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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Dark Nostalgia: Feral Twilight (PG-13)

The Crusade of Dark Nostalgia
Book One: Feral Twilight
__________________________________________________ ____________________________
Rating: PG-13 for moderate language, violence, tobacco/alcohol usage, some adult humor/insinuation, and dark/religious themes throughout
Genres: Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy
Bases: Original Region, Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness
About my Region in the Pokémon World: Located far to the west of Sinnoh, Ronac is an expansive territory that, to this day, still remains mostly untamed. Save for the numerous islands in the seas to the mainland’s east (called the Kainos Ocean) and south (known as The Sea of Golbania) as well as the south-easternmost third, the human population is small for the area’s geographic size. Factors such as the unbelievably dense timberland taking up the rest of Ronac’s east, a mountain range to the north, badlands in the west, and a gaping abyss extending down the middle of the continent from the base of Mount Corona (formerly known as Geyi dep Beyi Quofyi to the Meridai and Dallinos tribes that used to live in the region, loosely meaning “Nostalgia’s Watch”) to exactly 666 miles north of the Morgus River’s delta don’t help matters either.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

i. Renaissance

Maritide Island-North, Ronac Region
International Institute of Pokémon Science
Monday, May 19, 1986-11:32 p.m.

Felicia stood alone in the eerily quiet corridor outside the school’s main biology lab, waiting patiently for her professor. After a long day, she was glad to finally be heading home for the evening, with a good night’s sleep anticipated upon her arrival.

At twenty-six years old, the tall graduate student had a rather voluptuous physique. In the dimmed light of the hallway, her dark blue shirt and matching jeans appeared to form a solid black jumpsuit, and her narrow-framed glasses gave off a reflection that obscured her beautiful sapphire eyes. With her bookbag under her left arm and a binder clenched in her right, the fair-skinned brunette couldn’t help but feel an air of anxiety overtake her body. She hated being at the university this late but recently it’d become increasingly necessary.

Hearing the door open behind her, the woman took a deep breath. Then she slowly turned to see her teacher coming out.

The gentleman was a stout fellow who stood about a foot shorter than Felicia. Clearly in his late fifties, he had a receding black hairline with thinning sideburns as well as a graying moustache and beard. Overall his attire seemed fairly relaxed for his station in life, consisting of a tweed sweater-vest over a green plaid shirt, a pair of sleek black pants, and blue suede shoes. With a curious glint in his deep green eyes, the man shrugged and turned back to the lock the door.

“I thought you were on your way out. What’s the matter?” he asked in a suave baritone.

“Nothing, Dr. Nobles…” Felicia murmured.

“Is that so? Not worried about your project now, are you?” She nodded slightly, and Dr. Nobles faced her grinning.

“I’ve told you time and again. So long as she’s in her Stasis Ball, Doxinox will be fine. There’s not a Pokémon alive that is remotely capable of escaping a unit so powerful.” She snorted at the comment.

“Don’t fret about it, my dear. When the committee sees the data you’ve collected and your experiment’s final results, they’ll be flabbergasted,” he continued, patting her shoulder, “You’ll see.”

“I guess…”

“Now, if that’s all, let’s go.” She nodded, and then the two started down the long hallway towards the entrance.

For years, Edwin Nobles ran the most prestigious academy in Ronac with the strict focus of developing students’ minds for the challenging world of Pokémon research. Many passed through their hallowed halls over the years, learning the ways of true scientific discovery through hands-on involvement and classes that used the most up-to-date technology. Yet in his entire time at IIPS, the man never would have imagined seeing something that even put Charles Darwin to shame, let alone it being from one of his own students.

As they approached the end of the hall, Felicia felt an unusual chill in the air. Immediately she stopped dead in her track.

“What’s wrong?” Edwin asked shooting her an awkward stare.

“Do you feel something?” she replied. Goosebumps rose on her skin, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. It felt as if a spirit just passed through her, though she knew all the university’s Ghost-type Pokémon were kept on a separate part of campus.

“What do you mean?”

“Seriously? You don’t feel that chill?” She started rubbing her arms but it didn’t seem to help. Her skin felt cold as ice.

“Why?” a weak voice then whispered.

Turning around, she whined, “Tell me you heard that!”

“What the h*ll are you talking about? Hear what?”

“How could she do this?” it continued, slightly louder now. The tone sounded male, but it was still too quiet to really tell.

“There it goes again.”

“I doubt it, but a Gastly may have escaped from the Spectral Studies wing. Even so, it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll handle it in the morning. Let’s go!” Felicia finally shrugged, and they began heading out again.

Barely a few moments passed before they reached the lobby, and an ominous cry began to scream like a siren. The shriek was unbelievably high-pitched with an odd gurgling noise mixed in with it.

