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Old 11-01-2011, 08:37 PM
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Angry Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba and Talim slowly entered the cave. The cave was dark,once they entered inside. "I can't see anything." Talim said.
As they stood there in the dark, they heard a noise that sounded like a buzz. Like a buzz from a bug. Talim jumped saying, "Whats there? What is that noise?"
So Eishiba released his Torchic. He looked at the little Torchic and said, "hey, do you think you can give us some light?" The tiny bumbling chick breathed a small amount of fire from its mouth. When the area they were in was lighter, they looked through the cave as the noise kept going. Eishiba moved toward the other end of the cave. He took slow steps forward, the rocky ground beneath him echoing through the cave with each step. Talim said, "Dont' go over there. What if its dangerous...Whatever it is..."
Eishiba thought about that. He took another pokeball from his belt and opened it. The light formed to reveal his Buneary. His Buneary looked up at him as Eishiba knelt down and said, "I need you help. You have big ears so you can hear really well. There is a noise coming from the other side of the cave. Can you help me find it?"

Buneary smiled and jumped up and down and stood still listening. Through the silence, the sound came again, sounding like a chirping buzz like sound. Talim again jumped, holding her mouth shut to avoid screaming. Buneary began to move through the cave. Eishiba turned to Talim and Torchic and waved them both forward. Talim shook as she walked behind everyone. The noise then stopped, and Buneary stopped as the noise faded.
Talim said, "What if its some kind of monster?"
Eishiba couldn't help but laugh. His laughter only increased when he saw Buneary chuckling as well. He looked at Talim and said, "Even Buneary thinks your crazy."

Talim crossed her arms and said, "Its just scary. Thats all..."
Eishiba put a hand up as the noise sounded yet again. Buneary stretched its ears out and began hopping through the cave. Eishiba walked next to Torchic with Talim behind. The cave was silent and baren, all but for the sound...and lots of dirt. Eishiba almost thought he was back inside Brock's gym. Buneary walked to a boulder and hopped on top. It looked at the ground and hopped in place. It made little clicking noises with its tongue as Eishiba moved closer. He looked at the ground over the boulder and saw a small purple creature. It resembled a purple scorpion, with 4 small claws for legs, and its stinger had a claw, and its claws had stingers. Its two stingers were attached to its head. It looked up at Eishiba and Buneary and jumped out at them. It lept over them both and stood between them and Talim and Torchic. Talim shreiked seeing the small bug. The loud buzzing and chirping noise was louder. Talim backed away as far as she could. Torchic stood a little nervously as the creature turned and looked at it. Eishiba quickly took out his Pokedex and scanned the creature. The pokedex spoke saying, "Skorupi, the Scorpion Pokemon. It grips prey with its tail claws and injects poison. It tenaciously hangs on until the poison takes." Eishiba's eyes grew a little wide as it repeated, "Poison?"

Just as he looked up, the Skorupi had attacked Torchic, knocking it back as it stopped lighting the cave. The cave went black as Eishiba said, "Torchic, get up quickly, light the room again." A few seconds later, the cave was bright again. Eishiba saw Skorupi making another attempt at Torchic. "Watch out Torchic!" Torchic wasn't the fastest. It turned to run and tripped over its own feet. It looked like Skorupi would attack it again. Just before it did, Eishiba's Buneary jumped between them and hit Skorupi with its hand with a massive pound. Skorupi buzzed loud and lept forward at Buneary. The two began battling it out. Eishiba said, "Buneary, pound it!"
Buneary raised its hand and went for another pound but the Skorupi countered by biting its fist. Buneary shook a little, trying to get the Skorupi to let go. Just then the scorpion pokemon used its stingers and stung Buneary. Buneary made a loud clicking noise with toungue and stumbled back. It started to look pale, similar to when it battle Kalen's Weedle. "Buneary are you ok?" Buneary didn't answer. It just stood holding its stomach. Skorupi made another attack, knocking Buneary back. "Buneary, can you stand?" Buneary slowly stood up as Eishiba tried another attack, "Use Quick Attack!" Buneary shook its head for a moment then charged at Skorupi with a fast attack, charging right into it. Skorupi buzzed loud as it shook the attack off. Talim shouted, "Just leave it alone!"

Eishiba said, "Buneary, try another pound!" Buneary tried to move. It held its stomach, making a coughing noise. Then it finally attacked. Skorupi took another pound right to the face. Again, the Skorupi didn't seem stunned. It went for another attack. "Watch out!" Eishiba called out. Then Buneary lept into the air and came down right on top of Skorupi. Eishiba smiled and said, "Good job Buneary, use another bounce!" Skorupi couldn't counter the move as its opponent would bounce into the air and stomping on its back. Finally Skorupi stopped moving and laid still. Moves from the air seemed to be really good against this bug. Eishiba looked at the bug laying still. Buneary waddled back sluggishly, holding its stomach, back to Eishiba. Eishiba called Buneary back to its pokeball, knowing it would need to rest. He would also need to get to aPokemon Center to heal its poison. Eishiba heard Talim say, "Oh no!"

