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Old 04-10-2011, 09:48 PM
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

OOC Now I see that it's Skyarrow not Skyline.

Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Castelia City >> Skyarrow Bridge >> Pinwheel Forest

I ran over to the station between Castelia City and Skyarrow Bridge. My mouth dropped at the first glance. It was way longer than I ever imagined. It’d be an hour long on the trainer’s walkway! I had to take an alternative plan, which was to get to a lower level of the bridge and hitch a ride there. I dashed back to Castelia City and took the car path to the bridge. There, I caught a glimpse of a truck slowing down to pick up someone waiting on the side of the road. I jumped onto the side and last second dipped into the back of the truck. It had a lot of carpentry supplies in it, it probably belonged to some sort of contractor. I stabilized myself as it started moving. Once I’d gotten used to it, which didn’t take too long, I lifted my head just up to my eyes outside of the truck. I had a beautiful view of Skyarrow bridge and the ocean below. It really struck me that I didn’t appreciate things like this enough. Suddenly, the truck swerved into another lane, swinging me over. I had one hand latched onto the side of the truck, the rest of my body flying free in the wind…the car was moving so fast that I couldn’t hold on, and I flung off to the car behind in the next lane over. I slammed into the windshield, giving a perfect view of a screaming middle-aged woman with two giggling boys in the back, maybe my age. I didn’t want to get in a car accident and with the speed that we were moving at, no doubt it would happen – it was like a blind man drunk driving a car while steering with only his knees. I rolled, trying to input the energy to do so, because the wind wasn’t on my side on this one. I managed to roll off the side of the car, gliding in the wind until I collided with the railing on the side of the bridge. I landed on the side of my face, and I now had a large bruise on it. This was really aggravating, especially considering I would now have to walk all the way to Pinwheel Forest. Turns out, I was only a two minute walk there. Once I got to where the station would be above me, I climbed up a post until I got to the trainer’s walkway above. Not wanting to be seen by people passing by, instead of jumping to the pathway I jumped to the side of the station and sidled on a small piece of flooring below me until I was on the other side. I moved a bit into the trees, not wanting to be seen. However, when I glanced to my side at the pathway, there was nobody there. Not one single soul. That was real weird. This was Pinwheel Forest, there was no other way to get to Castelia City from Nacrene City by walking tan through Pinwheel Forest. As I progressed on through the cleared path, I approached the grassy clearing. There I saw two people Pokemon battling. One looked a lot older than the other, which you don’t see too often. I never, I mean never tried to battle against older people, as no doubt they have stronger Pokemon and more experience. The older looking one had a dedicated breeder getup, which might’ve explained the Espeon next to him (A lot of breeders work with Eevee due to their split DNA; I don’t blame them, I once considered specialty breeding too) What really struck me was that the younger one actually had a Volcarona. And I thought I was lucky to have RaiRai! I climbed to the top of a nearby tree to observe while tending to my bruises; tending meaning constantly rubbing while in excruciating pain. I didn’t worry about them noticing me, they were concentrated on their battle and only the breeder was facing me – he wouldn’t see me unless he looked up. Although, being a Riolu, anyone native to Unova would be fascinated to find me and would definitely try and capture me.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Atrus Gumshoe
Castelia City
Affected NPCs: Yodrian's wife and son

Back at the precinct, Atrus began assigning patrol routes. Unlike normal rounds, Atrus made sure that every patrol was overlapping by half an hour, ensuring that the security of Castelia's citizens was heightened to match the kidnappings. He also made sure every pair had at least one psychic or aura pokemon.

With his shift over, Atrus's first thought was getting ready for bowling night. Tonight he and four others, including his neighbor James, who was the arguably the best bowler on the team. Atrus, in retrospect, was arguably the worst. But his antics kept the rest of the team laughing and enjoying themselves.

Atrus parked the car in his own driveway before walking across the street and knocking on the door. A young woman, looking to be in her early 30's, answered. "Oh, good evening detective. I take it you and James are going out for your league night?" she spoke after she opened the door.

Atrus chuckled gave a nod. "Yup! He's rather lucky. Most married guys have to sneak out just to go bowling." Atrus teased. Veronica laughed along with the scruffy detective.

"Well, he's not home at the moment. Why don't you come in? I'm sure Johnny wants to say hi. I'm sure he'll be home soon." the lady spoke. Atrus smiled and entered into the house.

"Don't mind if I do." Atrus responded as he walked in. A little boy about five dressed in his blue footsies pajamas ran over into the living room and bounced up and down a bit.

"Unca Gummy! I taught Gandalf a new trick!" the little boy said before looking over to the hallway. From out of said hallway pounced a very big and overly excited Arcanine, much to Atrus' and Veronica's surprise. The Arcanine knocked Atrus backwards and into the nightstand, knocking off the lamp and the phone, both of which broke into pieces upon landing on the hardwood floor. "I taught him how to evolve with a shiny red rock I found!" the boy finished as the Arcanine began licking Atrus' face repeatedly.

"Gandalf, go lay down! Johnny! Where did you get a fire stone from and why did you evolve our Growlithe without my permission? Now look, Gandalf hurt our neighbor, and the lamp and phone are broken!" Veronica scolded the little boy.

