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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Pokemon Elemental
Endla Forest (Moving)
Affected RPers: Moonkit and Altrius

Once out of the sight of the strangers, Caoimhe released a silent sigh of relief. She was glad that the conflict didn't result in a skirmish. Though they had had the advantage in numbers, dragons could certainly put up a fight, and she didn't want any of her team mates injured by their wrath. Yet she had to wonder why the forest had so much traffic today. It seemed... odd. Though she tried not to concern herself with the matter too much, a thought kept returning to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Caoimhe noticed a motion from Garonn. He muttered something to his Nidoking companion, who quickly translated it in English:

"Garonn's asking what's the plan Caoimhe, and so am I to be honest."

Caoimhe took her time to answer, trying to figure out for herself what she wanted to do. The original plan was to find a new camp site, but she was very curious about the strangers. What were they doing, passing through Endla forest, anyway? Endla Forest was a busy trade-route, mostly full of merchants and such, but their old campsite had been far away from the road. How did the strangers find them? And it was unusual for warriors to pass through, unless there was an uprising somewhere.

But glancing around the mages--particularly the young and old--Caoimhe decided she had better take care of other responsibilities before trying to satisfy her curiosity. Caelan should be back sometime soon with good news, hopefully.

"We're moving our base northwards a little," Caoimhe finally replied. "It's... odd how we had so many 'visitors' today. Traffic through the forest seems to have picked up lately. I wonder if something is stirring outside of our little forest... "

An idea struck her right then, and she turned to Niusha and Shadowfang. "Niusha, do you think you can do me a favor? Can you run to Parasanti and see what rumors are spreading around? Perhaps a little undercover work could give us the answers we need."

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Leonard Avalon Zyxino and Vyraz Inxi
(Unoficially for Avalon) The Cullen
Outside of Saffron
Affected RPers: K_pop, Lusankya

Avalon had to sigh. It was always something bigger than him.

This was no suprise-oftentimes, things bigger than him had the habit of making an enemy out of themselves, and how often did he derive pleasure from looking at them, seeing their glee: Often were they stupid, often did they think that size alone mattered in a fight, when in truth it was far more than that. Even if that wasn't the case, they went down so hard that after they were dead, Avalon had to laugh a little.

Avalon would not be laughing at this one. This thing felt only rage. The rage was far more dangerous than the fire on the blades this thing had. It was dead serious-and it would kill.

He turned around to look at the reinforcements-Circle Knights, which were included in Vyraz's explamation of how much the world changed. Avalon already hated them; It wasn't for the fact that he'd never really be liked by them, it was for the fact that they were genocidal. Avalon despised genocide. It was the worst kind of 'cide.'

Vyraz didn't like the Circle Knights either, but that didn't stop him from lending a hand, however. He caught wind of that they might need Flying types. Storm was a Braviary-He could carry things heavier than the Knights on his talons and carry two people on his back if nessicary.

"...Well, we need a new plan, if just outright attacking it doesn't work." Vyraz said, calling Storm over. "I'm personally riding Storm, mind you."

"Same." Avalon said. He had an idea. It was ingenius. Considering his abilities, all he had to do was come into contact on a steady surface on the giant, and make sure nobody was stupid enough to attack the beast and make it budge while he did it, and just like that, the magical barrier and the self-regeneration abilities, along with whatever else the thing had up it's sleeve, would be gone at once. All he needed was contact.

Avalon did not tell Vyraz that he had such an ability, or really that he was a Mage at all.

"...But where do we put the Circle Knight?" Vyraz said, gesturing to the brave Circle Knight that came up to ride the bird. There was only room for two on Storm.

Avalon gestured to the talons.

"Oh, no, we're not carrying a Circle Knight in Storm's talons!" Vyraz said. "And I need to steer Storm personally!"

"...You're not seriously sugessting...Oh, what the hell, I've done more insane. Make sure that bird puts me down somewhere where I can stand! I've got a plan." Avalon said.


The Circle Knight and Vyraz had already taken position on the Braviary, and Avalon was just in front of it, ready to be grabbed by Storm once they took off. Vyraz liked the idea Avalon presented: To find a critical peice of the machine that the beast can't afford to lose, even for the briefest moment, and destroy it. Avalon did not like the idea Vyraz presented: to let Storm carry Avalon in his talons. Neither had much of a choice.

"Three..." Vyraz said, starting the countdown. The beast suddenly noticed them.

"Two..." Vyraz continued, noticing the beast's sudden lack of purpusfull motion, while one of it's heads stared at Vyraz, whist the other two continued to roar and swing.

"One..." Vyraz said, just in time to hear a particular roar. Although there was no difference in the pitch or tone of voice, Avalon noticed that that was no roar of rage.

It was a roar of triumph. Triumph, moreover, at finding a priority target in Vyraz, mistaking him for Univar Inxi. That they'd look like mirror images, even if Vyraz was much younger, was almost frightening.

"NOW!" Vyraz yelled, taking off. A second later, Storm grabbed Avalon by his talons, as promised by Vyraz, as they all headed straight for the beast.

Said beast just now deciding to go into Boss mode.

The beast's movements were no longer that of a drunken tripod machine-It moved and attacked with the finense of a professional swordsmen trying to slice flies while they flew, now hitting far more targets in comparison to it's former preformance. It's feet were more flexible, in one noticable instance nailing it a friendly fire takedown when a Hyrdo Pump connected with a defender instead of the machine, and most of all, it started taking far more swings at Vyraz and Storm.

"Slayer's bones!" Vyraz said, as he nearly got clipped by another uppercut swing. "Why did it suddenly get that much better in the little time we took to count?!"

"You look too much like one of your ancestors!" Avalon yelled. "Univar Inxi! He must have lived through the Lifemaker's death! He must have fought during the war! He must have been a priority target! And let me tell you, you do NOT go easy on priority targets!" Avalon added, very frightened that he wasn't where gravity dictated he should.

"We're breaching the magical barrier in a few seconds!" Vyraz said, ducking to avoid another sword swipe. "Hold on, the Knight's weapon has to penetrate first, or we'll simply be pancaked by it!" He added, thinking fast, as the Knight's sword poked just past Storm's beak.

Avalon thought for a few seconds. "YOU'VE GOT PANCAKES?!?!" He yelled after he was done.

Vyraz swore he misheard. "NO, WE'RE GOING TO BE PANCAKED!" He yelled, just as the Knight's sword broke the barrier, making it recoil, allowing them all in.

"...No, this doesn't look like we're being pancaked..." Avalon said. The beast roared-He didn't like that anything got that close to him, much less a priority target.

Storm flew overhead the central column, where the three would be capable of resting. He dropped Avalon, and came to a stop on the column, depositing Vyraz and the Knight. Upon contact, the beast roared it's loudest yet, furious at the fact that they touched.

"OK, now we break into the beast and hope that it's not pure-" Vyraz said, when Avalon initiated his little trick.

Avalon had, in truth, NOT practiced his ability to drain abilities prior to this. Now was the time to see if it worked. He pressed his hand, thinking of removing it's powers-and indigo marks spread from his hand to his arm, stopping at his shoulder. The beast also started to sport them too, though the lines did not stop at all. The beast ceased almost all motion, trying desprately to move one hand to grab the intruder that made him stop all motion and it's attempts to end the life flying abundantly around him.

It tried in vain. He was compleatly immobile. However, Vyraz didn't know that Avalon shouldn't have been moved during this period.

Vyraz, fearing that something was wrong, or that it was a trap of some kind, yanked Avalon's arm away from the source, and unlike the machine, he suceeded. The lines dissapeared from view, as the energy that Avalon needed became incarnate and decided to share Avalon's slight rage and heavy dissapointment-by giving Vyraz a painful jolt.

"AARgh!" Vyraz yelled as the current ran it's antagonizing course.

"I...feel the...same way!" Avalon yelled back, starting to regain control.

"...This thing's all metal...No wires or nothing like that..." The Knight said, after attacking the monster's hide for a few seconds, ignoring Avalon and Vyraz compleatly during that time.

Then he was grabbed by one of the beast's arms, now in full control of it's own body again. He was instantly crushed by the ungodly force that the hand could produce. The arm then reached back into the central column, trying to snag another prize.

Vyraz quickly realized that Avalon was a mage, considering the stunt he pulled. However, what stunt he pulled seemed to paralyze the monster, so...

"Whatever you did with the weird lines a few minutes ago, try to do it again!" Vyraz said, barely evading the arm's probing fingers.

To try such a tiring task twice was not easy for Avalon. He pressed his hand to one of it's torso's, and tried to pull out the abilities. THe lines reappeared on Avalon's arm and all over the monster, and for a moment, it was still...

...However, Avalon was too exausted to continue the full way. Avalon fainted, letting forth another jolt of wasted energy-a sign that he didn't do it the full way-and fell down. However, he did get something-He didn't know which-before fainting.

Vyraz panicked. The beast was still immobile, but not for long. The shields were still in full order, and the swords were still flaming...Whatever Avalon did, he might have done it improperly...He stayed away from the orb, not knowing what it was..

He flew off, picking up an unconsious Avalon and putting him on Storm, before quickly flying away.

The beast pursued, leaving the wierd orb in midair (having somehow missed it), unclaimed and unknown. Vyraz was lucky to get out of the bubble shield-apparently, it accepted projectiles going out of it. However, this was not Vyraz's concern-Once again, he nearly get clipped by the beast's blade.

"Storm, Air Slash!" Vyraz commanded, trying to get some covering fire on that nasty beast. Storm obeyed, creating an invisible blade with a tip to cut the skies, and slashed at the monster, leaving a noticable mark.

That didn't get magically repaired. It stayed there, and the beast showed the slightest signs of a new emotion: Panic. Recovery against a relentless onslaught without a recovery method was impossible.

Vyraz thought for a second. Then he realized it: Whatever Avalon did somehow removed the beast's ability to repair itself! This was incredible!

