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Default Negima - Battle for Origin (PG13)

Click here for the introduction thread.

Theme Song by Pendulum - The Island

Vampire Arc
Chapter 1 - 103 Degrees
Chapter 2 - Acceptance
Chapter 3 - Job
Chapter 4 - Full Moon
Chapter 5 - Vampires and Cards
Chapter 6 - Close Quarters
Chapter 7 - Help Pt. I
Chapter 8 - Help Pt. II
Chapter 9 - Altercation Pt. I
Chapter 10 - Altercation Pt. II

Break Arc
Chapter 11 - Book of Knowledge Pt. I
Chapter 12 - Book of Knowledge Pt. II
Chapter 13 - Spring!
Chapter 14 - Vacation: Ayaka!
Chapter 15 - Caretakers
Chapter 16 - Love Mansion
Chapter 17 - The Fair
Chapter 18 - Walking Club
Chapter 19 - Training
Chapter 20 - Last Day

Kyoto Arc
Chapter 21 - Field Trip
Chapter 22 - Welcome to Kyoto
Chapter 23 - It's a Trap
Chapter 24 - Kotaro
Chapter 25 - Finish Them
Chapter 26 - Pulling Out
Note: More chapters will be released than this.
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG)

Asuna was laying on her chest reading a magazine and waving her legs up and down. Finally, peace and quiet without that annoying Negi. No matter what he always did, something would always go terribly wrong. The memory of the "contest" in the public bathing area was just one example. Despite this, Asuna could not understand why she wanted the persistent pest around, "He is likable, I guess..." she muttered to herself.

"What was that, Asuna?" asked Konoka. Konoka was on the cushioned floor a few feet from the side of the bunk bed watching the television that they had. Asuna looked from Konoka and the television back down to her magazine for a second, and then back to her clock, "It is 7:00, shouldn't Professor Springfield be back sometime soon?" asked Konoka.

"Yeah, I guess," replied Asuna carelessly. As if she cared what that little brat was doing.


Negi was walking from the staff board meeting, which were unbearingly boring. The lights were still on in the halls, thank goodness. As he was walking by the assortment of students talking about a fad, a boy, or simply something that happened during the day, something particularly interesting caught his eye. The little Welsh boy walked passed the gym door only to hear loud electronic music playing. Negi did not enjoy the type of music, and would have simply ignored it and passed had it not been for Makie, Kugimiya, and Misa politely waving to him from the gym.

You see, the gym was not only a place for recreational activity at the Mahora boarding school, it was also an auditorium. A stage covered in dark blue wall-to-wall carpeting held seven girls and one, uncomfortable boy of about thirteen, attempting to dance. The music, from England, a land close to Whales, was blasting out of two large speakers as the athletic girls, and the random boy were dancing. Negi stood in the gym area, under a basketball hoop, and waited for the hardcore electronic compilation to end.

Once the music ended, Negi walked up to Kugimiya, "That was absolutely stunning, where did you learn to dance like that?"

"Oh, well... We are just really athletic and we just figured we would give a shot at dance club."

"Dance club?" asked Negi, "How interesting."

"Yeah, we aren't that good, though. It doesn't help that we have the one loser from the boy's boarding school across campus. I mean, come on! They had plenty of good dancers they could have spared, but they gave us this little runt!" added Makie in a near fit of rage.

"Be nice Makie. We do not want to heart his feelings," warned Negi.

"Why? He doesn't even talk," replied Misa coolly.

"Everyone has feelings, even if they choose not to show them," he defended the boy. The boy looked rather hurt at the previous comments, but still kept quiet in spite of his frown.

"Yeah, whatever," sighed Makie.

"Why is there a boy in this club anyway?" asked Negi innocently.

"Well, we were one girl short for entering the Mahora dance competition that is coming up. There weren't any girls physically adequate or willing to join," explained Misa in a rather calm tone.

"So the boy's middle school lent us this kid," finished Kugimiya.

"I see, well, I trust he will treated well by you from now on?"

"Yeah," assured Makie.

Negi bid them a good night and started to walk out of the gym. Makie, however, chased him down and informed him of something rather mysterious, "Oh, and Professor Springfield! Asuna was told to take you to something, something worth while tonight."

"Wot is it?" asked Negi.

"You will see when she takes you, silly goose. It'll ruin the surprise if we tell you now!" she smiled, turned and joined in with the group of dancing children.

"How peculiar," Negi mumbled to himself, fixed his glasses and proceeded to go to his dorm. Well, not entirely his dorm, rather where he slept, as it was not his for he shared it with... of all people, Asuna.


Negi entered the room he shared with his two students. He was cheerful, as usual, when he was greeted by Konoka. Konoka, a dark-haired cheerful sort was always willing to help Negi out with his problems, though he rarely ever asked for help. And on the occasion that he did ever ask for help, it would be from Asuna, a peculiar choice for help. But, there was something about her that had Negi trust her. It couldn't have been just the pure fact that she looked a lot like his sister back in Wales, for he had seen several girls who looked similar. It must be something about her personality that drew him to her, which was hardly plausible because it seemed she hated him with all her heart. Though, there were several occasions where she did show how nice she really was.

"Finally, little boy! I have to take you somewhere on the account that I lost rock-paper-scizors to fate," she said angrily. But the anger was more to cover personal feelings up, perhaps than to actually show pure frustration. It was obvious, but as usual, Asuna completely denied it.

So, while Konoka watched television, Negi swapped his adult wear to his pale yellow shirt, dark blue hoody with two white stripes on the top of each sleeve, and his blue khaki pants. Asuna was already dressed in her red sports jacket, her skirt, and her hair done up. By the time they were out the door, it was 7:47. It was alright though, it was a Friday night, so they got tomorrow off. They left their room and the sound of Konoka laughing at some Japanese television show, and down the hall. They made a right and landed themselves at a door. The muffled sound of laughter and music could be heard. It was muffled.

"Makie asked me if I could bring you to the practice and have you watch their dance routine for the upcoming Mahora something or other competition," said Asuna as she waved her left hand in the air. Negi looked up and smiled and looked back down.

"Well, I believe I have already seen much of it, but I guess it couldn't hurt to see it again."

"Okay, let's go in," Asuna replied.

When they arrived to see the same students from earlier line up, they sat down next to two other students. Nodoka and Yue. Nodoka was relaxed when sitting on the chair.

"Why are we here anyway, I would rather be reading to be honest," mumbled Yue to Nodoka.

"Well, I just figured that I would watch them dance. It is so interesting, and we never do anything like this."

"Hay, bookworm!" called out Asuna as she sat down next to Yue. Negi came to sit down next to Nodoka when she started to tremble. She blushed so uncontrollably that she had to use her hands to cover up it up. Her hair covered her eyes that had shifted to meet Negi.

"Hello, Nodoka. How are you doing this evening," greeted Negi cheerfully.

"'Evening..." replied Nodoka quietly. She was trembling even more, so Yue held her hand without Negi knowing. Nodoka calmed down to a certain extent, but to her it still felt like her heart was racing a thousand miles. The music was playing and the girls dancing, which drew all their attention to now. The boy on the far left however, refused to dance. Rather, he just stood there with his hands in his pockets. This picture attracted Negi's attention though. Why?

In the middle of the song, one of the girls reached over and turned off the music player. A small reverb of the song echoed throughout the gymnasium, but after that, it was immediate silence. All the girls turned to face the boy, but one in particular looked rather angry. Luckily, it was none of the class 2-A students. But as the young boy noticed all of them glaring at him, he let out a small yell and backed up a little. His eyes began to weld up in tears as he walked off the stage. He looked away from Asuna, Negi, Nodoka, and Yue as he passed by. The sound of the door squeaking open and then slowly slamming shut could be heard. The boy did not run out, rather he simply walked. Strange, Negi would definitely talk to this boy tomorrow.


"Alright, today class we are to recite the Odyssey in English. After that, I want you to write your favorite passage of the epic in Japanese, translated from English, and then I want you to right a description on why it is your favorite in English," instructed Negi. After Negi read the first five chapters of Homer's Odyssey, he cut them loose and let them work on their assignment in class. During this time, he chatted with his little ermine, Como.

"So, I really don't know why the boy ran off."

"Hay, sometimes man, women can be cold-hearted bi-"

"Please, Albert. Watch the language in my class room," whispered Negi hastily.

"Whatever, I need a cigarette. I am going outside," grumbled Como as he hopped off Negi's shoulder and scurried out one of the open windows. Negi got up to watch him dart out the window, and upon doing so, he saw the boy across campus. He was walking across, Negi thought anyway, to go to practice with Makie, Misa, and Kugimiya. So, after class he went down to the courtyard to talk to the boy.

"So, how are you doing?"

No reply.

"My name is-"

"I know who you are, I just cannot believe it."

"Oh, I see. Than you probably heard of my helpfulness that I am always willing to offer. I am offering to help you..." he motioned his hand for a name.

"My name is Sesu," answered Sesu as he sat down.

"Hm, Sesu in English is Seth, correct?" asked the nine year old professor.

"Egh, I cannot believe this. Not only am I spending time with a ton of girls for a dancing competition, which the girls clearly do not want me there, I am spending what little free time I have with a little boy," snapped Seth.

"Listen, I know my age is quirky, but I think you'd best listen to my advice," Negi defended himself.

"You do not understand. They do not want me there because it is quirky. The only reason I act timid around them is because they obviously don't want me there. It is for that reason alone I feel awkward," he said. They moved over and Seth took a seat on a stone bench

"Well, I think the reason they do not enjoy your company is because you are timid," pointed out Negi.

"I do not care..." replied Seth.

"Ah, but it seems you must care, for you are talking to me about it."

The boy sighed and looked down at his feet. He was wearing very nice looking shoes and had a stylish bag. The boy had black hair with shaggy bangs, he wore the Mahora Boy Academy uniform, and was of average height.

"Yeah, I guess you are right."

There it was, the recognition. Negi could see that this boy, Seth, was a good person. He might even make a good friend.

"Well, let me give a few tips. I understand that no one thinks you are a good dancer, am I correct?"

"Who told you that!? If it was the girls, I can tell you why! It is because they never even let me have a good role, or let me show them my skills!" he yelled angrily as they sat on a stone bench. Girls passing by to classes stared at the boy. A boy in Mahora Girl's Academy?

"Well, if that is the problem, I think I can remedy that. Where are you from?" asked Negi.

"Well, my mum is from England and my dad is from here, in Japan," he replied in English.

Negi had to think a minute. It had been a while since he had an actual conversation in English, so he had to think of what he had to say, "I see, well-"

The very fact that Negi spoke English was enough to get Nodoka's attention as she was walking down the stairs with a pile of books placed in her hands. She had never heard such a beautiful English accent, and as she looked to see Negi she misplaced her foot and fell, once again off the stairs. "Aaaah!" she screamed as she fell of the steps.

Negi was there almost at once to catch her, "You know, they should really put hand rails on those things," he laughed with Nodoka. Seth walked up and added a comment which both thought were amusing and they let out another hardy laugh. In the middle of the laugh however, Nodoka realized she was standing in front of Negi and she stopped. She raised her hand up to her mouth and ran away. Ah, her fear of boys was slowly leaving her.

Seth shrugged, "Well Professor Springfield, what is your advice?"

"Well, you being English, or at least some English decent, I think you know what a..." Seth bent down to hear the whispers of Negi. His bag slipped down a little.

"Yeah, I am familiar with that. How'd you know about that?"

"I have heard the other older children in Wales talking about it."

"Okay Professor, I will see you there!" said Seth, and he was gone.

"Hopefully it will work out," smiled Negi. But as he smiled, Asuna approached him.

"How is there a boy on campus? They do not allow them here!" said Asuna. It took her a few seconds to realize the irony of that statement, so as Negi was correcting her, she put her hand on his lips, "Sh, I do not make mistakes. Anyway! I hear that Professor Takahata wants to speak with you," she said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Asuna!" he said as he left to go see what he was needed for.


"As I am sure you are aware of, we do not allow boys on the campus because of various reasons," said Takahata, "mainly because we do not want the girls distracted from their studies."

Negi started to sweat, thinking he was in trouble for not reporting Seth. Negi was aware of the rules, and he did not tell on him like he should have.

"What is the matter, Negi?"

"Oh, Professor Takahata! I have let a boy on the campus repeatedly!" admitted Negi.

"It is alright. That is what we were going to talk to you about. Seth is a good kid, and we figure you could use another boy to interact with. Seth holds okay grades and he has never gotten in trouble with any girls," explained Takahata. Well, Negi thought otherwise, for the boy was not getting along with the girls at all. Well, not right now, but that would change soon. After a conversation, Negi learned about the student.

The student had two free periods in the day because he had finished all his necessary core classes in seventh grade, and he was always just lounging around in his dorm at the boy boarding school. The school figured he needed to get out and socialize with other people, and since he did not get along with many of the boys there, they figured they would try the girls. It was a strange arrangement, but since Seth got to go over to the girl school whenever he wanted, maybe he could bond with the girls too. It was a thought anyway, but now Negi had to go grade papers.


Time for practice began, all the girls and Seth lined up. Before Misa could turn on the music player, Negi asked her if he could put in another song other than the normal songs they danced to. You see, the competition required one electronic song, one orchestral song, and one song of their choice. They had gotten the others down except electronic, so Seth would show that he had what it takes.

The music started. As the music started, the silence built up with drums and a low and eerie synthesizer in the background. As the music started to pick up even more, the drums picked up more. As this happened, Seth's legs started to shift along with the beat. Suddenly, the drop happened and the music started.

"You set the grade, we play the field. We pinch it to you to make sure you know it's real. Yo speakers shake, the sounds of lifted. Now you know why we all persisted. A transatlantic composition with a new perspective," sang the music. Seth danced so amazingly, the girls stopped immediately and just watched him. Seth, aware of them watching, continued dancing along with the music.

When the song ended, all the girls surrounded Seth, "Wow! Where'd that come from!?"

"Where'd you learn to dance like that?"

"What was that!"


"Can you teach us how to do that?"

Long story short, the competition was amazing. Seth was accepted amongst the girls he had met. The next step was introducing him to the twenty-eight other girls of class 2-A. But, that would come gradually just as it did for him. Asuna, Konoka, and Negi were all in the dorm watching television when there was a knock at the door.

Konoka answered the door, it was about 4:40. There stood Seth, his right arm lifted behind his back with his hand on his head. He smiled and Konoka smiled back. "Eh, hi. I am Seth."

