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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(Altrius since when can Pokemon talk human? As far as I remember, Jared is a Nidoking. Only Pokemon or those who can speak to Pokemon would be able to understand him)

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Magnicar Castle
Affected RPers: Kamikaze

I woke up around sun up and got dressed. My room did have a sink, but it also had an interesting sign. “Ring bell for water.” What could that be about? Who rings a bell for water? Would somebody bring in water if I rang it? I pulled the rope and rang the bell expecting a person, but it wasn't a person. A Squirtle came in and jumped on the sink, sprayed water into it, and sat there waiting for me. “Squirt squirt.” He said, pointing to the sink. I guessed he was there in case I needed more water. Convenient. My clothes didn't stink at all as usual, and I washed the cups the Pokemon used last night with the soap the Inn provided near the sink. Squirtle filled up the sink another time for me, then the bath even though I told him I didn't need it, and after thanking him when I was done he ran out, probably to go on to his next job or something.

Where was Carie dragging me anyway? If the organization needed me so bad they could just come to me. I agreed to join, but if she didn't have information about me, I never would have agreed to really do anything for them outside my new hometown. I was comfortable where I was. Tomo had apparently heard that I was up and heard the splashing of water. I swear he wakes up before me.

“You wanna wash up? The Squirtle filled up the bath just in case.” I told him as I checked my pack. He nodded and went into the small bathroom where the bath tub was. I could hear splashing as he washed himself.

When we were ready we checked out and after confirming that she indeed checked out, then paid for all of us, headed to meet Carie by the gate. As I neared the gate I heard a man's voice. I ducked off to the side of the gate. "Well, would you look at that? Of all the people I could run into, I never figured I'd see you here. What business could possibly bring you here Carie?"

“Belcarth? Hi. I'm not here for you, but appreciate the company anyway if we're going the same way.” Why did it not surprise me that she knew him? She knows way too much, seriously. “Well, you see, I'm five years late, but I believe I've found the person I was looking for. Why didn't anybody think to tell me that she might be the one? That recent recruit from Venefinia.”

“The one what Carie? When are you going to tell me what all of this is about?” I walked up right then with Tomo following me. I didn't need to look at him to guess he was checking auras. That and checking out the other Lucario, who if I had to guess might be female. He walked up to her and his eyes glowed again. <You have an unusual and interesting aura. It's different than I'm used to. I am called Tomo. Can you tell me about yourself maybe?> Asked Tomo of the other Lucario.

“Be patient. I'll explain my theories when we get to Parasanti.” As I grunted in exasperation, she turned to the man. “Belcarth, Renita Myrian. Renita, Belcarth. She is a recent inductee, you see. I was going through the paperwork when I spotted something I recognized.” She started to explain a bit, but not much.

“Which is what? And does he not have a last name?”

“Somebody had been inducted into the Cullen who's magic matched something I recognized, so I had to come to your home and see for myself.” Ah, so that explained the visit, but not where she recognized it from. “I can't tell you anymore at this time, though.” Then she remembered I asked another question. “As for his last name, I don't believe he ever told me, so if he has one he will have to tell us himself when he wants to.

“Just when it was getting good. So what now?” I asked, looking around for her two dragons who probably weren't far away. In the meantime Tomo was having what looked like a conversation with the other of his kind. (Kami, go ahead and make it up)

“Now we head to Parisanti, and I'm sure Belcarh is heading there too. It shouldn't take too long with Drag and Bow helping now.” She whistled loudly again and the Dragonite and Salamence landed nearby with some thuds and soft roars, most likely greeting the new Lucario, whom they walked up to. “I think we have enough room for everybody, but I believe you, Tomo, and the other Lucario should ride on Drag this time, while Belcarth and I will ride Bow and he will carry the Growlithe in his arms.” She turned to Drag. “Drag she's heavier than usual, so please be careful.”

“I am nooooot fat. What's with you?” I couldn’t believe she mentioned that again.

“For the last time, you're not fat, but I know for a fact you weigh more than the average person. It's just how you are, and Drag needs to be careful to not hurt himself or anybody else. Understand?” She said with an apologetic tone, but I was still hurt.

“Fine. That still wasn't a nice thing to say.”

“Now, if there's no other objections, we can get going.” Said Carie, looking to Belcarth.

(Go ahead and do anything you wanted to finish up here, like filling in the speech I can't bunny for, and get us to Parasanti maybe?)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tschaveh Tenk
Docks of Mancia
Affected RPers: Noble One, Kai-Mei, Alaskapidove


Tschaveh continued to pant heavily, regaining the strength that he had lost from utilizing the glove. He couldn't hear his laboured breathing, though - the pounding of the Tauros hooves to either side of me overpowered every other possible sound. It was like being right inside the middle of a rolling thunderstorm, rumbling with thunder. The shaking of the ground didn't hurt the metaphor either.

After a couple of minutes, the horde had finally finished stampeding past Tschaveh. The bulls that he had knocked backwards had got to their feet, but they were just milling around so they posed no threat to the young man either. Tschaveh got to his feet, being careful of his still-tender left hand, before running off in the direction he had sent Kikirev. Only now did he realize that he didn't have a way of locating his partner. He decided to go with his earlier hunch and headed towards the docks, where a respectable number of ships were docked.

Tschaveh jogged the whole way there, his eyes roaming constantly, keeping a look out for either the mysterious man or Kikirev. He ran under the stone arch that led to the boarding areas but quickly stopped dead in his tracks. The road split into five different streets, each heading to a different area of the docks. Tschaveh gritted his teeth in anger and looked down each one. He was about to pick one at random when he felt a slight flare of warmth in his glove upon looking down the right-most one. He looked at the gauntlet suspiciously, but it did nothing except continue to exude the faint warmth. Tschaveh raised his hand in front of him, pointing his palm down the path, and the glove grew warmer, but still not uncomfortable. He shrugged, and began running down the path - it was the only clue he had.

It paid off. He found Kikirev watching a thin building from an alley opposite it. Kikirev smiled briefly upon seeing his friend, but then gestured towards the building. Tschaveh frowned.

"He went through there?" the young wanderer asked.

The Bisharp nodded emphatically.

"Alright, well I guess that's where we're going as well," Tschaveh said, not unhappily. There was no greater feeling than the one you experienced at the beginning of an adventure. It's why he kept setting out on them, never staying long in one place. That, and he was afraid of the airships finding him, but surely they'd forgotten him during the five years or so he had been missing for Fort Aer.

Tschaveh walked out into the street and towards the building confidently, Kikirev at his back. The Bisharp didn't make a sound as Tschaveh walked through the door. The building was small, only the size of a bathroom - it was more like a tunnel with a door than anything. It contained a small desk, a small chair, and a large man who was obviously some kind of mercenary. He cracked his knuckles and watched Tschaveh and Kikirev pass, but decided not to trifle with them.

The pair exited the building and found themselves looking at a large ship. It wasn't grand - the paint was peeling and battle-wounds were vividly evident - but it looked serviceable as a transport ship. It didn't have any problems bobbing gently in the waves, at least.

Tschaveh looked around and grabbed a spare sail that was lying on the ground. He passed it to Kikirev, who flung it over his shoulder with one hand and covered his head with the cloth using the other. That done, they walked up the ramp towards the toady little official who watched them nervously.

"Sixteen bronze pieces to Saffron," he said in a high-pitched voice, blinking his eyes individually.

Tschaveh nodded amicably and began poking through his pockets, looking for the small sack that he kept his money in.

"I'll also need to see your passports," he squeaked, wiping his forehead with a soiled handkerchief.

Tschaveh paused momentarily before withdrawing the small sack. He pulled out two silver coins and placed them on the table in front of the man. The man reached out for them and looked up at Tschaveh, who winked. The wanderer didn't have a passport, but in his experience almost everyone was susceptible to bribes, especially when the bribe was a 300% commission over the fare. The official waved them onto the ship, looking around quickly to see if anyone had been watching him.

