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Default [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die


Chapter I - I: First Move Advantage

Ever woken up to that feeling where you can’t move at all? It’s as if your mind is awake, but your body hasn’t quite got there yet. You struggle and shake, you feel like your muscles should be moving, but you stay perfectly still. Then the fear sets in, the irrational belief that somehow, overnight, you’ve become paralyzed, and you struggle even more. You pour every ounce of your will into just lifting your arm up, because if you can do that, you can roll yourself over and shock the rest of your system into waking. But it doesn’t lift. You panic and try to call out, to make some sort of sound. But your lips won’t open. You scream, you yell, but all that comes out is a strained, feeble moan, muffled by the dead weight of flesh in front of your teeth.

Lately, this was how I’ve been waking up. It’s hellish. No matter how many times it happens I just can’t get used to it. Over and over again I’d struggle and scream inside myself, slowly abandoning hope that I’d ever be able to move again. I’d close my eyes, trying to sleep, trying to escape this for just a little longer, but as always I’m too afraid. I want to cry, and am thankful that I can’t at the same time. It’s pathetic and I hate every single minute of it.

“Mom~! Dad~! Simon stole my Satheus figure again!”

The piercing voice belonged to my little brother, Daniel. We called him Danny. I had no clue what he was talking about, nor was I in any position to do anything about it, but I swear I prayed with every inch of my body that he would cause someone to come into my room and investigate.

“Danny, leave your brother alone, you know he hasn’t been feeling well,” came a deep rumble.

My heart sank. When your father had a voice that could make the floorboards shake, you tended to do what he said. In vain I tried moving once again, but it was as if all my gestures just passed straight out of my body and into the air, leaving me limp and lifeless.

I consoled myself by examining the wall I was currently facing, my eyes at least working enough to process what was directly in front of them. It was a fairly unremarkable wall, just plasterboard painted a soft green color. I could see the little bumps and swirls of grit dotting the surface, presumably sweeping all the way across the entire expanse. I could also make out the soft contour of the pillow my head was on, as well as the edge of the mattress, the faintest glimpse of the red of my sheets winking up at me.

“Sweetie, are you awake? Is everything all right? It’s almost lunchtime, you know.”

Music to my ears.

“Meennnngggh…” I managed to force out. It wasn’t nearly as loud as I would’ve liked, but my body was, bit by bit, starting to respond.

There was a soft knock on my door, followed by the sound of it opening.

“Simon? Honey, you really should come down and eat something. Your father and I are worried about you.”

I tried to at least move my head, making another half whine.

“What is it? Are you okay? Talk to me Simon.”

I could sense her getting closer. This was humiliating, but I didn’t have any other choice. I had to let her see me like this. My mother never believed me when I talked about the hell I went through every morning. Neither did my father or Danny. She was probably afraid now. She could tell something was wrong. I’m sure of it.


I felt something huge lay across my shoulder. Instantly, every nerve in my body was on fire, and I jolted upright, crying out, tugging at the covers as my eyes wildly took in the massive, hulking blue beast towering over me, teeth glistening, getting ready to chomp straight through my tender skin-

“Simon! It’s okay! Calm down! It’s just mommy.”

I blinked. My brain felt like it was dribbling out of my ears in thick, oozing globs.

The Feraligatr giggled softly, uncertainly, staring down at me with her big yellow eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you some lunch, okay? You’ll feel better, I promise.”

Wordlessly I nodded and let my mother drag me out of bed. She smiled at me and helped me down the stairs. I leaned against her gratefully, her scaly hide always so warm and comforting, yet refreshingly cool to the touch at the same time. It calmed me down somewhat, and I was able to stand upright just in time to reach the landing and find my little brother glowering at me.

“Gimme back my Satheus figure!” he demanded with a click of his claws.

“Danny, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about,” I mumbled, rubbing at my temples slightly, feeling a headache just waiting to develop.

“Ya huh! You took it last night during soccer practice!”

Mom tutted and shook her snout. “Now Danny, how many times do we have to go through this? If you take your toys everywhere, you’re going to end up losing them.”

“But I saw him! He was in my bag!” the little Corphish protested.

“I was looking for some gum,” I explained, grinning slightly and laying my bare foot across his face, pink toes wriggling.

Danny yelped and skittered back, claws flailing wildly. “Ewwww! Smelly feet! Smelly feet!” he shrieked, running around in circles until he flopped onto his back, legs wiggling in the air, foam dripping from his mouth.

It was all so melodramatic I just had to laugh. My mother laughed too, her large paw draped across my shoulder, and even Danny, once he’d gotten tired of dying, flipped back up and giggled along with us.

“Nice to see you’re up and about.”

I turned to see my father taking up most of the living room with his enormous bulk. What astounded me was not the fact that the Metagross could fit inside the house comfortably, but that he had managed to find a couch big enough to actually sit on.

“Barely,” I admitted, nodding at him with a weak smile.

“Well come have some lunch. Your mother made meatloaf.”

I looked up at my mother, who smiled softly down at me, squeezing my shoulder. I could feel her claws digging slightly through the fabric of my shirt.

“Thanks, mom.” I meant it.

“Food!” exclaimed Danny. He had that rabid, feral look in his eye as he tore for the dining room, spindly feet clacking against the hardwood floor.

“Wait until everyone’s at the table!” thundered my father. I could hear the china shaking and clinking against the glasses as he spoke.

“Yessir.” The little Corphish shrank back a little against the wall.

I made my way in, holding out my mother’s chair first. I figured it was the least I could do after all I’d been putting them through lately. She thanked me and sat with some care, holding her tail off to the side. I could only guess she was trying to keep it from tripping me over.

My father didn’t bother with a chair; there wasn’t enough space between the wall and the table for something that would fit him. Instead, he simply folded two of his gigantic limbs underneath himself. His body tilted upward, exposing his underside, but giving his jaw more room to move.

