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Default [SU] Call of the Void [All Welcome]

All the lights in the sky are stars

Outside the universe, there is nothing.

This nothing is called hyperspace.

Its story has been passed down through the generations of countless worlds in countless galaxies. A hundred thousand species have gazed into it and shuddered, and a hundred million have seen it and wondered.

Whatever its name, the nothing is not empty.

Azkathon dwells in the void.

His name bequeathed when the stars were yet children, his history forgotten by even the most ancient beings, his power horrifying to all who are its witness, Azkathon lies outside the universe, waiting.

In an age before, he had the patience. Sweeping through the vast emptiness of space, he had devoured all life he came across and he turned galaxy after galaxy into barren wastelands. Yet it was never enough to fill his insatiable hunger. And so, Azkathon created two beings to serve him: one to reap, the other to sow. The former he named Ain. The latter, Arceus.

So the endless cycle of death and rebirth began. Arceus created the worlds, seeded them with life and guided their growth into flourishing places teeming with boundless energy, and Ain came to reap the crop of his power so that the worlds could be delivered up to their master. For an interminable eon this cycle continued, and neither of the two could remember how many steps of their dance had passed.

But this time, something was different. Something new, original, unknown to all that had passed for it, arose on Arceus’s little world. From the depths of the very planet itself, a new race had emerged. Calling themselves “humans”, they showed boundless creativity and infinite potential as creators, not created. They swiftly spread out across the world, conquering land and sea and sky, overcoming their counterparts with sheer force of will, and dream.

It was a time of great turmoil. Nations fought and conquered each other. The world was infested with endless war as a hundred different peoples fought for their sovereign existence. In the midst of all this, a single man, Alexander Morbane, delve into a deep cave beneath a once-pristine landscape, and found there a strange stone. The Millennium Comet soon passed, and he found himself holding in his hands one ancient yet naďve Wishmaker. Given the offer of a single wish, Morbane took a long look at the world in which he lived, and, believing in his own ability, asked to rule it.

Fast forward two decades. Morbane has united his home region of Johto under the and now his armies are spreading out across the globe. Nation after nation falls to the newly-forged Unis Empire. Soon Morbane has united the entire world into a single, grand empire and only scattered resistance remains to his rule. Yet he is not satisfied with his accomplishments. Believing that only he could truly bring peace, he aimed to conquer the forces of nature. His armies attacked the Legendaries, bending some to his will, and slaughtering those who refused to join his new world order.

Battered and beleaguered, the remaining Legends and their followers that have united to defend themselves against humanity's onslaught gather on the slopes of Mt. Coronet. Many have lost hope; the ones that still dare to dream turn their eyes towards the heavens, searching for a sign from their god, a hope of salvation to turn the tides of this war. Yet as the armies of Unis approach, it seems that no hope remains. Surrounded, the Legends and their followers prepare to make their last stand.

From the sky descends a trail of clouds. No sign from Arceus; rather, a nuclear missile, intended to wipe out the resisters once and for all. But as the missile detonates, a miracle: a shining white beam erupts from the tip of Mt. Coronet, followed by an enormous shockwave that shields the mountain from the explosion and flattens the human armies. It would seem that their prayers had been answered.

Wishful thinking indeed. For the beam had been a beacon, prepared in the first churnings that would forge this world to signal its end.

They came. From the endless void beyond the highest reaches of imagination, they descended from the stars in numbers to blot out the sun. The Ara'kaiz, servants of their master Ain and counterparts to Arceus’s children, launched a massive assault on every major population center in the Pokemon world, slaughter that did not discriminate between Pokemon or human. The Empire was torn to shreds by the sudden assault; what forces remain rallied around their Emperor as the outer provinces, left to fend for themselves, attempted to organize around former resistance movements, forming the Global Liberation Alliance. The Ara’kaiz horrify humans, their alien appearance and their unearthly power smashing through attempts to defend , but in Pokemon they instill a primeval terror, an instinctual knowledge that these are the harbingers of the world’s end.