Kikirev led the way downstairs, to the large communal sitting area where the poorest travelers stayed during the trip. There were already over fifty people here, most of them noisy and smelly. The Bisharp rumbled unhappily, and Tschaveh laughed.

"Don't worry buddy, we won't be spending much time here," he said. "This is a large ship to search, and we only have a few days to do it."
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

In the Depths of Ancient Saffron
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

Within the ruins, the mind slept.

It was a simple mind, one that had never pondered the mysteries of existence, its purpose; one that had never experienced love, or joy, or friendship, or grief. All it knew was rage... and destruction. The only variables its life had ever knew were the targets of that rage. It was the mind of a beast, a weapon of war, designed only for destruction.

Yet it too felt the whispers. Its masters had thrown it into a battle it could not win, and paid the price. The mind could not understand them; it did not even realize that it heard them. But they were there. Always singing, always dreaming. The call of creatures so unimaginably powerful that their very existence cast aside all boundaries of logic.

For the first time in a long time, the mind felt activity outside the confines of its prison. There was battle in the ancient ruins, people fighting the leftovers of a world whose secrets had long been lost to time. So the mind raged. It shook its arms against the magical chains of its prison, stomped and screamed in a wailing sound that reverberated against the walls. Metal screeched against metal as it tried to free itself from the seal.

The knowledge was inexplicable, perhaps even impossible, but it knew... somehow it knew. The moment would soon arrive. It was merely biding its time.

Execution awaits.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Miles Beneath Saffron.
Affected RPers: N/A

They climed the last staircase to the floor with the control room with relative ease after that last break-but due to the time they wasted, The sound of Porygon making their unified, wretched cry was to be heard-they were gaining on them.

"We must be steadfast, lest those Porygon catch us with our guard lowered. Weapons out." Vyraz said, rather miserable he couldn't do likewise. He watched as Jamal, Barnibus and Monroe drawed their weapons out, ready to kill whatever dared to kill them. Avalon kicked open the door to the Control room, realizing quickly that the hinges were rusted over again.

The Control room was filled to the brim with shining lights on the odd boxes, which Vyraz assumed to be computers. Many had text composed primarily of numbers which Vyraz couldn't make out, however, Avalon immediatly set about, tapping various lights and watching the reactions on the other lights.

"Vyraz, drop the Gasoline. Unsheath your blade. Defend me while I get through the security!" Avalon said. Vyraz gently put the Gasoline in a corner of the room, and quickly drawed the Zenith, quite glad he had some form of weaponary out. Storm was ready to clean the clocks off of as many Porygon as neeeded.

The Porygon's eerie cries were elevating in pitch, marking their assent to their floor. Vyraz and his fellows were behind the doorway, ready to put the pestillance down while Avalon 'removed them from the Porygon's Targeting Ledger.'

They waited...Then what Avalon had predicted happened. The Porygon quickly spawned from the lights on the screen, bypassing Vyraz and company, and immediatly begain charging their attacks, aiming for Avalon...

And it was an utter waste of a charge. Avalon had cut through them with his now-unsheathed blade, making them wish they didn't even come. The blade looked ornate, with patterns that were commonly associated with the Lifemaker and justice on it. In particular, the triangle of justice, a triangle with three lines running straight from the inside angles to the lines, with a circle around where the lines met, was present as the largest pattern on the blade. Vyraz was just getting more curious about it, when Avalon started to bark out again.

"GAH! They've locked down the control panel! That's it! Vyraz, the Gasoline!" Avalon orderd. Vyraz quickly grabbed the gasoline, as another batch of Porygon met their demise much in the same way as last time.

"Remove the cap! Pour it out all over the control panel!" Avalon ordered. Vyraz quickly removed the only thing that kept the gasoline from the outside world, and hastily poured as much of the stuff as possible onto the lights, where More and more Porygon were starting to appear from...

"RUN!! NOW!!" Avalon said, running as fast as he could from the Porygon, sheathing his blade and pulling out the flare gun. Vyraz ran like all hell had broken loose-and it did.

They ran up what Avalon believed to be the last staircase, and saw that they were outside the building entierly, and the building was the tallest. They could see the whole of Ancient Saffron from up here...And conveniantly, a hole to the next layer was just above them, climbable in all aspects.

And the Porygon decided that most of the roof was expandable and repairable, as they blew it up, spilling out from the control room, in numbers too vast to be countered with five men and two Pokemon.

That was when Avalon pulled out the flare gun, and fired one round at the control panel.

The Porygon were so frightened that they scatterd, extremely afraid of what was probably to come. Meanwhile, Avalon started to climb upwards.

"Did the flare go off?!" Vyraz asked, starting to climb too.

"No, but it will! GET CLIMBING!" Avalon screamed, having just made it over, quite quickly. Vyraz scrambled to get over the thing, and Jamal, Monroe, and Barnibus started to climb too. Storm flew over to the top of the hole, just as the Porygon reassembled at the top floor of the building, curious as to what happened...

Vyraz, Jamal and Monroe cleard the hole, just in time: a Massive column of fire suddenly and violently bursted out, presumably engulfing the Porygon and the building-and poor Barnibus, who didn't make it out in time. The explosion of fire and other things quickly died out, and Vyraz stood there, wishing that the flare went off just one second later...That was all it would have taken, one second for Barnibus to get out of the way too...His trusted first mate was dead.

"Great. Just great. We laid waste to a whole building, the tallest one in Ancient Saffron." Jamal said. "There goes our treasure hunt."

"...'There goes our treasure hunt?!' Barnibus was killed in that blast!" Vyraz angrily said.

"Cool it, you two. It isn't fully destroyed. Look." Avalon said, pointing down the hole. Vyraz was scared to look, but he did.

Ancient Saffron remained much the same way it did a few moments ago, save for the lack of a very tall building where they once were-The building's highest levels were destroyed compleatly, along with almost all of the Porygon. Almost all. One remained. One of the smoother ones, made of orbs instead of triangles.

This one slowly went up to the top of the hole, where Vyraz and his allies were at, and instead of attacking, it shyly approached Vyraz himself.

Vyraz was immediatly wary, drawing out the Zenith. However, the Porygon made no sudden motion upon seeing it, just stopping briefly, before resuming. It finally noticed something in Vyraz's pack. The Porygon poked it.

Evolution. Vyraz had seen it once, and now he saw it twice. The item and the Porygon glowed spontaniously with the touch, and now the Porygon was morphing, taking in the item that Vyraz had picked up.

...It's head was now floating above it's body, without any neck or any kind of structure to keep it there...It's feet moved to form arms, without fingers...It's tail seemed to grow larger...And it's eyes turned to rings, mustard yellow and black; a dot surrounded by a ring within a ring within a ring.

"PORYGON-Z ahevebvbgueagfgvgeuvreufhqfjbhubrqhef. WVHevbauehf. vehiavheib. DEVEX. DEVEX. DEVEX. DEVEX." The Porygon went, speaking gibberish. The Porygon gripped Vyraz's arm tightly, with invisible fingers Vyraz couldn't identify, for whatever reason.

"Lucky you. Congragamundo. You've somehow managed to make the Porygon like you, even though you were partially responsible for killing basically every other one." Avalon said. "And apparently, it's name is Devex."

'Devex' seemed to refuse to let go of Vyraz's arm, even when Vyraz got up.

"...So...What is a Porygon, anyway?" Vyraz asked.

"Who cares? They tried to kill us back there, and that one suddenly acts all friendly to us?" Jamal said. "I say kill it!" He added.