Danny always took ages to get into his seat. With so many legs, I imagined it was hard for him to get a good grip on the polished surface of the wood. He wasn’t given any special treatment either, unlike my two parents. I can only assume that it was some form of character building exercise hatched up by the two of them. Honestly, a simple cushion laid across it would’ve saved him so much hassle.

That left me. I always sat down last. I didn’t have to worry about my weight buckling the legs or any extra appendages getting in the way. It was one simple motion for me. But I still waited for the others. I somehow felt it was the right thing to do.

“Go ahead boys, dig in,” chuckled my mother softly; noting the way Danny was salivating over his plate, claws poised over it, ready to strike.

Ignoring the nightmare inducing sounds of my brother’s meatloaf massacre, I looked down at my own plate, easing a thin slice of the warm food into my mouth, letting it slide off the fork. Closing my eyes, I sighed happily and let the flavor fill me up as I chewed and savored every part of it, feeling my strength starting to return almost instantly.

“Do you like it, Simon?”

My mother was watching me with those yellow eyes of hers. I stared at her for a minute, feeling strangely sick. Not nauseous or feverish…just sick. Like there was something horribly wrong. Thoughts sprang up in my head, shooting up like Oddishes…no, like weeds.

She could’ve poisoned it.

She could’ve hid a razor blade in it.

She could’ve ground up glass along with the meat.

She wanted to eat me, her teeth were so sharp, her jaw was so huge…


“It’s really good, thank you!” I smiled.

Blinking slightly, I wondered why she was looking at me so strangely. I probably was looking pale again. Everyone I knew always said how strange and pale my skin looked. Regardless, I finished the meal gratefully, wiping my mouth with a napkin and excusing myself from the table. My father said something I didn’t hear, my mother responded. I could sense them getting up from the table. They were going to follow me again. They never left me alone when I was awake. Did every kid have to go through this with his parents?

I hurriedly snuck out the front door. They’d expect me to go up to my room. I smiled at how easy it was to outsmart them. Thinking I was too frail to ever want to go outside. I’d show them. I was fourteen. I should be able to do things on my own. Just because they were all armored or scaly or big, they thought they could push me around. Even my little brother. Going on and on about stuff I stole from him…I bet he plants it in my room beforehand and then goes crying to mother and father. Little brat. I’d like to crack him open with a hammer someday.

The suburb blended so mundanely into the background. Row after row of mailboxes and garbage cans and unkempt lawns. I’ll never understand what it was that attracted everyone to tall grass. I offered to mow our lawn once, purely because I was getting squeamish about what might be lurking in it. My father looked like I’d just said I was going to run around naked and imitate a Slowpoke for the rest of my life. My mother looked like I’d said I didn’t love her anymore.

I’m not sure when I ended up on the main road, or how I’d managed to walk so far from our house. Why had I left? It was Saturday, which meant no school. I needed to be back home with mother and father. I wasn’t well. Why had I come out this far? This wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right. I needed to go home…I wanted my mother. I wanted her warm arms and soft scaly hide…

“Confusing, isn’t it, Simon?” chuckled a voice. I wouldn’t say it was familiar…but something about it made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up.

I turned around slowly to come face to face with the wide, fanged grin and glittering eyes of a Sableye. Even glancing at him, I could tell there was something different about this guy. His chest had a much larger gem in it than normal, and it was of many dark, iridescent colors that changed as the light hit it, all purple and green and blue and pink. He would later explain to me it was called a ‘Mystic Fire’ gem.

Then there was his overall size. He was eye level to me. Granted, he was sitting on top of the guardrail, but his legs were long enough to almost be touching the ground, and his body and arms seemed to be almost in proportion to them. His wrists were defined just enough to cause a distinct difference between his hands and the rest of his arms, and his claw-like fingers seemed almost…polished.

Of course, I suppose the biggest tip off for me was the way tiny tendrils of glowing purple seemed to float and undulate in the air around him. They appeared to be made out of small fragments of glowing crystal, like those rings around planets.

“Who’re you?” I asked warily.

The Sableye chuckled softly, making a long, thin piece of amethyst appear in his hand, suckling softly on the tip of it, his tongue curling around the edge.

“I am Melanthios Malachi, the Magus of Misfortune. I’m what you might call the ruler of this world.”

He gestured all around him unashamedly. I found myself wanting to growl like my father. Big and supernatural or not, this Sableye had one hell of a nerve talking like that.

“Alright. I guess that would explain how you know my name. What do you want with me?”

I folded my arms across my chest and kept my eyes glued onto him. Melanthios just laughed, those interwoven fangs coming even closer to my face as he leaned forward, eyes glittering in more ways than one.

“At the risk of sounding extremely ironic: Simon Bedforrrrrd, I choose you!” he grinned, rolling the R obnoxiously, standing up and striking a pose that was completely lost on me.

“…as my opponent in this little game I’ve just produced.”

I blinked, frowning. “What sort of game?”

“The best kind of game, Simon. A game with the highest of stakes, the greatest of risk, the most plentiful of reward. A game of life and death. Call it a fantastical whodunit. Or a warped logic puzzle. Either way, I don’t really care. What matters is that you are my opponent and unless you defeat me, every single person you know or care about is going to die. Quite horribly too. Oh, the things I have in store for them…”

He laughed again. It was a sickly, grating, scaly sort of laugh. It was almost as bad as dragging rusty nails across a chalkboard. I ground my teeth together, my fists clenching slightly.

“What are the rules?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the answer.

“Simple. We each have a victory condition. If either of us reaches it, it’s game over. One of us walks away a winner and the other a loser. However, if neither of us manage to reach that condition well…I will repeat the game as many times as necessary until one of us is satisfied.”

“…And what are those conditions?”

Melanthios grinned.

