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Old 03-25-2011, 01:07 AM
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Default DreamCraft - The Trials of Survival

My entry for the DreamCraft competition.

Due to there being so little fossil Pokemon, and since my story revolves around them, I will be including fakemon of my own to help bring variety to the story. They will serve no part other than being in the background and for variety, as well as to bring a scare to the main character(s).

I have permission from Neo to do this.

Also, since Pokemon isn't really one to keep to a timeline, I'm not going to keep one either. So don't freak out if you see two dinosaurs from different timelines together. =P

(if you want to see pictures of the fakemon, you can see them in my art topic. The link is in my signature.)

Pokemon That Appear
in order
the ones with names are characters, without names are random
- Shuppon (Archen)
- Spinordon
- Aerodactyl
- Charmeleon
- Proto (Tirtouga)

Chapter Index
The Feeling - up
The Leatherback - up
Friendship - being typed

The Trials of Survival
The Feeling

"Huh?" grunted Shuppon as he looked up. His red beak pointed to the sky as the red and blue feathers around his neck swayed in the wind. "This feeling... why... why am I having it?" he wondered as he examined the starry night. He then looked over to the moon, its shining surface mostly covered by a strange blackness to where it was just a sliver. Blinking, he looked down towards the branch he sat upon.

His whole body felt anxious for some reason. It was like his entire being was telling him, 'evolve... evolve!' Huffing, he looked around the forest floor beneath him. The Pokemon that were awake seemed to be acting normal, untouched by the feeling that now had Shuppon in its grasp. He held out his yellow wings in front of him, the blue tips shaking not from the wind, but anxiety. Why was he feeling like this?!

"Roarrr!" Shuppon jumped at the call. He spun around and carefully hopped to the trunk of the tree. He grabbed it with the small claws on his wings and peered around its side, looking off into the distance. At first he saw nothing. Everything was as still as the mountains that surrounded the area. His eyes then widened when what looked like a tree began to walk.

"Forrex!" he gasped. What at first seemed like vegetation, was the massive carnivore that terrorized the lands. His head was as thick as an Aerodactyl's wings were wide, his build was strong and sturdy, and he had one of the nastiest tempers Shuppon had ever seen. On his back were brush like plants, while two extremely large leaves bordered his eyes. There were even leaves on the tip of his chin, his elbows, his knees, and at the tip of his thick tail. Shuppon had been taught so much about them by his mother back when he was still nesting with her.

"They run at a fast speed, so you must never get in their line of sight until you have evolved. If you do, pray that the plants aid you and take cover in them," she would say. Unlike Shuppon, she didn't need the cover of the forest floor. She was an Archeops, the evolution of Archen (which Shuppon was). Her wings were fully developed and able to lift her unlike Shuppon's, which were still maturing. It was times like these that Shuppon really missed her. He felt so safe around her, and he was always amazed when she would take off into the sky. Right now the feeling of evolution was screaming to him more than ever.

"He's so big," Shuppon said as the beast came out of the forest and into an open area. Though he was far enough away for Shuppon to stay out of his line of sight, his size was still daunting. The trees seemed only a few feet taller than him! Another cry from the Forrex made Shuppon flinch from fear. His twig-like tail curled around his red legs, the blue pygostyle tip pressing against his yellow feathered stomach.

"A Spinordon..." he shuddered as another massive Pokemon emerged from the forest, returning the cry of the Forrex. "What's it doing here?!" Spinordon never came this far into the forest, and to see one so far from a body of water confused Shuppon to no end. It was a large blue carnivore with a long neck, and a massive yellow fin stretching from his head to the tip of his tail. Black splotches decorated the spine while the top of his back was also black. Looking at the two monsters, Shuppon could only predict the outcome as a victory for the Forrex. There was just no way Spinordon could beat him. Not wanting to actually see if his prediction was right, Shuppon turned away as the two monsters locked in battle, each one using its claws and teeth to start the damage.

Hopping as fast as he could, Shuppon made his way to the next tree. He wanted as much distance from those fighters as possible.

