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Default Three Dogs and Johto.

A tall women walks into a giant room. It has brown walls, and inside it lies a table. The table streches from the back wall to the front door. There are numerous people sat around it, while at the head of the table there is a man. The man had spikey blue hair, along with blue eyes, and everything else on him was blue. The women walked in, waving her golden blonde hair around, not caring who hits it.

"Servena," the man said "come have a seat."

Servena gave him a nod, then sat down next to a short black man. He looked up at her, and looked into her deep brown eyes. He was speechless at her beauty. Nothing could compare to her beauty. The man clapped his hands, and everybody turned their attention to him.

"Well, you all know why we are here." He told everybody.

Numerous mutters were heard going throughout the room.

"If you don't know, I shall tell you," he said "we are here to take over Johto! You all know that! Team Energy shall take over Johto, and destroy Team Rocket!" He finished while banging his fist on the table.

Servena looked at him, and he looked like he was daring her to speak. To see what would happen if she did.

"How?" She asked him.

The man gestured over to the cage that was lying in the corner. Nothing sounded like it was inside of it, and I doubt that anybody knew what he was up to.

"Well, you want to know how?" He asked everybody.

Nobody talked.

"You all know about the legendary dogs of Johto, right?" He asked.

Everybody nodded in agreement.

"We are going to use that power to take over the world! Raikou, the thunder dog. Entei, the fire dog. Suicune, the water dog," he shouted "nothing is going to stop us!"

A flash of lighting came from the outside.


New Bark Town. The place where every trainer in Johto starts their journey, or most of them perhaps. I stood there in the middle of the town, just glancing up at the sky as a Pidgey flew over it.

"Amazing world." I said to myself.

Yes, the world is amazing. Those of you that don't think it can go get away. I will show you that the world is a great place with the power of my fist. Anyways, I am Josh. I live at home with my father, since my mother is always gone from the house. I haven't seen her in a long time, but dad tells me that she is just on business. Sure, I will go with it. I don't really care about it, I am just focused on getting a Pokemon. Today was the day that I turned thirteen, and I was ready to set out on my adventure, and nothing could stop me. I felt like I could just take on the Pokemon League right now! I was already at the front of the Pokemon Lab. Professor Elm was going to give me a Pokemon, and I was so excited.

"Here we go!" I shouted.

I barged into the door, slamming it to the wall. The sound went throughout the room, making everybody jerk their heads towards my direction.

"Ah, Josh. Come in." Professor Elm said while gesturing me over to him.

I took the gesture, and bravely walked into the room. It was rather big, with big machines other places. I looked at the table, and saw that there were three Pokeballs there.

"I guess those are the Pokemon?" I asked Professor Elm.

"Yes, they are!" Professor Elm shouted with joy.

I could tell that he was a happy man, and I would easily be able to get along with him. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang, followed by silence. I jerked my head towards the door and saw a slim guy with brown hair walk in. The brown hair were in spikes, and his eyes were so blue you could mistake them for the ocean.

"Rickey." Professor Elm said.

Yes, I have known this kid for a long time. Truth is, we use to be best friends. He would always be over at my house, but time went apart. I don't know what happened, but one day he stopped hanging out. Rickey countinued into the room, glancing at me. He gave a firm grin followed by a snicker.

"What you doing here?" He asked me.

"Same as you, getting a Pokemon." I said.

Rickey let out a small laugh at this comment.

"You? You couldn't even get past Bugsy! The easiest gym leader! I could take him without any Pokemon!" He shouted.

Professor Elm didn't look that pleased.

"Well, boys. Today is the day. You have been waiting thirteen years for this moment. The day that you get to choose your first Pokemon. This is the point of no return, and once you choose this Pokemon you are going to set off on your journey. No turning back from here-" He got cut off short.

"Yeah, so what." Rickey sputtered out.

Professor Elm pulled on his tie, and he looked pissed off.

"Well, since Josh got here first, he gets to choose." He said.

I was excited about this, and I already knew what I was going to pick.

"I choose... Erm... Cyndaquil." I said.

"Excellent choise!" Professor Elm said while handing me the ball.

Rickey already knew what he wanted, so he took it.

"Totodile?" Professor Elm asked him.

"Yep, Totodile." Rickey replied.

The door flew open again, and walked in another person. This one I was still friends with. Her name was Briana. She was a blonde head, and she wasn't very smart at anything. We were the best of friends, and so was Rickey with her. I don't know why they stopped hanging out with eachother. I thought that they were even going to start dating.

"Briana, you are late." Professor Elm said.

"Sorry," Briana aplogised "I overslept."

"Well, you will have to go with Chikorita." Professor Elm said while handing her the ball.

"OK!" Briana shouted.

I knew that she wanted that, and she knew it too. She always told me about it, and I always wanted Cyndaquil. I don't know why Rickey chose Totodile. Must of been that it is strong against my Cyndaquil.

"I suggest that you guys get going." Professor Elm said, while handing us some supplies.

I looked in the bookbag and saw that there was some food, medicine, and a sleeping bag.

"I am out!" Rickey shouted while barging out of the door.

Professor Elm sighed, then glanced at the door. It was obvious that he didn't really like Rickey. He was very annoying.

"Well," Briana said "I am off too."

She walked out of the door, while I followed after her. I stopped at the door to tell Professor Elm something.

"Thanks." I said to him.

"Your welcome." He replied back.

I turned on a heel and walked out of the door, into my new world. Once I got out there I saw that Briana and Rickey were lined up infront of the lab, I saw that their Chikorita and Totodile were starting to battle. Chikorita looked like a dinosaur with a green necklace, and green leaves on the top of his head. Totodile looked like a dinosaur with very sharp teeth, and was blue all over. It looked like they were going to battle, and I knew that Rickey sucked Briana into it.

"Totodile, use Leer followed by Scratch." Rickey muttered.

Totodile's eyes turned the color of red, and he just glared down at Chikorita, and it looked like Chikorita's defense was starting to get lowered. He ran in at him, scratching him in the head. It sent Chikorita back to the lab.

"Again!" He shouted.

Totodile ran up to him again, and landed another scratch on him.

"Do something Briana!" I shouted over to her.

Briana looked stunned, probably not knowing what to do.

"Ermm... Use Tackle." Briana spat out.

Chikorita charged at Totodile, slamming into him. Totodile was already scratching him when it hit. Chikorita spun backwards, slamming on the ground knocked out. Briana sent Chikorita back into his ball, and clipped it onto her belt.