"Porygon are the world's first artificial Pokemon, a Pokemon created without...magic...without help from other Pokemon, and intitially, without a clue as to how they were made. Porygon were the creations of humans that played god for an instant and didn't know how they did it..." Avalon said, immediatly quelling Jamal's outburst. "They don't need food, or water, or oxygen, or anything...How they came to be, nothing and nobody knows. I'm doubtful even a Nether god would know..." He added.

That was gold to hear. Vyraz thought, for an instant, that he'd have to somehow take Porygon with Storm too, and to hear that Porygon didn't need food or water at all was wonderful. It was a compact thing too, so Vyraz wasn't too concerned about how to carry it around.

"...We could have made a fortune to have tamed them...We could have made a fortune to sell them...We could have..." Jamal said, helplessly depressed at the fact that he had been robbed off of thousands of gold coins.

"...Let's get back to the surface...Unless, of course, you want to live here for a few days or so." Avalon said, gesturing to something behind them all. Vyraz and Monroe looked around (Jamal was still helplessly miserable about losing a massive amount of money).

"Jamal, there's still hope for us yet!" Vyraz said, forcing Jamal to turn his head. Jamal's jaw dropped at the sight of it.

The Lifemaker's Saffron, in all of it's glory. This was the greatest Saffron of all time, for it glowed on it's own, a shining capital of progress. How they managed to miss this on the way down was beyond him, but it was incredibly lucky to see this. It was incredibly intact, too, far unlike the rather run-down state of Ancient Saffron.

"Ah...Memories." Avalon said.

"Your pardon?" Vyraz asked.

"Oh, nothing. I lived during the Lifemaker's time...I was around for the Fall of Heaven.......and I was curious if the original Saffron was...still intact...I didn't know about the cytogetic pods, so I accidentally froze myself down there...Lucky you guys showed up." Avalon said.

"...That explains a lot...Oh, it's nothing. No worries! We'll just keep that a secret, eh what? The times have changed...drastically." Vyraz said.

"...Come on. There's two sections of this Saffron. There's an underground and an Aboveground...Of course, there both underground now, I assume?" Avalon asked, walking towards the city.

"Yes. Buried. Extremely deep." Vyraz said. "You're probably centuries old..." He added.

"...Yes, yes yes...Bleh. Let's just explore this place for now, eh? I'm sure you're pretty excited to be here, and I'm pretty sure we all want to take stuff with us." Avalon said, tipping his odd hat.

"Oh, now you're talking!" Jamal said, running towards the brilliantly shining city.

Avalon, Vyraz and Monroe, along with Storm and Devex, decided to run too, in the hopes that there were tunnels to the outside world from there.

A roar. A powerful Roar, a nasty sound of metal against metal, and other noises emmitted from the depths, and truly was it frighening. And loud. The loudest sound yet. All took notice, but only Avalon didn't initially seem afraid at all. Just suprised. All four of them took out thier weapons, and Devex seemed to let go of Vyraz's arm to freak out.

It was done. The roar, and the noises that went with it, was done, as was Devex's panic. Jamal was the first to react.

"Blimey, one more loud noise, and I swear I'll go deaf!" He said.

"I think we should hasten our pace." Avalon said, starting to run, faster than before. They ran towards the beautiful city, hoping that whatever was wailing down there wasn't something they'd have to kill. And that it didn't come to them.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

In the Depths of Ancient Saffron
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

A massive explosion rocked the prison. Decompressed air started hissing out from the metal sphere as a tiny tear appeared in the wall. Alarms and klaxons started blaring as ancient automated systems came back to life.


The mind let out an enormous roar and lifted its six arms against the chains of magic that binded it. It screeched, and the magical seals groaned under the stress.


With another roar that shook the entire facility, the mind broke free of its bonds at last. A sound, like the shattering of a thousand panes of glass echoed as the magic was undone by the application of pure, undiluted force.


The voice, rising in pitch and becoming steadily more panicked, was suddenly cut off by the sound of an enormous metal fist smashing through the hextech machinery that had been keeping it in place. The mind let out another roar, and, grasping its swords and its hands, sliced its way through the walls of its prison.

Outside were the ruins of a long-lost city. For the first time in centuries the creature stood up to its full height, no longer confined by the sealing spells that had been placed on it so long ago. A monstrosity of metal that towered over the crumbling buildings, it stood on a tripod of three legs like vast pillars, arrayed around a central column. Above its legs, around the central column, were the upper bodies of three men; or rather, machines shaped in the form of men, clad in the armor and helmets of the armies of the Redeemers, each torso wielding a sword the size of a building, blades wreathed in black flame. And their faces; grotesque caricatures of men, frozen in hideous expressions of pain and torment.

The mind stepped forth into its new world, every step causing the ground to tremble, widening the cracks in the decaying city. There was life near. And to the south, a great nexus of it. Grasping its swords, the creature swung them through the air, smashing the roofs and walls of the unfortunate structures closest to it. And as it did so the entire place shook; cracks were appearing in the walls of this realm. On the roof of this section of the ruins, enormous pieces of rock fell down, crushing everything beneath them, and for the first time in centuries, the Saffron of the Lifemaker saw daylight streaming down from above.

The mind screamed again, its voice a mechanical distortion of sound, and raised its three blades into the air. Free at last.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit, Altruis

Ryugaun was absolutely fascinated by the little Umbreon. He tilted his head at him, and the idle snapping of his heads slowed considerably. Kozanar nodded to the Umbreon, and then turned to Garonn. He dropped his altitude a bit, and came near the Umbreon, sniffing at the small, black, cat-like creature. Then, he backed away, approving. Ikuja did a twirl making sure that he hadn't accidentally lodged himself into the ground by staying still for two long.

Look at him for me, Tsuki. Does he have ears?

Tsuki looked at him and rolled her eyes. Go ahead.

Kozanar blinked at his twin and then returned his gaze to Garonn. "I just told you who we are and what we're here for." His voice wasn't as angry now, since Tsuki kept reminding him in his mind that he had better not erupt again like that, but he went on. "If you need any more than that, I'm sorry, because you're not getting anything else."

Why? It's their own fault.

Kozanar, just shut the freak up.

Hey, I know you're about .00009 seconds older than me, but-

Shut up. You're going to get us killed.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Miles Beneath Saffron, En Route to Crystal Caves
Affected RPers: N/A

They explored the city, free to pick up any object they pleased, so long as they could hold it, and Avalon would tell them about it.

"Oh, what you've got right there is an Audio Log." Avalon said, looking at Vyraz's newest prize. It looked like a black box, except there were lines and a few knobs on it. "Press that, and you can hear what was going on."

Vyraz was eager to play it. He pressed the button Avalon pointed out.

"Conversation between Prodigal Son and Lazarus. Privacy voice masks engaged."

"hmm...Odd. Usually, they don't have voice masks...Unless..." Avalon said, widening his eyes at the unspoken conclusion.

"Lazarus, my time on this world is limited to the extreme." Said a voice that was quite inhuman.

"What does that mean?" Vyraz asked, stopping the recording. "The privacy masks, I mean."

"Oh. It's just a mask of the real voice. Whoever recorded this didn't want his identity revealed." Avalon said. "Please, continue." Avalon added.

"Hold it, Prodigal. What do you mean by that? You're...Well, You! Who'd dare it? Another voice went, almost exactly the same.

"I've got a hunch, but I honestly hope I'm wrong. However, I'm not going to save myself."

"That's...Suicide...You're not even going to fight?"

"...No. But this isn't why I'm talking to you. I'm keeping a recording of this for future refrence, just in case you forget, though it won't be likely. Listen closely: The Redeemers have already realized that you will not sway. But you will be needed. But not for this war."

"What the..."

"Your last battle will come, but it will come after the war with the Redeemers is over. So, until then, hide yourself. Find somewhere where the Redeemer's blades cannot harm you! Lazarus, I'm not ordering you, I'm begging you! Please!"