The Skorupi bagan to stand again slowly. Eishiba thought, "Thats it!" He took out a pokeball and threw it at the bug pokemon. It contacted and sucked the pokemon inside. The pokeball held tightly as the bug pokemon couldn't put up much of a fight to escape. The pokeball pinged, signalling the successful capture. Eishiba smiled and said, "I have a Skorupi!" Talim shrugged saying, "And leave it in there!"
Eishiba laughed and said, "Lets get out of this cave....before we find a monster!"
Talim's eyes grew wide as she stooped down and picked up Torchic and used its light to run through the cave. "Hey wait for me!" Eishiba said as he ran after her. Eishiba smiled to himself. He had captured his first pokemon.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Please double space when a nother person starts talking, EX.

"Hey!" Jim said as he bounded across the field, towards his friend.

"Huh?" said Bob as he turned around to see Jim.

It's hard to change it, I know, but it makes the story a hundred times easier to read, trust me.

Other than that, I like the rate hthat you're updating, but, another example here: "like a chirping buzz like sound" I think sounds much better as "like a chirping buzz-like sound" and I'm pretty sure it's correct too.

But keep going!

|||||||||||||||Enjoy the moment!
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Old 12-01-2011, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba and Talim made their way out of the cave. Talim was glad to smell fresh air, instead of the musty dirt in the cave. Eishiba couldn't think about anything other than the new Pokemon he just caught. He wanted so much to use it in a battle. He thought of asking Talim for a battle but all she had was an azurill. He looked out at the open road as the concrete beneath him lead him to his next destination. He couldn't wait to challenge the gym leader there.
Both of them walked along the empty street leading from the cave exit. The sun felt amazing as the cave was a little cool. Talim began to speak. "I hope the next Pokemon Center is close by."

Eishiba thought about it and then said, "Once we go there, lets go to the next gym. I wanna get the next badge."

Talim walked along and said, "Maybe I should challenge the gym leader too. I think it would be nice to get a gym badge. It would make me feel like I accomplished something."

Eishiba said, "Thats not an easy thing to acomplish and besides, they usually have more than one Pokemon and all you have is Azurill."

"Hey now!" Talim said, "Azurill is really strong!"

Eishiba thought about that and said, "Yeah...I bet it can't beat my new Skorupi!"

Talim said, "Oh I bet it can! That disgusting bug! Not a chance in the world!"

"Ill bet you lunch that it can't!" Eishiba said, eager to use his new Pokemon.

"Your on!" Talim said dropping her stuff on the street where she was. Eishiba stood next to her and both of them threw their pokeballs onto the street. Azurill and Skorupi both took form.

Talim shouted, "Azurill slam that disgusting bud as hard as you can!"

Azurill waddled over with its huge round tail behind it and tried to crash into Skorupi. "Use Poison Sting!"

As Azurill ran to slam into Skorupi, the tiny scorpion Pokemon aimed its right stinger at the on coming water Pokemon. Skorupi didn't even take a step. Azurill slammed right into the stinger at full force. Azurill made a clicking noise and recoiled. It shook a little from the sting as it began to hold its stomach. Eishiba smiled saying, "Looks like lunch is gonna be mine!"

"Azurill, try to use body slam!" Talim called out.

Skorupi," Eishiba countered. "Use Poison Sting again!"

Azurill jumped into the air and came down with a belly flop like maneuver. Again, without taking a step Skorupi aimed its stinger into the air. It turned and looked at Eishiba, rather than at its opponent. Eishiba shouted, "Skorupi, you have to keep your eye on your opponent!"

Skorupi buzzed as it didn't seem to be under stress about the battle. As Eishiba watched, Azurill came right down on the stinger. Azurill tumbled to the side and rolled, holding its stomach from the deadly toxic venom. Eishiba realized that Skorupi was toying with Azurill. Eishiba smiled and clapped for Skorupi. The tiny bug looked up at its trainer and almost grinned as it felt energized.

Talim wasn't finished however. "Azurill! Use Water Gun!"

Eishiba grew a nervous as Azurill inhaled and then opened its mouth and sprayed a mouthful of water at the bug. Eishiba said, "Skorupi! Watch out!"

Skorupi grinned and turned to the Water Gun attack and stood there not moving. The water hit Skorupi full force but the scorpion like creature did not budge. It seemed to enjoy the water as if it was refreshing. Both Eishiba and Talim watched as the Skorupi stood firmly in the water. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "So, whats for lunch?"

Talim said, "Come on Azurill, use Water Gun as hard as you can!"

Azurill stopped its Water Gun move for a moment. It inhaled once again, holding for a moment this time. Then it exhaled and released. The blast was much more powerful this time. The water crashed into Skorupi, however, the bug still did not budge. In fact, it seemed to be taking small steps closer to the water Pokemon, while in the way of Water Gun. Eishiba watched this and thought, "This Skorupi must be able to take alot of damage. Its so tough."

