we have at the castle at all times..." the King started, "...We have great reason to believe that your friend there is indeed a Mage." The elderly king said, pointing at Jamal.

"...In retrospect, he does have a magical quality, but it wasn't one he was born with, it wasn't one he wanted to have, and one could consider it a similar equivalent to what the Circle Knights have on their armor. It's a simple enchantment, not actual Magarey!" Vyraz said, trying to convince the King to not kill them (The guards had yet to lower their crossbows).

"And, unfortunately for the both of you, I've discussed the matter far prior with six of my most trusted nobles. Three of them and I agreed that magical enchantments directly on the body-what you've described-is indeed Magarey, whist the other three declined. Unfortunately, Jamal is a Mage under Magnansanti Law, though I only refrained from killing you in the halls of my palace for one reason." The King said.

"And that would be?" Jamal asked, with a simple eye movement to Vyraz pinpointing the only escape route they had right now.

"Your filthy blood would be all over the palace, and it would be a pain for the royal servants to clean up. And all blood is filthy, even the Lifemaker's own, so no offense." The King said in a smile that clearly said otherwise.

The movement was as if it were scripted in a play: Jamal and Vyraz jumped towards the Window, their Pokemon perched just outside so they could preen, just as the arrows sailed towards their previous position. As they mounted, they heard the signs of reloading loud and clear, and the duo took off before they fired at them again.

"SEIZE THEM!!" The Magnan King yelled, a shout loaded with power.

At once, several members of the Magnan Guard suddenly appeared with flying Pokemon in hot pursuit of the duo.

"We haven't even performed Magic yet!" Vyraz yelled, turning around to see that the King was also following them, riding his Archerops, a rapier unsheathed.

"Unfortunatly for you, the Magnan Law states that mages aren't allowed in Magnansanti without supervision, period! It states nothing about the use of magic at all!" The King said. "It's been that way for centuries now, and it's not changing just for you!"

The law was quickly turning against them faster and faster. If Vyraz didn't bring Jamal into the city at all, this would be completely different. But there was no time to question this.

Vyraz pulled out his Musket, and shot straight behind him, not really noticing who he hit, other than the signs of a rider's limp body falling to the ground...And screams of horror...And the roars of the Magnan Guard, above and below...The King's roars were still heard, slightly relieving Vyraz: Had he killed the king, he'd have lost everything and more.

He barely had time to think past this, however, as the Guard had just recovered from the brief shock from such a bold, desperate, and insane move as killing one of their guard, and launched an arrow at Jamal that he nearly avoided, as sure signs of other Magnan's, whether they were the actual guard or simply a civilian, rushing upwards to Kill the single soul that had slain one loyal member of their grand guard.

Vyraz had one goal in mind: Go north. If he reached the city limits, they might still pursue, but going into the desert virtually assured that he'd no longer have anything on his tail: Who'd go into a steaming-hot wasteland looking for a criminal that was probably going to die anyway?

(Ooc: No, those aren't passwords I use.)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Saffron, City of Ancients
Affected Rpers: k_pop, Lusankya

Waiting, waiting...Oh how she liked to wait...NOT. She was bored out of her dang mind, and there was very little left of it. However, at that moment someone very stern looking came up to her...Followed by a young mage with a Jolteon that certainly was bashful. Why, it was so cute hiding behind its partner! She'd hug it, if not for the fact her arms could crush the dear's bones and organs...Quite a messy hug, actually. She didn't want her paint job messed up.

“Hello there. Miss Portia asked me to thank you and your leader for your help. Things would have gotten messy without the quick action. I was also supposed to make sure you got out in one piece. Apparently she was impressed by how you charged into the fight.” She adjusted her glasses, scrutinizing the injuries she had received. It made Triple T feel like a caged experiment under inspection. “So, I guess you didn’t really get out unscathed. Do you need some help with anything?”

Immediately she popped her trunk, which swung up to reveal her "heart" - a silver dual electric engine. As of right now, the two storage containers were very low on electricity, the yellow bars, ten in all, reduced to a measly two on one, while the other was empty. The action startled the Jolteon who buried its face into its partner's side.

{Ahahaha, how cute~} She couldn't help but giggle. {I do require a charge, however...As you can see, the lights are rather dim. Running low on energy, as it is.} From the center of the engine a rod emerged. {Tell me, can that adorable little Jolteon use a powerful electric attack?}

The mage spoke up softly. "Y-yes, he can. I have to aim it at the rod, right?"

{Affirmative. Watch the bars on the containers - I will switch over when one is full automatically.} With hesitation, the electric fox stepped forward, charging. Energy crackled around its frame, its white mane becoming even more spiky from static, before it unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt. It struck the rod, travelling down into the container where it would be stored and used.

It didn't take very long before she was completely charged up and ready to go, although the Jolteon looked exhausted. {I think he needs a nice treat when you get back. Thank you. I will tell Sovereign-sama your thanks.} Zari again gave her thanks, before rallying what mages were left and heading off as a group.

It was then she received her transmission from Sovereign. [There is no way we can prevent the Order of the Red Circle from taking the Executioner short of killing them all. Being ships, we have little in the way of flexibility when it comes to the amount of firepower we can bring to bear. As for the technology, there is nothing of the Executioner that does not already exist within Fort Aer's databanks. The issue has always been one of resources, not technology.]

{Hm...You know, I have options. I can run them over or simply flick them out of the way~} She mused.

It was then he sounded concerned, although in her opinion it sounded completely forced. [Will you be able to make it back to Fort Aer? I will do my best to assure you the best repairs that can be given. If you cannot make it back yourself, I will tow you.]

{No worries, no worries~} She broke out into sing song. {Portia - who is giving her thanks to you - sent a mage along who recharged my batteries. I realize that my rockets are long gone...But maybe now I can get better weapons. Being a cargo ship can be so... Disadvantageous with weapons. Of course, I recall using my body and speed as one during the Wave. Ha ha, good times~} She giggled. {Thanks for the offer, Sovereign-sama...But I can make it back myself. Nice of you to offer a lady a helping hand! Great to know you still have humanity left, unlike that stingy ship Serenity. I have quite the prank in mind...}

That prank?

...It involved bunnies.

......A lot of bunnies.

{Tee hee~ Don't give her the heads up, all right? It won't hurt her one bit. Well, maybe her mentality, buuuuut we all make sacrifices~} Her engine rumbled with satisfactory performance at the full charge, but despite her humor, her injury was painful enough to suck some of the bravado out of her. She wouldn't be doing any tricks this time; she'd just head straight to Fort Aer.

The rails of light shot forth beneath her, and her frame lifted up into the sky, while her voice rose further in song.

{"This was a triumph...I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction...~"}

(Short, but...Ya'll get CAKE if you know what song she's singing ;D )
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers
; none atm

Portia and Bradley turned away as a cloud of dust and masonry billowed down into the tunnel from the collapsed building. They waited for a moment. There were some rather muffled sounds of people climbing on top of the massive heap, but they stopped after only a minute or two. A moment later, the very dusty form of a Flygon dropped down through the opening. She did not look happy in the slightest.

