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Old 04-08-2004, 06:58 PM
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Default Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Not many people read my bad fann fic, so I will post the old chapters, except for Chapter 6 Part 1, cuz I cant find it. hERE We go.

Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey
Chapter 1 Last Day of School for Us

The class had just come in from recess and Vellyvell was doing his usual job of being the class clown. His two best friends Michael and Connor were watching the door so they could warn him about their teacher. Ms. Pokewinski coming back to the class. "She's coming!! She's coming!!" the two yelled. "I'm back with the test results everybody," She said. Vellyvell whispered to Connor, "why is everybody listening so intently." "Because this for the pokemon license, so be quiet Vellyvell,” replied Connor. "In third place and got a 97% grade on the test Connor, In second place Michael with a 98% grade on the test, and in first place with an amazing 100%Vellyvell?" Ms. Pokewinski said surprised. Everybody was amazed and surprised with Vellyvell's score, but no one was as surprised as Ms. Pokewinski. " Well all three of you follow me to the battle arena to see who gets to choose first." Vellyvell said, I want to go first Michael wants to go second and Connor wants to go first we have know that since pre-school." So that's in what order it went in. Connor got Torchic. Michael got Mudkip. Then Vellyvell went in I want Torchic, gone huh then i'll take Mudkip, gone huh then i'll take Treeko, huh a Beldum."" We only have Beldum left." Prof. Birch said. "I dislike Beldum with all rage." Vellyvell said angrily. "Well then your taking a Magikarp." Prof Birch countered as he gave Vellyvell a pokeball. He felt sorry for Vellyvell and gave him a pokedex and a Pokenav. He found out that Magikarp knew flail already. They received a note saying

Dear Vellyvell, Michael, and Connor,
We put pokeballs and potions in your backpacks will you were picking your pokemon. We also brought tons of food, clothes and money. You have 10,000 dollars each. We wish you luck on your pokemon journey and make sure two come visit us when you’re in town.
your family
p.s. you also have S.S. Aqua H. tickets the train leaves at 3:00 this should give you time two get there.

"Wow we have everything we need," Connor said. Well we better get going to the boat. It sails off in an hour so we will have time to get there.
By the time they could see the harbor it was 2:30. That’s when a little pink pokemon came by. Vellyvell said, "go Fierce" and he threw a pokeball revealing his magikarp. "Ha, you got a puny magikarp." Both Connor and Michael said. Vellyvell ignored them and pulled out his pokedex. Whismur, the whisper pokemon. Attacks that revolve around sound don't affect them.
The Whismur saw the magikarp and used uproar hurting everyone's ears. "Magikarp's hp has gone down from 19 to 12." the pokedex said. "Flail," commanded Vellyvell. "Whismur's hp has gone down about one fourth,” the pokedex said. Whismur used uproar again. The Pokedex said, " Magikarp's hp has gone from 12 to 5." the pokedex said. " Magikarp flail now." Vellyvell yelled. It flailed into Whismur again and k.o.ed it. "Go pokeball," Vellyvell said happily. The pokeball hit Whismur and started to wobble, but then it stopped. " I caught a Whismur," Vellyvell said as he picked up the ball and added to his belt. Pokedex said, " Magikarp grew to level 6 with 21 hp." Just then they heard a voice say "all aboard the S.S. Aqua H." They ran to the boat and got in line to get aboard. They got their tickets out and got ready to show them. They wondered what would await them on board.
Author's Notes: My newest fanfic with a new element. Try to guess what land they are in, and also tell me how you like the first chapter. I will try to post a new chapter at least twice a week.