"Hi!" greeted Konoka happily, "I am Konoka, this is Asuna, and you already know Negi. Welcome!"

He was invited in and he sat next to Konoka and Regi. Regi on his right and Konoka on his left. Asuna stayed up a little late that night, as they all watched television together. Seth turned to Regi during a commercial break and asked a quick question, "How'd you find that song anyway?"

"I don't know. I am not a fan of electronic music, it was just the first one I came across on the internet here. I am glad it helped, as it was just chosen by random!" laughed Negi. And for the first time, Seth smiled out of pure happiness.

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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Seven minutes before the first bell even rang for English class, the entire class was talking about the new boy that was allowed to stay with them. Ayaka, the class representative, was rather offended, "How could you all talk about some boy, when Negi is still relatively new?"

Asuna, of course, had a comment to add to that and an argument and escalating rage finally boiled over... for the morning. So as Asuna was yelling at Ayaka, and the rest of the girls were gossiping, the bell rang. It took a second for everyone to realize that it had happened, so they sat there, stopping whatever they were doing, and for just a second there was complete silence.

Then, footsteps echoed throughout the near empty halls. All the girls let out excited sighs and gasps and darted like lightning to their seats. The foot steps enclosed on their position like enemy forces in a war. And like strategists, all the girls grew more and more excited and nervous. The steps echoed even louder until they stopped right at the door. The door was flung open, "Ahahaha! That was a good one, Seth! You actually got me to laugh pretty hard!"

Seth laughed alongside Negi. The girl's eyes followed the pair of boys as the walked across the room. Seth had his bag slung over his shoulder and when he arrived near Negi's desk, he asked where to place the bag. To this, Negi simply told him to place it on the floor behind his desk, so Seth did. The bag slipped silently to the floor. Seth looked up to see all the girl's eyes on him. He froze, looked at Negi, and then back to the girls. He started to sweat.

"Hello, class. Today I am going to introduce a student and hopefully a new friend for you all today. He is a little nervous right now, so please take it easy today."

Negi's request was immediately answered the seating of several students creeping up on him to surround Seth. So, instead of smothering him with excited hugs and welcomes, all of their hands shot up eagerly.

"Yes, Asuna?"

"Why is there a boy in here? I didn't know they allowed them here in the all-girl school!"

"Well, the dean has made an exception about Seth. He did not get along well with the other boys at Mahora Boy's Academy, so he is one of the only boys allowed to interact here," he explained, "And to further that, I would also like to say that he will be here to answer questions you may have if I am not available for the moment. He is fluent in both English and Japanese, so you will be able to get an answer from him too."

Several hands went down, but there were some still up. Negi raised his hand to his forehead as he sat down on his desk's chair. The chair had several thick books that boosted his small body so that he could see over the desk. He leaned on the hand and called question after question about the boy. This was going to be a long day.

At lunch, all the tables were filled with gossip about the abnormality of gender at the school. The boy had a few periods of class off, for he had only a few classes to go to. So, he was free several times of the day and was found actually socializing with a few of class 2-A. However, whenever Negi and Asuna were free, he found himself hanging out with them. There was something about the two that lifted his spirits.

"Hay Negi, hey Asuna," he said cheerfully. It was plain to see that Asuna was not accustomed to the newcomer yet. Seeing her facial expression, Seth's face turned from a smile to a half frown. He quickly changed it into a smile again though, he was working on being less sensitive. It was a little odd he felt down whenever anybody else did not appreciate him being there. "Well, it seems that you guys have a pretty good teacher. Ours is pretty funny, but not a really good teacher."

"Really? Tell us about your teacher."

"Well," he put his fork from his lunch he had taken from the cafeteria and leaned over the tray, "When he does notes, he starts off like horse race announcer, but when he gets really into it. He stomps, he yells, it is truthfully amusing. He is also a pretty good joker about English literature," he said. Negi was interested, and so a small conversation sparked about teaching styles. Asuna continued to eat and listen into the conversation, even though she acted as if she didn't care.

"So, what do you think about our teacher?" Asuna asked finally.

"I think he is a small enigma rapped in a small business suit," he laughed as he picked up his fork and proceeded to shovel food into his mouth. Negi smiled and faced Asuna. Asuna shrugged, but Negi kept staring. She then motioned him to lean over the table.

Strangely enough, Asuna opened up a little to the joking boy. And before too long, she was engaged in the conversations at the table. In the midst of talking about backgrounds, Konoka came to site next to Asuna with her lunch tray.

"Well, I moved here with my mom when I was five. When I was seven, my mum married my dad and we decided to stay here in Japan. I like it here for the most part. I have a sibling, but he is in Tokyo," said Seth.

"Wow! My grandfather is the dean here, so I don't feel like all that alone here!" commented Konoka about the story.

"Heh, thanks I guess."

"Ah, cheer up, I would feel good about Konoka trying to cheer you up! She knows when someone feels down!" exclaimed Asuna.

"Haha, okay then."


2-A found themselves in math class. To be precise, it was pre-algebra.

"Why is there a boy in my class?" asked the teacher.

"It is alright, the dean allows him here," said Fumika.

The teacher shrugged and wrote a graphing substitution problem on the board, "Now, can anyone tell me what this is?"

None of the hands went up. The classroom was silent, and only the silent hum of an air conditioner could be heard. Seth looked around to see if any of the students were willing to raise their hands. He was sitting at a desk in the back of the class. "Well, if there isn't anyone to volunteer, maybe someone should be volunteered," said the professor. He then picked Kasumi. Kasumi was speechless, and she let out a few sounds of dismay. She looked around and then looked back at the teacher, "I-I-I, um..."

Seth came to the rescue. He rose and approached the board. "Let me see here," he said as he politely took the chalk from the professor's hand. He stood for a second, hand on his chin as he thought about the first second. About fifteen seconds passed when the professor looked over his shoulder from the sitting position at his desk.

"I think that is enough little sir."

The teacher was stifled upon seeing the entire problem worked out. An average student would take about a minute to even work the first side of this algebra problem, but he solved it in less than thirty seconds. Who was he copying off of?

The teacher wrote another problem on the board. And again, in another fourteen seconds, he poked the teacher to show he was done. The teacher growled in frustration, so the process continued. Each time, the girls would giggle a little harder until it was full blown laughter. "If you are so smart, why don't you teach them how to do it?"

"Okay. Well, it is simple really. First, you look one of the algebraic expressions to say either 'x' or 'y' equals whatever the expression is. Then, you simply substitute the, uh, the corresponding letter with the expression. Once this is done, work it out to simplify and isolate the variable, in this case 'y.' Now, that you know that that 'y' is 4, now you substitute the 'y' in this problem up here, that has the 'x equals.' Then, you do the same thing, simplify it and work it out like a normal problem," explained Seth. The girls started to jot these tips down. The teacher was aggravated as he watched his class hijacked by a mere student and wrote one final problem. The problem seemed like it would take over seventy steps to fully complete the problem, the teacher laughed almost maniacally.

Seth looked at the teacher, and then back to the problem. Then he turned to the class, oblivious to the frustration and dismay of the professor, "Thank you Professor Makeinu*. This is an example in which you can actually use a shortcut and simply plug this top one up here into the bottom."

The girls were laughing so hard, that even Evangeline was smiling, if you could call that a smile. The teacher's face got so red that he had to leave the class for two minutes just to cool down. When he came out, he politely asked Seth to sit down or "help the girls," but that was all. So, Seth sat down, as the advice he had given pretty much laid it all out for the girls to work them easily.


"So, what do you think of Seth?" asked Negi as he was walking down the hall. Asuna was walking behind him, and when she heard the question, she was almost confused on how Negi knew she was there. Then, of course, she remembered his magic. Sometimes, Asuna simply forgot that Negi was no ordinary child. Sometimes, she thought of him as a friend.

"Um, well. He is okay, heh. I guess."

"What do you mean?" he asked as he looked to Asuna as she took her position next to him.

"Well, he is funny and a good teacher. But I need to actually know who he is before I can tell you what I think of him. Why do you care anyway?" she asked.

"Well, I figured that Seth could be friends with you and I," and with that, Asuna's facial expression showed confusion.


"Haven't you noticed, Asuna? He seems to take a liking to me and you. He tags along with us an awful lot," he said as he and Asuna walked to their dorms.

Asuna smiled at Negi, recalling the math class earlier that day, "Yeah, come to think of it, you are right."


Seth walked back to his dorm that night, still feeling somewhat confident and good about his day. Only having four classes now, as he had completed two other classes just yesterday. Honestly, Seth did not know how he had progressed so quickly in all the classes. He had four free periods now, and he still was kept in eighth grade. It was strange, but he never gave it much thought. Sometimes, he thought, he just had to let thinks go.

As he contemplated these things by himself, three boys came from the shadows behind him.

"Seeeeth, good buddy! Where were you today?" asked the biggest of all the kids as he patted Seth's shoulder, rather harshly.

"You know full n' well where I was."

"Hanging out with the girls, wimp. I see someone is confused about his gender."

The other two boys stifled giggles and surrounded Seth. Seth backed up from the other two, only to bump into the biggest of all of them.

The area around the scene was pitch black with the exception of the occasional street lamp lighting the way to each section of the academy. The light was yellow, and small little bugs fluttered graciously in the night sky. The temperature was slightly nippy, but it was getting close enough to Spring that people could dress comfortably.

"Maybe if you want to hangout with the girls like a wimp, you should just become one."

"Ehehehe, lets kick him and see if it actually hurts!" said one of the boys as he pointed at Seth and hopped up and down with glee.

The bigger kid pummeled Seth to the ground. The other boys started to kick him in the stomach and even the face. Every kick rewarded the assailants with the yelp or cry of the sobbing boy. This went on for a good five minutes when Seth lost consciousness. The bigger boy kept kicking, but the two others stopped, "Uh, Greg. He is isn't yelling anymore!"

"I am scared, I think we killed him!"

"Oh, man! Let's get outta here!"

The bigger boy finally realized what they were talking about and rushed back to his dorm, letting the completely injured Seth to lay on the walking path.


Negi woke up in his bed. Several times Negi had found himself sleeping with Asuna. Asuna did not take it well at first, but when she learned of his past, she took it a little easier. Negi's bed was above the closet at the back of the room. A small wooden ladder was propped, allowing the little ten-year old boy to climb up and down. Konoka was cooking food, for it was Saturday, the weekend and the kitchens were closed. Negi offered to help, and Konoka let him. So they cooked in the kitchen for several minutes until breakfast was done.

But as they both sat down to eat, as Asuna had gone to deliver papers in the early morning, both heard commotion outside.

"Clear the hallways girls, we have an emergency!"

"He is stable, and luckily he protected himself all the right ways! He has no broken bones!"

Negi opened the door to see what was happening. He saw Sakurado and asked her what it was about, "What is all the excitement about?"

"Some boy got smacked around last night, he is in the nurses office. I think it was the boy that goes to our classes everyday!"

Immediately Negi rushed to the infirmary to see Seth. He was sitting up, a small clip with a wire stretching to a machine was on his finger. "How are you, Seth? I hope you are okay?"

"I-I am fine. Really, I am! Heh, those idiots do not know how to break bones. They failed to realize that using my arms to block a lot of their kicks helps more than one would think!" but after he laughed out the statement, he looked back to the floor and his smile left his face.

"Well, I am just glad you are okay," he said as he patted Seth's shoulder. Seth twitched at the pain that shot up his arm.

"Hay man, I may have not broken any bones, but it hurts like crap!" he said.

"Sorry, just trying to make you feel better."

"Thanks, I think I can walk now."

He lifted himself out of bed and shuffled over to the nurse on duty, "Thanks, I think I am okay."

"Are you sure!?" she asked, surprised at the stamina of the boy. So, after several minutes of questions and tests, he was free to go. He did not have any major injuries, save a bruise or two. So, both Negi and Seth went back to their dorm. Upon arriving, Sakurado was still there to see if Seth was okay.

"I am fine, it wasn't much."

The girl let out a sigh of relief, but around the corner, several more could be heard. Negi smiled and peered around the corner to see the entire 2-A class hiding. After much embarrassment and laughing, they all went to perform all their activities during their free time. As they entered, Asuna had arrived and she was eating.

"Are you okay, we all heard and I was just so worried!" exclaimed Konoka, and she grabbed Seth's hand. At this, Seth's mouth opened, mostly from the surprising movement, and she dragged him down to the table in the dorm and offered him some food. Despite him politely telling her he felt comfortable, she cooked him some food anyway.

Negi and Konoka asked all sorts of questions about the event. Negi finally asked him a question, "When do you think the girls will stop acting so worried. I mean, I know it seemed bad, but you seem fine! It mustn't have actually been that bad."

"No, it wasn't. I suppose after a day or two things will go back to normal. To be honest, I don't like all the attention either," he laughed as he finally took a bite of the food Konoka had whipped up. Within a minute, the television was on again, but Asuna had added a comment.

"Seems to me you need to learn how to defend yourself," she bluntly stated.

"Yeah, I guess. None of the guys at school think I'd be worth their time though," he muttered.

"Well, one of the girls here can help you! We have some pretty powerful fighters here," said Negi.

"Thanks, I will see about it after I eat," he said as he took another bite. Konoka was pleased that he had forced himself to eat the food, just because she had went through the trouble of cooking it.


Seth found himself dressed in a ridiculous fighting robe as he learned several defense and fighting techniques from Ku, the most impressive fighter there. As Ku demonstrated and Seth tried, Asuna and Negi watched. Occasionally laughing if anything awkward happened, or Negi giving confident-building comments. By the end of the afternoon, Negi and Asuna came back from town with groceries to see Ku asking Seth something.

"Okay, now try to fight me."

Asuna leaned down to Negi's ear, "You know, that is like signing a death warrant."

But Negi was confident that nothing would happen. So, Seth through a punch, Ku caught the arm and flipped him so he landed on his feet, but his arm was twisted and still in her grasp. Quickly, Seth moved his left foot and swept Ku's legs from under her, and she fell to the ground, releasing Seth's arm. But as she fell, she grabbed his leg and yanked him down with her. As he tumbled to the ground, he twirled so he would land on his back. Ku was up before Seth even hit the ground and had her foot on his chest.