"That was easy." Rickey muttered with a smirk.

Briana looked sad, her head started to hang down.

"You will never be a great trainer, I doubt that you can take down Bugsy, like Josh can't!" He shouted.

I just couldn't stand there and let him insult here. Briana was my best friend, and I couldn't stand it.

"You think you are so great? Why don't you battle me, you even got a type advantage over me!" I shouted at him.

Rickey smirked, and nodded to me. Totodile was already ready to battle Cyndaquil, and he looked angry.

"Totodile, we can easily take his Cyndaquil." He replied to me.

I reached down and grabbed Cyndaquil's ball. I tossed it up into the air, while calling Cyndaquil's name. A red light flew out of it, and landed on the ground. Cyndaquil was standing there, ready to take Totodile.

"Ready?" Rickey asked me.

"Always!" I shouted back at him.

Cyndaquil nodded at me, while he already was charging towards Totodile.

"Cyndaquil, stop and use Leer!" I told him.

Cyndaqul stopped with a little yelp, then his eyes turned the color of red. He started to glare down at Totodile, and it looked like his defense was getting lower.

"Tackle!" I commanded again.

Cyndaquil launched himself at Totodile, slamming into him. Totodile managed to land a scratch on him when he was getting tackled.

"Totodile, Leer followed by Scratch." Rickey ordered.

Totodile's eyes turned red, and he glared down at Cyndaquil. It looked like Cyndaquil was starting to get very weak or weaker. He then charged at Cyndaquil, his claws already up in the air ready to swipe at him.

"Dodge!" I shouted towards Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil moved out of the way, and Totodile countinued to keep running until he almost hit a tree.

"While he is behind, use Tackle and slam him into the tree!" I shouted.

Cyndaquil quickly charged at Totodile, and slammed his head into him. He got sent crashing into the tree, and he fell back down to the ground. He got back up, like he barely got touched.

"Again!" I shouted.

Cyndaquil was already at him, so he just had to leap forward. Totodile didn't have the time to move again, so he got slammed again. This time it worked. Once Cyndaquil got away from Totodile, he spun around in circles. Then there was a loud crash, and he was on the ground.

"Match." I told Rickey.

Rickey didn't look that happy, and he looked like he was about to blow a top and kill somebody.

"Totodile, return." He said while holding up Totodile's ball.

Totodile sailed back into his ball, and he clipped it onto his belt. He turned on a heel, then went back to his house.

"Where you going?" I shouted after him.

"None of ya business!" He shouted back.

I looked at Briana who looked happy. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"That showed him." She told me.

"Yep, it sure did. It wasn't even that hard." I told her.

She out a little laugh, then we heard a voice. We cranked our heads towards the direction and Professor Elm was there. He was already working on Briana's Chikorita that she brought out earlier.

"Hello, Professor." I greeted him.

"Briana and Josh. I forgot to give you these." He told us.

He had five Pokeballs and a Pokedex with him. He handed one to each of us, and I already knew what they were.

"Pokedex, to keep track of Pokemon. Pokeballs to capture Pokemon." I explained to Briana.

"Thanks!" She thanked the Professor.

She placed her Pokedex into her Pocket, and he Pokeballs into her backpack. I did the same as her.

"That Rickey, irritates me." Elm said to us.

"Yeah, we've known him our entire lives. I don't know what he is going to do, but I just had a battle with him and one." I explained to him.

"I saw that, and Briana, don't be sad. Everybody had their losings and their winnings." He told her.

Briana looked happier than she had just a second ago.

"Thanks! I feel a lot better now." She thanked the Professor.

She turned on a heel and headed down Route 29. I knew that I was going to see her soon enough, along with Rickey.

"Well, I better get going." I told the Professor.

I turned on a heel, and started to head towards Route 29.

"Josh, wait. I have something to tell you." He stopped me.

"Yes?" I asked him.

"Be careful out there, and just remember this. You cannot rely on just one Pokemon alone to win. You need as many as you can, plus you have to remember type advantages. One important thing is, any Pokemon can beat any other Pokemon. It doesn't matter by type advantage or disadvantage. It is all about the bond between the Pokemon and the Trainer, along with a good strategy." He finished saying.

"Understood Professor, now bye." I waved to him while heading off Route 29. It was going to be an amazing start, and it already was. I was just not even one day into my new journey and I thought it was amazing. Sadly, things were just going to get worse and worse and worse for me. Some things I cannot explain now. I just didn't know all that stuff was going to happen then.

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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

I continued down Route 29. I just couldn't stop thinking about all the fun I was going to have. It was going to be amazing, and Cyndaquil was quite the little fighter. I knew though that I needed more than just one Pokemon, so I was going to get more. I needed to figure out which Pokemon to get though. I looked around for some Pokemon.

"Let's see. There is a Sentret, Pidgey, Rattata, and a Hoppip." I said to myself.

Pidgey was flying up into the air, starting to circle around me.

"Pidgey!" Pidgey shouted.

The Pidgey flew down to me, slashing his claws across my face. I stumbled back, grasping onto my face.

"Ah!" I shouted in pain.

"Pidgey!" Pidgey shouted.

It came down to me again, sending his claws into my face. This time I wasn't going to take it. I grabbed onto Cyndaquil's ball and tossed it into the air. The red light came out, and Cyndaquil landed on the ground.

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil shouted.

"Use Tackle when it comes down again." I ordered.

Pidgey flew back down again, and this time Cyndaquil knocked himself into him. Pidgey flew back down to the ground, looking like it was injured this time.

"Again!" I shouted.

Cyndaquil charged at Pidgey again, slamming into him very easily. This time Pidgey went up into the air slightly, then crashed back down to the ground.

"Pid!" Pidgey shouted.

I grabbed onto an empty Pokeball from my backpack, and enlarged it. I was ready to go catch the Pidgey. I chucked it at Pidgey, and it clanked off the top of it. The ball opened up, and Pidgey flew into the ball with a red light. The ball shut and started to move back and forth.

Almost there.


Come on!


Yes! I ran over to the ball and scooped it off of the ground. I raised it up into the air in victory. I had captured my first Pokemon, and it was quite a fighter already. It almost took a full grown human out with his claws.

"This is going to be awesome!" I shouted towards Cyndaquil.

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil replied.

"Plus, Falkner from Violet City trains with Flying Types. This will even the playing field out for us!" I exclaimed.

Cyndaquil looked like he was starting to do a dance. He shot some flames out from his mouth, and ran around in circles.