Atrus got back onto his feet once the Arcanine got off of him. "Oof. Don't worry about it, I'm alright. Besides, I'm pretty good at repairing broken electronics. Can't do anything for your lamp, but if you'd like, I'll take this phone with me, and when I get back to my place tonight, I'll fix it up, right as rain." Atrus said with a smile.

Veronica sighed a bit and gave a smile to Atrus. "Sure. If you can't trust a cop, who can you trust?" she joked as she got a paper bag for Atrus to use. Atrus put the pieces and bulk of the phone into the bag and helped clean up the shattered lamp. However, Atrus didn't know right yet that he had found something important. He placed the paper bag inside his bowling bag where his bowling uniform, shoes and ball were kept.

"Well then, I guess I'll go and buy a new lamp once James gets home so I can use his car." Veronica spoke with a smile before she went off to go and do the dishes.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu, Dylan

Indigo put the pressure on the Volcarona, but the pain and exhaustion she was feeling from the previous attack slowed her down, and caused her slack when it came to the Psychic attack. The Volcarona broke free of the pressure, and unleashed a Fiery Dance attack as a reprisal. The Volcarona unleashes the waves of flames and fire upon Indigo. There weren’t a whole lot of places she could take cover either, leaving her only crouching as the flames engulfed her. She cringed and turned away before trying to stumble away from the battlefield. In truth, I knew even after that, she could still fight, but I wasn’t going to force her to do more of this.

“You did good, Indigo, return!” I told her, aiming the Pokéball’s red beam at her to return her for some rest.

Once the beam landed on her, she transformed into a red, translucent light and was returned to the Pokéball. Thing with this kid was that having a Volcarona was unusual, but not impossible. However, it did make me wonder what kind of other Pokémon he had with him. Not to mention what he was doing out here in the first place. The kid didn’t seem like the kind that would be worried about kidnappers, but still, I knew Xexan wasn’t going to try and capture every person they saw on the road.

“One more,” I told him, grabbing Crash’s Pokéball. “I sure love a good Pokémon battle, but I’m behind on my catching quota. Let’s see if you can handle this guy.”

As nostalgic as this was, I didn’t exactly have all day for it. Not to mention I didn’t want to exhaust all of my Pokémon and then end up in deep crap with Xexan. Plus, I needed to be alone with the spotters watching rather than wondering when this little boxing match would be done. Xexan wouldn’t attempt an abduction during a Pokémon battle. Still, it was quite possible any breeder could want to get back to catching Pokémon rather than have a 6vs6.

I then tossed Crash’s Pokéball, and suddenly the Arcanine emerged with a flash of light. The tiger-colored Pokémon looked at his adversary, and prepared himself.

“Nail that Volcarona with an Extremespeed!” I shouted to Crash.

Bracing himself, he lunged at the fire bug with a furious, blitz charge, one that would slam into the Volcarona before it even had the chance to blink. Hopefully with that and the Psychic attack from earlier, it would be enough to take the sucker out.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Riolu, watching the battle from a tree branch. Seemed pretty unusual to see one of those around here, but I focused on the battle for now. Not even a breeder would suddenly put a battle on hold to try and catch a Pokémon. Not to mention that wasn’t what I was really here for either.

As Crash flew at the Volcarona like a bullet, I prepared for the satisfying results.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, En Route to Outer Pinwheel Forest.

She stared at the monitors for a few minutes. The monitors showed a view of a Pokemon Breeder...And Jack, Aur's literally mindless servant. Something did seem kind both of them. The nature of popping up unexpectedly was Jack's issue, but that was an issue anyone could have made. However, the Breeder seemed quite...different. Both were engaged in battle, both standing out with strong and fierce Pokemon.

It was Fennel's turn to oversee the forest with extremely-well disguised cameras, and Fennel came about for an interesting scene. However, she had more than one monitor to watch, and her eyes darted amoung the monitors, checking as many Locations as possible.

There were also some nearby monitors, detailing the status of the two Pokemon that she was assigned to keep an eye out for. The computer that was wired wrote the notes down itself, leaving space for Fennel to jot down notes if nessicary. One-A Riolu-was traveling through pinwheel forest, and to her suprise, was actually watching a battle. Adreneline was pretty high, but it's need for food was evident, as was massive amounts of pain. Fennel had disagreed with putting the Riolu back in the desert where they were found, and not in a more suitable location. Fortunatly, now the Riolu was most certianly in a place where food and water were easily accessible. The other-A Zoura-was in it's natural habitat, Lostlorn Forest. It was in good condition, though the monitors mentioned it did use a Night Daze attack a few minutes ago. It seemed to be conversing with another Pokemon, considering it was making a call. The other Pokemon in the conversation was close enough that it's cry could be heard. The cry was a Vulpix'es cry, no doubts.

After taking a glance at those monitors, she looked at her most recent 'capture,' which was being guarded by Hilda. The Audino tried to escape from the room two times now, and Fennel barely managed to stop him the second time.

