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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Butters, Tsuki Estrada and Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Kamikaze
Butters' eyes went wide as he heard the term. He had an idea of what that meant, but had never seen it before. His mind glowed with fascination, and he watched. All of the sudden, chains of light snaked to his palm, weaving a ball of aura about the size of an orange. "Whoa," Butters breathed as it spun. Then, the energy was cut off, and he tipped his pal formward. The aura split into three other spheres, beginning to orbit around his hand. With a miniscule flick of his wrist, the spheres went flying. The one nearest to Butters collided with his chest, and his hands instinctively flew to where the sphere had dissipated, and his Volcarona protectively moved to his side again, blinking and looking at him, waiting. She relaxed as Butters looked up at her and smiled. When the sphere had hit, he had felt a wonderful warmth wash through him. "W-whoa," he breathed again. "Y-you've got t-to teach me that sometime!" he giggled, and then turned away to scratch Pyreflight's mane reassuringly.

Kozanar about jumped out of his skin as he turned, just as the ball was about to hit him. He reeled, lunging backward as it came near his stomach. Tsuki held her palm out to meet the magic, and felt warmth flood through her as she did so. She smiled, and looked over in time to see Kozanar's reaction. Her upper body folded over as she laughed. "You're such a freaking scaredy cat!"

"Shut up. It just caught me off guard."

"Oh, suuuuure..."

"Tsuki, I freaking swear..."

"Aw, what is Kozzy-Wozzy going to do to his *big* sister?"

Kozanar ran at Tsuki, not really planning on hurting her, but Ikuja jumped in front of her, and he stopped just in time to avoid three disks of thorns. He backed away, folding his arms and glaring at Tsuki, who was laughing again. He looked toward Ryugaun expectantly, but the dragon only shrugged at him and continued blinking at Butters. As he heard the laughter around him, Butters felt... at peace. He beamed, and his eyes flicked about. Then, as everyone began leaving, his mood faltered. He looked at Pyreflight sadly, confused.

"Wh-where should I go...?" he asked, crestfallen. The Volcarona made a familiar gensture: she tapped Butters on the wing, and tilted her body behind him. He turned to see Tsuki beckoning him. He looked at his Pokemon questioningly, and then, Pyreflight nodded to him. He ran off after them, overjoyed.


Ryugaun threw menacing glares at those who were staring, and they quickly began going about their business once more. With a satisfied snort, he drifted beside Kozanar, a smirk on his draconic features. As they came to the building, and they were told to wait there, Butters and the twins nodded. They waited for a minute, but upon seeing that Ikuja and Ryugaun were restless, Kozanar and Tsuki nodded to them, and the Pokemon headed out into town, to find some place to roam. They could hold their own. Butters looked at Pyreflight curiously, but she shook her head firmly.

I won't leave you alone with anybody, she thought, her eyes blazing, though she knew that Butters couldn't hear her. She slowed the beating of her wings and hovered a bit. Butters looked over at the mysterious, cloaked person. What was her name? Who was she? What did she do? He was about to ask her name when, suddenly, Belcarth returned, and his gaze turned, curiously. Butters trailed along with the group, blinking idly and looking around, his arms at his sides. Then, they were led to the building, and he made a move to follow the rest inside, but was stopped by warm wing. He looked at Pyreflight, curiously.

This was a situation that the Volcarona did not like at all. She had hardly known these people for two minutes, and she was almost certain that the second they walked in that room, the door was going to lock behind them. She knew it. Her gaze turned to Butters, and he had a hurt look on his face. He looked toward the door, wanting to follow his new friends... But Pyreflight had made a vow, when she was a Larvesta, to protect him, and watch over him. She knew that he wasn't quick at figuring things out, and didn't want others taking advantage of that. She glanced at Carie, and with a relenting sigh, she ushered her human companion into the building.


Yep. Aaaaaand she locked the door. The Volcarona's eyes narrowed. She made her embers flare, trying to give light in the inky darkness, but the light didn't travel but a millimeter or so. Frustrated, she looked around. Butters pressed himself against her.

"P-Pyreflight... wh-why is it... d-dark?" he whispered, suddenly frightened. He blinked, his mind churning. He turned his head to the sound of the mystery-lady's voice. He listened, and then nodded, forgetting that she couldn't see him. Suddenly remembering, he spoke up. "Y-yes ma'am..."

Tsuki and Kozanar blinked in the darkness, but couldn't see anything. Their brows furrowed, and they turned their heads toward each other, taking a guess at the location of the other.

"Told you so..." Kozanar growled.

"Shut up. She's going to tell us something important."

"Oh, sorry. I forgot 'you're going to die' counts as important."

"Quit getting your panties in a knot and listen."

"Understood," Tsuki said, nodding. Kozanar soon echoed her.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Saffron, City of Ancients
Affected Rpers: k_pop, Latio, Lusankya

"Twisted Tornadic Terror, do you think it will be possible to keep it at bay?" Delani was addressing her - and oh so politely! - about the Executioner, now being held at bay by earth mages and various Pokemon that knew Sandstorm. It grappled the edge of the crevice it had fallen into, the sand forever falling through fingers, the dirt always crumbling on contact. It roared its frustration, a terrible throbbing roar that pulsed with something that no mortal should ever hear...And those that did struggled to remain sane.

It grated on her, as well. A shudder crawled down her hull as it tugged at her soul, trying desperately to draw her into the darkness. It was somewhat odd that a ship from the Armada heard the call just as clearly as any mage, but there were reasons that even her insanity couldn't block from her view. She had fought the Wave by coming in very close, diving and running over the masses as they screamed in fury at her.

She'd gone straight into the lion's den...

And she hadn't come out unscathed.

A voice jolted her out of her thoughts, emanating from an orb of wind? - yes, wind! - that was situated nearby. “Now we’re cookin! We’ve found something down here. It’s the binding circle originally used to hold that Executioner! The magic must have weakened over time. We’re going to start clearing this thing. Looks like it’s still active and ready to go. If those mages can pop on down, we may be able to lock it away again with stronger spells. We’re going to need a mage for all the elemental points and we’ll have to draw the big guy back this way. I’m going to get some of my people down here to help while Vyraz and his friend slow that black-hearted machine down. I love a good challenge!”

Sovereign-sama muttered something to Delani, who apparently directed his mages and their Pokemon down below the Executioner. To be honest, it seemed somewhat suicidal, but that is what she adored about humans. Always so willing to stake their lives! The Magister turned to her, asking for permission to board. The question was why?

And yes, she did voice that question, silly.

"My mages, and many others, are in position. We need to lure the Executioner back into position...But to do that..."

{We have to be the bait.} Triple T concluded, door opening for the Magister to board. {Oh, how exciting! Finally, some true action! Here I thought I was doomed to be just a cargo ship! Now I can let loose and have some fun!} She broke out into excited laughter, earning a few odd looks from those nearby that could hear. She directed her attention to the floating sphere and her superior.

{All right! Triple T, Lud, and Magister Delani...We will lure the big beastie back and keep him still! You guys...} She'd been dying to use this next phrase! {Do your thang~} Rails lighting up, she shot off into the air without a second thought, twirling a little before realizing she had someone other than her partner with them. It was a good thing too, because Delani wasn't nearly as used to spinning as Lud was.

Blaring her horns, the Executioner directed its attention to the annoying gnat that now zoomed in front of it. Had it not been tainted by the Wave, it might have found her antics amusing...But now, it only saw them as irritating. Raising a sword that was burning brightly with black flames, it swiped it down only to be aggravated further when it missed. It had become fast, yes, but now it was up against the fastest ship in the fleet. It couldn't catch her.

{Rockets, awaaaaay!} Her voice was almost sing song as the projectiles shot forth, numbers three and four respectively, smashing into one arm while obliterating a leg, once more crippling it. Delani, from his position inside the cab, used his ability over barriers to erect one around her which allowed Triple T to smash through tendrils with little ill effect.

Oh, and freeing those that the tendrils were gripping wasn't that shabby either.

Already, the leg had been repaired, although each time she hit it it was losing more and more armor. Zipping around, she hit the other two legs with more rockets. That being said, she now had a slight problem...She only had two shots left. {Oh my! I need to slow down a little bit! I'm wasting my shots like there is no tomorrow! Tee hee~} She swerved around to the other side, taunting the machine by performing loops. {C'mere, big boy! Come and get me~} It roared - how predictable! - and swing another sword at her.

Dodge, rinse, and repeat. It really wasn't hard to trick this thing, was it? Her distraction was working, however. It was no longer moving away from the hexagram...Keeping it from noticing the mages would be the next task.

Her last two rockets loaded as she prepared to fire. {KABOOM TIME!} Countdown started.



{WHAAAAT?} Why now? She...Crap! This was bad! Her right tube wasn't working, and the left wouldn't be able to fire fast enough to get the rocket out of the way. It was going to-


Pain wracked her head as fibers, similar to the nerves of a human, were severed as the tube obliterated itself. The other tube went up as well, the rocket inside it being ignited from the fire of the first. Delani was knocked backwards from the force, smashing his skull into a side panel and thus rendering him unconscious and his barrier, down. Lud...Well, he couldn't do anything, could he? But no, the pain...The agony of having your skull explode!

It had ripped a hole straight through her roof! And...

Uh oh. She'd forgotten about big boy.

In that moment, a tendril of darkness - the Wave, she presumed - was able to catch its elusive prey, wrapping around a cargo hold, sinking its darkness into her. Smaller, almost vine like wisps came off of it, further spreading. It was slow, but steady...And it hurt like hell. To be honest, she panicked. Had she not, she would have been a fool.

The call of the dead gods was horribly loud now from the direct connection. Her engine pumped overtime as she struggled to free herself; some of the mages below had noticed her fight (it was honestly hard to miss) but could do nothing without drawing attention or breaking the spell. Triple T was moving diagonally; pulling away but moving enough to keep the light rails active to support the rest of her weight other than her cab. Should she be unable to move, only her cab would have support...

She'd effectively just be spinning her wheels. She'd be sucked into that monstrosity in an instant. So, she honked her horn even more as that was all she could do. {LET ME GO YOU FOUL BEAST! I'M TOO PRETTY FOR THE LIKES OF YOU!} Did she see an amused look on its face? Bollocks. It couldn't be smiling...It was a face of rage. It was all it knew.

At least she was distracting it, right?

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Ooc: I'm back, and I've been dying to get this post in. I'll allow K_pop to finish this up.)

Vyraz Inxi and Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Outside Saffron
Affected RPers: Grassy, Kris and Lus

Everyone had heard Portia's message, thanks in part due to a nice sphere of wind. And more importantly, the beast was already very close to the Binding Circle.

Miserably, Glass Imprisonment-nor (somehow) unwittingly for most, the earthen traps that had kept it down prior-weren't going to run without mages that controlled the proper elements. The trap was lifting, the Executioner was starting to crawl out again, and was snagging several new prizes, sucking them into the massive blob of the Wave whenever possible. Sovereign blasted some of the tentacles, but other times, the miserable victims were suddenly finding themselves in intense whole-body-and-mind-and-soul-to-Black-Wave negotiations. The insane flying Train was looping around and around, blasting rockets whenever possible at whatever possible, and the Hexagram that would seal the thing was starting to form-They must have gotten assembled and cleaned off the Binding Circle quick.

Meanwhile, Avalon liked the fact that he was assigned to basically doing the one thing that truly slowed it down, or really made the Executioner do anything at all: Blow it up. He liked watching explosions. The train's missiles were pleasant to watch. Blizzard's combustive flares burning up large parts of the Executioner and subzero objects suddenly freezing the places Blizzard missed (It turned out Blizzard had dominion over heat-and it's absence) were fun. And, of course, the multicolored Ichor-fueled explosion was very exciting for Avalon to create.

Handro flew low over the Itum reinforcements, bringing an annoying load of Murkrow to their attention (One swiped at the flock) where Blizzard made one oddity known to Avalon.

"Where do these troops come from?"

"Someplace called Itum. Never heard of it!" Avalon responded.

"...Itum? They named a city after a disease?"

