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Default [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

__________________________________________________ _______

Chapter 1

“Raichu, volt-tackle”, Volkner commanded. Raichu bolted at Lucario, rapid volts of electricity surrounded it’s body. Raichu took on heavy damage from Lucario’s attacks, yet it still isn’t going down.
“Extreme speed, Lucario”, I commanded. Lucario dashed at Raichu with a blinding speed of light. They collided into each other, leaving an explosion in the middle of the battle field, which was nothing but solid ground embedded with a pokeball symbol. Raichu flew out of the cloud of smoke and landed heavily on its back, as for Lucario he too had flown out of the smoke from the explosion but like an acrobat he kept flipping backwards in an clockwise motion and land stealthy on it’s paws. Lucario took some scratches from the explosion but nothing too serious.
The referee gazed at Raichu and Lucario. “Raichu is unable to battle”, he declared “the victory goes to Dan and Lucario”.
I gave a grin, and so did Volkner. He returned his Raichu to its pokeball. Volkner walked toward the middle of the field and so did I. At the center of the field, Volkner took out a small case.
“Congrats. You earn it”. Inside the case laid the beacon badge.
“I know I earned it”, I took the badge from within it’s case and place it in my badge case, with all of my other gym badges.
“Hope you got the same attitude toward the elite four. It isn’t going to be easy”
“That’s why I plan to be the best”
“Good luck. Say ‘Hi’ to Flint when you see him”
“Thanks. I will”

I exited the gym doors with Alice, my partner through out my journey, by my side. She and I were both fifteen years old, and she was also a Pokémon trainer but she battled when she was ready. We walked down the steps from the gym.
“So where to now?” she asked curious.
“Firstly, I need to stop by the Pokémon center to heal my pokemon, and then I might stop by Veilstone to get some stuff from the department store. After that we can hit route 233”.
“Not really a fan of flying around Sinnoh, but I guess it would ok”.

I waited patiently with Alice to await the call from Nurse Joy. I never did know how they got them to look so identical but that was the least of my concerns.
BEEP! BEEP! My PokéNav sounded a message alert. Normally a PokéNav won’t work in Sinnoh but for those who just happen to have one, can get it upgraded at the Pokétech company in Jubilife city. It would then be called ‘PokéNav Plus+’, also compatible with the Pokétch watch. I push the button to open and read the message on the screen:

Hello, Dan. I take it your enjoying your journey. If you don’t mind, I have a task fro you if your in the mode. Stop by the lab and I’ll explain it to you.

- Prof. Xavier

“Who is it from?” Alice asked.
“Xavier. He wants me to do something for him”
“That sounds interesting.”
“I hope its worth the delay from the elite four”
“Dan”, Nurse Joy called, “your pokemon have been fully healed”. I got up, Alice follow; Chansey sung merrily handing me my pokeballs. I took them from the tray presented and store them into my pocket. “Thanks”. Destination: Xavier’s Lab.

Chapter 2

I stood silently waiting for Xavier to finish exam an eevee that laid in an incubator. As he stood up, the glowing green of the incubator floor faded. The eevee stared at Alice with a smile, she couldn’t help from adoring it.
“Glad you can come, Dan” Xavier greeted. He lifted the incubator lid and handled the eevee gently in his two hands. The eevee crawled up his body and onto his shoulders, “so how has been travelling been with Dan, Alice?”
My journey with Alice was sure one to remember. I travelled solo in Hoenn but since I came to Sinnoh, its become quite thrilling to have someone tag along with you. With that said, Riolu was the first pokemon that I got from Xavier, Alice got an eevee which evolve successfully into glaceon at Snowpoint city.
“It’s been ‘interesting’” she said with a smile, her eyes up in the clouds. By ‘interesting’ she means the time I kiss her at the festival in Pastoria city or the time we almost got trample by Rampardos at Mt. Coronet.
“So it seems”
“So, Prof” I interrupted, “what’s this task you want me to do?”
“I need you and Alice to visit ShiningStar Island “, he went and took up a HPD(Holographic Projector Disc) from his desk. It shot out a miniaturized hologram of the island, or islands since it showed a huge island next to a smaller island connected via a bridge, “to get a special parcel that I have waiting on me”.
“Doesn’t sound exciting to me”, I said disappointed.
“That’s were your wrong, Dan”, he said with a chuckle “at least one-hundred years ago a meteor stuck the island. The meteor has shattered into chucks of rock now known as ‘ShineStars’ and is said to change the color of any pokemon when exposed to it, even the stats of the pokemon are increased”.
Interesting, I thought. “ok. I accept”
“Excellent. And while your there, give this to Nicole”, he handed over a pokeball labeled ‘N.N’, “she came in a few days ago to give me this same pokeball but now I’m ensuring it back into her care. When you are in FireFin city, ask the Nurse Joy there to know of her whereabouts.”
“Will do, Prof.”
“And you will also need this ticket pass”, he dug into his left lab pocket and lifted out a golden ticket pass that was reflecting the lab lights. I shove the ticket into my right pants pocket, shifting my cross belt. That said I place the pokeball in my bag.
“ok. I think that’s our cue to leave”, I told Alice, she nodded.
“See ya later, Prof”
“ok then. Good luck”. We exited the lab. Outside, I reached into pocket for my pokeball. Clicking on the center button of the ball, Dragonite shot from it’s ball. Alice reached into her skirt pocket and shot out Flygon from it’s pokeball. Dragonite stretched out it’s wings, raise it’s arms and let out it’s cry. Flygon was already in the air, vibrating it’s wings rapidly. I got on Dragonite, Alice on Flygon, and we rose up in the skies, headed to Canalave city.