The Audino's name was Necros, a name that apparently was given to the Trainer that held him in a PokeBall for the longest period of time. After putting the Audino at gunpoint to answer, in clear english, every question she asked, the Audino had answered quite willingly and truthfully. According to him, he had been born along humans, but passed along from Trainer to Trainer quite quickly due to his knowledge of how to haywire a PokeBall. He caught on to english one of the times he was captured, simply by reading a Dictionary. The last time he got caught, he barely escaped-The ball he got caught in was the escape-proof Master Ball, but he got lucky; when the Trainer let him out to eat, the trainer stupidly turned his back to him, and Necros shot off into Pinwheel Forest before his captor could react. He lived in the wild for a little while before being caught by Xexan in a cage.

And he wasn't intent on staying in Xexan for any period of time, as his actions obviously proved. The Audino, though still showing his evil grin, was quite desperate to get out from day one of his capture, and just because he was caught in an Ultra Ball in addition to being trapped in Xexan didn't make this desire any less potent. Fennel made a mental note to herself to sedate him for an hour if he tried it again.

Turning back to the monitors, she noticed something. It was nearly unidentifiable in the bushes if the Zoom wasn't put in, but when Fennel zoomed in close enough, Something that looked suspiciously like a cop came into focus. He was in the depths of the bushes. A Dewott was nearby him, and it looked ready to pounce on something. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the figure was either an F.B.I. or a U.I.B.P.P.A. Agent. She still didn't understand the difference. Each Region had their own F.B.I., why have a U.I.B.P.P.A. on top of that?

Aur had to know. Separated from almost all contact with Xexan, there was no known way she knew of to alert him to the threat. If he made any moves, the trap would be sprung, Aur would be caught or killed, and would provide a lot of information either way. Moreover, if he did get caught and spilled the beans, then Xexan would be in serious trouble.

And now, she had to go save his skin.

"Necros, Return!" Fennel called, pressing the button on her Ultra Ball, sucking Necros back in. She wasn't concerned of the chance he would escape at the time, this was more important. Besides, keeping him in her box would serve her well, as well as keeping his escape chances at zero. After the light sucked the Ultra Ball in the PC box, She gestured to the only other two Pokemon out, Musharna and Hilda.

"We've got a problem. A trap's been set by some Government officials, and we need to get to Aur. I don't know where he is, and I don't know how to contact him, so I guess we're going to look for him." Fennel said, looking at Hilda and Musharna. Musharna, being naturally slow, was returned to her PokeBall, whist the much faster Hilda remained.

"Let's go." She said, exiting the doorway, Hilda in tow.
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga, Saraibre, Raven X

The twirling flames surrounding Helias engulfed the Espeon as well. From his angle, Aur could not see the reaction of the Psychic Pokemon, but he imagined it to involved quite a bit of cringing. Maybe even some screaming. Volcarona fires were hot, after all, and they didn't get much hotter than in its signature move.

"You did good, Indigo, return!” The breeder called back his Espeon, which returned to his Pokeball in a flash of red light, conveniently evading the rest of Helias's attack. Its target gone, the Volcarona ceased dancing, and the fires wreathing its body gradually evaporated. "“One more," the breeder said. "I sure love a good Pokémon battle, but I’m behind on my catching quota. Let’s see if you can handle this guy.”

He tossed out another Pokeball, and an Arcanine erupted onto the scene. Aur raised an eyebrow. He had never seen an Arcanine in person before. He thought they were native to the Kanto and Johto regions, rare in the wild, and pretty hard to raise and evolve.

“Nail that Volcarona with an Extremespeed!” The Arcanine bolted forward, almost disappearing to the human eye, and slammed into Volcarona. Aur sighed. Although it wasn't likely that Jack could have avoided the attack, not preparing for an attack straight out of the Pokeball was grave mistake. Helias went rolling across the ground, its wings crumpling as they kept being squashed beneath its body. Yet it still staggered up, weakly. Jack wouldn't recall a Pokemon until it fainted entirely, and Aur didn't want to see his Volcarona get knocked out entirely.

Well, he had seen it enough. Aur reached into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and punched in a few numbers. At the same time, he shut off all his other electronics. Except one. From Jack's backpack came a loud, annoying rap song. The boy, surprised, looked over at his backpack on the side of the road. "Uh, one moment please." He walked over with his back to the breeder, opened up the pack, and reached inside.

Instead of pulling out a phone, however, Jack pulled out a small black cylindrical objected drilled with holes. The breeder, of course, couldn't see it. Jack stared at the cylinder for all of one second before his programming kicked in. Turning around in a single, swift motion carrying a surety of purpose the boy never could have achieved by himself, he pulled the pin and pitched the stun grenade straight at the breeder.

It clattered at the breeder's feet, still rolling quickly. BOOM. The flash-bang was loud. It left Aur's ears ringing even from all the way up in the forest, and had he not turned around his vision would still be spotty. The two battlers and their Pokemon had it much worse. Knowing there was no time to lose, Aur bolted down from his hiding place, jumping into the middle of the road in a single, enormous leap, and picked the breeder off the ground by his shirt before he had a chance to recover. With his other hand, he set off a powerful EMP pulse with the one electronic he hadn't turned off, attached to his side. One of his upper legs whipped around to rest its point at his throat. "Get your Arcanine back in his ball," he ordered. Having set off the EMP, his free hand grabbed his gun and pointed it at the breeder to emphasize the point.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

I was still in the trees with his Dewott throughout the whole battle. I still had my pistol lined up with the trainer’s leg. After he kind of defeated Logan’s Espeon with his Volcarona, he took out a cell phone and typed a few numbers. Then as if on cue his book bag started playing a rap song. I could not love this kind of music; even Dewott started covering up with ears. The trainer then took this kind of device from his bag.

