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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Affected RPers: None

Another morning, another chance to help people. Over the 5 years I'd lived in Venefinia and worked at the hospital, I swear I'd never had a day off. For some reason I didn't mind it so much really, and ever since waking up in that place with all the dead people my metabolism has been weird. Whenever I get thirsty or hungry, which wasn't often unless I had to expend a lot of magic to heal people, food and drink just vanished in a flash of light. People used to freak out when I went to a restaurant, but considering this city has lots strange stuff with all the rampant magic, they got used to it after a while. Needless to say, there's been a lot of food and drinks being brought to my office at work. What can I say? It's easier than touching a wall with my hand and absorbing it then making the building collapse. At least this way I only use resources which can be replaced or replenished. The stuff I convert to energy eventually comes back to the earth anyway, since, after the procedure the energy gets added to the body energy they'd normally get from their own food or to the air when I shoot it off. I really can't explain how it works, but my gift helps people.

I was lieing in bed with my eyes closed thinking about this, and didn't really feel like going to work today. I had enough money for what I needed. Would the world really end without me? Nah, couldn't be right?

I opened my eyes, only to notice a woman staring down at me. "Wh-wh-what are you doing here, in my apartment?!" I grabbed the sheets to cover myself quickly, since the sleeping gown had twisted up overnight and was showing more skin than I was used to.

"Watching you sleep." She said with a corny smile, still staring over me. "So it's true then......" She added to herself, confusing me even more. Why was she watching me sleep?

"What's true?"

"I observed your magic level during the night. Your Life energy consumption drops to almost zero when you sleep, which explains how you still had some left after all those years." She said, still saying stuff I didn't understand.

"What the heck are you talking about? Do you know something about me that you're not telling? How did you get in here? How long have you been here? What's your name? What are you doing here?" I blurted a bunch of questions all at once as the woman let me get up out of bed and sat in a nearby chair.

"All very good questions. I will answer some of them now, some of them later, and some of them I will not answer but will help you discover the answers for yourself." said the mysterious woman, twirling her hair around a finger as I stared at her trying to make out her features.

The mysterious woman wore a long purple witch's robe with a lowered hood which sat on her shoulders and revealed her bright red hair. Her hair looked like it had been rolled in hot curlers warmed by a fire. Or maybe it naturally grew like that? I couldn't tell. She had lightly tanned skin and hazel eyes.

"So spill already." I said, as I hopped out of bed, straightened the sleeping robe a bit, and put on my fuzzy slippers.

"My name is Carie Taker. I got in through the door like any sane person." She said with a smile, twirling her hair around her finger some more.

"Oh no, did I leave the door unlocked again?" I said with a gasp.

"Bingo." She said, pointing to the now locked door. "By the way I locked it for you. It's not a good idea to leave the door open. Suspicious characters could slip in during the night....."

"You don't say...." I said, crossing my arms over my chest and narrowing my eyes down at her sitting in front of me. "I suppose you let yourself in around the middle of the night?"

"Right again, but please don't get mad. Let me continue."

"Uhuh." I tapped my foot, not convinced I could trust her. She was not being serious at all. How could I trust her? It could be some kind of prank. "And I shouldn't call the Mind Police why exactly?"

"Because they were the ones who pointed me to your residence when I entered town. I'm with the Cullen, and I'm here to take you away with me." Said Carie, the smile not leaving her face.

“Nice name by the way. Is that really your name? Carie Taker? Caretaker?” I chuckled as the smile faded from her face.

“Yes it is. I was meant to take care of you when you finally did wake up....”

"Seriously what are you talking about? And that stuff you were talking about before? Something about how I sleep? What do you know about me that you're not telling?" I was a little more relaxed, but not enough to sit down in the chair next to her.

"All I can tell you is yes it is my real name, and all will become clear later. The stuff I was talking about before is nothing you should be concerned with right now. I have some theories about you I'm not quite ready to share until we go to some places and see what develops. I will tell you my theories later." I looked at her again and narrowed my eyes but Carie ignored that. "And yes, I do know more about you than I let on. If you come with me and help me confirm my theories, I will tell them to you and if things go well you will also find out things about yourself that neither of us knows."

"And if I refuse? I have a job to do here....." I got up and went into the other room to get dressed for work but she stopped me.

"As of today you are on extended vacation.” So basically she got me fired? “I've already smoothed it with your boss. He's sad to see you go and hopes you will be back for work eventually and they'd take you back anytime.” Well at least I wasn't officially fired. “I promised he could send a messenger Houndoom out looking for us if there's an emergency, and gave him one of my handkerchiefs so he could track us. I also tried some of your hairs, but there was no scent. I believe I know why but of course I won't tell you for a while." She said with a chuckle as I started to try to check where she ripped out hair.

"What else did you do while I was asleep?"

"Nothing else, I swear." Said Carie as I continued to check my hair for the place she pulled out some. "Oh don't worry, your hair grows back. I'm not sure how, but it does." That was confusing. Why wouldn't she be sure how my hair grows? Probably wouldn't tell me, so I didn't press it. "Would you stop that? Sheesh!"

I stopped trying to find out where she ripped out hair. "I suppose I should get dressed in something other than my nurse's outfit then?" I didn't stop because I wanted to actually do what Carie asked, but because I had a feeling she would say yes.

"Of course, and be quick about it. We must make haste for Parasanti." I turned around suddenly staring at her.

"That's where I was born and used to live!"

"Huh. You don't say. I didn't know that...."

"Ah, so you're not as all knowing as you claim Carie." Now it was my turn to laugh. "The people of Valefinia told me it was a very long time ago that the Lifebringer was slain, and that this town wasn't even here back then. I wonder how Parasanti changed since I've been gone? Will I recognize anything when I get back? Is my family's old house still standing?"

"Not likely."

"Are you always so negative?"

"No, I just like messing with you....." She said with another laugh, but then stopped laughing. "But seriously it was a lone time ago. You probably won't recognize anything.” Carrie pointed to the closet. “Now would you pick something already?”

“Will I need a change of clothes?”

“Nah, how often do you bathe anyway? I'm pretty sure you don't sweat or start to stink ever.” She was right. Ever since I woke up in that lab roughly five years ago my personal higene really hadn't been a problem.

“How could you possibly know that?”

“I told you I have some theories but I can't reveal them yet. Patience.”

“Again with your blasted theories! Will you ever make sense?!” I threw up my hands in exasperation. I never got this angry but this woman was really getting on my nerves. If she hadn't told me she knew stuff about me I wouldn't have agreed to any of this.

“Patience. All will be revealed in due time.” Must remain calm. I must stop talking and calm down. That outburst was very unlike me.

I let out a long sigh as I went into the other room to change. “And wake up your Lucario while you're at it!” Carie yelled after me. Seriously how did she know about Tomo? Did she snoop around my whole apartment? Well probably not mine anymore depending on how long we would be gone. I was once told that if a person was gone long enough they put all of the belongings in storage and let somebody else move in. Depending on how long I'd be gone, I probably would have to live somewhere else after I reclaimed my stuff and after all this was over. Would I even come back?