Chapter 3

The wind brushed against me. Below, the scenery showed trees and pokemon flying in the air, most of them starly. Alice smiled, her skirt blowing against the breeze and her jacket waving against the wind.
I felt as though something passed me by a few seconds ago, but I didn’t bother to look back so I faced straight. A figure was approaching us. It was riding a huge bird, a starapator maybe. The wings of the bird sparkled, and the feathers showed multiple colors. A closer look revealed a Ho-oh, a legendary pokemon known through-out Johto. The figure riding the Ho-oh was a masked person, definitely male. At least seventy feet away, a full view of the pokemon was revealed. It was much bigger than my first view, and the Ho-oh had glowed brightly in sky.
It’s mouth started to light of a blaze and it shot out an inferno of fire from it’s mouth. It blazed the sky. I evaded to the left, Alice to the right. We decreased our altitude. Why the hell is he attacking us?, I thought confused. The look on Alice’s face showed she was thinking the same thing. I flew to the right of Flygon.
“Alice, on my mark, attack him head-on”, I told Alice.
“ok” she nodded.
I commanded Dragonite to go upward enough to go face-to-face with the Ho-oh and it’s master. Flygon pull beside Dragonite.
“Now, Alice”, I directed “Dragonite use hyperbeam”. A blue sphere formed within it’s mouth, releasing a shot-power beam, followed by Flygon’s dragonbreath which erupted into a powerful gust from Flygon’s mouth. The two attacks combined into a gust-powered shot blast. Ho-oh burst out a star-shaped wheel of fire from it’s mouth. Both attacks collided leaving a destructive explosion in the sky, the blast wind cause a heavy gust to blow against me, almost unbalancing Dragonite. I shut one eye to avoid any dust to be swept into my eyes. Flygon stood balanced, Alice shielding her face.
A next wind blew at at least five times stronger than the last one. Shielding my face, I lifted one eye. Ho-oh flapped it’s wings violently. Winds of over one hundred miles per hour rushed through the air. Flygon’s wings wrapped around it’s body, and it immediately decrease altitude. Commanding Dragonite to do the same, we dived to the ground.
Dragonite and Flygon landed using their wings to brake to a stop. I jumped off Dragonite and returned it to it’s pokeball. I had gone to assist Alice off of Flygon. She lifted her leg over Flygon’s back (and I pretended to not know what I saw when she did) and she placed her hands on my shoulder. I gently grabbed her waist and lifted her down. She turned her face with a familiar look.
No doubt about it. She’s blushing, I though through out my head.
Ho-oh landed heavily. It’s master leaped off it’s back stealthy. He rose. His eyes through his mask showed emptiness as a ghost. There was no hiding it. He was being controlled by someone, somewhere.
“Hey” I spoke to him “answer if you can hear me”. A patience wait and no reply, definitely hypnosis.
His pokemon, Ho-oh, started to glow. It’s body changed into a different form. The transformation was complete. It changed into another legend: Raikou the lightning pokemon. It roared strongly.
I reached into my left pants pocket and took out a pokeball. Before I could maximize it, Alice held my hand and leaned beside me.
“Dan”, she whispered “let me have this chance to battle, please”. Never yet she asked to take over my battles (I think). Usually we would battle as a team but as far as I know, I wanted to see how this would turn out.
“Ok, but the moment you have trouble, I’ll take over”. She nodded.
She returned Flygon to it’s pokeball and exchanged the pokeball for another in her pocket. Maximizing the pokeball, she shot out Absol. It roared with might. “Attack with slash, Absol”, Alice commanded. Absol quickly dashed toward Raikou. Raikou also dashed toward Absol but at it much faster speed. Quick Attack, I guess. It also came to me that for the whole time we ran into this guy, he hadn’t commanded his pokemon, not even a twitch from his mouth. It could be they communicated through telepathy but there was a small chance of the ever happening.
Absol raised it’s claw to strike Raikou, they came face-to-face and Absol successfully struck Raikou but with a cost. Raikou sunk it’s fangs into Absol’s upper leg with an electrifying shock through it’s teeth into the bite wound. I heard the sound of Alice’s frustration but that didn’t stop her from battling.
“Double team, Absol” Alice commanded. Unable to bearly move it’s upper right leg, Absol created multiple doppel gangers, each spread randomly. “Now sucker punch”. Each Absol‘s upper left claw glowed a nightly black and attacked Raikou all at once. Raikou shot bursts of lightning at each Absol that came it’s way but wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the real one. Absol dealt a deviating blow to Raikou’s jaw. It skidded against the ground from the impact but it still rose to it’s feet. Raikou glowed once again, it’s form changing. The transformation lead back to the Ho-oh it was. It’s master gave a running leap onto Ho-oh’s back and stood on it stealthy. Ho-oh flapped it’s wing roughly, leaving a strong wind in the area, and took off into the skies leaving a sparkling trail behind it. I had no intention to follow him; the only thing to do was to head to Canalave city’s Pokémon center.

Chapter 4

We head to Canalave city through route 218. Arriving to Canalave city, Alice and I got our pokemon healed at the Pokémon center. I kept my focus on the task that was given to me by Xavier.
After our pokemon got healed, we met at the ‘S.S. SAUCE’?! Really, is that the best the writer of this story can do? I’m changing it to the ‘S.S. AXIS’. We boarded the boat and have our ticket punched. The boat launched and the bridge separated on it’s leaving. Alice and I awaited the next day.

The following day, the sun shone brightly into the day sky, eye burning as it always was. The waves crashed against the boat gently and the ship titled a bit from side-to-side.
Alice was found dazing at the sea dreamily, leaning her hands on the rails. I stood beside her to enjoy her scenery with her.
“Morning, Sunshine” I greeted. She smiled brightly.
“Good morning, Moonlight”.
“How is your morning coming?”
“It’s been fine. Some pelipper flew by, the morning breakfast on the ship was enjoyable and a cute boy came along not to long ago”
“Really?”, I laid my eyes in the skies “is this ‘boy’ as good as a pokemon master as yours truly?”
“Yes” she tried to hold back the urge to giggle.
“Has he beaten from Kanto to Sinnoh gyms leaders, as well as their elite four? (Except Sinnoh)”
“Pretty much”
“Who is he by the way?” I asked
“It’s you, Daniel” she let out a slight giggle.
I smiled “I knew that already”.
She tried to keep down the laughter in her throat. “Sure you did”. Wait a minute; the only time she called me by my first full name was…….at the Pastoria festival, just after that ‘moment’.
“Excuse me all passengers”, the announcer spoke through the intercom “we are approaching ShiningStar Island. Be ready to exit the boat in at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Thank you”
The boat came to a stop seventeen minutes later. Alice exited the boat before me. I locked my eyes on the scenery that came into my contact. There were several booths selling a variety of stuff at the port, and it seemed to be getting customers. The beach across the coast was populated by bikinis girls, surfers and some children, who playing in the sand with a hippowdon. The surfers were riding the waves with surf boards or either using their water-type pokemon for substitutes. On the far outside of the coast laid a small island in the south, the same one that I saw through the HPD, it was pretty hard to identify the cars moving across the bridge that was connected to the island, it was a bit too cloudy.
We kept along the path. Then my eyes caught something else passing by us. A boy was using a tech-looking board to hover above ground, it was glowing a neon-green and I saw it labeled ‘GIGA’. Then another one zoomed by giving a brief wind. I took the lead and stopped at the nearest booth.
“Hi”, I spoke to the vendor in the booth. She hadn’t dressed like one, but almost like a regular Pokémon trainer, “can you please tell me something about what those people are riding?”
“oh, you mean the air-boards?”, she assisted
“Yeah, if that is what they are”
“Air-boards are this island’s attraction. And GIGA is to thank”.
“Is that so?”
“Here, I still have a brochure left”, she took a brochure from the counter in it’s holder and gave it to me. I took it and glimpsed at the cover that had an air-board on it along with the title ‘Air-boards of ShiningStar Island’. I unfolded and read the first page:

What is an Air-board?
An air-board is a highly developed board that can re-route the outside air and pressurize it to have it hover above ground. Produced by GIGA, the air-boards have become a tourist attraction on ShiningStar Island and has almost entirely remove the uses of bicycles and any other portable mobile transportation.

I stopped and read another page:

Air-boards: Races

Air-boarding is also known as a sport. There are three (3) types of races that may be used:
1) Quick Race – You and your opponent(s) may go one lap from one point and back from where you started.
2) Battle – You and one of your Pokémon ride with you to the goal: Finish line. Slow down your opponent(s) with your Pokémon so you may be first but without causing serious or physical harm.
3) Switch & Race – Ride your Pokémon to a certain point and then switch using your air-board only for transportation. First one to reach the finish line wins.

I turned the brochure over to read the last page:

Air-boards Festival

Held in Dexus city once every year on the 15th of August, the Air-board festival brings both Pokémon trainers and air-boarders into one spot. Races and Pokémon battles are held, along with many items such air-boards, pokemon goods etc. sold by many. Lastly the Ai-board tournament which is held decides the Airboard Master, who is known as the champion. The tournament race runs from Dexus city to FireFin city, and then back to Dexus.

I folded back the brochure and placed it in my bag neatly.
“Thanks” I told the vendor.
“No problem” she smiled.
Alice and I continued on the path. I took out a HPD from my pocket and switched it on. The holographic map of ShiningStar Island popped out.
“ok, Alice”, I begun “we’re here in Anaswift town, and FireFin is directly north of here. Since there isn’t any quick transportation here, our only option is to fly there using Dragonite & Flygon”.
“Correct”, she agreed. Barely striking me in the face, I manage to dodge an incoming projectile from my left. I took a look at it and saw a neon-red air-board. Then I observed to my right, a guy ran toward us. He wore a red T-shirt and a beach pants with a mixture of red and white and from the look of it he was probably a year older than me.
“Hey”, he began “sorry about that, gotta watch how I maneuver with my board”. If you think he was talking to me, you were wrong; his eyes were glued to Alice.
“It’s alright”, she smiled. What?! She’s not the one that almost got their head took off by an air-board, “but Dan is the one that could have been hurt”.
“Dan? Oh, didn’t even see you there. Name’s Stream”, he pointed to himself.
“Nice to meet you, Stream” Alice said politely. I remained silent but was disturbed by Alice’s constant jabbing me in the rib.
“Yeah, nice to meet you” I forced.
“You two seem new to ShiningStar”, he guessed.
“Yep, we now arrive from the Sinnoh region”, Alice stated.
“Really? I went there before a time. Where you headed?”
“Hey, speaking of coincidence, that’s were I’m headed. Want me to tag along?”
“Thanks but we’ll be ok” I told him. Alice remained silent.
“You sure?”.
“I’m sure”.
“Ok, if you that’s your answer”. He stole a quick smile. I took out my pokeball, clicked on the center button, releasing Dragonite. Alice took out, and rose her pokeball into the air releasing Flygon. I climbed onto Dragonite and Alice climbed onto Flygon.
“Nice Flygon”, Stream commented “good luck on your trip to FireFin”
“Thanks, Stream”, she gracefully said. Dragonite rose into the air, and along came Alice and we took toward the far north of the island.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

Chapter 5

Once again we were flying through the skies. For the first time I had gone to an island that had no routes. On the map it showed that all the cited, towns, and any other public places were all linked. I assumed it was either by road or a walking path, but guessing what I could have seen below on the ground, it must have been a road. My attention drew back to the sky, I notice some staravia and swallow flying on my left but that wasn’t really anything interesting.
“Did I sense some jealously back there?”, asked Alice in a mocking tone.
“No, I’m not the jealous type”, I told her calmly.
“Sure you are. Just like when you said you could catch twenty finneon and caught diddly sqwat”
“Hey, its obvious I didn’t use the right bait”, I reasoned “but I’ll catch em the next time. Besides, that guy Stream looks like he couldn’t catch up to a Snorlax”. I could have bet on that from the start but something had zoomed pass me and Alice. From a slight glimpse I made out that it was a brown staraptor, but I still couldn’t identify the rider. The staraptor made a complete back flip to come between me and Alice.
Oh no,thought knowing who it was. Stream pulled up the shades he wore on his head. Why the cruel irony?
“I thought you could use some company, Alice”, he stated “I didn’t get a chance to say this, but your such a beautiful masterpiece”. I zoned my eyes to the left away from Stream, while Alice gave him back a good comment. “Oh yeah, I believe your name was Dan, right?” he faced me.
“Yes”, I gave him a reply
“Wait, are you two in a relationship?”, Now he asks
“No”, well it was kind of like one.
“Where you get the brown staraptor?” I asked
“Oh, it didn’t usually look like this. Since I placed a ShineStar next to it, it has looked like this ever since”. I remembered what Xavier told me about the ShineStar and it’s ability to change the color of pokemon, even their stats are raised. “Hmm…..FireFin seems like it’s four kilometers away. Alice, you seem like the fast type of girl, surely you and I can get there faster than Dan.
“What?!”, I exclaimed
“You heard me”.
“Let’s see if you have as much speed as you got talk” I challenged.
“Fine by me, first one to FireFin wins. On my mark……1….2….3….GO!!”, Stream’s staraptor took off at an exceeding rate. I commanded Dragonite to do the same and we almost caught up with Stream.
Six minutes later, we were moving at at least ninty kilometers per hour. Alice was a blur from behind. I whispered to Dragonite “Speed upward”. We started gaining altitude but still losing some distance between me and Stream. When Dragonite was high enough I told him to use zen- headbutt. I wasn’t a fan of cheating but I wanted to show him that he wasn’t the only with speed. Dragonite took aim and sped downward. We almost struck Staraptor but didn’t expect it to tilt to it’s left and miss it entirely. Another idea came to mind. “Use dragon-breath”. A powerful tornado-like wind span horizontally out of his mouth, Stream said something to Staraptor and it flapped it wings strongly and released an ominous strong gust of wind colliding with the dragon-breath, erupting winds from all directions. Dragonite got caught in a twister.
By the time it cool and we got free, Staraptor was out of sight. Alice then caught up with me.
“And you said he couldn’t even catch up to a Snorlax”, Alice mocked. The cruel karma of it all. “cheat much?”
“He was asking for it”.
“So was your hair”. I touched my head and realized it was a complete mess. Thanks a lot, Stream. Alice giggled. To me it wasn’t something to laugh at, yet she always gave me that feeling. “Look at the bright-side, FireFin is just ahead”. I looked straight ahead to find the blur of FireFin, even though it was a bit cloudy.