"Calm down." I told Cyndaquil.

I looked around for Cyndaquil's Pokeball, but I couldn't find it. Where was it? I didn't know where it was! Cyndaquil would get tired if he didn't have a ball.

"Cyndaquil, where is your ball?" I asked him.

"Cyndaquil." Cyndaquil replied.

"Great!" I shouted in frustration.

I continued to look around for his ball, but I couldn't find anything.

"Well, I guess that you will just have to walk by my side." I told Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil looked like it was starting to get sad, but it snapped back to reality. Cyndaquil started to pace back and forth, then snapped his head towards the end of the Route 29.

"I guess you want to go?" I asked Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil nodded and went on ahead. He looked very excited for this, and I couldn't blame him. I was excited for it too. It would be amazing, and I could just imagine all the other Pokemon that they were going to find, or that I was going to find in my journey through the Johto region. It was going to be amazing. I would be able to take all the gym leaders, then move onto the Elite Four, from there I would end up becoming the champion of Johto. I looked up ahead and saw that Cherrygrove City was coming up ahead. We were there in a matter of seconds, since Cyndaquil and I started to run. It was an average size city, and there were numerous buildings that you could see sticking up from a distance.

"This place is amazing." I told Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil nodded in agreement. We started to advance further into the city. I could see that a Pokemon Center was up ahead, along with a Pokemon Mart next to it. I needed to shop for supplies soon, but not yet. I needed to heal up my Pokemon though. I bet that they were tired, mainly Pidgey since he took a bunch of hits from Cyndaquil. I started to walk up towards the Pokemon Center, and it was a round dome building. It had a giant picture of a Pokeball on the front of it. They had double doors, so it would be easier to walk in. They were also automatic, which made it even easier. I headed towards it, and watched as the doors swung open from the inside. I walked in, and saw that a Nurse Joy was at the counter of it. There were numerous seats and tables at the side of the center. I walked up to Nurse Joy at the counter, and gave her my Pokemon.

"Can you fix them up for me?" I asked her.

"No problem!" Nurse Joy exclaimed.

I saw that a big fluffy pink Pokemon with an egg inside of a pouch was next to Nurse Joy.

"Chansey." It said while taking Pidgey's Pokeball and Cyndaquil. It walked to the back room, and I didn't see it anymore.

"What was that?" I asked Nurse Joy.

"A Chansey! Mostly all the Nurse Joys use them in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions!" She replied back.

"Awesome." I told her.

I saw that a familiar walked into the center. It was Briana.

"Briana!" I shouted towards her.

She looked around, and glanced over my direction.

"Josh!" She shouted while running over to me.

"How you doing?" I asked her.

She waved her blonde hair around, and some of it got into my face. I itched my nose since it got onto it.

"Pretty good, but I caught a Pokemon on Route 29." She replied.

"Really, which one?" I asked her again.

"Sentret, and it looks so cute!" She exclaimed.

"I got one too, and it was a Pidgey." I told her.

"Where is it?" She asked me.

I pointed towards the back room where Pidgey and Cyndaquil were getting fixed up.

"Did you see Rickey?" I asked her.

She shook her head indicating that it was a no.

"I wonder where he is." She muttered.

I gave off a little shrug, then saw that Nurse Joy had brought my Pokemon back. I walked over to her, and took them back. I gave her a quick thanks then headed back towards Briana. Cyndaquil jumped off of the trey and landed on the ground. It ran up towards Briana and started rubbing his head against her leg.

"Ah! He's so cute!" She exclaimed.

"And powerful." I added in.

She looked out the window and her smile turned into a frown. I instantly knew what she had seen. She had seen Rickey. He must of seen her too since he started heading towards the Pokemon Center. The doors swung open and he walked in with his hands in his pockets.

"How's it going Joshua?" He asked me.

I rolled my eyes over at him, while I saw that there was a rat Pokemon standing to the side of him. He looked at me looking at his Pokemon.

"Rattata." He told me.

"Rattata!" Rattata shouted.

It showed his sharp teeth, and bit down into the air.

"I am surprised that both of you even made it this far. I thought Briana would get scared off by the scary Pokemon." He insulted.

Briana stomped her foot on the ground and started to get mad.

"Why are you so mean!" She shouted at him.

Rickey let out a small snicker and walked out of the Pokemon Center.

"I'm off to Violet City to destroy Falkner." He said while flipping us off.

I shook my head at him, while slamming my palm into my face. I couldn't believe him and how rude he was.

"Well, nothing much to do here. I best be getting out of here." I told Briana.

Briana gave me a nod, followed by a smile, then a quick hug. I turned on a heel and walked out of the Pokemon Center. I looked ahead and saw that Route 30 was right next to the Pokemon Center. I glanced down at Cyndaquil and just smiled.
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

It was really good. There's plenty of dialogue present. However, there needs to be more description. Try to give details, no matter how minute or meaningless they may be. Like here for example:

Briana gave me a nod, followed by a smile, then a quick hug. I turned on a heel and walked out of the Pokemon Center. I looked ahead and saw that Route 30 was right next to the Pokemon Center. I glanced down at Cyndaquil and just smiled.
I would have wrote something like this:

Briana gave me a nod, followed by a warm smile, then embraced me in a brief hug. I pivoted on my heel, turning away from her, and marched out of the safe Pokemon center. I looked ahead and saw that Route 30 was right next to the healing structure. I glanced down at Cyndaquil, feeling quite pleased, and just smiled. Just simply smiled.
That is a little more descriptive. Remember that an author is to paint a picture with words. Now keep in mind also, that there is no need to get rid of all sentences that are brief and simple occasionally. Those are welcome. Just try to describe things in more detail.
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.


Chapter Three

The spikey blue haired man stood at the summit of a large mountain. He was able to see for miles and miles beyond the mountain. The sun was just starting to set, and it would of looked beautiful if you were glancing at it. He heard small footsteps behind him, and the man jerked his head towards the person. The long blonde hair was down to her shoulders again, and he glanced at him with her sharp blue eyes. It looked like it went down through his body into his heart.

"Servena," the man said "you know why you are here."

Servena waved her hair back and forth, the gentle breeze started to pick it up. It was flowing a long ways behind her. She glanced at the sun, ignoring the man for a while.

"Isn't the sun just beautiful?" She asked the man.

The man turned his head towards the sunset, and he too was looking like he was getting drawn back with the beauty. It was very bright, and then he turned his head down to the view. His blue eyes were like the color of the ocean. If he squinted his eyes hard enough, he would be able to see the very edge of Kanto.