".......Alright. I'll do it. I've already got a hiding hole figured out. Just one more question, though."


"When. When will I be needed?"

The recording cut short right then. Vyraz was extremely curious as to who those two were.

"Do you have any idea who they were?" Vyraz asked Avalon.

"Me? I'm clueless." Avalon said.

That's when another roar went on. This one was louder than before. Devex and Storm got extremely anxious at this one.

Then the whole place started shaking violently-It was so bad, the roof started to give way, and it was looking to collapse compleatly...They had to get out, and now. There was something down there, something BIG, and it was breaking out.

Vyraz saw another Audio Log, but Avalon snatched it up while sprinting away. He turned it on, Vyraz, Jamal, Monroe and the Pokemon running with them. Why he did that, he didn't know.

"Conversation between CEO Regenald and Miner Darwin." It said, above the racket.

"Ugh. I'm sorry about this..." Said a voice from the Audio Log. It sounded important.

"What, mister? We've got the Ground-Types and the Mining Train, is somethin' wrong?" Said another voice. It sounded gritty.

"No, no no. It's just that the Ichor we found turned out to be a small amount. There's little need left." Said the important voice.

"Then what the hell are we going to use this stuff for?! We can't just haul it back to the Mongiru Barro site that easily!" said the rough voice.

"...You can mine the rest of the Ichor, then we'll leave it here for a few weeks." The important voice said. "We'll get it back to the mining grounds after that, and I'll pay you the regular amount while you're here, doing nothing. Sound fair?"

"...Alright. I'll tell my men. After we're done, We'll park it in the underground section's port-the one that's buried and currently useless." the Gritty voice said. Then, in the distance, the gritty voice yelled: "Men! We're diggin! Grab our stuff and get to the dig site, Pronto!"

"Wonderful! A Mining Train! We can use it to get out of here!" Avalon yelled. "I know where the underground docks are, follow me!"

Vyraz was running too fast-and there was too much noise-to even register that sentance. What?! I can't hear you! Too loud!"

Avalon only heard the 'What?!' "They Used Mining trains to drill holes through the dirt in search of Ichor at Mongiru Barro! Once they drilled the holes, the miners would get the god's blood!" Avalon yelled.

"SHUT UP, THE BOTH OF YOU, AND FIND IT!!!" Jamal roared, having somehow managed to hear both of them clearly.

They were moving as fast as they possibly could, trying to move to that Miner Train as quickly as possible...Boulders the size of buildings were falling all around them...One happened to fall on-

"MONROE!!" Vyraz yelled, as yet another companion fell to grave circumstance.

"It's HERE!" Avalon yelled, finding the docks, and the Mining Train.

The Mining Train was a massive construct of steel that never rusted and compact wheels to move it while the massive drill in front digged the hole. It's design allowed for four cameras, working as one to bring a clear picture of what was ahead, embeddded in the drill. It was all given a few Hextech touch, having a special engine that never ran out of fuel and a force-field around it to prevent cave-ins from destroying the train.

Vyraz heard of this little tidbit only once, in a very old textbook that a child once held and took notes in before the war with the Redeemers and the Black Wave.

"Come on! In! In! IN! NOW!" Avalon yelled, managing to get all the Pokemon and Jamal and Vyraz inside the conveniant hatch inside. Avalon quickly closed it.

Inside was something obviously meant to provide stability. Even with a force-field to prevent damage from cave-ins, there were still small grips on the cealing. Looking towards the cockpit, Vyraz saw that Devex seemed to be highly curious in it. In fact, he rushed into the control panel, causing all the lights to go on...The Train was coming to life, the drill starting up, the engine pumping for the first time in centuries, the whole place buzzing with activity absent for so long...

The Mining Train started to move, heading towards the rock wall that was stopping their ability to get anything in or out, and started to drill straight through it, rushing full-force, and making quick work of it too.

"Please, keep a grip on the train until we leave the earthquake zone." A mechanincal voice said, emitting from the cealing, as Devex popped out of the control panel, and started hugging Vyraz's arm tightly again. Storm chose to perch on one of the seats, preening his feathers.

Vyraz breathed. Did Devex just save their lives? Did he start the train? That was a miracle.

Avalon, deciding to ignore the machine's commands, walked over slowly to the control panel, reading what was on it.

"It looks like we're going to stop north of Mongiru Barro." Avalon said. Everyone but Devex and Avalon suddered at the mention of it. Mongiru Barro was the reason they didn't have all the technology the people of the past did.


Most of Vyraz's crew were sleeping peacefully...Until the earthquake. A house having been swallowed into a crack that now penetrated very far down, to a city far below them, they fled to the ship. Thanks to Rapidash that a few of the crew managed to calm down enough to ride, they made it there in record time. They immediatly set sail, back to Itum, the only safe place they knew of, abandoning their captain and Jamal (and huge profits upon their return) for their own saftey.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Magnicar Castle
Affected RPers: bronislav84

“Belcarth? Hi. I'm not here for you, but appreciate the company anyway if we're going the same way.” The red haired woman said. “Well, you see, I'm five years late, but I believe I've found the person I was looking for. Why didn't anybody think to tell me that she might be the one? That recent recruit from Venefinia.”

"Perhaps because you didn't care to ask any-" Belcarth began, hoping that the answer would drive her crazy, as she was frequently known to make other's feel that way.

"The one what Carie?" Said a woman, whom Belcarth recognized from the local hospital in Venefinia. Clearly not noticing that Belcarth had been saying something, she kept on going, and her tone sounded much like that of anyone talking too much with Carie. Belcarth knew that Carie meant well, most of the time, but she held too much information to herself, and some day it would get her into trouble.

As the two women continued, Mike noticed that the second woman's Lucario walked up to Jayde and began talking to her.

<You have an unusual and interesting aura. It's different than I'm used to. I am called Tomo. Can you tell me a bout yourself maybe?> The male Lucario said.

<Humans call me Jayde, and it is his link to the forest that has altered my aura> Jayde noded her head towards Belcarth, <And while my aura may be different, your master's aura is unique. There are many mages in Venefinia, but none like her.>

<It is true that there are none like her, and she is very different indeed. The reason for this I cannot explain, but she saved my life and I owe it to her to protect her's, should she ever need it.>

<Loyalty I can understand. I would do whatever it takes to protect him, and he to protect me.>

The conversation kept going, although moving on to less serious topics than the one just mentioned.

It was the first of her species that Jayde had talked to since she was a Riolu, as it had been tradition to leave the parents as one evolved, and since that day she had lived secluded, at the edge of the mountain near the forest, rather than on a higher altitude where her brothers and sisters had stayed.

While Belcarth didn't listen to the conversation Jayde and the other Lucario had, he could feel her joy over having someone other than himself as a conversational partner. She had only ever talked to pokemon, besides from Belcarth, and then only when the situation called for it, never for the sake of having a conversation.

As Belcarth's attention shifted back to the two women, he noticed something peculiar to say the least, in regards to the aura of this second woman. While it was no doubt a human aura, it was vastly different from other mages, and even more so than other non-mages. It was attached to the body, yet it was more free in comparison to others. He knew that his and Jayde's auras were different compared to others because of their bond with nature, but he shuddered at the thought of what kind of magic must have been involved to cause such a major change to someone's aura as the one he could see before him.

His attention returning to the conversation, he could hear Carie introduce them to each other. Renita Myrian was her name.

"We have met briefly before, at the hospital, though if that was before or after your induction I can't say. We're not exactly open with who we are." Belcarth commented, before Renita continued questioning Carie.

Then the topic of his last name appeared. It was true, he hadn't told Carie, nor the Cullen what his last name was. As far as he was concerned, his last name had died in the fire that had served as an improvised burial ceremony for his father.