Chapter 6

We landed quietly on the side-walk of the roads. The city was mildly populated, but still signs of Pokémon trainers and air-board riders. The city was similar to Jubilife city in comparison. A few feet away stood Stream.
“Took you long enough”, he gloped ,“and whats with trying to blow me out of the sky? What happened to fair play?” You can take fair play and stick it up your -. Flygon flew gently down with Alice on it’s back. She jumped down and caged Flygon back into it’s pokeball. “I gotta go” Stream said. Finally. “See ya around”, Stream walked calmly down the streets of FireFin.
Alice and I stopped by the Pokémon center to grab the Professor’s parcel. While we were there, we asked Nurse Joy Nicole’s location just as Xavier instructed. We were told she was somewhere near Mount Panavas, so I made that as our next location. I gratefully thanked Nurse Joy for her share of information. On the map, Mt. Panavas was for east of the island.
Fifteen minutes later we made it near the mountains. We flew to a certain point and decided to walk for a while. I had Dragonite to scout out for anyone in the area. We were walking through a forest path that lead up hill. The terrain got more rocky the further we walked but it was nothing much.
Dragonite returned back after it’s search. By the way it was acting, it found something. It flew directly straight of the forest path and lead us.
We arrive at the end of the path but I saw a familiar face and I then hid behind a tree, returning Dragonite to it’s pokeball, and pulled Alice out of their sight(not that they saw). It was the same masked person that attacked us near route 218. I sneaked a peek at what he was doing. He was walking toward a man wearing a long white coat, black pants, grown a fairly visible moustache and had two blue Ditto at his side. When they were at a close distance, the strange man held out a pokeball and the red beam struck the masked man and captured him inside it. Alice’s eyes widen and could barely hold the though of what she and I were seeing. A person being drawn into a pokeball like a pokemon wasn’t an everyday fact.
“Time to fall back”, I whispered to Alice. She silently nodded. We sneaked off quickly but I accidently step on a stick and shattered it’s limb. Even still we quietly retreated and then an obstacle laid in the way. A growling Raikou but this one was different from the one we fought with, it was totally re-colored (obviously effects of the ShineStar).
Before I could reach for my pokeball, Alice already shot out her choice of pokemon, Glaceon. The Raikou summoned lightning from the clouds on it’s back and shot a vicious bolt of lighting at Glaceon. “Ice beam, Glaceon”, commanded Alice. The attacks collided but Glaceon’s ice beam froze Raikou’s lightning bolts. I turned to look for the man but no one was there, he was gone. I pulled out my pokeball and released Tyranitar from it’s pokeball. “Hyperbeam, Tyranitar. Directly at Raikou”, I commanded. Tyranitar shot an upmost power beam. Raikou tried to strike it first with thunderbolt but hyperbeam got to it first. An explosion broke out, just what I needed for an escape. Returning Tyranitar, I unleashed Dragonite. I helped Alice on to Dragonite’s back and I was the next to get on. Dragonite lifted into the air and flapped it wings wildly, headed back to FireFin.

Chapter 7

The sun started to set over the horizon. Alice and I walked down to the PokéCafé, a diner that was well known through out the island for making exquisite coffee. Alice seemed a bit hungry and she wasn’t the only one, that’s what happens when you use one day to do multiple things.
We arrive at the door. Pushing it opened sound the bell on entry. I took a look around the diner. It looked just as good as any other diner, the tiles were white, tables and chairs colored and the menu hung over the counter. The population of the café was five, two people sat at the counter, another two were at one both discussing something and one seem to be by their self. But wait, I look again to see if my vision was right. Yep, it was. Stream sat with a girl at a booth. Alice called out to him, he appeared a little surprised. We went to the booth; Stream gave up his seat and sat next to the girl he was with. Alice came into the seat, I came next to her.
“Hey, Alice, hoz it been?”, Stream asked.
“Everything was alright, until it was spoiled” Alice complained.
“Really?” Stream grew with curiosity “what happened?”
“Someone attack us before we left Sinnoh and we kind of ran into him again, but we saw something that was…….un-normal. We saw him got sucked into a pokeball by some strange guy”. Stream and the girl looked at each other, probably knowing something we didn’t.
“And we still didn’t find Nicole”, I added.
“I know a Nicole”, the girl spoke.
“Really? We have a pokeball for her from Professor- ”
“Xavier!”, she interrupted.
“Yeah. How did you know?”. Why did I asked that? It’s probably who I think it is.
“I’m Nicole” she replied. BINGO!
“Sweet” I lifted my bag off my back and dug for the pokeball initialed ‘N.N’. I gave her the pokeball, feeling glad that that was the final task assigned. Now all I had to do was to return the parcel back to Xavier. She took the ball and placed it in her pants pocket.
“The person you met” Stream began “what did he look like?”
“Nothing much”, I insisted “just a white long coat, blue pants, matured moustache and blue ditto beside him”. Stream began to hold his hand to his chin.
“I think you may have seen the ‘Ditto Master’. Ditto Master? “He used to raise ditto here in FireFin and then used the ShineStar to change them blue. Actually he grew them so strong the can morph into anything without any visual sight, even legendary Pokémon, the ditto just need to hear the name of what you want it to transform into and it would. Sadly he never gave them to anyone. The two ditto you saw must have been his ‘unique’ ones. Rumor has it he has a lair full of ditto”.
“Ok”, Alice spoke “that clears it up a bit. So are you and Nicole on a date?”
“Not really. We train for the air-board festival that’s approaching next two weeks. After training we would come here to eat”. Eat?! We totally forgot about that. To make a night good and short, we all order desert: pizza and ice-cream (I know, bad combination for nightmares) and me and Alice slept at the Pokémon center.
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