“Ahhh, don’t you know Simon? Half the fun in this game is having to figure it out yourself!” He smiled and clapped his hands together. “Oh and incidentally, I’ve made the first move. Don’t disappoint me, Simon Bedforrrrrrrd!”

And with that he disappeared in a flash of purple wisps, the flurry of gem clouds slowly fading along with his cackling, gleeful laughter.

I was left on the side of the road, wondering exactly what had just happened. Had I really seen some sort of supernatural being? A…magus? It was all so surreal, and yet…I couldn’t help but think there was something more. My whole life as the only known Pokémon of my kind, a pale skinned thing called a ‘Hyoomun’ kept ringing false to me. There was something wrong here. I knew that from the start, though I didn’t want to admit it.

A loud horn blare shook me out of my reverie, and I turned around to see a large bulldozer parked behind me. An Octillery leaned out of the carriage, his large eyes blinking down at me, a tentacle wrapped tightly around an outer handlebar.

“Hey kid, are you okay?” he asked warily. I guess I did look pretty weird, just standing out here.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking to myself a bit,” I smiled, looking up at him.

“Oh okay then. You’re gonna have to do your thinking somewhere else though, bud. We’re about to start work on this road. They’re settin’ up a roadblock right now.”

Ah. That wasn’t good. I suppose I should have explained earlier, but the way our neighborhood is set up, it’s actually on a kind of ‘Mon made island. If this road was closed, it effectively meant no one could enter or leave the place. It was the only thing connecting us to the mainland.

“Are you sure? That’s going to be a bit of a problem for everyone who lives here…”

The Octillery waved me off dismissively. “It’s all good kid, we’ll finish all the works during the night. By tomorrow morning, everything should be fixed and you all will be free to go again.”

I’ve made the first move.

I’ve made the first move.

I’ve made the first mooooooooove~

Melanthios’ last warning kept repeating over and over in my head. Was this what he meant? He’d sealed off the neighborhood so no one could get in or out?

I didn’t even bother talking to the guy any further. I turned and tore off down the street, heading back home as fast as I could, my bare feet scraping rather uncomfortably against the concrete. It didn’t matter to me. I had to get home. I had to stop whatever it was Melanthios was planning to do to my family.

I slammed through the front door, making it rattle its hinges nosily, sliding across the polished floor slightly as I stumbled in.

“Mom! Dad! Are you – “

I broke off because all three members of my family were currently piled together on the couch, Danny between my father’s forelegs and my mother leaning against his side. Anyone’s mind might have jumped to the fact that they had all been murdered, except for the small detail that they were all staring at me in surprise.

“Oh, there you are, Simon!” said my mother, the first to recover. “We were worried when we didn’t find you up in your room…”

“I toldya he was fine~” huffed Danny, waving a claw; clearly annoyed I’d interrupted their television watching session.

“Son, don’t go running off like that again, okay?” rumbled my father. “We were going to call the police if you didn’t come back before dark.”

Way to make a kid feel horribly guilty.

“I…I’m sorry guys, I just had to get some fresh air…” I sighed, closing the door behind me and moving towards the couch, sitting next to my mother, nestling against her side.

“Well it looks like it did you some good, sweetie. You’ve got some color in your cheeks. And your eyes are brighter than I’ve ever seen them,” she said, stroking her paw delicately through my hair.

I smiled and closed my eyes. She was right.

For the first time since I could remember…

I really felt alive.
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

Gathering of the Magi I

Melanthios grinned as he busied himself cleaning around the small chamber, spinning lightly on the balls of his feet, purple wisps trailing through the air behind him, polishing all the crystals set into the walls to a brilliant shine.

“So, what kind of refreshment shall I prepare, hmm~? Tea? Coffee? Something stronger, perhaps? I’ll display each and every blend and liquid I possess, just for you!” he sang merrily.

“…Natural cocoa and chili powder mixed with milk. One part to each powder and two parts to the milk, if you don’t mind,” replied a voice.

Melanthios didn’t appear at all surprised when a large Raichu appeared in a flurry of golden arcs of electricity, the glowing beams converging to make up his body. He was fairly normal in appearance; not very distinguishable from other Raichus save for his increased height. His eyes were also a deep, rich, violet color, completely void of any glimmer of light that one would normally come to expect. Just two dark, endless orbs, focused lazily on the Sableye in front of him.

“Oh my. I haven’t gotten into my spice cabinet in centuries. I hope I remember where it is!” Melanthios laughed at the newcomer and his request, twirling that thin shard of amethyst between his fingers before nibbling softly at its tip.

“You don’t have to be so hostile, Melanthios,” the Raichu drawled. “I was just passing through. I don’t really have any interest in taking over this little territory of yours.”

The Sableye grinned, fangs glistening in the light. “Hostile? To the great Lord Necros, Magus of Fantasy? I would have to be suicidal to even contemplate such disrespect!”

Necros watched Melanthios, his eyes half lidded as he observed the purple being pouring and measuring out his drink into a finely carved crystal cup. He sat down, folding one large footpaw over the other.

“You flatter me too much. Against a Magus such as you, who can eternally and endlessly torment a person, I would be largely powerless.“

Melanthios chuckled, handing him the drink and taking a seat next to him, mimicking Necros’ posture, but in reverse.

“And yet as ‘powerless’ as you are, I hear you defeated the great Lord Ledumos, Magus of Reality, the strongest and most terrifying of us all, capable of destroying anyone or anything without fail,” he pointed out.

Necros shrugged softly, sipping at his dark concoction. “I’d hardly call it a defeat. I just outlasted him. He got tired of fighting and gave up.”

“That’s not what Ledumos has been saying though. Really, Lord Necros, this modesty from you is kind of off putting.”

Melanthios chuckled and tapped the shard against his lips softly, his tongue flicking out every now and again to slide along one end of it.