Eishiba also realized Skorupi had a very "showing off" like attitude. It seemed to want to impress Eishiba. That kind of personality was different to Eishiba as the rest of his Pokemon did not try to show off for him. Eishiba thought, "Maybe I can conform to its style."

With that Eishiba called out, "Skorupi, keep pushing through the water! Then bite Azurill!"

Skorupi began to push straight the water. It inched closer and closer. Once it was a few feet away, Azurill stopped it Water Gun as it tried to catch its breath. Skorupi walked up to the water Pokemon and stared at it as it heaved for air. Skorupi opened its strange looking mouth and bit the tiny Azurill on the top of its head. Once it bit down, it shook Azurill violently back and forth almost like a dog would have. Once it let go, Azurill made a few more clicking noises and then held its stomach. The teeth marks on its head were deep. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "Any other ideas?"

Talim took out her Pokeball and called back Azurill. She sighed and said, "Ok, so I need some more work."

Eishiba smiled and ran to his Skorupi and picked it up and swung it around. "Your one tough little bug aren't you!" The Skorupi made a few chirps and swungs its stingers around in the air. Eishiba walked over to Talim carrying his little Pokemon and said, "So, we are hungry."

Talim sighed and said, "Alright, lets get to the Pokemon Center first. I want to make sure Azurill will be fine."

"Sounds fair," Eishiba said. Talim held her Pokeball in her hand and ran through the city to the biggest building in the middle of town which was the Pokemon Center. Talim ran inside and straight to the desk and said, "My Azurill...can you please help it?"

Eishiba walked in right behind Talim at a slower pace with Skorupi in his arms as it was clearly happy where it was. Eishiba stood by Talim and saw that the nurse was the same as the nurses before at other centers. He thought that a little odd. The nurse said, "We will make Azurill feel much much better. I promise." Talim smiled as she put her Pokeball on a tray containing 6 spots to Pokeballs. Eishiba called his Skorupi and put his Skorupi and Buneary on the tray as well. Nurse Joy promised to return before long.

Talim said, "Lets get something to eat. I'm hungry anyways."

Eishiba smiled and was extremely ready for that. He followed Talim to the dining room where there were many tables and servers. Talim sat at a booth by the window. As Eishiba sat, one of his Pokeballs fell from his belt. It rolled on the ground and burst open. The furry angry Mankey took form. Eishiba looked at Mankey as it was calm...for the moment. "Oh Mankey, I'm sorry, the Pokeball fell on the floor. False alarm."

Eishiba picked up his Pokeball from the floor and began to return Mankey but the furry pig monkey snorted and put its hand on the Pokeball and pushed it back towards Eishiba. Eishiba thought for a moment and said, "Do you want to walk around for a bit?"

Mankey puts its hands above its head and clapped them as it almost smiled...if it had a visible mouth. "Alright Mankey," Eishiba said. "But you have to behave in here."

With that, Mankey sat on the floor by Eishiba. It started to groom its own tail, digging through the fur for small bugs. A server came walked up dressed in a black suit. He spoke, "What would you both desire?"

Eishiba said, "A cheese burger!"

Mankey then started to get a little excited. Eishiba laughed a little saying, "Oh, do you want a cheese burger also?"

Mankey clapped again as the server said, "We have a three cheeseburger special right now. One for each of you, and spit the third?"

Both Talim and Eishiba nodded in agreement. The server left and brought them some drinks. Eishiba took a big drink of his Mountain Dew. "This is really hitting the spot."

Talim said, "Mankey is so calm. Why?"

Eishiba thought about it and said, "I don't know, anytime its calm is like very rare."

They both looked down at the floor where Mankey was content with going through its fur. It snorted a couple of times as it ate any bugs from its fur that it could reach. Mankey didn't even look at them. Eishiba wondered if Mankeys always groomed themselves.

The server came back with a plate with three cheese burgers on it. Mankey looked up at the server and plate and sniffed the air. As he sat the plate on the table he asked if they needed anything else. When both assured him they didn't need anything, he turned and left. Eishiba and Talim took a cheese burger and began to eat. Eishiba said, "This is sooooooo good!"

Eishiba dug into his cheese burger as if he had never eaten before. Talim ate much slower and said, "Calm down. Its not going anywhere and besides there is still one more left."

Just as Eishiba thought about the third cheese burger Mankey jumped up on the table and grabbed the cheese burger and sat on the table. It looked at the cheese burger and sniffed it. Talim shouted, "Hey! Thats not yours!"

Mankey looked at her with angry eyes, like a teenager angry from being told what not to do. Talim froze and said, "No its ok...I want you to have it...."

Mankey seemed to calm down and took a small bite of the cheese burger. It screeched really loud at the taste and began to eat it as fast as it could. Food fell from its fur where its mouth was, on to the table as it downed the cheese burger faster than Eishiba did. Once it scarfed its food down it jumped back into the floor and began to pick at the scraps of food on its fur and ate them. Eishiba couldn't help but laugh as Talim looked a little disgusted.

Eishiba said, "Now I can say my Mankey likes cheeseburgers!"