...Maybe Avalon was trying to rid the beast of all of it's annoying attributes: The shields and the flaming swords were obviously induced by magical things, and it would have been lovely to get rid of it all. For shame that Avalon was unconsious.

They landed quickly-In a newfound state of defense, the beast was no longer using just it's swords, and used the more accurate contraption that was it's hands to grip and instantly kill whatever defender dared to get close enough.

"Avalon did something, Beta Portia!" Vyraz said to the Beta. "And whatever he did, he disabled the beast's ability to recover damage. If we do anything, now's the time!" Vyraz added. He feared that whatever Avalon did wasn't permenant.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Butters, Tsuki Estrada and Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: bronislav84, Kamikaze
Kozanar stepped forward and nodded as the mage, Belcarth, made his introductions. A sense of discomfort pricked at the back of his mind, though it was unseen from the outside. His blood didn't boil upon seeing this mage, for they were of similar affiliations. "I'm Kozanar, as you may have heard, and this is my twin, Tsuki." The woman came up to her brother and pushed his head gently, playfully.

"And incase you didn't notice, I'm the older one," she laughed. Kozanar glared, about to object, when Butters literally jumped to Belcarth, stopping and beaming about a yard in front of him. His mind and his eyes danced with an overjoyed light.

"You're a mage?! So am I!" he exclaimed, delight pulsing through every fiber of his being. He held his palm out to his side and a thread of flame lunged from his flesh, and spiraled into a fiery sphere. He tossed it into the air, and it landed in his other upward-facing palm. He tilted his body to the side and the orb rolled down his arm, going towards his clothes, but he shrugged his shoulder and it bumped over his head and to his right forearm. He made his hand face upward and the ball shattered and rolled around his skin harmlessly, before dissipating. The blonde-haired boy clapped his hands together, overjoyed. In his free time alone with Pyreflight he had practiced such stunts carefully, finding them highly enjoyable, and they seemed to earn him remote admiration from others, and any approval was exciting for him.

"Wh-what do you sp-spe..." He tried to remember the word, and then it came to him, "specialize in?" Butters asked, his fidgety, stuttering antics flickering back into his mind. He couldn't help it. When he got so terribly excited, he started stuttering up a storm. It only offered more stares, but he was just so happy! There were mages on his side! That didn't just stare at him! Remembering his manners, he tried to properly introduce himself. He looked down at his toes, pulling his feet together, and folded his arms behind his back. "B-But-Butters is my name," he said, his toes lifting and stretching, before digging into the bare earth. Then, he beamed and swiftly flicked his gaze back up to Belcarth. "Nice t-to meet you!"

Ryugaun glanced at the boy as he toyed with the flame, tilting his head. He blew a ball of fire at his own arm, trying to replicate the move, but winced as the flame only burned him. He stared at Butters enviously, blinking. He thought the kid was stupid, running up and hugging him like that, but it looked like he was sort of talented. It mystified him greatly, and his heads stopped lashing out at the air. The man began to stutter, and he wondered what was wrong with the boy. He had never seen anyone who acted like this; so full of joy, and so simply amused. Ikuja felt frightened by the boy's skill with the flame, for he didn't like fire, being horridly weak to it. He rolled behind Ryugaun, who glanced at him and snickered silently, but shut up when he was hit in the back by one of the thorn Pokemon's spiked disks.

He's pretty cool.

He's a mage, Kozanar growled.

Oh, come on! You heartless bastard, grow up and get over it! You can't hate every single mage. I don't care about your stupid suspicions, just shut up and give the kid a chance. Can't you see there's something different about him? Tsuki snarled at him in his mind, turning her harsh glare upon his features.

I know there's something different about him...

Oh really?

Yeah, he's a mage.

With an exasperated mental sigh, she turned from him, looking back toward Butters with a gentle, warm smile on her face. Unlike her stubborn-ass brother, she was open to the mages. She hated his idiotic suspicions that mages had had something to do with their father's death. There were hardly any mages in Parasanti, if any at all! She wondered what was his problem. Is he in denial or something? she wondered, and shook her head, disappointed. She looked back at the others.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers
; Lus and Latio

The man from the Armada glanced over the machine before speaking in a rather monotone voice. “It seems you have figured out that fluid-based attacks can penetrate the Kingdom Executioner's shield. However, their effectiveness is decidedly limited. We do not have the capability to cause permanent damage to the Executioner. Its self-repair facilities are powerful enough for it to recover from anything short of total vaporization. Although you are probably well aware that destroying it is highly improbable.”

Portia smirked as she crossed her arms. “Yeah, we did get that impression. Great, so you’re bringing us more good news,” she said sarcastically. At least he knew something about this thing other than what they found by trial and error.

The Executioner was starting to turn back towards Saffron causing the defenders on the ground and in the air to double their efforts to distract it. The Armada leader told her that there were mages on the way from Venefinia and the Knight-Commander added that reinforcements were coming from Itum. The suggestion was made to change the terrain around the machine. It made sense. Something that large would have difficulty keeping itself from becoming mired in shifting earth. And Portia had an idea of her own to try, when the timing was right.

The Armada commander turned his attention to the Knights. “If you are able to get onto the Executioner, an attack on the joint vents on its torso could potentially disrupt its shield temporarily, allowing attacks to become more effective on it.”

“And how are we supposed to get up there?” the Knight-Commander asked.


Raising an eyebrow at the suggestion, Portia knew what he had meant. It certainly won’t go over very well with some of them...or Sonora, she thought. She won’t even let other members ride her. The Flygon in question had been hovering above the commanders until this point. Portia directed her partner to land beside them and jumped off to stand at her full four feet eight inches of height.

“Well,” she said with a tilt of her head, “it sounds like you already have one plan in motion.”

Before she could get any farther, Vyraz and his new friend had taken off with a Knight in tow, heading for the giant machine. Okay, so she wasn’t the only one in the Cullen who would jump the gun on an idea. Putting her fingers to her lips, she let out a piercing, three-note whistle. Several riders turned to look as she waved them over.

“I need volunteers to share or give up a ride to some Knights.” She immediately received questioning looks and a few shot glances at the Knights who rigidly watched them. Before someone could say something, “Listen, our biggest priority right now is to keep that thing away from the city. The Knights can get through the barrier to attack it directly and maybe weaken that shield that’s protecting it. So, your options are to keep throwing attacks that do little damage, or we work together until help arrives. What’s it gonna be?”

A pretty girl with a brown ponytail urged her Aerodactyl to land. It was the young server from the Dozy Ducklett. She rolled her eyes at the disapproving glances from some of the Knights. “Not everyone fighting out here is a mage you know. Avalanche can carry someone else with me.”

A Noctowl landed beside them and the mage riding stepped off. “Willow will carry someone.”

More Pokemon landed as their riders either stepped off or made room for another depending on strength and Knights began to mount up. Many of the Pokemon disapproved of leaving their partners on the ground, but all went to continue the fight. Pretty soon there were about a dozen Knights in the air, flying out to attack the Executioner’s weak points. Portia looked up at the machine to see Vyraz flying away from it very quickly on his Braviary.

“Avalon did something, Beta Portia! And whatever he did, he disabled the beast's ability to recover damage. If we do anything, now's the time!”

Stopping herself from sighing at the use of her rank –perhaps they would overlook the unusual title- Portia nodded up at her Packmate. “Let’s hope it lasts! Get your friend somewhere safe to recover and spread the word.” She turned back to the Armada commander. “I definitely agree with keeping that -you called it an Executioner? Can’t imagine why- out of Saffron is the most important idea at the moment, but I still think we should at least try to bring it down for good. There has to be some way to stop it. I mean, there has to be something driving that thing forward, right? Do you know if there would be anything inside there that would even just slow it down?”

<Wait, you’re seriously thinking about going inside that thing?> Sonora asked her incredulously.

“Yeah, I think I’m small enough to get inside something that big. If I could do some damage from the inside, maybe we could stop it. There’s only a slight problem, I have no clue what I would need to be looking for.”

The dragon snorted. <You call that a ‘slight’ problem? And what happens if you get stuck inside?>

The redhead shrugged and patted her friend’s shoulder. “If I get stuck then I figure out a new plan.” She looked at the Armada commander since he knew more about how it worked, determined to find a more permanent solution. “Any suggestions? If not then I’m probably going to wing it, because I really don’t want to lose any more mates out there.”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Affected RPers: Charmander009(only briefly), Sight of the Stars, bronislav84

After she was done introducing everyone, Carie noticed the woman in charge, Caoimhe, thinking that the powers Carie possessed were useful, albeit an invasion of privacy at times. This made her slightly discomforted.

"Yes, it's true." Carie replied to the unspoken thought. "At times it's an invasion of privacy, and that's the reason I'm not seeing anyone. I've yet to meet a man who's comfortable enough with my powers to stay with me."

As Caoimhe ordered her mages to move on, Carie waited for them to disappear, then turned her attention towards her left wrist.


After Belcarth's introduction of himself, the male twin introduced himself as Kozanar, and his sister as Tsuki. Upon which she pointed out that she was obviously the older one, receiving a not so happy look from her brother.

Belcarth was just about to make a comment, as the boy he had noticed before came running, his face just as fascinated and happy as before.

"You're a mage? So am I!" The boy exclaimed, his happiness seemingly rising to a new level. He then conjured up a flame which he tossed between his hands, rolled over the arms, and shattered to finally absorb the flame again, the heat doing no damage to his skin nor his clothes. As he was done, he again turned to Belcarth.

"What do you sp-spe..." There was a short pause as he attempted to find the word he was looking for. "specialize in?" He finished the question.

And just as Belcarth was about to answer, the boy seemed to have remembered something, as he looked down on the ground, before he continued.

"B-But-Butters is my name." He looked back at Belcarth, "Nice t-to meet you!"

Belcarth, waiting a few seconds, just to make sure the boy was actually done this time, then opened up channels to some of the nearby trees.

"My specialization," he began, as he began to draw the power of the nearby trees, "is Aura manipulation," at these words, thin beams of energy started to appear from the linked trees to his now open left palm, forming a sphere about the size of an apple.