“In all honestly though, both of your powers are truly frightening, since you have the ability to make absolutely anything happen.”

Necros sipped again from his cup. His tail curled softly behind him, the flat part slicing cleanly through the air like a scythe. “Only if it can’t be considered completely impossible. Against your ability to continually perpetuate torment over and over, mine is not compatible. I do wonder though, if Ledu’s powers would be a match for your own. Reality and Misfortune do tend to go hand in hand, after all.”

“Oh please, my kind of ability is trifling to Magi of your nature,” laughed Melanthios, a bit surprised by the way Necros so casually shortened the other’s name. He must really not have been afraid of Ledumos at all. “Truly empty praise if I ever heard it.”

“I’m just a wandering Magus. I’ve lived for thousands of years, wandering like this, trying to escape boredom. I only came here because I caught wind of the fact you’d started something interesting. Please be aware that the minute it stops being interesting, I will leave without hesitation,” Necros murmured softly.

“Ha! In that case, I’m honored the great Lord Necros is deigning to be an observer of my little game!” He leaned forward, grinning and running his tongue along his sharp fangs. “Tell me, I know it has barely started, but what do you think so far?”

Necros swiveled his eyes around to glance at Melanthios, roaming over him so slowly and indifferently that it was hard to say whether he was even taking in anything he saw.

“You appear to possess some small kindness, Melanthios, but apart from that I can’t understand you at all. That is what makes you frightening to me.”

Melanthios could barely contain himself. He threw back his head and laughed long and loudly, his hysterical peals reverberating off of the crystal walls of the sitting room.

“Ah, I really should do this more often. It’s never boring in this world when there are Magi around,” he grinned.

“Boredom is really the only thing that can kill us Magi. So please, try your best not to kill me Melanthios, Magus of Misfortune.” Necros spoke evenly, but his eyes were firmly fixed onto the Sableye’s jeweled ones.

“But of course! Just wait there a moment and I’ll show you just how fun this game will get once it’s underway!”

His body became a cluster of those purple wisps of gemstone before disappearing entirely, while his laughter echoed around the room before fading after him. Necros remained seated, calmly sipping at his drink, the bitter, spicy concoction flowing over his lips and down his throat.

Then he looked up at you.

“I apologize. It seems like the worst kind of Magus has taken an interest in you. I know what it is like to be continually locked in misfortune, so I do feel sorry for you. I’ll lend you just a little of my power.”

He looked away, out through one of the windows, into the soft light and clear skies.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, though. I don’t have any intention of becoming your ally. You heard what I said earlier. His power and mine aren’t compatible. All of this is only so I don’t get bored with this endless little game of his. At the rate it’s going right now, I will most certainly get bored. That is why I’m lending you my power. It makes things much more interesting.”

Necros sighed and placed the crystal cup on the arm of his chair. The Raichu’s eyes were downcast, fixed somewhere between his two large footpaws that spread across the floor.

“I am called the cruelest Magus in the universe. I suppose it is because no matter what, no matter how long it takes, I will always crush my opponent without mercy. Even if that opponent is Melanthios Malachi, the Magus of Misfortune.”

He glanced upwards.

“That is why you all need to do your best as well. Don’t bore me, okay?”

And for the first time, a grin stretched across his muzzle and a soft, dark chuckle flowed into the room.
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

Chapter I – II: Consulting the Manual

I didn’t want to do this. I tried to think of other options, other ways I could get around the problem without having to resort to this. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind. I had to remember, this was for their sake, for all of our sakes. If I didn’t do this, we would all die, or worse. I just had to suck it up and try to survive the horrors that would be unleashed the instant I spoke the fated words.

“Danny? I was wondering if I could play with you for a bit…”

I was rapidly knocked over by a strong, powerful battering ram that collided with my solar plexus and sent me sprawling onto the ground, gasping for air. On closer inspection, it appeared to be my little brother scrambling on top of me, bouncing up and down excitedly.

“Really? You mean it?” he asked, the Corphish’s eyes wide with anticipation. This was going to be painful.

“Y-yeah, of course I mean it little bro,” I managed to smile. “Maybe we could play with those funny figures of yours…”

Danny instantly started growling and huffing, clacking his claws at me, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“They’re not funny! And you better not steal any of them again!” he said sharply, though I could tell his suspicion was being rapidly diluted with the excitement of being able to play with his brother for once.

“I promise I won’t touch any of them unless you let me,” I said solemnly, putting a hand over my heart. Privately I was wondering if I could get away with slugging him in the face and just looking around his room.

“Okay then! Come on! I was just fighting an epic battle between Satheus and Lovacun!” he giggled, scrabbling off of me and skittering into his room, picking up the two figures in question.

I followed him inside, staring around the place, whistling. To say that my parents had spoiled Danny would be something of an understatement. His room was littered with shelves and boxes full of strange and wonderful toys and games, the bright colors and plastic pieces spilling out onto the floor. Some I recognized, most were completely foreign to me. I’d never really questioned where they were from, assuming they were from some kid’s show or something, but if I was right and they actually had to do with this game…

“Raaah! Take that you slimy snake!” Danny bellowed in a voice meant to sound heroic and impressive. Instead it just came out kind of adorable. “I think not, you overgrown lizard!”

He banged the two figures together, complete with his own sound effects. As best I could tell, Satheus was the giant serpent creature and Lovacun was a kind of dragon.

“Pretty cool,” I smiled, not wanting to just jump right in to my question. Danny had a habit of being really uncooperative if he knew I wanted something, especially if it was important. “So what are they? Superheroes?” I asked good-naturedly.

Danny huffed and giggled at the same time, waving them around in his claws. “No, stupid, they’re gods! Satheus is the god of light and hope and creation. Lovacun is the god of darkness and fear and destruction!”

I nodded. “That’s pretty neat. Do you have any others I could play with?”