Itumovix wasn't a funny thing. The only physical sign to start is an increase in pimples on the face, regardless of age. If not treated in a week, the victim develops nausea and goes into regular vomiting fits, followed by seeing illusions, seizure-like clumsiness, and the spreading of the pimples to most areas of the body two days later at most. If not treated in two weeks after the first signs, the patient’s pimples will turn blue, and if not put into immediate intensive care from then, the patient will die in a time-span of twelve hours. Drugs and vaccines were easy to come by in the days of the Lifemaker (albeit, drugs and vaccines for any disease right now, considering the level of technology, wasn't likely), though the disease claimed teenagers easily because the victim and his/her parents easily mistook almost every symptom aside from the blue pimples for signs of puberty. Worst of all, it was contagious, and the symptoms only showed up a week after obtaining the disease. Avalon took a vaccine the instant he hit puberty and he could lay hands on one.

"Yes, probably totally unwitting about Itumovix. Poor souls. Poor, stupid souls that don't know how to name cities properly anymore. It's supposed to be some capitol of progress...And their Headquarters." Avalon said, giving unseen glares at the Circle Knights below.

Blizzard steered Handro back towards the Executioner, attempting to get out of it's way for a brief moment. Once in range, Avalon noticed something far more important.

The flying train's right and left barrels, having successfully launched six rockets at the Executioner, which were so successful in distracting it, suddenly ignited and exploded, the right barrel having too short a fuse to even consider waiting out the last few seconds to blow up on impact with it's target, and it's left, more patient sibling was ignited and detonated with the fires of the explosion, causing another. To add to this, the Train, seething in pain (Avalon was still confused how a machine could feel pain), forgot to dodge the far more lethal Black Wave goo. The train was caught in an appendage and was trapped, and it's only plan was to speed out of it, trying to go up at a 45 degree angle, which was failing rapidly. The tentacle further fastened itself around the train and shrank back towards the Executioner's body, no doubt having eyeing such a massive metal construct to repair itself from the get-go. In fact, just to avoid it breaking free, and despite a good grip that was increasing it's hold with every second, the Executioner spared the tentacles that were just too lazy to do anything, sucking them back in to provide further mass from the sole tentacle that could catch a crazy train. Thinking that it ought to have a second, it took some other tentacles and made a larger one, trying to grip the nearby mining train that nobody gave a d**n about.

Most mages that saw the issue couldn't help, but Vyraz could. With one command of Air Slash to Storm, the blade that none could see was formed, as the blade cut straight through the tentacle, freeing the Crazy train (who was yelling that she was too cute to be devoured a few seconds ago). However, the Mining Train was easily consumed almost on contact, having such a large tentacle after recalling the parts of the previous one that failed to get it's target. The metal it provided was put to use to patch up a few spots on the Executioner, some of the legs, and most of all, a whole arm was replaced with the frontal section of the mining train. It's flexibility, along with a massive, magic-piercing drill and it's sheer size, along with several worthless windows on the side, all made this one change a very fatal one. As it's tendrils grew in size enough to envelop a whole human being and their mount without going back to the Executioner, Many were now being taken on contact, though the limbs appearing from the Mining Train's portholes were rather small for this.

Meanwhile, Avalon noticed a flamethrower fly by almost too close for comfort, just as Handro swerved to avoid another tentacle.

"Oi! No Friendly Fire!" Avalon shouted as he turned around in the direction the flamethrower came from.

A Charizard's rotten corpse, with a half-agape jaw, emerged only enough to reveal the head from a large tentacle. The thing looked like it was in extreme pain, but seemed to not care that it was still alive and hurting former allies with a forced flamethrower attack...Or was it all too aware?

The Executioner's last weapon-those that it consumed-was now being unleashed, as Mages and Pokemon appeared from the surface of every little part of the Wave they could, unleashing various Wave-Tainted attacks and magical spells to kill the adversaries of the Wave. This last weapon was quickly turning the tide, as many were quick to fall with the accurate attacks of their former allies, now corrupted and half-skeleton-half-rotting-flesh, the Wave itself gently seeping on and through the living dead.

Everyone present for this now knew what the people of Lamentur Vail looked like, if they haven't already.

Nevertheless, the Binding Circle's final sealing spell was nearing completion...They just needed to buy some time. If one corpse happened to notice the Mages below, sneakily trying to seal it in it's former prison, it would be all over, and the onslaught of attacks that the undead Mages and Pokemon would make would kill the Mages below instantly. Fortunately, the still ongoing efforts to keep the sandstorm swirling, the earth impossible to climb, and to keep the attacks pressed on all sides made the Executioner care less for the few Mages down below, doing nothing to harm it.

Avalon, however, decided that all of these things weren't enough compared to a lot of electricity flowing through every possible point in the Executioner.

Avalon charged up all of his electricity for a nasty assault on the Mining Train, which threatened to bury the Binding Circle and destroy their hopes of sealing it once and for all, knowingly or otherwise. He let loose probably the biggest bolt of thunder he ever created, and although a mage nearly got fried by it, the attack hit the Mining Train dead-on.

The bolt of lightning practically exploded on contact with the train, causing a good deal of it to suddenly give off multicolored sparks and ripping off a part of it, but no tentacle immediately sprung for helping the matter of repairing it, as the whole of the Executioner was clearly toasted by such an attack as what Avalon produced. Avalon, however, was clearly drained himself: Having used all of his energy in one bolt left him pretty much exhausted. He hoped that the amount of electricity he needed to use to make that was never needed in all of existence ever again.

<"You b***ard! I almost got fried with that!"> Telepathed the hypercritical mage, the lucky, unwilling patron who narrowly got killed by the sheer amount of voltage that made up Avalon's attack. <"I'm your ally, you scum!">

<"What a potty mouth you are. You were just too close to the wrong place at the wrong time. Shut it, before I tell Portia you were disobeying."> Avalon retorted.

<"Shut the f*** up, Avalon!"> The mage tele-yelled, loosing almost all control over himself, and barely looking where he steered his Golurk. <"I don't care! I will listen to the Beta's direct orders, or no orders at all! You b**ch!"> The made added.

Miserably for him, the Golurk's unguided flight path put him-but not his steed-on a crash course with the Executioner's sword. He narrowly missed getting killed again, but got a nasty burn, and rolled over on the Golurk's back just to prevent further damage.

<"Serves you right!"> Avalon telepathed.

The Hexagram was nearing completion...Just a little more time.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(This is severely overdue, but worth the time I spent pondering on it. I think it turned out okay. Five pages in Document format. I wonder how many people will actually bother to read it?)

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Parasanti, Carie's Home/Lab
Affected RPers: White Wolf of the Snow, Kamikaze

Pitch black. It was pitch black. Not even the light from that new kid's moth could pierce it. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face when I raised it to check. There was simply no way to see anything. This couldn't be ordinary darkness. Was this a trap? Was Carie tricking me this whole time? No, it couldn't be, could it?

Carie snapped her fingers once and torches on the walls sprang to life. I could see! And what a sight. Test tubes stretched out across the room on some wall tables. Glass glinting in the light. Pieces of metal, most likely samples she collected. Books, books everywhere that wasn't covered by a shelf containing bottles or test tubes. The floor was gray gravel stone, with a light coat of dust on it. Tomo sneezed from kicking up some dust while moving around to look stuff over, but remained otherwise silent as usual. There was a small kitchen and an icebox in the back of the room, which looked like they were designed for living in this one story building if Carie felt like it. Either there were no windows, or they were hidden from view, but I couldn't see any.

“Okay enough gawking. Let's get to it. Time for a story. Everybody grab a seat.” She said, as her form flickered for about a second and wooden chairs with soft red padding appeared behind everybody including herself. I could feel a breeze move behind me. How did she do that? Was this one of her abilities we didn't yet know about?

I sat down, crossing my legs and Tomo took the chair next to me as Carie began to speak. “Around nine hundred years ago, during the Great Civil War my ancestor and a team he was working with found a blueprint in pre-fall Saffron, perfectly preserved in books carved into aluminum. Whoever left these was probably hoping that somebody else would find it, and my ancestor didn't disappoint. It depicted a warmachine with unimaginable power for it's size, and the ability to improve itself as the situation demanded. As small and almost as intelligent as a human, but one hundred times more durable, ten times as fast, and ten times as strong, it was designed to bring peace and order to the world that we now call ancient. Sadly, the machine was never completed and not even a prototype was built. It is assumed that the project ran out of funds.” Her form flickered again and there was a whoosh of air. I caught the icebox door slamming closed briefly, and Carie was back in her chair sipping a glass of water with ice cubes floating in it. Probably was parched.

“The team knew nothing of machinery or technology, as it had been lost for many years, but they were highly skilled mages. They were pioneers in the field and had learned much in a short time, because while most of the world was fighting, these devoted men and women were figuring out this new thing called magic and what it could do. It is thought that they or their surviving descendants founded what would later be the city of Venefinia, or at least helped in it's beginnings.” She took a sip of water out of her glass and continued. ”It took them five years to concoct the spell needed to perfectly conjure what was in the blueprint, and another year off and on to chant it. The original blueprint was incinerated. But after all that, they found that the warmachine was incomplete and couldn't move. They had no idea what this thing called Software was, and were about to give up on their work until my ancestor Chiron Taker had the idea to create a spell that would bind a human soul to animate the machine. None of the mages were brave enough to submit to the procedure, and he was needed to lead the incantation for the first time to make sure it worked.” Her glass was half full at this point, and she drank some more until there was only a quarter left.

“It just so happened that some of the mages were called away to help the new hero's army fight back the Redeemer rebels attacking Parasanti, but were late getting to the battle. Although the city had been saved, everybody in the unit died. Their wounds were just too serious. Well, almost everybody. One young woman was still barely alive. She had been impaled all the way through by a sword and had passed out from the bleeding.”

“That sounds familiar.....” I said, interrupting the story, but Carie waved her hand at me to be quiet.

“The mages froze her in a block of ice so she wouldn't die right away to preserve her a little longer, and rushed her off to their mountain laboratory in the south. It took another month to craft the spell needed make the machine look like the person in the ice block, and as they finished the spell and transferred the soul with its memories to the warmachine, a messenger came to announce the end of the war. It was too late for the warmachine to be of any use. What was to be called magitech was no longer needed, and the finishing spell to awaken the warmachine was not applied. The mages devoted most of their lives to continuing research into magic, and vowed to one day awaken the warmachine before the end of their lifetimes.” She took another small sip of water here as she paused again.

“Many, many years passed. They were getting old, and life extension spells could only work so long until they ceased having an effect. In the two hundred or so years they had been alive, they had created many useful and some dangerous spells, when screaming was heard outside. What could it be? Monsters. Monsters made from the corpses of the fallen covered in black energy were approaching the mouth of the cave. The magic researchers could do nothing against these monsters and their only hope was to hide their most prized creation: The recreated ancient warmachine. Chiron was able to hide his presence from the monsters by using his ability to become invisible and escaped with most of the important spells that the magic researchers had created by storing the incantations in small recording orbs. One mage had insisted on locking himself in the back room with the warmachine and applied the finishing spell to it. He had locked the door from the inside to keep the monsters out, and was supposed to have starved to death in the room with it. Nobody knows what happened after, and the knowledge of how Chiron actually survived to have children has since been lost.” Pausing here, she took a miniscule sip of water and added. “I also inherited Chiron's ability to become invisible and move at the speed of sound from my mother, but whenever we use either of these too much it tires us out. Anybody who marries into our family must accept the last name Taker, which is how I got it and not my father's last name.” Finished Carie, as she also finished her drink and jiggled the ice around a little before putting it down on one of the arm rests.

It was certainly an interesting story. “I thought you said you knew about me and where I was all that time, but you told us a story about something else.”

Carie laughed loudly and said. “Are you seriously that dense Renita? Have you not put the pieces of the puzzle together yet? You have been up and about for five years, and you have noticed distinct differences between you and other people around you.”

“Uh, no. I'm just very confused.”

“Wow you really are clueless.” She said, as her form flickered again and the glass disappeared from the arm rest as she seemed to stabilize again.

Carie then moved extremely close to my face and said. “I believe you are the magitech warmachine that my ancestor and his team conjured from that ancient blueprint, and that a delay was applied to your awakening to make sure you woke up when those monsters were gone or dead. You were given a second chance at life. However artificial, you are definitely alive.”