"Yes, it is beautiful." He replied back.

His voice sounded like a sharp knife going through Servena's body. She knew what she was there for, and she was happy about it. She was known as the best agent in Team Gold, the secret organization set on taking over all of Johto.

"Anyways, you know why you are here. You are here because I am going to give you your mission!" He shouted at her.

All she did was just give him a nod, followed by a quick smile. It was very big, and her very white teeth made the sun just shine off of them.

"The mission?" She asked him.

The man gave her a nod, then pivoted on a foot towards the sunset. He continued to stare at him for a few more minutes.

"If you think you are up to it. We know where the first of the legendary beast resides. Raikou." He told her.

She gave him a firm nod, then continued to smile at him, this time her eyes looked bluer than the last time she smiled at him. The man was taking back with her beauty aswell, and he got lost in her very blue eyes. The long blonde hair was blowing in the wind even more, since the wind started to pick up. It flew atleast two feet back beyond her hair.

"Anyways, the beast is at Glitter Lighthouse off the side of Olvine City." He told her.

Servena gave him a firm nod, and waved her blonde hair in the air. The wind was starting to pick up even more, and grabbed onto a Pokeball. She tossed it up into the air, a red light flew out of the ball. It landed on the ground, then it started to take form of a Pokemon. When the red light was gone, all that was seen was a metal bird, with a very long neck. It had red feathers under sheaths that covered his very sharp wings.

"Skarmory!" Skarmory shouted.

Servena's long hair blew back onto Skarmory's skin. It probably felt very hard, and it was also very strong.

"Here we go Skarmoy, girl. We are going to go to Glitter Lighthouse in Olvine City." She told Skarmory while climbing onto the back of it. She waved goodbye to her, while petting Skarmory's neck. It started to flap her wings, creating even more wind then there already was. She took up into the air, and instantly began flying at amazing speeds towards Olvine City. The blue haired man stood at the summit of Mount Silver. He let out an evil laugh, knowing that nobody knew his real plan.


Route 30. That's just Route 30. It was a beautiful route, just one narrow path. There were numerous houses along the side of the routes, and they all had the same design. Brown roofs, followed by yellow paint on the rest of the house. They were all tiny, just enough for one person to live in. There were numerous patches of grass in the surrounding areas, and I saw that more and more Pokemon were running around. I even saw one that looked like a monkey with a hand on his tail. He was swinging from tree to tree, and the sunset was glaring down on us. It was starting to get dark, and Cyndaquil and I were starting to get tired. We had been up all day, and it had been an amazing day. I just needed somewhere to stay, so I came up with an idea. I thought about one of the houses that are lined up along the route. One of them had to let us stay, if they were nice of us or something. I looked down at Cyndaquil and saw that he was barely dragging along, and the flames on his back had gone away.

"Man." I said to Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil nodded, then he just fell onto the ground. He rolled over on the ground, and he was asleep. I couldn't blame him, I was right with him. I felt like just falling onto the ground and sleeping. I could sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag, but then who knows what Pokemon could do to us. I just couldn't imagine the horror of it. I looked to the nearest house, and it looked decent. I knew that I could stay the night there, if they would let me. It was just like all the other houses, only this one was different. It was bigger than the rest of the houses, and it was made out of wood unlike the other ones. The other ones were made out of metal, or they were made out of bricks. I went up to the front door, carefully climbing up the steps. I picked up Cyndaquil before hand and carried him in my arms. He looked so cute when he was asleep. I could hear him snoring, and it almost made me want to pass out on the steps. The door was painted pure green, and I moved my knuckles down to the door. I tapped them a few times, making some tapping noises go throughout the house. I knew that somebody was home, since the lights were on. I waited a few moments, then I heard footsteps walk up to the front door. The door swung open, and I saw a new face. He had brown hair, looked around twenty, had green eyes which didn't go with his hair. He had a pretty good build, way better than mine at it is.

"Hello." He said to me.

I gave him a quick nod, then glanced past his shoulder into the house. It was pretty big, a television next to the fireplace, a sofa infront of the television, and a kitchen that extended from the living room. It looked pretty nice, and the guy did too.

"Hi!" I exclaimed.

The man gestured me into the house, and I took it. I followed him into the house, being careful though. Who knows what this guy could do, he could kill me in my sleep, or slip rat poison into my food. He went on into the kitchen, and I took a seat on the sofa. I looked around, seeing many paintings on the walls. There was one that looked like Cyndaquil, but it had a ferret look to it. Flames were sticking out of his or her's back like Cyndaquil. The man came back in with a glass of water, and he handed it to me. I was worried about drinking it, not knowing this guy at all, but I did. I drank it all the way down, and I wasn't hungry anymore. The man sat down next to me and smiled. It went from one side of his face to the other.

"So, what you doing here?" He asked me.

I gave him a shrug, then continued to drink my water. It all went down my throat into my stomach, and it started to fill me up. If I drank to much I would have to go to the bathroom though, so I had to be worried about that too.

"Heading to Violet City, needed to stop somewhere to sleep." I told him.

He had a tiny mustache, just like me. I was starting to get facial hair at the age of thirteen, but not as much as this guy. He had barely any on his upperlips, but he had long side-burns. His green eyes looked like green grass that had just been planted or something.

"Awesome, so I guess that you are a trainer. I always let trainers stay in this house." He told me.

I lifted my head up, and a giant smile appeared on my face. I looked down to Cyndaquil who was still sleeping quitely. I smiled at him, then turned my attention back to the man. He was gone, probably off to get me a blanket or something. He came back a few minutes later, with a blanket and a pillow in his hand. I took them from him, then sent myself off of the couch. I started to make my bed with the blanket and pillow. It didn't take that long, as it was just a couch.

"Well, you look just fine. I am just gonna go and do something outside. You try and get to sleep, and I can drive you up to Violet City tomorrow." He told me.

I was excited about this, and I just needed to get there as soon as possible. I wanted to get there before Rickey did, as it would prove him that I am a good trainer. I wanted to have a battle with him again, as he was being very rude to Briana at the Pokemon Center in Cherrygrove City.

"Awesome." I told him.

He walked out of the front door, and slammed it shut. The sound went throughout the entire room. The lights shut off instantly, and so did me. My eyes shut, almost like I was going to die. All I saw was darkness, then it happened. The dream that would change my forever.