As the beams of energy grew a little thicker, and the intensity of the sphere's glow increased, hi suddenly cut the open channels, and as he moved his hand from the horizontal position which it had been in, to a more vertical position, still with his palm open, the sphere of aura was split into three smaller parts, which began to circulate around his hand.

"I am also fairly skilled in..." Belcarth now turned his hand so that his palm was facing Butters and the twins, and hi motioned his hand forward, just the tiniest bit, making the three spheres fly forward, one to each of the humans in front of him, aimed at their chests, meant to give them a feeling of warmth and healing, not pain, as it hit them. "...healing." He finished his sentence.

It had been a massive waste of energy, as channeling without direct contact made you lose half the energy just by letting it flow through the air, and even more the longer the distance it had to travel. But Belcarth had always had a slightly theatrical vein in him, and opportunities like this he just couldn't refuse to surrender to. A quick glance at Jayde revealed a slight shake of her head, followed by a sigh. She wasn't much for entertaining people.


Just as Belcarth had finished his little show, Carie tried to get everyone's attention, asking them to get closer to her.

As they all stood in a circle, she revealed a bracelet on her left wrist, and through a gem on this bracelet she broadcast a message, obviously transported through magic of some kind.

“I need the closest Cullen members not currently on priority assignments sent to Saffron. It looks like a hextech monster has wakened from beneath the city and we’ll need help.”

"I received this a short while ago, from one of the higher ranking officers, and it seems we'd better get moving. Some of you have questions that need answering," She didn't look at Renita, but Belcarth knew she aimed it at her, "so we'd better head to Parasanti as soon as we can." She finished.

"Well," Belcarth began, "Parasanti is just a short walk away from here, so we might as well walk the last bit."

With these words, they all prepared to leave, and Carie told Bow and Drag to fly on their own for a bit. She would let them know when she needed them.

After this, Belcarth told Jayde and Growlithe to follow him, and he started walking towards Parasanti, as the rest of the group followed him as well, save for Drag and Bow who were already on their way up in the air.

Upon arriving in Parasanti, some people stopped and stared a little at them as they walked past, but most quickly moved on as they noticed that at least three of them were armed, and the sight of a Hydreigon made most people realize that they had something better to do than stand and stare.

As Belcarth led the way, the strange assortment of humans, and pokemon, walked over to the small bookstore that belonged to one of Belcarth's few real friends, the same one that he had visited the first time he had come to Parasanti.

"Wait here," Belcarth said, as he turned to the group. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

As Belcarth left the rest of the group, except for Jayde and Growlithe, outside the store, he walked in and let his eyes adjust to the dim light that always seemed to linger in the store, regardless of the sun's position outside. After a few moments of adjustment, Belcarth walked over to the counter in the back of the shop, and looked at the old man that had once introduced him to the brotherhood.

"Tonath, it has been a while since we last met, how have you been?" Belcarth asked, looking around to see if there was anyone else in the store.

"I've been better, but I'm still alive thank you very much. I'm glad you could make it. I've found something that you might be interested in." The old man replied.

"You found it already? I sent you the message just a few months ago." Belcarth said, surprised that the old man had procured it so swiftly. He then realized something. "Was it you who sent for me, or does the Cullen have other business with me?"

"I did send the orders, although I didn't quite find it myself," Tonath hesitated for a moment, "she did." He didn't say her name, but Belcarth knew all too well who he meant.

Belcarth sighed. "The usual room?" He asked. The old man didn't say anything, but his poorly hidden smile, and the slight nod was enough.

As Belcarth walked in behind the counter, and into the office behind it, his mind went through the many memories he shared with this woman.

He had first met her in a village on his first journey towards Parasanti. She had seen him stop a mugging, and approached him after that, giving him the location of her father's shop, and already then she had prepared him for his initiation into the Cullen. She was just a year or two older than Belcarth, and back then she had seemed so kind. An illusion that didn't last for long.

She traveled a lot, but somehow she was always in Parasanti whenever he came to visit, and more than once she had been in Venefinia as well. The first time they met in Parasanti, he had first been surprised that she had been Tonath's daughter. And shortly after that he understood why her father looked so worn out at times. She had the temper of a Spearow, and if you hadn't done something to upset her, she'd make something up on the spot, just so that she would have a reason to get angry at you.

Each time after this, they had argued over the tiniest things. Although nowadays it seemed to be more out of habit than out of any real urge to fight. At times they had even managed to get along, if only for a short while.

They were both fascinated with history, though it was only a hobby to Belcarth, she on the other hand had made it her goal in life to find out as much as she could about the past. No simple task for a single person.

As Belcarth took a deep breath, he walked over to a bookshelf in the back of the room, and studied the books. He then placed his hands on two of the books, pushing them backwards, and did the same with one of the lower books by using his foot. As the third book was pushed, there was a dull sound behind the piece of furniture, and he slowly pushed the whole thing to the right. It was quite a brilliant construction actually. The books which were pushed didn't have much to do with it, but it was rather the fact that they each triggered a movable piece of the bookshelf's back that was the brilliant part. When all three pieces were triggered, the large piece of furniture could be moved to the side, by sliding on a set of wheels that were attached under it, hidden by the carved wooden decoration found at the bottom of the bookshelf.

As he prepared himself for the encounter, he told Jayde to stay outside, and opened the door that was now visible where the large furniture had been moments ago. As he stepped inside, he saw a young woman sitting in a chair, reading from a book. She had long dark brown hair, which was flowing down to just above her waist, and although he couldn't see it from this angle, he remembered her hazel colored, almond-shaped eyes.

As he studied the features of this woman, wondering how such a beautiful girl could have such a temper, he spoke, "Hi there Ailith, I trust that..."

In the middle of his sentence, she had turned around and thrown a knife towards him. "You!" was all she said.

Already prepared for this, he had already started to gather his aura, and as the knife came at him, hi pulled up his hand, deflected the knife and made it fly handle first into the wall. This was another ritual they had.

"A knife, really? How unimaginative. You've already used that at least twice before, remember last time you were in Venefinia?" Belcarth said, purpously taunting her.

"You...You..." She began, unsure of how to reply. "You..."

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"

She didn't reply to this, but instead began to laugh.

"Is that a way to treat someone who comes bearing gifts?" Belcarth said once she stopped laughing. "Throwing knives at me, then laughing about it."

"Oh shut it, you know it wouldn't be the same if we didn't go through these things, don't you agree."

Belcarth only sighed as he pulled out a wooden box from his bag, and placed the box on the table.

As he opened it, he looked at the assortment of knives in it, and took out the only one with a sheath. It was a fairly simple sheath, but Belcarth knew that the blade was far from ordinary.

"I figured you would want this one, now that I'm finished with it. I'm curious as to the engraving you requested though." As he said this, he pulled the blade out of it's sheath, revealing a slender blade, that was flexible yet not soft. It was a dual-edged knife, both sides being razor sharp. And engraved on both sides were Unown runes. One side read 'Pure', while the runes on the other side were 'Flames'.

"Well, the engraving is none of your business, though I suspect you will find it out in due time." Ailith replied, with just a hint of a smile on her lips.

"I figured you wouldn't give me an explanation." He sheathed the blade, and handed it over to it's new owner. "I have a favor to ask of you though."

"A favor you say." She considered it for a moment. "As long as you are prepared to return it some day, I will consider it."

"You see the Growlithe over there?" He pointed towards the door. The canine had been unsure as to whether he should enter with Belcarth or stay outside with Jayde. He stepped forward as Belcarth signaled him to come in though.

"What about it, he looks fine to me." Ailith replied, unsure where this was going.

"He is fine, now." Belcarth replied as the Growlithe had placed himself next to him. "I rescued him from his abusive, former, owner. But I can't bring him with me right now. He still haven't recovered completely, even though his physical rehabilitation is more or less complete." Belcarth made brief pause, "I want you to take care of him for me."

Belcarth hadn't actually meant to leave the Growlithe with her, though the thought had crossed his mind to ask her father to take care of the canine for a while. Still unsure why he had asked her to take care of him, the Growlithe stood up and carefully walked over to Ailith, who were sitting across the table. Belcarth wasn't sure who were the most surprised by this, Ailith who had never met him before, or Belcarth who knew how shy he had been the past days.

"I don't know..." She began, but as the Growlithe sat down next to her, and placed his head in her knee, all her hesitation was gone. "I'll do it. But just remember you owe me a favor, and some day I will collect."

"I will, and should I forget I'm sure you will be kind enough to remind me." Belcarth then remembered the real reason he had come here. "By the way, your father told me you had found something I have been looking for."

"Yes. It wasn't easy to come by, but I have just finished making a copy of it." She pointed towards a book that was lying on the table about a meter from him. "The sources are vague at best, and the author is nothing short of delusional, though a lot of the stuff in there seems legit enough. I've read similar things before, just never in as much detail."

Belcarth reached for the book, and opened it, looking at the first page. 'Myths and Legends of the ancient past - A detailed walk-through'

"Who did you say wrote this?" Belcarth asked, as he placed the book in his bag.

"I didn't," Ailith replied, "He only refers to himself as 'The Author', he is as I said delusional. I think he used to be a fairly recognized historian, being from Magnasanti and all, but his reputation has gone downhill the past years...He still lives in the wealthier part of Magnasanti though."

"Well, thank you for finding it. And take care of Growlithe." Belcarth found himself with a strange feeling of wanting to stay and talk for a while. Ailith didn't seem to be as bad company as he had thought in the past. But there were people waiting for him outside, and judging by the message received earlier, they should get going immediately.

He got up, and seeing Ailith and Growlithe together, he knew he had made the right choice. She barely noticed him leaving, all her attention currently with Growlithe, and as he walked out of the room, and replaced the bookshelf to it's original position, Jayde looked at him.

"Where is Growlithe?" She asked.

Safe, and happy. Belcarth replied. I think that from now on, she will be a lot easier to deal with. He was referring to Ailith.

Jayde was skeptical, but didn't comment on it.