<A chair fell on my head,> she grumbled sullenly. <How was collapsing the building supposed to help?>

“I asked you to knock out the remaining supports so that we couldn’t be followed by those Knights up there. If we ended up taking too long, or they realized that everyone had not left, they would have started looking. And I prefer to find out what’s down here first. While with their new toy.” She giggled when the dragon rolled her eyes. “Trust me, it really makes sense. ... And I’m definitely sorry a chair fell on your head. What would I do if you weren’t the sensible one anymore?”

<I suppose you’d have to get some of your own sense,> Sonora replied, tapping a claw on her partners head. <Like, that fall will keep the Knights out, but it also basically trapped us.>

Portia shook her head as she looked down the tunnel. “Nah. We already know the entrance is there. It won’t be any trouble to dig up. As long as they don’t know what’s down here, they won’t dig through it.”

The Flygon finally just sighed and gave up. There was no arguing. When Portia got an idea, she ran with it. Looking down the tunnel, the people and Pokemon were wondering the same thing. How far did it go and where did it end up? The space was made of smooth concrete, with steel beams placed every twenty feet to support the ceiling. There were many cracks in the man-made stone, showing its age. Strange cave mosses that did not need light had found their way down, spreading anywhere there was a hint of moisture. The section of tunnel they were standing in was being illuminated by a Shedinja, the halo over its head glowing from a Flash. Its other half, a Ninjask named Min, was hovering on the other side of their partner. Bradley was one of the youngest members to reach Epsilon. The nineteen year-old stood an even six feet tall with short, messy brown hair and a rather rare ability over visible light. He was also known for his curiosity and it was probably his thirst for knowledge that had helped him to rise above Omega.

“It’s really hard to tell how far it goes, isn’t it?” he asked, no one in particular. The boy was looking down the hall excitedly. “I’m so glad I found this thing.”

<You fell in a hole,> Min said flatly. Portia always found the Ninjask’s deadpan particularly funny since her voice was rather light and humming. The comment made her ghostly counterpart, Mei, give a hollow giggle.

The small mage chuckled as well. “Well, nice job falling down the hole.” She laughed outright when he grumbled about his noisy Pokemon, who could really care less. “Alright, we’ll go as soon as I take care of a couple things.” She flipped the pendant on her necklace and took hold of the dark opal stone. Her thoughts sought out the stone held by the tinker back in Saffron. “Barris, I had some business come up so I won’t be back for a while. I’ve left Zari in charge there until I get back. She’ll be coming to your shop shortly.

The reply that came back was less than enthusiastic. “Zari!? That Gamma’s always got her nose in the air, thinkin’ she knows the best way to do everything!

C’mon now. I like Zari, and she isn’t that bad. She’s just a little stern.

Aye! Stern like the Reaper!

Portia could not help but chuckle. “She’s a good person and you know it. I’ve left instructions with her. Your team of assistants should be coming back to the shop. It wasn’t damaged was it?” When she received a no, she continued. “Other Cullen members will be helping to sort out repairs around the city. I want you to get back to work on your ship. I’ve a feeling the sooner it’s done, the better. And make sure you try not to draw attention while all those Knights are in the city.

Aye. Take care, miss. Whatever business ye’ve had come up, I know better ’n to think it’ll be anythin’ simple.

Ending the connection, Portia next got in touch with a Gamma in Itum. He was understandably animated when his thoughts reached her. “I almost couldn’t believe how fast that big slew of Knights were formed up and out of here! We’ll need some serious help if they’re gonna be able to mobilize that fast against us one day.

Yes, Greyson. We’re working on it. Listen, I need you to send a couple of the best researchers and engineers you have over here. I found something in Old Saffron that I want looked at. Have them meet up with Josie at the Dozy Ducklett. She’ll show the way. They’ll have to wait for the Knights to move out with the Executioner, but I don’t expect them to stay here much longer. The Knight-General said she wanted it moved to Itum.

They’re bringing it HERE! Wonderful! That should be a barrel of laughs!

Exactly what I was thinking,” Portia agreed brightly. She said goodbye and ended the connection before he could think of a response. She then contacted the other Cullen officers and let them know that the incident in Saffron had been handled, but that anyone coming to the city should be on the lookout for Knights currently occupying the town.

“Okay,” she said turning to Bradley, “what were we doing here?”

The younger man was leaning against the wall. “Well, I was about to fall asleep waiting.”

“Oh, sleep sounds good. Suppose we should take a nap so we can start our search nice and refreshed?” she asked, grinning.

“Sure, why not?” he asked sarcastically. “Would ya like tea first or should I have it ready when you wake up?”

Portia gave his arm pat. “You don’t have to go and trouble yourself now. I can wait till morning.” She giggled when he rolled his eyes, straightening up to walk down the ancient tunnel. The mage heard Sonora rumble softly behind her.

<Sleep wouldn’t be a bad idea for you right now. You used a lot of energy today. And I know all that noise from the Wave bothered you quite a bit.>

Glancing up at her partner’s worried expression, Portia smiled and whispered. “Couldn’t ever fool you, huh? Don’t worry. I’m much better now. I’ll get some rest in a bit. First, we should let Bradley get a look at where this tunnel leads, eh? You’re always looking after me.”

The Flygon snorted. <Of course, why do you think I found you?>

Even though Portia was a bit startled by the statement, she did not say anything more. She was, however, thoughtful about it as Bradley chatted with her while they walked.

The small group had been walking for hours. There was no telling what time it was, though Sonora seemed to think the sun had gone down since the earth around them was getting cooler. The others could sense no difference in temperature, so they had to take her word for it. Min would buzz ahead periodically to search for an end to the tunnel, but never found anything. After some time, they came to a point where a smaller tunnel broke off to the right. A little further and there was another on the left. Both times Portia said the air was being drawn the direction they were going, so they stayed in the main corridor. Finally, the small woman called a halt and sat down against the wall.

“Why are we stopping?” Bradley asked. He had been growing more curious the further the tunnel led them.

Leaning her glaive against her shoulder, Portia settled down where she sat. “We’re stopping, because I’m bloody exhausted and we’ve been walking for hours. I realize you’re excited to get there, but if we don’t stop to rest, we’ll collapse. And I really don’t want to mess up my cute little nose falling flat on it.”

The younger mage sighed and sat down next to her. “I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right. It’s a very cute nose.” This made Bradley snicker, but despite her joking, Portia was very glad he had agreed. A horrible ache at her temples was overruled by exhaustion and she had been walking in a near doze for some time. She yawned, though her mind automatically switched to responsibility mode. “So, who’s taking watch?”

“No worries there. Mei can keep watch. Ghosts don’t need sleep. Right, Mei?” The Shedinja made a sound like a chirp in response. “See there? Taken care of.”

Portia did not hear. She was already asleep. Bizzy had tucked himself back under the mage’s head which was leaning against the shaft of her glaive. Sonora laid down, curled protectively in front of her partner. While Bradley settled to sleep as well, Mei let the light dim slightly as it drifted over them to stand sentinel in the dark underground passage.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
En route to Itum(from Parasanti)
Affected RPers: None

After leaving Parasanti, Belcarth and Jayde had been walking through Endla Forest. Belcarth had almost expected to run into the mages from earlier that day, and part of him wanted to, so that he could warn them, but the forest had so far been eventless. So far they had traveled through the forest, partly because it was less crowded, partly because it was faster, but Belcarth's true reason was that he enjoyed walking where there was no path. He had never gotten lost in any forest, and he always knew more or less which direction he was heading. At first, they had walked south-east, from Parasanti, towards the crosroad that was due north of Mancia. From there they had followed the road as it went south, following the coast. When they were almost due east of Mancia, they decided to again go through the forest, avoiding the longer route that went half-way down the penninsula and back again, thus going around the forest.