About an hour later we were ready at the town gate that led north out of town. Although the trip would probably not take that long, I packed enough food for about three days of big meals. And naturally I took all my money with me. If any of us got hurt on the way it would come in handy. Carie showed the Mind Police at the gate some kind of paper and they let us out after probing her. As usual they complained about not being able to read my thoughts, but just rushed me out. After living in the city this long it was pretty well known around all the snooping police that although they somehow couldn't read my mind, I wasn't a troublemaker.

The three of us headed north along the well defined road and I wondered if Carie had a Pokemon companion that she left outside of town. Well, I'd know soon enough if that was true or not.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Miles Beneath Saffron
Affected RPers: N/A

"Bah! These pesky annoyances!" Vyraz yelled, taking another swing at the Zubat.

Every time they took a misstep and made a good deal of noise, a good deal of Zubat come to investigate. Which was never good. The nasty, bloodsucking bats were never a fun thing to deal with. Even with Storm assisting in scaring them off and thinning the horde of Zubat, the fact that they weren't even good opponents, just irritations.

As another swarm of Zubat was spooked off from the combined swings of the Zenith of Hope and the attacks from Storm, Vyraz heard something...Metal. Above them. Metal meeting stone. What could that be? The others elected to stay behind and rest.

Vyraz was suddenly struck with a very bad thought-What if that was the Circle Knights? They didn't miss an opportunity to bug him about rejoining, regardless of where in the world, even in a severely dark cavern, miles beneath the earth, with visibility near zero.

But it didn't matter. One more hole, and Vyraz believed they'd be at the bottom...One more hole...It really was what he said every time he went down another hole, just to keep him going, and that's what he told his cohorts too.

"This could be the bottom, we've come a great deal down. One more plunge, and we could be-."

"At the bottom. Yhea, yhea, we know Vyraz. We know." Jamal said, finishing Vyraz's sentance. Jamal was easily irritated.

They lowered the rope down the next crack, and Vyraz went down first, being absolutely careful to make sure that he didn't make too much noise. With a silent slide, and a bit of ropeburn, he placed his foot carefully on the next, and hopefully last layer of Saffron's ruins.

Jamal went next, accompanied by Storm. Storm landed without a sound, and Jamal's feet were as quiet as a rock.

Monroe began and ended his decent the same way: Silently.

Barnibus made an absolutely silent slide, but made a massive mistake: He jumped off a little above the ground.


The sound of Zubat screeching their terrible, high-pitched echolocation was heard from above, and this time, just from how many calls there were, Vyraz could tell that this was probably far more Zubat than before. Vyraz got his blade out.

This action was unnecessary-The massive swarm was about to attack them, but then flew around their heads, the Efron lamps illuminating their sharp fangs that could easily pierce human skin to make them bleed. Then they turned tail, emitting different cries.

"...Well, that was convenient! Maybe we're too far down for them!" Vyraz said, taking a look around.

There were odd, glass bulbs, illuminating the rubble and dirt around them. In the distance, Vyraz saw what looked like a building constructed out of metal, with multiple glass panes...

"We're here!" Vyraz yelled. They were at the bottom of these wretched caverns-their Spelunking had paid off. Shining the Efron Lamps around, Vyraz noticed multiple other buildings, tall and reflective. He was grinning head to toe, Storm flew to perch on one of the posts that held the floating lights, and-

...Odd creatures approached them, coming from the alleyway between two buildings. They floated in midair and seemed to be constructed rather geometrically, with smooth surfaces and triangular patterns making a head, a body, two triangular feet and a tail, with blue and pink coloration. A slightly smaller variant, one with orb-like shapes, also were present, albeit in smaller number. Their sounds were...Odd.

Vyraz chose to ignore them. Maybe if they didn't pose an immediate threat to them, they wouldn't attack. He sheathed his blade. The odd beings called out: "Porygon!" Vyraz knew that Pokemon only said their names, or else grunts and roars. He decided that these were Pokemon, and that they were known as Porygon.

Jamal was curious enough to poke one, to which it had no response. Monroe and Barnibus, however, decided to keep their distance. Who knew what they would do?

"...I don't think they'll attack if we don't attack...Stay calm, no sudden movements, just walk along, and maybe they won't try to attack us." Vyraz said calmly. The trio agreed by nodding.

Then they looked up, and saw Storm resting. They stared for a few seconds.

Then they turned very hostile. The suddenly unleashed a torrent of attacks at the Shiny Braviary, who nearly got killed if Storm didn't fly away at the last second.

The Porygon, completely focused on Storm, had no time to notice that one of their number was suddenly killed by a Musket shot to the head. Vyraz had to act fast, before they realized that they did not appreciate the amount of pain they were trying to inflict on Storm, who was moving like mad to avoid all the innumerable attacks. Storm quickly pulled out the Zenith, and cut through about seven of the Porygon in a swipe. Barnibus, Monroe, and Jamal also joined this frenzied attack on a unwitting foe, Barnibus slamming three with a mace, Monroe cutting through two with his battle ax, and Jamal strangling another two with his whip.

With most of their number gone, the remaining Porygon started shouting their names again. Vyraz feared that they were calling for help.

"Storm! Superpower!" Vyraz yelled.

Storm suddenly glowed a reddish light, and in the process, stones from nearby started to levitate. Storm, finished charging, suddenly dived at the remainder of the Porygon, still focused on calling it's allies. Storm hit every one, in what was a knockout blow. Storm didn't even feel weakened after that, thanks to what Vyraz knew was Storm's ability, Sheer Force.

"Porygon! Porygon!" Vyraz heard it from everywhere. He was right. And he didn't like it.

Porygon, many, many Porygon suddenly sprang up from every nook and cranny this place had to offer. Vyraz saw one building where the Porygon weren't streaming from-this building was windowless, and had it's large metal door raised.

"Retreat! inside there!" Vyraz yelled, pointing at the building he spotted. His allies didn't even think twice, immediately bee-lining to the relative safety of the building. Vyraz went in last, frantically moving whatever could close the massive metal door behind him, pulling levers and pressing lights. One of them must have worked, as the door began closing, right as the Porygon began charging their attacks. The door was fully closed when the Porygon fired, and a massive noise was heard from the door, the sound of attacks colliding with metal. The metal door won, as it didn't even budge, although the repercussion of all that noise was incredibly loud.

Vyraz looked around, checking that everyone was there. Everyone was present-nobody fell to those crazy Pokemon. He then checked his surroundings.

The room seemed to be pretty hollow, with rusted metal being the prime feature, and only containing several glass canisters at the walls, with about fourteen total. The Glass wasn't clear at all, and was seemingly colored white, and cold to the touch. Most of the stuff around the pods seemed to still be in good condition, though none of them could tell. The place looked ruinous enough, with most of the glass broken, besides the glass that prohibited the ice from spreading further. On his opposite side seemed to be another room, with multiple lights shining through. There was a ladder leading straight up to it, still in good condition.

Vyraz climbed it well, careful in case any of the cold metal bars suddenly broke, and walked into the other room. All of the lights came from a box that was probably the reason why this room was built.

Another onslaught of attacks attempted to breach the door, and Vyraz was stunned, just enough, to accidentally press a button.

"BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP!" The noise the building suddenly made was the loudest thing yet, making Vyraz plug his ears. Two lights that were on two of the canisters suddenly lit up, spiraling red.