As the two of them walked out of the office, and past the counter, Belcarth said goodbye to Tonath, and they both walked out of the store, upon which Belcarth looked at Carie.

"I'm sorry it took a little longer than expected, there were some unforeseen complications. You'll have to lead the way from here Carie."


As they all followed Carie, she led them through the city, and walked up to a building, unlocking the door and told everyone to get inside. As she entered last, she locked the door behind them, and they found themselves in a pitch-black room.

"What I'm about to tell you now mustn't leave this room, not under any circumstances, unless you're talking to another member of the Cullen."

OOC: The bunnying(though not much other than the travelling has been actual bunnying) in this post has been allowed by the affected RPers. And Carie is an NPC, which I have bronislav84's permission to use.

Random Sprite Art, all done by me. That includes the animated Shaymin I use as an avatar.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi and Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen (Unoficially for Avalon)
Outside of Saffron
Affected RPers: Lus and Kris

If Portia was anything but a higher-ranked official, he would have scoffed at the idea-Considering the massive black inferno that rose up all around them, any safe ground was going to turn dangerous the minute he left. However, it was one of three Beta's asking, after all. He laid down Avalon to the safe ground-the turf he was at right now-and realized something.

"...Beta, if we could get Avalon to do...Whatever he did again...Perhaps we could remove the barrier around the 'Executioner' and the flames from the swords if Avalon was...Consious..." Vyraz rambled.

Avalon was consious by the time Vyraz said it the word 'consious'. Looking down where he laid, he realized that his body drained the life out of the grass he was laying on to awake him, such subconsious actions being influenced by the call of the dead gods. Avalon thought it wasn't their brightest move-Avalon couldn't hear the call while he was awake. Or, at least, it was too noisy outside for him to notice the call while awake.

"I'm consious! Alive! Both of those things!" he said while getting himself up. He got up at such a speed to suprise Vyraz.

"Huh? How did you-"

"My body subconsiously drained the life out of that grass. Poor grass!" Avalon said, while pointing to the dead patch of once-green grass.

Avalon got stares from the Circle Knights, but he ignored them. He was very good at ignoring things. Like the exceptionally strong call the dead gods imposed.

"...Avalon, can you do...Whatever you did back there on the Executioner that got rid of the magical repair ability to...get rid of the other stuff the beast has?" Vyraz asked.

"...Yhea...But I'd rather go in it and blow stuff up!" Avalon said. In all honesty, the worst part of the Executioner-the repair ability-was now history. It could no longer repair itself. Unless...

"...Say, there was a small orb that appeared after the...Executioner got it's ability removed, right? Do you know where that is?" Avalon asked.

"Hanging in midair, probably. Why?" Vyraz asked.

"That small orb is the repair ability incarnate. If the Executioner touches it, then poof! It get's it's repairing skills back." Avalon said. "Hey, I didn't know a 'Super Boss Mode Switch' was avaliable on that thing!" He added, noticing the Executioner.

Or rather, it's new skill.

The Executioner's hands were now also ablaze, and now there seemed to be fireballs generating from those hands, flying and tracking the defenders before destroying them in the flame. The Executioner was even faster now, and seemed to become incredibly skilled at hitting his targets with his swords.

"...I get it...That thing has three AI nodes!" Avalon exclaimed.

"Huh?" Vyraz asked.

"AI nodes. Brains for machines. Three brains means three heads to think with. Considering the amount of limbs, It would take more stress than one head could think with. When the Priority target was spotted, it activated the second AI node, allowing it faster, more accurate attacks, and just made it flat-out more mobile too. With the loss of it's regeneration ability, it's activated the third AI node, which probably was responsible for the flaming hands." Avalon explained.

"Oh, we should probably get back in there, as there's only a few defender's left airborne now...I'd say eight-No, wait, just seven defenders alive now..." Avalon said, pointing at the one of the only flying objects still safe from the whole of the Executioner's most furious wrath yet. Flying on a Pelipper (probably why he wasn't burnt to a crisp yet) was none other than Jamal, unleashing Hydro Pump after Hydro Pump on whatever was on fire and part of the Executioner. Or was chasing him.

"Die! Die! DIIIEEE!" Jamal yelled, furiously trying to wreck whatever seemed critical to the machine.

Avalon seemed to get an idea from this spectacle.

"Vyraz! Get Jamal down here! I have another idea!" Avalon yelled.

"Jamal, I need you here NOW!" Vyraz yelled to Jamal. Jamal caught the words, and came.

"What is it, sir?" Jamal said. Then he looked at Avalon. "If it's got anything to do with him, I'm not doing it."

"Oh, it's something you want to do to me!" Avalon said. "You get to Hydro Pump me right to the Executioner's chest!"

Jamal and Vyraz blinked, the latter thinking that anything getting within several yards of the Executioner was now dead. The former, however, loved it. The chance to kill a compleatly willing Avalon is one he so desperatly wanted since the destruction of the underground building.

"If that's the case, let's do this!" He said, utterly cheerful of such an idea.

Vyraz immediatly protested against such an idea. Avalon's worth, despite being a mage, was worth trying to protect. He was from the Lifemaker's time! He could know how to rebuild the world, restore it to it's former glory. But it was too late: Jamal was too eager to launch the Hydro Pump that would kill Avalon, one way or another.

Avalon seemed to be moving at mach speeds, the Hydro Pump was string enough. If the Executioner didn't cut him in midair, he'd be killed on impact with the shield-or if his body was fast enough, the metal of the Executioner.

Avalon, however, had a suprise for everyone.

He immediatly decided to coat his blade with his aura. As the silver blade turned black, with it's red energy and indigo aura surrouned and coated it, Avalon felt a sense of warmth-then again, it was his aura.

He pierced the shield, no problem, though he narrowly missed a blade strike. Then came the harder part-the metal.

"Threetwoonenone!" Avalon said at mach speed.

The Executioner's large metal coat around it's face was no match for Avalon's aura-coated blade, and Avalon narrowly made it in without killing himself.

The armor was thick. Very thick. But there were wires and such. And some kind of blueish, glowing thingamabob...Probably the AI node. It was protected by a small, magical barrier Avalon didn't want to test.

And there was an Audio Log. Maybe someone lost it? He pocketed it for later hearing.

He looked around, using the small light the AI node gave to guess where he was going. He went down, thinking of the one thing that probably powered all of this place, cutting wires as he went along.

Outside, the Kingdom Executioner lurched and staggered as some of it's most critical systems were being destroyed. It was still angry, however. Very angry.

Avalon, however, wasn't done. He decided to inform the others.-in his own special manner.

<"Hello, everyone! This is Avalon, coming to you from the inside of a Kingdom Executioner!"> He telepathed. He heard panicked thoughts. Avalon giggled slightly. <"I am searching for an Ichor Engine! Everything was powered by Ichor back in the day, and this was probably no exception!">

More panicked thoughts. He ignored it. They had good concern, however. Ichor is dangerous.

Avalon felt a powerful force, after a few minutes of navigating the jungle of wires. He felt that that was the Ichor Engine. However, it was inside the central column. He dug out of the steel, only to find the central column rotating extremely fast-or, rather, the bodies rotating very fast around the central column.

<"Vyraz, what's going on out there?!">

Vyraz was not sure he could answer. The beast had put his swords upwards, their tips facing the sky, and started to rotate around it's column's extremely fast. The flames were spiraling around and around it too, becoming a black vortex.

The thing suddenly became far more of a lethal force for any who dared to come close than any other-mainly because it claimed those that dared to think that simpy being out of the way of the flame hurricane wasn't enough. The Executioner should have done this to begin with.

Meanwhile, Avalon, left in the dark, just decided to use his Aura-coated blade to cut through. letting the blade connect with the thing and keeping a strong grip wasn't easy, however. He started the cutting of the massive central column, using the rotating force and his blade to snap the central column and hope that he didn't have to saw off all of it to get to the Engine.

Outside, Vyraz commanded Storm to use Air slash, and Jamal ordered his Pelipper to use Hydro Pump, in an attempt just to quell the rapid spinning motion, as they couldn't get a hit in if the thing continued. The blaze continued to burn unchecked, the full might of the defenders focused on removing the flame hurricane, consuming the corpses and the grass that still survived through the hell that was going on around it.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Blarg post with some humor. Can affect anyone fighting the Executioner; Triple T will be honking and coming into view XP)

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
En Route to Outskirts of Saffron
Affected RPers: Anyone can hear a really loud, higher pitched horn honk in the outskirts of Saffron!

Magister Delani proved to be quite knowledgeable. It flattered her, somewhat, that he rode in the cockpit with Lud watching the others, chatting on yet more strategies. Half of them flew over her head, while the other half went through her processors before they fried. Well, metaphorically, at least.

<From what I know, the Executioner cannot be killed...It has a super magical regenerating ability. This one was sealed away before it broke free, apparently. Can't blame it - being sealed away for so long gets really lonely.>

"Yes...As it is, we don't know what spell was used to seal it before." Magister Delani stated, rubbing his baby smooth skin on his chin. "That will be a major obstacle."

<Silly billy! I'm sure Sovereign-sama knows the incantation. He has been around for a loooooooooooooong time, tee hee~ He's a grumpy old ship with far too much time on his missiles, yet nothing to blow them up on!> Magister Delani gave her a look with suggested that she had too much time on her missiles, but Triple T let it slide.

This time.

Next time she'd steal those fancy robes and turn them into a flag. Oh ho ho ho ho! How embarrassing! That would turn his stern face into one matching the shade of a Cheri Berry! Brilliant! Oh, she'd catalog that face to her memory for all eternity...It'd be hilarious to recall should she ever be upset. The very thought made her giggle!

"What is that?"