There was a path to follow, it was nowhere as big, nor as high quality as the main road, but enough trees had been removed, and enough people traveled there to distinguish it from the surrounding forest. This road was mainly used by hunters, people who were in a rush and not afraid to get ambushed along the way, or in most cases, people with a questionable reputation, who prefered the privacy that the large trees provided, compared to the more open main road.

They had not stopped very long for rest, and they had eaten while walking, both of which contributed to a good speed. And adding the fast pace and the shortcuts to that, they had probably gotten almost twice as long as regular travelers, and they weren't much more tired than regular travelers either, not yet at least.

As was his habit, Belcarth kept his mind open, scanning the area for other humans, and so far they had been able to keep out of trouble. There had been an unusual amount of Circle Knights along the way, and they appeared to be of two kinds. Some of them were just as bored and lazy as scoutingparties usually are, because the majority of the time they never run into anything interesting. The other part though, they were more active, and almost everyone in this category were moving west. Their presence worried Belcarth, though avoiding them had not been an issue.

While pondering over the reason for this increase in activity, his thoughts were interrupted once more by a group of knights, this time coming from the west, behind them. As he had done the previous times they had been nearby, he moved to the side of the road, and as he headed towards the trees, he suddenly froze. He had sensed a familiar mind among the knights, and a horrible feeling began to manifest itself. Suddenly realizing that a dozen people were heading his way, and that he was fully visible from the road, he swiftly moved into the woods, though not so far that he wouldn't see the road.

After what seemed like eternity, though in reality couldn't have been more than two or three minutes, a party of eleven knights and a civilian appeared on the road. The group was moving quite fast, though other than the unusual speed, only one thing distinguished them from a regular scouting party. The civilian was an unconscious young woman with her legs tied together and her arms tied behind her back. She was lying face down, resting uncomfortably over the shoulders of an Arcanine, in front of the knight who commanded the mount. She was, without a doubt, a prisoner. The knights prefered the term temporarily arrested, but Belcarth knew better. The only thing that was temporary was the prisoner's life, something that was rectified with torture to the brink of death, followed by execution. The normal procedure was hanging or decapitation, though defenestration was a favourite of many knights, and they were infamous for their creativity within the field. To make matters worse, Belcarth not only knew what her fate would be, he knew the woman.

Without thinking, he began charging an Aura Sphere, and he was just about to throw it when he was stopped by a firm but gentle paw that held his arm back. Slowly the sphere dissipated, as Belcarth took a deep breath and turned around to see Jayde looking at him.

"Now is not a good time." Was all she said.

Belcarth, too furious to answer, only nodded as he started walking, following the knights but without leaving the forest.

While the knights were moving faster than Belcarth and Jayde, their minds never dissappeared from Belcarth's mind scanning. Just as Belcarth was about to pick up the pace to ensure that they wouldn't get too far ahead, they seemed to have stopped. Carefully, belcarth continued towards the knights, then hid behind a tree not far from them. A quick peak revealed two knights arguing over a map, one of them clearly the leader of the group.

"This is where we are, and this is where we are heading." The leader said, pointing at the map. "We will arrive in Itum by nightfall."

"I'm telling you, sir, I know this forest like the back of my hand. We haven't made it past this point yet." The other knight pointed at the map. "I'd recognize that place in my sleep."

"You are both wrong." A third knight entered the discussion. "I was a hunter in this forest before I joined the order. We have made it past this point," he said to the other knight, "but we haven't made it as far as you think we have, sir."

"Enough." The leader said, then turned to the first knight. "You, take a knight with you and scout north." He then looked at the second knight, "And you, take another knight and scout south. See if you can find any landmarks that prove either of your claims."

Both of the knights looked disappointed, as they realized that they had just volunteered for extra work. They did as they were ordered though, and soon two knights headed in each direction.

Since Belcarth and his companion was almost due north of the knights, they backed off into the forest, and Belcarth looked at the surroundings.

"We will hide behind those trees," Belcarth pointed at two trees on opposite sides of what could resemble a small path, barely visible. "wait for my signal."

Jayde weren't fond of killing people, though she had little compassion for circle knights. Belcarth rarely resorted to killing as a first choice of confronting people, but someone who had hurt him or his friends, knights even more so, could start counting their remaining time in this life.

Both of them were now standing hidden, on opposite sides of the most likely path the knights would choose. As they stood there, Belcarth looked at Jayde.
"3" Belcarth unsheathed a knife, barely making a sound. The knights were getting closer.
"2" He readied the knife in his hand. The knghts walked past them, but not between them. Belcarth was now placed between the knights and Jayde.
"1" He threw the knife at the closest target, hiting the side of his neck.
As one man, both Belcarth and Jayde leaped from their hiding spots. Belcarth pulled out another knife as he jumped, moving towards the second knight. With the dagger in his left hand, and his right hand positioned over the knight's mouth and chin, it didn't take long to silently finish him off. Jayde had grabbed the first knight, preventing him from falling down and making a noise. As the two slowly lowered their burdens to the ground, Belcarth studied the two. Neither one had a helmet, nor plate armor. They only wore chainmail, which indicated that they were most likely low ranking knights, or even knights-in-training.

With the bodies on the ground, Belcarth and his companion returned to their former hidning place, and they noticed that the knights had begun making a temporary camp. Considering the fire in the middle, and the cooking equipment next to it, they must have decided that they may as well eat if they were just going to wait there.

The prisoner, still unconscious, had been tied up at the nearest three, and luck seemed to smile at Belcarth today as the tree was on the northern side of the path. Next to the prisoner, there was a large burlap sac that had been carelessly tossed on the ground, and Belcarth could've sworn that for a moment the sac had been moving.

"You there," the knight in charge said, pointing at a knight, "watch the girl. She's your responsibility, and Imos isn't known for his kindness to those who fail him." The other knight muttered something, but did as he was told.

Belcarth clenched his fists at the name Imos, and cursed as the guard sat down on a rock, leaning towards a tree only a few meters away from the woman. As he considered how to deal with the guard, he began moving closer to the prisoner, but stay hidden behind the trees. He pulled out a dagger, and just as he was about to begin severing the rope, the rope itself shifted slightly.

"Well, well, look who is awake," the guard said, and turned his head towards the camp. Whatever he had meant to say never got out though, as he fell with a dull thud and a metallic rustle, leaning towards the tree in a very unnatural, not to say awkward position, with a knife in his throat. Belcarth held his breath for one, two, three seconds. The dead knight seemed to be still, and once again Belcarth thanked his lucky star, for it was nothing short of a miracle that the knight hadn't fallen to the ground.

"Stay still and stay quiet if you want to live." Belcarth said, hoping that the woman was awake enough to hear him.

"Belcarth, is that you?" Said the familiar voice.

"Ailith, will you for once shut up and do as I tell you?" Belcarth replied as he pulled out another knife and began sawing off the ropes.