I think it was a dream, it could of been anything. It must of been a dream though, as I had it right when I fell asleep. I was in Glitter Lighthouse, or so I thought it was. It was a big lighthouse, but I wasn't alone. I was on the top of the lighthouse, and there was something in there. A lion of some sort. It was like a beast, and it had a tail with a start at the end. It had a pure white bottom half, and a yellow top with black stripes.

"Rai." It muttered very silently.

It looked like it was asleep, and it was very beautiful. I wanted to go pet it, but I didn't want to wake it up. I did it anyways, not caring what would happen. I walked up to it, and gently stroked his long fur. It sent a few tickles through my hand, but nothing happened. I heard a big crash, and tons of pieces of the windows flew into the lighthouse. I saw a giant metal bird, with a masked human on it. It was a girl, I could tell from the parts that they have, and the long hair. She gripped onto a Pokeball, and chucked it up into the air. Out came a large dinosaur like creature. It was huge, and it almost touched the top of the lighthouse.

"Tyranitar!" It shouted.

The masked women raised her hands up into the air. She had pure white gloves on, and dark glasses over her eyes.

"Tyranitar, use Rock Slide!" She shouted.

The Pokemon was now up, and it moved down to the Tyranitar. The Tyranitar slammed his fist into the side of the lighthouse, and it started to fall apart. The pieces of it slammed over the Pokemon, so much that you weren't able to see it anymore.

"Stop it!" I yelled at her.

I guess she didn't hear me, or see me, as she started to do more damage to it. She took out a gun, and it was long. It looked like she was going to stun the Pokemon, or do something bad to it. The Pokemon broke out of the rocks, and sent a huge bolt down to the Tyranitar and the women. She pointed her gun down at the Pokemon, and pulled the trigger. Instantly a dart flew out of it, and stabbed right into the Pokemon's head. It made it fall over onto the ground, not moving.

"You killed it!" I shouted at her.

She couldn't see me, or hear me again. She moved a new gun down to the Pokemon, and pulled the trigger on that. It shot a net out, covering the Pokemon in a net. It wasn't able to get out, and it was still asleep. She gestured over to the Tyranitar, who picked it up very easily. I heard and saw a helicopter come over from the distance, then I saw it for rea. It was flying above the lighthouse, and it shot a claw down from it. It grabbed onto the Pokemon in the net, and gently moved it upwards into the helicopter. It took off from the area, ignoring the mess that the women had just made. The women grabbed onto a Pokeball and sent Tyranitar back into a ball. She jumped on the Pokemon with steel wings again and took off at an amazing speed.


I woke up, scared at what just happened. I looked down at Cyndaquil who was up now, and I saw that it was like Five in the morning.

"What a dream." I said to myself.

I saw that the morning sunrise was just starting to come, and the man came out of the kitchen. He was moving keys around in his hands, and he gestured me to go over to the truck.

"You ready to go? We'll be in Violet City in no time." He told me.

I gave him a nod, then scooped up Cyndaquil. He still looked so cute when he was asleep, and I followed the man to the truck. I hopped in the backseat, and placed Cyndaquil next to me. He swung open the driver's door and hopped in. He clutched onto the steering wheel, and started up the car. It purred like a beauty, something I had never seen before. This was my first time being in a car, as I didn't have one when I lived in New Bark Town. I had to walk everywhere, which wasn't much. This was my first time outside of New Bark Town, and I loved it. I learned plenty about Pokemon in the school that was located there. The man pulled out of the driveway, and started up towards Violet City. He had the gas on full, and we were flying down the route. I could barely see anything, so I looked to see how fast we were going. When I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes. We were driving 100 miles an hour. We were going to be in Violet City in no time. From what I did see, I saw that numerous Pokemon were running away in fright of the car. I put my head back on the seat for just an hour. It only took ten minutes, but we were ther at Violet City. Outside of it, so the man wouldn't get arrested. He swurved to a stop, almost hitting a tree behind us.

"Whoa!" I shouted.

The car stopped just an inch away from it, and the man turned to face me.

"Best be getting out, so I can get back to my house!" He shouted with joy.

It looked like he was almost happy to just get rid of me, and I thought that was very rude. I got out of the car, not bothering to wave to him. He was very rude, and I didn't really like him that much. I thought at first that he was a nice guy, but now I think that he is very rude. I pivoted onto a heel, heading towards the entrance to the city. It was very big, and I couldn't wait to start exploring it. I just couldn't get that dream out of my head. It didn't make any sense. A women with a Skarmory and a Tyranitar taking a Pokemon from the Glitter Lighthouse in Olvine City. Doesn't make any sense. I pushed that thought out of my head, ready to take on Falkner for my first gym badge.
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

Much better! Congratulations! I hope to read more, I will ask my friends to read it as well. Just be careful though, Graceful_Suicune is a grammar nazi!
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

Violet City. It was pretty big, and I saw that some trainers were carrying birds around in cages. I thought that was very odd, since you don't see that very much. I saw that there were mostly Pidgies, and things that look like a Pidgey, but they weren't. I was desperate to find the Pokemon Center, and I wanted to just get started on my gym battle with Falkner. Cyndaquil and Pidgey would be able to take him very easily. There would be do advantages, or disadvantages. It'd all be fine. I was so pumped to get ready to battle with Falkner, I thought that I could take on Lance right now! He wouldn't be a problem, but then I snapped back to reality. I remembered that I had a long way to go before I was going to battle the champion. I looked around for the Pokemon Center, before noticing that my Pokemon were already healed from last night. They had gotten tons of rest, and Cyndaquil had just woken up from his long nap. He jumped out of my hands, landing on the ground. There were little thuds while he landed. He sent out some smoke from his nose, followed by flames. He looked ready as ever to battle Falkner. I started to look around for the gym, but I couldn't find it. I looked around more and more, until I can across a face that I knew. It was Rickey.

"What you doing here?" Rickey asked me.

His voice sounded like it always did, but this time it hurt more. I wasn't going to take his abuse no more, no matter what he did to me. I was going to beat him again, even though I already beat him back in New Bark Town.

"Same thing as you, going to battle Falkner." I replied back to him.

Rickey let out a little laugh, clutching his chest in laughter. He pivoted on a heel, then started to walk towards a building. It was a rather large building, with a battlefield on the top of it, or so it looked like it. I saw that Rickey was already in the building, and I needed to follow him. I darted off after him, not caring if I ran into somebody or not. I slammed open the door, and walked into the building. I saw that there were some seats over by the windows, followed by a desk where people could check in or do something, along with a door right next to it. There was an elevator right next to the door that went into a hallway. I saw that Rickey was talking to the lady at front, and then I saw the lady nod.