"Commencing defrosting sequence for cryogenic pods 7-A and 7-B in three, two, one." A voice said, having no source and sounding like nothing Vyraz had ever laid ears too. The white coloration from two of the pods, the two closest to the door, where Vyraz couldn't see them, were starting to lose coloration, revealing shapes inside them...Meanwhile, water leaked from the pods, draining out onto the conveniantly placed sewer...

"Captain! The canisters! What's going on?!" Monroe yelled, over the din.

"I have absolutely no idea! Come up here and hide!" Vyraz screamed back. Storm flew through the broken window, whist his crewmates climbed up the ladder to the glowing box room.

"Defrosting sequence for cryogenic pods 7-A and 7-B is-BWishbsheiahkjasieihavne!" The voice said, changing to absolute gibberish. Vyraz hoped that whatever happened after this 'defrosting sequence' was complete wasn't a bad thing.

The Porygon raked at the door a third time, and this time, the door was melted in some very small places, revealing the anger of the massive horde of pink-and-blue Porygon. However, they fortunately couldn't get in. However, their call added to the "BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!" the whole building made it impossible to have any linear thought at all. This expedition turned from success to calamity in nearly instants.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Magnicar Castle(Traveling from Venefinia to Parasanti)
Affected RPers: None

Belcarth was floating. Floating above what must be Magnicar Castle, it looked different form this altitude. Smaller, like a miniature structure similar to the ones architects use to show their intended result.

In the distance there were singing.

Slowly, as if pushed by a gust of wind, he began moving north. Several hundred feet above the ground, his weight no more than that of a feather. He began to move faster, following the coast, still to the north. Only briefly did he stop at the sight of the forest, an ocean of green, the wind sending ripples and waves through the treetops. Then he continued, he his speed increasing, and the course shifting slightly to the east.

Serene, calming voices.

None below him, neither animal nor pokemon, noticed the peculiar sight of a human soaring through the sky, and as the forest flew by, the song in the distance grew louder. The voices were calling for him, longing for his presence. And he was answering their call.

When the forest came to an end, it gave way to a vast open landscape, with a desert in the far distance, and as the last pieces of the forest faded away behind him, Belcarth began descending, albeit not all the way to the ground

The voices grew louder, stronger.

Now less than 30 feet from the ground, Belcarth could see a group of humans, knights by the looks of it. As he further examined them, he found one of the knights familiar. And just as suddenly as he recognized the man, felings of anger and hatred started to stir within him, fueled by his enemies smile as he stood there, talking to his men. The man was Imos, his former mentor and the murderer of his father.

Passionate, flaming voices.

As his rage was building up, the intensity of the voices followed suit. And just as he was about to shout something at the knight, he heard something in the distance, closer than the voices, more tangible. Looking to the north he saw a hoard of creatures, indescribable in the human tongue, rushing forward, towards the knights.

The knights, surprised by this sudden appearance, acted too late, although having acted earlier would only have delayed the inevitable. Paralyzed by the sight of the hoard, they panicked and as soon as they snapped out of their stunned state, they all tried to run. But it was all in vain, for nothing could outrun these creatures.

Terrifying, excruciating voices.

Belcarth couldn't move, he was hovering over the battle, witnessing a slaughter that would instill fear in even the most seasoned of veterans. Maiming and mutilation seemed humane, even kind in comparison. When the horde was finished, they continued in the direction they had prior to the butchering, and as they passed off into the distance, nothing was left to be found of the knights. No bodies, no armor, not even the blood on the ground.

And as Belcarth slowly turned towards the direction form where the horde had originated, he felt that if he just wanted, all this could be his. His power would be infinite, the horde would be his to command, and nobody could stand in his way.

The voices now building up to a crescendo, he once again started moving, but as his speed increased, the voices changed once more, they sounded desperate, grasping for his attention. And as this change happened, he felt like he woke up from a trance, and suddenly everything turned dark, darker than the deepest abyss.


Belcarth awoke with a start, trying to sit up, only to find Jayde standing over him, one paw on his forehead, and tears in her eyes.

As he slowly recovered from the nightmare, he looked around him, making sure he was really awake. Then he sat up, no resistance this time.

He had never needed help to break free from the nightmares before, he had always been able to see through the disguises that the voices used to manipulate him, why hadn't he this time? Why had he needed the help of Jayde to wake up? As he looked at his most trusted friend, he saw the pain in her eyes.

"What happened?" He asked, telepathically, as there was nobody else in the room.

"You were sleeping, dreaming. Suddenly all I could feel was...Pain...Anger..." She took a deep breath, "And...Hatred...Hatred of the most evil kind. I thought I had lost you this time."

"This time? You mean you have helped before?" Belcarth asked, frightened at the thought of what would've become of him had they not met all those years ago.

"Not always. And never this much. You seemed to be completely cut off, what did you see in there?" The worry was apparent both in her eyes and voice.

"The same as always," he began. "Starting at whatever location I am at, floating off to the cursed resting grounds to the north, although there is no rest to be found in such a place. I normally wake up when the forest fades away, realizing where I'm headed..." He didn't finish the sentence.

"It must be because you are still tired, you haven't recovered completely since the last time they tried." Jayde said, sounding more sure about it than she looked.

Well, how am I supposed to recover if I can't sleep? He thought to himself, but didn't bother telling her that.

As neither of them could sleep so soon after the event, they began packing what little they had unpacked, only Growlithe still sleeping in a corner of the room. And by the they were finished, the sun had begun to rise on the eastern horizon. The night had passed, but the voices would return, they always did.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Gurren- Mary Advent
Fort Aer
Affected: None

Mary looked down at the floating city from above. She would have to admit it been a while since entering the main part of the city. She figure that it maybe best to dock since she needs to see if it was possible to gather new parts. It has recently became a hobby of hers to collect machine parts. There wasn't many shops within Fort Aer but there were always travelers who were willing to trade and sell small pieces of metal and trinkets.

Soft steps could be heard coming from the left of Mary in the cockpit. She slowly moves her head over to see a Lucario standing tall. It looked at Mary and spoke.

"Yes....we are heading into the city. I want to see if I can fine some machine parts," said Mary as she spoke to the Lucario.

The pokemon was somewhat of a travel companion for the machine girl and ship. She had discover the pokemon sometime after the death of her last crew member. She was resting in a forest one day and suddenly it had rain. Mary thought nothing of it except that she was going have to dry herself later. She then heard soft footsteps within her and discover the Lucario using her as a shelter. Mary didn't mind the humanoid pokemon and learn to work with the pokemon. The Lucario even helped with the preparation of Mary's mechanical body.

The Lucario nodded then spoke and Mary asked, "Why? I don't know really. Maybe I could incorporate the parts within my own body?"

Mary saw a port coming ahead and decided to land there while listening to Lucario. She nodded in agreement for some of the things that the pokemon said.

"Yes....It is possible I guess. This body isn't much different compare to my original ship body," said Mary as she slow down and lower herself. "If I can do alteration on my body then i can surely do it on my smaller body."
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

En Route to Saffron
Affected: None

Sometimes, Sovereign still dreamed.

They were always violent dreams. Memories of the battles he had participated in that haunted him. During those dreams, he could feel the pain and suffering he had endured in that bygone era. During those dreams, he could still feel human.