Chapter 2 Attack of the Water pokemon; Arrival in the Grassland

Last Time: Three young boys get they're first pokemon, though one does not get what he wants. They have supplies and are getting ready to get on the famous boat: S.S. Aqua H.
The boat was great and huge. They had everything from a pool to a pokemon battle arena to a pokemon training machine they had just installed. First finding their rooms together they relized they got the ultra-mega-deluxe-suite with huge beds, three televisions, a separate room for a kithen and a shower, and a room with a pool for water pokemon. They went in the poolroom and it was huge. 400,000,000 square feet of pool and two times that to make up the whole room. They each had they're own personal pokemon training machines and a pokemon battle arena too.
"Come on out everybody we are in the pokemon room it seems like." Vellyvell said as he threw his pokeballs, one landing in the water the other on land. "We should release our pokemon too," said Connor as both Michael and himself threw they're pokeballs too. Mudkip and Magikarp were swimming and Torchic and Whismur were running. The trainers were looking at the training machine said they would do that later in the day. They all went outside their suite and explored the boat until 6:00 when they heard the bell, which meant time to go to your suite.

They went inside to the pool room and read the instructions on how to use the training machine when Connor noticed a Staryu. "Go Torchic use peck." Torchic lusted forward at a quick speed beak first and hit Staryu and severly damaged and his ruby colored center started flashing. "Go pokeball," Connor yelled as he threw his pokeball at Staryu. It was an instant catch and was fully healed by potions. He and his friends went back to the computers so they could train they're pokemon stronger than two gym leaders. Roxanne is a level 18 and 19 so we should get our pokemon to around 21 for those of us who have two pokemon and our starters to 23. They set there current level pokemon and its type.
Magikarp fought 20 battles before it evolved into a Gyarados and Gyarados fought 10 battles to get to level 23 while Whismur fought 20 battles to become a Loudred and 2 battles to get to level 21.
Torchic fought 16 battles before it evolved into a Combusken and 14 battles to get to Level 23.
Staryu fought 21 battles to reach lv 21.
Mudkip fought 16 battled before it evolved into a Marshtomp and 14 battles to get to level 23.
The next morning wasn't very pleasant. They had crashed into an island called Evolution Island. It had a pokemon center for everyone to sleep in and the ship would take one day to fix. Michael heard a sound I the woods to the east of the pokemon center and went out to explore by himself. He saw a group of five Beedrill chasing an eevee. He ran after them with Marshtomp by his side. A piece of paper flew in his face. It said here is the love ball a kind of pokeball that makes the pokemon caught by it instantly loves its trainer. He looked on the ground and saw a pink pokeball with a heart on it. He found the Eevee and the Beedrill still running. Marshtomp instantly used mud shot as if they had somehow been connected by the mind. It took out all of Beedrill and covered the eevee in mud. He threw the Love Ball and captured the eevee.
It had become dark as Michael was running with the love ball in his hand. He was following Connor and Vellyvell's voice when a Noctowl attacked him. Sand Attack he commanded Eevee to use. It temporarily blinded Noctowl. "Tackle now," Michael said. He had k.o.ed the Noctowl and eevee glowed then stopped then a blinding flash of light came from eevee. Michael knew it had evolved but knew he had to find his way in the dark. He couldn't hear anyone calling him how would he escape to the pokemon center?
Author's Notes: things are moving fast so I think this will be it for a while maybe or maybe not. If I have over 3 replies I will put a new chapter this week.
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Old 04-08-2004, 06:59 PM
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Chapter 3 Brawly, Steven, and Aron