Save for Imos, unless he had told anyone about his failure to end the young mage's life, none other knew who he really was, nor where he had been before coming out of the forest all those years ago. And he planned to keep it that way.

After Carie ended Renita's questioning, she summoned two dragons, a Dragonite and a Salamence, and explained how they were to divide each other.

After Jayde had greeted the dragons, and a minor, as well as considerably strange, argument regarding weight had been discussed between the two women, Carie suggested that they should get moving.

"I just have to say good-bye to a friend, I'll be back shortly." Belcarth said, and turned back towards the wagon, and the impatient merchant who were pacing back and forth. "I'll be leaving you already it seems, so you should get on your way if you intend to get anywhere before nightfall."

"You don't say." The merchant sarcastically replied. "Well, good luck to you, and whatever business you have up north. And try to prevent getting killed in that forest, a dead blacksmith can't do business with me." Awbur then stepped into the wagon and started his trip to the north.

Turning back at the two women, they all distributed themselves as decided on the two mounts, and as Belcarth signaled that he had secured the Growlithe in front of him, the two mighty dragons lifted from the ground, flying in the direction the wagon had gone, catching up with it, and passing by it, within minutes.


Most of the flight was uneventful, which was a good thing, but shortly after they began seeing Parasanti at the horizon, Belcarth sensed a group of people in the forest. Not just any people though. Mages. Confused at first, he asked Jayde if he had been mistaken, but she confirmed his primary assessment, there were mages in the woods, and not just a couple of them.

"Carie, can you take us down, we need to talk." Belcarth said to the woman sitting in front of him, as he pointed at a clearing in the forest, located a few hundred meters from the general location he could sense the mages. He had a bad feeling about this, one that was made worse by the fact that not all minds had been those of mages.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
En Route to the Crystal Caves
Affected RPers: N/A

They were far, far away from the reaches of whatever was making all the ruckus, that was for sure. However, what was known was this: Something caused it. Something that had decided that now was the time to declare it's return from hibernation.

That thought was something that they all tried to shove to the back of their minds-It didn't kill anything...Yet. For now, getting the centuries-old Avalon and Devex up to speed was Vyraz's focus. And he believed he just finished, both looking quite surprised at the turn of events ever since they left society.

"Holy Murkrow...A lot of stuff happened, that's for sure." Avalon said. "And I thought it couldn't go further downhill..." He added.


"My life. You have no idea...You have absolutely no idea how hard my life's been. It's not the normal 'I was born to a poor family' stuff, it's horrifying to think someone had to suffer through three years of the cr** I went through, me being underage doing it aside." Avalon answered. "...Say...Mongiru Barro's quite off-limits, from what I just heard...Are we passing through there?" Avalon asked.

The thought of accidentally burrowing through to Mongiru Barro, potentially unleashing a new Black Wave, was enough to make most men wet themselves out of fear. Vyraz had to suppress the urge. Devex, on the exact same thought, quickly re-entered the control panel.

"New course accepted." The control panel declared, as Devex re-appeared out of the lights and machinery, and resumed the hugging of Vyraz's arm.

"Thank Arceus for that Porygon!" Avalon said.

"Whose Arceus?" Vyraz asked.

"...Forget I said that." Avalon said.

The train made a sudden lurch to the left that almost made Vyraz fall over. Avalon caught him.

"Thanks for that." Vyraz said simply.

"No problem." Avalon replied.

"So...What's the prize?" Jamal asked. Vyraz and Avalon looked curiously at him. "I didn't go through hell for nothing, tell me we got stuff. Relics from the past." He elaborated. "I've got some of my own, now what do you got?"

"Oh. That." Vyraz said, more greatful he got out of there in one piece than to have scooped up treasures. "I've got a lot of stuff. Mostly tools, though some of it's a jewelry or some kind of rare artifact..." Vyraz said, holding up a small rune he had no clue about.

"Oh oh oh oh oh!" Avalon repeated, snatching the rune from Vyraz's hands and examining it. It only had one symbol on it, but it seemed to make Avalon even more curious as to what it was.

"Congradamundo, Mates!" Avalon said. "You've found something that's ancient if you lived in Ancient Saffron!"

Jamal's jaw dropped. Something even older than Saffron's oldest ruins? That must have been priceless.

"This is a small relic from a very very ancient civilization, one of the first in the world. This thing came from another continent entirely, at the time. This relic is engraved with a picture of the Legendary Pokemon Suicune!" Avalon declared joyously.

Suicune. That name rang a massive bell. It was...Familiar. Extremely familiar...

The dream he had on the Bellowing Eons the night before the Saffron expedition...That was it. That was what the name he was trying so desperately to say was. That was the Pokemon given such a glorious image at the temple…

But why dream of that? Vyraz had no clue. Was there a reason behind it?

"Who is Suicune? What is Suicune? I've never heard of anything like it."

"...Of course...Suicune was a Pokemon that got caught in a lethal fire when a tower burned down...Another Pokemon, one called Ho-oh, used it's powers to ressurect Suicune, along with two other Pokemon-It's siblings, Raikou and Entei. Suicune was rumored to be the spirit of the north wind, as a wind always blew behind it. Suicune had the ability to run on water, and could purify any fouled water it touched. Suicune was the only Legendary Pokemon to die during the Fall of heaven...One of the corpses fell upon it's body, killing it..." Avalon said, looking at the rune some more.

Something about that seemed awfully familiar, though Vyraz couldn't place anything on it...He contemplated on it deeply...A burning Tower...Two relatives...Ho-oh...Running on water...Purifying Water it touched...A Corpse, falling from the heavens...

"Captain? Captain!"

"Whoa, whoa whoa!" Vyraz said, snapped back to reality quite quickly, thanks to Jamal's shaking.

"Captain, you phased out for a moment there..." Jamal said. "Anything wrong?"

"Oh, nothing at all. I was just thinking about something..." Vyraz said.

He was still going to think about it. Suicune was deeply engrossing him, and he just heard about it.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage
Affcd Rpers

“So you couldn’ find ‘em anywhere, eh?”

Portia shook her head at the tinker. “Not in the city anyway. I contacted a couple of officers. Turns out a Gamma sent him here to look for artifacts in the underground. So my guess is that they went to the edge of the city looking for a break into a passage.” She shrugged. “If that’s true, then there’s not much chance of finding him until he comes back out.”

“Huh!” Barris snorted.” Much as I’d like to get my hands on some of the things down there, ye won’t be seein’ me climb into that underground. Ain’t natural for people to be under the earth till they’re dead.”

This made the small woman laugh. She knew well enough that Barris did not care for closed spaces. That may have been the original reason he chose the large barn for his workshop, or that he was trying so hard to reach the sky. She looked around. Several members of the Pack who had the extra free time and any Pokemon they had were already put to work on several jobs with Barris’ regular three assistants who acted as mentors. They climbed all over a much larger skeleton of the airship Portia had seen earlier, following their mentors as they pulled pieces into place and carefully secured them. Barris was bolting and connecting the last pieces to a massive metal apparatus. The gear she had brought from Itum was the last piece he had needed before pulling the engine into place.

“Alright Jos, move the lift o’er here. Let’s get the heart into ‘er new home.”

A massive chain and pulley system had been rigged across the ceiling joists. The huge steam engine was already centered, the body being constructed around it. They only had to lift it up to be secured. The chains were lowered and attached before being hauled upward inch-by-inch. Barris was watching every fraction of the way to make sure it stayed level and did not put too much strain on any one chain. They were only a few feet off the floor when Sonora gave a low growl and Gizmo stood up from where he had been dozing, the Lairon pawing the ground irritably.