Talim looked at Eishiba still laughing and said, "What if Mankey gets sick?"

"Then Mankey will learn not to eat human food ever again," Eishiba said.

Talim shook her head and continued eating her cheeseburger. Eishiba laughed as he took his last bite and then sipped his Mountain Dew. Once Talim finished, she paid the check and the two of them left with Mankey following behind. The nurse handed them their Pokemon and Eishiba thanked her. "Are you ready for a rest Mankey?" Eishiba said taking his Pokeball out. Mankey screeched like an irritated chimp. "Alright, alright, you can walk around for a while."

Mankey clapped and snorted as it followed Eishiba out the door. "Now to the gym!" Eishiba said.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba walked along the gravel road. He couldn't wait to challenge the gym leader. The bright sun shined down making the afternoon warm as Eishiba began to wonder what type of Pokemon he used. Eishiba heard behind him, clapping sounds along with a few snorts. He looked behind him to see his Mankey following, clapping and excited also.

Eishiba said to Talim, "I can't wait to get to battle the next gym leader. Its going to be fun!"

Mankey screeched in excitement as well. Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "Oh, you want to battle also?"

Mankey jumped up and down screeching again. Talim said, "Mankey always screeches when it is excited over something. Do you think it just likes to battle?"

Eishiba hadn't thought about that. Perhaps the short tempered Mankey liked to battle. Maybe it was just the instincts of a fighting type Pokemon. Eishiba looked at Mankey and realized he and Mankey shared that desire. To battle! He would have to remember to ask his dad about that if he ever got back home. He remembered how his dad always had his Machoke around as his most trusted Pokemon. After thinking of that, his thoughts went to his family. What could they be doing at this moment?

Eishiba's thoughts were interrupted as Talimn said, "Look at that thing!"

Eishiba looked in the direction Talim was pointing and saw a girl who looked to be about 13 with a big pink Pokemon with a shell on its tail. It sat on two hind legs and didn't move a muscle. Its pink face with a tan colored mouth, was held open. It almost looked liked stoned or high. Drool came from its mouth.

Eishiba looked at the girl as she said, "Slowbro, use Iron Defense!"

Slowbro remained in the same stance, not moving at all.

"Come on Slowbro!" she continued. "Try using Calm Mind!"

Again Slowbro didn't move. "Whats wrong with it?" Eishiba asked.

"It won't listen to me. It never does. It just sits there and does nothing but hold its mouth open," the girl said.

The girl was about 5'3" with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Quite pretty in fact. But how did a girl as pretty as her end up with something like this.

"Does it ever do anything?" Eishiba asked.

The girl said, "Sometimes, but that is just when it decides to lay down and go to sleep."

Talim said, "It looks...dumb?"

The girl snapped back, "Its a Slowbro, they alway act like this. They brains aren't very sharp, unless it needs to be."

"I can't imagine the pain one must go through to train something like this," Eishiba considered.

"Yes, its been a difficult road," the girl said. "You should have seen how long it took my to evolve it."

Eishiba and Talim both gave "are you serious?" looks. Eishiba then wondered what other Pokemon were more difficult to train then an angry Mankey. He wasn't sure if it was dedication it took to train this pink creature...or sheer desperation and stupidity. Eishiba told himself he would not be catching any Slowbros on his trip. His own Pokemon were difficult enough, an angry Mankey, a Buneary that never seemed to stop trying to cuddle with him, a Skorupi that seemed to try and show off during battle, and a bumbling clumsy Torchic. Squirtle was the only Pokemon that seemed normal except for its joking nature.

Then Eishiba heard the family snort of his Mankey. Mankey walked up to the Slowbro and looked up at it. Mankey was standing at about two feet tall but the Slowbro towered over it at the same height as its trainer, right at 5'3". Mankey looked up at the Slowbro and began making chimpanzee noises. It screeched as loud as it could at the Slowbro but it didn't move.

Eishiba said, "Now Mankey, don't go picking a fight or its back in your Pokeball for you."

Mankey didn't listen. It jumped up on Slowbros back and screeched as loud as it could, right in Slowbros ears. Still, Slowbro didn't move. It did, however, make a noise. To accompany its stoned look, the noise it made sounded like a stoned person. It made a deep, "uhhhhhhhhh" sound. The sound was weak and dull but enough that it made Mankey angry. It shook its small fists in the air as it scrreeched in anger. It swung its left leg into the side of Slowbros head as hard as it possibly could. A loud thud accompanied the attack. However, Slowbro was unaffected.

Eishiba said, "Mankey stop this now!"

Mankey jumped off of Slowbro, turned around, and left at Slowbro's head, ready for another Low Kick. Just before Mankey reached Slowbro's head, it stopped in mid air. Eishiba looked in confusion. Mankey was suspended a foot away from Slowbros face. It kicked and thrashed but to no avail. After a few seconds, Mankey was sent hurling backwards, right past Eishiba as it crashed into the back of a building.