Last Time: Michael was lost after helping an abandoned Eevee escape from a group of Beedrills. When Michael found a love ball he caught the eevee and it instantly became happy. When a Noctowl attacked Michael, Eevee evolved into the dark type Umbreon.
"Umbreon help me find a way out of here,” said Michael. Umbreon's rings started to glow and Michael could barely see. Michael ran behind his Umbreon until he saw a figure that said, "Chansey chanse." He ran to the figure and saw a light. "The pokemon center is right down the hill,” said Michael as he ran to the light. "There's Michael," shouted Vellyvell. They brought him to the pokemon center and healed all of his pokemon.
In the morning everybody got on the boat to go to Littleroot Town. When did you get your Umbreon, Michael," Connor said. "Last night when everyone was looking for me," Michael replied. "Wanna battle then," said Connor. " Okay," said Michael.
Just when Connor was about to use his Staryu the P.A. system said, "We are being blow off course by fast winds we will crash into Dewford Town's Island known as Crush Island in 1 minute.
1 minute passed and the boat hit the island and our heroes made a crash landing. As soon as our heroes landed Vellyvell summoned his mighty gyarados and him as well as his friends climbed aboard. " Gyarados full speed ahead," Vellyvell commanded. The gigantic sea serpent extended its slithery, scaly, and spikey body and waves begin to form and cave in. When Gyarados made it to land everybody hopped of and went into a cave. Deeper in the cave they heard a voice. " Pokedex scan the voice,” said Vellyvell. Pokedex replied " Voices are well known trainer Steven and the Dewford Gym Leader Brawly. " Let's find them," Connor said eagerly. Walking through the caves and up stairs they were attacked by the trio known as Ghost, Steel, and Rock by trainers. Connor sent out Combusken who used Double Kick and k.o.ed Sableye the caught it, Vellyvell sent out Gyarados and Water Gunned Aron and K.o.ed it then, caught it, and last of all a battle between rival types Umbreon vs. Mawile. Umbreon finally won by confusing the opponent and Michael caught the Mawile. Just then Steven walked in with Brawly behind him. "That was very impressive one day you will be able to do this, Go Aggron Hyper Beam.” Steven threw a pokeball and a massive steel and rock creature emerged and shot an orange and yellow beam creating a hole in the hole. Brawly said, “ Go Meditite, use your psychic powers to create an energy ladder.” A small monkey looking creature started to glow blue and a blackish-purple ladder formed. After everyone climbed the latter they surfed down the mountain and on to the ground. Brawly said, “ I suppose you want to battle me for the Knuckle Badge. I would but I am holding a tournament for the privilege to challenge me, and the top three get and me a surprise. The Tournament Preliminaries will be held in 4 days. Well I will see you guys then.” Him and Steven left. Will our heroes pass the preliminaries and will they excel I the tournament.
Author’s Notes: I will post the next chapter today or tomorrow.
__________________________________________________ _____

Chapter 4 That Was Very Odd-ish
Last Time: our heroes went inside a cave and met the gym leader and a strong trainer named Steven. Though they challenged the gym leader Brawly and wanted a shot at a pokemon league badge, they had to earn it by being the top three. They would also win and exhibition match with Steven.
After signing up, they went to the arena to fight their preliminary matches. They won each of their matches in record time. After advancing to the tournament, they learned that it would be a 16 person tournament at the beginning, and it would be a one pokemon battle until 4 people remained, then 2 pokemon battles, and the finals a three pokemon battle. Vellyvell had to fight a trainer who called himself Stripes.
"Go," Both trainers said. Vellyvell had sent out his Aron and Stripes sent out Squirtle. Aron started with double edge and hit Squirtle hard. Squirtle shot a water gun at Aron. Aron dodged by using Iron Wall and when Squirtle stopped Aron hit the Iron Wall and made it fall on Squirtle. The Iron Wall dissipated and Vellyvell was declared the winner. Even though they won Vellyvell worried about Aron. It seemed like it was getting sick.
Michael's match was next but it wasn't much of a match. He used his Mawile and the trainer used his Butterfree, but as soon as Butterfree saw Mawile it fainted therefore making Michael the Winner of his match.
Connor's match was just plain boring. The trainer was obviously a blackbelt. He used a Hitmonlee and Connor used Sableye. The Hitmonlee was very quick and powerful and started kicking Sableye as hard as it could but it was just going through Sableye's body. After minutes of kicking Hitmonlee slowed down, which proved to be a fatal mistake. Sableye's diamond eyes sparkled and Hitmonlee flew back into the wall, and then fell out. Hitmonlee hit the wall so hard that it made an indent in the wall the shape of itself. Connor was declared the winner.
Back at the pokemon center everyone was staring at our heroes and whispering " those are the guys who won their matches without their pokemon getting damage." That's when Connor said, "Does your Aron look bigger and sick like it is about to explode." Vellyvell replied, " Yes, but it's not worried so I’m not worried." They walked to their rooms in total silence after that.
The next match Vellyvell had was to get into the semifinals. Vellyvell stuck with his trusty Aron, but his opponent countered with Machoke. Almost needless to say Aron was getting banged up. Soon Aron could barely move and Vellyvell couldn't take it anymore. "Super Secret Lost Attack," Vellyvell yelled. The Stadium started shaking violently and giant meteors covered the arena. Soon the meteors were nothing but little pieces of rubble and pebble. Machoke was k.o.ed and Vellyvell yet again won. Just as Vellyvell was about to cheer Aron turned white and looked like it was about to implode. The light faded after an earthquake. and another pokemon was next to Larion as vellyvell knew it was. Vellyvell through the pokeball at the mysterious pokemon and caught it. What is the pokemon? Is it on the good side, and why was it on a meteor in the first place. Find out in the next chapter.
Author's Notes: You will not fail to be surprised by the pokemon it is. In the mean time guess what it will be.
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Chapter 5 Battle With Steven
As the dust settled, it revealed the surprise. The pokeball had settled but nobody knew what it was until Vellyvell let it out to reveal a Dratini which almost immediately used Headbutt, and broke a rock. "Chikoritaaa", a voice yelled from behind the seats. Everyone quickly noticed a badly bruised chikorita lying unconscious in gravel.
__________________________________________________ _____________________
"Who are you", Vellyvell asked. " My name's Brandon, please help my chikorita." Chansey picked it up and they took her for emergency treatment. Nurse Joy soon came and said, "She's at full health just no battling today.” “Well I got to go get ready for my match.” Vellyvell said. After winning the tourney, our hero’s have to fight Steven. Go, Larion, Gyarados, Loudred, Marshtomp, Umbreon, Mawile, Combusken, Staryu, and Sableye.
Go, Aggron, Larion, and Aron. Soon the out come could not be decided. Most of the pokemon were horribly tired. Gyarados water gunned Aggron to win the battle.
__________________________________________________ _________________