“Impossible…” both slurred as they whipped their bodies around.

“Tayi-vek lu sha!” the voice of a woman shouted loudly from down the hall.

“Now, please tell me you heard that!” Felicia screamed.

“Of course, but wasn’t that language…Quofyi?”

Suddenly a horrifying gust of wind blew them backwards onto the floor, its ungodly howl sounding similar to the bays of many wolves. As the shockwave passed, Felicia felt something overcome her. Her confusion about what was transpiring faded quickly, and only to be replaced by a very stark realization; something or someone was after her project. Jumping to her feet, she heard the lobby’s front windows shatter from the force of the gale. Then she sprinted headlong back towards the lab.

Each step she took felt longer than the last. Time itself seemed as if it were slowing down as she got closer to the fight. Bloodlust fueled her entire being; rage didn’t even begin to describe her hatred anymore.

The moans and cries of both Pokémon carried throughout the entire building the whole time she approached. At first, she heard gargling followed by powerful explosions, no doubt Doxinox using her favorite ability to fend off the assailant. But then, there were several barks followed by a series of high-pitched squeals. Clearly the attacker couldn’t be harmed with biological attacks…

When she finally reached to the intersection, Felicia stopped for a moment in astonishment. The door along with sections of the walls to its side cut into a perfect circle almost nine-feet across. However, the room itself looked completely dark, though she knew at least some moonlight should have been filtering in from the room’s far windows. Only a blinking white dot at the center of the hole gave off any illumination whatsoever.

“Shine Vector?” the woman whimpered, feeling her anger turn into complete dread.

“Why?” the male whisper again asked.

Almost automatically, the speck became an all-consuming burst of silvery light and a surge of intense gravity drew Felicia straight to the ground. Trying to keep on her hands and knees, the girl had to endure the most brutal torment imaginable. Her body fluids sloshed back and forth violently, her flesh felt like it was being pulled every which way, and her eyes, ears, and nose seemed like they were going to bleed with the tremendous strain being put on her. It was impossible to tell how long it lasted; seconds, minutes, hours…they all seemed meaningless in this unbearable h*ll. But, with a sudden crash, the sensation finally ended.

Coughing up some blood, Felicia slowly got back onto her feet. Her body quivered from weakness and most of it ached from the stress that attack put on her, but still she was very much alive. Even so, her condition seemed insignificant compared to her desperation to see if her project had survived as well. When she caught her breath, the woman staggered into the lab.

From what she saw, the entire place was ransacked! The desks and tables had been pushed off to the far sides of the large room, most flipped on their sides or upside down and some completely destroyed. Test tubes, centrifuges, beakers, and any of the other small equipment left out for the morning classes were broken and scattered across the floor. But, worst of all, a thick layer of glowing lime-and-black ooze covered most of the floor. She couldn’t believe this sort of damage happened in mere moments.

Exasperated Felicia ambled towards a massive hole she spotted in the room’s far wall. Just a few feet from it, the girl stepped on an odd hemispherical object hidden by the slime. Kicking it aside and then a second one right next to it, she realized immediately what they were.

“God, d*mn it! What the f…” she cursed until a hand shook her right arm. Taking a deep breath, the girl turned hoping to see her professor, only instead to meet the inquisitive stare of…something else…

Directly behind her hovered the most alien Pokémon she’d ever seen in her entire life. With a generally arrow-like form, she gauged that the creature was over twelve-feet-long from head to tail. Its face appeared to be unusually conical with a slightly rounded nose and ears comparable to isosceles triangles, which jutted straight upwards from its temples. At the stem of its rather elongated neck, the being had a stout egg-shaped body with a pair of curved wings that seemed to form a virtual heart at its buttocks. Lastly, from what she could tell, a pair of attached oval disks served more-or-less as either the feet or tails.

“How could she do this?” the whisper again asked. Right afterwards, the entity curled his neck back and positioned his body in a vertical fashion so he could stare Felicia down with his slanted auburn-glowing eyes.

“You can talk?” she screamed at him.

“Insolent girl… Of course, I can speak! Where did my sister go? What does she hope to gain by doing this?”

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just came to check on my project!”

“ANSWER ME! NOW!” he finally bellowed in a terrifying voice that seemed to quake the entire building.

She immediately covered her ears but it didn’t do any good. The sound echoed from beyond her physical state, and almost as if straight from the deepest parts of her mind. If he kept it up for too long, she knew she’d be dead…

<End Prologue>

Author's Note: I have this posted on several different fansites, so please don't report me for plagarism as I myself have reposted this of my own will. I've had problems with people mistaking me for a plagarist before and don't this to happen again. Also, my following on this and my other fictions isn't very strong, so any new input or insight is greatly appreciated (but please don't go all out as I have a pretty fragile ego). Thank you.

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