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Rate My Team Get your competitive battling team rated here and get help with movesets and battling strategies.

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Old 05-05-2011, 02:00 AM
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Default Gen 5 Poision Type Team

Hello, I just joined you forums!
But thats not why we're here.
I'm making a poision type team, but whenever I make a full team by myself I never finish.
I'm going to put down my general ideas here, then add on to them with your thoughts and my own. If my team is fairly bare when you read this, it will grow. I've never made a thread like this but I've seen them and I have the general idea of how they're supposed to look.

List of Pokemon that have some chance of getting on the team:
Anything with a ? means that I'm considering it less and you'll have to give me a good reason for using it. I don't just want strong ones, I want ones I like too.

Venomoth-I know it's weak, I like it dose anybody have a set thats good enough for me to use it?
Gengar?-everybody uses it, i'm tired of it and even though it's good, it probably wont make it onto the team, so i'm going to need Crobat, and-or Weezing
Roserade-one will certainly be on the team
Scolipede?-Ive already raised one. Its cool but I dont think I want it on the team

I'm going to put down my initial thoughts now.

@Blacksludge/ Focus sash
Rivalry/sheer force/Poision point
Toxic spikes

@Life orb?
Poision point/Technician
Venoshock- thinking this is very useful with toxic spikes
petal dance or Giga drain? shame its not 60 base power any more, with technician




Listen, I have to go, and I typed this very fast. there are more things I thought of.
Now, to late, reilized I spelled poison wrong everytime, and I made several Other spelling mistakes.
I really have to go, sorry, please give me your most appreciated suggestions.
Understand I do not have stable Internet access and it could be a while before I respond.
Old 05-05-2011, 10:39 AM
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Default Re: Gen 5 Poision Type Team

A) This is a place to get your team rated, not a place to get your team built for you. While you may be unconfident in your ability to build a full team, you will learn more by building one and getting it criticised than you will from having other people do the majority of the work.
B) When you do come to finish this team, please consult the stickied thread "How to write a RMT", a link to which can be found here, to ensure you have included all the necessary information.
C) Drop the monotype idea, they're a nice concept but they make for very poor teams. It puts too large a bottleneck on typing choices, meaning it only takes one pokemon with one move to potentially sweep your entire team. They just don't work really. At very least you'll have to make it a 4-poison, 2-non poison split, using the other two Pokemon to cover the crippling psychic and ground type weaknesses, and preferably the types that hit Poison neutrally too.
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