When Portia asked what was wrong, her Flygon was staring at the ground, like she was trying to find something. <The earth is shaking, and it’s not natural. Something big is moving down there.> She felt the rock below them shift long before the tremor that was tearing up the underground reached them. <Put it down! Tell him before it falls!>

Not waiting for an explanation, Portia was yelling at the lift team. “Lower the engine now! Hurry or it’ll break!”

There was no questioning her for a reason lest something did happen. The floor was already trembling when the engine was safely back on the ground. It stopped for a moment before a stronger tremor shook the building. Workers up on the ship’s skeleton were clinging to its structure to keep from falling.

“Sonora, how far away was it quake? How bad?”

<It wasn’t far at all.> The Flygon shook her head at Portia. <And that wasn’t an earthquake. It was like something struck the earth under the city. Rocks are falling. There’s gonna be more trouble.>

“C’mon, we’re going!” Portia turned and looked at the crew. “Get back to this later. Right now, get out and see if any assistance is needed. It might have been local, but there will still be damage to buildings that were close. We’re going to find out what happened. I’ll let everyone know if I need you.”

They all nodded and followed her out the door, some of them calling their Pokemon along as they hurried into the city. Portia climbed on Sonora’s back as they flew towards the origin of the tremor at the southern edge of the city. The woman gasped when she saw the gaps caused by rock falling into the enormous caverns of the underground. A huge tear in the earth had completely swallowed a house. Its neighbors were crumbling and the closest to the edge tilted crazily towards the rift. Sonora pointed out a group of men running from area, recognizing them as the Bellowing Eons’ crew.

“Guess that means Vyraz went down there,” Portia said. “We’ll deal with them abandoning a Packmate later.” She quickly formed one of her wind balls to reach the Cullen within the city.

~Anyone able, come to the southern reach of the city!~ It was at that moment, she caught a glimpse of...something huge move inside the monstrous cavern. ~And come armed!~

She sent the wind to spread the message to those she knew in the city and Sonora went down to land near the rift. With her feet on the ground, Portia could feel her stomach flip at the contact. The tremors caused by footsteps created low soundwaves that vibrated through the rock. It took the mage a moment to acclimate. Pulling her staff from Sonora’s harness, she heard a muffled cry nearby from one of the homes that was crumbling in on itself. Two walls had toppled over, trapping those inside. Sonora put her shoulder to the intact wall, trying to push it over. She could not simply break the wall without the threat of caving in the roof.

“Move away from the walls!” Portia called inside. “We’ll try to get you out!”

In a moment, a group of people and Pokemon had come over to help the dragon. They all strained against the wall until it moved fractionally. Another tremor rocked the ground and something began to grind. The roof was sliding off the wall, threatening to crush those inside and out. Sonora and a Heracross leapt onto the crumbled wall next to them to stop the roof from falling. A stream of air rushed under the structure, taking as much weight off the Pokemon as Portia could manage. Two men slipped through a gap and started pulling the trapped family out. As soon as they were clear, the Flygon and Heracross pushed away from building. When they let go of the roof, Portia’s wind could not take the weight and it collapsed into the house. Both the mage and Pokemon were breathing heavily from the effort. Portia was trying to shake the feeling of something trying to reach through the back of her mind.

Quickly pulling it together, she started calling to everyone present. “Get anyone who’s hurt away from here! Anyone able to fight, be ready and stay back from the edge!” Some of the people looked at the small woman barking orders oddly for a moment until she yelled again. “Are you waiting for an invitation!? There’s something down there and another tremor could cave in the whole ledge! Move it!!”

This time everyone pulled away from the rift. More Cullen were appearing after hearing her message; some were mages and all had some kind of weapon. Portia stayed close by Sonora as she looked down into the cavern far below, again seeing something move in the light that penetrated the ground. This could definitely go from bad to worse. The mage unwound the leather strap that sheathed her glaive and looked at the Pack around her.

“Be ready for anything. Whatever is down there, we have to keep it from damaging the city further.” She motioned two messengers to her. “Make your way through the city. Anyone not already here, tell them to be ready to guide as many people out of the city as possible if they aren’t already running.” She turned to watch the rift. “I doubt all those people signed up for this part of the tour.”
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(The first half sucks. The second half is okay. Travelling posts are booooring, so have this be fair warning to anyone who reads this XD)

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
Fort Aer, En Route to Itum, City of Progress
Affected RPers: None

Engine sputtering its complaint, the odd train waited impatiently in the docking station of Fort Aer, having gotten permission from an Architect (she was always amazed that they could groan in a perfectly monotone voice whenever she wanted to dock) to be in that special bay. Steel rails built to accommodate her length sat on a rotating platform surrounded by cranes. She was currently swapping out two of her passenger cars, leaving her with only one near her "head", for three cargo cars to transport supplies to Itum.

The crane heaved as it lifted each car into place, the locks fitting comfortably into each other with a sound click. There were no doors for these except where they connected to each other, and even then she kept the passenger door to them locked for security measures. Fibers stretched from one car to another, weaving into the fabric and into every camera that overlooked the cargo.

The tops of those cars opened up, and the crates began to be loaded in. One car was rather important, and the train could clearly see various eggs of multiple species of Pokemon peeking through the woven Mareep fabric that helped keep them warm. Eggs? They wish me to transport not just materials and ingredients, but eggs? But that means... Her thoughts were drawn from her to the familiar tan, duck like sombrero wearing Ludicolo that was skipping towards her with a bulletin board and an ink pen.

{Lud...What is the meaning of these eggs?}

He glanced up to her central eye, the implant in his brain allowing telepathic communication with his companion. The risky, and relatively new procedure that the Architects had developed had muted him permanently, however. <A breeder in Itum ordered these to raise stock. We have direct orders to do no "loop-de-loops", "mobius strips", or anything that could damage the cargo. In return, our payment will be important pieces for repair here in Fort Aer.>

{I do not want to transport eggs, Lud. They are such a bore and slow me down...The only egg I like are scrambled ones!}

<Well, they also said as payment for your...Mental pain on this assignment, they'll let you pull one prank and look the other way. I do not know if Sovereign knows of this arrangement. The only requirement is that the prank is harmless and does not hamper the fleet in any way.>

{Hop on, hop on! Let's go! I am eager to deliver these precious eggs and shiny trinkets to Itum! Then the real fun shall begin!} The Ludicolo rolled his eyes, making the final checklist before signalling to the Architect and humans running the cranes that all preparations are complete. Sliding in through the passenger car and then proceeding to her "head", he nodded in satisfaction.

Engine roaring into life, the platform rotated. It had barely having gotten into position before she blasted off, trails appearing before her as she left.


Gliding over the expanse of ocean, Twisted Tornadic Terror had time to think in her extreme boredom. Time to think of the past, time to think of the present, and time to think of the future...Should there even be one for her.

Thoughts of her mortality rarely crossed her mind, but perhaps that was the entire reason she was such a thrill seeker. Pushing the boundaries of her new body into situations that many called suicidal without any heed to danger or lack of control, she had always come out with barely a scratch. But why was that? Why was it that an insane train built for cargo transport could survive in daring circumstances where a sane ship built for heavy combat could not? What made her so...

So special?

Special... The word rung in her mind, clear as day yet with such a dark ring to it. Am I really unique? Or am I just another pawn for the Lifemaker, who's been dead for years upon years, rotting in the grave? What is my purpose? Am I to be a cargo train until my engine stops sparking, my cameras stop rolling, my hide rusts off? I refuse! I want to explore the world and have fun doing it!

She jolted a little as she felt water touch her cab, pulling up a little bit. Lud had fallen asleep, echoing her boredom. Oooh...That was close. Water and electricity do not mix...At least, not without a nice little shock therapy! With that, her unusually sane thoughts were once again consumed by her erratic mind.