Cutting through her pleasant thoughts, again...Sigh. She should be used to it by now. <Hmm? What?> She focused ahead at the mage's urging. What came into focus was a somewhat slim and undefined, but for such a blob to appear...Saffron wasn't even in sight yet, and she could see black flames leaping around the figure. <Why, Magister Delani...I do believe that is the Executioner you are to seal away. My, isn't he big! Reminds me of my late great grandmother...>

She felt her cockpit door open as Delani squeezed into the passenger car to explain the current situation. In the meantime, the hatches on her head creaked open, the cylinders that fired her rockets appearing. She activated her horn, the high pitched noise soaring over what little ocean was left to her destination. If anyone cared to hear it, they would be able to see that help had arrived.

Now, perhaps it was time to put her missiles, with too much time on them, to use. How exciting!
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha and Shadowfang (And maybe a few NPC characters, too)
Pokémon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti (Moving)) -->Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009 and Altruis

Shadowfang and I walked side-by-side as we left our old campsite. Garonn had muttered something to his English-speaking Nidoking friend and the Nidoking translated what he had said so Caoimhe could understand.

"Garonn is asking ‘what’s the plan Caoimhe’, and so am I to be honest." It was quite true; none of the mages knew the plan but her and maybe even her Glaceon. I, too, was wondering, but I decided not to speak.

Caoimhe stayed silent for a moment, not wanting the people behind us to hear. Once it was apparent that the humans couldn’t hear us, she spoke, "We're moving our base northwards a little. It's... odd how we had so many 'visitors' today. Traffic through the forest seems to have picked up lately. I wonder if something is stirring outside of our little forest... "

She turned towards Shadowfang and me and said, "Niusha, do you think you can do me a favor? Can you run to Parasanti and see what rumors are spreading around? Perhaps a little undercover work could give us the answers we need."

I smiled. I hadn’t seen Parasanti since I left when I was about 17. It must have changed a lot since then, I could just feel it. I nodded and said, “This is going to be fun.” I looked down at Shadowfang and pointed towards Parasanti. He knew what I meant apparently, for he ran towards the city. I smiled and chased after him.


I was just outside Parasanti when I heard people talking. I couldn’t make much out, but I could make out a few things. I walked through the streets, trying to seem like a common townsperson taking their Pokémon for a walk. I knew some rules here; don’t use magic, beating your Pokémon was strictly prohibited, bla bla bla. In my opinion, this was the perfect place for hippies.

Looking like a schoolgirl had its advantages. It made me look young, but in my thoughts, I was young. I walked around and soon started seeing people in small groups whispering to one another.

“Did you hear about the monster that attacked Saffron earlier today?” One person whispered.

“I’m glad I wasn’t there when it happened,” the other replied.

That made slight since; the monsters were probably insane-turned Mages. I mean, there were many tunnels down in Saffron, one of the dead gods may have been buried there.

“I thought some Red Knights were going to try to snatch the Mages or something. Do you think they could have gotten lost?” A man asked me. Apparently he didn’t know that I was with the group that had killed them.

“Yeah, they probably got lost,” I said. That was the only thing I said, for Shadowfang started to chew on my boots. I looked down and tilted my head. The little Umbreon barked and sat down, apparently not wanting to go farther. “Ok, Shadowfang, we can go back home now,” I muttered and walked in the opposite direction. This was terrible, for people soon saw my pendant and its resemblance to my Umbreon’s teardrop ‘ring’ between his eyes.

Shadowfang walked calmly ahead of me, not knowing that his rings were glowing quite brightly. I looked at my pendant and gasped. It was glowing a darkish blue, a bit darker than a normal shiny Umbreon’s rings. I started to run once again and my Umbreon copied, knowing what was going on. Something bad would probably happen if we stayed there any longer...

(I hope this is OK, couldn't really think of anything else xD)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi and Leonard Avalon Zyxino
The Cullen
Outside Saffron
Affected RPers: Grassy, Kris and Lus

Vyraz wasn't fond of this hurricane. It was hard just to dent it before the thing started spinning like a maniac all over the place. Now, it was pretty much impossible, with the attacks that would have worked on it before now being insanely hard to land on the only place that was avaliable for hitting; The legs, which were very small in comparison to the rest of the Executioner.

However, Avalon liked the spinning motion the Executioner made. He was almost done sawing off the thing's central column. At last, he suceeded, with a kick pushing the small section of the column he sawed off to behind the Executioner's back. He looked down.

Considering his spinning motion, he couldn't tell which way was which, but that definatly was the Ichor Engine. He could feel it. Anybody could. It pulsed out so much energy.

Of course, Avalon could not just slash it-if he did this wrong, he'd be blown to smithereenes, along with the Executioner. Thinking for a minute, he got a good solution-but good enough? Meh, he had to try.

He zapped it, using a weak current of his trademark red electricity to start the process that would destroy the Executioner.

Then he got sent to the side, the machine having stopped it's rotating compleatly, realizing that it's power source was now no longer usable. Avalon quickly recovered, even though his body ached from the hard impact it was, and tried scrambling out of the Executioner the way he came, knowing that it would not be long before it would explode in a blue-green cloud of magical destruction.

He finally found the hole to the way out, just as the Executioner said it's final words, a shrill shreek to penetrate the eardrums one last time, before Avalon jumped out, not trying to make an upward bound, but rather to get as much distance between him and the ticking time bomb of an Ichor Engine he just started.

The Executioner exploded, it's upper half being engulfed in magical flames of all colors as Avalon realized the hard way that a shockwave of an explosion wasn't good for slowing down. He got rocketed away from the blast, but took quite a long jump, almost away from every defender that he could have tried to jump to, in an attempt to stop the fall before gravity made too much difference for anything to matter.

Vyraz saw it, and in the blink of an eye, he ordered Storm to make a sharp dive, trying to catch Avalon before he fell...Vyraz swore he heard a honking noise in the distance, but his ears were far too deafened after all the roaring the Executioner made that day to really confirm this. He barely cared either way, his full focus on catching Avalon.

Avalon swore he would have landed on anything other than a Shiny Braviary. Thankfully, he did, somehow managing to cling on to it's rear feathers, as Storm made a bit of a hard landing because of the sudden weight change. Of course, the fall Avalon would have made would have been much, much harder.

Up in the distance, Avalon saw something like a flying train coming towards them...With rockets, ready to fire?!

Avalon was highly confounded by this. Avalon had heard of a few ships being vastly differnet from ships, but flying rocket trains?! Really? What was the Lifemaker thinking?!

"Universe, why must you hate me so much?!" Avalon yelled to the sky. "First a giant Redeemer Hextech war machine, and now a giant flying train with rockets?!" Avalon added.

Vyraz, having not noticed this either, looked up, and paid little to no heed at all. It was an Armada Ship, obviously.

"Cool it, Avalon. It's on our side." Vyraz said, calmly, though slight unease came due to the rocket tubes.

"...Oh. Then let me play this random Audio Log I found inside the Executioner!" Avalon said, pressing the play button.

"Personal log: Arvix Luvarnin." The Audio Log said.

"Ooh, someone!" Avalon said. Apparently he didn't care about his injuries at all.

"...They've...Broken out...Of the Magansanti Labrotory...The experiments...But...They don't know they're being tracked...Some of them are still loyal to our cause...The grand Redeemers of all the world...Heh...Long live Lord-Oh? You...No, no, no no, no no no, NO!" Said an extremely panicked voice, presumably Arvix.

"Aww. Poor dude." Avalon said. "He's an absolute b***ard for siding with the Redeemers and whatnot, but still. That's sad." He added, with not even the slightest trace of sorrow.

"...Those Redeemers...They're scum. They'll do the worst things to whoever they love, no questions asked. Even their own daughters and sons." Said a cold, femeline voice. It sounded slightly satisfied. There was a hint of another voice that Avalon picked up on too...One of the voices that fuel the Song of the Dead Gods...

"So I'm being tracked...Humph. They'll get no cooperation out of me. Whoever this fancy Hero is, I hope he smashes the Redeemers to teeny, tiny bits...." The female voice said, now in a much more serene tone. "...Whoever finds this...I hope you stop anything like this from ever happening again...Ah, who am I kidding! This thing's in an Executioner! A f***ing invincible Kingdom Executioner! Who'd find this without blowing it up?!" The voice went, suddenly realizing the insanity levels it would take for herself to think the very thought.

"I found it!" Avalon said.

"Whatever! The Lab's on the northernmost side of Magansanti, in the sewer system. Blow it to peices! Preferrably with Ichor-powered explosives, in fact. There are those that did not undergo well as I did." She said, thinking about the use of the word 'treatment' for a bit.

The Audio Log ended there. Jamal was just running up to them when it finished.

"OK. I'm alive, so it's time for you to come up with you're end of the deal." Jamal said. "Magansanti, Ho!" Jamal yelled.

"Well, a deal's a deal. I was planning on staying at Magansanti for a little while, Jamal, so I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all!" Jamal said, now utterly estatic about the opportunity to make more than he'd ever be worth. "Not even a little! Shall we be off, then?"

"Wait a few minutes." Vyraz asked. You want to come too, don't you?" Vyraz asked Avalon.

"Oh yhea. I so totally want to." Avalon said, Knowing full-well already why Vyraz was so interested. The labs held so many more secrets from the past, and even with what the daughter told them, they were still quite sure that nothing lived inside the Magansanti labs. Jamal, knowing none of this, was just slightly depressed that Avalon was coming along, which was compleatly offset by the fortune he'd make.

"Then get on!" Vyraz said, gesturing to Storm, who was perched and ready for another takeoff. "I came here on my boat, but I'm pretty sure the crew I was with left. They're not getting paid for this, of course." He added.

Avalon mounted Storm, allowing Vyraz to get in front. Meanwhile, Jamal mounted his Pelipper again.

"Three, two, one...Wait!" Vyraz said, looking at Avalon. "Are there any healers around?" Vyraz asked.

One mage, part of a quickly and unoficially assembled crew to heal the wounds of those hurt by the Executioner, ran up and touched Avalon. Avalon felt warm and cozy, as the wounds inflicted by the explosion, the fire, and the sudden stop the beast made when he destroyed the engine were wiped away from his body.

