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Battles Pokemon battle results will be placed here, along with the money/prizes given.

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Old 07-16-2012, 04:19 AM
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Default URPG Dojo League


by Xaiaku

5/18/12 = 11/18/12

Dojo Staff:
We Taste Pies...

The list can be found here

Welcome young-lings, to the URPG. As you may already know, we have a competitive system in URPG already which is full of gyms and resembles the system in the Pokemon games. You collect 8 badges from one region to challenge the Elite Four and eventually the Champion. However, the rigorous competition to be found in these Leagues may be a bit too steep for the newer members and so, we created the Dojo League. This League will be for all members joining after the 4th of February. If other members who joined before this date wish to compete, contact me and I will look into the matter. Sign ups will begin on May the 18th and the League itself will expire November the 18th. It is somewhat of an introduction to Gym battling for both challengers and leaders. Of course, those who show exemplary performance in this league will be rewarded in more than just experience.

-Would you like to own a Dojo? Here's how:

1. You must own at least 2 of your Dojo Pokémon, which must be the same Type as the Dojo. {ex. Raichu for Electric is ok. Houndoom for Ghost is not.}
2. If there are multiple applications for the same dojo at one time, the best will be chosen.
3. When selecting an open Dojo, choose fully evolved Pokémon(some exceptions may be allowed, don't be afraid to ask) based on the Dojo type (Vermillion City is Electric so Raichu would be a choice.)
4. The Pokémon you choose that you don't own will be borrowed from the Dojo. You will have to buy TM’s from the Pokémart and teach them to your borrowed Dojo Pokémon. It is suggested that you own as many as the Dojo Pokémon yourself as you can.
5. If you catch a new Pokemon and want to switch it with a borrowed Dojo Pokemon, you may do so. Any TM's on the borrowed Pokemon will transfer to the replacement Pokemon of the same type. Tauros -> Tauros {TM's transfer.} Tauros -> Blisssey {TM's don't transfer.}
6. As a special bonus, Dojo Senseis who own 4 Dojo Pokémon may add up to 2 extra legal Pokémon to their Dojo Pool (rented or owned), for a total of 8 Dojo Pokémon. Dojo Senseis who own 6 Dojo Pokémon may add up to 4 legal Pokémon to their Dojo Pool (rental or owned) for a total of 10 Dojo Pokémon. Those who own 8 Dojo Pokemon may add an additional 2 Pokemon (rented or owned) for a total of 12 Dojo Pokemon.
7. The trainer who manages to beat all 8 Dojos will be the Dojo Master. However, if another trainer manages to beat all 8 Dojos too, he or she will be able to challenge the current Master to a battle, and so on. Challengers that loses, including the Dojo Master, must wait 2 weeks to re-challenge.
8. Legendary Pokemon may not be used in any battles in this League.
9. The rules of Dojo battles are entirely at the discretion of each Dojo's Sensei.
10. The trainer who holds the title of Dojo Master at the end of the 6 month period shall receive the tournament prize. The best Dojo Sensei shall also receive a prize.
11. The tournament prize will consist of ANY Non-Legendary Pokémon, alongside 2 TM, 2 BM/MT/SM and one held item, all of which you may keep permanently. In addition, you will receive 1 Legendary Pokemon of your choice for a 6 month period.
12. The best Dojo Sensei shall be decided upon by a panel of URPG Staff members and will receive 2 of their rented Dojo Pokemon with 2 EMs each.

Rules for a Dojo Master Battle
(Winner receives $4k, loser receives $3k, referee receives $4k)
  • 6 vs 6
  • Revolution/BW Revolution
  • Holds On
  • Sleep/Freeze Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Evasion/Accuracy Clause
  • Normal Terrain/Weather
  • No Legendary Pokemon

Sign Ups should look like this

Forum Name:
Dojo you are applying for:
Dojo TM:
Owned Pokemon(in alphabetical order):
Rented Pokemon(in alphabetical odrder):


For Example:

We Taste Pies...
Flying Dojo
TM Acrobatics
Owned: Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat
Rented: Pidove, Skarmory, Starly
RaptorJesus= [WTP-(Us+pie)]*Velociraptor^Jesus
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