Nascent Ridge. Two words that all the ships of the Armada still trembled at. So many lives had been lost there. So great had been their defeat. Sovereign could see still, the great armada of the Second and Fifth Fleets engaging the traitor elements of the First, Third, and Seventh Fleets. The great strategists, the High Command of the Imperial Military had determined Nascent Ridge to the ground of the great battle of this time, where the traitorous fleets would be destroyed once and for all. Outnumbered, outmaneuvered, surrounded and driven into the great chasm in the earth, Edorath had been poised to end the rebellion.

Instead, it had very nearly had been their end. Fire and smoke flashed across his vision. He could see Armada ships, his ships, falling from the skies, their hulls belching flames and great black plumes of dust and ash as they plummeted into the chasm. He could hear the warning alarms and klaxons onboard Sovereign as their armor was penetrated again and again, and one by one of the systems failed. He could hear the screams of his crew as their minds was twisted into nothingness by that horrible weapon. He could see, still see, his captain tear out his own eyes with his fingers in order to stop seeing the images in his head. He could feel that head, blood streaming from the sockets as though weeping crimson tears, wet and warm while clutched in the arms of Edorath.

Sovereign had only been back to Nascent Ridge once since the Wave. The place was now referred to by nearby residents as the Ship Graveyard. Across a plain of a hundred miles, the corpses of warships poked out from the earth, fingers of superstructure reaching towards the sky like the bones of gargantuan, long-dead monsters, rusting and melted from acid rain. It was a quiet place. A dead place. The Lamentur Vail of the Armada.

So were the dreams of Sovereign, as he gently cruised towards mainland Aria on autopilot...

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Renita Myrian
The Cullen
Affected RPers: Kamikaze (Not menioned by name, but you'll most likely meet Carie by the gate before Renita shows up in my next post)

In about 3 hours the sun would set. We had spent the day walking in silence. I couldn't be sure exactly where we were going or how long we were traveling, but Carie assured me that she knew where she was going. I was just following along with Tomo next to me, when Carie suddenly spoke. “I can't take this anymore. I'm hungry and thirsty. As soon as we eat, we're flying the rest of the way.” She sat on a stump on the road and the two of us sat in the grass nearby.

“Flying on what? Have you been hiding more stuff from me?” Not waiting for an answer, I then I turned to Tomo. “Tomo are you hungry too?” He grunted and nodded at me, as I reached into my pack, pulled out a loaf of bread, and handed it to him to eat. I also pulled out an urn of water for everybody to partake. As usual, I wasn't particularly hungry or thirsty.

I turned back to Carie who was staring into the forest. “So what did you mean flying?”

“Oh? Huh? Sorry, I spaced for a second. I meant what I said. We should be about a quarter of the way to Magnicar Castle now and we can just fly the rest of the way.” I looked at her with a puzzled expression as she turned to the forest again, like checking if we were being watched.

Seeing nothing, she let out a loud whistle. Tomo was eating some more from my pack but suddenly he perked up and started looking around the sky. I followed his gaze to the sky and could now hear the sound of wings flapping. They sounded large. I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from but Carie sat coolly on the stump, reached into her own bag for what looked like a sandwich, and started to eat it slowly. Why was she not worried? The flapping wing sound came closer and I felt two loud thumps behind me, like something heavy landed. Two somethings. I was expecting monsters, but it was nothing of the sort. Tomo had gotten up and his eyes were glowing. I followed his gaze a little to the right and saw.....a Dragonite and a Salamence?!

I wasn't afraid. In fact it was pretty humorous. The Salamence had a pink bow around the neck, obviously a girl, and the Dragonite slowly approached my pack probably catching onto the fact that I had packed food. I reached out a hand to the Salamence expecting her to bite me, but instead she licked my hand. “You're a sweetie arencha?” I said, petting her with my other hand. She grunted and roared a little as I pet her a bit more then let go so the two could get to know Tomo.

Tomo pulled out some cups from my pack, poured some water into each, and offered each of them a piece of bread. Apparently he had judged them friendly. Well, that was good enough for me.

I turned to Carie and narrowed my eyes at her even though she was still munching on the sandwich and starting into the forest with her back to me. “So when were you going to tell us you had two dragons flying high above the clouds and following along?”

She turned to me as if I startled her again. “Huh? I haven't been out of the city much so I get entranced by stuff when I travel by foot, sorry.” Well, guess that explained why she preferred to fly. If she walked everywhere she would never get there in time. “As for your question, now I guess. I wanted to see how far I could get without their help so I asked them to follow but stay out of sight until I called them.” She pointed to the two Pokemon. “Meet Bow and Drag. Not very creative names, but they didn't complain all those years ago when we met. I could tell you the story later sometime if you'd like.” I nodded silently.

The Pokemon had taken to talking among themselves and laughing in their own ways. Probably sharing embarrassing moments about us. Of course, not that I could understand their language. Or maybe they were taking turns telling jokes? Seriously no idea.

“We should pack up and get going or we won't make it to the Castle by the time the sun sets.” Said Carie as she silently motioned to the Pokemon to get up. She looked sleepy. I put away the cups that Tomo and the others had used and closed my pack. If the place we were going had a sink I'd wash them later before we left.

“Mount up. Your Lucario-”

“His name is Tomo.” I interrupted her to correct, and he nodded in Carie's direction.

“Alright, Tomo and I will ride Drag and you can ride Bow since you two hit it off so well. We should be able to get to Magnicar by nightfall. I know this great Inn and I'd already reserved rooms for us when passing through on the way to Venefinia for when I'd be returning with you. I didn't sleep last night since I was watching you, so I'd expected to be tired.” As she and Tomo got on Drag I noticed that he and Bow were wearing saddles. Looks like they were used to carrying people. “Bow, be careful with her. She's heavy.” Bow gave a soft roar of agreement as I got in the saddle.

“I'm not fat.” I replied back to Carie, not looking at her and feeling insulted.

“Didn't say you were. You're just heavier than most people.”

“What's that supposed to mean?!” Seriously this woman was unbearable. I usually don't get mad, but gosh.

“Patience.” Was the answer I got back. I just sighed as we flew up into the sky.


The flight was uneventful and silent the whole way. The sun had set when we neared the place called Magnicar Castle, and the only way we navigated was by it's lights in the distance. When we arrived and landed I saw it was a small brick fort with some shops and inns. Carrie led me to one in particular, signed us in with the owner, and gave me my key.

“Unless he left already, I was told by the higher ups we're supposed to meet up with somebody here in the morning. You go to sleep. I'll be waiting for you with Bow and Drag by the northern town gate soon after sunrise.” She said as we parted ways for the night, Tomo following me and her Pokemon following her.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Portia; air mage

Affcd Rpers; none really

Portia walked down the stairs of the inn, stretching her arms over her head. Following behind, Sonora chose to avoid tackling the stairs and instead leapt over the railing. Her wings only buzzed long enough to slow her descent to the floor. The main room was fairly busy for breakfast, like always. Only a few people glancing up at the unusual sight of a Flygon inside, most ignored the woman stepping off the stairs. While Sonora left the inn to go fishing, Portia walked over to a table near the kitchen. She was not sitting long before a tray was placed in front of her holding a hot kettle, teacup, and sugar.