"Excellent, looks like I can battle Falkner. Same with you, but I get to watch you fail!" Screeched Rickey.

I rolled my eyes at him, then followed him into the elevator. The door shut behind us, and Rickey pressed the top button on it. The elevator lurched upwards, and we were getting higher and higher. Once it stopped, the doors slid open. Rickey and I went out of the elevator, and looked around. If you looked forward you could see a large battlefield. It had a ground, but it looked like most of the fighting would take place in the air. At the very end of the field, was a man sitting cross legged. On his shoulder was a Pidgeotto, much like a Pidgey, but stronger. He looked like a pirate with the bird on his shoulder.

'We're here to battle you!" Rickey shouted over towards him.

The man still didn't move, but when he heard us, he got up from the ground. He looked like a tough gym leader, and the Pidgeotto flew up into the air very high. It started to circle around Rickey and I. After a minute, he flew back to Falkner.

"I'm Falkner, and I do accept your challenge." He muttered quickly.

Rickey looked so excited for this. He went over to the challenger's side of the field, while Falkner went to the other side. Rickey looked like he wasn't going to stand for it, and that it would be easy. Falkner on the other hand looked calm. He already had a Pokeball in his hand, and he was ready for action. Rickey also had his Pokeball in his hand, and he was ready for it. I saw that a ref was stepping onto the field, and he had a flag in his hand. He raised it up into the air, asking if the challengers were ready. Rickey and Falkner both nodded, and he waved his flag down with amazing speed.

"Pidgey, come out." Falkner said while raising his ball into the air.

A red light flew out of it, and out came a Pidgey. It started to circle in the air, glaring down at Rickey. Rickey threw his ball up into the air, and out came his Rattata. It looked ugly, but I knew that it was very strong.

"Pidgey, Sand Attack." Falkner ordered.

Pidgey flew down to the ground, and kicked up some sand. It flew over to Rattata, getting into his eyes. It looked like it was going to miss some more.

"Now, use Tackle." Falkner ordered again.

Pidgey flew down to Rattata, and slammed into him. Rattata flew back into a wall, but them shook his head. The sand came out of his eyes, and he was ready to fight again.

"Quick Attack when he comes down." Rickey told Rattata.

Pidgey flew down to Rattata, and Rattata moved very fast to hit Pidgey. It moved down to hit him, but then Falkner butted in.

"Quick Attack." Falkner muttered.

Pidgey moved out of the way of Ratta, and slammed down into him with amazing speed. Rattata flew up into the air, then hit the ground. It was knocked out, and Pidgey defeated Rattata.

"Rattata is unable to battle, Pidgey is the winner!" The Ref shouted.

Falkner let out a little laugh, like that battle was nothing. It wasn't really anything, and it was very quick. Well, atleast that is coming from my point of view, but I wondered what Rickey was thinking right now.

"You won't get away with this!" Rickey yelled while throwing another ball into the air.

A red light flew out of it, and out came a new Pokemon I had never seen before. It was a yellow kid, that looked like a battery.

"Elekid!" It screeched.

Falkner started to get worried, like he knew that Elekid was going to beat his Pidgey. A frown formed on his face, but then he snapped right back into action. Rickey was smirking, knowing that his Elekid would be able to take Falkner very easily.

"Pidgey, Quick Attack!" Falkner bellowed.

Pidgey flew down to Elekid very fast, and slammed into him with speed. Elekid flew up into the air, then crashed back down to the ground. He got back up onto his feet, and his prongs were sticking up into the air.

"Leer, followed by Thundershock!" Rickey screeched.

Elekid's eyes turned the color of demon red. He glared down at Pidgey, and it looked like Pidgey was getting weaker. I bet that he was getting easier and easier to beat now, and that Rickey has the upperhand. Then Elekid moved his prongs up into the air, and shot a thundershock down to the Pidgey. It hit into Pidgey, and Pidgey turned the color of yellow for a split second. It fell down to the ground, and landed with a very loud thud.

"Pidgey is unable to battle, Elekid is the winner!" The Ref shouted.

Falkner looked stunned, almost wondering on how Rickey got that Elekid. I was wondering the same thing, as it was very strong, and I wanted one myself. I only had Pidgey and Cyndaquil, while Rickey has three Pokemon. It could be bad, but I trusted my Pokemon in the ability to win. I had a feeling that they would be able to take Falkner with no problem. I focused my attention back onto the battle. Falkner raised his hand up into the air, and Pidgeotto flew out onto the field. It flapped it's wings around not caring what they did. I felt the gust of wind coming from his wings.

"Pidgeotto!" Pidgeotto screeched.

Rickey was already rasing his hand up into the air.

"Leer, followed by Thundershock." He yelled again.

Elekid's eyes turned the color of red, and he glared down at Pidgeotto. It looked like Pidgeotto was starting to get weaker, but I knew that it could dodge the shock. Elekid pointed his prongs up at Pidgeotto, and sent a shock out of them. They went over to Pidgeotto, but it flew out of the way, then went down to Elekid. It slammed into him, making Elekid go backwards. It went back up into the air, then starting to flap his wings with tons of force. Powerful winds went down to Elekid, and lifted him up into the air. He was thrown backwards once he was in the air, and he crashed down into the wall behind him. He went back down to the ground, and he didn't move at all.

"Elekid is unable to battle, Pidgeotto is the winner!" The Ref yelled.

Rickey looked as shocked as when Pidgey got hit by the thundershock.

"You can't always rely on type disadvantages, and looked what happened." Falkner muttered under his breath. He gripped onto his last ball and chucked it into the air. Out came the Totodile that I dreaded my entire life.

"Quick Attack!" Falkner bellowed.

Pidgeotto flew back down to Totodile, but Rickey had to come in and ruin it.

"Use Bite, followed by Water Gun!" Rickey shouted.

Totodile jumped up into the air, and bit onto Pidgeotto's head. Pidgeotto tried to shake it off, by shaking his head back and forth. I saw that water was shooting out of the holes and cracks that were there as Totodile was onto him. Pidgeotto flew back down to the ground, and crashed.

"Scratch to finish him!" Rickey shouted.

Totodile ran down to the Pidgeotto while it was still on the ground, and landed a giant scratch down onto the Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto eyes shut close, and it was over. Rickey had defeated Falkner.