"OK, now we go!" Vyraz sait, just starting the takeoff, Jamal Following closely. Magansanti would not be a hard-fought for trip at all. Just some deposits from the Magan's King and some touring of the underground labs, and they'd be back in Itum. He kept his ears peeled, however, for anything he might need to hear.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(OOC: tsk tsk Latio, when Sovereign says it can't be destroyed he means it xP That said, I have plans for the thing, plus I wanna give Grassy a chance to do something. But since you seem to be in a hurry, I'll finish up soon.)

The Armada
Affected: k_pop, Latio, Grassy

Sovereign sensed Triple T coming in from miles away. At the same time, a massively loud horn call announced the arrival of an entire battalion of Circle Knights from Itum. The Knights now heavily outnumbered the Saffron mages, something which was sure to make the magic-users nervous.

That said, they were still but toys against the Executioner. As the battle raged on, a small group of mages managed to get through the Executioner's shield and inside the warmech, causing massive damage to all of its critical systems. An enormous explosion sounded as the primary Ichor reactor exploded, and the tiny silhouettes of a few very brave mages rushed away, riding the wave of magical fire.

Cheers resounded from all the defenders of Saffron. The newly-arrived Circle Knights suddenly slowed their approach, as evidently their services were no longer needed. Even Captain Eki had a cheerful expression. But as hats and yelps alike flew up into the air, Sovereign merely shook his head.


Eki glanced at him, one eyebrow raised as he shot a quizzical expression at the Armada commander.

"If it were merely an Executioner, that might be enough. But it's not just a Kingdom's Executioner. It has been reborn of the Wave." He slowly closed his eyes. "Not that any of you comprehend what that means."

A hideous chorus of notes sliced through the air, emanating from every direction at once as the Executioner's corpse continued to collapse. A in C major. Multiples of them, extending from the ultrasound range into infrasound, the unearthly wail of spaces that were never meant to meet. Around Edorath, weaker-willed warriors fell to the ground, hands clasped over their ears.

It was sad, Sovereign reflected, that after all they had done none of these humans understood what the world had been through. If memory was so fragmented, then what was the meaning of anything that they did?

Black tendrils began to extend from the holes in the Executioner's corpse, grasping the parts of its body and sliding them back into place. Cracks and holes were sealed with that black substance, resulting in a horrible, mismatched appearance. There wasn't enough material for the Executioner to fully repair, but not that it mattered; those tendrils emerged out from the missing pieces of hull, curling downwards to draw people and Pokemon into the void.

Edorath lifted his eyes towards Tornadic. [Triple T,] he said, and gave her the location of his avatar. [Unload there. We're almost out of time.]

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Delani can be controlled by anyone. He's just a little NPC I concocted like, three posts ago.)

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Saffron, City of Ancients
Affected Rpers: Lusankya, k_pop, and...Um, well, not too sure, ha ha.

My my, what was that? At one moment, the Executioner stood tall and proud...The next moment, it exploded in such a wonderful rainbow of colors, it was quite spectacular. "Was that it? Was that all the mighty Executioner could spare? I find it...Unlikely, but what could escape such a blast and survive?" Delani actually sounded surprised, having come back into the cockpit. Delani, mister stern face. Surprised. One for the record books!

{Hmm...No, it's not over yet. They can't be destroyed that easily...And it was affected and corrupted by the Wave. Stuff like that is really hard to kill.} She drew closer, watching as it collapsed in on itself...Before a horrible cacophony of noises erupted from the wreckage, piercing her hull and causing those inside intense discomfort. At this point, she felt the mages in her car shift towards the somewhat generously sized windows to view their prey like eager little kittens with a piece of yarn dangling in front of them.

Her lights flickered slightly as the noise affected her mind briefly. Twisting around, she observed black tendrils of goop - what else could she call it, the "black tendrils of evil tendrilness"? - pulling it back together, and even worse was that it was pulling in everything else with it. Angling herself around to view the reforming behemoth, two of her eight rockets loaded itself into their respective launchers...Although whether or not they'd fire would be another question.

The rockets groaned as they were ignited, and the launchers themselves vibrated violently as the missiles scraped against them. Oh me oh my, I forgot...There is a good chance they might blow up. Oopsie! Nothing she could do about it now, could she? The fuses were lit, the timer was counting down, and that machine was just begging for a good ol' fashioned butt whooping.

Just like that, both rockets fired off as if on cue, whistling towards the machine. Its shield was still down from the explosion, so no resistance was met as they flew on their kamikaze path. The first one impacted where the heads were located (or, in this particular case, where one of them would have been), blowing a good sized chunk out of it. The second missile smashed into a reformed, spindly leg, destroying it completely and sending the mutated Executioner collapsing into the ground. This had the added bonus of causing it to fall apart yet again, as its weight and the loose formation of its pierced armor was not yet stable enough to hold it together for such a collision.

Two more missiles loaded, but she didn't fire as a transmission came in. [Triple T,] the image of Sovereign's human body came into her head, [unload there. We're almost out of time.] Did she sense a hint of panic in Sovereign's voice? Curious. This must be really serious...More than she thought.

{Roger dodger, Sovereign-sama! Hopefully my little present will keep it preoccupied a little bit longer...I'd say the party has so far proven to be a blast, wouldn't you?} She giggled, even as she swerved to where he was located. Upon approaching, she also noticed someone beside her commander...A mage, from the looks of it. The rails of light shot forward a little more, connecting with the ground and allowing her to slow down to a stop beside the three, as she now noticed a Circle Knight commander.

Door sliding open and cargo bay opening, the mages and their partners came out, rallying around those nearest; Portia, Edorath, and Eki. Magister Delani was the second to last one out, staying by Triple T's side.

{Well then...This, Sovereign-sama, would be Magister Delani of the Magister Circle...Along with nine of his most powerful mages and their partners.} The red camera that served as her eye for the outside world focused on Portia and Eki, respectively. {Don't know who you two are, but the more the merrier! I stalled it a little longer with my trusty rockets...I have six left. They might not all fire though...Haven't used them in so long, my launcher is in bad condition.} She wiggled the said machine atop her head. {Ah, but what is a gal train to do, huh?}

Delani focused on Edorath. "Our services are required, but alas, I do not know a spell powerful enough to seal an Executioner away...And we will need every available mage in order to be at maximum strength. This will be no time to slack off in spell power..."

{Slacking off in anything is usually bad, silly.} Triple T cut in. {I shall attempt to distract the grumpy machine, but there is only so much I can do. I will keep blasting it as well to keep it falling apart, but once I'm out of rockets - or they explode, whichever comes first - I will not be able to do much other than be an annoying gnat to it. Buzz buzz! Ha ha!} It'd prove to be fun. {If you require anything of me or Lud, my delightful little Ludicolo friend, ask now or forever hold your peace. Or pieces, if the Executioner gets to you first!} She broke out into laughter at her joke.

Lud could only smack his face in exasperation. [Why I partnered up with you, I will never know...] He switched his broadcast to Sovereign. [She is right, though. We'll do whatever we can to help. Those swords will not be able to withstand my Hydro Pump, I reckon.]
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers
; Lus, Grassy, and Latio?

Portia watched as Avalon allowed himself to be shot at the giant machine, breaking through it. “Well, there goes my idea,” she said, tilting her head.

<Thank goodness,> Sonora said rolling her eyes. The Flygon had not liked the idea of her going into the machine to begin with.

It was obvious that the Executioner was being damaged by the boy inside as it began to jerk and stagger. Then came a telepathic message that he was going to destroy the Ichor engine. Portia immediately began calling everyone who was not already running to fall back from the machine as far as they could. She did not have to ask twice as the three bodies began spinning around the center column. Everyone put plenty of distance between themselves and the monster. Those still in the air or with water Pokemon were the only ones staying anywhere near as they attempted to battle the flames. Even they ran when the top half of the Executioner erupted in an explosion of fire, discolored by the magic from Ichor.

Even as many in the crowd had started to cheer that it was destroyed, the Armada commander stated one word, “Obvious.” Portia turned to look at him. “If it were merely an Executioner, that might be enough. But it's not just a Kingdom's Executioner. It has been reborn of the Wave. Not that any of you comprehend what that means.”

Portia was trying to do just that, understand what he meant, when suddenly a horrendous noise came from everywhere all at once. Sonora growled at the terrible cacophony as others fell to the ground from the noise that grated against their minds. For Portia and many other mages, the sound struck a different chord. Hands over her ears, she fought back against it, feeling Sonora lean closer to her. Dark coils emerged to pull the machine back together. But, not only that, it began to pull in anyone and anything that was too close.

“Sir, I’ve a feeling we’ll be comprehending a bit what you were saying here,” she said, looking back at the Armada commander.

Projectiles slammed into the Executioner, one of them breaking a reformed limb and sending the dark machine onto its side. Portia realized that this would not last. They needed to keep at it until it could be stopped. The Armada ship that was responsible for the rockets, a train that she had seen elsewhere before, landed close by. A group of mages exited with their Pokemon partners. Portia could tell that they were all much more powerful than any individual already in the battle, a couple of them were even familiar to her. She noticed that their arrival eased the nerves of some of the nearby mages who were agitated by the number of Knights. A somewhat mechanical, but female voice addressed everyone.

{Well then...this, Sovereign-sama, would be Magister Delani of the Magister Circle...along with nine of his most powerful mages and their partners. Don't know who you two are, but the more the merrier!} she said, referring to Portia and the Knight-commander. {I stalled it a little longer with my trusty rockets...I have six left. They might not all fire though...Haven't used them in so long, my launcher is in bad condition. Ah, but what is a gal train to do, huh?}

Magister Delani said that they were prepared to help, but did not know a spell strong enough to contain the machine. The Armada train jumped in saying that she would continue to break it apart to keep it busy until they could figure something out. Portia could not help but smile at the cheeky way she joked about fighting the Executioner.

“I agree that we need to try to keep it down while the seal is being formed. And I may have an idea. It won’t cause too much damage...I think.” Portia jumped onto Sonora’s back. “I’ll gather as many mages as I can to help with the spell. And while you try to figure it out, I’m going to slow that thing down a little before it takes any more of my mates.”