“No. Way. No way, no way, no way!” I shook my head wildly at this, hair waving all over and covering my eyes which had started to fill with tears. “Artificial life?! A machine?! No way! Do machines cry, Carie?! Do they?!” I wiped a tear and flicked it at her face in disgust, then sat down again next to Tomo with my arms crossed, who was staring at me and his eyes were glowing again.

“The magic that bound your soul into the machine also allowed it to express your emotions.” She explained, slightly deadpan. Did I detect in her tone that she was feeling sorry for me? She pulled out a small green orb the size of a pebble from the folds of her robe. “This orb can magically project a book that contains all the spells used in your creation. It responds to my voice command and is keyed to my family line. Nobody else can use it except for me or my family, and if we all die out this magic will be lost forever. I keep it with me at all times, because it also contains some of the spells I sometimes use and I need to touch it for them to work.” As interesting as that was, I was still in shock after that revelation earlier.

“Tomo are you believing any of this?! Please tell me she's making it up!” I almost shrieked at him, my voice getting really loud and sounding hysterical.

“Glad I had this place soundproofed.” Carie commented, more to herself than anybody else. “I expected that when I finally found you that you'd react like this.”

“Shut up!” I turned to Tomo again. “Tomo would you please answer me?!” I started to sob again, covering my face and not caring that my hair was ruffled all over.

“Lu.” He simply said, pointing to Carie and nodding as he got up. Probably wanted her to read his mind.

“Tomo wants to tell you that he's known you were an artificial being from the moment he checked your aura for the first time, and now that you know about it too, that it doesn't change anything between you. He will always be there for you, for as long as he can.” Explained Carie, as I continued avoiding her face.

As Tomo was going to sit back down I hugged him tightly and said. “Thank you Tomo, that means a lot to me.” Then I let him go so he could sit down. He simply smiled at me with his arms crossed in his usual way.

I turned to Carie for the first time in a couple of minutes. “So, where's the proof? Do you have some proof besides this cleverly fabricated story?”

She gave me a wide grin at this, ignoring the disbelief and denial. “So you are interested? I can give all of you proof. Follow me into the examination room. I had this built in case I had to dissect you if you weren't yet functional when I found you, but it will serve the purpose I have in mind as well. Chiron's notes did not mention the exact location of the laboratory, so I had no luck finding you until I went over the member manifest one day and read some minds about your location.”

Carie motioned us to follow her to one of the side rooms, where there was what looked like a table similar to the one I woke up on. Curious. On top of it hanging from the ceiling on chains was what looked like a green crystal fashioned into a bowl shape of about 5 inches in diameter. On a nearby wooden table were what looked like tools covered by a blanket, which itself was also covered by a light coat of dust. She paid no attention to the tools and silently motioned me to lie down on the table. I didn't notice any traps, so I complied.

There was a whoosh again as her form flickered and chairs appeared in the room for the others to sit down, as well as an extra one for me even though I was on the examination table. “This crystal amplifies my ability to see, and allows me to project images into the air. It's too heavy to carry around, and all of this is no different than what healers use in Venefinia to see inside of people. I will show you your insides. Ready?”

“Do I have a choice?” I mumbled, laying flat on my back.

“No, you don't, and I assure you this procedure is safe. Just watch what I display for you. There should be no doubts anymore.” Said Carie as she stood to my right, started to chant under her breath, pulled the crystal down close to her left eye, and put her right hand out.

There was a green flash of light in the room as the crystal activated and a beam of light shot from it at my chest, moving slowly toward my feet as she walked and moved the crystal with her. The chains slid on a railing in the ceiling. Carie pointed her hand up at the area above me. Images of metal, none of which I could recognize. Lots of metal. None of it was alive. “According to Chiron's notes about the blueprint, these are called 'wires' and 'transistors'. As you can see, you have no human organs and your skin is also artificial but doesn't clink like metal does. Most blows can't harm it, but you are not yet at full power so don't expect to be doing amazing feats of strength or speed.” Explained Carie as she continued to show me and everybody my insides.

After what seemed like an eternity, she did another short incantation and the green beam ceased. I didn't need to be told to get up, and as I did she said. “So are you convinced yet?” Carie stood by the wooden table, leaning on it slightly on her left side.

“A very clever trick, I'll give you that. It could be a fake. What if I choose to still not believe you?” I asked, sitting down in the empty chair next to Tomo and crossing my arms like him.

“Everybody can choose to believe what they want, but the thing is I believe it, and the proof that I gathered even before examining you today was enough for me.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “We must head for Saffron as soon as we can. Not only do we have to comply with the Beta's request for aid, but there is likely something in the city that is important to you.”

“And if I refuse?” I asked, having a feeling of deja vu of when this whole affair began.

“You can't refuse, unless you don't want to follow a direct order from a superior. We need you Renita. She's my Beta, and I'm your regional Epsilon. For the good of the organization I must comply with her, and I'm requesting everybody's help in this matter. Please, you must go to Saffron with me, even if we show up late.”

“Fine. I'm still not happy about this and don't fully believe you yet.” I said, and still felt like going to the bathroom to cry some more. I felt like I just lost my humanity. Never mind that I thought I was human these past five years since I woke up and I really wasn't.

Carie had more to say, and was being all official-like now. “Everybody check your things and assemble in the main room when you are ready. If anybody needs any food or water I have a person in my employ who stocks the kitchen and keeps the stuff fresh for me when I'm not home. I'm usually hard at work making up minor spells or boiling stuff in a bottle to see what happens, and creating or finding the right spells for others to use is a decent business in itself.” She pointed to a hole in the wall that I hadn't noticed before. “Needless to say, I've had some accidents. I'm still waiting for him to repair that hole from when I almost lost an arm and had to throw the beaker somewhere quickly.”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers
; Latio, Grassy, and Lus

The crew Portia had gathered were just finishing when the Venefinia mages arrived below to take their places at the circle. Everyone was called out of the way as they began their incantations to the sealing spell. Those already in the cavern looked on, unable to attack from below the Executioner without drawing its attention to the mages creating the binding. They waited to defend the mages should the machine notice. There was some trouble with keeping it in place though. The machine was still driven to leave the cavern and reach the people above. Blasts erupted from overhead, Sovereign was able to attack with the barrier no longer working. Catapults and black powder cannons were being fired by Circle Knights as they added to the mages’ attacks. Still, the Executioner was walking away from the circle.

“There has to be something we’re missing.”

Josie turned around and looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean, Beta?”

“I mean, there had to be something that stopped that thing...kept it in place long enough for the circle to take effect. The metal sphere that was there, that’s not what trapped it, only contained it. There had to be something else they used to hold that thing down.” She turned to everyone nearby. “Spread out. Keep clear of the circle and see if you can spot anything that they might have used to stop the Executioner. I know a lot down here is strange, just look for something that seems out of place.”

The group quickly split up to comply. Sonora hovered over the streets again, helping Portia to look from the vantage point. They searched all around the area, listening to sounds of the fight. There was a loud blast from a horn that made Portia look around. The cheeky Armada train had been caught in one of the black tendrils while trying to distract the machine. She looked to have been damaged too. The mage was about to fly over when an Air Slash severed the tendril holding the train. Looking up for the origin, Portia could see Vyraz on his Braviary.

<Portia, what’s that?>

“What’s what, Sonora?” She grabbed hold of the harness when the Flygon suddenly dove.

The dragon stopped above what looked like a large, arched shell on the ground. It was hinged so that it could open, but the wear of time on the swing-hinge looked like it might have frozen. They landed in front of it and Portia started looking around.

“It could be covering something.”

<I saw another one like this before we found the circle.>

Portia looked at the Flygon. “More than one? Must be something then. Wonder if it will open.”

She searched all around the outside of it, but could find no lever or release. Sonora finally put a shoulder to it, digging her claws under the edge and heaving upward. At first, it seemed as if it was frozen. Then, a groan and the first portion of the shell moved fractionally. Portia called over to a nearby member’s Dragonite. He caught hold of the edge beside Sonora who thwacked her tail against the ground as she grunted against the metal shell. With both dragons pulling upward, the hinge gave another groan then screeched as the shell folded back like a fan.

<It’s a dark hole,> the Dragonite said unenthusiastically.

It was true. The opening came out of the ground at an angle, and the sides felt smooth. Ceramic she guessed. Though she had only seen ceramic used for much smaller applications. Crouching down, she could see a glimmer of something a few feet down.

“It’s a dark hole...with something at the bottom.”

Josie flew over on Avalanche. “Beta! Something really strange is happening with that monster!”

Portia turned and looked up to see the surface of the void riddled with the figures that had been drawn in. She shuddered at the sight, but suddenly realized something; the hole she was in front of faced the center of the binding circle. In fact, from where she crouched, she was staring straight up at the Executioner. Turning back to the opening, she swung her feet down.

“There’s something down here, and maybe we’ll get lucky again. Be right back.”

Before anyone could object, she had pushed herself inside. The angle was shallow enough to keep from slipping and it was only about ten feet before she reached something. The tunnel was about four feet wide, so she had to stoop slightly. Portia searched around the obstacle in front of her. From the dim light that worked a way down, she could see that it was some kind of crystal with numerous facets across the surface. The lens did not fill the whole space though. She tried to look past it, until she suddenly felt Bizzy making his way down her arm. He crawled onto the wall and through the gap. He came to a narrower and far deeper hole surrounded by wires. Bizzy would not go any further though.

<There’s sparks down there.>

“What sparks?” Portia asked in confusion.

<Sparks are quiet. Been a long time since they been in here. Sparks hide far down now. Too far for Bizzzy to reach.>

She was trying to understand what he meant. Then it dawned on her. “Bizzy, can you feel static?” When the tiny Pokemon replied yes, she realized that he could sense some kind of energy in the tunnel. “Is the energy still down there?”

<Uh huh. But sparks needs new sparks to reach it.>

Portia was slowly catching on to the odd way Bizzy talked. “We need to give it a jump start, huh?” She thought for a moment. “Bizzy, come on back. I’m gonna need you to use Discharge again.”

The little Pokemon came out and climbed onto her arm. Portia began pulling static to her, forming a ball in her hand. Everyone but Sonora backed away when sparks began to travel up the tunnel as she pulled more from the outside air. She had a powerful cluster between her hands when she called out to Bizzy. As he began to release a huge charge of electricity, the small mage unleashed what she was holding. It shot down the side of the hole like a lightning bolt, taking the added power of Bizzy’s Discharge, into the wires and tunnel further down. The light dissipated, and for a moment Portia thought nothing would happen. Maybe her hunch had been wrong. She had started to sweat, and her hands felt numb from the lightning energy she had been holding.

There was suddenly a hum from far down the tunnel. Far deeper in the ground, turbines were beginning to turn. Bizzy was right, the long forgotten energy storage needed to be sparked back into life. And it was waking quickly. The hum was becoming louder and Portia was on her way back up the tunnel. The sound was making her dizzy though, and the huge expenditure of power had created a crack for other voices to reach the back of her mind. She tried to ignore them, but could barely hear Bizzy calling her to keep going. He saw a light appear at the bottom of the tunnel. Sonora could feel something wrong. Leaning down, her teeth caught hold of Portia’s collar and she pulled the mage clear. Sitting on the ground beside the Flygon, her head slowly stopped spinning.

A door slid open on a thick post behind the open tunnel, dislodging years of dust and dirt as a screen was lit and an artificial voice began to speak. “Impaler four activated out of sequence. Recalculating...

<What is that!? You mean it could have been started from up here?>

Portia was trying to catch her breath when she shrugged at her friend with a lop-sided grin. “Well...I guess they forgot to leave the manual.”

Sequence recalculated. ... Impaler two damaged. All other Impalers activated. Target identified. Recapture protocol level zero. Initiating emergency start-up.

Around the cavern, four other hatch covers –though protected from the elements deep underground- groaned in protest as the hinges turned for the first time in centuries. Each opening was the same distance from the circle and despite the buildings around, each had a straight shot at the Executioner. Packmates scattered as the same hum traveled up the tunnels.

“That thing said...recapture.” Portia was still breathless. “They must have realized it might escape the magic bonds.”

Before she could say anything else, the artificial voice said one word, “Firing.