He looked at me for a second, probably trying to decide if I was worthy.

“Sure! Try over there, you can be one of the Spirit Lords, or an Elemental, or a Magus!” he giggled, waving his claws towards a shelf in the corner of his room.

I navigated the toy strewn floor rather quickly at the word ‘Magus’, keeping my eyes peeled, but my voice as light as I could.

“A Magus? What is that? Like a wizard or something?” I asked. I could see several figures, but they were all crammed together, making it difficult for me to try and pick out if a certain Sableye was amongst them.

“Kinda. It’s hard to explain, they’re sorta like able to use magic and stuff, but it also depends on which one you pick too,” Danny laughed, scuttling over to me and helping me sort through them. He pulled out a sullen looking Raichu holding his tail like a weapon, the bolt end longer and curved and sharp looking.

“This is Necros. He’s the Magus of Fantasy. He can use his tail like a scythe to separate out dreams and stuff from the real world.”

I held my breath as he pulled out the next one, a shiny Breloom with a wicked, impish grin, those claw like fingers of his looking unpleasantly sharp. The figure’s tail was also threateningly raised.

“This is Ledumos. He’s the Magus of Reality. He can tear apart anything with his sharp claws of truth, or beat you down with his tail of certainty.”

Finally, he pulled out the one I’d been dreading. The purple, grinning fanged Sableye. I couldn’t help myself: I reached for it.

“Oooh, he looks mean. Which one is he?” I asked, holding the figure in my hand, hefting its small weight up and down a little. I could tell Danny was not pleased I’d taken him without asking, but also happy I was showing such interest in his collection.

“That’s Melanthios. He’s the Magus of Misfortune. He can trap someone forever in pain and sadness and all kinds of other icky stuff,” giggled the little Corphish. Clearly the more horrible the Magus, the more excited Danny got.

“Wow. Mind if I use him?” I asked. I wasn’t sure how much more useful information I could get out of Danny, but it was all I could think of doing. I had no idea what the rules of this game were, and apart from cutting our neighborhood off from the rest of the world, Melanthios hadn’t made any other moves I could go off of.

“Mmmmmmmmm….kay! But I get to use Satheus and Lovacun!” he giggled.

“Oh come on, that’s hardly fair,” I pretended to whine. “They’re both gods, right? How the heck am I supposed to stand up to them?”

Danny seemed to consider it. “I guess you’re right…they are from different games anyway. Okay! I’ll be Ledumos then!” he smiled, grabbing the Breloom as he tossed the two other figures aside. It struck me that they must’ve been made out of some pretty strong material to stand up to being constantly in his claws like that.

“Alright, so how do we play?” I asked, holding the Melanthios figure a bit cautiously. I half expected it to start laughing and biting me.

“That’s easy! We fight and use magic and stuff! Raaaar!” Danny grinned and started waving the Ledumos figure at me. I didn’t have much of a choice other than to play along, waving the Melanthios figure back at him and making pretend attack noises and dialogue between the two.


Downstairs, Melanthios Malachi smirked as he advanced towards the Metagross that was retreating into the kitchen.

“Winston Bedford, wasn’t it? Such a big man of the house! Surely you can’t be frightened of little old me?” the Sableye cackled, wisps of purple floating in the air around him, bathing the walls in an iridescent glow.

“Keep back!” roared Simon’s father, knocking several cabinets open with his bulk, causing china and glass to fall and shatter all over the ground.

“Or what? You think you can go up against the likes of me? Don’t make me laugh. You’re just a big bag full of hot air. Absolutely useless.” Melanthios grinned. “Say, there’s an idea! I could fill you so full of your own stupid talk so that it comes out like gas, then ignite you and send this whole house up in flames! Ah, but if I do that, I’ll miss out on the fun of killing your family one by one.”

A knife went sailing through the air towards Melanthios, who merely laughed and dissipated for a moment into a swarm of wisps before reforming once it had passed by and embedded itself into the wall.

“Ah, it looks like you do have some fight in you after all! Wonderful! Interesting! I am so looking forward to tearing you apart!”

The Sableye’s body glowed, the Mystic Fire within his chest swirling and sparkling its hues as he became a swarm of purple, glowing pirrahnas, swirling around the room and spearing towards Simon’s father. Winston swatted at them with his legs when they came close, wincing in pain as he felt some of them bite into him, hearing Melanthios’ cackling laughter all the while. He moved slowly, ducking and twisting his large body out of the way of the continuous swarm, trying to reach the dining room. He’d just managed to take one single step in when he heard a voice in his ear.

“Checkmate! Better luck next time, Winston Bedforrrrrrrrd!”

Time moved slowly. First, the Metagross noticed that both of his forelegs had been severed off, melting away into a pile of scrap metal and debris. Then he noticed he was pitching forward, losing his balance, sailing towards the table. Then he noticed the elegant thin candlestick he and his wife had picked out when they spent an afternoon in an antique shop. He noticed it rising up from the table towards him, heading straight for his eye, which was wide in disbelief.

There was a loud ‘Squilchkk!’ as Winston Bedford was speared straight through the head, the candlestick piercing through his eye socket and into his head's innards. His whole body slumped against the table, oozing black oil from the wound. He didn’t get up again.

Melanthios laughed as he reformed, standing over the body, grinning and licking his lips, suckling on his thin shard of amethyst.

“How pathetic, so much power and you go and totally waste it. People like you make me sick. I guess you got what you deserved in the end, though! Oh how you’ll make Simon squirm in horror!”

The Sableye threw back his head, laughing long and loudly as he disappeared, leaving the speared Metagross there for the whole family to discover. Outside, the sun began to set, ushering in a deep blackness swept across the sky.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

Chapter I – III: Book Win

“Oh my God…”

My mother was frozen at the entrance to the dining room, staring at the corpse of my father, oozing his black blood all over the tablecloth and floor. To be honest, I wasn’t doing much better.