The Flygon jumped into the air, wings thrumming. <Damage? So what are you planning now?>

The small mage looked at the Executioner still on its side as the dark tendrils had almost pulled the leg back together. “We’re gonna send it back where it came from. It’ll land on the buried Saffron, but only part of the old city. And really, that was already destroyed when he came out.”

<Can Bizzzy, help?>

Portia started slightly. She had nearly forgotten about the tiny Joltik taking refuge on her shoulder. “Sure thing, Bizzy. We’ll be needing all the help we can get with this.”

Most of the people who had escaped the explosion were already grouped together. Coming up the road, she could see a small crowd of people riding or being pulled in wagons by Pokemon; another forty Cullen members and their partners. Putting her fingers to her lips, she let out a short whistle followed by a longer one. This was echoed by a similar whistle from the group arriving from South Harbor. Sonora dropped lower, hovering over them as they joined the crowd of defenders.

A stocky man on the driver’s seat of a Tauros wagon was staring at the Executioner trying to recover. “I guess we don’t have to ask what we’re here to fight.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Portia replied. She looked at the group giving quick orders. “Alright, I need earth mages and anyone with ground and rock types, or any Pokemon that know Earthquake. We’re gonna try to collapse the edge of the rift while that thing is close. The rest of you, get away from the area. Head on over there. The Magister is going to need all the mages we have.”

While most of them hurried over to where the commanders and Magister waited, the group Portia had chosen quickly spread in wide semi-circle around the Executioner. She saw the machine pulling itself upright, dark tendrils swinging from the open spaces as they sought to capture anything that came too close. With the signal one loud whistle, Sonora and every other Pokemon slammed the ground, sending out shock waves towards the rift. Some of the earth mages focused the vibrations around the massive machine while others specifically shifted the ground under it, raising sharp spires under one leg and opening gaps beneath the other two. The Executioner stumbled as its own weight weakened the shifting rock. The massive cavern roof over the old city of Saffron began to cave in further, dropping the Executioner onto the damaged buildings it had already trampled after waking.

“Don’t let it get a grip on that edge!” Portia called to the earth mages. “If he reaches up, let it crumble away!”

“Portia!” The brown-haired server caught up on her Aerodactyl. “Shouldn’t we try to bury it while it’s down?”

The small woman shook her head. “No. That wouldn’t be enough to stop it and it would completely open the cavern. It’s better to leave that edge there so it can break away from the machine’s grip.”

The younger girl nodded and directed her Pokemon back down to the rift to help. Sonora hovered close overhead, watching the machine as it struggled to upright itself once again. Portia looked back towards Sovereign and the Magister. Forming a pale, swirling orb in her hand, she split it in two sending half towards the other commanders. Holding the first sphere spinning in her hands, it would allow her to communicate with them and keep her attention on the Executioner quickly recovering again.

He was sealed down there before. This should allow us to stay out of reach while surrounding him. At least, that was my thought. Any idea of a spell yet?

One of the huge hands was reaching up to the edge. Portia felt static building on her shoulder. Thinking quickly, she really had to- she pulled the Discharge being released by Bizzy down her arm, slinging it from her glaive within a small whirlwind. The roiling gyre of wind and electricity struck the Executioner’s hand causing it to pull back momentarily with a roar. Portia was thankful she had been capable of focusing that attack or it would have caused a nasty shock.

“Well, that’s handy,” she said, her sharp teeth showing in grin at the Joltik on her shoulder, who was bristling at the machine below.

<Stupid monzzter! Squizzh Bizzzy’s home!>
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Ooc: I'm lucky I got this in. Very lucky.)

Leonard Avalon Zyxino and Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Outside Saffron
Affected RPers: Kris, Lussy and Grassy

For those that heard the grave's orchestra, It sounded absolutely terrible.

For mages that heard the Nether's wails, It took all their strength just to resist.

Avalon heard it too. But he was in massive agony, almost too much to hear anything.

Suddenly coated in Indigo Lines, head-to-toe, and without the realization that his red electricity seemed to have bounced him off of Storm, Avalon was miserably compliant to focus strictly on one thing and one thing alone, something nobody else that day would ever hear: What that chorus of damnation meant.

"...You...YOU! Son of my enemy, ally of my slayer, WHY do you fight me?!"

It sounded far worse than the singing of cursed souls, for it was something meant to hurt all of Avalon extremely badly. This was on purpose. This was caused by something. This was no ordinary Call. Was it even the call at all? It wasn't anything like he had ever experianced in all of his five-hundred year plus experiance with it.

Avalon forcefully snapped himself out of his trance, and suddenly realized that he wasn't on Storm, nor really on anything other than air. But that would change in five seconds, when he would land directly on top of where the newly reformed (and remodeled) Executioner was. And the Executioner's remaining two heads seemed to be tracking him down with a kind of fury that was unrivaled by anything Avalon could think up of in that short time.


Avalon was suddenly saved by an explosion that was perfectly placed for Avalon to ride the shockwave to an Aerodactyl, and the 'lucky' defender who (caught completely unawares) would save his life. However, neither would thank the other-The mount, suddenly given a lot more weight than it anticipated it would carry, with no less than three riders on it, made a very sharp decent. Avalon felt he wasn't really welcome here. Spotting an oversized Honchkrow (and a flock of Murkrow supporters it must have amassed), Avalon made a much easier jump.

He did not expect the rider to be someone he knew. But with all that black clothing and the skin, with a red and a purple eye and red hair, this was no guessing game.

"Blizzard! You somehow managed to overcome all the impossible odds and become a hundred years old! And then some!" Avalon joked, guessing right off the bat that he had cryogenically frozen himself too (Probably at his last known location, Fort Aer). Blizzard looked nothing like a five-hundred-year-old at all: He was someone that would be in their late teens. Probably nineteen, or something around there.

"I'd say the same thing. No, seriously, last time I checked every last man from a whole faction was after your blood. How in the Lifemaker's good name you managed to evade them in your sleep-"

"You have no idea." Avalon said, finishing Blizzard's thought.

"Yhea. Regardless...What about that?" Blizzard said, pointing towards the Executioner. "I've recently realized myself to be what the locals call a mage. I've got no clue whatsoever as to what I can do, but heck to that, I'll do it to stop that Executioner-gone-insane." Blizzard added. "Oh, if you haven't guessed already, that's not a standard-issue ultra-heavy Kingdom Executioner. Oh, who's your new friend?"

Blizzard had noticed a now-very-curious Vyraz, who flew down a bit with a wounded Braviary to personally scan the Honchkrow and his rider amidst the thick flock of Murkrow.

"...Who's your new friend?" Vyraz asked.

"I've known him longer than you, Vyraz. Try five-hundred years plus of knowing him. Oh, and his name's Jack Fallows Everet, commonly called Blizzard." Avalon said. "He's Vyraz Inxi, Blizz, but I'm afraid a more proper introduction will have to wait until that thing is absolutely incapable of any action. Even thinking about how it's absolutely incapable of any action." Avalon said, getting himself ready to destroy stuff again.

"I've been around briefly for the Black Wave, and that big blob is part of the wave. Any Ichor-infused weapons-especially Ichor explosives-would work wonderfully now." Blizzard said. When he noticed Vyraz's twitch at the mention of Ichor, Blizzard groaned. "That being said, you people probably have little to no clue as to how one properly infuses Ichor with an object to keep it from becoming half-sentient and making all hell break loose."

"Blizzard, don't be like that!" Avalon said playfully. "All hell breaks loose whenever I'm around, no matter how much planning we put into it, so that doesn't even matter!" he added. Another narrowly missed sword strike brought all of their focus to dodging and helping the defensive.

Apparently, a massive row of Pokemon and Mages that could manipulate the ground were assembled to make a massive earthquake that forcibly sent the thing back to the bottom of Ancient Saffron-and this initiative worked beautifully. However, the whole initiative was going to be in vain if they didn't seal it with a very powerful and very easy-to-do sealing spell, and fast.

Avalon got an idea. An ingenious one. He saw the Lifemaker do it in person, and he explained it. It was called the Glass Imprisonment, a tactic that involved both a regular-strength sealing spell and another odd trick to completely prevent the target from doing any action whatsoever, unable to wake from an endless slumber by any means for all eternity and even longer. The way to do it was to get a lot of sand on the target while the sealing spell is being preformed, then when it's finished, strike the target with a blast of lightning. The result is a completely clear and utterly invincible skintight barrier that's half magic and half glass sealing the target, henceforth the title.

<"Attention, everyone! I've got a sealing spell that can work on this thing, and it'll be stuck there forever! I can't seal a stupid pebble, but you only need to know an average-strength sealing spell to get involved. First, I need a Sandstorm rolling here! Get as much sand as possible in as many points as possible! While that's happening, start up the sealing spell! Then, someone has to strike a bolt of pure lightning on the thing when as soon as the seal is finished! Not before or after it's finished, but when!"> Avalon broadcasted.

<"...You're not in charge. Portia and Sovereign are."> telepathed a Mage who obviously did not care to be bossed around by anything that wasn't immediately superior to him.

<"Sovereign?"> Avalon telepathically asked the mage that thought back. Then he noticed the giant ship, the word 'Sovereign' written on it. <"Oh. The giant ship."> he thought. Wow, he was as blind as a Zubat at times.

<"Wait. Are you seriously suggesting that one of the Lifemaker's tactics, one that was a 'just in case' measure he took on the corpses of Nether Gods might not work? Regardless of that, if it doesn't work as planned, it'll still be sealed for a few minutes. A few minutes we can get the wounded out, and get a good sealing spell in!"> Avalon telepathed.