Talim ran with Eishiba as they ran to his Mankey. He looked at the Mankey as its eyes were closed. That was when Eishiba realized the Slowbro was of the Psychic type. He remembered his dad saying how Psychic powers always had an advantage over Fighting types because Fighting types rely on physical strength and attacks while Psychic's don't need to be up close and personal. This is how Psychics have such an advantage over Fighting types. Certainly being thrown into a building with that kind of force was enough to knock anyone out.

Eishiba looked at his injured Mankey and said, "I told you to stop but you didn't listen."
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Potion. He rolled Mankey over and sprayed the back of Mankey, where he had been injured, with the red mist that came from the small bottle he held. After about five sprays, he put the Potionn away and called his Mankey back into its ball.

"Now I can't use you for the gym leader," Eishiba sighed.

Eishiba stood up disappointed that he couldn't use Mankey. Hopefully one of his other Pokemon would have what it took to see him through. He put the ball on his belt and turned to see Talim staring at him with a look of sorrow.

The girl walked up to Eishiba and said, "I'm really sorry, Slowbro doesn't like when anything attacks him. He gets very defensive."

Eishiba replied, "No, its my fault, I should have put Mankey back in its Pokeball before it got hurt."

The girl said, "If it makes you feel any better, the gym leader here uses Water type Pokemon. Go for electricity or perhaps some grass abilities."

Eishiba sighed again as he had neither. He would just have to win some other way. He wasn't sure what would be his best bet to use against the Water type but it wasn't anything he couldn't over come.

The girl continued, "I tried to fight the leader once, but Slowbro was beaten pretty bad. The Pokemon was just to strong."

That didn't make Eishiba feel any better. He had to fight something stronger than a Slowbro and he didn't even have his strongest Pokemon to use.

"Thanks," he said. "You have helped me consider my options now. I'm sure Mankey has learned a lesson by now."

"You mean two lessons," Talim said.

Eishiba looked at her and said, "Two lessons?"

Talim said, "Yes, one, no attacking someone for no reason, and two, not to eat cheeseburgers before a fight. What boxer or wrestler would put bad food into its body before a fight?"

Eishiba thought that was silly but possibly true. Either way, he had to get to the gym. He thanked the girl and headed back for the gym deep in thought and unsure of himself.
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba walked along silently and depressed. His Mankey had decided to attack Slowbro for whatever reason. Now with Mankey out of commission, Eishiba had to find another way to win. Talim felt sorry for her friend. She looked at him and said, "If you want, you could use my Azurill if you want."

Eishiba shook his head, "No, Ill figure something out. I don't even know what to do. Whatever Pokemon is used, its going to be stronger than Slowbro. It must be a very large Pokemon and strong enough to beat a Psychic type."

Talim sighed and said, "I know you will do well anyways. And besides, maybe you should start learning to trust in other Pokemon other than just Mankey..."

Eishiba didn't want to admit it but it was true. If he wanted to be good at training Pokemon and take on all challengers, he had to have other Pokemon he could rely on. This was his chance to give something else a try. He walked along the streets as cars passed by. He saw the gym only a block away. He ran as fast as he could to the front door.

Eishiba looked at the doors. They were glass doors. Very nice and professional, unlike Pewter City's gym that smelled like a cave. As Eishiba pulled the door open, he noticed another set of glass doors. Along with that, there was a smell of Chlorine. It reminded Eishiba of a swimming pool area. As he entered through the second set of door, he saw a giant pool. This pool took up almost the entire gym. There were stands around the pool.

Eishiba said, "I guess people can watch the battles here." He said as he walked to the edge of the pool. Then he heard a voice behind him say, "And we put on shows."

Eishiba spun around to see a female standing there. She was a few inches shorter than Eishiba. She had short red hair, green eyes, and seemed fine with wearing a black two piece bikini with a blue badge that resembled a water drop. Eishiba felt a little odd as he gave her a glance up and down. She said, "We put on shows here at the Cerulean Gym. We have swim competitions, Pokemon shows, and of course Pokemon battles. I'm Misty. Ill assume your here to battle?"

Eishiba nodded, wondering how he would concentrate on the battle while trying not to look at her. "I'm not as easy to defeat as most people are. I love Water type Pokemon. Water is just such a powerful force, yet is used to give us life. I've always loved and adored the water. I have no idea why really..." She said with a slight blush.

Eishiba said, "Well I have to see how good I am then. Do you ever get used to that Chlorine smell?"

Misty said, "Oh, you get used to that pretty quickly. Would you rather swim in dirty water?"

Eishiba shrugged saying, "You do have a point there. So when can we start?"

Misty smiled and said, "Right now if you wish. I get alot of opponents but most really don't seem to like water."

Eishiba looked at the pool and said, "So it would appear Ill have to have something that can swim since the arena is completely a pool."

She laughed a little and said, "Oh no, that wouldn't be fair. Not everyone uses or has Water types."

She walked to the right side of the pool and pressed a button on the wall. Eishiba could feel the ground vibrating as the water made massive ripples. He saw two or three panels open on the bottom of the pool, each releasing a platform which floated to the top of the water. Each platform was round, about 20 feet across. Misty walked to one end of the pool and sat on the edge of the pool and let her legs dangle in the water.