"Aero!" came a familiar cry. Sliding to a halt Shuppon looked up. A brown Pokemon flew past, headed in the direction for the fight. Small legs, no arms, and an arrow tipped tail assured Shuppon of the Pokemon's identity. It was an Aerodactyl, and it was most likely flying towards the fight to take claim of the loser... whoever that would be.

No longer feeling safe in the higher branches of the forest, Shuppon made his way to the trunk of the tree. He grasped it with the claws on his wings and the talons on his feet. He then slowly climbed down, terrified of being spotted. Even though Aerodactyl liked to scavenge, they weren't apposed to taking an easy meal, no matter what the size. Right now, the safest place Shuppon could aim for was the forest floor.

"I really wish I could fly!" he complained as he touched earth, his heart racing faster than he could think. He quickly took one last look up towards the sky, his unnerving feeling still running rampant throughout his body. Was he close to evolution? Was it just because of that fight? Or... was there something more behind it? He tried to see once more if the sky could tell him anything, but the thick leaves of the tree tops were covering too much. "Should have looked before I leaped..." he sighed. He then turned and took cover under a nearby bush.

He hated having to hide in them. They clung to his feathers like crazy, and it was always hard getting out when their pointed edges made their way under his down. He was still thankful for them though, no matter how agitating they were. Without them, he'd be a goner and never be able to enjoy the magnificence of flight.

Still worried and on edge, Shuppon decided to stay hidden for the rest of the night. It was uncomfortable, but he didn't feel like taking his chances with a fight between two titans going on. A fight he could still very well hear as it erupted in echoed screams of pain. Shuttering from both fear and anxiety, Shuppon tried his best to fall asleep. He wanted this night to be over. He wanted this strange feeling to go away, and he wanted to be able to move freely without worry of an Aerodactyl swooping down and picking him up.

Though it took a while, he was finally able to fall into a deep sleep. During that night, his dreams were dim and dark, as if the night itself had taken command of his mind. As morning broke, the light hit Shuppon's eyes like a falling rock. He turned his head and covered it with his wing, trying to block it as it emerged over the mountain peaks. Was it really morning already?

Groggy and annoyed to be awake, he slowly began to pull his way free from the clinging bush. He had no dream to help wake him up, something he often used to get his mind working quickly. In this world, you had to be fast and smart if you wanted to see the revolution of day and night.

"Let go!" he groggily said as he pulled his wing out. With that he was free from his make shift nest, leaving him exposed and unprotected. He shook his head and opened his large eyes up wide. The light of the morning at first hurt, but he soon adjusted to it.

"Food!" Shuppon's feathers jumped up as the voice came. He turned around and was thrown into a fit of terror as a red lizard stood behind him, fangs salivating as the flame at the tip of his tail flicked with excitement. Charmeleon were notorious for early morning feeding, and they very rarely let their pray get away. Shuppon was dead in its sights, their eyes both staring deep into each other. The moment seemed to last a lifetime as Shuppon tried to predict the predators move.

When the Charmeleon opened his mouth, Shuppon retaliated the only way his unfocused mind could tell him to. A Flamethrower burst out of his mouth and hit Shuppon dead on. Pleased and ready to feed on what the Charmeleon could only assume as a fried Archen, he leaped forward to grab his meal. Unfortunately all he caught was the dirt below him. Pissed and confused, he lifted himself his his arms an looked around. There were five more Archen all staring at him, feathers bristling as their tails were lifted as high as they could go.

"Double Team..." cursed the Charmeleon as he bared his fangs. He hated it when the prey played hard to get. Especially this early in the morning.

"If I can just get a Rock Throw to make it... it may scare him off. Charmeleon hate rocks!" Shuppon explained to himself in between huffs as he clung to the back of a tree. He knew the lizard would sniff him out eventually, and running was not a choice. He wasn't very fast because of his small wings. They always caught the wind resulting in him slowing down. He never liked keeping them folded in. It made him feel cramped and confined.

"I know you're still here you flightless bird! I've got your scent! You can't hide!" shouted the Charmeleon. Shuppon winced at his threat. Despite knowing he had a type advantage, there was still experience and right now, Shuppon was lacking in that. "You're making this harder for yourself!" the lizard growled as he stalked around a tree, sniffing its roots for Shuppon's scent.