A young serving girl was laying out the tea for her. “Good morning, Miss Portia. I see you found your belongings,” she said, noticing her change of clothes.

Being constantly on the move, Portia would leave extra wardrobe items at places all over Aria. She had traded her short, slit red dress for a similar one in black and cinched it about her middle with a beige sash, her ever present pouched belt double wrapped over that. Underneath the full-skirted dress was a longer-sleeve beige shirt and tan leggings. Thanking the server, she poured hot water over the tea and while it steeped, tied her fiery hair back.

“You always have your hair in two tails,” sighed the girl in front of her. “It makes you look like a little kid. Why don’t you ever do anything else?”

Shrugging, Portia added a little sugar to her tea. “Sometimes I braid it.” She chuckled as the younger girl rolled her eyes. “Okay, how about scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast? If you have any fresh fruit it would be great. And could you have the cook bring it out?” The small woman inclined her head when her server looked fidgety. “Still make you nervous, huh?”

The girl nodded, but went to carry out her request. Portia sat quietly drinking her tea for a short time until the door to the kitchen was swung open, causing everyone still in the main room –except the small woman drinking her tea- to look up. The cook was a large man, not only in girth. He was also incredibly gruff and anyone...well, actually everyone, who did not know him well enough were generally intimidated by him. He sat the plate of food down in front of her and stood with his arms crossed.

“So, is there a reason you pulled me out of the kitchen? Or did you just want to chit-chat?”

A grin spread on Portia’s face as she looked at her food. “Ohh good, melon! Of course there’s a reason, Olli. Just think of it as a little break.” Her expression became a bit more serious, though the smile did not leave her face. “Can you tell me if anyone around Saffron is free to help Barris at his shop? He’s been running behind lately.”

Olli gave a slight snort. “There might be a few not busy with the docks. A couple others in the city. They don’t have to worry about takin’ care of tourists much with all the fancy inns that seem to be going up all the time. Is that really all you needed to know?”

“Mm-hm,” she said nodding. “That’s it. Now don’t make that face at me, Olli. You’re really the best guy to get reliable information from around here.”

“You want me to pass it on to ‘em that they should stop by Barris’?” When Portia said that would be great, the large cook huffed. “Fine.” He suddenly rounded on the people trying to listen around the dining room. “Anyone not minding their own plate is welcome to have their order to go!”

Every face in the room was immediately glued to the table in front of them as the big man returned to his kitchen. Portia chuckled and finished her meal before paying the server and heading out the front door. Sonora was waiting for her just outside.

“Any luck fishing?”

The Flygon gave a low growl. <Yeah, I did alright. I had caught a really big one, but some grumpy fishermen started yelling that I stole it from their net. They wouldn’t stop calling me a thief so I gave it back to them. Then they were mad because they couldn’t catch it and fell in the river.> Ignoring Portia’s snicker, she pointed to the river dock. <You were going to see Vyraz. But when I went by, the crew wasn’t there.>

“Hm, well he must be somewhere in Saffron. We’ll take a look around and see if we can’t find him. In the meantime, I could alwa...”

She cut herself off suddenly as two men in familiar uniforms entered the street walking towards the river. One of them pointed to a boat leaving the dock to make way for another flying a flag that did not belong to a city or Aria. Circle Knights. Portia and Sonora walked around the side of the inn. Holding on to the Flygon, she was carried up to the roof where she watched the boat dock. It was small, and there were only a half dozen Knights on board with the crew. As the first stepped off, he was greeted by the two from in the city. Rolling her eyes for a moment, Portia held her hand out and pulled it back several times as if she were beckoning to them. After a moment, the conversation faintly drifted towards her.

“ I’m not really sure what you are looking for, sir.”

“Anything that may be useful to us. If we could find just one relic to draw from, we could counteract the mages’ powers. Perhaps even stop the magic that poisons our land. Some of the leaders of our order believe there may be an answer to our troubles in the artifacts. They were used in the Great War against the Wave, and they may be the key now. We only have to find it.”

The two city soldiers immediately agreed and began to show the new Knights to the Saffron headquarters. Portia waved the wind back into its regular unpredictable path and frowned. So they were looking for new ways to battle mages? Not surprising. She also wished to find a way to stop the Death magic and the dead gods’ songs, but when the Knights were involved, innocent lives often got in the way. Cupping her hands together, a ball of air shimmered slightly between her fingers as she whispered to it before blowing it from her hand. The wind quietly carried her news to the Pack within the city.

~Be on guard. Knights are hunting for relics.~

Deciding not to return to the street, Portia climbed onto her Flygon’s back and they flew towards Barris’ shop. They looked for any sign of the Bellowing Eons’ crew. She still wanted to find out where Vyraz was in case there was trouble. Though she sincerely hoped nothing would happen that they would need it.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Gurren- Mary Advent
Fort Aer
Affected: Lusankya

Mary walked away from her Gurren body which was docked at one of the ports. Lucario had decided to stay behind since she didn't like to venture out much when humans were close by. She may have been here before in her smaller mechanical body but it still brings her joy to be able to walk the streets with all the humans.

They were all such wondrous people and all of them made Mary glee deep inside. She didn't act fanatical on the outside but on the inside she was bursting with glee. Mary didn't have many memories of her time as a human left but being in this mechanical body really help make her feel a bit more human.

Mary walked the traders' market looking at what they had to offer. She saw some interesting mechanical do-hickies and such but wasn't sure if she wanted to get any. One merchant claimed that the device he had would be able to produce a magical shielding to prevent blunt attacks. Mary had heard of this but wasn't too keen on the idea. She kept walking on until she stopped at another stand.

"Hmm...." said Mary as she looked at the small devices and such. Some of them couldn't even be called devices since they looked as if they were smaller things that were broken off of something bigger.

“Looking for something in particular?” asked the old man who ran the stand. She was looking at Mary with a wide eye trying to figure out what was wrong with Mary. The robot girl was use to this kind of action. That was the reason why Mary tried to cover herself as much as she could.

“Nothing in particular,” said Mary as she gave the man a smile. She then paused and places her hand on top of a strange device. It looked similar to device that the man from the other stand had but incomplete.

“Oh! You missie have a good eye,” said the man as he looked at Mary. He picked up the device and said, “This is supposed to be a shielding device. It suppose to run off a generator and blocks attacks like punches!”

“Isn’t that the same thing that man over there is selling?” asked Mary after a few moments of thinking and recalling. She looked at the device and said, “What the difference?”

“The difference is that I am not a con man!” said the old fellow as he pointed to the man in reference. “That man claims he has a complete working model but actually it just metal wielded together to look like something. To tell the truth, this isn’t complete but I need to feed myself.”

“Really?” asked Mary as she went in to get a closer look. Her mind was racing and looking at the device and notice that a few parts were missing but just as the old man said, it was incomplete.

“Still if you want to take it off my hands then I’ll be glad to tell you have to finish it,” said the old man proudly. He then opened his mouth and said, “You will need to-“

“To find a sprocket to complete the line and….” said Mary as she began to go though her thoughts but was soon stopped as the man raised his hand.

“Yes yes! I see we have a missie that knows her joints,” said the old man as he smiled. “Still those things are hard to find.”