Chapter 8

I slept soundly. Everything for a dream was in place. Through my dream bubble, I saw me and Alice at the Pastoria festival. We were at the top of the hill and the fire works ignited. I tilted my head, lean over and kissed her on her mouth. It lasted for ten seconds, and then I woke. I slept with my poketch watch on my waist, I held up my left arm. The watch glowed showing ‘5:46 A.M.’
I woke up at least two hours later; I woke Alice to show her that day had once again come.
We left the Pokémon center, but guess who showed up? That’s right, Stream (with Nicole). Really, you think that he would have tagged us with a tracking device. Or would he? Stream had three air-boards caught within the grip of his hand. He was wearing shades and had two more on his bag strap.
“Well, well, look who I keep on running into”, Stream spoke.
“Well, well look who became a pain”, I replied
“You may want to watch your talk in front of the girls, Dan”
“Anyway”, Nicole interrupted “Stream and I wanted to know if y’all want to learn how to maneuver an air-board near Mt. Panavas?”
“Well, we weren’t planning for it”, Alice told “but I guess we can. Dan?”
“Yeah”, I agreed.

So we arrive back at Mt. Panavas (near the start of the huge mountain), we came to a desert path that was carefully marked out for a track. Stream threw a neon-blue air-board my way, I gripped tightly with both of my hands at it's two sides. He then went over to Alice to give her air-board of the color.
"ok, rookies", we paid close attention to Stream "this track starts here and then circles around back here.", he directed with his finger pointing to the desert track "so the goal here is go one lap and finish first(as always). You will find the switch of the air-board at the side to enable it's hovering sequence, but don't face the fans of the air-board to anything cause the air pressure is surprisingly strong, remember to always face it to the ground.", on the right side of the air-board was the 'ON' switch which was a push-in. When you turn the air-board upside down, you could see the wind fans that enable it to hover as it did, “When it's switch on and hovering", Stream continued "you can place your foot on it and then to begin the acceleration of the board, you can use your other foot to kick off. For those who prefer a better style, when the air-board is off begin to run, jump and slid the air-board the air-board under your feet while turning it on. Only those who practice can really get that stunt done. Ok, so is everyone clear?” Alice and I nodded.
Stream demonstrated by aiming his neon-red air-board at the ground and pushing the switch causing a gust of dust (hehe, gust of dust) to swirl around. "Oh yes, eye protection from the blowing of dust is also required", he took two blue shades from his bag strap and threw one toward me, I caught by it's handle. Stream was close to Alice so he handed her a pair one time. "To start things off, Nicole and I will have a quick race". Nicole held her neon-purple air-board in her hand. Stream switch off his air-board, then both of them went up to a line that was marked on the track. Without any signal, they dash off, jump and slid their air-board underneath their feet. Since they were hovering, I guess they already switch it on when their hands were still on the board. They pulled their shades down, covering their eyes and hovered drifty along the track. They made steep turns at corners and circle around back to the line, braking by lifting the front of the air-board to halt to a stop. "Now that two got a demo, how about we see your first time try?” I switch the air-board on (aiming it to the ground), placed my right foot on it and kicked off, but like any beginner, we got a rough start. I placed the shades over my eyes. Staying on the board was walking on a line as they had in the circus and Alice wasn't 'properly' dress for air-boarding, her skirt kept on being blown by the wind but it didn't seem to bother her. At the corner we manage to pull off a drift stunt. The engine of the air-board tickled my feet from its rapid vibration. Even though we reached the finish line, Alice and I kept racing for at least four laps before stopping. By then we got the hang of it. We braked raising the front of the air-board just as Stream and Nicole did and jumped off.
"Not bad for beginners", Stream commented, "but there was also foot grips that I forgot to mention to prevent you from falling off". Now he tells us.
"But that was pretty awesome for a beginner", Nicole commented.
Later then we retreated from the track and had a private picnic on a clean spread of grass just south of where we were. Stream and Nicole bought a little something of each, even though Alice and I kept a few snacks in our bag, they were willing to share their goods.
After lunch, Stream and I helped put everything back together in a neat pile.
"Thanks for the lunch", Alice thanked.
"Yeah, we really appreciated it", I added.
"No problem. Always glad to help out friends", Nicole greatly said.
"Hope I'm not interrupting but it's soon time f-", Stream tried to speak but got interrupted by a giant bolt of lightning that almost struck him. It hadn't came from clouds, but a glimpse to where it came from revealed Raikou (normal color) and on it's back the masked person who attacked us yesterday.
“Everyone, get on!", Stream threw an air-board my way(again), I had caught it successfully and he gave one to Alice by hand. Stream took his air-board, ran, jump, and slid it beneath his feet, Nicole did the same, Alice and I followed after.
Stream lead us throught-out another path. All of the air-boards were going at the same speed(at least forty miles per hour). We finished turning corners of the path and came out on a healthy green meadow. Raikou didn't seem to have caught up with us yet so we use that as an advantage to prepare for battle.
Raikou jumped from the forest and landed nobly on it's paws. The masked guy got off of Raikou's back with a serious intent.
"Hello", he spoke with a heavy gaze. As we all know this was the first time he spoke and that's not all, he didn't had the empty look in his eye when we first met, "My name is Flade, I believed you have something belonging to me". The direction of his eyes met Stream.
"We don't know what your talking about?", Stream said giving an 'ignore' tone to his voice.
"Its not wise to toy with me, fool. Give me what you took and I'll be on my merry way".
"I said we don't know what you’re talking about".
"Then your stubbornness will be your demise". Flade reached within his coat pocket and took out three pokeballs, he fling them in the air upward and out of the pokeballs were Suicune, Entei and Regigigas. Stream took his pokeball and shot out Gallade, Nicole shot Roserade, Alice-Absol and me-Lucario. Suicune, Entei and Absol growled bravely. Lucario and Gallade stood in an assault stance. Roserade gave a seroius gaze at Suicune and Regigigas looked completely blank.
"Attack them!", commanded Flade pointing his finger toward us. Raikou, Entei and Suicune rushed toward their enemies, and Regigigas came slowly after them. Gallade, Roserade, Absol and Lucario dashed forward. Since it was an all out battle our pokemon didn't need commands to attack.
Roserade started the battle by using razor leaf on Suicune and Suicune tried to counter by using bubblebeam. Gallade sharpen it's bladed arms to attack Raikou, Gallade's arms glowed and engage in a head-on attack (possibly cut or fury cutter) against Raikou. Raikou's thunder bolt seemed to had been negeated by Gallade's blade like arms. Absol used double team to confuse Entei and then used pyscho-cut against it's flamethrower. Lucario leaped over the on-going fight and went after Regigigas (who seem to be the big boss). Lucario used extremespeed to circle around Regigigas, confusing it a bit. Regigigas began to sound like a digital computer and use super power on the ground causing the ground to fracture and shift upward. Before Lucario could lose it's balance, it jumped into the air and struck Regigigas with bone rush.
Flade walked blindlessly into the heap of battle, and came out uninjured. His eyes locked on Stream's air-board that he placed far behind him. Flade started to run toward it for some reason. Stream got in his way, Flade threw a punch at his face but Stream managed to catch it within his palm of his hand.
"Give me the TIME drive now!", Flade warned.
"Don't you give up?!” yelled Stream. Flade broke out of the hold Stream placed on his fist and raised his foot colliding into Stream's face. Stream fell, Flade grab his airboard. His pokemon stopped fighting and headed to their master. They were brought back into their pokeballs, except Raikou who Flade used for an escape. I would have gone after him, but there was a few things I had to settled with Stream first.