“Yep those were the good old days,” said Vellyvell before he entered The Indigo Plateau. “I wonder were Michael, Brandon, and Connor are now.” Just then his Dragonair flew in with the news. In the headline that day it said, “Pokemon Trainer wounded and in critical condition. Trainer Michael Goodcatcher from Rose City injured by a band of pokemon thieves. He is currently in Rose Hospital.” “Dragonair head to Rose Hospital,” Vellyvell said, as he hopped on Dragonair’s back.
__________________________________________________ ______________________
As they arrived and Dragonair was returned to his pokeball, Vellyvell ran right into the E.R. He found Michael on life support, and Connor, and Brandon were they too. Since Michael had to get surgery, everyone went outside. Just then Ho-oh flew over them, as Vellyvell made a wish. Michael came outside, and said, “I made a full recovery. So do you guys want to go to the Indigo Plateau together?” Everyone said, “Yeah.”

Author’s Notes: Hello, I bet this chapter was surprising.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Chapter 6 The Indigo Plateau
Part 2 The Battle Begins, The Power is Release

As Vellyvell walked in, there was a different decoration, than what they had on T.V. a few days ago. Sidney was gone, and there were Trainers lurking around in his place, all equally matched. Vellyvell ran passed most of the trainer, looking for Sydney, until one stopped him. “I am an Elite Trainer. “A Cool Trainer who has found their true power. There is no way you can defeat me,” He started

"Well, well, a stray trainer has walked in. You can't challenge Sidney. He is too strong for a simpleton. What, you do not understand? I will show you by defeating you. " Go, Scizor" the trainer continued. He said this, as if he was reading from a script.

A Scyther-like pokemon, in red metal, emerged from the Greatball that was sent. It stared at me, as I threw my pokeball. "Go, Charmer, use Fire Blast," I cried. "Use Metal Claw," the trainer cried.

Everything went as I planned. “Use Rage, now,” I cried. I knew that Scizor would be too fast for Charmer too prepare a Fire Blast, but Rage needed little preparation.

Charmer took a deep breath, as it started to glow. Scizor suddenly appeared in front of him. It brought back its metallic claw, and with amazing speed whacked down.

Charmander was enraged, and shot out an amazing amount of heat from its mouth. Scizor flew up, and tried another Metal Claw, causing it to avoid the fire. Charmer endured the hits, growing stronger from each of them. Scizor used Sword Dance, and taunted Charmer.