“True….,” said Mary as her mind was excited to see such a device completed.

“Okay missie,” said the old man as he looked at Mary’s face trying to read it. Still it was pretty hard to read the face of a robot at times. “I give you a hint on finding the parts. I mean I would tell you have to do it but I guess you are the type that likes to figure things out on your own.”

Mary nodded. The old man smiled back and continue, “Just head up north of here and you hit Saffron. You know that old city? Well surely you can find mountains of stuff and parts there. That city is an ancient city and treasure hunters are there all the time digging up all kinds of things. Still if you keep at it, you find somebody with the things you need.”

“Hmm….I think about that,” said Mary as she reached into her robe and paid for the device.

The man nods and said, “Well if you go then make sure to avoid con men. Good luck getting there without a ship!”

Mary nods and walks away. She carried the incomplete device in her bag and figure that maybe a trip to Saffron would be interesting. She had been working on her original body for a while and it could make the trip to and back with ease. Still she would have to tell somebody from the Armada. It never good to just disappear especially for Mary since she tends to seclude herself. The best person to tell and maybe even ask is Sovereign since that ship is the only one who would be considered something of a leader within the Armada. Mary at once began to draft out her message:
Hello Sovereign,

This is Gurren speaking, I just want to let you know that I wish to go to Saffron in order to search out parts for a device. Saffron seems to be the best lead to find such material for this device due to all the excess items being found on the site. I be searching the city using my extended body and traveling using my primary body. I hope this doesn’t pose a problem for anything you have planned and wanted to let you know.

Mary looked over the message and tried to look over the message. She was connected to the Gurren’s communication system. Once she was done, Mary had sent it. She then continue to walk around the city.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Noble Six
Affected RPers:Alaskapidove, Kai Mei, Chainreaction

His head was focused on the task at hand, not on the Pokemon following him. Sceptile wasn't there to give a distraction and he didn't have any other Pokemon to do that job so he would have to get moving. The ship wasn't amazing but it was good enough to ferry people across the sea and that was the aim. Walking into the ship, he flashed a fake passport while sliding his fare onto the table. The man took it without question and directed him to a small cabin he had to pay extra to rent out. VILE owed him big as it came out of his paycheck. He walked down to the lower section and into a small hallway. Giving a small whistle, he rapped on the wall three times. Suddenly he was tapped on the shoulder which caused him to spin around with a throwing knife in hand.

"Scept, Sceptile." the gecko said defensively as it held the body bag.

"S-sorry. Old habit." he said as he shook his head, he was becoming more and more paranoid by the day.

He rubbed the back of his head and directed him to the cabin, just wanting to close his eyes for a few moments. Opening and closing the door, he sighed and slumped over to the bed as he fell face first into the soft linen. It was nice. Turning his head to Sceptile, he just motioned to drop the bag and relax, they had been through enough today as is. He closed his eyes and thought then slow drifted into sleep. Sceptile watched the door and the bag to make sure nothing went wrong.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

The Cullen
Magnicar Castle(Traveling from Venefinia to Parasanti)
Affected RPers: bronislav84

As the sun was rising, and they waited for Awbur to wake up, Belcarth and Jayde decided to have some breakfast.

Growlithe, who had been fast asleep until now, slowly began to move, his nose twitching as he could smell the food. Opening his eyes, and noticing the other two already eating, he immediately stood up and walked over to the table. Sitting there, his puppy eyes directed at Belcarth, Belcarth couldn't help but smile at the scene, as he put some berries in a bowl and placed it on the floor. At least someone had gotten a good night's sleep.

Just as they were about to finish breakfast, there was a light knock on the door. Belcarth reached for his sword as he asked: "Who is it?"

"Awbur. You ready to get going?" The merchant said from behind the door.

"Just give us a minute, we'll be right down." Belcarth said and relaxed.

As Jayde cleaned up after the breakfast, Belcarth put on his coat, strapped his sword in the back, and looked at Growlithe and Jayde. "Let's get going then, shall we?"

Waiting outside the inn, Awbur had already prepared the wagon and the two Rapidash that pulled it.

"Let's get out of here, Itum is a long way from here, and I'd like to get as far as I can before nightfall." The merchant said impatiently.

"As long as you remember to let us off at the crossroad, from there we are heading north." Belcarth replied.

"I don't see what business could be so important as to take yo through that blasted forest. There is nothing but ambushes and renegades in that cursed place." The merchant said, doing his best not to think of the money it had costed him when he had tried to travel that route.

"I have never had any problems with any renegades, although that could be because I don't always follow the road, and avoid getting seen." Belcarth said, then adding. "I haven't been there in about a year though, but things couldn't have gotten that bad since last time."

"If you say so." Awbur replied, unable to conceal his doubt.

As they all stepped into the wagon, they again began their travels to the north, aiming for the northern gate, which they passed through without any problems.

"Stop the wagon." Belcarth suddenly said, looking back with the surprise all over his face.

"Now what?" The merchant asked, clearly not happy with the extra stop.

"I thought I saw something, wait here." The last words directed at his two companions as he opened the door. Neither of them did as asked however.

Looking back towards the gate, he saw something that was either planned, or one hell of a coincidence. Since Belcarth didn't believe in coincidences, he decided to find out what was really going on. Walking up to the red haired woman he said:

"Well, would you look at that? Of all the people I could run into, I never figured I'd see you here. What business could possibly bring you here Carie?" Belcarth had an idea as to what it could be about, but he had never needed an escort to Parasanti before, and it was unlikely that the Cullen would send someone for him this time, unless of course something serious was going on.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Vyraz Inxi
The Cullen
Miles Beneath Saffron
Affected RPers: N/A

The Porygon and the mysterious, loud bell (Vyraz assumed it was a kind of bell at this point) were both still affecting his ability to hear and think, and the constant slamming of the Porygon's attacks at the door not only made their rage, but also their cries more and more apparent. Fortunately for Vyraz and his cohorts, the bell's tone had at last been silenced, for whatever reason.

"Defrosting SHEIHhvaihbe and 7-B is Complete. Bio-scanning commencing..." The mysterious female voice said, briefly going to unstable language before reverting back to clear English.

"...Subject 7-B has been confirmed dead. Failure in Vneievsneis systems WHvylewbhavx accident." The voice said. "Subject 7-A, hoshvengghai alive. open-shgeovehnadn pod..." The voice said, which was starting to sound less human when the Porygon tried another combined attack on the door.

Suddenly, the sound of something...doing...something was heard from nearby. Vyraz couldn't help but leave the minimal safety of the glowing box room to check.

One of the pods was open completely, and inside, having just gotten out...Was someone. Someone.

This person wore clothing unlike any he had ever laid eyes upon. This person had an odd hat, somehow carefully dyed to show a 'pattern' of a cyclone, with indigo and silver streaks having no correlation to the pattern whatsoever. The hair that was visible. was in rather thick spikes which reminded him of the rare Pokmeon Togekiss, though this hair was highly greasy and otherwise looked brown. The shirt, too, was unlike anything he ever saw-it was composed of a black fabric of which was completely foreign to him, as well as the fabric which composed of the pants: a blue fabric that seemed to say 'rugged.' However, these pants were shorter than usual, barely covering the knees, leaving quite a bit of bare leg. The shirt itself didn’t have sleeves at all, showing the complete arm, save for some of the shoulder. The shoes, too, were of an unknown designer, and indeed looked completely alien to all the world. He couldn't get a better look, however, because he wasn't tête-à-tête.