Chapter 9

I grabbed Stream angrily by his shirt neck, caring less that his head was hurting after that kick in his face.
"You know something, Stream! What the hell was he talking about?", I pressured him.
"Now Dan, that's not the way to act", Stream gave an idiotic reply.
"You think this is a damn joke!”
"No, but you could really chill". I notice the fact that Stream could still talk after that blow.
"How can I chill when you keep popping up, along with Flade?!”
“Fine, if you want to know the truth so badly, I'll tell you". I loosen my grip and walked off furious. I cross between Alice and Nicole and laid myself against a tree. Stream held the right side of his face (the location of where the kick collided). Nicole lifted the bag of her back and dug through it. She took out a cloth and wiped the right side of his face til it was clean.
“Start talking”, I demanded to Stream, “first of all, what’s a ‘TIME drive’?”
“Well, I don’t know the answer to that question yet, but I can tell you I found it near Mt. Panavas under a layer of rocks. It looks like a normal computer hard drive and it’s initialed by ‘GIGA’. I tried returning it to GIGA HQ, which is located in Phantom town, but ‘Flade’ stopped me. Actually, everywhere I go he seem to track me down and take it by force.”
“So what did Flade have against us at route 218 when we first met him unknowingly?” I asked
“Actually, I was in Sinnoh avoiding him but he had also followed me there. I dashed passed you and Alice on an air-board. Flade must have thought you were defending me at the time.”
“Nicole”, Alice spoke to Nicole, “did you by any chance know about this?”
“No”, Nicole denied “Stream never really was around that much”
“Wait, if Flade was after the TIME drive, why did he grab your air-board?” Alice asked Stream.
“He probably knew I had it hidden in my air-board, but no longer keep it in there. I have it hidden someplace else.”
“Hmm….” I studied the difference in the attack that recently happened, the one that happened on route 218 back in Sinnoh and what we saw in Mt. Panavas yesterday.
“Whats wrong, Dan?”, Nicole asked.
“I was just comparing the difference in all the encounters we had with that guy. He looked like a controlled zombie and got sucked into a pokeball, but he seemed like a living person when we just met him”. Everyone began to catch on to what I was getting at. “Stream said the Ditto master could make his ditto transform into anything without visual sight. I’m guessing that those last two encounters were ditto, and the one we met now was the real deal”. Our minds were all sync into the idea.
“It seems to be getting late”, Stream mentioned “I think it’s time we all head back to FireFin and think about it tomorrow”. We all agreed.

Chapter 10

The following night at the Pokémon center, I had an unusual dream. I stood in the air, surrounded by jigglypuff. They sang their lullaby into my head, the notes flowed swimmingly. I fell gently asleep in my dream.
I woke up. I held up my left arm and saw ‘6:21 A.M’. I got out of bed, and saw Alice’s bed sheets ruffled. She was gone. An envelope laid on her pillow, with a ‘F’ seal. I opened it up and read the letter on the inside:

If you received this, I have taken the girl. If you wish to see her, have your friend bring the TIME drive to Mt. Panavas.