This was a pokemon-costing mistake. Charmer jumped in the air. It started to spin, and breath fire. Soon a funnel of Fire was circling Charmander. Charmer concentrated it all to his claw, and used a flaming Metal Claw. As the impact hit Scizor, its armor started to melt, and it fainted, while Charmer was panting.

“What, how, did a puny, unevolved pokemon, take down Scizor. Oh well, Go Charizard. Show that Charmander true power,” The Elite Trainer said. “Return Charmander, come to my side, and Go Gyarados. Gyarados emerged, and Charmander ran next to Vellyvell. Charizard was intimidated a little bit, and stepped back.

“Gyarados, use Water Pulse,” I yelled. Gyarados sent out sound waves, and then shot a whirlpool of waves directly at Charizard. Charizard fell to its knees, and when Gyarados turned away, it used Steel Wing. Gyarados roared in pain, while Charmer watched in awe.
Suddenly Charmer used Flash, and no one could see a thing. Vellyvell yelled, “Hydro Pump now,” as the light died down. Vellyvell turned to see if Charmer was okay, and found a Charmeleon standing in his place. Gyarados roared, as it shot a huge blast of water at Charizard, and Vellyvell continued to stare at Charmer’s new form.

The water blast missed by an inch, and the Elite Trainer was taking no chances. “Charizard, return, and Go Shedinja.” A ghost-like bug appeared where Charizard use to be. “No problem Gyarados, use Surf,” Vellyvell commanded confidently. A wave of water picked Gyarados up, and crashed down into Shedinja. Shedinja didn’t even blink, and the water went straight through it.

Gyarados crashed, and was starting to get angry. “Return Gyarados, go …” I said, but before I could say the pokemon, Charmer stepped in the arena for another round.

Charmeleon, use Flamethrower. Charmer easily sent out a large flame at Shedinja, but it went straight through the pokemon.

Suddenly Vellyvell realized the target he went for was a Double Team copy. Vellyvell smiled as he said, “Overheat the room, by using Flamethrower at the door.” The Elite Trainer was baffled. Charmer completed its command, and intense flames hit the door. The room slowly caught on fire, but before it could spread, the sprinklers cut on.

The enemies were still facing each other. Staring with intensity Charmer rarely shows. Shedninja zoomed past Charmer, when Charmer’s tail zoomed into Shedninja. The ghost bug fell to the ground, and was recalled.

“Okay go Charizard. Slash, and maul the Charmeleon.” Charizard flew at Charmer. Charmer countered by using his claws to attach on to the Charizard.

“Overheat your self so you can self-destruct, now,” the trainer commanded. Charizard started to overheat, almost causing an explosion. Charizard fainted, and Charmer used its focus band, to stay in the game. It started to fall as it evolved into a Charizard.
“I win!!!” Michael was watching in the throne they call the champion room. With his mystic staff of championship, he controlled the universe, and only he knew who to harness the power, but a parasitic creature known as the Pokeparasite was controlling Michael.

“Time to go to my world,” Michael said angrily
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

And Now the Premiere of

Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Chapter 1 Parasite’s Surprise
The next thing Vellyvell knew he was in a different city. He was bloody, and groggy. None of his friend were with him. He limped to the nearest town, and a boy about his age, and size took him inside of a house.

“What happened to you sir,” the boy asked. Vellyvell said, “I don’t know, where am I?”
“I’m Cody, and this is Woodbridge Town. The emperor of this world is the evil Michael Goodcatcher. Vellyvell gasped, and said, “ I am vellyvell, and I used to know Michael.

“Michael is a cruel person. He killed my father’s friend for disagreeing with him. His pokemon are unstoppable. We need a force to stop him. I am training my pokemon to be that person,” Cody replied with fire in his eyes.

Vellyvell said, “I will straighten this whole situation out. He pulled out to headphones, and told Cody if you’re coming put them on.” He tossed them to Cody, then said, “Show me the way. You know your way around here.”

Cody started running straight ahead. Vellyvell tried to run, but fell to the ground, and grabbed his ribs.