“What is it? I wanna see! I wanna see!” whined Danny, trying to get around both of us, moving from side to side, looking for an opening.

Instantly my mother swooped down and gabbed him, squeezing him to her chest and running into the living room so he wouldn’t be anywhere near that horrific sight.

“Simon, call the police.”

I didn’t move. This…this was my fault. I knew it. I hadn’t taken Melanthios seriously…I wasted time playing with action figures. My father was dead because I hadn’t tried to play the game seriously.

“Simon! Please!” she begged, wrestling with the squirming Corphish in her arms.

“…it won’t do any good,” I murmured.


“The main road’s blocked…no one can get in or out of here…”

“You mean we’re stuck in this place with some insane homicidal maniac?” she cried.

The world came to a halt for a moment and Melanthios appeared in front of me, grinning.

“Well, Simon? What do you think of my little setup so far? It’s nice, isn’t it? Go on, tell me it’s nice. Or alternatively, you could beg me to spare the other two. I might just listen to you, you never know! What do you say, Simon Bedforrrrd?” he cackled.

I clenched my fists at my sides, painfully aware of the fact I couldn’t hurt him at all, even if I tried. “Alright. I’ll play.”

“Hmmmm? What was that? I didn’t quite catch it.”

“I said I’ll play.”


“I SAID I’LL PLAY, GODDAMNIT!” I yelled through gritted teeth, tears starting to stream down my cheeks.

“That’s the spirit! Wonderful! A little late in the game, but I’m not one to complain,” the Sableye giggled, twirling that thin shard of amethyst. “Nothing like a dead parent to boost one’s motivation, is there Simon?”

“Just shut up and explain the rules, you slime,” I growled.

“At this point, you should ask yourself, is it really wise to antagonize me? After all, I did brutally murder your father with my magic. I could easily do the same to your mother and little brother now, couldn’t I? And you’d be left here all alone, all three of the deaths solely your responsibility,” he grinned.

I frowned, biting back the next insult I was going to hurl at him, looking over at my father’s body. Impaled on a candlestick, both his front legs missing, the kitchen a mess of broken shards of china and glass…I couldn’t think of anything worse than magic that had the kind of power to do…

Wait a minute.

Why was I just blindly accepting this was done by magic? I was the one who was having doubts about the entire world around me, and now I was listening to some strange apparition telling me not to offend him? There was something very wrong here.

There’s been something wrong since the beginning.

“I…I think I get it. I think I get what the game is.”

“Oh~? Do tell, Simon,” grinned Melanthios, licking his fangs. “It gets so much more interesting when you do.”

“You don’t really exist, do you? Not in the sense we do. In order to exist, you have to get people to believe in you. In your power.”

“Gooood~. Go onnnn~,” he teased, moving his hand in a ‘keep going’ motion.

“Your goal is to get me to accept that you’re real and you’re the god of this world, or whatever it is you want to be known as. You want me to accept you as my master or something,” I continued. “And my goal is to figure out what is really going on here. Why all this is really happening. Why things don’t feel right. I have to explain it. Am I right?”

The Sableye shrugged, giggling. “More or less. Well done. I was thinking you wouldn’t even get through the game without realizing that much! How very interesting you are, Simon Bedford. I’ll enjoy crushing your spirit, bit by bit. I’ll grind it up into the finest powder and mix it into my afternoon tea every day.”

“Yeah, yeah. So let’s get started already. I want to get back to my family.”

“Of course you do, Simon. Of course you do,” he smirked, before clapping his hands together delightedly. “Very well! Before we begin, I’ll mention one more rule for you. At any point in the game, if I say something in purple, it is the truth.”

“In…purple?” I blinked.

“Like this. Right now, the road to the neighborhood is blocked off. No one can enter or leave from the area.

As he said the words, I saw them actually manifest in the air, swirling around his body, each letter possessing a bright, undeniable purple glow.

“Alright, I think I get it.”

“Good! I’m so glad! So now we can begin playing in earnest! Let’s start with the death of your father!”

He clapped his hands, and suddenly we were somewhere else entirely, probably his personal parlor if all the crystals in the walls were anything to go by. I could’ve gotten lost in the sight of all those gemstones…but right now I was focused only on my opponent.

“Your father was killed by my magic when I ate through his legs and made him fall onto that candlestick. Go,” he said simply, pointing the amethyst shard at me.

I thought furiously about it. Where to begin? If I was meant to deny his magic, then what could I say possibly did that to my father? What could completely destroy two Metagross legs?

“Repeat it in purple for me, Melanthios. ‘My father was killed from a candlestick spearing through his head.’”

The Sableye laughed. “Of course. ‘Winston Bedford was killed from a candlestick spearing through his head.’

I didn’t like the way he used his full name so callously, but I had other things to worry about. The fact of the matter was that the candlestick was the fatal blow, so now I was faced with the dilemma of how it came to pass. Then a thought struck me.

“How’s this? An unknown person, who stabbed the candlestick through his eye in order to kill him, assaulted my father. They then moved his body to the dining room table to make it look like he fell on it.”

Melanthios grinned and said, “What a stupid argument. The candlestick was on the table in the same place it usually is. Right up until it lodged inside his brain, the candlestick was not moved.

I growled, trying to ignore the bright, glowing words flowing around me mockingly. I’d beat him at this no matter how many theories I’d have to come up with.


After hurriedly locking Danny up in his room, still refusing to let him anywhere near the dining room, Natasha Bedford busied herself in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess of glass and china. She knew by rights she shouldn’t be touching what was potentially a crime scene, but she was a mother before she was a responsible citizen, and dead body or no, she had a duty to keep her children safe and well fed.

She had just finished clearing away the last of the mess, tying off the garbage bags, when she froze, spinning on her feet, claws and teeth bared.