There was much more to the letter than that short paragraph but I was too busy thinking how Stream got us involve in this and what I would have done to him if I could.
I put back on my clothes, took up the shades that Stream gave me and rushed out of the Pokémon center.
“Hey, Dan!”, Stream called out from a distance.
“YOU!”, I enraged.
“I don’t have time for your childish behavior, Dan. Flade took Nicole”.
“What a coincidence, he has Alice”.
“I guess you got the letter too?”.
“Yeah. Since he has them both I guess me and you have to go on a little rescue mission”, I didn’t like the idea about working together with him, especially when Alice was involved but there was no time for solo missions. Stream agreed with the plan but he said he had something to take care of first. He would join me at Mt. Panavas. He ran off to where-ever he was going and do. I popped Dragonite from it’s pokeball and flown on it to Mt. Panavas.
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

Chapter 11

I arrived at the bottom of the mountain. The letter had instructed that I look for a cave at the bottom, western side of the mountain. I search and found it exactly where the letter said it would be. The inside of the cave flowed small water streams, zubats hung from the ceiling and pokemon such as Paras and crabby hid behind rocks. The cave came to a dead-end. The letter said to wait when I came to the cave’s dead-end. After several seconds, the wall began to split in half and opened up a passage way. I kept on walking down the passage way, and it seemed to have gotten darker the more I walked. I didn’t even have a flash light on me at the time. I came to a metal door which had been already opened. I crossed the line and walked into total pitch black. Hearing a voice from the darkness, I stopped. Even though I couldn’t see a thing, I still look to my right and left. Lights came on and everything became visible. I was in a pit, surrounded by hundreds of ditto. I took a look at the cliff that was in front of me. Flade and the ‘Ditto Master’ stood in a calm content, Alice and Nicole sat on the ground beside them (fully dressed), their hands tied.
“Have you bought the TIME drive?” Flade asked briefly.
“I don’t have it on me now but-”, I tried saying.
“I don’t have time to waste. Either you bring the drive or you’ll never see both of these girls ever again”.
“Don’t get your pants in a knot”, Stream’s voice sounded behind me. He walked in calmly, with what appeared to be the TIME drive in the grip of his hands.
“Can’t you do any thing but be a pain?” I questioned Stream. He ignored me.
“I have the TIME drive”, he held it in the air “now, the deal was we got back the girls for it”. Flade grinned. Behind him, two ditto transformed into two guards. They lifted up Nicole and Alice and escorted them and Flade to the pit. They came toward us. I looked at Alice, something wasn’t right about her. Something felt odd and it was ringing something I seen before. The two guards/ditto cut the bands that kept Nicole and Alice’s hands together, but still held their hands.
“The TIME drive first”, Flade insisted. Stream was about to give Flade the drive but then I remembered.
“STOP!” I told Stream. He held his hand back from giving Flade the drive.
“They aren’t Nicole and Alice”
“You sure?” he questioned.
“Positive. If Nicole and Alice were kidnap, then they wouldn’t be wearing their day clothes. And there is the fact that they haven’t talked since we came in. Plus, I remembered that same shallowness in the fake Flade eyes’”. Stream withdrew his hand.
“Nice”, Flade congratulated “you figured it out already, but that only means that I have to take the TIME drive if you refuse”
“I’m not leaving without Alice or Nicole”, I told him.
“Hold on”, Stream told me. He started to face Flade “we’ll give the drive for the location of the girls. Deal?”
“Ok then”, Flade agreed. The fake Nicole and Alice turned into ditto, which wasn’t surprising. Stream handed over the TIME drive. Flade took a device(that looked like a pocket scanner) that was attached to his belt and insert the drive into the a output. He shined his eyes over the monitor and took back out the drive.
“It’s the real thing”, he commented.
“Now, where is Alice and Nicole?” asked Stream.
“See that door”, Flade pointed to a metal door that was located on the right side of the room. “they’re in there”
“How do we get them out?” Stream asked.
“You’ll have to figure that out for yourself”, he started to laugh.
“What are you planning to do with the TIME drive?” I asked ignoring his laugh.
“I don’t know. Sir, will you be willing to tell them?” he looked at the ‘Ditto Master’ on the cliff.
“The TIME drive contains a series of data on creating a device of instant teleportation learned Dialga and Celebi”, he started off “Using it, I will gain access to all of my past. From there I will give all of my ditto the power of time travel. And I’m sure Team Galactic would pay high prices for a pokemon like it”.
“Yeah, I’m not sure about that”, Stream stated.
“Why not?”
“You can’t do that with out a TIME drive”
“What the hell are you mumbling abo-”, Stream took out a small remote interrupting him. He pushed it’s button and a series of beeping started to came from the TIME drive. Flade realizing what was going to happen, threw it high in the air. It exploded into small fragments of metal. “You stupid child!”, he began to became furious with Stream “Ditto, transform and blast there heads with hyperbeam”. The ditto around us began to transform into Garchomps, but one transformed into a Houchkrow. Flade jumped onto the Houchkrow and flew toward the cliff. The ‘Ditto Master’ and Flade exited through a hole that was on the cliff.
Stream held his pokeball and unleashed Gallade. The Garchomps mouths’ ignited and bursted hyperbeams towards us.
“Use protect, Gallade”, Stream instructed Gallade. Gallade shielded us with an green aura. The impact of the hyperbeam against the shield was tremendous, I was surprised that Gallade’s protect was strong enough. The shield wore off.
“I’m going and save Alice and Nicole”, I told Stream.
“ok”, he took out another pokeball and released his Staraptor, “use your wings to clear the smoke, Staraptor”. Staraptor began to flapped rapidly and blew away the smoke that covered the garchomps.
“look, Dan”, he pointed toward the door “go if your going. I’ll watch your back”. I nodded. I ran toward the metal door avoiding garchomps from every direction. I reached successfully.
“Alice!Alice!”, I shouted hitting the door, waiting for her reply.
“Dan? Is that you?” I heard her voice softly through the door.
“Yeah, I’m going to bust you out. Stand away from the door”. I took out my pokeball from my pocket and shot Lucario from it’s ball.
“Lucario, use bone rush against the door”, I told it. Lucario growled and formed a long bone using it’s paws. It then attack the door violently until it came down. I ran inside. I found Alice wearing a blue top and shorts, Nicole wore a top also but it was black and she wore something like a pajama pants.
Alice ran toward and hugged me tightly, Nicole also gave me a hug. I lead them out. We found the garchomps on the ground struggling to get up.
“Nicole!”, Stream ran toward her and she greeted him with a hug.
“I’m so glad to see”, Nicole spoke.
“Me too”, He replied. “time to get outta here. Let’s test out one of the ditto I just caught”. He tapped the center of a pokeball he grabbed from his pants pocket. It seemed that he returned Gallade and Staraptor to their pokeballs. Out of the pokeball came a ditto.
“Ditto, transform into rayquaza”, he commanded the ditto. Surprising it did exactly what he told it and transformed into a huge green rayquaza.
“Hop on”, Stream instructed. We all got on the raquaza’s back and held on tightly. It lifted it’s body up, raising to the ceiling, “Hyperbeam” Stream said, and the raquaza shot out a powerful beam from it’s mouth. The ceiling crumbled and revealed sunlight. The hole was big enough for rayquaza , as for us as it’s passengers, to fit through. Out we came throught the peak of Mt. Panavas and the sun shone brightly. Raquaza moved it’s body in repeated zig-zags and headed back toward FireFin.