The hum from the tunnel grew to a roar as a thick beam of blinding light shot out. The Executioner took a step away, but was immediately hit from the other side as well. The cacophony of notes grew to a fevered pitch as three more bolts of pure energy slammed into the dark machine. Tendrils were pulled back into the dark void as it shrank against itself inside the broken armor. Portia was shrinking back as well. Trying to escape the terrible noise being made she backed up against Sonora as much as she could. How there was enough power stored for so long, she would never know, but the Impalers were holding the machine in place and it had stopped its attacks. The mages were reaching completion, too focused on their incantations by now to hear the strangled notes coming from the Executioner.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino and Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Outside of Saffron
Affected RPers: Grassy, Kris and Lus

Avalon looked down at where the thing was being sealed. Nothing was working to keep the Executioner in place. the attacks coming from the Executioner and the defenders were starting to take up a tune all of it's own. However, Avalon's biggest care was his lack of energy: No attack he could try right now could work, he was too exausted. He might just commit suicide on a weak attack right now.

Blizzard noticed Avalon's unfortunate dillema. While freezing a tendril that was coming towards them solid, Blizzard allowed Avalon to slide off of Handro to recharge at some un-burnt trees.

He was just about to reach for the wood, when he felt it again. Immense pain, all over his body. The release of electricity was much more minor this time, but Avalon was still coated in indigo lines, forced to think about nothing but one single scenario yet again.

Avalon was somewhere. Or rather, nowhere: The whole place seemed black. There was no light here at all. No sound, no scent, no anything. Except him. The form he took wasn't human. But then again, neither was the hand that reached out for him out of the black: It was the size of the Executioner he was fighting back at Saffron, and it was slimy and had seven fingers, and it didn't have any flesh at all: Pure bone, nothing more. Avalon's head was the only thing that wasn't gripped. But the very touch was extremely painful. It seemed to match the pain the Train seemed to be in earlier...Or beat it. Avalon forced the very idea of screaming in agony down his throat.

He got the sensation that the hand was moving very, very fast, but there was nothing like air breezing in his face to tell him that. Just pain. Then he saw the owner.

It looked like a living graveyard: Seven massive corpses, half-decayed flesh and half-skeleton made up most of it, with the Wave's liquid seemingly coming out of every hole it could, being there, seeping through every bone and undead muscle. In the liquid, probably millions of much smaller corpses were dotted here and there, chanting a song without English...The whole thing looked snakelike, minus the proper limbs poking out everywhere. One corpse-the massvie corpse that was gripping him-looked like the only one that didn't seem to be in immense pain of the trillions of faces everywhere. This corpse was also the only one that wasn't singing. Avalon couldn't cover his ears, he was subjected to the call, and it was probably the worst sensation in the world right now, to be subjected to listen to the Call at it's very source, forced to feel it on almsot every skin cell on his new body.

"YOU will NOT survive! I will use ALL of MY power to KILL you AND your SOUL!!" The corpse that gripped him said. It was the same voice that directly questioned why he fought against him.

Avalon promptly spat on his arm. Considering he wasn't human (Though certainly more than whatever gripped him), he wasn't expecting straight-up saliva-though blue fire was something fun. The skeletal hand let go of him at once, allowing him to briefly probe the odd body he somehow obtained. Meanwhile, although he already put it out, the whole of the mass graveyard seemed to detest the very thought of attack.

"GAHHHHHHH!!!! YOU...YoU WILL DiE...I WiLL MaKe SurE OF suCH a THinG!" The head of the d**ned chorus yelled, the Calling voices getting a little more violent. Avalon scanned the body of the corpse that spoke to him more thoroughly, and found what looked EXACTLY like the Executioner, half-sunken in the Black Wave, seemingly chanting (in a horrible singing voice) the same stupid song every other corpse chanted.

This explained a lot.

"You. Idiot." Avalon started. "I don't care what you were, what you are, and what you're going to be, but I do care about where you're going to go: to hell!" Avalon yelled. "Go to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass go, and do not collect two hundred! Avalon added.

"YOU DEFIANT DEMON! I WiLL kIll aLL oF YoU, ANd tHerE wIll BE no EXcEpTiONs!"
The massive corpse yelled. "yOu aND yOuR PUTRID rAce wIlL NeVEr dARe to dEFIle OUR wORLd EVER AGAIN!!!" The corpse screamed. "anD YOU WilL bE mY gReaTESt TRiumPH!" The corpse screamed at it's loudest yet.

"I hope you weren't aiming to impress me or anything, because I'm not impressed." Avalon said, with what he hoped was a smirk.

Avalon broke free of the trance, and lost sight of the wave-infected corpses entirely, and he was back fighting the Executioner in a human body very close to the black flames, Blizzard nearby him, supporting his body. Numerous signs that he had been electrocuted slightly to support Avalon’s body were evident.

"Sorry 'bout that..." Avalon said as he sucked out some of the life force out of a tree. The duo of Blizzard and Avalon quickly remounted Handro, who took off like a bullet to avoid the flames.

Meanwhile, Vyraz was cutting every tentacle he could, finding a new way to help out in the battle. However, this assistance was no longer needed in a few seconds. The Impalers hit their target, immobilizing it. Whatever Portia did down there, she pretty much made the Executioner nearly harmless. The attacks coming from their fallen allies were quite intense, but otherwise that was the Executioner's only defense-and it's best. Unfortunately, if something went wrong now, there would be no way the Executioner would be able to be sealed. The World would be at the Wave's mercy once more.

He then saw Jamal get hit by a Hyper Beam from a fallen Gyrados.

That made no sense, as Gyrados weren't being used in the battle at all. This meant that it was more than just their fallen allies. But who cared? That was Jamal getting hit, dead-on, by the world's most powerful attack. Only his legs remained intact.

Then, as if by some odd miracle-though the foggiest hope and idea formed in Vyraz's mind as it happened-the legs started to reform the hips, which reformed the torso and arms, which recreated the head...Jamal looked shocked, as was everybody else that witnessed it, but there was no mistaking it-Jamal was alive.

He also looked bloody mad after he got the same realization as Vyraz did.

"AVVVVALONNNN!!!!!" Jamal roared, rounding upon Handro like his passengers were filth.

"If you rammed into the regeneration ability orb, it's not my fault." Avalon said.

"FIX ME! NOW!" Jamal yelled, utterly disgusted that he could do anything magical, even if he still wasn't a Mage. Or what he did saved his life.

"You dreamed of strangling me. I don't think anybody would help you if you dream of strangling them." Avalon said, having used his psychic powers the night before to know what Jamal thought.

Jamal looked ready to relive his dreams. Vyraz intervened, however, rushing in close and separating them.

"Cool it! I wouldn't want to lose something that saved my life, no matter what it is..." Vyraz said, staring at Jamal, pushing him and Avalon away with his arms. When Jamal tried climbing over to Storm, he knew that this wasn't enough. "I will not go to Magansanti, or even consider selling these artifacts, if you dare touch Avalon. Understand?" Vyraz added.

Jamal looked offended to the highest degree. But he also looked like he had no choice in the matter. He climbed back onto his Pelipper, and flew away from them.

"Thank Arceus..." Avalon said.

"Who's Arceus?" Vyraz asked.

"Nobody you need to know about." Avalon said, recovering himself.

"Who's Arceus? I want to know." Vyraz asked, a little more determined.

Avalon had no reason to hide it. So he shared. "Arceus was the Nether God who created our world and the Pokemon. He didn't create humans-we just appeared here. He was the Nether God who gave up his powers and memories to the Lifemaker. Nobody knew what Arceus looked like, and if it wasn't for the Lifemaker we wouldn't know his name, but we all assumed he was some larger form of an avatar the Lifemaker sometimes appeared as."

"...OK, you're right, I really didn't need to know." Vyraz said, just bored at the trivia. He appreciated the Lifemaker more than this Arceus character.

Handro and Storm split, just in time to avoid another Hyper Beam attack from the same Gyrados that nearly killed Jamal. Avalon shot a jolt of electricity at it, and the corpse disintegrated.

Meanwhile, Vyraz was ordering as many Air Slash attacks as possible on as many of the corpses of those that fell to the Wave. He wasn't about to relent, when the goal was so close; The sealing Hexagram was so close to completion, he could taste it...
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Butters, Tsuki Estrada and Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Parasanti, Carie’s Home/Lab
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Kamikaze

Butters had always been one to be fascinated by strange things, if you consider buttercups strange. With the way you think he acted, many would expect him to be interested in things like toys and homemade Pokemon dolls, and things of the like. But it was things like this he was interested in, though it took him much longer to understand it. As the lights flickered on as the mystery-cloak-lady (that was what he recognized her by, even though he knew her name from others saying it) snapped her fingers, his blue eyes instantly went wide. Butters looked very out of place here, among the books and fancy tubes and vials and such, with his burlap clothing and his callused bare feet, but he didn’t care. There were so many books! He wished he could read them. He had forgotten how to read during the time that he had been wandering. Then, Butters heard the mystery-cloak-lady to tell them to stop gawking, and he looked away from the curious things around him guiltily.

Tsuki was absolutely fascinated, as well. Kozanar showed a very slight hint of interest, but wasn’t going to admit it to Tsuki for anything. They turned their attention on Carie.

Butters’ mind worked to try and understand what he was hearing, as the mystery-cloak-lady began to speak. His brow furrowed slightly. As far as he understood, there was a war, and some people were trying to stop it. But they didn’t have what they needed to do it? By time he had finished processing that much, Carie had moved onto the whole soul-transfer thing, and that’s what Butters’ mind lodged itself on. So that girl wasn’t real? She was just some weird metal thingy? But she seemed to be there, alive, standing, and… fleshy. He was in the right mind to go right up to Renita and poke her, but if she was some strange, metal demon-thing, he didn’t feel like it.

As their location transitioned into the smaller room, Kozanar and Pyreflight both seemed to be increasingly edgy. Kozanar, because he was thoroughly unnerved by the fact that they could transfer someone’s soul, and Pyreflight, just because she definitely didn’t trust this person now that she knew Renita was a war machine. Butters knew that the girl was some kind of weapon, but the fact that she was still technically human wasn’t settling in his mind very well. How can someone like that be human? It was quite strange to him.

In the end, Butters processed this (in his terms): Renita is fake, mystery-cloak-lady is a very smart mage that can move faster than we can see, and we’ve got to be somewhere called Saffron because some person told us to. He had many questions about this whole thing, and began milling over everything that mystery-cloak-lady had told them, trying to understand the finer details. General ideas were his forte. Trying to figure out miniscule details was like moving a mountain for him, though he was always determined to try and figure it out on his own.

Suddenly, the fact that they were going to another place crept to the front of his consciousness. They were going someplace new! New! A large smile spread across his face. He didn’t get that their destination would bring the threat of dying, or being mortally wounded, just the fact that they were going someplace different! A place he had never seen before! That consumed every particle of his thoughts, and he squirmed slightly, completely and totally excited.

Tsuki smiled and nodded. ”Isn’t that cool, Kozanar? She’s actually a war machine!”

”I think it’s ridiculous. People die every day, and they should have just let it happen.”

”If you had the chance to let dad live, would you have just ‘let it happen’?”

This was met with silence from Kozanar, and he glared, but subdued his attitude considerably. She tugged him out of the room to go and check their supplies. Butters, on the other hand, stayed and watched Renita curiously, not exactly realizing that he was staring. He was a bit scared of her, now.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Armada
Affected RPers: Grassy, Latio, k_pop

There was no possible way for Magister Delani to properly pronounce the incantations he was reciting, but he was sure as hell doing far better than Sovereign had expected. A trait of master mages was their incredible (sometimes magically-enhanced) memory for incantations; as such it only took Sovereign to describe the words once for them to be able to perform the ritual. Even one as otherworldly as this.

"Naglglui fth'nafh wgah'Ph'n mglwag"
"Ughikl oihgl'u Ph'n ei hg'Ph'n!"

Sovereign was not privy to the knowledge of where this language had come from, who had spoke it, or even what it was called. He only knew the content of a single line from this ritual, which, the Architects had implied to have some greater significance than a mere magical sealing spell.

As if on cue, the lines of the hexagram suddenly exploded with light, forming ghostly green walls of light along the lines that reached into the heavens. The skies were turning dark, bleeding with shapes of blackish blue and purple, colors of the twilight heavens, even though the sun was still high in the sky. Was it a result of the spell, or some work of the Wave? Or something else entirely?

"That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die."

