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Old 03-04-2011, 12:14 AM
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Talking Art Capture Challenge - 2nd Trial Results!

Art Capture Challenge Judging

"Cherish the Moment". That's what we asked the URPG artists to think about when creating their pieces for the 2nd Art Capture Challenge. Those that entered stepped up to the challenge and have created wonderful masterpieces.

The results are in. Who wins the Golden Paintbrush today!?

In First Place:

Artist: ragnarok0422
Entry Title: Lost in Time

ragnarok's entry garnered an average of 78.06 points. Here are some of the judge's comments:

- Ragnarok is the first entrant to have found something sufficiently mundane yet enjoyable enough to be cherished. An afternoon watching the lighter than air pokémon float by. It looks like a special moment but not momentous.

- I personally would have loved to see this piece in color. However, the black/white/gray theme that you have going here gives it a very flash-backy feel, which isn’t always bad. Your overwhelming use of grey, being the only non-white color in the entire piece, gave the piece a downcast and kinda depressing feel, which almost matched the mood perfectly, so I can’t complain.

- I also love ragna's lack of color. By not coloring the picture, it feels very incomplete, as Pokemon is. Who knows how long it will take for the picture to be color, in the same way that we do not know when Pokemon will come to an end. While the shading is quite good, the lack of Pikachu's shadow bugs me. I mean, Pika has shadows on his shoulder from his head... but no shadow on the ground from his body. While Ragna was very consistent with the shading, he made one crucial mistake.

- Everything is very well drawn. The edges of the path are probably the best executed part.

And in Second Place:

Artist: TheEvilDookie
Entry Title: Beyond The Mountain

On average, TED's piece scored 77.25 points. Some comments include:

- An interesting piece, I particularly liked the colour blending in the sun. The detail to which the legendary birds are drawn is amazing, as is the detail in the pokémon trainers hand. I have no idea what the original size of the image was but it looks like it hasn't been greatly resized so as a show of skill, it is exceptional.

- A huge improvement from his last drawing in terms of the people, and the Pokemon themselves have certainly improved as well. The idea beyond it is what really got my attention, however. Ho-Oh and Lugia, flying together in the warm sky, looking down on a beautiful waterfall and the sea? lake? Either way, the idea that these two elements have intertwined to make this heart-warming piece alive with an energy that all Pokemon fans can attest to is a neat idea. Lugia's sea and Ho-Oh's sky together. Two Pokemon that can never see each other due to the verson differences in their respective games. I love the idea.

- All the characters are very well drawn. The Ho-Oh and Lugia are the best part. However, the scenery is lacking, although I know it's not the important part of the picture; it takes up more than a majority of the picture, and I feel as though all the characters could be larger to show off your excellence in drawing and coloring them rather than the scenery taking up so much space.

And in 3rd Place:

Artist: ChainReaction01
Entry Title: N/A

ChainReaction's piece earned an average of 63.69 points. Judges commented:

- Definitly some of my happiest memories have been very similar to this: sitting on my couch with my Pokemon. The Pokemon themselves are neatly drawn and easily recongziable.

- Its simple and to the point. The color is very basic but gets the job done. Even Beldum's head had detail in mind, what with all the edges being outlined and what not. I never thought something so simple could be so.... straight-forward!

- MS paint is a poor choice of medium, it reduces chainy's ability to accurately create an image. He has given his gallade 3 fingers on one hand and four on the other, a curious oversight, the dratini seems to be hovering in mid air and asleep at the same time and his couch is lopsided. The colouring is poor but the attention to detail is good.

So congratulations to ragnarok, TED, and ChainReaction! Our Challenge Winners!

ragnarok, in addition to your participation earnings, you also win a Pokemon in the "Medium" Category! Congratulations!

TED, Chain, in addition to your participation earnings, you also win a Pokemon in the "Simple" Category!

The following artists earn $3,000 for participating:


The following members earn $2,000 for judging:


The following curators earn $4,000 for judging + other duties:


(If you sent me results and I accidentally forgot you (though I'm sure I didn't), let me know and I'll look for your PM. I won't change the results, but I'll still pay you for your work.)

Anyway, congratulations to our winners and participants! You've all done an amazing job.

I will be PMing the Curators with the results of each person who judged in this contest. The Curators will look them over and determine who qualifies to be a Curator for the new art section.

Additionally, I will be choosing one of the current three Curators to lead the new section. Things are getting exciting!

Please post here to claim your money/prizes and congratulate the winners! If you have any comments about the event, please feel free to post them here. We would love to have your feedback.
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Old 03-04-2011, 12:29 AM
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Default Re: Art Capture Challenge - 2nd Trial Results!

Claiming ma money. Congrats to the winners, though. You guys did awesome!

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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Old 03-05-2011, 03:33 PM
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Default Re: Art Capture Challenge - 2nd Trial Results!

Getting my 5K

I made Soviet Bidoof, Jokester Jesse made this kick@$$ banner.
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