In a flash, a bang was produced. I hurried to do my job. “Braivery quickly come down ad help us,” I said, “Haxorus, go down there and give Logan a hand, Dewott you too”. I then threw my Haxorus’s pokeball right down there. “Mobile 1 call in all available units in the area, I’m going in”. Quickly I jumped from the tree. My ears were still ringing with the flash bang. Haxorus dove and tackled the trainer who produced the flash bang.

My eyes quickly scanned the area for where ever Logan was. My eyes soon found the horror. I was staring at a mutated male. His body was practically from three different Pokémon, a Porygon-Z, Metagross, Ariados. He also had a device pointing at Logan’s head. “Dewott use Razor Shell on that thing”, I commanded. My Dewott did exactly as I said and pulled both shells from its sides and began to make them glow, he then threw them in a very swift motion. I then aimed my pistol with the thing’s hands as he was holding the device. I then pulled the trigger and let the bullet whizzed over the mutated being.
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
deep in Pinwheel Forest

The last few days were complete hell and confusion for Alyse Hadder. She had at least gotten used to being in her new body, but the pain and sadness that she felt was still great. She had never dreamed anything like this could happen; it was madness. She saw herself in a reflection at the small stream of water she was drinking from, a thick scar lanced across her left eye, and everything from the elongated snout to her fangs, to her eyes, was her precious beloved Archie. The Arcainine she had traveled with ever since she began her journey those long years now. Overwhelming sadness filled her heart once more and she let out another howl of agony. She had turned her thought to what had started all of this, it happened so suddenly that she never knew what exactly had happened.

One thing she had remembered was that she was near the entrance to the Pinwheel Forest, after that was confusion and scattered memories, though one that shone as though etched in her memory was what the strange creature had asked her.

“Would you die for the sake of your Pokemon?” the humanoid had said in a distorted voice.

The question stung her to the very core, of course she would and she gave her answer. After that though she saw the creature make and evil grin and let out a hallow laugh then darkness filled her vision. When she woke up she found herself back in Pinwheel forest not remembering what happened or how she ended back at the spot where she was abducted.

A few days had passed, but she still had no idea what to do, she had avoided capture thus far but only because she was deep enough in the forest that not very many people traveled there. She knew she must find a way to stop the people at Xexan and warn others about what she was doing, but how she was going to do that, she didn’t know.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Lostlorn Forest -> Nimbasa City

Robert walked up to the edge of the forest and hid behind some bushes with Farah along side him. As a trainer, Robert had been to the city and knew his way around. But as a wild Pokemon, getting in would be the hard part. There was always one little flaw to his human illusion, and that was the presence of his tail. It always remained exposed when he used his human illusion form. He needed to get a trench coat or robe of some sort, something that would hide the tail.

Once Robert was sure the coast was clear, he dashed for some shrubs in the backyard of one of the suburb houses laying just outside of the city limits. He motioned for Vulpix to follow suit. The young Vulpix ran as fast as she could, making it into the bush just before a few trainers passed by the house along the trail road leading to Route 16.

Robert could see some movement in the house, silhouettes cast upon the windows. Robert waited patiently, and within fifteen minutes, the people inside the house left to go to the city in their car. While there was still a risk that someone else could be inside, Robert needed to get his paws on something that could hide his tail, otherwise getting into the city without having every trainer tossing Pokeballs at him would be near impossible.

Robert found the back door was unlocked and cautiously slipped inside by opening the sliding glass door. Once inside, Robert took a look around, keeping close to anyplace he could hide. Finally, he managed to get into one of the bedrooms.

While there were no trench coats or coats that would be long enough, there was a red bathrobe. Carefully, he jumped up, broke the plastic hanger with his teeth, tossed the lower part of the plastic hanger aside and used his power of illusion to make himself look human. After donning the robe, he ran outside, scooped up Farah and began to head into the city. He looked like a teenage kid who had just woken up, appearing as if he were wearing sneakers with no socks, a two piece white with blue pin-stripe button pajamas and the real red robe covering him, hiding his bushy, short black tail.

Now was the hard part. The city was bustling, and being unable to speak English anymore, he'd never be able to hold a conversation. Instead he acted as though he was in an emergency, as though something were seriously wrong with the Vulpix he carried. He began quickly passing by other people who at most just shot him an odd glance due to the fact that he looked like he didn't bother to get dressed. However, that was better than the alternative. All he needed to do now was to get to the Pokemon Center.

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu, Dylan

Crash the Arcanine slammed into the Volcarona, sending it straight to the ground. Even after taking a beating like that, the kid insisted to let the Pokémon keep going, which was fine by me. He wouldn’t have had much that Crash would be weak against. And then, the kid had a cell phone call right in the middle of the battle. Well, it was annoying, but not uncommon.

“Uh, one moment please,” He told me, reaching into his backpack as the ringtone was that of a rap song.

I waited as Crash returned to my side, and we waited. I saw he pulled out what I thought was his cell phone at first. I didn’t pay much attention to him or it until he threw it at me. For a minute, I didn’t understand what was going on until I saw it land near my feet, and realized it wasn’t a phone… was a grenade. In that last second, I suddenly realized that’s how they did it.

