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ASB: Headquarters The Headquarters of the ASB League. The place where all of the registrations and documentations of monetary gain, Pokemon, etc. occur. The place where all new hopefuls begin their ASB journey.

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Old 10-10-2012, 01:52 AM
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Default Halloween event! Better late than never. cx

Smell Stunky!
Give me something sweet to eat!

Itís that time of the year again, guys; the air is getting chilly, the leaves are turning orange, and little children are knocking on strangersí doors asking for sweets. So why not us, too?! :D ASB is having a very unique (and somewhat complex, weíll admit) event this year so you all can get free stuff, because who doesnít like free stuff? c:

As I mentioned in part earlier, this is similar to ToTing in real life. Firstly, you need to go >>here<< and buy a candy bag. Youíll use this to hold all the candy you receive. Remember, some bags have CAPs, and you canít buy a new one once your first fills, so choose your bag wisely!

Second, you go >>Downtown<< and post in an available shop. What makes a shop available for you to post in? Well, it has to be Open, obviously, and there canít be another Trick-or-Treater in front of you waiting for their candy. If this is the case, go try another shop, or check back later. You also canít visit the same shop more than once a day.

So you have your bag, youíre waiting in line, now what? An Official or the shopís owner(s) will approve you as soon as they can (I, personally, will be online as much as I can and try to move things along as quickly as possible). Thereís a 7% chance (1-7/100) that the candy-giver will accidentally pull an additional piece of candy from the bag, and a 10% chance (90-100/100) that they misplaced their bowl and isnít able to give you anything. :íc Each shop only has 35 pieces of candy to hand out, so donít wait to start collecting! Once you receive a piece of candy, you can move on to another shop and gather more sweets, remember that you canít be waiting for candy from more than one shop at a time, similarly to how you canít be at two different houses if you were actually ToTing.

This system goes on over and over until the event ends, starting October 20th, 8 AM PST (-8) and ending October 31st, at 10 PM PST. Afterwards, you have just a week to trade your candy in for prizes until it spoils and becomes unusable. The prize shop is located >>here<< and works like the Award Counter at Chuck-E-Cheeses (greater detail in the thread).

So I hope this makes senseóit is kinda hard to explain on paperóso if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in anyway youíre able. :3

Happy All Hallows Eve, everyone, and mind the caramel apples!
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