The feeling of defecting the fleet to explore the world remained...That is, if the call of freedom was truly the call she was hearing...
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

South of Saffron
Affected: k_pop, other RPers near Saffron

Immediately Sovereign knew something was wrong. The land was shaking. He could tell, even at this distance, that Saffron was shaken; pieces of buildings filled the streets and clouds of dust were in the air. But even if he had the worst observational skills in the world, the giant chasm that had opened underneath them would have given it away. The giant chasm, with the enormous machine climbing out of it.

"Slayer's black bones!" Jamiel exclaimed upon seeing the machine. "What is that?"

Three enormous, tripodal legs, centered around a central pillar, around which was arrayed the mechanical torsos of three soldiers, blown up to the proportions of a giant... it had been a long time since Sovereign had seen one of those.

It was smaller than Sovereign. But not by much.

"A Kingdom's Executioner," Sovereign said through his Avatar on his bridge. Edorath pursed his lips in thought. "They were the trump card of the rebels in the World War. The first one appeared at the Battle of Zeleon Fields. None could stand against it. They had the ability to absorb magical energy. Later, they were used against the Wave because that same ability enabled them to feed of the energies of the Wave. But like everything the Wave touched, they were corrupted..."

The great war machine began lumbering its way north. The blades of its swords, sheathed in an aura of black flame, burned through the brush surrounding it on all sides, setting the countryside ablaze, leaving a trail of fire and destruction in its path.

"It's heading towards Saffron."

"We have to destroy it!" Jamiel shouted. He looked at Edorath with pleading eyes. Sovereign averted his gaze.

"The power to destroy a Kingdom's Executioner no longer exists in this world," Sovereign explained, falling back into old memories as he did so. "But they may still be able to be imprisoned, as this one was evidently." And with those words, Sovereign's inner warrior was reawoken.

As an experiment, the two primary turrets on his underside turned and directed their guns downwards. Seconds later, a huge plume of fire and smoke erupted from Sovereign's underside. But on the Kingdom's Executioner, the shots were absorbed harmlessly by a massive glowing green orb that appeared around the machine. One of the heads turned to the sky to roar at Sovereign, but the Executioners had not been designed with anti-air capability.

"Traditional weapons are useless against it," Sovereign explained. "I cannot stop it. Neither can it harm me. We will require assistance. But at the very least, the systems it uses to absorb magic are not online." He closed his eyes, silent for a moment. "Fly ahead on your Pokemon. Warn the people of Saffron. Civilians must evacuate the city. Get any and all mages they have to try and slow the Executioner down. And if there are any high-ranking Circle Knights there, get them to assist as well." High-ranking Circle Knights, Sovereign knew, were given specially-enchanted magic-resistant armor. Those progenitors of those spells had been reverse-engineered from the Executioners. Those Knights could penetrate the monster's shield... but it would take a battalion of powerful mages to perform a sealing spell capable of stopping the Executioner.

"Send someone to Venefinia," Sovereign ordered. "To the Ministry of Truth. Tell them to send their best mages in the sealing arts."

Jamiel nodded, and rushed out of the bridge to perform his assigned tasks. It was, Sovereign reflected, helpful to have a crew.

Art Gallery
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Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Crystal Caves, En-Route to Saffron.
Affected RPers: N/A

"Lazarus, my time on this world is limited to the extreme." Prodigal said, his voice masked.

...Vyraz was dreaming...But he saw absolutely nothing...Only voices...The voices from the Audio Log...

"Hold it, Prodigal. What do you mean by that? You're...Well, You! Who'd dare it?" Lazarus said.

"I've got a hunch, but I honestly hope I'm wrong. However, I'm not going to save myself." Prodigal said.

"That's...Suicide...You're not even going to fight?" Lazarus asked.

"...No. But this isn't why I'm talking to you. I'm keeping a recording of this for future reference, just in case you forget, though it won't be likely. Listen closely: The Redeemers have already realized that you will not sway. But you will be needed. But not for this war." Prodigal answered.

"What the..."

"Your last battle will come, but it will come after the war with the Redeemers is over. So, until then, hide yourself. Find somewhere where the Redeemer's blades cannot harm you! Lazarus, I'm not ordering you, I'm begging you! Please!" Prodigal explained.

".......Alright. I'll do it. I've already got a hiding hole figured out. Just one more question, though." Lazarus said.

"What?" Prodigal asked.

"When. When will I be needed?" Lazarus said. Vyraz expected the dream to end here, or for it to change...

"...Centuries from now...Almost half a millennium must pass until your final battles begin..."

That was new. He was hearing more than the Audio Log. Why the voice masks were still in place, he didn't know, however. Plus, it was no longer just voices...the area around him started to brighten up, reveal where they were...It looked like a very small room from Lifemaker-Era Saffron...With an Audio Log on a pedestal...But the two figures talking were silhouetted...

"...Centuries...Anything else I should know?" Lazarus asked.

"If I told you, I'd be changing the outcome. So I cannot. But take heed-the only other thing I can tell you about this is that these last battles will be nothing short of suicide." Prodigal warned.

"...Aren't they always nothing short of suicide?" Lazarus said. "Besides, I'm known for miracles."

"...Of course you are. It's probably why it has to be you...Nobody else could do what you do..." Prodigal said.

"Likewise. I'll be getting ready for a half-millennium wait. If anyone asks...I'm chilling out. OK?" Lazarus said.

"OK."Prodigal said. the two of them left the building...and the area was darkening again...

And again, did he find himself somewhere snowy, a brief moment to think about Lazarus’s last location.

"Chilling out." That's what he said. He said "Chilling out."

...Who were they? Lazarus and Prodigal Son...The two may be very well be critical in events...Whatever was causing that earthquake...Was that something that needed to be taken care of?

...He was over-thinking it. That might have been some kind of answer his dreams would have concocted to give Vyraz another eventful dreaming experience...The chances of that being what they said after the Audio Log cut off was one in a billion...

The Aurora's beautiful light casted upon the snowy ground...It was nighttime, a first for his dreams...Beautiful...

...He looked down. He randomly did it. He didn't even know what sudden impulse ran through his brain to look directly down, but it did, and he obeyed.

Of course, his body could be different in a dream; he seemed to be more of a Pokemon than a human, judging from his legs being put down on the ground, but simply looking down wouldn't serve him any further answers. He looked around for a large chunk of ice, and seeing one suitable to see reflections in, he walked over and stared at it.

...His head had a crystal-like shape on it...his body sported a cloud on it's back...Two, streamer-like tails, flowing forward from the wind that blew behind it...Suicune.

And then he awoke, back to the Mining Train, right at that instant. But he wanted more of that. More answers to an infinite amount of questions.

Did he always dream like that? Did he always dream, finding himself in the body of that Pokemon? It seemed absolutely absurd...And it was. Vyraz shoved it out of his mind. The Day's events were getting to him. Legendary Pokemon and his dreaming habits? No connection whatsoever. Sheer coincidence. He tried to shake it out of his head, but it refused to leave, staying there like cement that had dried.

It was pure coincidence. He tried saying it over and over, and it did nothing to sway the subconscious fact that he was, in some way, related to Suicune.

He looked around. Avalon and Jamal were both sleeping, having chosen two chairs at the Control panel to sleep on. Storm was sleeping on another chair, and Devex was still zealously gripping Vyraz's arm, even in sleep.

"We will be arriving at the destination shortly. Please hold onto the safety rails while the Train slows down..." The control panel went, serving as an Alarm Clock for those that were still asleep.

Avalon got up slowly, yawning and stretching, while Jamal quickly got up, thinking that they were on the ship, and he was expected to do his Crow's Nest lookout duty. Meanwhile, Vyraz could feel the train starting to slow down...

Suddenly, without warning, the Train made a jolt upward, catching almost everyone off-guard. Everyone clung to their chairs, as the Video Cameras suddenly shot a picture of the Train breaking the surface, rising up, starting to stop the drill entirely and slow itself down further...