It went off, and my eyes and ears were suddenly killed by the hideous bang and the massive flash of white light. I couldn’t see a thing after that, and immediately, I tried rubbing my face, half out of natural reaction, half to signal the spotters there was a serious problem.

“Damn it…” I muttered, trying to break away from it.

I stumbled and ended up on the ground. Unfortunately, Crash and Zephyr were in no condition to do anything either, the flash bang grenade pulverized them as much as it did to me. I could have been traveling with one, two, or even six Pokémon out and walking with me, they still would have been nailed if this is what they were using to take trainers out. As I rolled onto my back, I knew it was up to the spotters now, I was in no condition to fight back like this.

Then, someone or something grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me off the ground. A second later, some kind of electromagnetic pulse was set off, and I knew my camera, the bug, and the Xtranscevier were all fried in that.

“Get your Arcanine back in his ball,” I heard a new voice order me as I suddenly felt some kind of cold, steel clamp wrapped around my neck.

“H-How, I… can’t see for crying out loud!” I shouted back at him, or whatever the heck this new person was.

I felt something else pressed against my head. That, I knew, was a gun. I kept trying to blink, but my vision was still shrouded, and I knew it would be at least another few minutes before it cleared up. If the spotters could call it in and attack, that would buy me enough time to have Crash and Zephyr attack once they recovered. My communications were dead, but those were replaceable.

From the little I could see, Robert Dinkins immediately moved in. If he called this in on radio, we were gold, this would have been worth it to even have a flash bang grenade go off in my face. However, from what I could see, the thing holding me down wasn’t human or Pokémon. It was some kind of freak, a combination of human and Pokémon parts. Was this what Xexan was doing? Good lord, these guys were out of their minds.

“Mobile 1 call in all available units in the area, I’m going in,” Robert Dinkins called in. “Dewott use Razor Shell on that thing.”

Thank God, now all we needed was for Yune Scio to radio Donavan for backup, and we could actually put an end to this whole thing. If Agent Dinkins’s Dewott successfully distracted the mutant, I could get Crash and Zephyr back in and nail both the mutant and his trainer accomplice. From interrogating both of them, we would get exactly what we needed. Now, we just needed to capture them, instead of them capturing me.

Hopefully this insane plan would actually work after all…

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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Yune Scio
Intelligence Mercenary
Narcene Museum Roof -> Outer Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPer's: Neo, Kya, Raven, whoever else is around Neo...

Scio watched the battle from her spot, having the better eye on the other guy and the small surrounding area to watch for anything suspicious. Scio didn’t really watch the battle, though it made it a hell of a lot more difficult to read faces. She kept watching, only having to move the slightest millimeter to see a few meters away from her spotee. Nothing unusual yet, however it’s then she noticed that there was someone looking like a cop getting too close for her liking to the one she was spotting. Scio got tense, and her shiny Galvantula noticed the change in her nervous system pulses and woke up immediately, looking at her trainers head.

Scio watched the other stranger as the phone went off and he turned around. She couldn’t seem him well enough, but just enough to make her get up from her place. She watched and everything seemed in slow motion. As the boy went to pull something out of his bag, she saw the tensing of a muscle in his arm, and then the next thing she knew, flash and bang.

‘God dammit, stupid common cops screw this up too much.’ She thought to herself, losing her jacket. “Shorai!”

The Galvantula spat a strong web at the nearest tree, grabbed her trainer and swung off the roof of the building. Scio let out two Pokemon from her Pokeball’s: One flashed into a emerald green Scyther, the other, an electrified monochrome Zebstrika. Enja and Dancer were her two most trusted field mates’ Enja was damn fast and could move much faster than Scio could to get to point A. Dancer was Scio’s first and was always the back up initiative. She snapped and made a couple of hand gestures, and the two were on their way.

“Scio sent a recorded message onto the feed of the stand by back up she made earlier so she still didn’t need to use her current headset to do so.

‘All Pidove in the forest, scramble scramble.’

It was a loop that would repeat for awhile. Scio went into combat mode, mentally preparing herself for anything. This other spotter Scio tagged as a moron and would need all the held he could get. Enja was an elite trained Scyther, and Dancer was the best of his breed.

Scio moved in, her Galvantula practically grappling her from one tree to the other as fast as it could just outside the city now. Enja, already speeding down to the flashpoint beyond what the human eye could follow, just as stated in the Pokedex, she would do her thing, with Dancer following as back up. Enja, speeding on her way, doing dashes, bounding off trees, anything to make her move faster. The green blur fit perfectly in the lushness of Pinwheel Forest, her speed was her invisibility. Once she saw agent Logan, and what was holding him down, the mantis Pokemon saw the gun at Logan’s head and without losing her massive momentum, took her long scythe and went for the monster’s wrist, knowing that some even blunt attack, should that of been the case, would trigger a nervous reaction to drop the gun. Enja would then aim for the monster’s critical points moving as fast as she damn could without being hit. Dancer would then follow with a coordinated Flame Charge.

OOC: I hate trying to catch up >_< WOO POST 4900!
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Cetna LaKuu <Haxorus>
Deep Pinwheel Forest.