"Now!" Shuppon said as the Charmeleon turned his back to him. Sliding down, he landed with a thud near a rock. He then stomped down which caused the rock to lift up, and he smacked it with his wing. It was sent at the fire type lizard, hitting him smack in the back of the head. He cried out in pain as he stumbled forward. He was hit again by another rock, and then another! Unable to retaliate, he gave up on his find and ran away. It was better to leave now than wind up in the stomach of another after fainting.

Shuppon huffed with pride as he watched the more experienced Pokemon run. He could even feel his body strengthen a bit. However, he could also feel that to his dismay, his body was still just as anxious as last night. Why did he feel so strange? He'd never before in the few months of his existence felt this way. On top of that, what was up with last night?! So many questions swarmed around his mind, each more confusing than the last. Unable to find any kind of answer for any of them, he decided to just go about his daily routine. It was worthless to waste his valuable daylight on questions he couldn't even begin to think of answers for.

With that, he hopped onto a rock and over a small bush, headed out on his hunt for a good morning meal.

=^^= Nya
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Default Re: DreamCraft - The Trials of Survival

Oh my gosh yay! I love Shuppon already. And I love how you used him not being able to fly to shape his character. You make me love my Archen on BW even more. Poor little guy! I can't imagine how hard it would be to be slow, unexperienced and unable to fly in prehistoric Pokemon-land. He's lucky he's stil alive, I'd say haha. I can't wait to see what other Pokemon you bring into it!

Forrex is so awesome! The battle between it and Spinordon reminded me of the one between T-rex and Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 which was awesome (but if its not a reference then it's still cool! xD)

I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
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Default Re: DreamCraft - The Trials of Survival

Originally Posted by RocketMeowth View Post
"I know you're still hear you flightless bird! I've got your scent! You can't hide!" shouted the Charmeleon.
I think that's supposed to be here or you can still hear, which makes little sense.

for more grammatical corrections, ask GS or someone xD
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Default Re: DreamCraft - The Trials of Survival

The Trials of Survival
The Leatherback

The hunt for a good breakfast wasn't as satisfying as Shuppon wanted. Throughout his hunt, the only thing he could come across was a very small lizard. They weren't able to perform attacks like most Pokemon could, but they were sure fast and tricky. It took Shuppon many tries before he was able to get the little rascal locked within his talons. At first he cringed with the thought of eating the little thing. These lizards were terrible tasting and barely satisfying at all. It was like eating air.

"It's better than nothing I suppose," said Shuppon with a shutter. He bent down, picked up the small lizard, tossed it into the air, and caught it with the closing of his beak. His sharp teeth did the rest as he chomped down on his pathetic meal, ripping and cutting the little thing apart for better digestion. "It's... so... gross!" he complained with every chomp. After he swallowed he tried his best to spit out the taste the foul thing left in his mouth. It was rotten and sour, like an old piece of fruit.

"Ew it won't come out!" he complained yet again, now trying to scrape the taste off his tongue with the tiny claws on his wings. Unable to take the revolting taste any longer, he began to sniff out a nearby water source. He normally only drank from small puddles left by rain or from tiny ponds too small for larger Pokemon to enjoy. It was the only way he could get water without risk of confrontation, something he hated getting into. However at this point in time, small bodies of water like that wouldn't be enough to get rid of this retched taste. He felt like he'd have to drink enough for seven Archen before he'd get rid of it.

His sense of smell was pretty lacking. He could really only smell things that were a few feet in front of him. It was because of this that his search for his desired drink would be a tedious one; taking him deeper into predator territory and so much closer to the risk of attack... maybe even death. With his beak lifted high in the air and feet moving swiftly, he passed by a few landmarks that he decided to keep in his memories; a broken nest, a deep imprint of a foot in the mud, a tree that looked like lightning had split it, and a thorn bush that smelled worse than a dead carcass. He'd finally reached the sound of water, his ears picking up the repetitive ripples as they hit the banks and pulled back out. It was gentle and soothing, much like his mothers click's when she would lull him to sleep as night. The only thing that stood before him and the tempting liquid was a heavily scented flower bush.