The unknown person looked around, but not up at Vyraz. The Porygon had stopped for a moment, so he didn't notice anything immediately suspicious. He started stretching for a bit, moving his arms around. turning his back to Vyraz, he saw that this person had a sheath and a blade in it.

The person sighed. He then suddenly decided to look directly at where Vyraz was.

The mysterious person couldn't have been a full man yet, he looked only fifteen, with what was barely a moustache and beard on his face, and multiple blemishes. However, those eyes, though widened in surprise for a brief moment, seemed to command respect. Around his neck were three metal strips, small and smooth-edged, with text engraved into them. Vyraz couldn’t read them from where he stood.

"...Oh, hello." He said. Vyraz rejoiced inwardly. Thank goodness he spoke English!

"Ah, hello, my good man! My name is Vyraz Inxi...Err, now is truly not the time to talk, there were these things called 'Porygon' outside that are trying to kill us, and that door's not going to hold much longer." Vyraz said, pointing at the door.

"…I suppose we should get going...” Vyraz’s new ally said, almost bored of the life-and-death situation that was going on...As though he was used to this kind of thing.

Without any question as to which way they should be going, the young man immediately climbed the ladder back up, and ran into the bright box room, not even glancing at Barnibus and the others before opening a previously-unseen door-Or, more accurately, yanking it loose with force that even he was surprised at. He was also angry at it too.

"Gah! Dang rusty hinges! There goes locking it!" He said, rushing inside the new room behind the door. Vyraz followed without question. However, he barely got inside before the other person stopped.

"What is it?" Vyraz asked innocently.

"...They stopped attacking the door...This building is Silph Company’s tech section..........The other way! NOW!" He roared, pushing Vyraz in the other direction, immediately running back into the box room, barely seeing Vyraz's friends, and immediately took to the canister room, jumping down towards the bottom floor, and immediately started yanking on a lever near the door.

"What in the Lifemaker's name are you doing?! You'll let them in and kill us all!" Vyraz yelled.

"They've got more than one entrance into this stupid room! They've ditched this door and they're trying another route!" He yelled, while succeeding in ruthlessly pushing the metal lever, raising the door, currently Porygon-free. His gambit was right on the money. "Come on! Go!" He barked. Quite the commanding figure, for the youngest of the lot...Vyraz listened nevertheless, as he seemed to know far more than any of them ever did about this place. Vyraz made like his life depended on it-because it did.

They were running, dashing, sprinting, flying even, just to get as far away from the Pokemon as possible. Turning his head, he saw that his newest ally was right; The Porygon came from inside the room they were just in, meaning they would have been killed to be standing right there However, it wasn't long until they found another building, almost as tall as the one nearby the canister room they just left.

"In, in, in! Go, go, go!" He barked, still acting in charge. Vyraz followed common sense and his survival instinct more than his advice.

The room they were in looked like the entrance to his former home on Mancia, only more ancient and high-tech. There was a kind of desk, surrounded by a large fence of plastic, and behind a wall that completed this fence was some print: 'Galactic Tech: The Universe is our limit!'

I can't believe this place still has electricity. Not even a little." Vyraz's new ally said, sealing the door behind him, and pressing a few things on a keypad nearby. The door was suddenly enveloped in a blue aurora of sorts. Vyraz was quite curious as to what it did. "That won't hold forever! We need to get to the upper levels!" His new ally called, rushing up some stairs.

Vyraz was starting to get irritated as to how much he yelled out commands, but what was the point? He knew more, and it kept them alive. He followed.

"What's your name?" Vyraz asked, while running up the stairs.

"Leonard Avalon Zyxino! Call me Avalon!" Avalon barked, while running upwards too. The name pricked at Vyraz's mind. It sounded familiar...He'd think about that later, though. With his life hanging in the balance of getting out of this place, the meaning behind this person's name could wait.


They had climbed pretty high, when Avalon said to stop.

"...F-f-finally...Is it safe?" Jamal asked, far more ticked off that Avalon was suddenly the captain than Vyraz was.

"No. It won't be completely safe until we move outside the city...Or find the Control room for those things. However, this point is safer than any other in the building." Avalon said, while looking at a glowing section of the wall. "...Yes, it's just above us." He added.

"What's a control room? And what's above us?" Vyraz asked.

"The Porygon are controlled by a computer. This computer tells them what to attack, when to attack, and where stuff is. We can remove ourselves from their targeting ledger if we reach it. The only dangerous part about this is that Porygon can travel through computers-they could pop up on us while we're up here. This part's safest because there's no computers..." Avalon said.

"...What's a computer?" Monroe asked.

Avalon simply sighed in response. Then, suddenly remembering something, he ran out of sight, Vyraz following helplessly.

Behind the wall they were resting at was a set of stairs and a door, Avalon opening the latter. Vyraz noticed text on it. He looked at it.

"Emergency Supply Cache. Keep Unlocked at all times." It read.

"Bah! The only thing that's not rusted over is this!" Avalon said, holding something up. Vyraz cast the Efron lantern over it. It looked like a Crossbow, minus the lack of strings, and and instead, it had some cylinder-shaped objects, presumably the ammunition. Vyraz scratched his head.

"What is it?" He asked.

"A flare gun. It's not even an actual weapon! Bah! I hate rust!" Avalon said, still angry at the coat of oxidized metal that casted over other tools. He put a kind of cap over it, hiding the firing mechanisms.

Avalon and Vyraz looked around the room, searching for anything else that might help. Avalon ignored the rusted tools, and threw some of the less rusty ones away upon examination, but Vyraz picked them up quite quickly, eager to bring back something to prove they went there. Vyraz then noticed something. A rack that had a lot of orbs. These wierd spheres were mostly rusted over, but one wasn't too badly rusted. Avalon noticed the rack and the one Ball that Vyraz saw that wasn't extremely rusty. It was this one that Avalon tried to throw at the ground.

The ball popped up, emitted light, and Vyraz watched, startled, as the light took form...The form being that of a Pokemon he knew as a Kricketune, a Pokemon that made beautiful Music to hear.

"What the..." Vyraz said, too shocked to make a noise. The Kricketune made a few melodious sounds, while Avalon patted his head.

"Alright then, With that done, I suppose we should be getting upstairs." He said, throwing the ball back at the Krickitune, and watching as the light once again came out, enveloped the Pokemon, and this time left no trace other than the ball itself. Avalon returned the ball to his pocket, as Vyraz watched, stunned. Avalon took the Flare gun, as well as a canister of some content that Vyraz had no clue about.

"You. This stuff is gasoline, and I'm suprised that it's still there. It burns easily, so don't let it get hit with an attack or you'll burn to oblivion. If I say to throw it, throw it at the Porygon. I'll do the honors of blowing it up, if it comes to that." Avalon said. "However, I just wan't this building destroyed, so if we don't need to use it, pour it out on the control room once we've been removed from their targeting ledger. I'll light it up, and we'll watch the stuff burn. We're nearing the control room and the top of this place, just hang in there." He added.