As Legion's melancholic words floated into the air, the Executioner suddenly shifted again. Perhaps it sensed that the end of its rampage was near; most probably not, as the thing had not the intellect to realize such things. Likely as a reaction to the power of the sealing spell, the black substance, not truly liquid nor gas nor solid, overflowed from the metal confines of the great steel giant. The Executioner suddenly lost all shape, shifting into a great, black, formless plasmid the mere sight of which produced a sensation of wanting to vomit in the stomach.

It could have been midnight now, if not for the utter lack of a moon or stars and the fact that the great yellow circle of the sun still shone in the sky, yet powerless to bring its light to anything. A tendril of Other, darker than the night sky, darker than the Executioner, darker than even the darkest shades of black, descended from the cloudless sky. Where was it emerging from? It was impossible to say. When Sovereign saw through the eyes of his avatar, what his sensors could detect, gave no understanding of what was happening in the sky. When he looked up, there were shapes in the sky that he could not comprehend. The tendril of Other had its base attached to everything and nothing.

The chanting of Magister Delani grew to its loudest volume yet. Elsewhere, on the other five points of the hexagram, the other Venefinia mages were sure to be doing the same. The formless plasmid that had consumed the Executioner was now surging upwards, as though attacking the tendril descending from the heavens. But it fell away at the tendril's touch, which slowly wrapped its way around the Executioner, causing it to shrink.

Delani screamed at the top of his lungs, and pushed his hands forward. The great walls of the hexagram suddenly shot inwards, smashing into the Executioner and disappearing. A pillar of green light ascended into the sky, and both the Other and the dark sky disappeared, replaced by the familiar blue. When the light faded, the black Waveborne mass had disappeared, replaced by the Executioner's original form, battered and broken. But even as Sovereign watched, the Executioner was being repaired: missing chunks of armor was being replaced, its internals magically reassembling themselves. Before long it was pristine, yet unmoving.

Magister Delani looked at Sovereign, his eyes great glassy orbs. "What. The. Hell. Was. That?"

Sovereign couldn't blame him. None of the people here could possibly have ever seen that brand of magic before. The last time it had been used was during the Black Wave. "Congratulations, Magister," Sovereign said. "You have tapped into a force beyond your imagination. You should be considered the greatest mage of your generation for being able to perform such a spell flawlessly."

The entirely battlefield was silent. The Kingdom's Executioner still stood, entirely motionless yet trembling with rage. Soon, someone approached the two of them, standing atop the hillside. A Circle Knight, whose armor was the most decorated they had seen yet. When he came close, he took off his helmet, revealing that he was not in fact, a he at all. A woman, close to her 40s, red hair in a tight bun behind her head.

"I am Knight-General Mered," she introduced herself, just the tiniest tone of scorn in her voice as she looked at Delani. "We will be taking possession of the Executioner."

"WHAT? NO!" Delani shouted, his surprise evident, and his hand reached out towards Mered. He was quickly stopped, however, by the Knight's drawing of her sword.

"And you're going to stop us, Magister?"

Delani gritted his teeth. The mages had obviously done far more to the sealing of the Executioner than had the Circle Knights. In addition, letting so powerful an entity to fall into the hands of the Order of the Red Circle was insanity. And yet, as his eyes searched the battlefield, the Circle Knights vastly outnumbered the mages here. There was no doubt who would win if it came down to a fight. So with fists clenched and teeth grinding, he turned away and walked down the hillside, refusing to be in the presence of a Knight-General for a second more.

Mered merely smiled, a light, innocent smile that seemed out of place on her face. She turned to Sovereign. "Is the sealing spell dependent on its location?"

Sovereign had his avatar shake its head.

"Very well." She turned back around, and shouted down orders to the Knights below. "Send these mages back into the city! Form a perimeter around the Executioner! No civilians or mages are to approach until the Executioner is moved to Itum!"

She turned back to Sovereign, and made a deep bow. "Thank you, Master of the Armada."

Edorath stared at her back as she strode back down the hill. His eyes then caught his true form, still floating in the sky. Without a word, he started walking back to Saffron.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino and Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Outside of Saffron, Vyraz En-Route to Magansanti, Avalon En-Route to Fort Aer.
Affected RPers: Grassy, Lus and Kris

The Hexagram was beginning the final steps to sealing.

Then the universe went haywire.

"OH MY GOSH, THE WORLD'S ENDING! IT'S ARMAGEDDON! FLEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" Avalon screamed as the sky decided to change colors from a nice blue to a murky and sinister indigo...Exactly like Avalon's own Aura...

Then the Executioner turned into what one could call 'a whole lot of nothing,' having the void from within consume the whole Executioner.

Then a much more massive tentacle from the sky decided to reunite with it's plasmid-like buddy on the ground. With both closing in, the massive tendril giving the plasmid a massive embrace, the Tentacle vanished when the Sealing Spell was completed, leaving behind nothing of either the mass of the weird tentacle nor the indigo-black sky, but did leave behind the Executioner-Somehow still able to repair itself, despite Jamal having obtained the magical Regeneration ability.

"You knew it wasn't Armageddon. Don’t' even try to deny it." Blizzard said.

"Yhea, you're totally right." Avalon said. "There's nothing like a good dose of reasonable panic about the universe suddenly being sucked into a massive tendril of the Black Wave!" Avalon added.

"You gave me a heart attack from hearing that!" Vyraz said, flying nearby.

However, Jamal was looking homicidal. A few of the younger, more lighthearted defenders were laughing at him for screaming like a little girl at the sight of such a tentacle, and was now approaching the source of all the pandemonium with a fury to match the massive chain of corpses Avalon saw earlier.

"YOU B***ARD! I'LL F***ING KILL YOU FOR THIS!!!!" Jamal yelled, attempting to strangle Avalon again.

"Remember Magansanti!" Vyraz said.

Jamal's hands were on Avalon's neck when Vyraz said that, and Jamal didn't look completely comfortable to let go of someone so unworthy of life. He let go, slowly, backing up to Vyraz.

"I assume that we'll meet again either when he's dead, you get away from him, or he's learned better than to strangle me." Avalon said, thinking logically.

"Quite so." Vyraz said. Devex, almost completely forgotten in the battle by his very owner, now decided to let go briefly of Vyraz's arm to observe the scene from his own view.

Seeing the Circle Knights demand an Executioner they barely worked for was laughable, and only Jamal, still seething in anger, remained silent as the other three privately chuckled about such a demand. The Circle Knights got it, too.

A nearby Circle Knight was shoving the quad off from the Executioner, demanding they go back to Saffron. Devex got in front of Vyraz when the Knight pushed him a little to violently, looking like it got offended in the worst way possible. Vyraz attempted escape from the scenario where Devex kills the Knight, despite the grudge against the Circle Knights he still harbored.

"Good sir, I was actually going to Magansanti when this was over, on a request from a friend..." Vyraz said, looking at Jamal with the slightest trace of annoyance. "...It's urgent that we take off soon, so please don't push."

The Knight obeyed, making sure that they were mounted on Storm and Jamal's Pelipper nice, and making sure they did nothing other than take off and leave for Magansanti.

Vyraz never saw Magansanti before. The place would probably treat such a Noble as Vyraz well enough, and the King would probably pay a fortune for two of the artifacts they discovered, not counting the rest of them. He felt like he did the job right, as the Executioner was technically out of commission. After selling the artifacts and touring the Magansanti Labs, he'd head back to Itum. Avalon would do whatever he desired, but maybe his travels would take him back to Itum as well.

Jamal, however, would just go for the money-But would stay for his reasons. Reasons that he swore wouldn't involve anything like the Magansanti Lab tours of which he knew absolutely nothing about.

Meanwhile, as Avalon watched them as they became nothing more than specks in the sky, the Circle Knight resumed keeping them out of sight range of them, pushing them towards a forest that, incredibly, managed to keep untouched by the black flames, which mysteriously extinguished upon sealing.

"Hold it! We can't take off in a forest! We were going to go to Fort Aer!" Avalon said.

"We were?" Blizzard whispered in an undertone.

"We are now!" Avalon mumbled back. The Circle Knight, looking suspiciously at the duo, allowed them the same privilege, letting them get on Handro's back, the flock of Murkrow still present (and annoying the Circle Knight). Handro took off, the Murkrow crowing their tunes for all to hear. Handro then let loose a louder call to silence them.

"...You did tell them that you're not an 'innocent' fifteen-year old, didn't you?" Blizzard asked.

"They didn't even ask!" Avalon said. "They weren't going to ask anyways, so why tell them! Besides, Vyraz might have let Jamal kill me if they knew...If Jamal could!" he added.

Both of them laughed, knowing full-well that Jamal would have been killed in seconds, Magic or no Magic, weapons or no weapons.

"...But seriously, Fort Aer? That's probably been destroyed!" Blizzard asked. "For all we know, it's probably just a massive ruin!"

"...You didn't come from Fort Aer?" Avalon asked.

"No, I didn't. I burrowed my way out of Mancia's underground ruins. Gave a few people outside a bit of a shock when I did. I flew over to Saffron, following the Flying Train, because I knew that if there was a catastrophe around where you were last known to be located, it had to involve you somehow. Oh, yes, I also heard about rumors of this 'giant monster' from the Mancian...slaves?" Blizzard said. "...I'm not sure if they won their independance or not, getting angry at being called a slave doens't really qualify for evidence."

"So...Is there anybody else at Fort Aer's cryogenic storage pods?" Avalon asked. He knew full-well that three other friends were at Fort Aer when he took the deep freeze in Saffron, though considering Blizzard was awake for far longer, he'd probably know if they froze themselves too.

"I know someone decided to stay at Fort Aer. Karazin, probably."

Karazin was well-known to be smarter than some Alakazam, and he was a curious fellow at that. Considering the high-level tech at Fort Aer, he'd be drawn to it like a Volbeat to an Imilluse.

"...Well, maybe he's in cryogenic storage, like us!" Avalon said. "And maybe, if he is in cryogenic storage, we could give him a wake-up call!" Avalon added.

"...Smart...We need each other...Now more than ever..." Blizzard said.

"...There's just one thing I don't get!" Avalon said. "Why don't I see anything like a re-creation of a Poke-Ball?" Avalon asked.

"I don't know. It would be easy, though. It's simply creating a small world. In a sphere. The size of my palm. That can shrink." Blizzard said, sarcastically.

"You've made your point!" Avalon said, no longer able to see the giant Executioner off in the distance. Thank Arceus too-it was getting annoying to focus on such a massive metal monstrosity that was loud and stupid and irritating.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Blagh post is blagh.)

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Saffron, City of Ancients
Affected Rpers: Latio (before he left), Lusankya, and k_pop

She was desperate. The tendrils had thickened, dragging her further and further in. She wouldn't be able to escape, and would become a mindless drone of the dead gods...A fate she would much rather avoid; sure, her mind had already crumbled to the smallest degree of sanity, but even that was preferable to being consumed by darkness. She heard something, however, and suddenly the pressure was gone. Noting the men who had freed her, she honked her horn in acknowledgement before turning away to leave.

By now, light had consumed the Executioner, transforming it into a black blob of...Blobbiness. [It's working!] Lud stated. [But, if Magister Delani is down there...Who is this Delani?] That was right! She'd completely forgotten. Swiveling the camera inside, she focused on the unconscious fake Magister...Watching as his form shifted. Lo and behold, it was actually Ricon, Delani's Alakazam. But why deceive her? Hmph. Probably to amuse himself, most likely. It didn't matter, anyway, as another tendril consumed the one from the Executioner.

Just like that, everything was fine and dandy again with a lifeless, yet pristine, Executioner. Delani and a Circle Knight began to argue over it, but Delani lost. Chugging along, she pulled up alongside him, landing heavily. She was seriously low on power, and would need a charge to be able to make it back to Fort Aer. {Delani...Ricon got knocked out. He'll need some attention.}

"I...Yes. I suppose. I am rather upset over that knight getting the Executioner...They will suppress us even more." Lud was helping the Alakazam out, before having a brilliant idea. A weak Water Gun technique on the face woke up the Psychic Type rather quickly, although it had a major headache.

{Will you be able to get back?}

"Yes. You need to see to your own wounds. I appreciate the help, however. I hope the Fleet and the Magister Circle will remain allies."