Taking in a deep breath of air, Shuppon ran through the smelly thing at full speed. He came out on the other side dressed in petals and leaves that had ripped off when he pushed through. Annoyed, he shook them off an released his hold on the vital oxygen. He cursed under his breath on how he didn't need to smell the way his mouth tasted before heading to the banks of the lake before him. He was thankful though for the thick cover of forest behind him. If any predator dared to try and get him, he'd easily be able to lose them in its dense undergrowth.

He lowered down, his wings now acting as forelegs to balance him as he took no time in lapping up the dark blue water. It was cold, but very refreshing as it slid down his tiny throat. Every now and again he looked up from it, gazing around to see if any predators were near. When he didn't see anything, he lowered back down and continued to drink. He even took in some of the dirt to try and get rid of the taste that was still in his mouth. It to tasted wretched, but at least it was able to get rid of what currently had a hold over his taste buds. It also didn't leave a nasty after taste, which Shuppon was extremely grateful for.

Below the surface though stirred a dark shadow. At first it blended in well with the water, but it soon came to Shuppon's attention as it drew closer and closer towards him. He slowly stopped lapping the water, his eyes practically lost as they stared fixated on the moving shadow. What was it?! Was it enemy?! Prey?! His beak began to quiver as it continually drew closer to him, its form growing in size until finally, it threw itself out of the water shouting, "Hello!" Startled and unprepared, Shuppon jumped back and hid behind the tree that sat next to the smelly bush. He pressed himself firmly against it, fear driving his heart into a beating frenzy.

"Hello?" it said again. Shuppon didn't dare look back or move. If this thing was fast, and if it saw him, he'd stand no chance of getting away.

Why did you freeze like that?! You had so much time to get distanced from that thing! What's wrong with you!? he scolded in his mind.

"You know I can see you behind that tree, right?" said the voice. Shuppon flinched as he heard this. Slowly, he shifted his eyes until he saw what gave him away. There, fully exposed to whatever had spotted him, was his skinny red tail. It had betrayed him! A look of disdain now lay on Shuppon's face as the voice called out again. "You don't need to hide you know. I won't hurt you." It was at that moment where Shuppon realized the voice speaking to him was female. It had a slightly high and blissful pitch to it, like the Pokemon truly meant no harm and only wished to chat. Shuppon knew though that Pokemon never spoke to other Pokemon outside their own species. It wasn't right. "I promise," said the voice in a softer tone.

Swallowing a big gulp of air, Shuppon slowly peered around the side of the tree. He was very unsure of this Pokemon and in his defense, wanted to make sure the level of danger was either low, or not there at all. What he saw was a creature he'd not yet set his eyes on. She was a blue thing with strange clawless arms that reminded him of the moon when covered by blackness. Near the tips of those strange arms were blueish gray nubs, while her head had a sort of blueish gray plate that went over her eyes. She seemed to also have the same blueish gray colored shell covering her entire back and stomach as six circular indents decorated it. What confused Shuppon the most however was the tip of her mouth. It ended in a beak like shape, sort of like his.

A beak? he thought, Is she some kind of Archen? Heh... if so then she's the most messed up one I've ever seen. Her wings have no feathers, and she's got no claws or talons to grab onto things with.

"What's wrong? Ain't ya' never seen a Tirtouga before?" chuckled the blue Pokemon as she tilted her head. She sure seemed happy and kind, not at all like any other Pokemon he'd run into before.

"Tirtouga?" he repeated as he walked a little further out from the tree.

"Yeah! Don't tell me you've never been told about us?" she laughed.

"No... no I've heard about you," Shuppon began as he drew closer still, "My mother told me about you. She said that you live in the big water, that you're a water and rock type, and that you guys evolve only once. She also said that you tas-" Shuppon halted himself before he could finish the word.

"Taste?" finished the Tirtouga with a sigh. She still seemed rather happy, and her expression didn't show that of anger or annoyance. Rather, it showed acceptance, as if being told she tasted good no longer bothered her. Shuppon tried to cover it up though.