Vyraz started to sweat. It sounded like Liquid Ichor, minus the magical properties it had. He'd die if the canister got hit, and he'd be pouring it's contents out on the control room once they were done with it-destroying history! Then again, he got to dispel of it the best way possible-taking down those blasted Porygon!

(Ooc: I almost forgot that the pre-fall Saffron didn't have Ichor yet.)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Caoimhe & Grace
Pokemon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti)
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Moonkit, Altrius

For a brief moment, the dragon struggled free from its master's grip and lunged towards some of the mages. They leapt back in alarm, some raising crude weapons in defense. The stranger soon regained control over the beast, but Caoimhe's little group watched it warily. With such an apparent distaste for magicians, the creature could prove dangerous. And these twins might prove to be enemies.

"I'm Kozanar, and that's Tsuki," its master spoke up, giving out their names surprisingly freely. "And why we're here is something personal, that we don't exactly want to bore you with. Besides. I could ask the same for you. From what you left of those knights, it doesn't seem you're on a flower-picking trip or anything."

Caoimhe stared at the young man, trying to see beyond the indifferent mask he wore. She could sense the hate in him, however. These four were mage-haters, and if Caoimhe didn't know if she could trust them enough to let them go their way. They could turn them over to the Knights of the Red Circle, or perhaps betray them in some other way. She didn't want conflict, but she had no other choice.

Narrowing her eyes, she calmly replied, "No, we're not. But you've placed us in a predicament--now that you have seen us, we can't simply let you walk away."

The mages encircling the intruders clutched at their weapons, stepping closer and keeping thier eyes keenly focused. They would do what they could to preserve their secrecy as well. If that meant a battle, then battle they would. All they waited for was a command from Caoimhe.

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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Tsuki & Kozanar Estrada
The Cullen
Outskirts of Parasanti
Affected RPers: Charmander009, Moonkit, Altruis

The corner of Tsuki's mouth twitched, and Ryugaun snarled, and Kozanar let him up. Kozanar's eyes narrowed.

"Look, we're not here for trouble. We're here to get back to our home town, and have no interest but to pass," Kozanar said through gritted teeth. He had tried to be nice enough about it, but these people were pissing him off. If they were so good that they thought they owned the place, and they were obviously wary of being turned in (it wasn't that hard to tell), then why were they worried about it? "It's not our fault you had to murder some Red Knights. Now please clear a path, or we'll have to do it ourselves, and it won't be pretty." His voice was flat and cold.

Thanks a lot, Koz. We're outnumbered, and you're going to threaten them.

Anytime, sis.

Ryugaun didn't like this situation. His threatening growls grew. Here they were, saying they couldn't let them pass. He knew this was his fault, and he was determined to get his companions out of this situation. He filed through his moveset, thinking of ways to get them out. His head turned to Ikuja, and the two Pokemon exchanged glances.

Ikuja wasn't a fan of this either. Good grief, he hated situations like this. A top-spin would do, because any person that wasn't born yesterday and had an IQ of over 0 would have the sense to move out of the way of a Ferrothorn spinning with its spiked disks flailing, but he decided to wait. A pseudo-legendary and a spiked wall were never the best Pokemon to go up against.

"We don't have anything to do with you, nor do we want to have anything to do with you. We'll move on and completely ignore you or whatever, I could care less," Kozanar continued, his blue eyes fierce. Tsuki stood, and Ikuja's thorns shot out after she rose, with a shink sound.
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Niusha and Shadowfang
Pokémon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti)
Affected RPers: White Wolf, Charmander, Altrius

After a while of looking around, I noticed another couple of people. One was acting quite crazily, the other...I couldn’t tell. I thought back and remembered seeing people like these two at my school. There had been a crazy kid in my class one year and the next there had been a person...a person I just didn’t quite get. These people, however, weren’t the same two.

Caoimhe soon replied to the two intruders. "No, we're not. But you've placed us in a predicament--now that you have seen us, we can't simply let you walk away, " she said.

The reply from the intruders was unexpected and actually got me ready to kill someone.

"Look, we're not here for trouble. We're here to get back to our home town, and have no interest but to pass,” the boy said through gritted teeth. "It's not our fault you had to murder some Red Knights. Now please clear a path, or we'll have to do it ourselves, and it won't be pretty."

I laughed at his tiny threat. Sure, the two Pokémon with them could kill a few mages, but we, as a group, outnumbered them and the Pokémon. If you had a group of people, each with an evolution of Eevee, the opponents were toast. I knew many tactics to try on these two if they even tried. The mages didn’t only have powers, but they also had Pokémon and weapons.

"We don't have anything to do with you, nor do we want to have anything to do with you. We'll move on and completely ignore you or whatever, I could care less," the boy finished. Apparently he didn’t know what I was thinking at the moment. The girl got off the Ferrothorn and his spikes came out.

“I never said I wanted to hurt you, but you two have officially pissed me off.” I reached for my pocketknife, my smallest weapon that I had, and stepped towards the mages surrounding the humans. I hadn’t let the blade slide out yet, but I would if I had to. “Now, I know I don’t lead these mages, but if you leak our little hiding spot out to anyone, I swear, I will hunt you down and kill you.”

I wasn’t controlling what I was saying. My temper had gotten the best of me, and I knew it.

Shadowfang’s next actions surprised me.

The little Umbreon ran through a small hole in the wall of mages to stand beside the intruders. Instead of attacking them, it simply turned around and started barking and snarling at the mages, bearing his teeth. What the hell he was doing, I had absolutely no idea.

“Shadowfang, you get over here right now,” I commanded. Sadly, the command was answered by more barking and snarling. I soon made out what he was barking about and said it aloud, “Shadowfang thinks these two wouldn’t report us. I hardly believe the Umbreon, but he just might be right.”

(Shadowfang likes White Wolf's characters much xD)
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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

Garonn and Jared the Nidoking
Pokemon Elemental
Endla Forest (Outskirts of Parasanti)
Affected RP'ers: White wolf, Moonkit, Charmander.

Clearly, they had both walked into what seemed the start of a potential fight, with the twins and their pokemon one side, and Caoimhe and Niusha, at least Jared thought those were thier names, the other. It was very odd, as neither side knew who the other was. Garonn stuck close to Jared as the three trainers and thier pokemon formed a sort of ring around the other group. Jared kept his silence, but he knew that if it came to a head him and Garonn were ready to back up his two allies.

The conversation continued, with the pair refusing to say who they were and why they were here. It was quite annoying really, the stubbornness of some people! Jared could hear Garonn growling - he didn't like this people already, and if Garonn didn't like somebody then it was never good. As this happened, the Umbreon named Shadowfang ran over to the pair of humans and stood next to them, growling, barking and snarling at her owner. What? Shes defying Niusha? Thats seriously weird.

Garonn was growling himself now. Jared put a hand on the top of his shoulder, but it seemed to do little do calm him. He struggled, then his deep voice rumbled across the green.

"Who ... you .... people?" Garonn said, clearly struggling to get the words out. Jared frowned a little. Garonn trying to talk to strangers didn't happen, so he clearly felt uneasy around these people.

"Hes a little uneasy. I would appriciate it if you could hurry up and give us some information." Jared said, firmly.
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