He was almost certain that she had been about to reply again, but had realized that getting away was more important than arguing.

"Jayde, when I go around the tree to help Ailith, you grab the bag." Belcarth told his companion. Whatever was in that bag was important enough for the knights to carry around.

"Be careful." She replied, just as the last rope was severed.

Belcarth waited until one of the knights announced that the food was ready, diverting the attention from the prisoner. Since Ailith had her legs and arms tied together, he slowly moved around the tree, and lifted her up, carrying her over the shoulder, then moving back into the forest. He could've let her walk, but the time it would take to untie her, might be the only time the knights needed to spot them. When they had gotten a small distance from the camp, Ailith apparently assumed it was safe to talk.

"Oh, how romantic. The hero saving the young damsel in distress from the evil knights." She described the situation, and Belcarth barely managed to resist the urge to just drop her right where he stood.

As they arrived where the two knights had been slain, Belcarth let go of Ailith, untied her arms, and left her to untie her legs. Meanwhile, Jayde had placed the sac on the ground, and Belcarth decided to open it. And in the bag he found a pair of eyes, frightened and surprised. Said eyes belonged to the Growlithe that Belcarth had rescued once before, this time he had been tied up and muzzled. Fury surfaced within Belcarth as he saw how the knights had treated the canine, and he quickly released the bonds they had forced on him.

As he was done, he turned around and adressed the others. "Okey, here's the plan. It won't take long for the knights to notice that you are missing, so when I tell you to run, you will run and don't look back. I will deal with anyone who follows. No buts." He looked at Ailith when he added the last part.

"But..." She began, with a worried look on her face.

"No. I owe your father too much to put you in harms way in a battle that really isn't any of your business." Belcarth said.

"None of my business? They arrested me!" She replied.

"And why was that? What was the reason for them to arrest you?" Belcarth said, though an idea had already formed in his head. His friend had been arrested on the orders of his old enemy, while the knights are looking for something or someone in particular in the area around Parasanti, these were a bit too coincidental for his taste.

"They arrested me because..." She hesitated for a second before continuing, her voice lowered to a whisper, "Because I know a mage."

"Half of Aria knows a mage or two, what is so different about this one?" Belcarth pressed on, while she clearly didn't want to talk about it.

"The mage is...They asked for the mage by name..." Tears began forming in her eyes. "They are looking for you, it's you they are looking for." The tears began to run down her cheeks.

Now, now. There is no need to cry." Belcarth said, as he walked up to her and wiped away her tears. "They have been hunting me for 5 years, and I still haven't been caught. There is no need to worry." He did his best to comfort her, though he had not been this worried for a long time. Going after him personally was one thing, but going after his friends and family was a completely different matter.

After a moment of silence, Belcarth turned towards his trusted Lucario.

"You are going with them. There's no other way for her to know when it's safe to stop running." He said out loud, for everyone to hear.

"I'm not leaving you, and you know that." She replied in her mind.

Yes you are, partly because I need you to keep them safe, and partly because I will need you a lot more afterwards, possibly more than in the past. He replied in the same fashion.

Jayde stared at him, You're not going to...Not here...Not alone...Right? She looked like she had seen a ghost.

Not if we can get some distance between us and them, but I will if I have to. But I'm better at controlling it now, and containing it. You know that. She didn't look convinced, but he continued out loud, "So, let's all get going before..."

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by a loud crash and a lot of shouting from the camp. The dead knight had fallen, and it didn't take a genious to understand what that meant.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Magnansanti, en-route to the Underground Labs.
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz dodged arrow after arrow, attack after attack, and he hadn't even left Magnansanti. The Magnan guard were closing in.

He tried reloading his musket-thank the Lifemaker he kept spare ammunition-and fired another round, barely turning his head. The round metal orb struck another killing blow to the head, just managing to slip through the visor of one of the Guard that was getting very close. This only served to fuel their rage further, and they truly didn't want to let the men that had violated their law live any further.

Meanwhile, Jamal's regenerative ability was coming into play-his body shot out foregin objects while repairing itself, making simply using projectiles useless; death couldn't be achieved like this, a puzzle that confounded the Magnan guard and the king. However, this was starting to show a side-effect: Jamal was starting to get dizzier and dizzier for each and every blow that was delivered into his body, and although he wasn't going to be dying of getting hit with projectiles, Vyraz did not want to test if Jamal would live through a four-story fall to angry guard members and outraged civilians induced by sheer dizziness.

Henceforth, Vyraz had to try a different tactic: He wouldn't dodge these arrows forever, and Jamal was fortunate that his Pelipper was smart enough to keep close to Storm.

"Storm! do a loop-de-loop! Now!" Vyraz said, attempting to get storm Storm to do a loop-de-loop in the air, and Vyraz held on tight as the Braviary actually did the acrobatic act, landing straight behind the near-army of Magnan Guard.

"BRAVE BIRD!" Vyraz yelled, clinging on even tighter as Storm enveloped himself with red flames, and suddenly doubled it's speed to ram straight into the Magnan guard that were focused on killing Jamal.

A "Look out!" from the Magnan king would not be enough to save them from having to take the unexpected attack, as Riders were forcibly removed from their mounts, forced to fall to the earth, dead or unconscious. He rejoined Jamal, who was practically piloting his own mount subconsciously, barely hanging on.

But he barely had time to admire his work.

He had never expected the King to command his Archerops to use Acrobatics, a move that would have surely bucked him straight off, considering his age. However, he did, without being bucked off, and all behind Vyraz's back.

Vyraz was himself removed from his mount, but he wasn't falling down to certain doom below-instead, he was gripped by the talons of the very Archeops that the king flew upon.

Of course-the King had to prove it to Vyraz's face that he was better in every aspect before killing him. He immediately disregarded the King's age-the way he fought, he could have been a young man.

The Acherops dropped Vyraz off at a flat rooftop, whist the King himself dismounted in midair. The King was proving to be more willing to let the criminal have a fair chance than to kill him instantly with a fall. Vyraz guessed that he wasn't going to be easy, to do such a thing. He's heard of countless recollections of similar events, each foretelling a nasty beat-down by whoever lured their opponent into the trap. Vyraz immediately disregarded the King’s age: he feared that his skill would far outdo the burden.

Vyraz drew the Zenith of Hope, and as the namesake of his blade would suggest, his hope peaked here: many have decided to back off the instant they saw the blade.

The instant the bright blue aura of Vyraz's blade was revealed to his combatant, the King's eyes widened, and for an instant, the fury was transformed into surprise. But then the king shook it off. "Bah! Intimidation! Worthless!" The King yelled, bringing out his own blade.

Vyraz was quickly realizing that the King was given his title for a reason. The blade he drew, much like Vyraz's own, had a very similar design, and a bright green aura-and all aura aside, Vyraz could still see the blade's name: Hands of Charity.

"Sir Havilos, I presume?" Vyraz said, almost mockingly.

Cavinas Havilos, of another one of the Lifemaker's more trusted generals, had a blade like Univar Inxi's. There was no doubt-the Magnan king was also one of Canivas's inheritors. There were two others aside from Havilos and Inxi, though he only knew the last name of the third (Turatazu), and the fourth he completely forgot. He also barely recollected that the forth blade was different from the other three. But such trivia was worthless to him now. King Havilos roared, and charged towards Vyraz with incredible speed unlike anything he would have ever expected from an old man-good thing that Vyraz was not expecting Havilos to act like an old man. He dodged, just in time for a lunge to strike air rather than flesh.

