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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 06-23-2011, 05:05 AM
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Talking Rate my new UU team?

Pokemon: Cloyster male
Acquired: Egg hatched, route 206
Shiny: No
Ability: Skill Link
Nature: Impish
Item: Leftovers
IV's: 31 HP, 30 attack, 31 defense, 22 special attack, 30 special defense, 30 speed
EV' s: 252 HP, 252 special defense, 4 defense
Moves: Spikes, Ice Shard, Rock Blast, Rapid Spin
My lead/ rapid spin support.

Pokemon: Ursaring male
Acquired: Egg hatched, solocean town
Shiny: No
Ability: Quick Feet
Nature: Jolly
Item: Toxic Orb
IV's: 30 HP, 31 attack, 29 defense, 23 special attack, 29 special defense, 31 speed
EV's: 4 HP, 252 attack, 252 speed
Moved: Swords Dance, Facade, Close Combat, Crunch
My physical sweeper. Swords dance first turn, quick feet kicks in, facade (STAB attack) turns into x2 power due to status affect, then just deal damage.

Pokemon: Nidoking male
Shiny: No
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Jolly
Item: Life Orb
IV's: 30 HP, 31 attack, 29 defence, 23 special attack, 28 special defense, 31 speed
EV's: 252 attack, 4 defense, 252 speed
Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Sucker Punch
My counter. He works great with Lapras and Cloyster.

Pokemon: Steelix female
Acquired: Egg hatched, solocean town
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Relaxed
Item: Leftovers
IV's: 31 HP, 28 Attack, 31 defense, 20 special attack, 30 special defense, 0 speed
EV's: 253 HP, 4 attack, 252 defense
Moves: Stealth Rock, Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Roar
Standard Steelix wall with entry hazard abuse

Pokemon: Houndoom male
Ball: Repeat Ball
Shiny: No
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Timid
Item: Life Orb
IV's: 28 HP, 22 attack, 25 defense, 31 special attack, 26 special defense, 31 speed
EV's: 4 HP, 252 special attack, 252 speed
Moves: Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, hidden power grass
Special sweeper

Pokemon: Lapras female
Acquired: egg hatched, solocean town
Shiny: No
Ability: water absorb
Nature: Careful
Item: leftovers
IV's: 31 HP, 30 attack, 30 defense, 20 special attack, 31 special defense, 17 speed
EV's: 252 HP, 4 attack, 252 special defence
Moves: curse, avalanche, waterfall, rest
My special wall/physical damage dealer.

I've spent a ton of time breeding these pokemom and catching that Houndoom. I'm very proud of this team and the work I put into it.

Due to some feedback I've realized I have some issues that need to be addressed and I believe I've found the solutions, so, here are the changes I think I'm going to make.

1.) Replace Cloyster with a Miltank with heal bell, milk drink, body slam, and stealth rock.
Body slam can provide some much needed paralysis help due to my team's lack of speed and It can take some hits too. It can set up stealth rock and provide heal bell support.

2.) Replace Ursaring with a Sceptile with swords dance, leafblade, Aerial Ace, and Stome Edge.
It's faster then quick feet Ursaring and aftwe a swords dance does more damage. Aerial ace provides the fighting coverage I need and stone edge can cover flying and fire types. And it can deal some good damage with leafblade.

3.) Replace Steelix with Donphan because donphan works better hahaha

I was also wondering if you thought swapping out my houndoom with a Rapidash that knows hypnosis, sunny day, flamethrower, and Solarbeam would be a good idea? It looks great on paper but I'be never tested it. He could put something to sleep, sunny day on the switch, and sweep with flamethrower and 1 turn Solarbeam.

Feedback on the changes? The first 3 are currently being worked on but the Rapidash hasn't been tested yet and I'm more then a bit iffy on it. I may just keep Houndoom but I thought I'd ask before I did that. So the Houndoom to Rapidash swap is pending.

Last edited by Viva la Gofre; 06-25-2011 at 12:38 PM. Reason: Addressed some weak points.
Old 06-23-2011, 02:17 PM
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Default Re: Rate my new UU team?

For future reference, don't bother posting the useless stuff in an RMT. The ball it was caught in, where you got it, or whether or not it's shiny are entirely irrelevant to how good the team is from a competitive standpoint. There's also a dedicated section of the forum for RMT threads, it's a sub forum of the Competitive Battling section (Link)

But yeah, huge weakness to Ground and Fight moves here. Your entire team is hit for at least neutral damage by Earthquake, and Nidoking is the only thing on the entire team that is not hit for super effective damage by Fighting moves. Worse still is that these two moves are often used on the same sets by most fighting types. A Choice Scarf Hitmonlee will plough through this entire team with minimal switching required.

First and foremost, you need a bulky flying type for it's ability to wall the two types that currently cripple you. I would personally go for a Gligar. Gligar is an odd choice, rarely seen outside of NU, but fits the team well in that it has quite decent physical bulk and enough speed to outrun most fighting types in UU. The following set would be my suggestion;

Aqua Tail
Ariel Ace

Bulky attacking set. Assuming max IVs, 216 Spe+Jolly allows you to outspeed all UU fighting types aside from Toxicroak and Blaziken. You could max out speed to speed tie with Toxicroak, but you wall all common sets to hell anyway. Maxed HP for Bulk, the remainder in Attack to give it some bite. Aqua Tail and Ariel Ace are to deal with the Ground and Fighting types whose STABs destroy your team at the moment, with earthquake being a more powerful STAB as well as hitting Rock types (Who also commonly use Ground and Fight moves for coverage) harder than Aqua Tail. Roost rounds off the set to increase your longevity. Either ability can work. Sand Veil abuses the sand of opposing Hippopotas, while Hyper Cutter can stop Hitmontop forcing you out with Intimidate. Bring it in over Lapras, who I don't see aiding the team much at all.

That aside, the team looks OK. The sets are all fine, at least. Scrap Rapid Spin on Cloyster, Houndoom is the only thing that will be SR weak once Lapras is gone (Cloyster doesn't count, given the speed at which leads tend to die) and you have Nidoking to soak up Toxic Spikes. Explosion would be my recommendation. I'd also recommend shoving a Choice Scarf on Nidoking, the team is somewhat slow at the moment aside from Boosting Ursaring, who are often too temperamental to rely on as your team's speed. Also, you call him "my counter", counter to what?
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