Cody turned around, looking at Vellyvell and said, “Go Miltank, and Roselia. Aroma Healing Combo on Vellyvell now!” Roselia cut metal into a bottle shape with Razor Leaf. Miltank shot its milk into the bottle, and Roselia used Aromatherapy on Vellyvell. Cody then fed Vellyvell the milk.

Vellyvell was able to get back up, and Cody returned his pokemon. They both ran until the arrived at the Emperor’s Palace.

They entered the Palace, and Cody showed Vellyvell where the throne room was. Vellyvell ran in, and said, “Hey Michael what is up? These people think you are an evil, ruthless ruler. Tell me you’re not what they say you are.”

“Yes, I am the ruthless ruler they say I am. I am the new Michael Goodcatcher. You can’t do anything to stop that either,” said a voice that Vellyvell didn’t recognize. Suddenly a voice sounding like Michael’s real voice said, “ Don’t listen to him, the Pokeparasite has taken over my body. Help me Vellyvell, help.”

“Heh heh heh, they now know my secret. They must now suffer the consequences. He held up his palm, and a flash of light turned Cody into a Machop at level 10, and Vellyvell into a Charmander at level 10.

A 100 feet pit opened up under the two pokemon.

“Nooooooooooooooooo,” Vellyvell said, but all that was heard was <Charmander. >
As they were falling, Vellyvell felt guilty about getting Cody involved. He landed first, and told Machop to land on him. Though Machop tried, he missed, and they both lay lifeless, when Michael yelled, “Bring in the hungry Arcanine.

The massive fire lions circled their prey, and they looked around, and prepared to pounce. The two leaders pounced high into the air, and were coming down hard. What could save Vellyvell, and Cody now?
Authors Notes: How do you like my second fan-fic ever.
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Well to comment on the first few posts-- I will have to just come out and say I got confused a little bit on some of the things you said but with practice comes greatness and thats what you showed in your last post. VPJ2 seems like it will turn into a great one because your writing seems to of changed a lot. Keep up the great work and I can say that I am really looking forward to reading your next post and I'll be sure to tell others about this fic. Great job Vellyvell!

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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Your last post was pretty good and intense, and you do have some good descriptions along the way, but your storyline moves at lightning speed. Maybe take it a little slower and enhance the descriptions and feelings of your characters, as well the description of their surroundings. Plus some of your Pokemon are evolving much too quick; just remember even pre-evolutions can still have climatic battles. It takes a lot of experience for a Pokemon to evolve unless you're using a stone.

Still, keep it up Velly. You've created a great cliffhanger at the end there, so keep it going. I see a lot of potential here.

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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2! Parasitic Power

Chapter 2 Trials & Tribulations of being a Pokčmon; The League to Freedom

The Arcanine came down ready to crush their prey, when <squishhhhhh, I thought you might need some help> said a Croconaw as it shot a water gun attack to ward off the 4 Arcanine. Vellyvell was just waking up. <That fall is a doozy, huh? > the slightly darker than normal Charmander asked. Everyone was laughing.

<What is that necklace on your neck? > Croconaw asked. Vellyvell looked down curiously at the golden necklace with the golden Pokčball in the middle. <Honestly, I have no idea. It seems special in some way, though. > Vellyvell said. It started glowing as Vellyvell said that, causing him to smile.

<I’m looking for some people or Pokčmon named Connor, and Brandon. Can you help me? > Vellyvell asked.

<You mean Whiplash & Mush-spore. > The Croconaw replied, pointing at the scratched up forest green Treeko and peach colored Shroomish with blue spots.

They walked up to Vellyvell and asked in a whisper, <Are you Rose City native Vellyvell Masterčm? > <Yeah, it’s me. The best in the west. > Vellyvell whispered back, relieving some of the tension in the room.

Just then a Cubone walked up to them. <I guess should introduce myself. I’m Bonales. This terrain, the rocky brown, hard dirt, to the steel that separates us from freedom is my specialty. I reviewed this many times already, but my true dream is to become a Marowak

Around this time Cody started to wake up, and Vellyvell filled him in on everything. Cody went around shaking peoples, but because he wasn’t used to his new body, he was lifting everyone of the ground.