It stopped, with the sound of escaping gasses and the hatch opening. Everybody was alright and intact...

"Alright, then...I suppose we should get going to...Wherever we're welcome...I suppose..." Avalon said.

"Magnasanti!" Jamal suddenly yelped. "We can sell the artifacts there and make a fortune! Magans love history!"

"Wait...What about Saffron? Whatever's going on there...They could use our help..." Avalon added.

Vyraz took both of those issues into account, along with a third: Should they go back to Itum? In particular, Vyraz noted Avalon's decision...Saffron...Why go back to that place? In their right minds, the crew should have fled...But something else inside him agreed with Avalon. Whether that part of him was the part loyal to the Cullen and it's creed, or simply his natural need to help people, he did not know or care, it consumed him, and now going directly to Saffron was his only desire.

"Back to Saffron we go!" Vyraz said.

"...Captain, are you INSANE?!" Jamal yelled. "We go there, we die! Whatever was causing that earthquake is going to kill us all!"

"Well, I was insane from the get-go, so I wasn't expecting your captain to take my course of action into account at all." Avalon said.


"How's this." Vyraz said, trying to get Jamal a little more convinced. "If we go to Saffron and we live, then we can go to Magnasanti to sell it, and you'll get a quarter of the profits, all to yourself."

Jamal needed no further convincing.

"Now, personally, I think that it would take us a week to get to Saffron from here...Let's take the Mining Train back, and shove it up that thing's rear end. It's meant to drill through the corpses of dead gods, it must be equipped with a very strong drill. Shall we?" Vyraz said.

"I love your idea. Maximum survivability. Maximum damage. Maximum awesome. Three things I like." Avalon said. "There's a lot of Mining tools in the train that still function, and they're meant to destroy hard stuff. I'm pro with the Mining Train idea."

"I love it all! The Mining Train it is! I'll go collect the tools, you get this thing started up!" Jamal said, rushing towards the parts of the train that weren't explored by them yet.

"Oh, I'm coming with you!" Avalon said. Devex jumped back into the control panel, and the lights flashed and blinked more.

"New destination accepted. Please hold onto the train's safety rails while the train starts to accelerate." The control panel announced while Devex jumped out of it.

The train started to turn around, making it's way back towards the very place it came from, while Avalon and Jamal came back with an armful each of hextech mining tools. As the train re-submerged itself into the ground again, Vyraz drawled the Zenith. He would defeat...Whatever it was.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Pokemon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti)
Affected RPers: Moonkit, White Wolf, & Altruis

"Look, we're not here for trouble. We're here to get back to our home town, and have no interest but to pass," Kozanar's narrowed dangerously. "It's not our fault you had to murder some Red Knights. Now please clear a path, or we'll have to do it ourselves, and it won't be pretty."

His patience was growing thin, and Caoimhe did not like his impetuousness. Here he was, threatening her and her crew while he was obviously outnumbered. Even with their powerful Pokemon, this duo faced mages--each who could cast their own magic if needed. If the man was that plucky and impulsive, then perhaps he should be removed from the equation.

Niusha laughed out loud, and several other of the mages chuckled as well. Clearly, they weren't intimidated by this man's apparent threats.

The intruder's Pokemon shifted, warily preparing themselves for a fight as the man said, "We don't have anything to do with you, nor do we want to have anything to do with you. We'll move on and completely ignore you or whatever, I could care less."

Or we could kill you now and move on, caring less
, Caoimhe mused, with neither sarcasm or spite. Honestly, she was tired of this. She'd rather not have conflict--she'd like to be able trust again, but thanks to the times, she didn't know who she could trust. And life was such a fragile thing. It could be taken with ease, but arduous to preserve.

Niusha lost her patience with the stranger. Offended, she drew her pocket knife and threatened, “I never said I wanted to hurt you, but you two have officially pissed me off. Now, I know I don’t lead these mages, but if you leak our little hiding spot out to anyone, I swear, I will hunt you down and kill you.”

Caoimhe released a slow exhale, sensing that tempers were growing short for other mages as well. If she wasn't decisive, she could lose control of them--and some wouldn't hesitate to take a life or two. Just as murmurs were spreading around the group like wildfire, Niusha's Pokemon did something no one expected. The defiant little Umbreon ran from its master and stood before the intruders, turning and barking threateningly at Caoimhe's band.

“Shadowfang, you get over here right now,” Nuisha demanded her Pokemon to return.

Her Umbreon continued to disobey, barking with renewed fervor.

Niusha studied her Pokemon, trying to discern its odd behavior. The other mages had stepped back, now muttering in confusion. Why would Shadowfang defy its master? Caoimhe watched calmly, already reading into the situation. Out loud, Nuisha confirmed her suspicions:

“Shadowfang thinks these two wouldn’t report us. I hardly believe the Umbreon, but he just might be right.”

Poor Garonn, having just come into the situation, glanced about in uneasy tension. Out of the group, he could prove to be the most unstable--though he had come a long way since joining. He growled a question, to which his English-speaking Nidoking clarified:

"He's a little uneasy. I would appreciate it if you could hurry up and give us some information."

"I just told you who we are and what we're here for," the intruder replied, his tone a degree or so less fierce. "If you need any more than that, I'm sorry, because you're not getting anything else."

"I'll explain later, Garonn," Caoimhe nodded to the Beast mage calmly.

But meanwhile, Shadowfang had an interesting interaction with the intruders' Pokemon. Caoimhe watched as the dragon cocked his heads, then cautiously sniffed at the midnight fox. Instead of snapping or attacking Shadowfang, it slowly backed away. Caoimhe released a slow sigh, a decision coming to her mind. Glancing at her troop, he shook her head and gestured at them to step away. Grace stiffened, but sat back on her haunches complacently. Very reluctantly, they chose to do so--but with some, not without casting hateful glances at the strangers.

"I apologize for this," she turned to Kozanar and Tsuki, fixing them with a level gaze. "But we only seek to preserve our way of living. Would you be willing to take an oath? To not tell a single soul about us? Afterwhich, we'll gladly let you go your way."

Some of the mages started a little, others looked at Caoimhe in surprise.

"Madam," one behind her hissed, giving the strangers a distrustful glare. "You would trust these strangers on nothing but their word? How can we trust them?"

"Not everyone in this world is against us," Caoimhe didn't even turn her head, keeping her eyes on the strangers, waiting for their reply. She wanted to be able to trust--but could she?

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha and Shadowfang
Endla Forest
Pokémon Elemental
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Charmander009, Altruis

I watched as the three headed dragon looked curiously at Shadowfang, not biting her or anything rather just turning away, approving the fact that the blue-ringed fox had disobeyed her own master. It was odd that it didn’t snap at him, but whatever.

Caoimhe did something I couldn’t believe. She looked towards the mages and shook her head, motioning for us to step back. I did so, ever so reluctantly, and Shadowfang’s barking stopped.

"I apologize for this," Caoimhe said. "But we only seek to preserve our way of living. Would you be willing to take an oath to not tell a single soul about us? After which, we'll gladly let you go your way."

Shadowfang smiled at Caoimhe and turned towards the humans. He looked up, seeming to plea for forgiveness of his owner and her friends.

Let me tell you now, Shadowfang is just full of surprises. One second he can be trying to kill you and the next he can turn and beg for you to forgive him. He was just crazy like that, and I could never say that I hated the little Pokémon. He was special in his own way.

I looked towards Shadowfang, whose tail was laid against the ground. This meant, in my book, that he wanted the mages to drop their weapons, or at least put them away. I shrugged and put my pocketknife back into my pocket. My necklace started to glow a pretty blue color for some odd reason, although it was quite light.

(Probably the shortest post I have made)
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