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Old 06-22-2011, 01:14 AM
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Default Bench Swarm (TCG Deck)

Near as I can tell, TCG moved into General, so I figured this would be the place to make this thread. And no, I'm not posting this just to prove a point, I was actually intending on posting this a few days ago, but got distracted by something. Anyway, on to the deck.

Initially I just wanted this deck to be some random one that I pulled out in leagues to play against newbies so I wouldn't completely destroy them with my main deck (happened last week and I felt really bad about it). Because I wasn't planning on using this for serious play, I decided I would use Illumise and Volbeat just because it seemed like it could be fun to play. For good measure, I threw in 4 of each, but now I needed to find some other Pokemon that would work well with those two. Then I realized that since I was already planning on running with 4 Volbeat on my bench, I might as well use the other two Pokemon who rely on your bench, Jumpluff and Cinccino. Really, it came down the a fairly simple strategy, fill the bench with Volbeat, get an Illumise out and start attacking (maybe even donk), and then use the extra bench slot to set up Jumpluff or Cinccino.

Anyway, here's the decklist that I came up with. I've hyperlinked everything, saving people the time of looking up every card individually. I don't actually have most of these cards yet, and I'm planning on playtesting with proxies before I buy them, so feel free to suggest any replacements you can think of. I actually really like the way it turned out, but I will say I dislike how Supporter-heavy it is.

Pokemon: 24
4x Illumise
4x Volbeat
4x Minccino
3x Cinccino
3x Hoppip
2x Skiploom
2x Jumpluff
2x Cleffa

Trainers/Supporters: 24
4x Revive
2x Seeker
4x Pokemon Collector
2x Pokemon Communication
2x Interviewer's Questions
2x Professor Oak's New Theory
2x Junk Arm
2x Fisherman
4x Research Record

Energy: 12
8x Grass Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
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