Havilos turned at Vyraz with the fury of one thousand charging Tauros, and the duo began dueling with ferocious moves. Vyraz was aiming to disarm-Havilos was aiming to kill.

The furious flurry of sword strikes and blocks was almost too fast to see, and thanks to the bright auras that surrounded their blades, certainly too fast to try and describe to anybody but the two duelists, the furious pace of the battle was so much. However, neither could do harm to the other-Vyraz's semi-defensive strategy did not leave enough opening to poke a hole through the King's purely offensive strategy, but it certainly kept Havilos from striking at Vyraz successfully.

After two minutes of this extreme swordsmanship, the two fighters backed up, far away from each other's swords, both taking a quick break. During this brief pause, he realized that he'd be killed instantly by the guard if he was able to disarm the King-fighting was pointless. If he called to Storm, they'd fire; If he won, they'd fire; if he tried to kill one, they'd fire.

If Jamal ordered his Pelipper to fire a Hydro Pump at the guards, they'd fire at Jamal. And they did. One blast of water that nearly shot a fully-armored member of the Guard straight at Havilos, who ducked and instead left another unfortunate guard member to take the lethal hit, and every last Magnan guard was fully focused on bringing Jamal down. The King looked briefly at the very Mage the whole conflict was about, when Vyraz made the move.

The sound of a sword meeting another quickly became the only sound anyone dared focus on, as the Hands of Charity were quickly knocked out of Havilos'es hands by the Zenith of Hope.

"STORM!!" Vyraz yelled, as the Crossbows of the Magnan Guard were being reloaded, and as they turned their heads to the very man that had disarmed their King.

He came just in time, quickly picking up Vyraz in his Talons, just as they were ready to fire, and then doing a very sharp turn to dodge every arrow. The Guard were frustrated at the fact that Vyraz had avoided every arrow they shot today-and moreover, they were fresh out. Except one.

The only member of the Magnan guard that was patrolling the air, who had but one arrow left, quickly located the last one and reloaded. They were nearly at the city limits, almost to the desert, and this was Magnansanti's last chance to strike him down-for good. He fired.

It was certainly no bull’s-eye, and it wouldn't be killing him, but his shot had pierced Vyraz's lower side, and had counted enough to make him bleed. It hurt a lot. But that wasn't enough: They crossed the border, they're Pokemon were tired, and they were out of ammo.

The Guard looked at the King, who was rubbing his chin.

"You. I'll come with you and get the Circle Knights. The rest of you, stock up! We will be hunting them down!" King Havilos yelled. The Guard immediately obeyed. The King's Acherops returned to him, allowing him to fly over to the Circle Knight's Headquarters with the sole Guard that had successfully managed to shoot an arrow into Vyraz.

Meanwhile, a bit of a ways away, Vyraz stroke up conversation with Jamal.

"Thanks a lot." Vyraz said. Jamal came closer, a look of absolute fury on his face.

"You MORON!!" Jamal said, gripping Vyraz and shaking him on storm. Jamal's Pelipper decided that it wouldn't be wise to let Jamal near Vyraz, and flew away. Jamal had enough sense to let go.

"You idiot, you didn't think ahead! Now what? If they don't kill us, the desert will!" Jamal yelled. "I only saved your life because you might have some ridiculous idea about how to get out of this that I don't! SO COUGH SOMEHTING UP!!" Jamal yelled.

"The Magnansanti Laboratories!" Vyraz said, suddenly remembering that the Labs were also north of the city. "The Laboratories offer protection! They don't know where they are, and they can't find us! Gah..." Vyraz said, still feeling pain from his arrow wound. He knew better than to remove it-the object itself was acting as a bandage, able to block the bleeding.

"Let's fly lower! The labs must be underground!" Vyraz said. Storm and Jamal's Pelipper shot lower.

Vyraz hoped that they'd find it, and Vyraz hoped that there were medical supplies there. The Arrow hurt.


Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Fort Aer, En-Route to Lamentur Vail
Affected RPers: N/A

Avalon, Blizzard and Mario had been searching for a place to mount up on their respective flying types for takeoff for the past several minutes, when they reached the very place suitable for such things.

A small pad, extending outward from Fort Aer, just barely in contact with the true Ending World, provided enough space for three people to get onto three different Pokemon and take off for Lamentur Vail. Each threw out their PokeBalls, long-kept mementos from before the Fall.

Mario's one Pokemon was a Staraptor, capable of flight. After a quick check of surroundings, the Staraptor allowed Mario to get on it's back. Blizzard, of course, pulled out Handro, the great black bird making a quick call to any Murkrow in the Area. The Murkrow assembled, quickly making a noisy business out of it until another louder call from Handro silenced them.

Avalon pulled out the Luxury Ball that contained Ovation, her beautiful form blossoming from the stream of light that PokeBalls make. The state of despair around her caused her to blink, but she looked at Avalon curiously before allowing him to board.

"Alright then...Three...Two...One..." Avalon said, as the Pokemon in unison were about to takeoff.

"...Zero!" Avalon said, as each Pokemon flapped their wings with all their might and took off, each ready to brave the darkness to Lamentur Vail.

However, flying in total darkness was a way to get oneself killed, so Avalon also pulled out Gyro. The Raichu, perfectly balanced where he was released, was in immediate realization of what to use-Flash. The light emitting from Gyro was powerful enough to illuminate where Blizzard and Mario were, and was just enough to light the way forward, allowing them to see obstacles. They'd have to be cautious, though-too fast, and the floating boulders would be practicing in face-to-rock negotiations.

Avalon started to feel something wrong, just then: It wasn't powerful, but it was there, and it wasn't the sense of tension one got when navigating the Ending World.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Butters, Tsuki Estrada and Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Parasanti, Carie’s Home/Lab
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Kamikaze (briefly)

The second she reached for him, he cringed, but was automatically, completely and totally immobilized by fear. Then, he almost stepped back, but Pyreflight blocked his path, holding him still. He looked at her, his eyes wide and sad. Why was she keeping him from getting away? Did she want the fake lady to hurt him? His eyes were filled with emotional pain. He turned his gaze back to Renita.

Suddenly, a warm, tingly feeling spread through his feet, flushing through him. He gave a small gasp and continued to cringe backward into Pyreflight. He felt something liquid-like envelope them, and about wailed in fear, unsure of what was happening, and too scared to look down. And then, he was standing in solid shoes, and he took the opportunity to push Pyreflight back enough to flee to the corner of the room and observe her from afar. He took a moment to examine the shoe. He wanted to see if it had done something to his feet, but having never had worn shoes for as long as he could remember, he didn’t know how. Butters quickly looked back up at the fake lady, wondering what she was doing. The mystery cloak lady had handed her some bread earlier, and fake lady crawled over to the table where it was… and it was gone in a flash. Butters squealed slightly and bit his lower lip, holding his loosely balled fists to his chin in a worried manner.