{Ha ha~ Just be careful not to tick us off~}

He grinned. Yes, she nearly short-circuited! He grinned! "I will keep that in mind. Again, give Sovereign my thanks. I will gather my mages." As he walked off, she could only sigh. The hole the Executioner had emerged from was just a short distance away, but she couldn't get to it. Her power supply was so low...There was a mage with a Joltik down there, the perfect thing to recharge a depleted energy store that ran on electricity. She'd just have to wait, she supposed.

In the meantime, she contacted Sovereign. {Sovereign-sama, Magister Delani wishes to give his thanks. He hopes the Magister Circle and the Fleet will remain on good terms.} She remained silent for a moment. {Um...I hope I'm not intruding but...Shouldn't we take the Executioner, not the Circle Knights? It's crazy - and I know crazy - to let them have it. We could use its ancient technology to help keep the Fleet going. Besides, I'm not exactly fond of the Circle Knights...They always give me "the look". I don't like them.} She coughed, a sputter from her engine. {Agh...Sorry. Got caught in a tendril of the black crud. Someone saved me, though. But now I don't have my rocket launchers any more...And a giant hole in my head. It hurts...}

What could he do, though? Was she merely seeking security from him, an "it's okay", that her injuries would get better? He hadn't said anything when she had been caught by the Wave...And it honestly hurt her to the soul. She had always viewed him like a big brother - and he was to many of the Fleet - yet...Did she not help? Did she not do her part? Was she...

Was she worthless?

She hoped that her feelings of doubt and anger hadn't transmitted over the communication link. She knew that feelings such as those opened the mind to the Call, but...Well, she didn't hear anything right now other than her own thoughts.

It made her feel lonely.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
En-Route to Magansanti
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz felt refreshed. The Executioner was sealed, and would stay sealed for a very long time, possibly forever. This monumentous acheivement aside, he had saved lifes, he was free from interacting with Mages and Circle Knights, and best of all, he was heading to somewhere new: Magansanti. It was truly a simple bonus to be able to sell the artifacts to the Magan King. The exploration of the Magansanti labs were going to be a highlight of their trip, however.

But there was one loss that was weighing down all those victories: Jamal's attitude, which had yet to recover from obtaining the Regeneration ability and being caught for screaming in panic like a girl around some younger defenders. Jamal wouldn't do anything other than steer his Pelipper and mutter incoherent speech under his breath.

"...So, Jamal! How do you feel, after taking on that massive Executioner and helping to seal it? Refreshed? Happy? Something else?" Vyraz asked, hoping for some response.

Jamal didn't respond in the slightest.

"...How do you feel about going to Magansanti? It's somewhere we've never been before? Are you excited?" Vyraz asked.

Jamal didn't respond.

"...How do you feel about selling the artifacts to the Magan King himself?" Vyraz asked, coming a little closer to Jamal.

No response.

"...Jamal? Jamal? Jamal, answer me! Now!" Vyraz said, now coming closer.

No response, though Jamal didn't seem to realize that Vyraz was close enough to hear what he was muttering.

"...Mage scum...The f***ing b***ards...That mother****ing b**ch Avalon..."

"JAMAL! For one thing, lingering on what makes you miserable will NOT help you get over it! Now, I'm your captain, ship or no ship, so either respond to my sentances, or you'll not get so much as a chip of a bronze coin from the profits of selling the artifacts! JAMAL, RESPOND NOW!"

Jamal responded at last. Whipping his face around with enough force to knock something the size and weight of the moon to the moon and turn the latter to dust, Jamal looked more outraged and more frightening than the Executioner's half-wave form, and quite frankly, the Executioner looked impossible to top in terms of rage and looked more frightening than anything Vyraz had ever laid eyes to in his life.

Vyraz got his wish, and decided he didn't want to have it granted to begin with. He decided to cease attempts to make contact with Jamal, and instead focused on flying Storm through the mountains ahead. The chance of snowstorms on the mountains was going to be there, and said chance was high.


Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
En-Route to Fort Aer
Affected RPers: N/A

The sea and the sky seemed endless: both lies. They had limits and were, in comparison to the rest of the universe, very, very, very small. The Murkrow around Handro, however, obstructed both from view, so the only thing for Avalon and Blizzard to do was ask each other questions.

"...Assuming Karazin is at Fort Aer, do you know where Natalie and Mario are?" Avalon asked.

"Not a clue. I've checked Mancia's cyrogenic pods, and they weren't there. They're either long-dead or frozen somewhere...Other than Mancia and Saffron, of course." Blizzard said.

"That would leave Paransanti, Lamentur Vail and Magansanti." Avalon said. "Again, assuming that Karazin is at Fort Aer."

A little silence.

"...So, is there anything I should know about Vyraz?" Blizzard asked. "It's in case we meet again."

"The dude's calm, cool, smart and curious." Avalon said. "Aside from the Shiny Braviary, he's got a Porygon-Z named Devex who apparently loves Vyraz-or his arm, can't tell which. He's also curious into Suicune...Shame he's dead." Avalon said. "...So, I just told Vyraz that Suicune was squished by a Nether God corpse, by the by. Just a joke, of course. Probably was killed by the Wave." Avalon said.

"That, or something else." Blizzard said.

"What are you talking about?" Avalon asked.

"...Suicune went MIA. He vanished after a battle between the Redeemers and the Lifemaker's armies at Mancia, and wasn't heard from again. Nobody knows what happened to him." Blizzard said.

Silence yet again.

"...So, do you know what Legends are alive?" Avalon asked.

"You've got me. I saw a statue of Rayquaza in a city while flying over to Saffron. Rayquaza may have survived." Blizzard said. "Other than that, we're in the dark."


"...Is it just me, or are the skies getting darker?" Avalon asked.

This was something to note. the area around them was darkening; they were entering the nebulous edge of the Ending World. Sooner than expected, too.

"Do you think that Handro's getting faster, or is the Ending World...Expanding?" Blizzard asked.

A terrible feeling emerged in Avalon's stomach at the very thought. It would be nightmarish for such a place as the Ending World to become larger.

"I hope not." Avalon said. "But honestly, We have no idea."

The two simotaniously gulped after a second.

(Ooc: Bleh travel posts are super bleh. Bleeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh.)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

OOC: What a twist!


Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers;

When the Venefinia mages were reaching the climax of their spell, the Executioner was surrounded by the green light of the binding and the energy beams from the Impalers disappeared. Portia almost did not notice as she was watching the sight in front of her. The Wave had stopped its discordant dirge, but the formless void inside had completely covered the machine before being engulfed by another tendril descending from the pitch black sky. A column of light finished the spell and the darkness disappeared. The Executioner was left standing as it was before, motionless. Still sitting on the ground beside Sonora, Portia breathed a sigh of relief. A couple of people who had caught up to them jumped slightly when the voice from the electronic pillar spoke up again.

Target immobilized. Power depletion ninety-five percent. Immediate recharge is recommended. Shutting down Impaler Defense System.

The panel closed over the post window while each of the hinged gates groaned as they turned to cover the opening into the Impalers. In the quiet that was finally filling the rift, Portia heard the Knight-General’s claim over the Executioner through her wind orb, still active to communicate with the leaders on the surface. Those in earshot were in disbelief and a couple were irate to hear the audacious statement. The small mage stood up and shook her head.

“As irritating as it is, Magister Delani is right to stand down. Knights outnumber the mages up there right now, and we’re all exhausted and broken down from fighting that thing.”

The Packmate with a Dragonite argued the point indignantly. “But, Beta, that only makes it worse! We’ve been fighting that thing for hours and lost so many to it...and they’re just going to outright claim it? It isn’t right!”

Portia nodded. “I know, but listen. They may outnumber the mages up there, but they do not outnumber our Pack. We’ll keep watch and hope that they don’t find a way to use this machine against us. Alright, let’s split in two groups and make a sweep around the outside of the circle. I want to make sure no one gets stuck down here.”

It was right then that a group of Knights approached them. The officer called over gruffly. “You’re all supposed to leave this area immediately.”

The small woman smiled politely at them. “And we certainly don’t want to stay down here near that heap of trouble any longer. But, you’ll have to excuse us, sir. Surely you wouldn’t deny us a few minutes to make sure everyone who helped makes it out of here safely?”

The Knight did not miss the disapproving glances from a couple of people with her, but did not stop them. There were too many Knights entering the ancient city for them to oppose anyway. “No one is to approach the machine or you will be detained. And I had better see you leaving in the next few minutes, understood?”

“Perfectly, understood. Thank you very much.”

They quickly split up in two directions to find everyone. Portia’s group was about a third of the way around when they came to a partially collapsed building that had been damaged in the fight. Several other members were standing outside, trying to get someone to come out before it fell completely.

“What’s going on here?”

A tall, dark-haired woman with a rather severe gaze behind her thin glasses looked at Portia. “Beta ma’am, he’s just being completely impossible. He refuses to leave this place and it’s ready to collapse. The boy will not listen.”

A voice called from inside. “I refuse to listen, Gamma, because there’s something in here!”

Portia recognized the voice immediately and chuckled. “Bradley, you always manage to get on someone’s bad side. What did you find?”

“A tunnel. It’s been here for a long time too by the looks of it. I figured you’d want to know.”

“Whether she wants to know or not, we have to leave before these Knights decide we’re taking too long down here,” retorted the Gamma.

In fact, Portia was very interested to hear that. A tunnel under the had to be there for a reason. Her natural curiosity was getting the better of her. Besides, while she did not mind retreating, she did not like to be pushed anywhere. She was tired, everyone had put so much energy into that fight. She bit on her nail as her mind worked quickly. Sonora nudged her as the Gamma was trying to get her attention.

“Are you going to tell him to come out?”

“No, Zari. I’m going in.” There was an immediate disapproval. “Hush, hush! Just listen up. I’m going to see if there’s anything unusual about that tunnel. It should only take a minute or two.”

Near the circle, Several Knights looked up at a loud crash from nearby and someone yelling. “Miss Portia! Bradley! Get out now, it’s gonna fall!”

A small group ran over to check out what was happening and saw a cloud of dust escape from the building that was creaking dangerously. There were some shouts from inside. Another crash and the whole structure groaned as it crumbled in on itself. A couple of people had to be pulled back as debris and a much larger cloud of dust were blown outward from the force. Several members from the group immediately began climbing onto the heap, trying to move things out of the way.

“Hey,” one of the Knights called up to them. “You should already be out of here. You need to get going before anything else gets broken.”

Zari glared at the man. “Are you saying, sir, that this is our fault? We have comrades under there and are trying to find them.”

The Knight hesitated, but only slightly at the lovely woman’s severe gaze. “Listen, we have our orders and there is little to no chance that anyone could survive a collapse like that. You’d only be wasting time and energy, not to mention causing trouble for all of us if you try to stay. So, you’d better move on.”

Zari looked the broken building over worriedly then turned to the Knight. She narrowed her eyes before speaking. “Very well. We’re leaving.” There were a few shouts of defiance, but Zari turned her sharp glare on them. “We are leaving. I will not allow any more trouble today.”

There was no hiding the hateful looks from many of the mages as they mounted their flying Pokemon to leave. Knights surrounding the rift watched them carefully as the group flew out. They caught up to the rest of the Cullen waiting there. Zari slid off of her Fearow’s back. She looked at everyone who was nearby.

“It seems that I’ve been left in charge for the moment. Get together all our fallen Packmates and we’ll leave them to their monstrosity. There is a lot to be cleaned up and fixed in the city and anyone able to help would be appreciated. I’d like to see Orin and Otto when we get back, please. Everyone else can go.”

The Gamma’s no-nonsense attitude was acknowledged, though not without a lot of irritation and resentment. Before they all left, Zari walked over to the train sitting outside the rift. A young mage came along, being trailed by a rather shy Jolteon that stayed behind her partner. The mage scratched his head awkwardly as they approached.

Zari looked at the Armada ship. “Hello there. Miss Portia asked me to thank you and your leader for your help. Things would have gotten messy without the quick action. I was also supposed to make sure you got out in one piece. Apparently she was impressed by how you charged into the fight.” The woman adjusted her glasses and passed a critical eye over the damage done from the train's rockets exploding. “So, I guess you didn’t really get out unscathed. Do you need some help with anything?”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Fort Aer
Affected RPers: N/A

A floating island in the sky, hovering right on the brink of the Ending World...That was about it for the scenic aspects of the place.