Eishiba walked to the other end and stood there. Misty called out, "We will use one Pokemon each."

Eishiba raised an eye brow. One Pokemon? Just one? Eishiba thought really hard about what he would use. Misty threw a Pokeball into the bottom of the pool. It erupted in a flash of light. The water rippled as a brown star shaped figure floated to the top. It lept out of the water and stood on one of the platforms. It stood on the five "points" it had. It had a red spot on the top, which blushed a red color and faded over and over. Eishiba could also see it had suckers like that of an octopus on the bottom of its 5 points. "Does it have a mouth?" Eishiba wondered.

Never the less, Eishiba's time was up. He had to select something. He gave one last thought and picked a ball of his belt. He threw it onto on of the platforms as it exploded into a flash of light, reveiling the new bug like creature, Skorupi. It buzzed as it looked at the star like Pokemon. Talim stood at the center of the pool on the side and said, "Alright, its a one on one fight! Go!"

Misty was quick, she called out, "Staryu, quick, start with a Tackle!"

Staryu charged fast, very fast. Much faster than Skorupi was ready for. Staryu rammed into Skorupi with the red spot on top. Skorupi was knocked to the edge of the rocky platform. It hopped up quick and turned back to Eishiba and raised its stingers into the air as if it had just won. "No Skorupi, watch your opponent! Use Poison Sting!"

Skorupi turned and looked at the star shaped Pokemon and aimed its stingers at it. It charged at Staryu as fast as it could. "Staryu, watch out! Don't let it sting you! Use Rapid Spin!"

As Skorupi charged at Staryu, the star-like creature began to spin as fast as it could, completely redirecting Skroupi to the side. "Good," Misty shouted. "Its off balance, now use Water Gun!"

Staryu raised the two tentacles closest to Skorupi and it reveiled a mouth underneath. Eishiba was a little creeped out. It had small sharp teeth in its mouth. It made a few smacking noises and let out a small stream of water. The blast caught Skorupi off guard. It crashed into the side of Skroupi, pushing to the edge of the water.

Eishiba called out, "Skorupi, hang in there! Don't fall into the water!"

Misty called out, "Now, Tackle! Jump on top of it!"

Staryu charged forward, stretching its tentacles out and pancaking itself right on top of Skorupi. The suckers on the bottom of its tentacles stuck to Skorupi's exoskeleton. Skorupi let out a loud buzz. Eishiba had to think fast, "Try to sting it with your stinger from underneath!"

Skorupi wiggled on of its stingers and nailed Staryu right underneath, causing Staryu to jump off of Skorupi. With Skorupi free, Eishiba had to think quick again before Staryu attacked again.

"Skorupi, use Bite!" Eishiba called out.

Skorupi lept at Staryu with its mouth open but once again, the Staryu used Rapid Spin, deflecting Skorupi's attack, knocking it to the side. Misty shouted, "Good job, now Water Gun again!"

"Skorupi watch out!" Eishiba shouted.

Staryu fired another Water Gun attack. Skorupi then did exactly as it had done with Talim's Azurill. It simply let the Water Gun crash into it. The blast was much stronger than Azurill's though. The water crashed into Skorupi with massive force. The force was so strong that it began pushing Skorupi to the edge.

Eishiba thought to himself, "Skorupi and its arrogance. If it had just dodged we wouldn't be worried about falling in the water." Eishiba called out as loud as he could, "Skorupi, dig your stingers into the platform! Your going to end up in the water!"

Skorupi dug both its stingers and its tail into the platform it stood on. It slowed the Water Gun down but Skorupi was still moving towards the edge. The scorpion-like Pokemon tried to hold on with everything it had. Eishiba gritted his teeth as he watched Skorupi getting closer to the edge. He doubted Skorupi could swim. Eishiba covered his eyes just as Skorupi's rear legs slipped off the platform.

Suddenly the attack stopped. Staryu was breathing heavily. It had run out of breath. It would need a moment to catch its breath if it had any hopes of using Water Gun again. Eishiba looked at Skorupi as it struggled to get its rear legs back on the platform. "Hurry, use Poison Sting!"

Skorupi charged forward, stinging Staryu on the top of its red spot. Staryu shook a moment. Misty said, "Oh no, Staryu! Jump into the water!"

Staryu slowly rolled off of the plaform into the water with a splash. Skorupi looked over the edge as Staryu swam in the water. Misty called out, "Water Gun again!"

As Skorupi looked over the edge, a blast of water shot out of the pool, crashing into Skorupi and knocking it onto its back. Skorupi began trying to turn over itself back over with its tail and stingers. Misty shouted, "Now, use Tackle! Tackle it into the water!"

Staryu came flying, literally flying out of the water. It never once touched the platform as it tackled and latched its tentacles onto Skorupi, taking them both underwater. Eishiba watched as both Pokemon fell into the pool. Eishiba cried out, "No!"