“Who’s there? I swear to God, if you’re the one who killed my husband, I’ll tear you in half!”

“Hehehehehe…and they say mothers are most dangerous when protecting their cubs. I see why, now. Quite the frightening visage you’ve got there, Mrs. Bedford.”

Melanthios grinned as he appeared in front of her in his signature way, the purple wisps of gem undulating through the air around him.

“Who are you?” she asked slowly, not taking her eyes off of him. Her legs were tense and ready to spring.

“Now, now, is that any way to talk to the man who’s just saved you the trouble of making dinner? Here, have a look, it’s almost finished,” he grinned, snapping his fingers.

A large pot appeared on the stove, those purple wisps dissipating off of it as it formed, already smoking, the sounds of boiling water coming from within, the lid on top clanking and clattering as steam poured out from the rim. Natasha’s eyes went wide, the Feraligatr looking from Melanthios to the pot, unable to believe what had just occurred. Slowly, still wary of him, she moved towards the pot, reaching for the lid, gently plucking it between two fingers and lifting it up.


The lid clattered to the floor, and Melanthios cackled, clutching at his sides, tears almost spilling from his eyes as he watched the truly hilarious sight of a mother that realized her youngest son was being boiled alive.

“Danny!” she screamed, not even bothering about her own safety, knocking the pot on its side and letting it spill its contents out, frantically grabbing at the Corphish inside and holding him close. He was very badly burned, and his body wasn’t feeling any less scalding to the touch, even making her own hide hiss and sizzle.

“Where’s…dad…dy…?” he gasped, his eyes only opened half way.

Natasha opened her mouth to reply, only to notice his gaze wasn’t focused on her anymore, and he’d gone limp in her arms.

First her husband and now her child. That evil Pokémon had taken both their lives. With a howl of rage, she leapt for Melanthios, eyes wild, intent on tearing his throat out with her jaw. She came about a hair’s breadth away before he snapped his fingers once again, and she froze in midair, unable to move a single part of her body.

“You’re both water types, aren’t you? Kind of ironic, being burned to death, isn’t it? Let’s have you both roasted nice and crispy like I was going to do to your husband! That’ll be such a wonderful meal for dear old Simon!”

Melanthios cackled and snapped his fingers one more time. Natasha felt something akin to an explosion rip through her body, boiling the water inside her eyeballs before ripping out through them. The magical flames he had summoned surged down the path of least resistance, billowing out of her mouth and eye sockets and nostrils, engulfing her in a pillar of fire. She fell backwards as she burned, taking Danny with her, the pair roasting quite nicely as the fire began to spread through the kitchen.

“Mmmm…smells just like my grandfather used to make ‘em,” the Sableye grinned, laughing wickedly and disappearing once again.


I was almost at my wit’s end. I’d tried every theory I could think of that would explain my father’s death, from it being an accident as a result of having spilled some sort of corrosive liquid on himself in the kitchen to an elaborate conspiracy involving a terrorist organization bent on wiping out everyone in the neighborhood. He just cut them all down with those purple truths of his.

“Winston Bedford did not die in an accident.”

“Winston Bedford’s death was a homicide.”

“Winston Bedford was murdered by one single person.”

“Dammit…there’s got to be something I’m missing!”

Melanthios nodded in mock sympathy. “Mmm, poor Simon. It’s all there right in front of you, don’t you see? I killed him with my power! He died because of me! Doesn’t that sound so much more believable?”

“Shut up! Stop trying to distract me! I’m not going to give in and acknowledge you, Melanthios!” I hissed, swatting at him as he came close.

“Oh? Well unfortunately, you’re out of time, human!” He grinned and licked his lips. “Cause while you were busy obsessing over your father’s death, I divided myself up and went to go finish off your mother and your little brother. Roasted them up nice and toasty. That means game over. So sorry. Better luck next time!”

“What? But that’s not fair! How could you…Danny was only nine years old…and Mom was…”

“Yes, yes, I know. I’m a heartless bastard! But look on the bright side my little pink fleshed friend, you might get to save them in the next game, if you’re clever enough!”

“Melanthios! Stop this right now!”

“Didn’t I tell you, Simon? The game only ends when one of our victory conditions is met! Either you disprove my existence, or you accept it. Since neither was met, it’s an instant replay! I look forward to how I’m going to mutilate your family next.”

I realized now what Danny had meant when he said Melanthios was the Magus of Misfortune. I saw what he meant by trapping me eternally in pain. The only way out of it…was to play his game and win.

“Like hell I’m going to let that happen! I'm a human! I'm the only one of my kind! If anyone can do this, it'll be me! I’ll expose every one of your little tricks and destroy you completely and utterly! Just you wait, Melanthios Malachi!” I declared.

He grinned and put his face right against mine, those diamond eyes boring into my own.

“Very well! I look forward to it! Show me this power of humans, show me what it means to be you, Simon Bedforrrrrrrrrrrrrd~!!!”

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

Gathering of the Magi II (Review of the First Game)

Melanthios sighed, smiling as he leaned back in his chair, folding one leg over the other, turning to Necros.

“Well? What do you think of my little game, now that it’s over?” he asked.

Necros didn’t even bother looking up at him. He was once again, more interested in his drink than he was on what was going on around him.

“I can hardly call such a one sided game entertaining, Melanthios. It’s boring no matter what way you look at it.”

The Sableye smirked ever so slightly, looking away, but speaking with a knowing air.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing you confess to the fact you have no chance of winning, Lord Necros.”

The Raichu glanced upwards, his eyes narrowing upon the Sableye. “Winning?” he asked.

“Don’t try to deceive me. I know it’s your specialty, and I also know you’re not just some observer in this game. You’re helping Simon out. That’s how he figured out the rules so quickly. That’s why he kept his will to fight me, even after I brutally murdered every single one of his family members.”