Fort Aer was meant for war. That was it. The island was dotted with multiple turrets and other defensive structure, and half of it were simply places to dock the horde of ships that lived here. The only other thing that wasn't war-based were the Architects, but Avalon guessed already that the Architects were going to be worn out, and it would probably have had some memory issues. Then again, the Architects were ancient beings at this point.

Handro flew down at a small pad that was free of any vehicles, and his two riders dismounted from him, his true owner using a PokeBall to suck Handro into it's void for safekeeping.

Avalon and Blizzard then realized that this place was nothing short of a labyrinth. A guide of the place, courtesy of the Architects, was conveniently close to the pad they landed on, but it only made Fort Aer look impossible to navigate. The infinite harbor was infinitely confusing.

Fortunately, they had a tool that would help them.

"Architects! Could you kindly point us in the direction of the cryogenic storage facilities?" Avalon asked.

The map remained the same for several seconds, then turned to static, then reverted back to the map, only now there a marked path to a nearby building that was easily followed.

They walked along, and the duo were brought back to earlier times, when these streets were new and pristine, when the sounds of new ships coming and going were always heard, when the Architects were fully operational, and when the Lifemaker ruled.

Shame they wouldn't be repeating those times. This street was littered and probably forgotten by it's residents, and held no sign of life-not even the tiniest plant growing up from the cracks. Aside from the two of them (and possible bacteria), this was the only place in the world where absolutely nothing lived. Even the Wave was some kind of sick, twisted, living creature.

Blizzard's and Avalon's long talk on the way here was extinguished by it. The same thought, not from the Call nor from their own minds, both simultaneously floated into their minds, silencing all of their prior want to talk: "The greatest crime of all is absence."

Avalon seemed more guilty than Blizzard. Even if it was on a friendly request from people who could have forced him to do it regardless, it still seemed wrong to have left the world like this. This wasn't a happy ending. And from the looks of things, it never would be.

The duo walked into the building that housed the cryogenic storage facilities almost without realization. When they came out of their deep thoughts, they found themselves in the broken-down reception hall, grayed and aged, wallpapers torn down and several chairs having been torn apart, two potted plants having been reduced to nothing, the whole place defiantly looking like all hell initiated in the very room. It was beyond the front desk, where a simple sensor would grant entry to the cryogenic storage facilities.

Avalon was here before, and he led Blizzard past the reception center, briefly flashing his Dog tags to the sensor, which accepted him and his 'guest,' granting him total access to every room in the building (and alerting them with the sound of static), before walking down the decaying halls to the very room that probably housed the only life on the street, guarded by a thick, metal door, the only thing untouched they found so far.

He had to show the scanner his dog tags again, and after a glitch-riddled mechanical voice told him that the rooms were safe for entry, walked inside.

Inside these rooms, it was frigid and ominous. There were no windows leading to the outside in this part of the facility, and if it wasn't for convenient lights, the room would be pitch black. They were inside the control panel room, probably the only whole room that remained safe from the catastrophic effects of the Wave, perfectly time capsuled. The lights didn't flicker, the words beneath them were completely legible, this room was absolutely operational. There was a window to the outside that showed another untouched room. This room housed seven rows of eleven cryogenic time-capsules, perfectly capable of housing human life inside them. This room was also spared from the Wave. However, it wasn't a place that people wanted to stay in for long: outside the small control room, it was obviously meant to be something that seemed lifeless, apart from the life potentially inside the canisters. No windows, only emergency lights, and seventy-seven canisters. One could contain one of their friends.

Avalon scanned the control panel for any tubes that were occupied. There was but one with any life in it at all: The very first one, likely because it was the closest to the control room, and henceforth, the exits. There was a button beneath it. Avalon made a wild guess and pressed it, hoping that the people that made this place didn't make a 'terminate organism' function right beneath the respective markers instead of a 'release organism' function.

The light above the respective tube lit up and span around and around, and a siren went off. It wasn't anything bad-It was simply how the thing opened up. With a lot of warning.

And this time, they probably had good reason to have that much warning about someone waking up.


Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Affected RPers: N/A

Vyraz looked hard for the second-greatest City in all of Aria, searching the area for somewhere obviously populated. Then, just out of the corner of his eye, he saw a large building, obviously somewhere important. The rest of the city became clearly visible after a minute more of flying, and Magansanti revealed itself to Vyraz and Jamal at last.

Vyraz's initial thoughts were that it was grander than Itum: Of course, it was less polluted than Itum. However, this City-state was a very wealthy one, more wealthy than Itum: the buildings were larger, and the army greater. Of course, he knew that this city wasn't a popular place for the Cullen, for good reason-only the most minor of crimes weren't punished by death. Magansanti had the second-lowest crime rate in the world, second only to Venefilia.

Storm landed on the ground a few feet away from the greatest city-state that Aria had to offer. This was done just to avoid some troubles with the city guard, who didn't really like it when people took off with their Pokemon in the streets. Vyraz dismounted, followed by a very angry Jamal, who was still pissed off about Avalon.

Vyraz looked at what had been called the Machine City. It was clean, pristine and was loaded with the kind of stuff that would make people happy upon seeing it. It was beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and very secure: Magan guards were in many places. Vyraz knew that the Cullen had quite a grudge against the Magan guard, but there was no reason to make any bad impression on them now. Vyraz wore a small smile on his face as he walked by, and out of the corner of his eye, Jamal seemed to at least remove his look direct from the deepest pits of Mongiru Barro, looking around, amazed.

Then something struck Vyraz. He had never been to Magansanti before: how was he to possibly locate the building that housed the king? There were many tall and grand buildings around, but none of them had an obvious sign to where the king was. Fortunately, one of the City guard wouldn't reject a question as to where the palace was.

"Excuse me, kind sir!" Vyraz said to one of the city guard, clad in armor and wielding a spear. "I'm looking for the Royal palace, and I was hoping to sell rare artifacts from the ruins of Saffron with the Magan King. Do you know where it is?" He asked kindly.

"The King's palace is at the center of the city, the largest building. There should be words on it's pillars, they all say 'May the Lifemaker live forever,' or something like that. Can't miss it." the Guard said. "Enjoy your stay." he added.

"Thank you!" Vyraz said, walking off. It did him some good to know where it was. He walked along the streets, seeing life all around him. What a joyous thing! He wondered how Avalon was doing? Vyraz caught a glimpse of Avalon and his friend Blizzard flying off in opposite directions. They were probably heading to Fort Aer. He hoped they weren't too depressed about it's condition.

A band of Circle Knights walked by, and the troop briefly eyed Vyraz before walking off. Vyraz still didn't like the Circle Knights, but they were merely staring at him because of his easily-spotted wealth. The clothes he wore were practically those that only the greatest nobles wore. Then again, he was the son of a noble.

It took a few minutes to find the center of the city, but once there, Vyraz could no longer believe it was hard to spot: It was the first building he saw on the way down. The columns were there as a confirming feature, obviously recycled from before the Wave: They still said 'Long live the Lifemaker' proudly for all the world to see, despite the Lifemaker being far dead.

The guard around the palace was thicker than stone, but Vyraz repeated the reason why he wanted to see the king to these guards, and they passed, keeping an eye on them that was sharper than the Zenith of Hope.

The guard inside was even larger than out, but the Magan King was definatly something to protect: He was an elderly, wise man with a golden crown atop his head, embedded with several precious jewels. He had a silver cane to walk with, the handle of which being coated in several rubies, and the robes he wore were adorned with several symbols that related to the Lifemaker, as well as the Magan symbol of two swords, crossed together behind a gauntlet, all put in indigo, gold and aquamarine: three colors almost exclusive to nobility and royalty.

Vyraz and Jamal quickly bowed in the presence of such an authority figure, Vyraz saying "Good day, great king of Magansanti!" while doing so.

"What do you want of me?" The King said. His old age didn't hamper his ability to bring authority.

"Your majesty, I have found several ancient artifacts from Saffron's underground, and after considering the options, I've decided to sell them to you directly." Vyraz said, thinking of Jamal's heavy influence on the decision, but showing no signs of this in his face or his speech.

"...Saffron? I've just received word that a massive war machine, called an Executioner, was released from the underground and went on a rampage!" The King said. "What's more, the thing was Wave-infested! How did you survive?" he added.

"I survived with sheer tenacity, luck, and assistance from a great deal of allies, mainly local mages, the Circle Knights, and two ships from the Armada. However, there should be no further worry, the Executioner has successfully been sealed by the Mages, and is being collected by the Circle Knights, and as per the condition of these artifacts, there should be no worry either, as these relics are unharmed and untouched by such forces as the Wave." Vyraz stated.

"...Very well. I shall need to look at all of them that you wish to sell...I understand that there may be some things that you may wish to hold on to, of course." The Magan King said, after a long silence.

"Thank you, your majesty!" Vyraz said. He pulled out the sack of rare relics, putting aside a few items, namely the Audio Logs and the very ancient stone tablet that descripted Suicune. He then presented the bag to the guard standing to the immediate right of the king, who's armor was heavily decorated. The guard searched the items thoroughly, then presented one of them to the king.

"...Hmm..." The King mumbled as he stared at the artifact. "Do you know what it is?" He asked, holding up the item in question: A camera.

"From my knowledge, it is something called a 'camera,' that allowed the people of Pre-Fall Saffron to create pictures on some kind of paper. I'm not fully aware on how the process works entirely." Vyraz said.

"...Hmm...Yes, very desirable...Would you accept twenty gold coins?"

"I would gladly, your majesty!" Vyraz said.

"...Very well...Sir Alvin, fetch twenty gold coins from the royal treasury! At once!"

The Guard to the King's immediate left, who's armor was also decorated well, rushed off through a door to the back room, probably the treasury. In one minute, Alvin came back with twenty gold coins in his hand, stacked neatly atop one another, and put it down to the left of the King, as the King gave the artifact back to the Knight on his right, who put it down.

The procession of selling the artifacts went in a similar matter. Each time the Guard to his right would hand the King an artifact, and the King would scan it for a moment before asking what it was, and Vyraz would respond as best as he could. The King would then name a price, to which Vyraz would always accept, and Sir Alvin would immediately be asked to retrieve that amount of gold from the treasury. Vyraz caught onto the pattern that the larger it was, then generally the more valuable it was to the King, though when jewelry was presented, the King seemed quite likely to ask a high price: on one occasion, the King refused to buy a silver necklace with seven emeralds because he couldn't name a price high enough. The pile of golden coins was very high, as was the bunch of artifacts on the floor.

The King was then done with his pricing of the artifacts early: He told Sir Alvin to get a silver bag, probably to hold the gold coins in. While he was gone, the King told the other knight (Sir Lewis) to give the bag, which still contained a few artifacts, back to Vyraz. Just as the bag was in Vyraz's hands, Sir Alvin came back his fastest yet, with a very large, shining back, glimmering with silver. The size was appropriate: the amount of gold coins had gone to over seventy hundred.

"Now then...I will take all of the artifacts, and you will be paid the amount of Gold coins I've given you...Or you will keep all of the artifacts, and no business transaction is made. Will you sell them all, or keep them all?" The King said.

"I will sell them all, your Majesty!" Vyraz said.

"...Very well...I shall allow it...On the condition you are willing to truthfully answer a few questions..." The King said.

"I would be glad to answer any question you may have, your Majesty." Vyraz said. He grew a little nervous, however.

"...Very well...Are you a part of Saffron's government?" The King asked.

"No, your Majesty."

"...Are you a part of Parasanti's government?"

"No, your Majesty."

"...Are you a part of any government of any of Aria's City states, or any of the Kingdoms of foreign countries?"

"No, your Majesty."

"...Are you a Mage?"

"No, your Majesty."

The king looked at Vyraz for a very long time, and then at Jamal.

"Is all of these things also true for your...acquaintance there?" The King said.

"Yes, your Majesty. He is not part of any government, foreign or native to Aria, and he is not a Mage." He said. He wasn't entirely sure he was lying about the Mage part; one could reason that the Circle Knight's armor enchantments could be in the same field as Jamal's Regenerative Ability (Or rather, the Executioner's Regenerative Ability).

The King looked at Jamal for a very long time.

"...Very well. Sir Alvin! Fill the bag with the gold, and give it to them!" The King said, after what seemed like two eternities and an extra year.