"That was pretty good, no one has ever gotten that close to an even fight," laughed Ku as she put her hands on her hips and stood proud of yet another win, "I have never lost before, and I-"

Seth twisted so his upper body faced the ground at a diagonal position with his arms supporting the weight, and the legs grabbed one of her victoriously-posed arms, which sent her flying to the ground. She yelled in anger, "Oh come on! I was in the middle of my victory speech, that doesn't count!"

After a lot of big talk, Ku left in rage. "What is her problem?"

"She had never been beaten before."

"I still cannot believe I won. My arm is still soar though..."

Negi and Asuna took Seth back to the room, it was already getting dark outside. Asuna, Negi, and Konoka were sitting on their seats as Seth, after asking permission from Konoka, picked an ice cold cream-pop and plopped down on a cushion next to Asuna. He started to unwrap the treat as Asuna and Negi talked.

"So, what would that be in English?" asked Asuna.

"Well, that would be pronounced like the second form of the letter 'u,' you know, as in the way we pronounce 'Ku.'"

"Oh, I get it!" laughed Asuna. She was slowly getting English, but when she did get it, she managed to speak it well.

"Ow!" yelled Seth. Konoka was standing beside him in a flash.

"Ohhh, is everything okay? Are you hurt?" she asked in her nicest voice.

Negi leaned over to Asuna, "Do you think Konoka has a crush on Seth?"

"Are you kidding me? She acts like this whenever anyone is hurt. Remember when you simply stubbed your toe on the door, she went ballistic!" she whispered loudly.

"No! No! It is not like that, but thank you Konoka. I am fine. Guys, watch this," he stuck his tongue out and put it on the freezer burnt frozen-ice bar. It stuck pretty well, and with his mouth open and tongue sticking out he asked, "Na wah, Ah mm goi koo rip et oth."

The sound of his tongue ripping off the ice was louder than the television and as it happened everyone squinted their eyes as Seth let out a sign of pain, "Mmmmmmmmhhhhhh..."

Then he started laughing hard, "I do not know what it is about it, but it is just plain funny," he did it again. Everyone squinted a second time. "Really, you should try it!"

As he proceeded to do it a third time, Asuna scolded him, "Stop! Playing! With! The! Food! And stop acting like a child!"

Seth instantly flopped back down and sat eating the frozen bar of fruitiness. Asuna turned to Negi, "Goodnight, Negi. I am going to go to bed," she yawned and got ready to climb into the bed.

"'Night, Asuna," said Konoka.

As Asuna fell asleep, she heard someone slide off the couch and the pitter-patter of feet going into the kitchen. She heard the refrigerator door open softly and close. The pitter-patter went back onto the cushion, and the sound of a body hitting the fabric could be heard. In a matter of seconds, she heard the sound of a tongue being ripped off of the ice bar.


Makeinu* - Means underdog or loser in Japanese.
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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Asuna awoke to the sound of her little alarm on her bed. She groaned and reached over to turn it off. She slid out of bed and quickly slipped her working clothes on. As she walked towards the door, Negi stirred in his sleep. Asuna noticed he was going to wake so she comforted him for a second, "Ssssh."

She patted his arm and left the door. Who said she didn't have a motherly side?

As Asuna left the front of the school to go to the delivery station, she came across Seth. "Not beaten up I see, that is good. What are you doing up so early anyway?" she asked.

"Nope, healthy and well, thanks. And honestly, I was going to go to the library. I heard Yue opens it in the morning," the year was obviously nearing Spring now. The wind was still cold, despite the sun being out and it being six o'clock. The sun shined on everything, and gave everything an orange hue. "Anyway, good morning."

"Good morning," she replied.

Asuna walked a few steps ahead, and heard Seth call her by her name, "Asuna, why are you up so early? I still haven't been told on why you do so."

"I work."

"At your age? I have a question for you. Have you even heard of child labor laws?" he asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Yes, I have. Have you ever heard of an orphan?" she asked angrily. But, instead of Seth doing what she expected, he grew angry himself.

"Yeah, I thought the school took care of the crap."

"They do, I just don't want to be a burden," she snappishly replied.

"Why would you think it would be a burden? If so, you must not think anyone cares for you, which if you thought that, you'd be completely mistaken."

"I just do it to be kind. Why are we arguing anyway?" she asked.

"Because I was acting like a smart-guy, I'm sorry," he apologized.

So, after this brief exchange, Seth left to the library. As he approached the library, he grabbed the large golden handle on the large cherry-colored oak door. It creaked open quietly, and as he closed the door, he hunched over as if it would halt the noise from projecting out across the extensive library.

"Hello?" Yue asked.

"Yeah, it is me, Seth. You know fro-"

"I know who you are, welcome. We have thousands of books. Just pick what you would like."

So, Seth left to go pick from the thousands of options for literature. Right after he left, Nodoka popped up from the bottom of the reception desk. "Feel any different?"

"No. He is like all the other boys I come across."



Asuna arrived at the paper station. She walked over to the nice lady who worked there. She always had encouraging and kind words to give to Asuna. She gave her the papers and then told her to be careful. As always, Asuna politely replied, "I will."

She walked down the streets and threw several papers into the mail boxes and door ways with expert precision and accuracy. She had been doing this for so long now, she felt she could handle anything. Then, she got a call on her cell phone, "I am so sorry Asuna, we have one more pile for you to deliver!"

"What? Another pile?"

"Sorry, the person who said they would cover your shift never showed."

"Okay," she replied aggravatingly. She went back to the station, only to notice the time. She read the time and looked back to the lady, took the papers, than walked back outside. "Crap! Crap! Crap! I was supposed to go with Negi into town! Now look at this!" whenever Asuna got angry, her eyes seemed to glow as if a fire was burning. She turned back to walk down her paper route. As soon a she turned, she walked right into Negi and Seth.

"I got some really good books and I recommend this one," he said as they accidently walked into her, holding a book.

"Oh, I am so sorry! Asuna?" Negi asked. "Oh my, I thought we would meet you are the town square, I am terribly sorry. Here! Let me help you pick these up for you."

They both worked together to pick up the mess of papers, but as they did this, Seth read a book on a bench. When Asuna and Negi were done, Asuna thanked Negi, "Thanks."

"No problem. Do you need help to deliver those papers?" he asked cheerfully.

Asuna refused the help, but Negi insisted anyway.

"You know Asuna, refusing help will be the death of you," Seth laughed. Negi chuckled as well, as they walked beside their friend. Seth offered to take a few papers, so Asuna gave him a pile.

"There we have it! We will be an unstoppable paper delivery team! We will deliver the black and whites to your door in a windstorm, in the rain, in the snow, in the fire, even in the war! We are the, Fearsome Awesome Integrity League!" he yelled. And as he yelled this, he made a fist and threw it in the air, using his other arm to clutch the papers. Every time he described the weather, it seemed it would change around them to symbolize the weather.

"You do realize that spells fail, right?" asked Asuna.

"Fearsome, f, awesome, a, integrity, i, league, l... Wow, well... How about Lords Of Savory Epicness!"

"That spells lose," giggled Negi.

"Erk... Well, no matter! We will win this awesome paper passing out thingy," he then turned. Unfortunately, there was a street light over Seth's head. And on this street light, there loomed a creature, a furry one. That furry creature lunged on Seth's head.

"Aah! I am being robbed!"

"A monkey!?" exclaimed Asuna.

"Wot are the chances?" asked Negi.

Seth wrestled with the monkey, but it made off with several papers. They all pursued the monkey, but all their attempts were futile.

"Aw, what will we do now?" moaned Asuna. Negi squinted and turned to her.

"I will get them back for you," he said and turned around a corner and into an alley. Seth looked puzzled.

"You know, the monkey went in the opposite direction, right?"

"I don't know," lied Asuna, "but he always manages to get whatever he is after."

Negi hopped on his staff and proceeded to fly after the monkey. The monkey held several papers as it looked up at Negi flying in the sky. Its face showed both confusion and wonder, how could a human fly? Negi chased the monkey as it ran roof top to roof top, dodging every swoop and attempt Negi made at attempting to snatch the papers back. The monkey leaped off the two story building and swung off another lamp post. He landed in the street. Several cars were forced to stop upon seeing the monkey, luckily no one saw Negi.

Negi chased the monkey into an alley, but saw no one. Where was that little rascal? He looked behind a dumpster and then in a trashcan, he then walked over to the wall which made the alley a dead end to find the papers simply laying there. The monkey must have bugged out, "Oh well. Thank goodness I was able to save these papers," he said as he picked up the papers.

But above the alley, a young girl was standing there, watching. "Oh, little Negi, your good... but I'm better."


When Negi, Asuna, and Seth finally arrived home, it was four o'clock. It was a little too late to go out shopping. "I am sorry Negi, I thought we could have gone to the town today, but all we did was deliver newspapers."

"It is quite alright, I do not mind helping out a friend."

Did he just call Asuna a friend? Nah, that couldn't have been.

"You know, as I said this morning, doing the job isn't necessary," added Seth.

"I don't want to weight anybody down," she said.

"You know, not only is the fact that you can't rely on anyone going to get you killed, it is your boundless pride. Why don't you let someone help you?" he asked. He was serious about the matter.

"Well, I just."

"Asuna, it is okay. I can pay your tuition for this month, and next weekend and then we can all go together," said Negi as he placed his hand her on the shoulder.

"I ain't no one's kid!" she yelled.

"No one said you were. You need to rely on people sometimes," Seth said. But, as usual, stubborn Asuna ignored him and Negi.

So, the group of friends entered their dorms and ate. They explained all the things they did that day to Konoka, and then went to bed. Tomorrow, was a school day.


Makie was walking during the night, alone, off campus. She needed to go somewhere, but the class did not remember. As she was walking, she heard rustling in the trees. She spun around to see nothing there. The swirled back around, trying to think nothing of it, but something kept nagging her.

Above her, sat a girl, pranced on a lamp post, which was on. "Come my dear, I need to drink some of that blood."

"Aaaaah!" she screamed.


The next day, everyone, the entire class, was seated at the lunch table. Negi was having trouble picking up his food, and was constantly picking food up correctly, but then losing hold of it and dropping it straight back to the ground. Every girl was busy gossiping about what happens on Asakura Boulevard.

"Did you read the paper?"

"Nah, that picture doesn't prove nothin'"

"Watchya doin'?"

"We hear that there is a vampire on Asakura Boulevard, and every night, she comes to suck your blooood!" answered Seth as he terrified the two twins, Fuuka and Fumika, with false fangs. Everyone laughed at the joke, but then went straight back to talking about the rumors.

Asuna had her head rested in her left hand, and her right on her fork, "You know, I can't believe that they believe in a vampire," she muttered.

"What did you say Asuna?" asked Negi.

"On second thought, if wizards exist, vampires must not be too far fetched," she said, eyes squinted in mischief.

"Asuna! Watch what you say around the class!" he flailed around. Nobody really knew what Negi was talking about, but that was of no concern, they went right back to talking about the rumors.

"Professor Springfield! Professor Spriiiiingfieeeld! Come quick!" Ako yelled in desperation and fear. Negi and the rest of the children looked up at Ako.

Several days ago, Negi was put up to the challenge to become a full-fledged official teacher, as long as his class did not come in last place for semester exams. Ako was one of the top scorers, and she was also part of the health club. He knew something was wrong, since she spent most of her time in the infirmary.

"What is it?" asked Negi hastily.

"It is Makie! She is not okay!" she yelled.

Everyone was gone in a flash to the nurse's office. When the group arrived on the scene, there was only the sound of one thing for several seconds, "Omnomnomnomnomnom..."

Everyone turned to see Seth still eating a bowl of food, offering Negi another bowl. Negi almost completely ignored the offer, but when Asuna turned, she assumed that they were goofing around, "Okay, you two! Act like adults!"

So, after the food was thrown in the trash, an action of which Seth and even Negi detested they turned to see the victim. As the group looked at Makie, she was frozen in some form of nervous shock. Everyone was scared and mumbling, "Do ya think she's gonna die?"

"I hope not!"

"Wake up, Makie."

Makie's odd-looking shock left her and she yawned and turned over, "Oh, I would love to stay and have a cup of tea."

The entire class was appalled by such calm and indifferent behavior. "Ako, you gave us quite a scare," scolded Harlina.

After much apologizing, the rumors still continued to circulate throughout the school. But Negi felt something, he felt something terribly different, "There's something odd about Makie... I can now sense something... an odd faint feeling, but it feels of magic."
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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Never had Negi experienced such a dream. A dream filled with intense fear. Fear of loss. Fear of death. Not his own death, but someone else's death. He could not see the specific person, and was concerned of the identity of this person. As he gasped for air really loud from his dream, he rolled over to see Asuna. He had climbed in her bed again, and for a moment, he wanted to hug her. But, that would show weakness, and he could not allow anyone to see that. Negi could not determine whether or not it was the recent sensation of dark magic, or the fact his own magic was trying to tell him something. He could not tell. As he pondered the matter even more, his breathing slowly began to normalize and become more natural.

Asuna woke and moved a little. She was used to Negi sneaking into her bed now, most of the time it was all habit and done in Negi's sleep. But she could not think of what could possibly be going on in his dreams. Whatever they were, she felt him breathe extremely heavily, and occasionally a muffled yell of fear and panic would from his sleep. Asuna found herself to be more and more lax around Negi, and she could not figure out why. Her thoughts were put on hold, for her alarm clock started to ring.

Asuna sat up in bed, blanket and sheet rustling around as she did. Negi rolled over and met Asuna's gaze, "I am sorry! I did not mean to, I will go back now," cried out Negi, prepared to take a strike or a scolding. As he did climb back into his bed, Asuna saw how much of an imprint her actions left on the little guy. Well, not so little, it was small and gradual, but overtime, the growth was noticeable. Despite these rambling thoughts, Asuna definitely wanted Negi to think she cared a little bit more for him, but that would have to wait, work was her first priority this morning.

So, Asuna slipped out of her pajamas and into her clothes to go deliver papers. She would do it until the upcoming weekend, and then finally let Negi pay a little of her tuition this weekend. You see, Asuna was stubborn but caring, an odd combination. She was an orphan, and considering the circumstances, she did not want to be considered a burden when the dean of the school accepted her. She wanted to be as self reliable as possible.


Negi arrived in the classroom on that Monday morning. "Good morning class!" greeted Negi in his cheerful attitude.

