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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 06-02-2011, 11:33 PM
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Default My future team

Aerodactyle@ Shell Bell
4 HP, 252 Att 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Tailwind

Aerodactyle will be the lead to set up Stealth Rock and simply use Tailwind to boost the next Pokemon if I feel it is going to get knocked out. It will also attempt to sweep using Earthquake and Stone Edge if it has the chance to do so. I am kind of unsure about this, so criticism welcome

Bastiodon@ Leftovers
252 HP, 108 Def, 148 SpD
Relaxed Nature
Metal Burst, Toxic, Rest, Iron Defense

Bastiodon will be a Metal Burster with Toxic to get rid of walls and stallers.

Terrakion@ Life Orb
4 HP, 252 Att, 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
Swords Dance, Stone Edge, Close Combat, X-Scissor

Terrakion will move in on dark-moves (hopefully) aimed at Alakazam, if the opponent is a dark-type they will hopefully attempt to switch and a Sword Dance is possible to risk. Otherwise it's a simple short-lived sweeper.

Ferrathorn@ big root
178 HP, 130 Def, 190 SpD
Iron Barbs
Sassy Nature
leech seed, Stealth Rock, Iron Defense, Substitute

Ferrathorn is my hopefully best wall, as it has very few weaknesses and fantastic defenses. It is very simple, set up a substitute and leech seed the opponent to death while you buff up your own defense. Stealth Rock is in case the previous Stealth Rock has been rapid spun away.

Haxorus@ Choice scarf
4 HP, 252 Att, 252 Spe
Mold breaker
Jolly Nature
Dragon claw, Earthquake, Brick Break, Rock Slide

This is my Dragonslayer and overall killingmachine. It will be able to outspeed most other Dragon-types and this will hopefully take care of them as the rest of my team would have bigger trouble taking down Dragons.

Alakazam@ Expert Belt
4 HP, 252 spA, 252 spe
Magic Guard
Timid Nature
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Focus Blast

A simple yet effective sweeper. If there is a better choice I am open for suggestions.

Any criticism and feedback at all is more than welcome, I've read a lot and rewritten my team several times now to create one I feel will be able to meet most threats.
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