Yet the Ara'kaiz themselves are confused and disoriented. They had come when summoned by Arceus's beacon, as they had in every cycle before. But instead of descending upon a verdant green planet filled with life and Pokemon roaming every inch of land, sky and sea, they found a world devastated by war and industry and pollution and death, filled with these strange new creatures called "humans" that had never existed in any cycle before. For Arceus has summoned the reapers before they were ready and when humanity was at its height of strength, in an attempt the break the cycle once and for all. Gathering his strength, he annihilates the Ara’kaiz Mothership, sending its gargantuan carcass plummeting for orbit. The Mothership crashes into Unova, obliterating the region from existence. But the blow to the Ara’kaiz was far greater, for without their Mothership they lack the ability to sustain their assault. Every soldier became irreplaceable, every loss permanent.

Enraged, Ain takes to the skies, where Arceus seals the two of them in another dimension, so that the battle between gods would not destroy the world. Meanwhile, below, the three races are left to conquer each other as they fight for survival.

"REJOICE, children of Unis, the blood of our enemies shall flow unto a great wave to crash down upon all who oppose us and wash away the sins of this world as justice comes down like a mighty stream! A new day will dawn, the FUTURE... is... ours.. -Alexander Morbane in his coronation speech

Forged in the fires of war and suffering, welded together by the sheer willpower of a single man, the Unis Empire was the first nation to rise from the turbulence of the time now known as the Reality Collapse, when the battles of the Creation Trio became of such extent that the balance of reality began to fall apart. Although the fight ended without any human knowing the reason, the disruption to the world was great enough that the governments of each region collapsed. As starvation and desperation set in, the survivors waged war against each other and against Pokemon to secure what was left. It was at this time Alexander Morbane discovered Jirachi. Few know that the source of Unis's power comes from his wish, and no one but himself knows what exactly Jirachi gave him. Those close to him speculate in their most secret hours that it was great charisma, tactical knowledge, wisdom, ambition, an irresistible will, or any combination of traits or psychic power, but as none knew him before his rise to power, there is no one who can do anything more than guess.

Whatever the source, Morbane soon rose to political power in the remnants of Saffron City's city government, and, using the city's industry and population, began to conquer the other cities of Kanto one by one. Then his sights turned to Johto, and once that region too was under his command, he declared the birth of the Unis Empire. At this point leaders in the other regions had begun to unite their areas as well, but too late; none were strong enough to oppose Unis. This bloodbath became known as the Unification War, and it ended with the annexation of Orre in year 19 of the Unis Empire's founding.

Despite the violent and oppressive nature of the Empire, even the most diehard rebel admits that Morbane has vastly improved life in all regions of the world when compared to the years following the Reality Collapse. For many young children, life under the Empire was the first time they had known a full belly. Morbane restored varying electricity, running water, education, roads, sewage, and even medical care in nearly all cities under his control. The price people paid for these amenities was their freedom: political dissidents and others marked enemies of the state vanish silently in the night, never to be heard from again. The elite secret police of Unis, the Black Hand, are said to know every time a newborn sneezes. A strict curfew is enforced at night and curriculum in schools is dictated by the government. Nevertheless, many who remember the Collapse have decided that security and prosperity is more than enough to exchange for freedom, and are firmly behind their leader.

After the Ara'kaiz arrived, however, it would seem that they could have neither. Initially, it seemed that Unis was powerless to stop the invaders from ravaging city after city, town after town. Deciding to protect his heartland, Morbane recalled his armies and his government officials from the outer regions and concentrated all of his power in the Kanto-Johto area. The tactic was successful; soon after the destruction of the Ara'kaiz mothership and the annihilation of Unova in what is called the Skyfall, the Ara'kaiz were pushed out of Kanto-Johto and into the mountains north of the region. Although this cost Unis the other areas of the world it had fought so hard for, it was the price to pay to have the flag of Unis, a spiral-within-a-gear-within-a-gear, still flying high over the capital city of Saffron. Victory for Unis means conquest of the Ara’kaiz, the Legendaries, and the humans that would dare resist the might of the Empire.