"Good morning Professor Springfield!" replied all the students just as cheerfully. Well, almost all of the students. Seth was sitting in the back of the class in a small desk that never held anyone in it. He had his head in his folded arms, breathing deeply in a rather peaceful slumber. Negi completely recognized the irony before his eyes. But, he simply asked the closest student, Zazie, to shake him a bit. Once he was awake, which was a gradual process of asking if he could have a pillow and blanket to sleep with, but was denied.

Once class had gotten started up, Negi and Seth were constantly fluttering about the room, aiding students having trouble with the lessons or assignments in English. Negi and Seth both being experienced in English, it was almost a breeze teaching the students how to speak and read the overly complicated language.

After the class had ended, the girls went out to play volleyball for recess, which was fine with Negi, "I have never felt more exhausted in my life."

"Well, I can say I have," replied Seth as he put books back onto shelves. Negi was sitting at his desk, simply doodling on a bare sheet of paper. Seth was standing near the window of the second story classroom, and when he looked out he saw Professor Takahata standing in between two groups of girls. One group looked far older, but the other group was class 2-A! "Um, Professor, come look at this."

Negi slipped out of his high up throne and walked over to the window. "What is going on down there?" he shouted when he saw the two groups. They both hustled to the volleyball court.

"Now, you are high school girls, I expect you to act like one," scolded Takahata as he ended a fight. It seemed like a tall blonde-haired high school girl and her groupies decided to pick a fight with Asuna and Ayaka.

"Thank you, Mr. Takahata," sighed Negi.

"It is no problem. You were up in your room, and I was down here anyway," he smiled. He then left Negi, Seth, and the girls to stand in awkward silence. It was almost unbearable. Then, Asuna and the others started their game up again.

Negi was relieved to see such cooperation from both parties, but that relief was about to come to an end. A ball was flung that struck Ayaka right in the back of her head. "Ow!" she yelled out and fell. The group of high schoolers were starting to band together again. Both sides were lined up in a near military formation, a small bland strip of asphalt made it seem as if it were the demilitarized zone in the middle of a war, Asuna and the high school blonde both in the center of that line. Negi hopped into the strip in an attempt to stop the inevitable violence.

"Stop! Act more mature you two!" he shouted.

The high school ring leader saw the little professor and was on him like a humming bird would be on nectar. "Aw! He is so cute! We heard you had a little boy as a teacher, but we never thought he'd be this adorable!" all the other high schoolers joined in, and the picture looked as if it were the first day of Negi's arrival. All the girls hugging him and calling them theirs. It was an odd happening, but it... well... happened.

"Get your hands off of him you weirdos!" Asuna screamed.

"Yeah, he's mine!" yelled Ayaka.

"You want him, come and claim him!" yelled all the high schoolers, united.

Seth walked up to the girls, grabbed Negi and yanked him back, "Just did."

"Who the heck? Why is there a boy here?" yelled one of the older girls.

All the 2-A students smiled at the surprise. But the smirking quickly stopped, "Alright! Here is the deal! We play dodgeball, if we win, we get Negi there. If you win you can have him and the court!" challenged the ringleader.

"Deal, accepted!" blurted out Ayaka. So, the game commenced. Several girls were struck out in the matter of moments, "We are too close together! Spread out!" advised Seth.

"Don't go after ball, let the ball come after you if you want to catch it!" yelled Asuna. But as she yelled these words, a ball struck her back. She fell to the ground in a heap. As she got up, they struck her again.

"Knock it off! Stop, you cheaters. She is already out!" yelled Nodoka. This, however, did not solve anything. The high schooler's attention was drawn to Nodoka, and a ball was hurled directly at her chest. Luckily, Negi took a leap and caught the ball.

"Don't give up!" he encouraged. "Please?" he cried out, not wanting to be at the high school getting smothered by maternal affection. All the girls, reminded of their duty, tried doubly as hard. Asuna and a few of the other girls called out words of encouragement to the very few that were still in.

A ball flew at the speed of light towards Seth. In an amazing move, he ran forward to the ball, dropped to his knees and skidded while catching the ball in his chest. In the same movement, during his skidding, he lifted himself back onto his feat and lobbed the ball, striking a girl in the legs. "I taught him that move!" yelled Ku proudly.

Negi also did something amazing, catching a ball and throwing it so hard, it knocked one of the girls on her keaster in seconds. Yue even threw a ball getting another schooler out, but then got hit herself. Three left, Nodoka, Seth, and Negi. Balls were whizzing by everywhere, amazing dodges performed by all. But then, Nodoka was struck out. Seth dodged another ball, and threw it back, while dodging another.

"You are rather good at this, you know that?" commended Negi.

Seth winked, "Helps when people play, 'Who can hit Seth the most,'" he laughed. Negi laughed a little, but to hear him mention something so cruel done to him as if it were nothing bothered him. Eventually, the game was over. 2-A winning against the high schoolers. It was an accomplishment that could not have been done without Asuna. Asuna had sparked even more courage in the remaining players when she had gotten hit twice. It made her feel a bit more at ease, knowing that everyone cared for her as much as they did. But what she noticed the most was that after Asuna was struck out, Negi did more daring moves to try to get vengeance for the wrongdoing. It was odd, for she had never seen that side of him. The extremely mature, but powerful side.

Ayaka found a fellow Negi lover amongst them, the ringleader. The high schooler, tall in stature and with blonde flowing hair walked with Ayaka to a bench out of the volleyball court and looked at a photo album filled with pictures of Negi.

Asuna was disturbed and turned to Negi, "How did she get so many pictures of you?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," replied Negi cheerfully, as he scratched the top of his head. However, while he said this, he felt the dark magic soar through him. Whomever it was, they were close.

"Negi, I think you should stop playing fun and games and release us for the day," Evangeline came up with Chachamaru, arms crossed. "The day is almost over anyway."

"I suppose so," muttered Negi, but he looked at Evangeline with suspicious eyes. The sensation of magic was felt during her arrival. Was it her?


Asuna and Negi entered the dorm alone, as Konoka had gone with the other girls to the cafeteria for dinner. "So, did you use magic during that dodgeball game?"

A deep and scratchy voice game through the closed window from the darkening outdoors, "I hope not, I mean, you already know about it. We can't risk another... risk."

"Ugh, Como, stop doing that," said Negi. Como, sometimes referred to as Albert, hopped off the indoor windowpane and climbed on Negi's shoulder. Asuna had always disliked the little ermine, and today was no exception.

"What smart-mouth comment do you have to say today?" she asked in anger.

"Nothing. I am here for more important matters than continuing pointless banter," he said as he lit a cigarette.

"Stop! You can't do that in here, or they will get suspicious!" shouted Negi.

"Fine," he submitted, putting the lighter away, "I am here to tell you something, Negi. The magic I feel... it is more powerful."

"Wait? There is another sorcerer here? I thought there was only you!" she yelled.

"Yes, and you must not get involved. I cannot let you get hurt on the account of my job."

"What exactly is that job?"

"To protect you," he said. Asuna's face showed utter embarrassment and dismay, but then Negi continued, "To protect all people." He then rose, getting out of his seat in the dorm, he was about to walk out when the little furry ermine stopped him.

"Yo, Negi. The power gets stronger during the night, and tomorrow is a full moon. You won't stand a chance if you don't get a partnership from someone, Negi!" yelled the little ermine, who was truly concerned about the wellbeing of his master at this point.


"I do not know, let me have just tomorrow, and I can scope out a perfect candidate!"

"Could you explain what this partnership is?" asked Asuna, completely confused on what the conversation was about.

"Well, a partnership normally starts between and boy and a girl. Both are sworn to protect and fight together, and most travel together on their quests. It is normally co-"

"Sealed with lip-on-lip action!" finished Como in a more provocative and immature fashion. He had leaped off of Negi's shoulder and on to the center table and stood with his hands wide in the air. Asuna's eyes gained their fire again, and the flames burnt extremely hot. Como found himself laying on the ground in the matter of minutes. After this exchange, Negi excused himself to prepare for the combat that would take place tomorrow.


The next late morning, Asuna, Negi, and Seth found themselves sitting at the same table in the cafeteria eating lunch. "So, I noticed during class, you were both were observing Evangeline and the creepy follower she has," he said, using his spoon and pointing the two. Negi and Asuna were in deep thought, and when they saw the spoon being pointed toward them, they figured he was asking for their vegetables and they pushed them over to his side of the table.

"Um, okay? Anyway, what's on your minds?" he asked.

"Oh, I am sorry. We are just thinking about something," answered Negi.

"Oh I see. Dreaming together," he said, smiling with a stupid grin.

"Stop joking or I'll wipe that smile off your face!" yelled Asuna, frustrated with Seth's constant joking around.

Later that day, during Asuna's final class, she sat there thinking about Negi. Why wouldn't he let her help him. What? Was his job really that dangerous. She had never seen a magic battle, and had only ever seen Negi cast his flying spell and mix a love potion. Her mind drew off to the thought of that second day, and how messed up the girls were that were affected by the potion. But as she got back on topic, she thought of the things she had to do.


"Hay! Negi! Guess what! If you found that note in your locker, it is because I put it there. Hurry, Nodoka is waiting for the smoochidy-smooch-smooch time!" laughed the ermine as he performed a comedic little jig around the floor. Negi was completely appalled.

"Nodoka?" he asked.

"Heck yeah! Now come on!" he yelled excitedly as he dragged Negi. Negi fought all the way, not wanting to drag Nodoka into it, and for he had never kissed a girl like that before. He was nervous and caring at the same time.

"Como, I don't want to do this."

"You have no choice, you have to get a partner!" replied the ermine. They arrived behind the school where Nodoka was waiting, she was dressed in a lovely white and red dress. Her hair was fixed so one could at least see one of her eyes, and she had her hands at her side. She was waiting for Negi to be there. The sky was orange from the evening as they both approached each other.

"I thought we couldn't risk any more people knowing," said Negi out of he corner of his mouth.

"She won't have to know as long as she ca-"

"How is she not going to know if she has to fight beside me?" asked Negi hastily. But as the ermine realized his mistake, his haste to see them kiss had already gotten the spell to activate. Nodoka had said something to Negi, but he could not hear, he was too focused on dodging the kiss. But as Nodoka was leaning to kiss him, Asuna crashed the entire thing. Because of the spell being broken, Nodoka lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

So, Asuna and Negi both carried Nodoka to her locker and left her there, making sure she woke up without any pain. She did, but was completely confused on what happened. After Asuna and Negi ran back to the room, Negi thanked Asuna, "Thank you Asuna, you saved me from her, and saved her from certain harm."

"Don't mention it, now let me help you!" she said, almost disregarding Negi's thankfulness. The ermine pulled out a card and showed it to Asuna.

"This card will allow you to become this," he said as he pulled out the card. It showed a non-detailed figure of either a boy or a girl standing, posed with some sort of long weapon. As Asuna gawked a the card, a surprise ensued.

"Hay! I have a card just like that!" shouted Seth, yawning. He had been behind the sofa the entire time!

"What exactly did you hear?" yelled Negi in a panic.

"Enough to know a thing or two about a certain secret. But seriously? Is that was these cards do?" said Seth, his face not in a joking form. He showed them a card with a rather heavily armored soldier with several weapons. On the card was inscribed in Latin, "Optimum Libritor."

"Who gave that card to you?" asked Negi, taken aback by the card. He swiftly snatched it from Seth's hand. Seth was angry that the card was snatched right from his hand, but he answered the question.

"Em, I got it in a box. I really cannot recall who sent it. Really lets you know how much I think of the card even though it is in my wallet," laughed Seth as he stroked the back of his own head. Asuna and Negi looked up at each other and then back at the card. Then, after a moment of studying the card, they looked at Seth.

"Under no circumstances shall you let anyone else have this card," he ordered.

"Okay, teach."
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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

The surprise that Seth revealed was stunning. The very fact he has some tie to a magic person was very exciting for both Asuna and Negi. However, despite their excitement, they could not let anyone know. So after Seth left for the night, they discussed what they needed to do about the current situation.

"Well, Evangeline is apparently hiding something, and Seth may know a sorcerer and not know it," summarized Asuna.

"Precisely, however I am not worried about any of it. I am confident that I can take care of it myself. Tomorrow is another day, and worrying about it will not solve anything," he said wisely as he yawned. He climbed up the ladder to his bed and snuggled into his bed. Asuna did the same as well, getting into a comfortable position.

"Goodnight Negi."

"Goodnight Asuna."

It seemed not even five minutes passed when Asuna's alarm went off. It was now bright outside, showing a beautiful upcoming sky. Negi was, not surprisingly, in Asuna's bed again. Asuna simply slipped out, this time not even waking Negi. She slipped out to deliver her papers. After the door closed, Negi opened one eye, "Thank you Asuna," he said, referring to the fact she put forth the effort not to wake him. He crawled out of the top bunk and got dressed into his teaching suit. He went and picked up breakfast in the nearly empty cafeteria, still being early in the morning. Only a few girls from other classes there, none of which Negi really knew. He was surprised how well he had taken so much of this news. Seth had a magical card, Evangeline might be a vampire or sorcerer.

When class started, two hours later, everyone was there. All the students crowded around Makie, still talking about what had happened. The story had been told by Makie over and over again, only each time certain aspects were increased in proportions. The same way a fisherman would jump from catching a simple mackerel to an entire whale in just a few weeks, only now two days had passed. Once the story had been escalated in key areas of the story and overly exaggerated, the class began. "Today, I would like you to perform English speaking exercises. Simply greet yourselves and strike up a conversation using the vocabulary that you have learned," he said. After the students had started, Negi sat back down on his own desk and put his head in his hand.

So much went on in his mind at that moment. Evangeline might be a sorcerer, Seth might know one as well, and now he had his pet pressuring him to find a partner. All of these thoughts kept flying by in his head as he conjured up ways to deal with these new situations. But as his thoughts ran through his head, he was disrupted by a British accent, one that he hardly ever heard.

"Negi, even a little teacher as yourself should know not to day dream in class."

Negi looked up to see Evangeline leaning slyly on her elbow on her desk. All the girls turned in utter surprise.

"Evangeline spoke?"

"Wow, never heard that before!"

"Amazing, she speaks English pretty well!"

Negi apologized for falling into such a deep train of thought, "Yes, I am sorry class. I just have a lot on my mind at the moment," but as he said this, the very fact that Evangeline spoke so daringly showed that she was confident about something.


After classes, the students went to lunch. Negi and Asuna sat side-by-side across from Seth. "Why'd you let her boss you around like that?" asked Asuna.

"I don't know, but I definitely do not feel right."