We then walked over to the wall Bonales told us lead to freedom. He explained about how none of the had enough power to escape, simply because of the steel wall.

Cody, and Vellyvell looked at each other with a grin. Cody stared into the steel wall, focusing his power on the target, as Vellyvell inhaled deeply. He tried to let my flames go full power, but all that came out was an ember. Machop on the other hand Karate Chopped his side following with a Low Kick. My ember had made the metal hotter, and easier to dent.

Machop and Vellyvell switched sides. They used the same maneuver to break through the steel. This was the first time they saw the world through the eyes of their pokemon.
After scanning the area, Nawcrek (Gnaw crehk) the Croconaw lead us into the forest. We walked in a vertical line. They watched around for trainers, not wanting to captured, and looked for a place to take refuge.

After hours of walking this huge, endless forest they began to get careless. They bumped into a trainer who wanted Mush-spore.

After figuring out that we wouldn’t separate, the trainer pulled out six Pokčballs. He threw them to the ground and said attack.

There was a Pikachu, Shuckle, Bulbasaur, Houndour, Poliwag and a Combusken on this trainer’s team. Mush-spore & co. got in their fight stances, ready to go.

Pikachu stood up, and Mush-spore went up to Pikachu, as the first part of the battle began. Shroomish prepared to release a spore attack, but Pikachu being faster Thundershocked him first. Mush-spore was stunned for a few seconds, but got back up. He jumped in the air, releasing tiny spores, putting Pikachu to sleep.

While Pikachu was sleeping, Mush-spore was biting him, and absorbing his energy. Just as he was delivering the finishing blow, an ember, from Houndour, hit him. Mush-spore rolled back to it group bleeding, as Cody stepped in. The trainer returned his scratched, tired, and beaten Pikachu back to its pokeball.

Mean while in the bushes, these two people, in black suits with a red R on it were plotting their capture of the pokemon battling. “Hey Zack, we should wait until they are all tired out, then go for the capture,” said the girl. “I agree Sarah, it will cut our chance of failure in half,” replied the boy so overcome with excitement. This was their first real Team Rocket mission, and they wouldn’t screw up.

Machop focused on Houndour, and prepared to beat him up. Houndour shot multiple Embers at Machop. Machop dodged the first five, but the next five hit directly on target. Cody grabbed his blackened side. He had been burned. He got up, and ran toward Houndour, tossing in the air with a Seismic Toss. As the Fire Hound hit the ground, it was hit by Cody’s Low Kick attack, followed by a Karate Chop.

Some how Houndour was able to get back up. The two opponents stared at each other. Houndour started charging at its enemy, and Cody started charging at its enemy. They rammed into each other hard, knocking them both over. Cody slowly stood up, but Houndour stayed down.

Bulbasaur ran in ready to battle. Cody was already bloody, but was still raring to go against someone else. Bulbasaur laughed as it shot its vines out, and wrapped them around Machop. Bulbasaur slammed Machop into the ground over, and over, then Seismic Tossed Machop into a nearby tree.

Treeko stepped in the battlefield. He used his swiftness to confuse Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur sent its vine whips everywhere. It hit Bonales, and Nawcrek. They rushed into the battle, causing a free for all battle.

At the end of the battle all of the pokemon except for Pikachu, and Houndour were plopped down on the ground, tired, or unconscious. Sarah, and Zack rushed out with a giant bag. They scooped up all of the Pokčmon up, and through it in the bushes. They pressed a button on a remote control, and a cage sealed up the trainer.

They jumped back and started saying,
“We ain’t here to do a stupid cheer
So will take the Pokčmon here
NOW says Sarah, and Zack.”

They ran to the bushes, and it transformed into a car, the pokemon bag bounced all around the car, knocking the entire group Pokčmon unconscious. The car took one last turn, and then they were at their headquarters.

The trainer ran behind them, and tried to think of a way to get his pokemon back. It was there he met Crystal, a trainer whose pokemon met a similar fate, but she had two pokemon ready for battle. The two planned a way to break in, and save the captured pokemon.
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