Cetna Awoke to a bright light in her face. This wasn’t like the other lights she had in her face before. It had a warm, nice feeling to it. She slowly opened her eyes, only to blind herself more. *That was pretty silly…* Cetna thought to herself. She sat up, wondering why she was on the forest floor. Was everything that happened to her a dream? A nightmare? She didn’t know what was real anymore, but she was certain that, torment, she went through wasn’t true. No one is that cruel. She sat up and stretched. It did feel good to stretch after what could only be assumed to be a dream. She felt like she really was in a chair strapped down and… she didn’t want to remember it again.

Cetna stood up and felt an odd sensation. Did she have a growth spurt over night? It was a weird feeling, but an unmistakable one. She had never measured up to the trees so closely. She usually could jump up to the lowest branches, but now they were in grabbing reach. Maybe she had been this tall, but her growing was so small she didn’t notice. That explained it. She shrugged off the new feeling and went to find her stuff. She realized she was very hungry and thirsty. Where did she put her bag? She started to frantically look for it and heard her belly rumble. She laughed awkwardly and looked down at her claw rubbing her bel-WHAT?!

Her claw?! A CLAW!?!? She looked at her other hand and saw another claw. She looked down more and could barely see her feet over some large oval shaped appendages. She felt them, and they were sharp to the touch. She panicked more and more when she suddenly realized something flicked her in the back. Turning around, there was nothing there. Then it flicked her again, and she grabbed for it and hurt herself. Was this a tail, was it her tail? A dark and horrible thought crossed her mind the second she put all the facts together. She ran forwarded, something told her a water supply was ahead of her. She found a small pond and fell into it. She stood up, and when the water finally settled she could she her -then- worst fear.

She looked like a Haxorus, more importantly, like her Haxorus. She recognized the same scars that were on this body that matched her own Haxorus’ body. Her fear turned to disgust, then pain, and finally ended on rage. She punched the water, hoping that making the water reassemble would change the picture. Of course she knew in the back of her mind that it wouldn’t, but she had to try. When this led to no avail, she let out a howl of rage that made the small Pokémon around her scatter in fear.

Realizing she had not imagined the past few days, she wondered the forest. She had to find some way to get her body back and get her haxorus back. But at the very least she had to make those freaks pay for what they did. Did they have no conscience? Remembering how some of them looked, she thought they were just mindless monsters, wondering from experiment to experiment like wild pokemon on instinct. She was so enraged, all Cetna could see was red. She tried to calm down, but the thought of her Haxorus being dead, or worse, would set her off again. Having strong emotions sucked.
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Underground Monitoring Station 13C, Pinwheel Forest >>Skyarrow Bridge>>Castelia City
Disease Level: 1

Tiffany gazed at the monitors blankly, letting the numbers and images flow over her eyeballs and seep into her brain, even with her eyelids half closed and her posture slouching a bit in her chair, her mouth an emotionless line cutting across her face.

“…huh,” she remarked after about a solid minute of this.

She felt the two guards assigned to her security detail immediately react and go into hyper alert, checking for possible enemies. Tiffany rarely said anything aloud, so for her to make such a noise was tantamount to sounding an alarm. She, of course, didn’t even bother enlightening them as to what had occurred to her. There was no point; they’d only panic.

What had captured her attention were two things at once. Firstly there was the situation in Pinwheel Forest above, where it seemed a couple of other Xexan members had fallen victim to a government trap. This in itself didn’t surprise her, she had felt the presence of nearly everyone in the area, but lacked the motivation to actually do anything about it. Aur was a big boy. He could handle himself. And if he couldn’t, she was sure someone else would come to his aid. And if they didn’t, well, she had contingency measures in place.

“…Copy all the data to the Silver Needle. We…might need to pull out from here,” she murmured dreamily.

All at once her guards scrambled to do as she said, not questioning. This wasn’t so much out of respect as out of efficiency, as they learned rather quickly that Tiffany did not respond well to questions, if at all.

Secondly, there was the location of and data on the newly released Zorua subject. He apparently had made it to Nimbasa city, and from what she could make of the data monitoring his biological responses, didn’t seem to be exhibiting signs of extreme fear or heightened adrenaline. These were what she would expect of such a valuable Pokémon in a populated area. Everyone would be trying to catch him. This didn’t seem to be the case.

Regardless, Tiffany felt it necessary that she go to take a closer look. Of the many Xexan scientists, she was most suited to wander around on the outside, not having any expressed Pokémon traits that would give her away. The injections she took periodically and carried with her could easily be explained as insulin shots for diabetes. And while most of Xexan would be focused on the incident occurring within the forest, she had a premonition that something needed to be done about the Zorua. Leaving him wandering within a city unchecked was dangerous, especially if he’d managed to find some way to disguise himself.

“You…get the car. Take me to…Nimbasa,” she said, pointing her finger vaguely at one of the guards.

He saluted her and nodded. “Yes miss!”

She slowly got out of her chair, taking a small satchel with her, full of two weeks worth of treatments. The situation could get stressful very soon, and she didn’t want to risk driving her illness into its advance stages. Once past Level 3, she wasn’t confident she’d be sane enough to protect Xexan. She could just as easily perceive them as the enemy in her delusion. That would be disastrous for all concerned.