"Well, if you are losing your appetite, could you pass over those- Yeow!" Seth was cut off by a sudden slap and his own scream of pain. Asuna popped his grabbing hand with her spoon.

"Stop grabbing at another persons food!" she ordered. Seth listened and sat back in his seat. Under his breath be muttered several insults towards her, but she was to fixated on Negi and his thoughts. "Well? What are you going to do?" asked Asuna. Seth was unaware what they were talking about, and simply went back to eating his own food, and while Asuna's attention was averted, snatching some of Negi's food as well.

"Hold on Asuna, I will be right back," he replied. Negi approached the larger table that everyone sat at for dinner, standing there silently until all the girls faced him. "Everyone! Is anyone going anywhere tonight? Is everyone here?"

"Everyone is here!" replied Ayaka. Everyone thought for several moments, agreeing with Ayaka. However, Makie said something that troubled Negi, "Actually, I heard that Nodoka is going to Library Island since we get these upcoming four days off," she replied. Makie was right, the school did have an upcoming long weekend, and Nodoka did go to Library Island during her free time. Upon hearing this, Negi swirled right back his table.

"Oh, Nodoka is going to Library Island later tonight. We have to keep our ears open," said Negi. Asuna listened and acknowledged the order, but Seth was still puzzled.

"What exactly are we doing?" asked Seth. "I am a good at hearing things, but just what am I supposed to be listening for?"

Asuna moved her head so while her head was in her hand, she faced Seth, "It is your keen attention to detail that impresses me most," she said sarcastically.

Seth, unaware of the sarcasm, thanked her for the comment and went back to eating. Negi smiled, but left both Asuna and Seth alone. Before too long, Asuna left to find Negi. She found him in his dorm, thinking to himself and to Como. "Como, ever since you tried to get me and Nodoka together, the other girls have constantly been finding ways to get with me."

"I would personally take that as a compliment," he laughed as he lit a cigarette.

"Yeah, of course you would," Asuna commented on the way into the room. Konoka was out of the room, so it was alright to engage in conversation with the ermine. As the ermine lit his cigarette, he found himself soon lighting air. Asuna had taken the cigarette and blew it out.

"No smoking in here, you living hat," she said angrily. Como, instead of showing fear like the average person would, he simply laughed out loud which caused Asuna's anger to shoot off the ratings. It was impressive to see her that angry at that moment. It was also very comedic for Negi, which helped ease some of the tension about the suspected vampire, Evangeline.

However, another thing now had a firm grasp on the trio's attention. How did Seth obtain a magical partner card like that? It was strange. He couldn't have been able to even see one unless he knew a wizard before he met Negi. This suggested a possible magic background. "So what exactly is this card?" asked Asuna.

Como hopped up on her shoulder and answered, "The cards hold a specific ability, and whenever the contract is activated, they gain that ability. Only a permanent contract can be activated as such, so someone with a probationary contract would only gain a slight boost in strength and perhaps agility."


"Yes," Negi joined in. "And that card that Seth has. All he has to do is mutter the Latin spell inscribed on it, and he will turn into a fighter by himself."

"Which is a troubling matter, since Seth doesn't even know what it does. He thought it was a rare collector's card the last time we talked to him," Como almost laughed. Asuna now learned these facts about partnerships.

"Partners, or fighters when spoken of in combat, stick around with the mage, and you know that," reviewed Como, Asuna nodded in recognition, "Well. Since Seth has that card, that means he is a permanent partner of someone. This means that he can turn into that cool fighter on the card, if he said it. But we cannot let him know about magic. It is too risky."


Nodoka walked on the sidewalk directly outside the campus of the school. It was dark, and a little cloudy. The street lights were on, not that they really served a purpose, since nobody walked outside during the night on campus. So, despite her frightful feelings and knowledge of the rumors, she proceeded down the route. As she stepped down the street, the wind started to gust. Nodoka's hair shook and blew so her eyes could be seen. As she looked up to see if any rain was approaching, a figure could be seen perched on a lamppost. Nodoka jumped back and yelled in fear.

"It is alright. I just need some of your blood..." the figure proclaimed, smiling and sneering so its fangs could be spotted. The figure leaped off the lamppost and lunged at its victim. Nodoka let out a loud scream, and ran backwards. Negi arrived in a flash. He had his staff in his right hand, he was in a concentrated stance.

"I will not let you harm my student!" he yelled. As he said this, the vampire let out a shrill shriek and fired a blast of magical power. It blew Nodoka over, ripping the buttons from her shirt and blowing her hair around. She fell, fortunately to be caught by Asuna. Asuna looked up at Negi, surprised and slightly angry.

"What? What did you do to her!?" yelled Asuna.

"Negi's the vampire?" asked Konoka, appearing next to Asuna. Negi looked at both of them for a second, and then turned to where the assailant was.

"No it was-" he stopped in mid sentence to see the vampire had taken flight. The large near-full moon glistened down on Negi's glasses as he looked down the path. He then turned to Asuna, determined look on his face, "I will be back! Get Nodoka to safety!" He took off at lightning speeds, using magic to modify his pace.

"Wow, that little guy can move!" shouted Konoka.

Negi ran until he was out of sight. He then hopped onto his staff and took flight. He looked around for the vampire. The night sky, lit up by the moonlight left the vampire visible. Negi, slightly surprised to know the identity, yelled at her, "Evangeline! Stop this madness!" he yelled. Evangeline turned her head to see Negi, smiling a twisted smile as she did so.

"Using the wind is his suit, apparently," she muttered to herself as they both soared over the town and campus. Negi sent several gusts of wind in an attempt to throw Evangeline out of her flight. They all failed though. She was too powerful with the moonlight. In the very center of the town, a tower that belonged to a large church stabbed into the night sky. Evangeline seemed to inch closer and closer to it.

Negi sent several spells to prevent Evangeline from getting to the church, and sent his spell, "I summon the wind spirit, swords of a thousand brothers!"

Evangeline, in a hasty movement, through out several small vials with liquid in them. Negi was surprised to see that Evangeline was using potions instead of pure magic to defend herself against the spells. Negi continued with the barrage until Evangeline used all her potions, but it was too late. Evangeline landed on the roof of the church, Negi joining her also. The church they stood on was large. The tower was in the center of the building, two other wings of the church stuck out, one in the front and one on the other side of the tower. The moon shined on Evangeline, and to Negi's surprise, Chachamaru.

"Not you too Chachamaru!" Negi yelled out, perplexed.

"Ahaha! The first round is over, spellcaster!"

"Well, I suppose I will have to attack!" Negi tried to cast his spell, but something prevented him. A small flick on his noes prevented him from even summoning the strength and energy to send out his attack. He opened his eyes to see Chachamaru standing there, and every time Negi tried to send out an attack, some form of violence would be used to stop his magic.

"Now, I would like to taste your blood!" laughed Evangeline, and she started to approach Negi. As Negi tried to make a timely exit, Chachmaru grabbed him and wrapped him roughly in her arms so he could not move.

"I am sorry, master Springfield."

Negi yelled out and squirmed as Evangeline neared. But his prayers were answered when a shout and a swift kick landed in Evangeline's face. Chachamaru released Negi as she hopped over to Evangeline, "Mistress!"

Evangeline looked as if she were in tears, and if anyone knew better, she probably actually was in tears. "Oh, mah tone, oo mae meh bie mah tone!" she yelled in fierce anger.

"What did she say?" asked Asuna. Asuna! She rescued Negi from certain doom. Negi was thankful for that and expressed it as Asuna's question was answered by Chachamaru.

"She said, 'Ah, my tongue! You made me bite my tongue!'" she quoted.

Evangeline turned to Chachamaru, clutching her mouth and jaw, and scolded her for treating her like a baby. After the scolding, she turned to Asuna and Negi and yelled, "Oo hahen shee de laft of uth!" and they leaped off the old church simultaneously, small pieces of the shingles and tiles flaking off under their feet. Asuna turned to Negi and showed her gruff and ever-so shielded affection for him. The vampire was dealt with, for now.
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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Asuna and Negi traveled back to the school dorms. It was late at night, nearing the early hours of morning, but luckily the next day will be a day off from school, along with the two weekdays, making a three day weekend. "Thank you, Asuna."

"No problem!" she smiled, "Just don't be afraid to ask for help, you are only ten after all."

So, they entered the dorm. It appeared Konoka had already gone to sleep, Nodoka stowed away in the infirmary for the night. So, both Asuna and Negi did the same and turned in for the night.

While they bid their good nights to each other and slipped into a much needed rest, across the campus, Seth was sitting in his dark room, using the moon as natural lighting. His room consisted of a door at the front of the dorm, a small and colorful advertisement poster of his favorite game, a small wooden desk with a computer, school work piled on top of the desk's facade. Across the room, under a waist-high window lay his bed, green sheets and white mattress cover, a white pillow laying onto of it all. The sheets lay unturned though. Seth sat on top of the cozy bed, his occasional shift in movement causing the metal bed frame to creak, staring at the card.

Seth studied it for the longest time. He had never seen such a card as his. The card was inscribed, "Optimum Libritor," which was Latin for something. Seth had never learned Latin, and did not even know how to pronounce the card. But on the card stood a black and hazy figure. The card had a white background with a grey and black wrapping. Inside the wrapping stood the figure with what seemed to be weapons propped in the figure's arms. Underneath the hazy figure, he observed a small multicolored bar, blue on the right and red on the left. The middle of this bar was smudged so that they color-change was gradual and transitional. The bar was highlighted in a gold glow, and a small golden clip highlighted an area of the blue on the bar.

Underneath this puzzling bar read, "Libellus" and beneath the large characters was a bolder number one. No fancy marks, just a straight line for the number one. Seth wanted to talk about it so badly, but Negi told him not to play with it, or mess with it. So, Seth obeyed, and just looked at the different things on the poker-sized card.

"I need to research this myself if Negi won't discuss it," he finally caved and muttered to himself. He then yawned and stretched. He let out a big sigh, placed the card on a small dresser on the side of the bed, and placed his head gently on the pillow. His breathing regulated, and he became oblivious to the vague noise of crickets chirping.


Negi woke to see Asuna was still sleeping. Water was slowly trickling down the bright and glowing window. It rained the night before, and now the sun was peaking out to assess the damp marks left by the clouds. The rays of sunlight burst through the glossy glass window, making the room bright and pleasantly warm. It may have been the fact it was a weekend, or the fact that it was a sunny day, or the mere idea that he and Asuna had won a fight over a vampire, but Negi felt confident and cheerful, well, more so than usual.

Negi turned his head to see Konoka in the kitchen, for she always woke up early. She enjoyed cooking for Asuna and Negi, and never complained about it. When Konoka finally looked up at the bed placed above the outward bulge made by the closets, she smiled cheerfully. Konoka looked nothing like his sister, but the smile reminded him of his her, and he smiled back. He slipped out of bed and helped her make the breakfast.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Negi had not expected anyone, and though the day was a Friday, it was a three day weekend. Who could be knocking at this time of day? He shuffled over to the door and opened it slightly so that whoever knocked would not see him in his pajamas. "Yes? Who is- Oh, Chachamaru. How are you?" he asked.

"I am doing well, Professor Springfield. My mistress has sent me to give you this note," she said flatly. Negi was suspicious, and peaked outside the door in both directions before replying.

"Th-thank you Chachamaru. I will be sure to read this," he said, still suspicious of the visitor.

"I am sorry, Professor Springfield," said Chachamaru, and then she left. Negi closed the door and turned back to Konoka, who was already placing breakfast on the table for a refreshed-looking Asuna.

"Hay Negi," she greeted in her childishly blunt way.

"Good morning, Asuna!" he replied, far more cheerfully. "It is a brand new day!" he announced joyously as he slid into a chair at the table. Konoka then joined them as well. They ate and talked, Konoka bringing up the previous night's events.

"So, where'd you guys go?" she asked innocently.

"We-uh-searched for the, umm, attacker, but couldn't find him," Negi lied. Konoka accepted the quick and false answer and continued to eat, which was fine by Negi's thinking. He could not risk anyone else knowing his secret, Asuna was bad enough. And to be honest, Negi did not understand Konoka. She was always extremely cheerful, even during horrible ordeals, and she seemed almost oblivious and stupid. But yet, she was one of the smartest girls, and nicest somehow. Negi did not mind her company, because of this reason.

"So what is on the note?" asked Asuna.

"It seems," said Negi as he read the note, "that Evangeline will not be going to school."


"Yes, it seems she is going to stop going to school out of protest."

"Protest for what?" asked Konoka.

"Because we beat her last-I mean-I have no idea."

It was difficult covering up this secret from so many people.


"I cannot let this happen, I am a teacher and she is my student. I must maintain what little control over these girls I have," he told himself as he marched up the hill to Go. "Go" was the structure in which Chachamaru and Evangeline lived in. It was a homely log house, green shingles and shutters, small and cute round windows, and a nice porch with two chairs and a table. This was definitely not what Negi expected of a vampire. He expected something along the lines of a graveyard or morgue, "Wow, this is definitely a lot different. Maybe Evangeline is a nice girl after all?"

Negi approached the door to the little house and knocked on it. Negi was somewhat nervous going to enter the lair of his dreaded foe. Despite this fear, he knew it was his duty as teacher to make sure his students attend his classes, so he forced himself to knock. After several tense seconds of the knocking, the door creaked open a small ways, letting Chachamaru to be visible.

"Hello, Professor Springfield?" she asked in her near flat tone.

"Oh, yes. Hello Chachamaru. I am here to have a parent-teacher conference with Evangeline," he said with a slight stammer at first, but he finished the sentence in a confident manner. Negi raised his hand to adjust his glasses, a habit he had developed if he was ever thrown into a stressful situation. Chachamaru opened the door wider, inviting the young professor indoors.

"I am sorry, Professor. My mistress in ill at the moment, and I do not think she wi-"

"Hello, Negi!" greeted Evangeline in her dangerous and playful way. Evangeline was not in her usual school uniform, which is all Negi had ever seen her wear, but rather she was in what appeared to be pajamas. She looked terribly pale, paler than normal anyway. The lively glow in her eyes was faded, and she had trouble just lifting her arms. The sight was pitiful, and Negi felt total sympathy for the person who had attempted to murder him just a night ago. "Back so soon?"

This question brought Negi to focus again, "Yes. I hear you will not attend my classes."

"Yes, well..." muttered Evangeline, losing strength.