It seemed like too much of a good idea not to do. Or at least, too much of a hopeful idea not to do. Mages with mastery over wind and earth, as well as any Pokemon knowing the move Sandstorm or having the ability Sandstream suddenly took center stage, starting up a ferocious storm of sand and sending down at the Wave-corrupted Kingdom Executioner, which only irritated the beast further, making it unable to see or attack properly, and it's only viable action was to scream another chord direct from hell-and this time, Avalon heard the nasty effect of the Call attempt to wash over him. He felt his skin craw with a vastly worse desire than whatever the Call could craft, too, one that even the Nether Gods at their absolute worst wouldn't want done (at least right then and there). For the regular layman's eye, it would seem kind of natural, but one trained in this would notice something far more devious.

Blizzard, not having as much magical power as Avalon, yet having the same level of mental hardening (actually, possibly more), shrugged it off very easily, but it took Avalon a few seconds to get both feelings down his throat and out of his system without needing to fall off Handro (the oversized Honchrkrow Blizzard flew on).

"Handro, Covering fire!" he said, letting it fire off a Heat Wave. Considering that it was a blast of wind that could actually catch fire it was so hot, it would have passed through the shield if it was there, but there wasn't one, so that didn't even matter. It hit dead on, leaving a melted hole through one of the Executioner's heads, quickly filled up by the black void that was the Black Wave. Blizzard had every right to shudder, ever so slightly.

What man could make scared him to the core unlike anything else, for what man could make included their ultimate demise, as the Black Wave proved.

Avalon, mercifully spared the fate of meeting the Black Wave, even briefly (until now), found Blizzard's almost insensible twitch a very odd thing, as Blizzard had almost total control of every reflex his body made, no exceptions. He knew it was on purpose, and only by reading his mind did he finally fill in a gap about the mystery of the Black Wave that he had so longed to fill.

The Black Wave must have been some kind of Ichor, extremely corrupted by dark forces, and somehow controlled-either by the same forces that corrupted it or the first sentient being the Ichor came into contact with; The Slayer.

As the sealers started up the average-strength spell and the sandstorm continued to get stronger and stronger with the help of the defenders, Vyraz couldn't help but feel that the only way that this would go wrong is if they forgot to keep the Executioner from climbing out, as he ordered his Braviary to use Air slash on the hand that again attempted to climb out of the hole, having not been taught enough of a lesson by Beta Portia's previous greeting.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

OOC: Overduuuuue....


Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers
; Latio, Lus, Grassy

The earth mages and Pokemon were so far successful in keeping the Executioner in the open cavern. When it would try to climb out, the ground at the edge would crumble away or become slick with mud and sand. The machine was becoming frustrated as a it would let loose a discordant roar that grated against the mages above ground. They would be sent skipping back from the edge as one of the swords sliced into the ledge, the black flame further catching fire on rubble and scrub. Portia called some of the water users back to fight the flames that threatened to spread.

The small mage, bit her lip, wracking her brain as she tried to think of some better way to combat this thing in between defensive strikes. She was surprised to hear a telepathic message for a plan. The strange newcomer Vyraz had found was giving out the request for an idea that would, at the least, slow the machine down. The mages on the ground, ready for any possible chance, were convinced to help the Pokemon create another swirling sandstorm around the Executioner. Portia was worried that even if it made the machine stop for a moment, it would not last for long.

Sonora gave a quick snort. <He sure is jumping on things. So, do I add to the Sandstorm?>

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “I need to talk to them.” The Flygon’s wings thrummed as she flew over to the Braviary and Honchkrow. “Hey, I’m willing to give anything a shot at this point. But after seeing what that thing has done, I'm not expecting an average spell to work for very long. That Executioner has been sitting for decades on decades, the power inside listening to the Call all that time it was held back. Even people with no magic abilities can sense that thing reeking of Death. You go ahead with what you’re doing, I’m gonna keep looking for options until the Magister thinks of something.” She turned her sharp-toothed grin at Avalon and smirked. “And you might want to watch about ordering some of these guys. They might not take it well. Asking nicely can go a long way, y’know.”

She pointed Sonora downward, calling Josie on her Aerodactyl to follow. They swerved around the edge of the sandstorm. The dark void inside the machine sensing them nearby struck out with sword and black tendrils through the swirling mass. The two flying Pokemon barely avoided both, throwing off attacks to deflect another strike.

Josie caught up to Portia, her brown ponytail flying behind her. “What are we doing down here?”

“We’re looking for clues.” Portia was directing her Flygon further into the city. “Maybe there’s something that can point us to what held that thing before.”

They circled around the city that had not seen daylight in so long. Such huge buildings were new to them, but here they seemed commonplace. Portia began to wonder if they would reach so high again. They searched among the flattened debris that was obviously from Executioner waking. Boulders and small trees had fallen from the gaps created by the massive swords. It was hard to see anything that would direct them to an answer. The Josie called out to her. Avalanche was flapping to stay aloft higher up.

“Look,” the serving girl was pointing. “That metal twisted over there, it looks like it was a huge sphere or something.”

When Sonora had reached her, Portia could see it, at the start of the destruction. “You’re right. And it looks like it might have been big enough to hold that thing.”

They both flew over and began to search around. The metal sphere had been torn and broken, barely recognizable. A roar echoing through the cavern made the humans and Pokemon turn to look at the Executioner still trying to reach the defenders through the sandstorm surrounding it. Portia turned back to what was in front of them. When Sonora landed, the mage jumped off to look closer at the pile of twisted metal. She tripped over a large piece of masonry from a neighboring building, and froze when she saw what was underneath. Jumping back on Sonora’s back and getting airborne, she whipped gusts of wind at the ground, clearing away the dust and smaller debris.

“I don’t believe it. It’s the binding circle they used.”

Appearing underneath the metal and fragments of stone, she could see parts of an intricate circle filled with symbols and runes. She had never used a binding circle herself, but this was far more complicated than any she had seen. It was still familiar enough that she could identify it though. Besides that, it was not drawn or etched, it was actually set into the rock surface with another type of stone. The outer ring was much wider than the sphere would have been and was filled with runes that were interspaced by smaller circles. Each circle she could see held a symbol that was recognizable by any mage; the symbols of the elements, natural and spiritual.

One of those symbols not covered was very familiar to Portia. The wind. She created a small swirling mass in her hand that shimmered transparently. Holding it over the symbol for wind, she was surprised when that emblem began to glow slightly. It was obvious that a stronger wind spell would be needed, but it showed the circle was still active.

<Portia, look there!>

At her Flygon’s urging, she turned her head. A duplicate symbol inside the broken metal sphere was faintly glowing in tandem with the one on the ground. So they had doubled the symbols within the sphere to hold the Executioner. With a smirk that revealed her sharp little canines Portia immediately took hold of the wind orb she had created to communicate with Sovereign and the Magister.

Now we’re cookin! We’ve found something down here. It’s the binding circle originally used to hold that Executioner! The magic must have weakened over time. We’re going to start clearing this thing. Looks like it’s still active and ready to go. If those mages can pop on down, we may be able to lock it away again with stronger spells. We’re going to need a mage for all the elemental points and we’ll have to draw the big guy back this way. I’m going to get some of my people down here to help while Vyraz and his friend slow that black-hearted machine down. I love a good challenge!

Josie was watching her. “You think it’ll work?”

She turned to the younger girl with an expectant smile. “I’m sure willing to try. C’mon, we have to start clearing away some of this mess. Avalanche and Sonora can handle the big stuff. I’ll send a message up to the Gammas to get a crew together.”

While Josie and her Aerodactyl started moving debris, Portia caught hold of her pendant and connected to the Gammas above ground. Any dragons or strong flying Pokemon started carrying mages down into the cavern to clear the binding circle. She and Sonora landed to help move the heavier wreckage out of the way.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Affected RPers: k_pop, Grassy, Latio

A voice came floating on the wind while Sovereign was explaining the Architects' plan to the Magister. “Now we’re cookin! We’ve found something down here. It’s the binding circle originally used to hold that Executioner! The magic must have weakened over time. We’re going to start clearing this thing. Looks like it’s still active and ready to go. If those mages can pop on down, we may be able to lock it away again with stronger spells. We’re going to need a mage for all the elemental points and we’ll have to draw the big guy back this way. I’m going to get some of my people down here to help while Vyraz and his friend slow that black-hearted machine down. I love a good challenge!”

Sovereign turned to look down towards the Executioner. From above, his sensors could indeed detect the faint glowing of magical energy deep within the cavern. He looked back at Delani, and murmured, "Use the circle as a channel. It will make the spell easier on your bodies. But the original binding spell will no longer work. The power of the Wave has been unleashed."

Sovereign turned around and started walking on top of a small hill. At the same time, he unleashed a barrage of cannonfire onto the upper body of the Executioner. The machine--something that could be described as nothing less than an artificial god, corrupted by even greater deities--burned and writhed under the assault. The shield had dissipated. It was no longer necessary, even. Nothing that still existed could do permanent harm to this corrupted god. The only weapons that had been effective against the Wave had long since disappeared.

The small army of Circle Knights blew their horns, and charged, on feet and powerful Pokemon steeds. Crude machines of war in the form of catapults and prototype primitive cannons launched stones and rounded iron balls at the Executioner. Sovereign was impressed by the strength and speed with which Itum had responded to the threat. It was strange. He wouldn't have expected humans to understand the kind of threat an Executioner posed from simply hearing about it.

His avatar's gaze turned back towards the Executioner. Shrugging off the assault from all sides as though it were nothing, it was climbing out of the trap the mages had set up to stop it from moving. Its tendrils were growing, extending outwards to pluck its flying attackers out of the sky while its swords burned away all life beneath. But even more terrifying was its aura; Sovereign could feel the darkness, the presence of the Outside emanating from it. To stare at it too long was to be driven to madness for ordinary humans.

The Veneifinia mages had reached their positions and begun their incantations. Beams of green light erupted from six points surrounding the Executioner, forming the beginnings of a hexagram. Sovereign frowned. At the rate the Executioner was moving, it would move out of the hexagram before the spell was completed. His cannons boomed again, blasting tendrils of Outside into particles, releasing several humans that had been caught.

Now or nothing. They had finally committed, absolutely, to this final assault. Yet Sovereign could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

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