"Do not be so quick to anger with these humans. They are the true children of this world. You must bring them to maturity so that they might reach into the stars. It is our greatest hope.” – Arceus, in his last message to the Creation Trio

The Global Liberation Alliance of Humans and Pokemon, also known as the GLA or simply the Alliance, has been described as a rag-tag gang of misfits comprised of political enemies of Morbane that defected from Unis, old bureaucrats, generals, and soldiers from the nation-states that were in power before being conquered, young men and women that, for some reason or another, are left without a job or prospects staying in Unis, and the Pokemon that had resisted Morbane’s attacks until the very end. Although some semblance of the GLA had existed even under the brutal repression of the Unis regime, it wasn’t until the arrival of the Ara’kaiz that the Alliance truly rose to power. After the withdrawal of Morbane’s forces from nearly all regions except Kanto and Johto, the GLA found its opportunity to take over for the old government and establish itself as the hope for many who live praying that the next day will not be their last.

The Alliance was originally composed of scattered resistance cells leftover from the political and military systems of the old nation-states. Although not known as the GLA back then, under Morbane’s repression, they primarily attempted at guerilla warfare-type tactics, striking at military supply depots in order to steal weapons and harass the empire. However, their attacks did little but to annoy the regime, and their actions garnered much hatred from the civilians of Unis, who saw them as just old men trying to cling to power, perpetuating a conflict that had long since been over. When Unis began its assault on the Legendary Pokemon, many resistance cells began helping them in any way they could, feeding the Pokemon information and even helping them fight. It was at this point that a stable communications and leadership network began to rise from the scattered cells, and the Global Liberation Alliance emerged, taking as its symbol a stylized Pokeball to represent the friendship that once existed between men and Pokemon. Touting as their tenets freedom and equality for all beings, human and Pokemon, they waged war against the Empire, with Legendaries fighting the major battles while humans infiltrated the imperial command structures.

Despite its best efforts, the Alliance soon found itself losing on every front. Although the spy network within the imperial government was extensive, they could not prevent the sheer power of the Unis military from overwhelming the Legendaries. Unable to defeat their armies and unwilling to assault civilians, the GLA soon found itself making its last stand on the sides of Mt. Coronet.

The Ara’kaiz was more blessing than curse for the GLA. Being composed of scattered resisters without a real infrastructure or stationary cities and having their major gatherings underground, the human portion of the Alliance was nearly untouched by the invasion. Although many of the ordinary Pokemon in the Alliance were taken by the Ara’kaiz, the Legendaries themselves were able to do battle on equal terms with the invaders or escape their pursuers. With Unis taking the brunt of the initial assault, the GLA finally found breathing room to gather their strength.

Soon the Alliance found itself to be the only remaining structure left in the regions abandoned by the Empire. It was eager to take upon the role of government, running medicine and food and other supplies to the abandoned civilians and fighting the Ara’kaiz as best they could. However, lacking the military might of Unis, the Alliance has proven itself unable to oust the Ara’kaiz from their regions and remains mostly and underground force. Victory for the Global Liberation Alliance is the toppling of Emperor Morbane and the defeat of the Ara’kaiz.

"Signal detected at 0800-13-(*)-%&X4.
Startup sequence initiated.
Sectors 0-530 activated.
All systems online. Beginning scanning sequence…
Scan complete. Target located at 8F3:6#4:73A.
Main engines on.
Awakening all units from stasis…”
– Mothership

Anyone who was awake at midnight on December 23, 2041 could have turned their eyes upward for a beautiful sight. The sky was filled with millions of strange lights, glowing purple and strewn across the heavens like a great purple Milky Way. Had these people stayed and watched the newfound stars, they would have noticed that the lights moved out of concert with the other celestial bodies. And perhaps it was just their imagination, but the stars were getting bigger…

The Ara’kaiz were born at the same time Arceus created the first world of Pokemon, a span of time so long ago that none but a god could truly comprehend its scale. Forged out of the primeval darkness by their god, Ain, they would lie in wait, sleeping as Arceus’s worlds grew to maturity to come and reap the spoils at the end of each cycle. For eons that dance of life and death continued unaltered.