"So, I challenge you to a duel!" yelled Negi bravely.

"Bold words, from a little pipsqueak!" she retorted, obviously angered. As she gained over her liveliness for a second, she hopped on the side of the stairs she had entered on and posed triumphantly, "I will just beat you again, and your little friend won't be there to save you either!" As she said this, her legs gave way and she fell to the ground in a limp heap. Chachamaru, despite her flat tone of voice, even displayed her dismay.

"Mistress! Oh no, I told you not to leave your bed!" she said.


"Hay, Seth."

"Oh, hay Asuna! How are you doing this fine morning?" asked Seth, strolling down the courtyard.

"I just got back from the paper route, have you seen Negi?" she asked.

"Why no, I have not. Have you seen him?"

Asuna and Seth both thought, but could not find any possibilities. Asuna's fear was that Evangeline had got him, but she couldn't have, for it was day and Evangeline's powers did not work in the sunlight anyway. She thought so deeply about this, that Seth had to snap her out of it.

"Asuna... Asuna... Hay, Asuna," he laughed as he waved his hand in her face, "Whatchya thinkin' about?"

"Jeez, I didn't know I was so transparent..." she muttered to herself. They both walked down the sidewalk thinking about any spot Negi could be spending his time at. Finally, like so many people had done before, Seth made a smart remark.

"You know... You act like you don't care about him very much, but not only do you hang around him a lot, you always fret about where he is when he isn't in your sight... are you a mum or what?" he laughed. Asuna pushed Seth angrily across the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the thing that cushioned his landing was not a thing, but a person, and that person just had to be a high schooler.

"Hay, what do yah think yah doin'!?" he yelled extremely loud, attracting the attention of all the students, boys and girls around, "Do yah wanna play little puke? We can play, but we play dirty!"

"I think that sounds a bit strange gentlemen," said Seth, backing up and putting his hands up to motion them backwards, "let's try to keep this PG rated, shall we?"

"Oh, a smart guy too-tall," laughed one of the children behind the high schooler. The slang was one thing the younger children did not understand, but it was plain to see both Asuna and Seth were in trouble.

Konoka, who happened to be in the background, rushed to the deans office, on the other side of the campus. It would be too late by the time she arrived to have any enforcement of the rules to rain down on the older kids.

The largest of the high schoolers laughed even louder, "Ahaha, little girlfriend too."

Asuna did not act as fiery as Seth expected. Seth knew it was because she had nothing to defend or hide, for she really did not feel about him like that. To be honest, Seth did not mind being "just friends," for he would not get along very well with her if Negi was not around. Instead of Asuna talking back, she turned to Seth, "There are five of them Seth, whattya gonna do?" she asked.

Seth looked back at Asuna and then to the bullies. Sweat dripped down his brow as his eyes flickered from face to face. Looking at the crowd around him, far enough away not to get involved, but close enough to root for a fight. Seth remembered all the hand fighting techniques he learned, but he always had a feeling Ku had let him win. Seth backed up, "Come on guys, y-you don't want to hit an eight grader, we don't do much."

"You walked into me," giggled the big kid maniacally, "You did somethin'."

At that moment, Seth waved his fist in comedic anger at Asuna for the push she had done unto him. Asuna wanted to laugh at the amusing gesture, but it was not an appropriate time to do so. All Asuna could do was watch, for the kids had him surrounded, and would not let her in to help.

The large kid threw a punch, and used his other arm to grab Seth's left shoulder. Seth felt the grip gain a hold on his shirt, and kicked the kid in the shin, forcing him to jump in pain. Instantly after he was freed from the grasp, two kids came from behind and held on to both of his arms. He put his left leg around the left assailant, hooking around the boy's foot and causing him to fall to the ground. Seth then turned to the other standing assailant and slashed at the grasping hand. The kid yelled in pain, clutching his now broken wrist, backing away.

He turned to see three more high schoolers standing in front of him. A skinny kid approached him, properly posed in a fighting stance. Seth backed away two steps, spotting Ku out of his peripheral vision. Ku shouted to him, "I taught you what to do, now do it!" she encouraged. The bully kicked Seth in the chest. Seth caught the foot in his chest and twisted the ankle and threw him backwards. Another kid threw several punches, Seth blocking them and throwing a few back in return. Seth turned sideways to block a swing from the boy with the now injured ankle, leaving his side vulnerable to the other boy.

Several boys and girls gasped, but were relieved to find Seth caught the fist. The scene seemed to pause for the moment. Seth then lifted the healthy boy's arm, causing the entire boy to be lifted an inch off the ground. He tried to squirm, causing himself to flip speedily around, twisting his arm. He landed back on his feet after the flip, grasping his broken arm. The other, trained boy with the sprained ankle, was knocked over as Seth was pushed back from the force of the other assailant's spin. He stayed down, tending to his throbbing ankle.

Asuna was amazed at this sight. Seth, still a socially awkward boy that still avoided eye contact whenever he addressed somebody, or stammered whenever he spoke in front of many people, just took down four foes in about three minutes. The only bully that was still standing, or willing to fight, was the largest of them all who was obviously overly confident.

"Listen you punk, I think you should prepare yourself for your doom!" screeched the boy, thinking he had just delivered the ultimate one-liner when in reality, everybody now found it to be an empty threat. The bully's fist shot through the air, missing its target. The boy whimpered, and ran away yelling, "You'll surely pay for this!"

After the dean had come by and made an assessment, hearing both sides of the story, he let Asuna and Seth go. When all the children slowly left the area, the dean saw Professor Takahata. "Hello, sir," greeted Takahata warmly.

"Hello," replied the dean, obviously in deep thought. He stroked his long beard that flowed off of his chin, "Those children had just got into a fight."

"Who was it?"

"That boy I permitted to make friends with our students."

"He is a trouble maker?"

"No, on the contrary... he just broke a gang of bullies. Being around his friends seems to give him more courage than anyone could have foreseen. I hope his friends never see what he was like before."


Negi sat at Evangeline's bed side while Chachamru departed to get medicine for the ill vampress. Evangline lay there, sweating and moaning in her sleep. She was constantly throwing the blankets on or off, the fever she had constantly tossed the temperature around. Occasionally, she would shout, "Thirsty..." as loudly as she could, but was still snuffled by her ailment. The first time, Negi gave her a glass of water, but she took a sip of the health-essential liquid, and spat it out. Negi grimaced a moment, and let her bite his finger, "Maybe, yow! A little slip?"

At this moment, Evangeline seemed to calm down a little more. She still looked pale, but the fever lessened. She turned to her side, facing the dimming sunlight at the window. It was already about four in the afternoon. Negi leaned back in his chair, his joints drying from what seemed to be buckets of nervous sweat. It was over for now.
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Negi leaned back, watching over Evangeline. He never realized that Evangeline could be so peaceful. She looked cute, which was strange, considering she was a vampire. Negi thought that, and quickly shook it off, "No, I am her teacher, and she is my student. I cannot afford to have a crush on her."

He slumped back into the wooden chair that was pulled up towards the bedside. Evangeline lay on her back now, her expression was of serenity and made Negi calm as well. But, suddenly, in a loud shriek, she yelled, "No! Thousand Master!"

Negi's once cheerful eyes now snapped into a look of shock. He lurched forward in his seat, looking at Evangeline, "My father!" He placed his hand on her forehead, "Forgive me Evangeline, but I may learn something about my father!" he said, mostly to assure himself.

In a flash of light and swirling colors, something that would get Asuna or Seth to make a Doctor Who reference, he found himself right behind Evangeline. She was a smaller girl, even smaller than she was now, and she seemed to be running with a really small puppet, eerily similar to Chachamaru. Behind the obviously frightened and desperate Evangeline, peasants could be heard yelling all sorts of nasty things towards her.

"Get the monster!"

"She will kill us all!"

"Chase her down!"

Upon hearing this, he instantly felt a surge of pity for his nemesis. She ran through a dark, gloomy forest, panting in fear and exhaustion. She ran and ran, than fell and fell. The forest lead of a cliff, and Evangeline did not see it coming due to her fearful flight. She yelled out in desperation, skirt being pushed up by the velocity of the plummet. But then, a hand grasped hers before she could fall completely off the upper ledge. A hand that welcomed hers, understanding her situation.

"Gotchya!" he said. The man who caught her wore a grey monk's hood, a cross that looked as if it were printed out of thumb prints was tied around his neck like a scapular, he clung on to her, as he slid down the side of the mountain. When they gently landed on the bottom of the fall, he laid her down on her feet. She, Evangeline, looked surprised that someone would even put forth the effort to save her.

"There we have it!" the young savior said cheerfully. He glanced back up into the evening sky, listening to the puzzlement of the peasants above them.

"Where'd she go?" shouted one of them.

Once the pursuers had left, the man pulled his hood back to reveal a kind face. Brown hair flowed down to the bottom of his ears. He offered Evangeline protections and companionship until she had recovered.

Negi watched as his father. Evangeline followed him around for as long as he let her. After he had finally said they needed to part their ways, he left, unaware that he would be followed by her. Time began to speed up. The colors of trees, leaves, flowers, they all began to blur. They became streaks and beams of light, some occasionally bending.

Negi then found himself in between a tall blonde-haired girl in a beautiful red dress. She stood with the same doll Evangeline stood by. Chachamaru. This woman must be Evangeline. He turned to see his father as well, who had a grim look on his face.

"I know what you have done now."

"No, don't. I have changed," she said.

"I am sorry. I am not like you. This could not work," he replied.

Evangeline looked angered and troubled. She showed affection towards his father. Negi had never seen what Evangeline looked like when showing respect and love for another person. Negi than remembered that Evangeline knew that was Negi's weakness. He cared far too much for his companions, so much that he would take their troubling load too, and insist on doing it all himself while trying to play it off cheerfully. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Since Negi was naturally cheerful, it made it hard to spot to the untrained eye.

Negi watched as Evangeline charged towards Negi's father. They were on a beach, pink evening sky glistening off the blue water while it splashed onto the surprisingly soft sand. The sand crunched as every one of Evangeline's steps came closer in her dash. "I will get you, Thousand Master!"

"Ha. I am hardly the master of a thousand spells. Maybe five or six," he laughed cheekily. Evangeline leaped in front of him, causing him to take a step back. As he took a step back, however, Evangeline learned that the ground was not so stable. A pitfall opened, and she fell to the bottom.

"No!" she shouted.

"Now, you be a good little girl," he said as he started to drop garlic and leeks in the hole. As these items fell, she found herself shrinking. As she shrank, a tight feeling slowly encompassed her body. Her dress turned from the beautiful scarlet-colored fabric to the small little girl's dress found commonly around the world.

"How could you! Why!?" she shouted, starting to cry.

Time fast-forwarded again. When the transition ended, Negi focused on two forms, and Evangeline. One looked like his father, and the other looked like the dean of the school. They both spoke about keeping Evangeline there until she learned her lesson. Then, after Negi's father noticed tears coming from her eyes, he bent down and embraced her with a hug. "I will come back for you once you learn to be a good person," he said. For the first time during the dream, he saw Evangeline smile with pure happiness, and not out of arrogance.

After seeing that sign of love, everything went dark. It was a slow fade into the darkness, and soon Negi opened his eyes to find his head lying on Evangeline's chest. She was covered up in her bed, and she was staring at him like he was an alien. But when she saw his face, her face surprisingly softened.

"Did you? Did you nurture me back to health?" she asked, surprised and shocked to find Negi in her room.

"I did as much as I could, Eva," said Negi gladly, happy to see Evangeline in better spirits.

"This doesn't mean we still aren't enemies," she said pretentiously, crossing her arms and looking up in the air in the opposite direction. Yep, everything was back to normal. A few minutes later, Chachamaru came back to the house and administered the medicine. It made Evangeline drowsy, so she went back to bed quickly after. Chachamaru thanked him for taking care of her while she was out, and shortly after, Negi left the house.

A day later, Negi entered the classroom with his teaching supplies and observed the classroom. All the girls were playing and talking, as normal. Seth was seated in the back, talking with a few students, Asuna greeting him with the many girls who still adored him, and Evangeline sitting next to Chachamaru. It looked like his care for Evangeline got her to at least trust him a little. Every time Negi looked upon her though, he not only still got the eerie chill of fear, but he also had a different feeling. One of slight pity, but whenever he looked her in the eyes, he heard his father's promise, "I will come back for you..."

Negi sat down, waiting for the first bell to ring. Asuna soon bent over and snapped him out of it. She asked him what was the matter, but Negi told her to wait until after class.

So after class ended, it always seemed to pass by too fast, he stood outside with Asuna, quickly dodging Seth. They both looked behind, noticing Seth trying to catch up with him, but they sped up and cut corners. Seth saw that they left in a hurry and slowed down. He scratched his head in puzzlement, shrugged, and left. He went back to his room, something irked him about that card and he needed to find out about it.

After both Asuna and Negi found themselves alone, Negi explained to her about how he helped Evangeline.

"Hello big brother!" greeted Albert as he plopped onto Negi's shoulder.

Asuna looked at Como for a moment, looking as if she had to recall the fact that this ermine was apparently magical, "Well, just because you helped her doesn't mean you changed her!"

"I think I left a lasting impression."

But as Negi said that, they both looked to the side. They were standing on a dirt road and across from their position stood Evangeline and Chachamaru staring at them and whispering. Evangeline let out a dark snicker, and they both fled the scene as if they had committed a hideous crime. Negi and Asuna's eyes followed the two.

"Hay, Negi! They're splitting up!" yelled Como, "The only reason Evangeline actually beats you is because she has that weird robot chick backing you up! Divide and conquer man, that is all I'm sayin'."

Negi looked at the ermine that was perched on his shoulder. The small animal had lit a cigarette and was smoking it, occasionally letting a small ball of smoke billow from his mouth. After several puffs and an awkward silence, Asuna slapped the cigarette out of the small ermine's paw.

"No smoking!" she yelled angrily. Those same two words must have been said at least a thousand times a day by Asuna because she had enough of the ermine's chain smoking, "Now, Negi. The only way you can beat Eva is if you beat Chachamaru."

Como, still staring glumly at the 'perfectly good cigarette' laying at the ground, quickly added on to that statement, "And you also need to find a partner to assist you in defeating Chachamaru. Asuna, I think you should become Negi's temporary partner!"

"What!?" exclaimed Asuna.

"Come on, he needs your help and you are constantly asking for him to let you help! Now help him!"

