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Old 06-06-2011, 08:21 AM
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Default Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge!

Hey everyone! I'm Kelsi, and I've been DYING to do a Nuzlocke for ages. I finally decided to do one even though I'm still having fun with Pokemon White.

Basic Nuzlocke Rules:
-I can only catch the first Pokemon that I encounter in an area.
-If a Pokemon faints, it's as if that Pokemon has died. The pokemon will then be placed in the "Graveyard" box in the PC.

My Rules:
-I cannot catch a Pokemon that I currently have, and I may therefore catch the first unique Pokemon I find.
-I can catch Legendaries, but I can't use them. Legendaries do not count as encounters.
-all Pokemon must be nicknamed using a Greek mythological naming scheme.
-I can catch a Shiny for collection's sake even if it isn't the first encounter in an area. If it isn't the first encounter in an area, the Pokemon cannot be used.
-Gift Pokemon do not count as encounters.
-A blackout is Game Over.

Please don't harass me about the first rule. I know that kind of goes against the typical Nuzlocke rules, but this is how I'm choosing to do it. This is my first ever Nuzlocke run, and this seems less harsh and might help me ease into the process.

I used a random number generator to choose my starter, and it looks like I'm using Treecko! Between this and my newly-added Sawsbuck on Pokemon White, it looks like I'm going to have to start getting over this dislike of Grass-types.

Also, the internal battery on my Sapphire cartridge has run dry. This means I won't be able to plant berries, which I didn't ever do much of anyways. In addition, the tide at Shoal Cave won't change, so I'm stuck with it however it is.


Sapphire Nuzlocke: Day 1

So I guess I'm moving to Littleroot. I'm chilling in the back of a moving van. My parents aren't big fans of safety apparently. I hop out of the van and walk inside with my mom, past the Machoke moving boxes, and upstairs to my room. I set my clock, take the free Potion out of my PC, and head downstairs. Ohey, my Dad's on TV. He's the big fancy Gym Leader in Petalburg or something. My mom says I should go visit some dude named Professor Birch, so I went next door to meet the neighbors.

Looks like Professor Birch isn't here, but his son is. He thought I would be a boy because I was a Gym Leader's kid. Sexist jerk. He doesn't even think I can catch a Pokemon by myself.

Professor Birch isn't in his lab either. Apparently he's out doing fieldwork. Then, assuming I don't know what that is, the aide explains what fieldwork is. Why is everyone so condescending in this little town?

So, bored in this tiny, two-home town, I head out onto the road, following the screaming cries of help. There's Professor Birch, being chased around by a Poochyena. He needs my help, so I grab a Pokeball from his back and throw myself into battle. I throw the Pokeball, and out pops a Level 5 Treecko. Even cooler, it's FEMALE :) With little difficulty, I knock out the obnoxious little puppy.

Back in the lab, Prof. Birch let's me keep the Treecko. YAY. I've decided to go with a Greek mythology theme, so I name her Demeter after the goddess of the harvest. How perfect :) Prof. Birch says to go meet Brendan again so he can teach me how to be a Pokemon trainer. Like I don't already know. Seriously, does no one assume I know how to do anything here? Sexist idiots.

Turns out Demeter has a Rash Nature (+Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def). Not bad!

Since I don't have any Pokeballs yet, I'm not counting any Pokemon I find as encounters yet.

I heal in Oldale Town, head north to Route 103 after some crazy stops me from going west, and I approach Brendan, who's lurking in a corner. He challenges me to a battle, where Demeter knocks out male Torchic after a good fight. How's that for girl power?

Aaaand it's back to the lab in Littleroot. I get my Pokedex and five Pokeballs. Looks like it's time to heal up at home and go catch some Pokemon :) Not before I get my Running Shoes though.

MY FIRST WILD POKEMON ENCOUNTER! It's a male Wurmple. Gotcha! I'm naming you Pan after the Greek god of the wild. Welcome to the team, Pan. Let's go heal you up.

This Pan dude can't freaking knock anything out. Gosh darn Bold nature lowering his Attack...whatever. I'll have to make do.

Up on Route 103, I run into a Zigzagoon :) Welcome aboard, Hermes, god of thieves and messengers. Your Naughty nature is nice and raises your Attack, and you're going to get me lots of free items thanks to Pickup :) Now, let's go heal you up and train you and Pan up a little bit, since you two are pathetically weak and all.

Now to Route 102. Another Wurmple? Pass. A Lotad? Guess so. Hey there, Dionysus, god of wine. Demeter's accumulating quite the male posse. But seriously, Dionysus, you only know Astonish and Growl? Seriously? And I just Googled your moveset and Lombre's moveset. You suck. And seriously, how am I supposed to train you up when your only attack at the moment is not very powerful, does almost no damage on Poochyena, and can't even hit Zigzagoon? Oh well. This is Nuzlocke. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Beat the first Youngster. Lotad learned absorb. Now he's not completely useless. One more trainer and a wild Zigzagoon later, and Pan evolved into Cascoon. Looks like I'm getting myself a Dustox. Three cheers for Pokemon that have basically no offensive stats!

On the plus side, Hermes keeps finding Super Potions and Ultra Balls :) Saving me money for down the road.

At this point, I'm just grinding each Pokemon until I risk fainting. Thanks to Absorb, Demeter's level is going up and up and up...I think I like her.

Demeter is now Level 13 and still has PP left as well as having full HP thanks to Absorb. I think I need to stop before her level reaches double that of Pan.

Sooo into Petalburg we go :)

It's pretty boring here. Are all the towns in Hoenn this small? And why won't that guy let me go west? I know what a gym is thanks, my dad runs one. That gym, actually. Maybe I should go say hi...or, some annoying noob of a kid can interrupt me. What? No, I don't want to help him catch a Pokemon. Go away. Or drag me along and catch a Pokemon that doesn't even live on that route, whatever.

My dad says I should head to Rustboro and challenge the gym leader there. So, I'll just stock up on some Potions and status healers first.

New route? Looks like I get to catch a new Pokemon. And, after about a billion Zigzagoon, I finally found a Wingull. Say hello to Perseus :) yes, yet another boy. Alright, let's train you up.


I'm done for the night. Next up? Petalburg Woods.

Current Team:
Demeter the Treecko - F - Level 13 - Received in Littleroot Town
Pan the Cascoon - M - Level 8 - Caught on Route 101 as Wurmple
Hermes the Zigzagoon - M - Level 8 - Caught on Route 103
Dionysus the Lotad - M - Level 8 - Caught on Route 102
Perseus the Wingull - M - Level 9 - Caught on Route 104

In the PC:

none so far :)

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