As she followed the guard, she grabbed her sole Pokéball, holding it in both hands as she walked, like a precious object. Seeing her with a Pokéball like that, she knew most people would assume her to be someone’s rich reclusive daughter, or a shy new trainer, guarding her one beloved friend. She could get the guard to play her father or butler or driver with little effort, they’d all been briefed thoroughly in such procedures.

They reached the surface some distance away from where the events in the forest were going down, the guard letting her into a sleek, yet understatedly expensive vehicle. The classy car was all part of their cover too, as no one would find someone having their daughter driven through Unova odd given the current situation, especially if that someone was rich. Even having said driver carrying a weapon wasn’t out of the ordinary, though for obvious reasons, he kept it mostly hidden.

The drive across Skyarrow Bridge was relatively uneventful, though Tiffany did half raise an eyebrow at the slight vision she got from the place, seeing images of a Riolu clinging onto cars. No doubt he was one of the subjects from K1-A3. She hadn’t been too concerned about his data, as he seemed to be expressing the very natural desire to reach Pinwheel Forest, though in light of her recent vision, she might have to communicate to the others to keep a closer eye on him to make sure he didn’t do anything suspicious.

If she got around to it, that was.

Right now, her concern was primarily on the Zorua.

“Shall we make a rest stop here, or continue on to Route 4, miss?” came the voice of the guard as they coasted into Castelia City. Having the appearance of wealth meant they breezed by most security checkpoints too. Tiffany found that vaguely amusing.

“…keep going,” she murmured after a few minutes. “If they stop us…tell them you’re escorting me to the Music Hall.”

“Yes miss. You do look the musical type, if I say so myself. You could play the timpani,” he chuckled, glancing in the rearview mirror to see her face.

She blinked once.

“That…was a horrible pun…”
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

I'm so behind in this, darn the school projects. =P

Aldous HuxleyCrizier
Nimbasa City

Aldous looked around in the area, ignoring the weird looks everyone was giving him for wearing such a strange lab coat. Thankfully the wings were covered so he wouldn't be caught by the government or something, but it didn't hide the fact he was completely standing out. Anyone could see that he was a crazy scientist.

Not that he gave a crap. Screw the public! None of them knew what good he was doing for all of them; they were all idiots and fools. Grumbling, he thought back to the reason he was here, instead of working on a project that would actually put his brains to good use. He was here to kill his parents, rich douchebags they were. Right now, only the newspaper records and his parents know he existed. He had already erased his entire existence from the records thanks to his Porygon-Z; he volunteered to go so he could kill them, but now he was regretting it. His weak body was a little tired, and he was bored out of his mind from walking.

Passing the Pokemon Center, he noticed a weird presence, definitely a Pokemorph, with his Psychic scanning that was permanently on. Screw the morph, he thought, and walked on. He was now focused on how to kill his parents. Poisoning, heart attacks, and explosions came to mind at first. He decided to go with explosions. Because, you know, chaos and disorder is cool. The only problem he had with that was they wouldn't be dying painfully, but FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS are kind of worth it, right?

There it was. The biggest house in the city, probably, even with all the rich people in here. Sadly the house was pretty much alone so the fire wouldn't spread, but it'd get a lot of attention, that's for sure.

"Explosion," he softly muttered to his Electrodes who he had just designed for this mission. People were bustling about, and a few of them would be killed. He knew that his father always kept a cellar of gasoline downstairs; if they managed to reach there, going one at a time, it'd create a giant wall of fire that obiliterates everything.

He casually walked a few steps, then when no one was looking, teleported out of the way of the explosion. See ya in hell, Mom and Dad, was the last thought he had before hearing the huge KABOOM.
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nimbasa City

Robert stopped in his tracks when an explosion struck in the city. The people around him started to panic, some running to their homes while others ran towards the source of the explosion. Whatever was happening, it provided him with the perfect distraction. With people clearing the streets and more focused on the explosion than on the illusioned human in his jammies.

Robert ran into the Pokemon Center, carrying Vulpix in his arms. Upon reaching the front desk, he placed Vulpix on the front desk. Before Nurse Joy could greet him, Robert jumped overthe desk and dropped his illusionary form, the robe falling over across the desk as the Zorus landed behind the desk.

"Oh my! Now this is strange. What is it you want little one?" Nurse Joy asked. However, Robert looked over to the Audino, the only being there he could communicate with. <I need a pen and a piece of paper. Please, hurry!> Robert spoke to the Audino.

Confused by the request, the Audino walked over and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, placing it before the Zorua. Taking the pen into his mouth, Robert began to work the pen with his head. While he couldn't speak human, he still knew how to write in English, though using his mouth and head to move the pen was a bit more difficult. Ultimately, he managed to write a short message:

X-Ray Me
Don't talk

Nurse Joy gave the Zorua a puzzled look. This was the first time she saw any Pokemon write in human speak, and the request itself was odd. However, she was not one to turn down Pokemon in need. Picking up the Vulpix and Zorua, she placed them atop a gurney and brought them into the operating room.

Nurse Joy placed the Zorua into the X-Ray machine and began the scan. After taking a few scans, she took a look at a few of the scans. On one of them, she noticed a computer chip-like object close to the right scapula. Taking the X-ray negative, she showed it to the Zorua. Robert pointed at the chip with his paw, then extended a claw and made a scratched X on the chip.

