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Old 03-13-2011, 10:08 AM
GlaceonLover94 Offline
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Default Pokemon Dark World

Pokemon Dark World


The five main regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova have all been targeted by a secret organization known as Team Twilight. No one knows what region this organization comes from for they have been spotted several times in all five regions. After several reports from several Officer Jenny’s from every region they all have reported something in common. They have discovered that based off of what Team Twilight seems to be doing, Team Twilight acts a lot like what Team Galactic used to do which was trying to get rid of this world and replace with another. This organization is much more determined as well for they think it is necessary to gather data from all five regions not just one. Team Twilight has been spotted in every city in all five regions so far accept for Jubilife City, Goldenrod City, Saffron City, Lilycove City, and finally Castelia City. Based off of our untouched cities the police have noticed that all five cities are from the different 5 regions and all five of those cities are huge. Is Team Twilight trying to stay away from those cities who knows? Whatever the reason is it sure looks like Team Twilight's major goal is fixed on those 5 cities. Team Rocket and Team Plasma are the only other two organizations that are still up and running. Making 3 organizations within 5 regions.


You will play as a brand new trainer and you are about to choose your very first pokemon. You already have heard of this mysterious organization known as Team Twilight so your not completely clueless. Your goal is whatever you want it to be such as becoming champion, breeder, gym leader any of that good stuff. Team Twilight will soon be your other main goal after things get started.

Host but-ins

I will follow along with each and everyone's characters depending on what you want to do. Meaning if you want to become champion for example you will tell me where you want to go and I will put chooses in your path like ill tell you that you ran into a Patrat. But mostly you will just tell me that you caught something and ill follow along. I will mostly but-in when I want special events to happen such as shiny pokemon and Team Twilight, stuff like that. But mostly you are on your own.

Questions or Ideas

If you ever have a question about something in the role play like you forgot some information that Professor Oak told you just ask ill repeat. Also if you want more information on something like where exactly is Team Twilight hiding ill also answer that without giving to much information. If you want something to happen ready bad in my role play but I have not came up with the idea of your thought yet then please do tell. Making this role play interesting is the whole point.


You must have knowledge of anime cities names as well as starters from the region you choose. If you want to travel to another region you must know those cities too. Knowing what other role playing characters know and acting on them will not be accepted by me unless if you run into other characters. Cannot join a evil organization. You can not say that you caught a legendary pokemon for that is a say for host but-ins only. Any major rare thing you can not just act on I must approve it first. Example would be you saying that you joined the league and won it nope that’s to big of an event. Rules can be added if necessary.

Character Sheets Sign Ups

Here are the guild lines for character build

Region: (Pick out of the five)
Starter Pokemon: (This depends on what region your from don't choose the wrong regions starters)
City: (Depends on region pick cities with in your region)
History: (Optional)
Other: (Optional)

Huge Events

I will add to this list for major events so that new late comers can be updated.

Please reply me your character sheets if interested.

I will start my role play on April 13th.

Accepted so far: hazzaboy

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Old 03-13-2011, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

Name: Kenny
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh
Starter Pokemon: Turtwig
City: Floaroma Town
Apperance: He has deep brown hair that comes half way up his neck, dark blue eyes and average height. He wears a minty green t-shirt with a dark green jacket which is unzipped, blue jeans,grey trainers and a cream colour messenger bag.
Personality: Is very calm but can get carried away with tasks and loses track of time easily, is very helpful and kind towards others and wouldnt turn a blind eye on hurt people/pokemon, he is very ambitous with his interests and won't listen to people telling him he is wrong in what he likes, he will stick up for what he believes in.
History: He grew up with his mother as a famous co-ordinator and his father as a famous Elite champion, and had to live with his granparents most of the time as his parents were always on the move, this made him very ambitionous watching his Mum and Dad on tv. He was more interested in what his Mum was doing, the moves were flashy and glamourous always ending with a sparkly, he always used to borrow his grandparents pokemon to see if he could do what she could do, but he never could get it to be as beautiful as his mothers was this made him practice everyday until he became a real trainer.