"Pidgeotto is unable to battle, Totodile is the winner!" The Ref shouted.

Falkner started to clap his hands together, and walked towards Rickey. He had the badge in his hand, and he was rady to give it to him. Rickey snatched it from his hand, then walked out of the building. I saw that Falkner let out a little sigh, while taking out medicine to heal his Pokemon. Almost instantly they were ready to battle us. Falkner went back to his side of the field, and he was ready to battle.

"That kid, annoys me." Falkner stated.

I nodded with him in agreement, while the ref was starting to get up again.

"This is a two on two battle, unlike the last one! If the challenger wins, he gets the badge." Falkner stated.

I nodded over to Cyndaquil, and he jumped out from the behind of me, and he was ready to battle. This was going to be a tough battle, and I knew it, but I could take him.
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

Chapter Four

I looked down at Cyndaquil who was already shooting some flames out of his mouth. Falkner raised his ball up into the air, and pressed the button in the middle. The red light flew out of it, and it landed in the air. However, instead of what I thought was going to come out, which was a Pidgey, it was a different Pokemon. It landed on the ground, and it let out little "Hoots." Like an Owl.

"Hoot!" It yelled.

Falkner let out a little smike, while raising his hand up into the air. He must of saw the surprised look on my face, because his grin grew even bigger.

"Didn't know that," Falkner asked me "well, believe it. I wouldn't use the same Pokemon over and over, when my challenger has seen all of my moves with that!"

I was surprised, then it hit me. Of course he would do that, since I saw all of his moves and what he was going to do. Falkner was a good gym leader, and I just had to admit that. I glanced down at Cyndaquil, and he looked like he was ready too.

"Cyndaquil, use Ember when he comes down at you!" I told Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil brached himself, and had a little flame start in his mouth for when Hoothoot came at him.

"Tackle, followed by Uproar!" Falkner shouted.

Hoothoot flew down to Cyndaquil, and Cyndaquill released his strong ember at him. Hoothoot managed to get out of the way, so my flame just missed. Hoothoot landed on the ground, then he opened his mouth. He let out a giant blue soundwave that was loud. It hit Cyndaquil, and made him basically fly all the way back. He hit the wall right behind him, then Cyndaquil got back up again.

"Uproar!" Falkner shouted again.

Hoothoot opened his mouth again, and let out more soundwaves from it. It slammed into Cyndaquil, and made him fly all the way back to the wall again. Cyndaquil got back up, then he started to get mad.

"Smokescreen, and then use Quick Attack, then Ember!" I shouted at Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil shot out a thick stream of smoke into the air, covering the entire battlefield. You couldn't see at all, but I knew that Cyndaquil good. Hoothoot might be able to, since it could see in the dark. Cyndaquil must of hit with his Quick Attack, because I heard a little hoot coming from the smoke. Then another one must of it, since I heard another one. Once the smoke cleared up, I saw that Hoothoot was knocked out.

"Hoothoot is unable to battle, Cyndaquil is the winner!" Shouted the ref.

Falkner returned his Hoothoot, then grabbed onto another Pokeball. He chucked it into the air, and out came a red light. It landed on the ground, and I thought that I saw another Pidgey, but it wasn't. It was the Pokemon I had seen in my dream. It was a Skarmory.

"Skar!" Skarmory shouted.

Falkner smirked as he thought that he was going to be able to win this battle, but I knew that he was going to lose. I would stop at nothing to become the champion and beat this gym leader. He was going down, plus I knew that the steel types are weak to fire, which Cyndaquil was.

"Skarmory, fly up into the air, then use Tackle with all the power you got!" Falkner shouted.

Skarmory shot up into the air, and circled around for a bit. He flew back down at Cyndaquil at amazing speeds, and he slammed into him instantly. Cyndaquil was sent flying back, and he was knocked out. However, amazingly, he got back up from the ground. He was still up, but barely.

"Ember!" I shouted.

Skarmory flew back down to Cyndaquil, and Cyndaquil shot out flames from his mouth. Skarmory lurched over to the side, and he crashed into a wall. He got back up, and tackled into Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil was sent flying back, hitting the wall. He was instantly knocked out.

"Cyndaquil is unable to battle, Skarmory is the winner!" The ref shouted.

I put Cyndaquil off to the side, then I chucked Pidgie's ball up into the air. Pidgey flew out of the ball, and started to circle around Skarmory.

"Steel Wing." Falkner shouted.

Skarmory flew down to Pidgey, but Pidgey moved out of the way. Pidgey started to get angry, and he looked different. I had never used Pidgey, but he looked very strong, even know he would be weak against Skarmory at the moment. He lifted his head up into the air, and wind started to pick up in it. He slung it at Skarmory, almost like a tornado of sorts. Skarmory was trapped in it, and he wasn't able to get out.

"What's going on?" I shouted towards Pidgey.

Pidgey started to change, change, and change. He was starting to glow, and he fell down to the ground. The glowing stopped, and when I looked at Pidgey, he wasn't a Pidgey anymore. He shot up into the air, and he was ready to battle.

"Pidgeotto!" Pidgey, or now Pidgeotto shouted.

Pidgey had evolved, and I knew now that I was going to be able to take Skarmory on. Skarmory was sent out of the tornado, or a twister, and he slammed into a wall.

"Again!" I shouted towards Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto lifted his beak up into the air, and the wind started to pick up again. He shot it down to Falkner's Skarmory, and it easily made him pick up into the air. He was sent flying up to the roof, and he hit onto it easily. He fell back down to the ground, but this time he was different. He was knocked out.

"Skarmory is unable to battle, Pidgeotto is the winner!" Ref shouted.

Falkner smiled, and sent Skarmory back into his ball. He clipped it onto his belt, then walked up to me. He handed me his badge, and I was excited. It almost slipped out of my hands, I was so sweaty.

"Yes, I have my first badge! Seven more to go!" I shouted with joy.

"You did good kid." Falkner said to me.

I waved goodbye to him, then walked out of the roof. I went into the elevator and let out a laugh of joy. My Pidgey had evolved into a Pidgeotto, and I won my first gym battle. It was the start of something new.
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Default Re: Three Dogs and Johto.

Chapter Five

The elevator pulled down to the bottom floor, and the doors slid open. I stepped out of it, glancing around at my surroundings. I headed towards the door, and went out of the building. The sun was shining very bright, and I could barely see. I had to cover my eyes just so I was able to see. I saw that Briana was coming up to the building after seeing me. She smiled at me, then sprinted over. She stopped right infront of my nose, almost slamming into me.