"Negi?" asked Asuna, blushing slightly.

"Well," said Negi nervously. Negi had never really been in an awkward situation like this before. Plenty of times in the past he had been with a girl that was naked or was pretty close to being so, and the only thing Negi could think about for a moment was the bathing room incident, but this was different because Asuna was his friend. It was more awkward than normal. Both Negi and Asuna blushed as Como dashed around making the appropriate symbol in the ground to initiate the partnership ritual.

Asuna moved towards Negi and bent down. Como's heart stopped beating for what seemed to be an eternity. He would finally see some lip-on-lip action. Como could almost hear romantic music playing, romantic music that was suddenly stopped by a record scratch. Asuna kissed Negi on the forehead, and while it still counted as a partnership ritual, Como was deeply disappointed.

"What the hell kind of half-assed crap was that!?" he yelled as if he was completely offended. Como's criticism was answered by a swift slap by Asuna.

"What kinda sick thing are you?"

"The type that is lovable!" he said overly confident, getting ready to pop out another cigarette. That action, however, was interrupted upon noticing Asuna's angry stare.

"Okay, okay, okay toots. Now, just to point something out, you can use your power without the wizard actually being there if you are a permanent partner, but you are not. You cannot use your power unless the temporary pact has been activated. The pact is only good for one use, then you have to either give up on him or make it permanent!" he explained. Asuna, however, was already walking to tail Chachamaru.


Seth's hands glided all over the keyboard while he searched for the meaning of the card. He learned by looking up Latin word roots that the word "libellus" literally translated to "level" or "skill", so he determined that it was a set experience system. "Optimum" in Latin obviously meant "Optimal" in English, and he knew that. However, the word Libritor was harder.

Hours of searching earned him with the meaning, "Gunman or Rifleman". So, the card was Optimal Gunner, level one. So, what did the card mean though? Why was he not allowed to mess around with it? Was it some sort of government information device, or was it simply a card? He looked up facts about similar cards. None of them really said much, they all said the same things, "Used in magic spells and battles", which Seth knew was ridiculous.

"Magic! Ha! Not real," but as he said that, he slowly started to question his former belief. This is what Seth hated about new ideas. They always implanted a seed of doubt, and despite the hostile environment, that seed always blossomed into a nice and healthy plant.


So, Negi and Asuna followed Chachamaru. To their surprise, however, she was like a local hero. She helped a child get her cat out of the tree, then she helped an old lady get across the street. She saved a small boy that was drowning in a river and picked up a stray kitten from an alley.

They both followed, the new found heroine, Chachamaru, who still carried the kitten from the alley to a large dirt field. Como hopped up on Asuna's shoulder, "See! This is where she is gonna eat it," he said. This almost comical statement drew Negi's attention to the ermine.

Asuna also turned her head to acknowledge the little nuisance, "She is a robot, she can't eat."

Como looked into Asuna's eyes, and then shook his head as if to say, "Oh, yeah..." Como then turned from Asuna's eyes to Negi, "Big brother, now is the time to strike!"

"I'm not sure..." mumbled Negi. Upon seeing Chachamaru perform all these acts of kindness, he could not believe she was evil. However, despite his beliefs, Como's encouragement nearly forced his will to run out and simply attack Chachamaru. Despite this though, he walked out like a gentleman from hiding and stood there with his large staff. "Chachamaru! I challenge you to a battle."

"Professor Springfield," she said to acknowledge him kindly. Asuna leaped out behind Negi now, and Chachamaru's gaze shifted to her as well. Chachamaru stated in her flat tone, "And Asuna."

Chachamaru seemed to already have been ready for combat, so Negi activated the partnership. Asuna was now in a battle stance, still in her school uniform. She stood straight up, legs apart and fists clenched. Chachamaru looked down at the kittens, which curious unto which was going on. A small flash of light blazed around her clothes, and what appeared to be liquid energy swirled around her. The swirling energy slowly disappeared, leaving her in the same physical appearance, but something was different.

"If we must fight," said Chachamaru, still speaking in a flat tone. She lunged at Asuna, who quickly dodged the incoming punch and let out a back kick.

"I feel a lot stronger!" exclaimed Asuna, surprised at her power.

"Yeah, that is what the partnership does. This temporary partnership gives you only general power though. If you ever get a permanent partnership, you will get a specific power according to whatever the card turns you into!" shouted Como as he sat on the sidelines, throwing mock punches, trying to look useful. Como looked again to see Chachamaru getting up from a powerful punch from Asuna, "Big brother! Finish her now!"

Negi looked troubled. He summoned the spell, but he could not muster the courage to feel any hatred. As the spell built up power which surged through his, he saw something he never really noticed before. He saw a glimmer of life in Chachamaru's eyes. Those very eyes were looking down at the small little kittens that were hiding from the combat. Negi tried to stop the spell, but it fired. As the energy burst out, he heard the last thing that changed his mind about the entire situation.

"If I shall die, please take care of the kittens!" Chachamaru shouted! Immediately the energy was diverted, making a heated tearing sound as it shot through the air. The energy shot like an arrow back towards its caster. Negi yelled out in pain as he was struck by his own attack.

Chachamaru's eyes glistened in the explosion. The eyes shimmered with what Negi almost thought was a tear, and there she went. She left, running with all her speed. She was not a lifeless robot after all.

"What was that big brother! You let her get away!" he yelled.

Asuna came over with fiery eyes, "What are you stupid!? You could have gotten killed!" As Asuna said this, she felt the energy seem to slip from her and she fell to her knees, landing right next to the injured Negi. After a minute of looking angrily at the wizard, who refused to show his face, she grabbed his hands and pulled him up. Despite the help, Negi still hid his face from both of his companions.

When they entered the dorm alone, for Konoka was not there, Asuna learned why he was hiding his face. He was weeping. Como's criticism did not aid the matter either.

"You could have leveled the playing field!" he scolded, "But now you will never win!"

Asuna was about to comfort the Negi when he turned to her and Como, "Shut up, the both of you! I will not harm her! You did not notice it, but I did! She has a heart, and I will not destroy one of the few remaining truly good hearts in the world!" he shouted.

Asuna could not believe these words. "Negi, calm down-" she was cut off. Negi leaped out the window, landing on his staff and flying away towards a small island in the distance. Asuna cried out, trying to stop him, but he was too tired and upset to listen to reason.

"You idiot, now look what you did!" shouted Asuna. Como looked as worried as she did. They both stood near the window, only wondering where the little wizard was off to.

In the sky, which was approaching night, there flew a young and troubled sorcerer. And, for the first time since his arrival, he thought of the possibility of running away from it all and leaving Asuna. As he flew though, he slowly began to realize how he was overreacting, but as he realized this, he also became aware of how exhausted and tired he was. Losing control of his staff, he fell, over the small channel of glistening water, onto an island. The island was not too far off from a small strip of land jutting out. It was covered in trees and a small mountain in the center.

Negi fell into those trees, completely oblivious to the crash landing that awaited him.
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Negi awoke in a tent, a small circular shape of light shining down on him. It reminded him of an old church built by Constantine that his sister told him about. Constantine built many churches, becoming a sudden believer in the faith of Christianity. Historical experts always disagreed on whether or not it was simply a political plight or if he truly believed in God. Whatever the reason, one cannot deny the beauty of the structures. The church Negi's sister told him about had a large opening in the heavenly ceiling, simulating the watchful eye of God.

Negi knew that it was not, and that it was simply the sun shining through the roof of the towering temple, but despite this knowledge, it still supplied him with a sense of comfort. This serenity was probably supplied by the very fact that it reminded him of his sister. His sister was a blonde-haired tall girl, similar in looks to Asuna. She was very sweet, and believed in Negi. She never asked anything of him, and when he was told to go to Japan to teach an all-girl school, she reluctantly encouraged him to go.

Negi felt a tear welding in his eye. He insisted to lie to himself and play it off on the sun shining on him, but it was because he missed his Welsh sister. No matter, he arose, slowly out of the bed, feeling a vague sense of pain. His clothes were a little ripped, having taken a fall from dizzying heights. He looked around in his small sleeping sack, somebody must have placed him inside the small orange oval tent. He looked at the entrance, a small one that someone would crawl through. So, after observing that you had to climb through it, he put his hands on the stone, small pieces of grass ascending from the rock. When he exited, he saw where he was.

The ground around him was brown stone, a small area which was attached to the side of a mountain. The mountain was in the center of the island he had crashed on, which was maybe a mile or two from Library Island. Around the area was a wall of the beautiful forest, grass patches poking through near the edges. A small stream flowed through the rock-bedded area. Up the stream, he could hear splashing, then the wiggling of something that sounded like rubber. He approached sound cautiously, for he was not able to find his staff.

Upon laying eyes on the source of the noise, he greeted her quite kindly, "Kaede! Hello!"

"Hello Professor Springfield!" she said, smiling and wide smile. She was placing a freshly caught fish in a small white bucket that contained several more and some fresh water.

"What are you doing here?"

Kaede looked down at a fish, it flopping around in the water. She watched it for a minute, Negi prepared for her next kill, but she smiled again and let the little fish swim away in a hurry, "I always come here during my free time," she answered.

"Oh, what do you do?"

"Living in nature allows me to be able to relax, as well as build up physical stamina," she answered. Her smile was always pleasant as she talked, her eyes were also always happy. She was very athletic, and apart of the athletic team.


"I found you laying in the woods, did you run all the way here?" she asked. Negi, to cover his identity, simply nodded and looked pitiful. It hurt him for the fact that he had to lie to even the nicest of students, but it was necessary.


Asuna was leaning on the edge of the balcony of her room. The balcony was not large at all, maybe a small inch or two away from the actual walkway to it. Just enough to stand out in the open with the door closed. The sliding glass door to the balcony was not closed however, as Como and Seth sat on the couch behind her, indoors. Seth was unaware the ermine could speak, so the ermine withheld his comments and kept his voice silent. Como watched Seth play a video game.

In the video game, he was controlling a soldier, a first-person shooter. He had a G11 assault rifle, which was a short burst weapon. He was playing with other players on the game. Some players piloted tanks and aircraft, others sniped from behind. A soldier class called an 'engineer' was able to maneuver amongst Seth's team and place explosives to blow holes open in key areas of the buildings. Sometimes, a building in the city they were invading would collapse, yelling of other player's soldiers could be heard inside the buildings.

Como quickly lost interest, for watching someone play video games was not nearly as fun as playing them. So, he watched Asuna wait for Negi. Como feared that Negi might not come back, and he might have ran back to Wales. Asuna, however thought not. Seth was told that Negi ran away, from stress, not telling him what the stress was coming from. So, when he heard Asuna, yet again fretting about Negi's possible health, he asked, "Why are you so worried about him, I thought you hated him."

"I am not worried because of him," she said scornfully, but deep down she knew it was, and no matter how much she played off her care for him, she did, "I am worried because it might... er... affect my grades," she paused for a second, scanning her words for any mistake and then confirmed her statement with a loud, "Yes!"

Seth shrugged, looking back to the television screen to see a score screen and his dead player. He noted some scores from other players in the game and looked back at Asuna, "Sure."

Asuna was confident that she was tricking the other students, but she failed to trick herself. She did care for Negi, more than she did when she first met him and that is for sure. She left her spot on the balcony walked over and unplugged the gaming console he was on. "Let's watch something, I am tired of hearing nothing but gunfire and people yelling out as they are dying."

"Okay, the game is getting boring anyway."

As they watched the television show, Asuna found herself looking out of the open balcony every commercial break, hoping to see Negi landing at the school grounds.


Negi stood with Kaede on the rocky sides of the small stream. She talked with Negi, mostly about random things. She then made a sudden move and snatched another fish straight from the water. The accuracy of the theft was quite astonishing, and Negi gawked in amazement for a second. His stare changed to a look of slight embarrassment as Kaeda offered to help him learn how to catch the fish as such. Negi shook is head as she offered, "I can teach you."

"No, I would not like to impose any further on your camping trip," he replied like a gentleman.

"You have not imposed one bit!" she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the stream bank, "Go on, try it."

Negi took one step back, only to step into Kaeda. He playfully thought, 'Kidnap, this is what this is.' Despite this playful thought, he then bent down and stared at one of the lazily swimming fish. He stared it in the eyes, and with its dark beady eyes, it peered blankly back. Negi contemplated his movement, calibrating the distortion of vision caused by the glistening water. He waited a moment longer to make sure if the fish would stay in one place, and took a small leap forwards. His hands cut through the water and Negi thought for sure he was victorious. However, as he fell into the water, he realized his leap was fruitless and that he was now seated in the water, soaking wet. Kaede and Negi both burst out laughing.

"Well, it is alright. You will get the hand of it by working on it. Now, follow me," she said as she motioned him. She slid on a bag and went out into the forest. They both spent their time wandering through the beautiful island. Negi never realized how beautiful Japan truly was. Sure, he had seen postcards showing the vibrant blue skies and pink fluttering cherry blossom trees on Mount Fuji, but since they were miles away from that sort of sight, he never expected to see anything as beautiful.

He had to admit that Japan was far more beautiful than Wales during the Spring and Summer. While he was partial to his homeland, mostly because his sister and old friend were still there, he now viewed Japan as a second home. This trip was like a therapy. He now felt rejuvenated, confident, and felt at home. At last he was rational again, and the peace of nature allowed him time to think about his past actions and his future actions.

Negi fixed his glasses that night, sitting on a log near the nice little fire with a pot attached to a metal rod which was supported by to wooden sticks poking from the ground. The fire embraced Negi, and as he sat there, the smell of the cooking fish was almost a spell. Negi took a deep sniff and smiled from the pleasant fragrance. Kaede noticed as she took care of the fish, "It will be done in a few minutes, Negi. I hope you'll like it."

Negi was confident he would. He took off his shoes and socks and sat barefoot on the log. He looked behind him to see the small stream glistening in the moonlight. He was happy now, the full moon had passed, and is foe Evangeline would ot have to bother him for another year, that or she would have to break his father's old spell which bound her to this place. Evangeline could not leave the school grounds, keeping her from really meeting other people, but it also allowed her to have a large aura around the school, so she could detect if anything that could be a possible threat to her or Chachamaru. It was interesting, and maybe Evangeline, if changed to the "good" side of spell-casting, could teach him a few things about magic.