Melanthios grinned and looked at him once again. Necros didn’t respond. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“And if so?” Necros asked calmly.

Melanthios laughed, standing up. “How exciting! I never would have dreamed in a thousand years I’d be given the chance to go up against the legendary Necros! Ah, it truly is an honor to be fighting against you. You don’t know how happy this makes me, to be your opponent, such a lowly Magus as I. “

He grinned. “Of course, I had my suspicions from the beginning. I had to get them confirmed before I openly challenged you.”

Necros frowned suddenly, putting down his drink. “…You called him, didn’t you?”

A third person appeared in the room in a cloud of glowing spores, grinning even wider than Melanthios. He was a Shiny Breloom, red and tan and with hints of green all over him, his long tail swishing behind him.

“So, I’ve finally tracked you down, Necros!” the newcomer grinned.

The Raichu sighed. “Looks like you’ve got nothing else better to do too, Ledu.”

The Breloom huffed. “Don’t shorten my name like that, Nec!”

Melanthios smiled. “Ah, what a fine reunion! Lord Ledumos expressed such interest in playing against you when he found out you were going up against me.”

Necros frowned. “You’re still holding a grudge over that one defeat, aren’t you? How immature.”

“I’m not immature! You’re immature! That was a cheat and a swindle on your part and you know it, Necros!” Ledumos whined, gnashing his teeth together.

“Whatever you like,” he said, waving a paw dismissively. “I don’t have any reason to hold back anymore now that I’ve been exposed. I’ll go prepare for the next game.”

“We’ll see you there. Look forward to it. Should be quite the interesting display.”

Melanthios grinned, and then, one by one, the three Magi disappeared in a cloud of electricity, gems, and spores.

The Magi play their games, using the lives of the people below as their pieces. Who would ultimately win? Would the truth ever be revealed? Perhaps in time an outcome would be achieved, the truth would be observed.

For now though, it must remain locked within the cat box.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die
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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

I'll talk in here now that it's over, the unfortunate state of my picture above is owing to the fact my school decided to shut down the computer lab with the scanners without informing me, so I had to go on the merry adventure of getting a webcam and taking a picture of the sketch, utterly destroying the quality. I desperately attempted to get a nice linework trace of it done on the computer to see it clearer, but I still hadn't lined in Necros when the time limit was coming nearer, so I had to submit that, unfortunately.

But hey, like Kat says, it's something. And at least it's above the required pixel size too (not that you can really tell on Imageshack, or can you? I don't know, it seems bigger on my computer and GIMP says it's 1713x1285 pixels, but I think IS scaled it down ><).

I'll color it in and submit the finished version after the judging is over so you all can see what it SHOULD'VE looked like *chuckle*.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

And last but not least, you're up!


It actually took a little while for me to realize the main character's family weren't humans, but he was. A little weird and unusual, but still good. I guess holding my breath trying to figure out how a human's mother was a Feraligatr and his father a Metagross while his little brother was a Corphish isn't such a good idea. Or how he ended up as the only human in all this.

As for the story itself, definitely fantastic horror packed with a truckload of macabre themes. Melanthios makes for a great antagonist who seems untouchable, deranged, and extremely clever and crafty, the material of awesome villains. Meanwhile, the plot was also extremely well designed, but the ending just seems so abrupt and doesn't do justice to this great story. We never find out what happens to Simon and instead, that whole aspect is kind of just left hanging on the hook. It just seems to me like the story hit the climax, but never really got much in the ways of closure. That was really the only thing that stopped you from getting the last 6 points from getting a perfect score. Everything else, length, description, detail, emotion, plot, and character development were all there and accounted for. The murders of Simon's parents, the "game" that Melanthios plays with Simon and even Necros, and the overall theme of the story is really, really well done, and I can't really ask for too much more than that besides possibly more chapters.

Overall: 44/50


It's kind of a shame this wasn't completed either. The sketch looks good, probably would have been epic if it had been inked and colored in with shading and detail. As far as the size goes, what ImageShack has is smaller than the required limit. I have been able to upload wallpaper-sized images on Photobucket (this and this for example), but as Innocent Bystander also used, DeviantArt was another method. Also, the sketch is missing a title and emblem of the story.

Between linking the art with the story, it can be done considering you've got the major characters in there, and their positioning in the image is pretty well laid-out. But yeah, a background, color, title logo, and so on would have really helped with this. The characters all look pretty good, though, you definitely show you can kick ass at drawing. However, it is incomplete, unfortunately.

Overall: 32/50

TOTAL: 76/100

I think the only thing that held you back was completion on both fronts. The story was nearly complete, and it was pretty awesome and well written and well-laid out. It also looks like you had a great idea in mind for the art wallpaper, but again, completing it was something that needed to be done to give it the full score.

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

"Heya all! Ledumos here! Yeah so apparently Necros was as lame as usual and couldn't even figure out how to upload a fullsized picture! Isn't that hilarious? Come on, laugh with me, you know it's funny, heh heh heh" *winks*

"Anyway since I know it'll piss him off and help confuse you little humans even more, I'm going to proclaim a few things in purple for you all. Ready? Here I go!~"
"Necros is not a good guy. He's a real meanie. I would know, heh heh heh."

"Melanthios is a brilliant actor. He even had me fooled!"

"It is impossible for a Metagross to be stabbed through the eye with a candlestick, even with the force of gravity."

"It is impossible for a Corphish and Feraligatr, both water types, to burn to death."

"Both Daniel and Natasha Bedford were burned to death."

"How's that?~ Huuuuh?~ Figured anything out yet? Oh well! Guess you'll have to wait and see if we continue the next game! See you all later!"

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Default Re: [DreamCraft] The Bonds That Never Die

Yeah, that's definitely much, much better than the previous one.

Nice job, dude, it's quite good.

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