"Josh, did you win your badge?" She asked me.

I gave her a shrug, followed by a huge smile. I opened my hand, showing her the badge I had just recieved.

"Amazing," she exclaimed "I am not getting any badges, but I am going to focus on being a Pokemon Breeder."

I gave her a nod, then glanced over her shoulder. I think I saw that women from my dream, but one second she was there. The second she wasn't. I was wondering what she was doing, and where she was from. She was one of the only people that I can't just get out of my mind, besides Briana and Rickey.

"Hey, since you have a badge... Do you want to have a battle?" Briana asked me.

"Yes!" I shouted with joy.

Briana nodded, then headed over to one side of the street. I was wondering why we would have one in the middle of the street, so I had to get her out of this.

"Why don't we do it over at the park?" I said to her.

Briana nodded, then took off sprinting across the street to the park. She almost got hit by a car, but she didn't care. She just jumped out of the way of it, so I followed her. She was a crazy girl, but she was amazing. I saw as her golden blonde hair flew way past her head as she ran. I was across the street in no time, and I took my place on one side of the park, while she took the other. She already had a Pokeball in her hand.

"Wait, I haven't even got to my side yet." I told her.

She out a little laugh, but continued raising her ball in the air. She was pumped for this, and she was ready.

"I'll use three, you can use two. I know that you can take us, even though I won't go easy on you!" She shouted towards me.

I gave her a nod, then chucked Pidgeotto's ball into the air. The red light flew out, and it took the form of Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto circled around in the air, letting out loud screeches.

"Whoa, it evolved?" Briana asked me.

I gave her a nod, while she tossed her ball into the air. The red light flew out of it, and then it took form of Sentret. It boucned around on her tail, screeching very loud.

"Let's get this started, with a Quick Attack!" I commanded Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto flew down to Sentret at an amazing speed, and you could hear as the wind broke while he flew past it.

"Protect!" Briana shouted.

Sentret sent a magical shield up infront of him, and Pidgeotto slammed into it. The attack had not hit, and Pidgeotto looked very confused. It paused for a second, and Briana must of took this to an advantage.

"Quick Attack!" Briana told Sentret.

Sentret went at Pidgeotto at an amazing speed, and Pidgeotto did not see it coming. Pidgeotto was sent flying back into the air, while Sentret was still bouncing on the tail.

"You should really do gym battles." I told Briana

Briana gave me a shrug, then focused back onto the battle.

"Pidgeotto, Twister!" I ordered Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto lifted his head up into the air, and the wind started to pick up. It circled around in his beak, and the wind was amazing. My hair was flying backwards, and so was Briana's.

"Dodge!" Briana told Sentret.

The twister was sent down to Sentret, and Sentret quickly moved out of the way, but was still moved backwards a bit from the wind. I started to get frustrated with this, and thought that she was actually harder than the gym leader.

"Sand Attack, then Quick Attack, followed by Whirlwind!" I shouted at Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto flew down to the ground, and kicked the sand up at Sentret's eyes. The sand was covering in Sentret's eyes and it couldn't see. Pidgeotto flew back down to it at an amazing speed again, and slammed into him. He was sent up into the air, and Pidgeotto flew back up into the air. He started to flap his wings at an amazing speed. Sentret was sent flying back into the air, then came back down to the ground. She slammed into the ground, and was knocked out. Briana sent Sentret back into her ball, then grabbed onto another one.

"Chikorita!" Briana exclaimed.

Chikorita flew out of his ball, and landed on the ground. It sent his whips all around in the air, not caring about anything.

"Quick Attack!" I told Pidgeotto.

"Vine Whip to hook onto him." Briana told Chikorita.

Pidgeotto flew down to Chikorita, and Chikortia sent whips out of his head, and hooked onto Pidgeotto. He was sent up into the air, going around with Pidgeotto.

"Razor Leaf!" Briana ordered Chikorita.

Chikorita sent tons of leaves out of his head, slamming into Pidgeotto. One must of clipped onto Pidgeotto's wings, because it was sent flying down to the ground. Pidgeotto landed with a thud, and I knew instantly that he was knocked out.

"Return." I said while returning Pidgeotto to his ball. I clipped his ball back onto my belt, then nodded to Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil jumped from behind me, running onto the field.

"Cynd!" Cyndaquil shouted.

"Chik!" Chikorita shouted.

Briana nodded, and she smirked. Must of been because I had one Pokemon left, and she had three. I knew that Cyndaquil could plow his way through Chikorita with ember.

"Smokescreen, followed by two Embers!" I shouted at Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil sent out a thick layer of black smoke into the air. It covered the area, and I couldn't see at all. Cyndaquil had to be able to see, or this wouldn't of worked. I heard a few screeches from a Pokemon, and I knew then that it hit. The smoke cleared away, and I saw that Chikorita was on the ground already.

"What the..." Briana said.

"It's Powerful, I know." I replied back to her.

"I give up." Briana said, while returning Chikorita back to his ball.

She clipped it back onto his belt, and sighed. I started to wonder why she quit, and I knew something was up. She wasn't up for having a battle, and I knew that she didn't really want to be a big trainer.

"You should really challenge Gym Leaders, your Pokemon are pretty good." I told Briana.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but I find Pokemon Breeding more interesting." She finally said.

I gave a shrug, then pivoted on a heel. I needed to head to the Pokemon Center, which I did. I walked in there after a few minutes, and handed my balls to Nurse Joy. Chansey nodded at me, then took the balls on the trey. It walked into the back, and I took a seat over by the window. I couldn't get that girl out of my head, and that lighting Pokemon. What was she trying to do? Was it real? Where did it go? It seemed so real, but I can't really say that. It may of been a dream, or it may of been real. It must of been a dream, since she couldn't hear me. After a few minutes, my Pokemon were ready. I walked up to her, and took them.

"Thanks." I thanked her.

"No Problem, and I know that you are a trainer. You do know the next Gym Leader is in Azalea Town, and it is about the time of the Slowpoke ceremony, very fun town." She replied back.

I gave her a nod, then headed out of the door. The doors slid shut behind me, and I took out a map. I needed to figure out the way out of here. It looked like I had to go down two routes, then through a cave. That Slowpoke Ceremony sounded pretty cool, and I wanted to go check it out. Might as well go there, and I was ready to take on Bugsy. Show to Rickey that I could beat him, and so could Briana. I was ready to take on him, and I was going to stop at nothing to beat him.
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