She’s gonna eat me, she’s gonna eat me, she’s gonna eat me…

Meanwhile, Tsuki was listening to Belcarth speak. Kozanar heard the mage’s words and nodded, sighing, but looked away. She smiled and nodded to the mage as he said that they hoped to meet again. “I’ll try to keep him out of trouble,” she told the mage.

”What is your problem?” she growled at Kozanar, disgusted.

”Shut up.”

”Don’t you even start with me, boy,” she retorted, as Belcarth headed out of the door. ”He’s right, and you know it.”

”Tsuki, I’m warning you…”

”What are you going to do, hit me? You know what happened last time you pushed me because you were angry.”

This gained no response, and he instead turned away from her and went to lean against the wall, losing himself in his thoughts. Tsuki left him to it. He could only sort this out on his own.

Butters, deciding not to stick around for dinner, quickly dashed from the room. He was scared even more by the harsh sound the shoes made as he moved. He bumped into Tsuki, who gently grasped his shoulders. She had to reach up to do so, because he was so much taller. He immediately froze. She stared at him sincerely.

“What’s wrong, Butters?” she asked gently. The poor thing, he looked terrified. And she had noticed sound when she walked, and realized that he had shoes on. Her brow furrowed in confusion, and she looked back up to his face.

“Sh-she did something weird to me…” he whimpered as he looked down at his feet. “Th-they make a funny noise a-and feel weird and my f-feet feel all tingly and squishy…”

“Well let’s take a look, why don’t we?” she said comfortingly. He stared at her for a moment, and then nodded slowly. He plopped down and tugged at the shoes, but with the buttons closed, he couldn’t get them off. “Here, try this.” She undid the buttons, and slipped off the shoe. Butters held his foot upward, so that he could look at them, and gave a little gasp. They weren’t bruised and calloused anymore. He rubbed his hand on them. They were smooth… and they didn’t smell anymore! He looked back up at Tsuki, fascinated. He then began examining the shoe itself. He smiled, and then tried to put them back on.

“Show… show me how?” he inquired of Tsuki, and guessing that he meant ‘how to put them on’, she helped him do so, and showed him how to redo the buttons. He watched her do it once, and then quickly tried himself. He beamed at her, his eyes lighting up with joy. He understood!

Then, Butters was overwhelmed by guilt as Tsuki stood up and went to see how Kozanar was doing. He had stared at her and run away like she was a freak! He stared at his brand new shoes and knew that under them were his feet, perfectly healed. He stood up, and reached into his large pocket, pulling out two buttercups, both withered. He breathed on them, and then held them in his cupped hands, using some earth magic to bring them back to life. They blossomed back into full color, in perfect health. As everyone assembled, he shyly shuffled up to Carie and Renita. He went to Renita first, and offered one of the large buttercups to her, keeping his gaze down.

“I’m s-sorry…” he apologized softly. “For b-being r-rude…”

Then, he turned to mystery cloak lady and gave her one. “Th-thank you for g-giving her the bread, and b-being so nice…”

Kozanar had finally quelled his thoughts and admitted that Tsuki had been right to her. They were back on positive grounds. They came near the others, each of them taking a chair.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
En Route to Fort Aer
Affected RPers: None

It would be nice to return home after the day's events, Sovereign thought. The Executioner had been handled far more easily than he would have expected. When those things first appeared they swept aside entire battalions. Even the Wave could not stand against them--for a time, at least. Ultimately though, nothing could stand before the Wave forever. Except her.

The Order of the Red Circle had conjured up quite the scheme in order to move the Executioner back to Itum. First, they bullied a group of mages into casting Feather-Rise spells as many times as they possibly could until they were exhausted. Then, using a small army of ground-type Pokemon they temporarily liquefied the ground underneath the Executioner. Before the mammoth machine could sink into the mush they rolled large steel cylinders underneath it. After that it was a matter of tying large quantities of ropes to even larger quantities of Pokemon and having them slowly, slowly drag the Executioner back to Itum as Circle workers made a trail of the steel cylinders in front of the Executioner. The project was of course, a massive endeavor, and an army of the Circle workers were busy flattening the ground that the Executioner would have to take and making sure it could support the mech's weight. Sovereign wondered if they were planning to simply obliterate any hills between them and Itum. At any rate, it must have been a sight to see for any travelers on the road between the two cities.

There was much celebrating onboard Sovereign over their victory, but as usual the ship itself took no part on the partying. Alone on the bridge, Sovereign's avatar sat in the captain's chair, looking to be deep in thought. In truth Sovereign was less thinking than not thinking; functioning on autopilot, his mind was blank.

The green hills and mounds of the Saffron coast gave way to small beaches filled with tiny dots of people and then the vast ocean, glittering blue like a jewel. Exploration of the Saffron ruins would likely to banned in the wake of the Executioner's rising. The last thing the Saffron Lord would want was for another ancient monstrosity to be awakened from those ruins. Whether there would be such a monster or not dwelling in the depths, Sovereign did not know. That Executioner had not been in Fort Aer's archives. All of them had been presumed to be destroyed after the Black Wave.

The skies were getting darker. The sun was getting close to the horizon now, but the shadows in the sky were as much due to the close presence of the Ending World as they were to the sun descending from the heavens on its daily journey. What was the Order planning on doing with the Executioner? They could not possibly be planning to try to awaken it and control it. Sovereign knew the head of the Order, and knew that he was not that stupid. At the same time there was no way they could gain access to the interior of the Executioner without breaking the sealing spell; that had been made clear to the Circle Knights as well. Perhaps they merely wanted to study the magic of its shield, but there was little they could learn without being able to go inside the machine to study the generators within. As a result, it was difficult to discern why the Order would want it in Itum. Perhaps they merely did not feel safe with it being anywhere else.

Fort Aer was a golden speck hovering above the horizon now.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(A short transition, but...Very forbidding, no? And I'm reviving the thread. Also...I swear amidst is a word, despite what Google Chrome is telling me >.> )

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
En Route to Fort Aer
Affected RPers: None

Not being able to perform stunts was boring. It was like, super horribly boring with the most lackluster view ever. Ocean, ocean, more ocean...It scrolled beneath her in endless waves (HA! She made a joke...) and became a mere blue blur that glimmered beneath the fading light. Sure, the sun was setting, a fiery orb that could never be tamed...But she knew she was beginning to cross the realm of believable to unbelievable.

In other words, the Ending World.

She was one of the few ships willing to transport humans to Lamentur Vail, unafraid of the rocks that could not be seen or the voices that could not be unheard. She felt sad for those that screamed forever, yet an eerie feeling of unease and familiarity always covered her whenever she heard them. It irked her that she didn't understand why, and it pursued her relentlessly, even into her dreams.

And in her dreams, horrors became reality. Darkness threatened to smother her within them, tendrils of nothing wrapping around her metallic frame which turned to rust at the touch...Before it became something else. The pain she endured during these nightmares was incredible, as if every part of her being, her soul and even the fibers that allowed her to feel, were dipped within fire. The torturous sounds of metal shaping into something unnatural...It drove her mad.

Just when the final glob of darkness would overcome her eye, however, she awoke. Every single time, she woke up ready to flail and crush whoever was in front of her, and if not for her realization she was safely docked in a lit area, she surely would have. And speaking of lights, Fort Aer was quickly coming into sight, a speck of heavenly construct amidst the eerie black behind it.