Eishiba could only make out both Pokemon at the bottom of the pool. Eishiba shook in fear. "Skorupi! Try a Poison Sting or something! yourself!"

Eishiba didn't know what to do. The seconds passed by as if they were hours. He wanted to get his Skorupi out of the pool before it drowned. Eishiba grabbed the Pokeball off of his belt and prepared to call it back. Just before he did, Staryu surfaced and seemed to float motionlessly on the top of the water. What had happened?

Misty called out, "Staryu! Your poisoned! Try and move!"

Eishiba wasn't listening. He couldn't stand it. He could see his Skorupi at the bottom of the pool flailing about. Eishiba aimed his Pokeball into the water but the red laser disrupted when it hit the water. He couldn't call it back with it in the water. Eishiba threw his Pokeball down on the ground and dove into the water. He swam as fast as he could, grabbing his Skorupi. He angled himself to swim straight up as he pushed off of the bottom of the pool.
Once Eishiba surfaced, he swam to the edge with Skorupi. He put his Skorupi on the edge as it half buzzed and half choked.

"Skorupi are you alright?" Eishiba asked.

Talim rushed over as Eishiba looked at Skorupi. It looked up at him and buzzed and raised its stingers into the air. "You show off!" Eishiba said as he hugged his Pokemon. He turned and saw Misty attending to her Staryu. She called her Staryu back into its Pokeball and walked over to Eishiba saying, "Is Skorupi alright?"

Eishiba nodded and said, "Sorry, I know I wasn't supposed to do that, but Skorupi would have drowned..."

Misty said, "I'd say it was the right thing to do, not only that but Staryu became poisoned. I guess Skorupi fought back while under water. Alot of Pokemon that can't swim begin to panic when in the water. Yours went off on its survival instincts."

Eishiba looked at Skorupi and said, "You sure put up a great battle though."

Misty said, "Yes, good enough that you were the victors."

"How?" Eishiba asked.

"Staryu surfaced while immobilized. It was incapacitated before Skorupi, even if Skorupi was underwater. Now only that, you displayed real love for your Pokemon's well being, even if it had cost you the match. Believe it or not, there are trainers who would have seen the match to the end, even if their Pokemon were to drown. For those reasons, I present you with the Cascade Badge," Misty said as she took the badge from her swim suit and handed it to Eishiba.

Eishiba smiled as he looked at it. He showed it to Skorupi and said, "Look what we got!"

Skorupi buzzed and raised its stingers into the air in victory. "Yep, we won, you show off!" Eishiba exclaimed as he stood up and shivered from being all wet.

Misty said, "That was a well fought battle. Your Skorupi is an amazingly tough Pokemon. It just didn't seem to give up, no matter how many times it got hit. I have been inspired by our battle to do better. Its nice to see that there is more work for me to do, new heights and challenges to reach."

Eishiba said, "I have reached one today. That was the best battle I have had so far. Maybe we can have a rematch sometime."

Misty said, "I'd love that. If you plan on going to the Pokemon League, you will definatly see me in it."

"You mean gym leaders can enter the Pokemon League?" Eishiba asked.

Misty said, "Of course, did you think we were restricted to only being gym leaders? We are more than welcome at the Pokemon League. Actually last year, I did fine...until I faced Lt. Surge and his Raichu. That thing is incredible."

Eishiba sighed as he remembered his first battle with Lt. Surge and said, "Yeah, I live in Vermillion and I attempted to face him but I failed. So I am working on getting stronger first."

Misty smiled and said, "Then its settled. Ill see you at the Pokemon League! You better be ready cause I'm going to be alot stronger!"

"You bet," Eishiba said.

The two trainers shook hands. Misty gave a wink as Eishiba smiled at her. He carried his Skorupi in his arms as he left the gym with Talim. Eishiba said to her, "Lets go to the Pokemon Center. Some dry clothes sounds good and I'm sure Skorupi would like a rest."
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Default Re: Arceus: A Deity in Need

Eishiba walked back to the Pokemon Center with Skorupi in his hands. The poor bug type had been through an incredible battle. Talim followed behind as each of Eishiba's footsteps made a squishing noise. He walked to the front desk and set his Skorupi down and said, "Nurse Joy, could you please help my Pokemon?"

Nurse Joy looked at the bug and said, "Oh certainly, any others you want me to take care of too?"

Eishiba remembered his head strong Mankey and put its Pokeball on the counter as well. Nurse Joy took them both as Eishiba walked to Talim and said, "I'm going to get into some dry clothes. Ill be back in a moment."

As Eishiba walked to the bathrooms of the Pokemon Center, Talim went to the center of the Center and watched as two people were battling in the center of the Pokemon Center. She watched as two trainers were battling their Pokemon. She recognized one of the boys who looked simliar to someone that Eishiba had known. She watched as the boy had a fiery monkey. It moved swiftly as it managed to take down its opponent which was just a simple Rattata. With a Flamethrower, the monkey was declared the winner.

The boy raised his hand in victory as he jumped and clapped in victory. He hugged his monkey as he said, "Good Job Monferno!"