"No, no nothing like that! She told me that you... um... uh..."

"Don't worry. It doesn't bother me if you say my kind taste good. So many Pokemon eat Tirtouga that it's pretty much stating a fact. I can't fight it, so why let it ruin my mood?" Shuppon was rather surprised by this. This Pokemon had one heck of an upbeat personality. She also seemed rather fearless; curious too. She'd have to be after all with the way she introduced herself to him, what with a big splash and a loud 'hello'. "The name's Proto. What's yours?" she asked inquisitively.

"Sh-Shuppon," answered Shuppon. He was still a little unsure of her. He couldn't remember if Tirtouga ate Archen or not. He decided to keep his distance from her and stay a few feet away from the water.

"Shuppon huh? You Archen always have such interesting names!" Proto complimented. Shuppon thanked her kindly before realizing something. He didn't hesitate to bring it up front, his curiosity on the matter now overpowering his cautionary side.

"Wait a minute... you live in the big water! What in the world are you doing in a lake?" he boldly asked. At first the question sounded a bit harsh, but Shuppon took the plunge and asked anyways. It was a legitimate question after all, harsh or not. Proto's response wasn't right away. Instead she took her time, a deep sigh escaping her beak-like mouth as she turned her body to look at the body of water behind her. Shuppon grew a little worried from this. Had he hurt her feelings or something?

"You're right. My kind live within the far waters." Far waters? Was that what water Pokemon called the big water? Shuppon quickly left his thoughts so that he could hear what Proto was saying, "I too used to live in it. However, I was swept up in a big current during on of my little explorations away from my group. I wound up in a smaller, thinner waterway and well, as bad luck would have it, I found my only way back to the far waters blocked by a rock slide. I decided to not look back and just move on with my life until that way was open again. I swam the thin waterway until I reached this lake."

"Can't you just walk back there?" asked Shuppon.

"Sure, if I'm hoping to have an early death!" Proto retorted as she spun back around. She sighed as she noticed the confused look on Shuppon's face. "I can no more walk on land than you can fly. If I wanted to do that, I'd have to wait until I evolved into a Carracosta. I'll be upright once that happens which means I could take that journey. Until that happens though, I'm pretty much stuck here."

"Oh...," responded Shuppon, a tiny chuckle tickling his throat. He felt a little embarrassed when he didn't know the answer, seeing as it was a pretty obvious one. He rubbed the back of his head with one of his claws as he then sighed and looked away. His instincts were now kicking in, urging him to get a move on. It was never safe to be in one spot for so long no matter what the reason. A lot of Pokemon were experts at hiding, especially the predators. For all Shuppon knew, one could have been carefully watching him and Proto the entire time they'd been talking.

"So what's your story?" Proto asked. Shuppon looked at her for a second, but didn't keep his eyes on her. Instead he lifted himself high onto his claws and continued examining the area around him. Again, he was still wary of Proto. He couldn't remember if her kind ate his, and with such a question being difficult for him to ask, he let his suspicions take control of his actions again.

So as to not arouse suspicion within the turtle, Shuppon did his best to answer her question as he tried to locate anything that may have resembled a Carracosta. He kept his eyes out for predators he knew, but his mind was now starting to question just why this Pokemon was so keen to talk. Could it have been she was just toying with him? Possibly distracting him long enough for her Carracosta friend to sneak up and get the drop on him?

Thankfully Proto didn't seem to notice how resistant he was feeling right now. Her attention was completely enveloped in his tales about where he was born and about the teachings of his mother. Not even his jerky movements and distant sounding voice alerted her to how much unease was filling up inside him. In fact, her attentiveness to his story only made his unease worse. Maybe this was the cause behind how he felt the night before? It couldn't have been though... If it was then how did that explain the Spinordon coming so far into the forest? Surly a Carracosta couldn't have been the reason for his unnatural trek?

Shuppon kept these questions in his head as well as his defenses up. He wasn't going to risk falling victim to this Tirtouga's mind games... if in fact she was playing any.

=^^= Nya
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