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Old 04-04-2011, 11:27 PM
gliscor885 Offline
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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

Name: Lucas
Gender: Male
Region: Unova
Starter Pokemon: Snivy
City: Nimbasa City
Apperance: Tan skin. Long black spiky hair that comes down to his shoulders. He sports an evil smile. He wears a red and black jacket. Blue denim jeans. Black and white sneakers.
Personality: Lucas looks evil, but he is actually really nice. He gets too competitive in contests and will do anything to win. He is kind, but don't get him angry because he will be ready for a fight. He cares about his Pokemon deeply.
History: He grew up with a stay at home mom and a very busy father. He has a little brother that lives with his grandmother. He also has a baby sister. His mom neglects him and his dad is almost never home to intervene. This gives him his personality. He is mostly outside playing with and feeding wild pokemon.
Other: He is trying to find a Gliscor to help him become an Elite Four Champion.
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Old 04-14-2011, 09:32 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World




Starter pokemon-chimchar

city-sunyshore city

Appearance-6inch tall light tan hair like sliver's from pokemon manga but dark purple hair with purple eyes.not skinny not fat a lil plump but not huge black short sleved shirt that has a pocket on the chest are where he keeps his mini journal blue jeans black sneakers.

Personality-fun loveing careing nice romantic.he is really nice but you make him mad he will fight hard and stands up for good and defeats evil at the pulp.and loves pokemon with all his heart and dosent judge any pokemon.

History-from age 10 he worked with his mom to learn the ways of a breeder ad his dad died when he was young he wants to be a breeder trainer not a champ but a gym leader badge collector along with breeding and careing for pokemon.

Other- he wants to catch a legendary dog rakiou to help care for pokemon as a breeder

and one question can you do like legendary event you know what i mean :)? thanks great stroy cant wait
Pokemon trainer aj
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Old 04-18-2011, 11:22 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

Name: Nova Allen
Gender: Male
Region: Unova
Starter Pokemon: Tepig
City: Opelucid City
Apperance: He has a Pretty Decent clothing, With A green bandana, A white shirt with a black and green Vest, and jeans. He is destined to be a cordinatior, but trains his pokemon as well, believing that Battling is an important stratagy
Personality: A little timid, so runs away from most wild pokemon. He is also Creative, in which he designs his own pokemons clothing For contests. He also has an eye for Battles, so he always battles when he has a pokemon
History: His History with pokemon started maybe when his older brother had moved to Hoenn and starts his pokemon stuff there. Novas older sister moved with his father to Nimbaza city, leaving him to care for his mother. Nova has always heard from his brother that he has descovered new pokemon, and in fact, he sent over a pokemon from the hoenn region for nova to have, a poochyena. The poocheyna and nova have been together for a while, but Nova plays with it like a regular dog. He decides that he would also have the poochyena as his other pokemon as he turned 10, but the poochyena left back to Novas brother. So Nova now decides to train up in the Unova region as he prepares to visit his brother in Hoenn.
Other: His brother had left at the age of 3, while his sister left at the age of 5, so his brother is now age 17, while his sister is only 13, and she has completed her contests
Nova Tailleon
Leader of the Alpha Alliance
"The Omegas Must suffer. they have caused nothing but pain. We will Bring them to their knees and habe them beg for mercy with the price of theyre blood." Nova Tailleon before declaring war.
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Old 06-30-2011, 11:59 PM
Darknight8888 Offline
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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

OOC: Hello, I would like to join your rpg, it sounds like a lot of fun, and is it in third peson or first?




Region: Hoenn

Starter Pokemon:Treek


Apperance Jason has medium length light brown hair. He wears black pants and a black shirt outlined with emeraled green. He wears gloves that are vut off at the knuckles. He wears army boots and a hat some times. He is about 5'11.

Personality: Jason is a calm, cool, collective kind of guy. He doesn't let alot of stuff bother him and he tries to stay out of other people stuff. He loves training and battling pokemon.

History:Jason walked outside and saw some movment in the bushes. He walked over there and there was a treecko trying to get up , but it was to weak. Treecko saw Jason and tried to attack, but it just fell to the ground. Jason ripped part of his shirt and splinted the Treecko's leg. Right then Jason knew that this pokemon was his first.He named it Blade, and one day he tried to put Blade in the pokeball, but he didn't like it so Jason decided not to put Blade in it.

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