Utterly alien to this world, the Ara’kaiz bear strange appearances, some vaguely insectoid or cephalopodan but most not even slightly resembling the creatures that call this planet home. Composed of some strange mixture of biological and artificial components, it is not possible to state definitely whether they are living creatures or machines. They also possess a tremendous amount of power, capable of manipulating time and space and arcane energies at will. Wherever they landed, they simply attacked every living organism in sight indiscriminately, each of their beam-like weapons possessing the power to rip the essence of life from every human or Pokemon they killed and sending that essence into the void.

But soon after their arrival, a second pillar of light erupted from the tip of Mt. Coronet and pierced the gargantuan Ara’kaiz mothership through its primary gravitational stabilizer. Falling from orbit, the Mothership crashed into the heart of Unova, causing tremendous earthquakes across the entire planet and sending a shockwave that circled the globe again and again before finally dissipating. The displacement of water caused enormous tsunamis that raced out over the oceans, and the water filling in the crater where Unova had once been lowered sea levels everywhere.

The Ara’kaiz proved adaptable, and soon had installed a secondary command structure to lead their assault. Stripped of the Mothership’s factories and vats, they began harvesting humans and Pokemon to forcibly convert them to their cause. Their forces soon concentrated in Sinnoh, wiping out virtually all native lifeforms on the island and rendering it unrecognizable as even part of the planet it was on. Although their initial assault was omnipresent without discernable strategy, they are now regrouping in small conquered areas scattered through the major regions for a second round of attacks that will focus more on precision and strategic goals. Victory for the Ara’kaiz means nothing short of the total annihilation of all native life on the planet.

Art Gallery
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Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."
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Default Re: [SU] Call of the Void [All Welcome]

Ara’kaiz units include, but are not limited to:

Shock Trooper – So-called for their vicious attacks in the initial waves of the invasion, the Shock Trooper is a tank-like basic infantry unit armed with medium-range beam cannons in the “eyes” on the front of its body. Fast and agile on its four legs, the Shock Trooper is also capable of teleporting short distances. Although its carapace is immune to anything short of anti-tank weaponry, an area in the middle of its body where the two sides of its shell meet is vulnerable to attack. They can deal with most Pokemon on their own.

Annihilator Tripod – A building-sized three-legged walker, the Annihilator Tripod resembles alien war machines straight out of the movies. Tough, powerful, and slow, the Tripod lumbers around destroying anything in its path with the three particle cannons mounted on the tips of its three tentacles. Some Tripods have been found with force shields that can absorb a large amount of damage. They require heavy concentrated firepower to take down and are most vulnerable at the legs, and the most often-used tactic to deal with them is to run away.

Stormrider – Basic aerial unit. Fast and lightly armored, with a powerful plasma gun that can fire in any direction. They have often been found in advance of a primary Ara’kaiz force as scout units, and often appear in large numbers. They are harder to take out than human aircraft, but their attacks are not as powerful as the missiles human fighters are equipped with. They primarily use their agility and numbers to win engagements in the air.

Planetary Assault Carrier – Huge aerial fortresses, the PAC is the reason for the Ara’kaiz virtually uncontested aerial superiority. Although unarmed, PACs are capable of launching hundreds of Stormriders and other craft and are usually protected by a force shield similar to the ones on Annihilator Tripods. Huge, slow, and rarely seen, Carriers are a massive threat wherever they appear.

Shield Strider – The lynchpin of Ara’kaiz ground forces, the Shield Strider is an enormous walker, three times as large as the Annihilator Tripod. It projects an enormous force shield in a large radius around it that deflects all attacks and is the hive of a swarm of repair drones that maintain and repair other Ara’kaiz units. They are always well-protected and rarely seen in the thick of battle. However, on the one occasion that one was destroyed during the Siege of Saffron, nearby Ara’kaiz units suddenly became massively uncoordinated, suggesting that the Strider has a critical command and control function.