Nurse Joy still felt it wierd that the Zorua requested on the paper that she said nothing. However, that chip was not something that should be found in a wild Pokemon. Picking up the Zorua, she went into the surgery area with Vulpix following behind her. Joy measured out and injected the anesthetic. After several minutes, Robert was knocked out.

The surgery took all of ten minutes to perform, the trickiest part was removing the prongs from the nerves and muscle tissue. Once the chip was removed, Nurse Joy sutured the incision up and placed the chip in a collections container, just in case it had any sort of value.

Nurse Joy finished up by giving Robert a shot of Antisedan to help wake him up, as Antisedan is a reversal agent of the anesthetic Dextomator. It would take Robert five minutes to begin to awaken from his slumber. Still, it would be a little while before he was back on his feet.

"Why on earth would that thing be inside a wild Pokemon?" Nurse Joy asked herself as she placed Robert beside his waiting friend. "Even weirder, how does a Pokemon know how to write English?"

<We really shouldn't stay here.> the Vulpix spoke to Robert. She felt worried. Being in a place swarming with humans. Right now they were in the only safe place in the whole city where they couldn't be captured.

<I...know...> Robert muttered as he began to try and stand on his feet. He felt a bit disoriented, but he knew they had to keep moving and soon. <Once the...grogginess leaves me....we'll find a way to leave. I knew...they placed something inside of me. Those psychos wouldn't just let me roam about...unchecked. Now I can go where ever I want without worrying about them.> Robert spoke before taking in a deep breath, slowly regaining his composure.

Nurse Joy, who had stepped out for a moment, returned with some car keys in hand. "Well, you're looking better. I don't know what's going on, but if you two stay here, unless you have trainers of your own, you'll be captured. I'll bring you both to Lostlorn Forest. You should be able to thrive there in the wild until you meet a trainer you like."
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Default Re: [RP] Pokémon: Dark Science

OOC: Apologies, Damon's post'll be coming up next, I just felt I had to get this in before the rp progressed too far ahead of me. As you can see, he is referenced in this one. ^^

Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Castelia City >> Route 4 >> Nimbasa City
Disease Level: Oscillating between 1 and 2
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

They managed to pass through Castelia city with little incident, though Tiffany almost stopped the car when she thought she saw her brother watching them from behind a building. Knowing that it would be impossible for Alex to be here, coupled with the fact that she didn’t specifically sense his presence, she realized she had gone up to Level 2.

Irritated that her disease could get the better of her like that, and then even more irritated that she was getting irritated, she took out one of her prefilled syringes of suppressant formula and jabbed it straight into her jugular vein, wanting to get it as close to the source of her problems as possible, namely her brain.

The guard noticed her behavior and watched concernedly in the mirror as he pulled out onto Route 4, but didn’t say anything. It was better for Tiffany to deal with her disease on her own, she had said so herself. If any of them tried to help her, she might view them as a threat and refuse the treatment. It had to come from her and her alone.

Halfway along the desert road, though, he had to ask, since she was looking out of the window in an uncharacteristic manner.

“Feeling any better, miss?”

She turned to face forward slowly, her eyes half lidded once again.

“…I’m fine, thank you. Just a…build up of tension,” she explained. She even managed a kind of smile.

“Very good, miss. We should be in Nimbasa City shortly.”

Tiffany nodded and went to looking back out of the window. At one point she glanced down, staring at the floor for a second, before giggling mutedly to herself.

“Something wrong, miss?” asked the guard.

Tiffany didn’t respond, merely just looking out of the window again. She wondered briefly if she should tell him there was a third presence clinging to the bottom of the car, but decided against it. He’d probably shoot the offending Pokémon on sight, and she’d hate to lose a valuable research subject just because he was hitching a ride on their car.


Arriving in Nimbasa City, Tiffany found her stress levels rising once again. Not only had a huge explosion from further downtown occurred that she just knew was the work of one of the other Xexan scientists, but she’d just been informed that they lost the signal for the Zorua. She honestly considered frying out the brain of her fellow Xexan member when she caught him for being such a careless idiot, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. She had bigger problems to deal with.

They parked the car outside the Pokémon Center, and Tiffany made sure to keep a tight grip on her Pokéball, playing the shy daughter once again and taking her Pokémon for a checkup. The guard was well versed in his role too, being a mix of a butler and a bodyguard escorting her, because her parents were simply too busy to take her anywhere.

Tiffany ignored the familiar feeling of the disease starting to creep in on her, suppressing it herself by assuming her role, focusing on playing it perfectly down to the last detail. It helped calm her and lower the level slightly. She focused too on the minds and presences around her, realizing in her distraction she had quite forgotten about the Krokorok, who must have gotten off earlier.

She did sense the one she was looking for though. There was no mistake about it; she could feel the presence of a Zorua and a Vulpix nearby, inside the Pokémon Center. It had to be the subject. He’d last been heard communicating with a Vulpix, so it was safe to assume the two traveled together. Her lips twisted up into a pale smile and nodded to the guard once, tugging on his sleeve.

He strode in the front doors with purpose, smiling and ushering Tiffany in as if she needed some gentle convincing, calmly approaching the front desk. Nurse Joy seemed to be absent from it, so he rang the bell for service and waited.
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