Chapter 12

The next two weeks that came after, we attended the Air-board festival in Dexus City. Alice, Stream, Nicole and I went on a two-on-two Pokémon battle. The victor of it was Alice and I who almost got beaten after a turn around by Alice’s Glaceon. Stream and Nicole entered the Air-board tournament, Stream came second with Nicole in third. Then at the end, Alice and I had a repeat of what happened at the Pastoria festival. Yeah, I know, Déjà vu all over again.
The next day, we left ShiningStar Island waving goodbye to Stream and Nicole who I had inputted into my PokéNav. This adventure ends here. Don’t be sad, I’ll be back (if the writer feels like it).
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

*SIGH* I tried my best to finish but it wasn't enough. I had this wicked Art submission plan out, but I have been too busy with other stuff such as getting ready for my exams this week. I tried my best to hold time for the contest and I couldn't keep up.
So as my art submission I'm just going to post an COMPLETELY unfinished wallpaper that I was going to add more pokemon and then digitize it:

[This seen is based upon the attack by Flade in Chapter 8]

I'm just going to leave the pic there and see if it will at least give me a few points for the contest. I've done better, trust me.
Sorry for my "entry" but I couldn't have done anything about it cause of the time I had left.
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

Here I am. As you can probably tell, I'm not sugar-coating my judging, so be ready.


Biggest problem that sticks out right from the beginning is the formatting, the use of proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and the use of proper tenses. I'm not going to lie here, that's an extremely bad flaw. Setting descriptions were also really lack in this, it was hard to get any vivid imagery out of what you were talking about. Also, there were moments of massive, heavy dialogue without any indication of what the characters were doing or what was going on around them.

The Ditto Master issue is a problem though, because realistically, a Ditto that can transform into any legendary (despite the fact it should have been completely impossible for that one Ditto to have seen every legendary) without seeing the Pokémon before them is ridiculously overpowered and hard to imagine even possible. Most of the battles play out okay, there are moments of some good description there but it really seems to lack emotion, and instead plays out like one of the battles from the games. A lot of the battles really seem to distract from the storyline rather than really establish their purpose. Also, legendary Pokémon make their appearances WAY too much in this story, and they're introduced very casually like they're just as common as any other Pokémon.

The story did have some good points though, the whole idea of the air boards was pretty cool. I think a better idea might have been to use those more, maybe having the characters compete in a big race using them, since it seems like they were given a lot of background and introduction, but really didn't seem to have much of a role in the story. Having a race with them using Pokémon would have been a pretty cool and original idea. Instead, it was just kind of hastily thrown in at the end.

I wasn't too crazy about Dittos being able to become any legendary they wanted, though. I don't mind the presence of legendaries, as long as their role and their purpose in the story is really clearly defined, and no other Pokémon would be able to fulfill the role as well as they could.

Overall: 18/50


The image was a little undersized, but other than that, everything else checked out.

Major issues were the lack of lack of color, lack of any background, the characters didn't really have any place, and overall, is really unfinished (though I read you mentioned this). The character sketches are drawn well, I don't understand why all the human characters seem to be missing hands and feet, but besides that, they seem well drawn. It also seems like you tried to cram in a lot. It wouldn't have hurt if only a few characters were shown, rather than trying to show all of them as a kind of "collage" format. If I were doing this, I would have focused on maybe only two or three characters at most, capture a great image of the setting, and use a lot of color, detail, and creativity.

It can be connected with the story, but it doesn't really say anything about the setting, or any allusion to the storyline at all. It's really only a showcase of what kinds of characters appear and a few of the Pokémon that show up. It would have helped if it was easier to connect the characters and the wall-paper image to the story itself.

Overall: 16/50

TOTAL: 34/100

Main suggestion would be to work on the formatting and really flesh out the ideas, emotions, and storyline. I can tell you tried with the description, but it still feels like it lacked a lot of feeling and substance. As for the art, it's hard to grade something that's unfinished.

Nice try though, just work on those things. The more you practice and read guides, the better you'll get.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The battle is on! -ShiningStar Island

Dead last ...........hmmm..........this is definitely a problem. This only means that I'm much lacking than I thought, but still my goal will never die: To become a well-known Artist through both art and novels.

The first paragraph of what Neo made sense considering my level of writing, I'm really shady around those parts. The Ditto master's Ditto was actually supposed to be said they were 'modified Ditto', considering he was part researcher or something. As for battles, I tried to base them on how the anime version would have played it out as much as I could. Te mention of the storyline was true I guess and the part about legends making their appearance was a bit trueful but hey, when people have power they just use it as they please(Plus considering the fact Stream 'stole' something important from him so it's a bit obvious he would be hunted by full force).
The story was supposed to be on the airboards mainly but I tried making the story brief and short considering the time I had left(and I got a bit carried away). And Chapter 12 wasn't supposed to be that short but I ran out of time so I rush down a summary of it instead.

About the art, yeah I was busy during the first week of step two so rushing work didn't help one bit(at least it got me 16 points). I visualize it on being some super wallpaper with intense action going to happen but hey, I can't beat time. Coloring and the background takes time, trust me when I say digital art takes lots of time. Really I just placed the characters where there were supposed to be like someone who could care less. The thing about the missing hands and feet is that I can't draw hands(especially the fingers) and feet properly and I'm still kind of a newbie at Art now, if I added a background I think you would have ignored it. The title of the story would have had an airboard as its background image and a slogan would have gone at the bottom of the wallpaper.

What I have to say on Neo's review is that he was right but he would have captured it different if I added some more details of the story to make anyone understand it better. IT also showed that my Art is better than the novel itself if it was finished. I'm a lil heart broken at coming dead last(like when my rival told me that my art look like 9-year-old trying to draw) but when these things things happen to me, HELL I'm going to become better than anyone would have thought could have been. Just wait, I'm going to come back better than Stan lee and James Patterson combined. Just wait, Neo I'm going to show you what I'm truly determined for
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