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Old 07-20-2011, 05:12 PM
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Default Negima Notes


Note From the Author, Pe2kVoices

This fan fiction will follow events from the manga and anime as well as my own storyline. If you are confused unto why there is no actual introduction in the story, you can read the first chapter of the manga. This is the original author, Pe2kVoices, on PE2K forums. If you see any other poster that is posting this and is not listed here, contact me immediately at:

Questions and Help

I incorporate music within my fan fics. When Book One is done, the soundtrack will be released in a nice and neat list for you to reference it. In the story itself, you will see hypertexted words occasionally. This signifies the beginning of the song. It will end whenever you like, but keep in mind, the ending time will be different for everybody. While I have set scenes in my own mind, I would like to invite you to use your imagination when listening to the music. It is there simply to let you feel the mood of the scene.

Now, some of you may ask, what does the "*" mean? Well, it has two meanings. I will cover the soundtrack "*" first.

For example, if it is hypertexted, it means it signifies profane language in a soundtrack. If there is an alternate version of the song, scroll to the bottom of the chapter and search for the note. This note will contain a link to the censored song. For example, we will use the main theme of Negima Chronicles. (note, it does not contain profane language and is used for example only)

Theme Song by Pendulum - The Island
is how it would be posted if didn't contain profane language.

If it does, it will look like this:
Theme Song by Pendulum - The Island*
- Note the star.

The second meaning for the "*" is a vocabulary meaning. Since the main characters all know both English and Japanese, there may be Japanese slang or words in there. For the readers who do not know Japanese, there will be a note at the bottom containing a link to a dictionary website with the meaning of the word.


Some of you may be wondering how many students and characters are there? Well, to be precise, there will be 32 different students of Class 2-A mentioned. Some major, some minor. Some of you may not know Japanese, and so the names will have little to no affect to you. However, knowing what their interests and looks are may jog your memory. This list helps you keep track of every student. Refer to it if you have any questions about the different girls.

The other characters, which I will be using or developing, will play larger roles in the story, so there will not be a need to post a list of them.

What are these... words?

There will be Latin in the fan fic, as there was in the original Manga. Do not feel discouraged, it is a dead language after all. However, some may have important meanings, others you may get the jist of. Important Latin spells and incantations will be listed below.

No spells have been added to our index yet.

About the Rating

The rating, PG13, stands for Parental Guidance. Content such as blood violence, partial nudity, and language are present.

"Send me to the fan fic!" Okay, okay, but be warned of the rating! Here!

Thanks! Got anymore questions? I will answer them for you!
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