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Old 05-20-2011, 06:34 PM
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Default BW Tournament: It's not over yet! :embarassedface:

I rolled the next match ups, you can see the log here, with several witnesses.

5 VS. 5 (Semi Finals)
Revolution/BW Revo (BW Revo only if both agree)
Helds On
Normal Weather and Terrain
OHKO/Sleep/Freeze/Evasion Clause

1st - 4th place
Winner of [Brizer VS. Synthesis] VS. Pidge
Eeveedude VS. smorgasbord

5th - 8th place
Neonsands VS. Team Evolution
Loser of [Brizer VS. Synthesis] VS. Ataro

Instructions for Synthesis and Brizer: You two still need to finish your Round 4 battle, meaning it will be 4 VS. 4 instead of 5 VS. 5. Also, I hate you for not doing your battle yet. xD!
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Old 06-16-2011, 03:16 AM
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Default Re: BW Tournament: It's not over yet! :embarassedface:


You all have 5 days to post that you are active. If you do not post then you will be disqualified and get the lower placing. During the next 5 days I would also like all battlers to attempt to get a hold of each other and plan out a date and time in which they will battle, I will personally ref the battle at whatever time you make it unless you can (or want to) find another ref. If you do not make a battle date in the next 5 days I will roll a die to decide who wins. Please post the agreed upon time and date in this thread. In addition, if you see each other on AIM at any time at least try to begin the battle, if you both have time that will allow so.

This tournament simply has been going on for too long, it is time to end it one way or another.

Role Call
Pidge [Ϟ]
Smorgasbord [ ]
Brizer [ ]
Eeveedude [ ]
Synthesis [ ]
Ataro [ ]

Pidge vs. Smorgasbord (6vs6)
Brizer vs. Eeveedude (6vs6)
Synthesis vs. Ataro (5vs5)

XvsX (read above)
Revolution/BW Revo (BW Revo if both agree)
Helds On
Normal Weather
Normal Terrain
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause
Evasion Clause
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