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Old 03-30-2011, 02:38 AM
unnofan6 Offline
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Default My Sakaku

A new region. It's gonna be my hack of Fire Red.
I need people to help with it.
new stuff:
Sakaku region
Evil team:Team Oshawott
Nice team:Team Arceus
Gym leaders:
Team Plasma,Male,N
Portal to Unova

Sakaku Dex:
#1 Grass Beetle
#2 Grass/Flying Bee
#3 Grass/Flying Dragon
#4 Fire Statue
#5 Fire Statue
#6 Fire Statue
#7 Water Bug
#8 Oshawott
#9 Giant Oshawott
I'll do 10-19 tommorow,20-45 thursday and 46-101 friday
Old 03-30-2011, 03:03 AM
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Default Re: My Sakaku

This is not the right subforum for this thread. This subforum is for roleplaying, not hack-altering games.
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