Even as she began to call forward to request a docking bay as well as for repairs, she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the Ending World enveloped her home.

Or if the nothing finally obscured her vision in her dreams...
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
Fort Aer
Affected RPers: None

Upon reaching Fort Aer, Sovereign was contacted by the Architects. They wanted to meet with him in a private audience chamber deep in the bowels of the flying fortress. Sovereign found this to be quite odd; normally any communication between Armada vessels and the Architects took place via wireless signals. Audience chambers were rooms where there were interfaces installed to allow humans to communicate with the Architects.

With a slightly piqued curiosity, or at least as piqued a curiosity of someone as emotionally dead as Sovereign could be, his avatar entered the audience chamber, alone. The room was fairly small and dark. A single dim lamp hung from the ceiling. Like most of the architecture on Fort Aer, the walls were decorated with flowing patterns of lines etched into the surface. Aer was a fortress, of course, but the Lifemaker had believed that aesthetics were important enough to include in the mundane utility of war. As the door closed behind Sovereign's avatar, he walked forward to the interface console. The input consisted of a microphone and a crude mechanical keyboard. There were printers and a magically-powered display screen for output.

"What did you want me for?" Sovereign asked, his voice echoing in the small chamber.

"We have a request of you," the cold, mechanical voice of an Architect replied.

Sovereign tilted his head to the side. "A request?"

"Recently acquired information has allowed us to deduce the existence of a book written by the Lifemaker. We believe that the book contains information about his life as well as the Nether Gods."

Sovereign blinked. The Lifemaker had written a book? This was the first he had heard of such a thing. "But what does this have to do with me?"

"The book is most probably located within the Lifemaker's personal chambers inside his palace at Lamentur Vail. We would like you to retrieve it and bring it back to Fort Aer for study."

"That's a suicide mission," Sovereign replied without hesitation. "Nothing has ever returned from the Necropolis. You know this as well as I do that what you ask is impossible. Why ask?"

"Ah," said the Architect, and to Sovereign's astonishment, there was a hint of amusement in its voice. "There was a time when you would hear the word 'impossible' and laugh. Have you forgotten? Did you not successfully defend Fort Exer, fighting against all reason to hold out until reinforcements could arrive to push back the Fourth Fleet when everyone was certain you were going to die? Did you not destroy the supercarrier Hammer of Fate with only a a tiny picket force of three frigates when everyone told you that it was impossible? Did you not survive having your soul ripped out of your body in an experimental procedure that we assured you was suicide so that our mages could perfect the technique for the other pilots and captains of the Armada? Did you not rout the gathered armada of the Redeemers outnumbered ten to one in a battle so hopeless that your best friend refused to fight it? Did you not enjoy telling him 'I told you so' over and over again for weeks afterwards? And were you not the commander of the first flotilla to claim victory in any battle against the Wave, putting your trust in a young woman that you had just met in a move so insane that some had made a statue in commemoration of your sacrifice before you had even left? And did you, or did you not, descend into the depths of Morrigu Barro yourself, with a powerless and fragile human body, to support the Wavebreaker in a battle she could not hope to have won without you? Have you forgotten who you are? Wake up from your langour of seven hundred years, Sovereign, and remember the insane, intelligent, and incredible man you once were."

For the first time that Sovereign could remember, he was speechless. He had never heard an Architect speak with such... motivation. It was a long time before he could say anything again.

"My chances of success are..."

"Zero percent," the Architect helpfully finished. "But probability has never seemed to apply to you."

Sovereign shook his head and looked at the ground. "Is that how you really think of me?"

"You are a remarkable human, Edorath Ameil. We will never forget what you have done for us, for the world, even if others do, even if you yourself do."

Sovereign sighed. When he looked back up, there was the tiniest hint of a smile on his face. "Very well then. I accept. But I will need to assemble a team. The best of the best. And I want full access to everything in the weapons storage." He briefly thought for a moment. "I'll want the Gravedigger. And my old blades. Shine them up for me, will you?"


Sovereign turned around and started to walk away. He wasn't halfway across the room when another question popped into his head. "What does this book mean to you?"

"It could be the key."

"The key to what?"


Knight-General Mered
The Order of the Red Circle
Affected RPers: None

Mered quivered with anticipation as the great double doors of the throne room shook open. From her position next to the throne she could see the face of each and every knight in the long procession that entered. And at its head was the Lord Marshall himself.

He was a big man, tall, dark, attractive, a short-cropped head of black hair and a sharp face. He wore glamorous armor, intensely ornate with red and silver patterns so fine they had to be seen under a magnifying scope. He projected an aura of command that dominated the environment, an air of utter confidence and assurance. As his eyes; a piercing gaze that made Mered felt the Lord Marshall could see into her very soul, and every sin and ill thought she had ever committed.

"Lord Marshall," she said, bent down on one knee as he approached the throne.

The Lord Marshall smiled--a self-assured, charismatic upturning of the lips that made Mered's heart race. "Rise, General. What news do you bring me?"

Mered swiftly straightened her legs and stood tall. Her eyes met her commander's, and she suppressed a shiver. It would not do to show hesitation or fear before the master of the Order. "The machine rose from Saffron just as you prophesied," Mered reported. "We successfully sealed it with the aid of two Armada vessels and several mages, including a team from Venefinia. We have brought it back to Itum as you commanded."

"Very good, Mered," the Lord Marshall commended, and the Knight-General felt her chest swell with pride.

"Sir," Mered said.


"Was your quest successful?"

The head of the Knights smiled lazily. "Worried about me, Mered? Fear not. My descent into the heart of Morrigu Barro was flawless. It is a dead place, void of any life or danger to those who are strong enough to resist the Call. And I recovered exactly what I was looking for."

He waved to an attendant, who brought forth a small decorated box and opened it. On the plush interior was a small, black gem, about the size and shape of an egg, framed in what appeared to be gold and silver. The Lord Marshall waved his hand again, and the attendant closed to box and returned to his position in the procession.

"The Despair Seed," the Lord Marshall whispered to Mered. "It shall, without question, save humanity. And the blood of ten thousand mages shall be the perfect chains with which to command it."

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
En Route to Itum(From Parasanti)
Affected RPers: None

"RUUUN!" Belcarth yelled, and as his three friends ran north, he turned south, and slowly began walking towards the knights. As he walked, he touched every tree that he passed, and drained as much energy from each one as he could, without killing them.

What he was about to do was extremely dangerous, in more ways than one. The most potent danger was overloading. If he absorbed too much energy, and too fast, his body wouldn't be able to take it all, and would release all of the energy in one burst, taking most if not all of his own energy with him, killing him between one heartbeat and the next. If he managed to prevent overloading, he would have to struggle against the Call. The intensity of the Call was directly proportional to the amount of energy he had absorbed, and the euphoric feeling of limitless power it provided. If he didn't kill himself through overloading, and didn't succumb to the Call, he still had to face the fatigue that followed from any use of magic, only tenfold his normal aftermath. Yet he pressed on, absorbing more and more until he felt he had reached his limit, or potential, as the voices called it. When the first knight came into sight, Belcarth stood still, and as his eyes glowed with a bright green, he used every ounce of his willpower to smother the voices and contain the power within himself, as his mind raced through his memories of former attempts, going through the mistakes he knew he had to avoid.