Vyraz happily watched as the gold was carefully picked up, then dumped into the bag, a large clinking sound of metal on metal occurring as it happened. When the bag was full, Sir Alvin presented the bag to Vyraz, who happily accepted.

It quickly became apparent to Vyraz that the guard's members may have had similar training to the Circle Knights, as the sheer weight of the bag required him to support it on his back. The King seemed to make no judgments on Vyraz nor Jamal based on this, however.

They walked out happy men, Jamal cracking the first smile ever since they laid eyes on the Wave-infected Executioner. They noticed a nearby inn, and checked themselves in, able to get the best rooms they had for two days for six gold coins.

In all the excitement about selling the Artifacts to the King, Vyraz almost forgot that he was planning on finding the Magansanti Laboratories. But he'd tell him a little later, when they were settled into their luxury suite.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Parasanti, Carie's Home/Lab
Affected RPers: White Wolf of the Snow, Kamikaze

The others went to get their things together but the new kid hadn't moved and was staring at me. Did I have something on my face? His feet were heavily calloused and without shoes. I felt sorry for him. Carie noticed the oddity too and came over to whisper in my ear. “If you only knew what was going on in his head. He's pretty carefree, and dare I say, adorable like a baby. He seems to adore me particularly. But right now his thought process has concluded that he's afraid of you, among other things.” She told me as she walked out then walked back into the room with a long roll of bread. “Here, this may come in handy if you're going to do what I think you're going to do.” At this she promptly walked out into the main room again, probably to pack for another long trip.

Of course I was going to do what she guessed I was going to do. I had to help him, and he was still staring at me as if in a trance. Well, now's a good a time as any. The table was the only relatively clean place in the whole room, so I put the bread there and inched over to him very slowly, being careful to not shuffle my feet on the floor. If he was really afraid of me any rapid movement could spook him. Reaching out for a foot with each hand hand glowing white, I then closed my eyes and imagined them without any callouses and wearing simple black shoes with buttons to close them. Very simple. Not too complex. It was definitely working, as I started to feel lightheaded and had to keep myself steady. A couple of seconds longer, I opened my eyes to find that his feet not only weren't smelly anymore, but had lost the bumps and bruises they previously had. The shoes on the other hand, were still forming and weren't solid yet. I wondered what was going through his head right now as I closed my eyes and concentrated on simple black shoes with buttons for a little while longer. I was getting very tired at this point and had to open my eyes again to check if it was done. Thankfully it was, and I let go of his feet then crawled on the floor toward where I had left the roll on the examination table.

Grabbing it quickly, I absorbed it in a flash of white light and felt so much better. Apparently the journey and the previous day's events had tired me out and I hadn't realized it. Usually I could do that amount of healing without any trouble, so either making stuff cost too much or I was just spent. Probably both.

Paying no attention to the boy anymore at this point, I hoped that he was a little less scared of me. I'd probably scared him with the way I eat when severely tired, but hey, the flash of light happened regardless of if I consumed things through my mouth or through my hands. I walked out of the room and headed to the icebox, passing by the others. I was still hungry and needed more energy. Could machines feel hungry? This one sure did. Maybe Carie was wrong. Maybe, but a part of me wanted to believe her. It would explain all weird things that had been happening for the past five years. Like how I hadn't aged, or that personal higene wasn't an issue at all. Come to think of it, I never needed to go to the bathroom either. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked in the icebox.

Some frozen meat, half frozen bread, and vegetables on the bottom, away from the ice. The icebox had so much in it, more than enough for all of us, like Carie had prepared for our arrival. I'd heard about how this worked, and that the ice was kept from melting somehow. Was there a spell for that? Probably. I took out some of the meat, some bread, and some of the vegetables. Cutting off a chunk of meat and bread with a knife from the cupboard, I ate them both with a flash of light as usual. If the others were watching, I wonder what they thought of this? Regardless, I checked my pack. I'd absorbed most of what I had brought from home while we were at Magnicar but had gotten worn out from making the shoes, and Tomo ate the rest. A couple of bottles of water went into the pack too, in case anybody got thirsty on the way, especially the Pokemon. Refilling the pack with some of the food from the icebox and adding in some of the ice that never melted, I was ready for the trip.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Who could that be? Carie walked up and unlocked the door, opened it just a crack, then stuck the upper part of her body out. We couldn't hear what they were talking about, but before long she returned with a letter.

“Who was that?” I asked her, swinging my pack over one shoulder and then putting it on the other.

“A messenger was looking for Belcarth, and I told him he was here.” She walked up to the mage and handed him the letter. “This is for you. Official business from the organization, from your contact Tonath. From the sound of it this could be urgent. That or the messenger could have just been glad he found you. I didn't have enough time to probe his mind.”

“Uhuh. Well at least he wasn't breaking and entering like you did Carie.” I reminded her of how we met, and also why I couldn't completely trust anything that came out of her mouth.

“That was just once, and your door was unlocked. You were practically inviting burglars in.” She retorted, as I just turned away from her in disgust with crossed arms. I wasn't going to admit she was right.

I sat on one of the chairs Carie had brought in earlier, and Tomo took a seat next to me as Carie began to speak to everybody. “Whoever is going to Saffron with me, please assemble here. Drag and Bow should be done hunting for food soon and will be ready to depart when I ask. If everybody is ready we should leave as soon as possible.”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Affected RPers: Bronislav84, Sight of the Stars

Belcarth had stayed silent while Carie had explained the situation. What she had told them didn't really surprised Belcarth, though not much did these days, but it was definitely not the explanation he had been expecting. Curiously he looked at Renita, and while she seemed unable to accept it at first, the phenomena could definitely explain the curious behaviour of her aura that he had noticed earlier. Just like Jayde, Tomo showed no surprise in his face either, not as far as Belcarth could tell at least.

As Carie finished, she told everyone to prepare for another trip, to Saffron this time, and Belcarth studied the other people in the room. Butters was standing absolutely still, and didn't seem to be done processing all the information yet. The twins were silent, though it was obvious that the two had a conversation, as their facial expressions changed as they looked at each other. In the end, Kozanar seemed to have been silenced, at least for the moment, as Tsuki left the room, with her brother following behind.

As he looked at the twins, he realized that they couldn't be much more different. Kozanar, who to the outside may appear to be in charge, seemed to have little to say if his sister had decided upon something. He seemed to always question everything, one way or the other, and he was the kind of person who would have an easier time fighting his way out of a situation rather than talking, he was very protective of his sister, and he wanted as little as possible to do with mages. Tsuki on the other hand, was not as open as her brother, though much more open-minded. She was more prone to accept things for what they were, and not question every detail. While Belcarth didn't for a moment believe that she was defenceless in a fight, she seemed more likely to try diplomacy first.

Belcarth's mind replayed the events in the forest, and the reactions his magic had resulted in. Butters had been, as expected, almost euphoric. Kozanar had jumped away from the aura sphere, neither this very hard to understand. Tsuki however had embraced the magic with open hands, literally, and clearly her brother's problem with mages was yet another thing that the twins didn't agree upon.

After he was done going things over in his head, he decided to go check his supplies, and refill what little had been used since he left home. Almost nothing had been used up, though the trip to Saffron was significantly longer, and therefore he decided that it would be best to pack some more food. He was just finishing up and closing his bag, when someone knocked on the door. Carie went to check, and returned with a letter.

“Who was that?” Renita asked.

“A messenger was looking for Belcarth, and I told him he was here.” Carrie replied, as she walked up to Belcarth and gave him the letter. “This is for you. Official business from the organization, from your contact Tonath. From the sound of it this could be urgent. That or the messenger could have just been glad he found you. I didn't have enough time to probe his mind.”

As Belcarth wasn't sure if she truly meant what she said, or was just joking, he decided not to reply, he only took the letter and wondered what on earth could be so important as to send a messanger, so soon after having talked to him in person. Opening the letter, he only found a small note. Come see me as soon as you get this, vital mission. ~T

He was more than a little confused as he relayed to Jayde what the note had said. And then turned towards the others, looking at them all, save for Butters, as he couldn't locate him in the room.

"Well, it looks like I am leaving you guys earlier than I thought." He said to the others, as he looked at them one at a time.

"Carie, try not to drive them crazy. Save for youself, most people work better when they are sane." He said as he looked at the woman who was in charge.

"Renita, try not to hold a grudge towards Carie over this. She means well, most of the time, though she has a funny way of showing it." He said to the woman, or machine, that had traveled along with them.

"Kozanar," he turned to the male twin, "I'm sorry if I startled you before, but I meant no harm. Not all mages are deranged bringers of evil, despite what may have happened in your past. Caution is an admirable trait, but being narrow-minded could at times be more danngerous than a small amount of trust, or the willingness to accept. But regardless of what you think of me, or mages, I hope that you will do what you can to keep them out of harm's way."

"Tsuki," he made a short pause as tried to think of something to say, but his mind seemed to have turned blank as he came up with nothing. "Let's hope that we meet again some day."

He then looked at the entire group. "Try to keep Butters alive, there is great potential in him if he is given the time and practice required to reach his full potential." He then lowered his head in a bowing gesture. "Until we meet again." He then turned around, opened the door and walked outside, as Jayde only shook her head in disapproval. She would just have said good-bye and left, no need for any speaches, no matter how short.

When Belcarth arrived at the store for the second time today, he walked in, and to his surprise there was actually someone there. Tonath wasn't known for having a lot of customers, and almost everyone who did come here did so due to other business. Belcarth waited for a moment, and as he noticed that Tonath handed the other person a note, upon which the person hurried off, he conlcuded that this had most likely been that other business.

"I got your message, what's happening?" Belcarth said, and pointed towards the man who had just left. "Sending a lot of messengers today?"

"It's the Knights, they're starting to act irrationally, more so than usual." Tonath replied, and his facial expression showed that he had been busy since Belcarth had left earlier.

"How so? They've always been difficult to handle, what has changed?"

"Normally, they only arrest mages who actively use magic excessivley, at least here, near Parasanti. Now they grab people who they suspect to be mages, question them, and later they are found dead in the forest. I haven't heard anything specific yet, but they may be looking for something, or more likely someone."

"Why didn't you tell me this when I was here earlier?" Belcarth asked the old man.

"We have lost several of our brothers to the Knights in the past week, and today I got a message saying that we are to do something about it before more packmembers are taken. And I think you would be perfectly suited for the task." The old man was about to add something, but appeared to change his mind.

"What is it that you need me to do?" Belcarth asked.

"Take a message to one of our safehouses, in Itum. Just don't let yourself get caught. A regular messenger isn't going to cut it this time, they aren't all trained to do some of the things that may be...Required." The old man said, trying not to be explicit.

"Basically, they're not trained assassins who travel with stealth and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty?" Belcarth said, almost with a whisper, and an amused smile on his face.

"Something like that. Here's the message. Deliver it to the safehouse, ask for me by name, and your contact there will approach you."

"Very well. Could you do me a favor, or try to at least?" Belcarth asked as he placed the letter in his bag.

"What is it that you need?"

"Keep Ailith at home until this matter is resolved. She has a tedency to get upset when she encounter the Knights, and if they are acting the way you say they are, they will be a lot less forgiving towards people who oppose them, and they're not known to be forgiving in the first place."

Tonath sighed. "I would if I could, but she has already left. She said she was going to visit someone in Magnicar Castle, another author I'd presume. She left shortly after you did, so I doubt that she's still in the city."

"Well, she can take care of herself I guess, and the closer she get's to Venefinia, the better it is for her, since the Knight's aren't exactly greeted with a warm welcome around that place." Belcarth said, as he put picked up his bag and prepared to leave. "You may want to send a message to our brothers and sisters with the gift, tell them to stay in the safehouses for the time being."

"Already done. And avoid the main roads if you can."

"I'm not a beginner you know, and I do have certain advantages when it comes to avoiding company on the road." Belcarth pointed at his head. "So far I haven't had anyone sneaking up on me, and I plan to keep it that way. I'll try to send you a message once I arrive in Itum."

With these last words he walked to the door and headed out of the store, making his way east, though not to the gate. He had a feeling that the Knights had scouts placed at the gates, that's what he would've done if he was looking for something specific at least. No, he used one of the hidden passageways out of the city, and as he left the city, he once again found himself in the forest, where he truly belonged.

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