(Most units shamelessly stolen from Tiberium Wars. Feel free to come up with your own and share them in the Discussion Thread.)

Faction: (Unis or GLA. Ara'kaiz may be playable depending on interest.)
Species: (Human or a Pokemon. Legendaries are allowed if you are in the GLA, but you must have a debilitating injury in some way, i.e. blindness, which can be healed over the course of the RP)
Description: (Pictures allowed, but please either hide them in spoiler tags or in a link)
Other: (if you are a human with Pokemon, list them here)

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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Default Re: [SU] Call of the Void [All Welcome]

You definitely did an awesome job with this one.

Not sure what faction I'll be going for, but count me in. I'll get something up soon.

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Default Re: [SU] Call of the Void [All Welcome]

Name: General Felix Stiles
Age: 52
Faction: Unis
Species: Human


Standing six feet, five inches, General Stiles is firm in strength and build, weighing 240 pounds with well-developed muscles. As a result, age hasn’t slowed him down at all, as he still retains a large portion of the strength and endurance he had when he was younger. Meanwhile, his skin has a tanned complexion, the result of many years in outside warfare, mainly in the deserts of Orre. Also, his body does show signs of scarring. In addition, he has white hair, thicker on the top of his head while the sides and back have been buzzcutted.

For clothing, General Stiles wears a heavy gray military overcoat, along with black boots, and heavy gray gloves.

Personality: Stern, adamant, and confident, General Stiles shows very little emotion in his actions and responses, focused on the tasks at hand rather than the distractions that threaten to take his attention away. Very often, his plans are intricate, carefully executed, and swiftly resolved. He has also shown great skill in improvising and adjusting his plans to the necessary circumstances and new situations. As a soldier, he had shown no fear and no hesitation, believing firmly in his instincts, intuitions, and experience.

General Stiles is known to hate incompetence and has zero tolerance for it. To him, the battlefield is no place for idiocy, foolishness, and recklessness, and he has been known to swiftly punish anyone who takes the situation of warfare lightly and in reckless jest. Soldiers that disobey his strict orders are dead to him, and he will refuse to attempt to rescue any soldier or officer that has fallen into danger as a result of their own mistakes and reckless assumptions, or as a result of not following his command to the letter.

General Stiles continues to remain fiercely loyal to Alexander Morbane and the Unis campaign, having carried out numerous successful missions across the world. To Stiles, the Unis campaign is the only real path to achieving a pure utopia, and that freedom is something that should only be used and exercised by select individuals that have earned the right to use it.

The Ara’kaiz is an entity that General Stiles has zero tolerance for, and shows no mercy against. He views the Ara’kaiz as nothing more than a horde of brutish insects commanded by primal intelligence, the only reason why Unis hasn’t taken rightful command of the world already. Despite his loathing of the alien species, he isn’t rash enough to ignore their strengths and capabilities. Like all the other entities that Unis has faced, he is confident that its only a matter of time before the Ara’kaiz makes a poor decision and/or exposes their weak-points, and Unis makes them suffer for their weakness and to avenge the countless lives that were lost from their arrival.

History: Felix Stiles was born in Violet City, Johto, the region birthplace of Unis. His parents, being exceptionally wealthy, enrolled Felix into very prestigious military schools, and it was there that Felix adopted their standards of strict discipline, focused education, and firm commitment. Training Pokémon was done more out of building strength and understanding the roles and disciplines of teamwork, direction, survival, and management, not necessarily building friendships or engaging in leisurely activities.

As a requirement of the military academy that Felix Stiles attended at, all students were given a year to head out and begin their Pokémon journeys, gather and train the Pokémon that would ultimately become their lifelong companions, and return to the academy regardless of how far they had progressed in the League. Once their year was up, they were expected to return to the academy, and continue their education while further training their Pokémon. This continued throughout most of Felix Stiles’s young adult years. After reaching the age of eighteen, it was then that Stiles and his Pokémon had begun combat training, preparing them for war.