His first time had almost killed him. He had absorbed almost too much, and too quickly. His body hadn't been given time to adjust, and that resulted in his inability to contain it. All of the welled up energy had been released in one single burst, and the shock of all that energy flowing through his body had almost stopped his own heart. Luckily he had no aim with all the energy, and it had all been absorbed almost immediately by nature itself. The last thing he had seen before passing out was every tree, shrub, and flower in full bloom around him.

The second time hadn't been much better. He had taken in less energy, and he had been able to contain the energy after he stopped. But as he charged up a single aura sphere, and launched it at a tree, his focus faltered for a brief moment, and the results were the same as his first time, though a shorter time until he woke up.

Continuing, one attempt after the other, with a few weeks or months in between, he had begun to learn his limits. How much he could take, how long he could hold it, how fast he could spend it. He barely passed out any more, and he had for the most part figured out the safest way to do it, though using it in a fight, against multiple opponents, was just about as safe as walking through the front door of the Itum headquarters of the knights, with his blade unsheathed. Safe or not, he had begun, and there was no turning back now. He knew that he wouldn't have been able to hold his ground against all nine of the knights, a group sent specifically after him, or with the intent to lure him out. Besides, without the magic, it would be hard to get everyone's attention onto himself, to let the other's escape. Survival wasn't certain, but he would certainly put up a fight. He wouldn't give Imos the satisfaction of seeing him brought to Itum in chains. They would meet in due time, and it would be on Belcarth's terms or not at all.

As he waited, the knights had begun to surround him in a circle. Not too tight, but with the obvious intention to keep him in place. The knights had developed special tactics for the sole purpose of battling mages, and these knights at least seemed to know what they were doing. A brief scan showed that all nine of the knights were now focused on him, and that none of them seemed to care about the prisoner they had lost only minutes ago. All according to the plan.

As Belcarth stood still, only his head was moving. He was trying to see what weapons they were using, without moving fast enough to provoke them. Two knights seemed to be preparing crossbows, one to his left and one to his right. And a third one, right in front of him, was in the process of stringing a bow. Realizing that he would be nothing short of a corpse full of arrows if he didn't act, he charged up an aura sphere in each hand, and hit the two crossbow wielders. He wasn't sure how much he had damaged the knights, but the crossbows were broken, which had been his intent. Without wasting a second, he immediately charged up another sphere, and just as it hit the archer in front of him, the side of his leg was graced by an arrow, silently he cursed his own foolishness. There had been two crossbows on opposite sides, of course they would have another archer opposite of the first one. As he spun around, he lowered himself, resting on the knee of the injured leg, and let out a barrage of spheres. One of them hit the archer dead in the face, and as the knight fell, Belcarth was certain that he wouldn't rise again. The other spheres had hit various knights, though anyone who got hit in the chest only staggered backwards for a moment, before shrugging it off. Magic resistant armor then, very durable despite their low rank. This is something he would never have overlooked normally. The voices were still suppressed, at least he couldn't hear them. Could they still play with his mind, despite him trying to keep them out? Perhaps they had decided that since they couldn't win him over, they would send him to his death instead. Could the voices think? Could they do other things that try to lead him to corruption? He didn't know. And now was not the time to ponder on such matter. He would have time for that later, if he could focus his mind on the battle.

He had been standing still just a moment too long. With his mind elsewhere, he had let his guard down enough for one of the knights to almost come within range of a sword. A moment too late, he charged up yet another sphere, and just as he sent it towards the knight, hitting his leg and making him fall to the ground, he had been given another cut on his right shoulder. Belcarth could feel the adrenaline in his body battling both the fatigue of his magic, and the pain from his injuries. As the knight in front of him were about to rise again, Belcarth stood up, unsheathed his blade, and with one decisive strike finished off them man who had stood on his knees, looking for his sword.

Feeling the adrenaline pump through his blood, the rest of the fight was a fast paced dance, using his sword where he could, and sending spheres at targets that were not close enough. And at last only the leader remained. He had not taken part in the battle with as much dedication as his now deceased comrades. And as Belcarth slowly moved towards him, he realized that the knight had made a wise choice. The adrenaline rush was fading, and the fatigue more and more prominent. Belcarth wanted nothing more than to rest, but one more knight remained.

Despite his obvious disadvantage, Belcarth was still superior in skill, which is what saved his life. As he parried a blow from his foe, he hit the knights sword hand with the flat side of his blade, and despite the armored glove, the knights grip was loosened momentarily, which was all the window Belcarth needed. He hit the blade, and the sword fell from the knights hand. Belcarth pulled his foes helmet off with the tip of his blade, and looked at the man.

"For what you have done, I should kill you. But instead I will spare your life and let you return to your master, and give him a message: I, Belcarth will find him. Tell him to prepare, because his days are now counted." Belcarth told the knight, who had now turned pale.

"You...It's you...The one we have been looking for." He could barely get the words out of his mouth. Whether this was because he had just realized who he had been fighting, or the fact that Belcarth was sill pointing at him with his sword was hard to determine.

"Yes. It was me you were after. And perhaps you could be so kind as to remind Imos of what happens when someone attacks my family. How is his shoulder nowadays? Did it ever heal properly?" Belcarth asked?

"How do you know about his shoulder? Nobody knows how he got his injury. Nobody other than himself, me, my brother and..." He suddenly went silent.

"...And the one who put the knife in his shoulder. His own knife. The one he used to kill my father." Belcarth finished the knights sentence. "That's how long he has been looking for me. Didn't he explain who I was back then? Or was he too ashamed to admit that he had been beaten by a young boy, one that he himself had trained? Now, go to your master and tell him that I'm coming for him. Hurry, before I change my mind."

As the fatigue sent a wave of numbness through him, Belcarth sheathed his blade before he became too tired to hold on to it. Silently he sent out a thought to Jayde.

"It's safe to come back, though we need to leave immediately." He waited for a moment, but Jayde didn't reply.

As the knight turned around to walk away, Belcarth did the same, and reached for what was left of his stored power, preparing to heal his wounds. It was then that he heard the knight turn around and pull a dagger from his belt. Had the knight not been in armor, he might have succeeded, but instead, Belcarth turned around in time to block the clumsy attempt to stab him, and as he parried the knights right arm, he quickly sneaked past him on his right, spun around and placed his left hand on the knights head, releasing the energy he had meant to heal his wounds with. The knight stood still for a moment, then his whole body turned stiff, and he fell forward, face down. Nobody could survive that surge of power, not directly into the brain, not even Belcarth.

At this last act of magic, the fatigue overpowered Belcarth, and he felt himself falling to the ground, briefly seeing someone running towards him before he closed his eyes, and everything became dark. He had used too much energy. The last burst had been too much, the surprise of the attack hadn't given him enough time to adjust the charge, and now he was all out of powers. Slowly he felt the numbness spreading, not only in his physical body, but even his mind seemed to fade into the darkness. So this was how it felt to die? Then came the light, pure enough to cut through the darkness, and the light pulled his mind. And Belcarth was too tired not to follow, into the light.

Random Sprite Art, all done by me. That includes the animated Shaymin I use as an avatar.
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