After he congradulated his Pokemon, he looked around and said, "Any other trainers want to challenge my Monferno?"

Talim jumped a little as Eishiba stood next to her. He looked at the boy and said, "Kalen?"

Kalen saw Eishiba dn they shook hands as they talked for a few minutes. Eishiba looked at Kalens Pokemon which had gone through its first evolution fairly quickly. Kalen said, "I am taking on more trainers before I go to battle Misty."

Eishiba thought for a moment as he remember Misty used Water types. He said, "Well...just be very careful of her."

Kalen said, "Was she tough?"

"She has the right Pokemon to make any challenge difficult," Eishiba said.

Talim looked at Monferno and said, "Ill take you on!"

Kalen said, "Sure, lets go!"

He hurried back to his side as he watched Talim let out her Azuril. Eishiba knew Azuril had the advantage but Monferno was probably way more expierenced. He looked at Talim and said, "Be smart."

She said, "But I have the advantage, its an easy win!"

She shouted, "Azuril use Water Gun!"

Azuril opened its mouth and began to let out a small stream of water. Monferno moved very quickly. Eishiba was impressed with its speed. Kalen called out, "Monferno, use Scratch!"

Monferno charged forward, striking the Azuril with its claws. Azuril tumbled back as Talim shouted,"Hurry, stand back up! Try another Water Gun!"

Azuril stood up and tried another Water Gun only to have Monferno counter it. "Flame Wheel!" Kalen shouted.

Monferno rolled into a ball and began to spin and its body became engulfed in flames. Its body crashed into Azuril sending it flying back into a wall. The lifeless body crumpled to the ground. Monferno had won without breaking a sweat. Talim walked to her Azuril and said, "Nice try."

After she called her Pokemon back, she looked at Kalen, kind of mad. She didn't say anything. She just walked to the front desk and turned in her Pokemon to be healed. With that, she stormed outside. "Whats her problem?" Kalen asked.

"Probably mad that she lost," Eishiba said.

Kalen laughed and said, "So, you gonna battle my Monferno too?"

Eishiba said, "Well, all I have on me our Buneary and Squirtle. My other two are with Nurse Joy."

Kalen said, "So how did you beat Misty?"

"With alot of luck," Eishiba said.

"Brock was so tough! Monferno barely got through!" Kalen said.

"Your Chimchar evolved before you fought Brock?"Eishiba asked curiously.

"Of course!" Kalen said. "I didn't have the right Pokemon for it! So we trained for a long time. We battled lots of wild Pokemon and trainers. Over time Chimchar started to change. Now its fully at the Monferno stage."

Eishiba was impressed. It made him want to train with his own Mankey. Eishiba always prefered to use his Mankey. Eishiba now wanted to start taking on challenges with his Mankey. Maybe someday he would.

Kalen called his Monferno back and said, "Well, I'm gonna go pick Misty off, see ya."

Kalen walked out as Eishiba walked to Talim who was outside. He said, "Hey whats wrong?"

Talim looked at him and said, "I lost."

"It happens. The best thing you can do is learn from your loss and move on," Eishiba said.

Talim said, "But I have the advantage and I lost. Thats not how its supposed to end! Thats embarrassing!"

"Maybe what you need is more trainer. You have to train hard so that you have a smaller chance for defeat," Eishiba said.

Talim crossed her arms as Eishiba went on, "Ill help you train. We can have battles more often. The idea is to get better right?"

Talim nodded and smiled. Nurse Joy called from inside saying their Pokemon were ready. Eishiba took his two Pokeballs and put them on his belt. He said, "Lets go battle some people."

"Who?" Talim asked.

"Anyone, lets just start taking challenges. We can battle together, like on a team," Eishiba explained.

Talim said, "How will we find these people?"

Eishiba said, "We can stay in a city for like a day and battle."

The thought sounded appealing. Eishiba said, "Why don't we head to Celedon City. Its got a nice Pokemon Mall to shop at for all kinds of things for Pokemon. We can battle the entire way there."

"A Pokemon Mall?" Talim said. "Lets go!"

Eishiba smiled and exited the center. He took out a map and began to map out the direction. Once he planned a route he began to walk towards the end of the city. They didn't even make it out of the city before they saw people having a battle. Eishiba grabbed Talim's arm and said, "This way."

Both of them watched as there was four Pokemon battling. One side consisted of a Pidgey and a Spinarak. The other side was using a Caterpie and a Pikachu. As the battle went on, the winners were the trainers of the Caterpie and Pikachu. The trainers introduced themselves as Cain and Abel. The two had a winning streak for the last hour. Eishiba said, "Ill bet we can take you!"

They grinned and said, "Then make your selections. One Pokemon each."

Eishiba turned to Talim and said, "Lets do this."

Eishiba tossed in his Mankey and Talim used her Azuril. She leaned over towards Eishiba and said, "What do we do? Azuril is weak against Pikachu."

Eishiba said, "Don't worry, we have this."

Talim felt nervous as the battle was about to begin.
Ever wondered what Hitler thinks of Ash Ketchem?
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