It was then that Alexander Morbane’s campaign had begun, and all of Johto was rallied in support of the new emperor. The disciplines of unification, obedience, and strength were soon practiced, and it was here that Felix Stiles truly believed in the vision that Morbane had: freedom to the entitled, but welfare to all.

Victory after victory was claimed by Morbane’s new Unis empire, and Felix Stiles both grew in strength and experience as he did in rank. Stiles went from being a loyal and dedicated soldier to being a dedicated and responsible squad leader. After showing tremendous success as a Captain, Stiles went on to excel at the roles of Major, Colonel, and ultimately as a General as the war continued on. Throughout the war, Stiles served predominantly in Kanto, Orre, and on the eastern seaboard of Hoenn. Throughout his military career, he has earned twenty-nine medals, fourteen ribbons, and achieved the rank of General.

And then, when it seemed like all resistance was about to be crushed under the mighty heel of Unis, they came. In what Stiles believed was a rash and reckless maneuver, Arceus had used one enemy to stop another, and it was then that General Stiles himself lost the little respect that he had for the creator Pokémon after summoning the Ara'kaiz, a scourge that caused traumatic anarchy when total unification under the Unis flag was just inches from grasp. Incalculable losses on the Unis side were suffered, and the Unis empire struggled to regroup and reorganize its former strength. Despite all that has happened, General Stiles firmly believes Unis is more than capable of recovering from this dishonorable blow, and he, emperor Morbane, and the rest of the Unis empire will punish those for resisting the Unis mission with their dastardly tactics.

When the Kanto-Johto area had been successfully liberated from Ara’kaiz control, General Stiles took it as a clear sign that the strength and power of Unis was regrouping and restoring, and soon, with dedicated effort, direction, and command, the other regions that had fallen out of Unis’s grasp would soon return to rejoin the powerful empire that Morbane had created. For the sake of Unis’s benefactors and the members that compose the faction, General Stiles is willing to go to any extent to ensure that goal is accomplished.

Now, General Stiles is mainly based in Hoenn, seeking to liberate the region from the Ara'kaiz. He will stop at nothing to ensure the goal of Unis is met.

Other: Pokémon Team: Excadrill, Hydreigon, Staraptor, Ursaring, Nidoking, Blastoise. All of General Stiles’s Pokémon are extremely well-trained.

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Default Re: [SU] Call of the Void [All Welcome]

(Please dont blame me if this is really crappy, but im gonna try the best i can)

Name: Nova Tailleon (Sorry if you dont like the name, best i could come up with)
Age: 10 (Noob Age)
Faction: GLA
Species: Human (Problem being Blind)
Description: Hes A Messy black hair like ash, but he puts on a Bandana around his Forehead, Color Being perferibly Red. He wears a Jean Vest and a white shirt. He Wears Black jeans and Wears black Boots as he loves to hike the mountains
Personality: Very hyper, hes shy so he doesnt really have an easy time making friends, He is also very kind and generous, not to also mention he would devote all his time to help others
History: He grew up in a cabin in Mt. Silvers edge, and was abandoned there at the age of 5. he learned to care for himself for the last five years, then as he went to get a pokemon, he was attacked by a bunch of geodudes. he got blind while they had tossed sand into his eyes, and he couldnt see clearlly. He now travels around without pokemon with a few pokeballs, great balls, and ultra balls as his only option for catching his own pokemon.
Other: Currentlly N/A due to he was unable to make it to the pokemon lab. (If possible id like suicune as a partner, but i think that around when i find suicune, thats when ill lose my blindness, so not till later)

(I know its horrible, so please think it over and see if you wanna reject the best i had done...)
Nova Tailleon
Leader of the Alpha Alliance
"The Omegas Must suffer. they have caused nothing but pain. We will Bring them to their knees and habe them beg for mercy with the price of theyre blood." Nova Tailleon before declaring war.
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