Negi scratched his head, and decided that he would go back to home the next day. So, he curled his legs together so they were criss-crossed and leaned back a little. Kaeda had finished the delectable smelling fish, and served it to him. Negi had a big day, he had run away from an angry bear, climbed half a mountain, fished, and fallen off of his staff... his staff! Negi excused himself, just for a minute. Kaede figured it was a potty break, and so he wandered out of view. He looked to see if Kaeda spotted him, which she did not. He then crossed his hands together as if he were praying and and muttered the magical spell, "Educ baculum retro."

His mind then raced back to where his staff and he had landed. It was caught in the branch that was above his landing. He saw it with his magic, and with a little energy exertion, the staff was wiggled lose and was drawn back towards him. It soared like an arrow or bullet towards him, and the air around the soaring stick seemed to blur. It then started to slow down like a car, and drifted into Negi's hand. He took the staff and held it tightly. He remembered the time when he was little and he had first obtained the staff. It warmed his heart even further.

He exited his hiding area and came back to the camp. He finished his food and let out a large yawn. Kaede heard the yawn and prepared a nice little jacuzzi. Negi was welcomed to use it, and so he did. He slid into the nice and warm water, and soaked in it for a bit. Kaede, he had noticed, was also stripped. Negi's breathing pace quickened a little. He looked to see her fully naked, though she did put forth the effort to cover her bare chests. She slid into the water with him, the water bubbling and warm. She smiled and leaned back. Luckily the bubbles covered up everything, so while Negi felt uncomfortable, at least he did not feel he was doing anything wrong by looked downwards.

He sat there, stationary until she had decided it was bedtime. It was about nine at night when he had slid into his night sack. He swiftly dozed off, and eventually let out a loud snore as he slept.


"Is the plan in action?" asked she.

"Yes, it is, Mistress," replied the flat tone.

"Good, he will never see me coming. Who knew his father really did fail at magic," the girl snickered.


Negi awoke the next morning, staring into the eye of God again. He smiled at his little nickname he gave to the whole of light that poked through. He looked into the bright morning son for a minute, and then exited. Negi made an effort help Kaede out with some of her chores, but then told her he had to leave to help some of his students. He knew this was not true, and it pained him that he had to lie yet again. He never really knew why he had to keep the fact that was a wizard secret. What would be the point in hiding your identity if you are just trying to help people, and that your enemy is cunning enough just to find you location and tactical plans anyway. He knew this was goofy thoughts, so he simply bid her fair well, left sight and took off.

So, without much further ado, he flew towards his room. Asuna sat there on the balcony. She almost gave up waiting until she saw a small speck on the horizon. Seth had left the day before, and had not come by today. He was probably studying for the upcoming semester exams that would happen in about two more weeks. Asuna refused to study however, for she had more important things to take care of, like vampresses and such things. But when she saw the spec, she took Como by his little paws and slung him around like a little stuffed-animal. Since nobody was around to hear him squeal, as Konoka had left somewhere for the weekend, he yelled out as he sounded like he was going to hurl, "Where am I? Disney Land? Stop slinging be around like I am on a roller coaster. He was then set down on the balcony as Negi landed, riding on his staff.

"How did no one catch you flying on your staff like a broom, Big Brother," asked Como, sometimes referred to as Albert, very innocently.

"I just circled around town and the campus and landed here on this balcony," his answer almost seemed to be planned and rehearsed, sort of like a military colonel when he tries to and acts like he can emphasize with military spouses, when really it makes him sound like an arrogant and pompous twit. Despite this prepared answer, Como took the news quite well.

Asuna was overly joyed and even went as far as to hug Negi, "I am so glad you did not leave."

Negi looked at her affectionately. As he was being hugged, he waited a minute, almost puzzled to what was going on. So, after that minute, he went as far as to hug her back. Asuna's eyes snapped wide open and she let Negi free. She jumped back and yelled to cover up her feelings, "Keep in mind though, it is not for you. You are just a really good English teacher, and without you I would be failing English."

So, Negi's facial expression turned from a happy face into a face that showed the usual face of disappointment. Sometimes it really bothered him that Asuna would refuse to ask for help and refuse to acknowledge her emotions. No matter though, she was a good person, and already knew of Negi's secret.

Overall, he arrived back to the dorms unharmed and with a renewed amount of energy. He was now determined to put an end to this conflict with the student and vampress named Evangeline.

Negi also had to deal with the fact that Seth was a partner with someone in the world. Someone he knew was or is a mage, and so he needed to figure out the boys origins and to make sure he was unaware of them. He honestly had not thought of this on his "vacation." He looked out of the window to the sky, which was now darkening. It was a combination of dark and dim orange with the black of night. It was is similar to the desert. Anyway, he had two major things to worry about.
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Negi awoke the next morning. He, Asuna, and Negi had stayed up late. Negi had explained all he did while he was away. Asuna was surprised the Kaeda was all the way out there for only a three day weekend, but she figured it was because she was more athletic than even the martial arts expert.

Negi slid out of his own bed, and through on his suit and tie. Another day of teaching. This was this was the final week of school before Spring vacation, a one and a half week break from school. Since Mahora Academy ran on a tri-semester, Negi's class would move from 2-A to 3-A. Each semester was about four months long, which was an entire year, for Japanese schools did not have long Summer breaks like American schools did.

One of Negi's fellow students at the Wizard Academy back in Wales had been sent to the United States, where he taught at a school in Nevada. Negi thought it would be difficult for his friend, but when he learned he would be teaching at an all girl school, he was still confident, but he knew it was an awkward start, and it was.

Despite this upcoming break, his friends insisted for him to worry about Evangeline. Negi refused to though, for he had helped her recover from a horrible sickness, he had turned her to good, right? Well, that is what he believed, and he returned to his classroom for the first time since last Thursday. Opening the door, he was welcomed by the mass and organized welcome of the delightful girls, and a traditional bow. Negi especially loved the bow, it was something of the Japanese culture which he loved, and so he bowed back. He muttered to himself as he moved towards his desk to place his books down, "Man, I love that cultural custom."

The class then simultaneously sat down in an orderly fashion. Negi climbed up on the small foot stool he used to reach the chalk board and began the lesson, "Today, we will learning about the similarities in the two epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey and Shakespeare's plays. For a start, can anyone give me a similarity? I would like the answer in English."

The class was moderately good at pronouncing English, it was simply getting them to memorize the key aspects of the lesson. Asuna, who was quite good at speaking English and had an impressive American accent, never paid attention, for example. He would have to remember to crack down on the students who did not pay any mind to the lesson, and also help troubled students through the lessons. As usual, no one raised their hand. They sat there, some avoiding eye contact so they would never get called on, others twiddling their thumbs and looking busy thinking. Negi waited long enough to make the silence slightly off-putting, which he felt was effective, and then called on Asuna.

Asuna's looked as if to say, "You are dead, squirt," but he played it off and repeated the question. Asuna actually had a good answer in the beginning, but it slowly slipped into muttering and thinking out loud. Asuna's stumbling for words gave Ayaka the perfect time to bully her and look good in front of Negi.

"It is alright Asuna, I will take this question. We all understand of your small mental... disability," a blaze ignited in Asuna's eyes. She seemed to float up to Asuna in an eerie manner and through her finger right in Ayaka's face.

"That is it! Now you die!" she yelled in a shrill voice. Asuna was constantly bullied around by Ayaka, but Asuna could be as equally offensive and bullheaded. They both started to hit each other, each one blurting out insults at each other. Negi, of course, tried his best to stop the small little brawl, but of course it was useless after the two were in a fight. So, Negi smiled a little and laughed to himself, and walked back to his seat. Eventually, the two girls settled down, with some coaxing and sweet talk from the other girls.

Seth walked up to the board, turned to the class, "O-okay, now," he said with his British accent. Fuuka and Fumika loved it when Negi and Seth talked with their British accents, so they were delighted to hear Seth talk, "W-well, they were both written in a poetic form, Asuna. You notice, when Negi recites the play Romeo and Juliet, it all rhymes in English. Well, if you were to repeat the Iliad or Odyssey in Greek, you would hear them rhyme too.

Asuna was still angry at Ayaka for the moment, so she barely payed any attention. So once she noticed he had stopped speaking, she nodded and slid down in her seat so that her head was hardly visible above her desk.

Lunch finally rolled around, and Asuna pointed a crucial fact out, "Where is Evangeline?" she asked. She was sitting next to him, leaned over to his ear and pointing past Seth, who was seated across from Negi, and to the table Chachamaru and Evangeline usually sat. Negi stood up and looked around, though he forgot that he was shorter than just about everybody there.

"I'll look," said Seth, who was taller than both Negi and Asuna. So he stood up, still chewing on a sandwich. "Nope, can't say I saw her anywhere. Why?"

"Oh, nothing," replied Asuna. So, they simply continued their conversation they were engaged earlier in, "So, your big brother, where does he work?"

"My big brother works in Tokyo," he answered.

"I don't believe you have even told us his name," said Negi in a cheerfully curious mood.

"His name is-" but as he said that, Fuuka and Fumika, seemingly popping out of nowhere, yelled in his ear.

"Talk in your English accent!" yelled Fumika in Japanese.

Fuuka shifted her head so her hair moved along with it, "Yeah! Come on," she said in Japenese. She then did a comedic mock English accent in moderately well-pronounced English, "Come on old chap, wot wot."

Negi and Asuna could not help but giggle alongside the two youngest and most energetic girls in the class. It was a little amusing.


"The plan is now in motion, mistress."

"Good," smiled Evangeline, "it is a wonder that old fool was ever known as the Thousand Master. Who uses an electrical retainment system?"

"He did, and it worked," replied Chachamaru.

Evangeline looked at her angrily for a moment, but then regained her neutrality, "Well, the boy will be left wide open for attack tonight."

"I have been thinking, mistress," said Chachamaru, "must we attack Professor Springfield?"

"Don't tell me you have feelings for the little twerp!" she yelled.

"Er... no mistress," it was hard to tell how Chachamaru truly felt, for she never really had any true emotion in her voice. Whatever the plan was, Evangeline was determined to have revenge. The boy would pay for all the trouble she had been put through. Fourteen years stuck in the horrible prison that is a Japanese schoolgirl. Evangeline fumed about the very punishment, face turning red in fury, "Prepare Chachamaru! We do it tonight!" she announced in a commanding voice.


Ku and Seth met for another martial arts practice. Ku was proud of what Seth had done to those older boys the other day. She had sent them packing and running for their mommies. So, she took him in as her melee combat student. The title sounded funny and official at the same time, but Seth played along anyway. So, Seth standing in the clothes of his choice, since he made it quite clear to her that he hated the robes, they bowed.

In mid bow, while Seth was still bowing, Ku already performed a kick. Seth saw it out of the corner of his eye and ducked even lower, avoiding her high swinging kick. The leg seemed to whistle through the air. When the foot, the left foot, landed back on the ground, she pivoted on it and swung with her left leg. By this time, Seth was in the motion of rising back to standing stance, so he lifted his arms in a cross shape to absorb the blow. He slid back a tiny bit. So, Ku landed back and asked him a question, "So, what makes you want to learn how to fight? I thought you already beat the bullies."

"I still don't fit in, and plus... Well... Nevermind. Just wanna be safe, you know?" he said as he dodged a few of Ku's punches. He took three steps back, looking in the window to the far right of the room to calibrate his position perfectly. The room's floor and walls were made of an orange tinted oak wood, very strong. There was an occasional painting of flowers or the beautiful Japanese mountains hanging on these wooden walls. There were soft and cushioned mats around the center area of the floor, where martial arts club was held. There were thirty girls in the club, but Seth hardly saw any of them fight on this floor, since he was in here later in the evening. It was about seven in the afternoon, but since Spring was only two weeks away, the sun was still shining so that the outside was visible through the large sliding windows. The large windows were not designed to be sliding glass doors, but they were so big that they were, and they led out to a small square garden and seating area, surrounded by walls and windows of the surrounding school. It was like a little enclave of peace inside enemy territory. The light outside in said enclave was of a slight orange, slight purple tint. The moon was already visible, it looked as if it were a full moon, but it wasn't, and there would not be another one for a while.

Seth stopped looking into the reflection of the mirror when a punch came close to hitting him in his chin. He then focused more on the swooping arms. Each punch looked extremely powerful, and they were, so Seth was soar from absorbing too many punches, "You are an okay fighter," smiled Ku, but then she became firm with him, "But you are too afraid to make an offensive move."

"I just wait for the enemy to make a fatal mistake in his own offense," he said. Right as he explained, Ku grabbed his blocking arm, twirling him around so he was facing the opposite direction. Then he felt her grabbing his torso, planning on flipping him to the ground. He looked down to the zipper of his blue hoody, for school hours were over so uniforms were not required. He took both of his fingers and undid the zipper while squirming around to get out of Ku's tightening grip. He started to be lifted up, he did a running motion with his legs, and slipped out from the sleeves of the hoody. He landed on the ground and crouched, swirled, and kicked at her vulnerable legs. She could not see exactly what he was doing, for she was stunned that he simply dissolved from where the hoody was. She suddenly saw the dark blur of his foot coming towards her feet, and she jumped right over it. Ku through a punch.

The punch failed to impinge Seth, and he moved sideways but just a few centimeters, still facing the fist. He then took the arm and did the lifting motion at her elbow that would have broken her arm. Ku was impressed, "Wow, nice innovation."


"Like, that was really good!" she said, clapping for him, "My arm would totally be broken right now if it were a real fight!"

Seth smiled an awkward smile, which got Ku to ask what he was smiling so oddly at. He answered her question with another question, "Can I have my hoody back?" standing there in a white t-shirt.

Ku looked down at the hoody in her, what-would-be, broken arm. She smiled, giggled a little and gave it back. Seth felt proud of himself, and showed it too. He said that she would never be able to beat him. That is what he said, until she beat him the next fight anyway.
Seth wanted to train more. Ever since he beat the small band of high schoolers, the exact opposite of what he expected happened. He thought if he beat them in a physical confrontation he would scare away any other challengers, and the many bullies would leave him alone. However, the altercation lead to several groups bullying him even more, trying to prove they are stronger than the high schoolers and that he could not get away with anything. Seth was determined to put an end to it, but only if he was provoked.


Negi and Asuna walked into the dorm. Just a few minutes ago, the entire school made an announcement. The campus and the small surrounding town were going to perform electrical maintenance on the local electrical reactors, meaning power would be down for the rest of the night. Girls rushed to take a bath in the giant public bathing pool, others darted to their rooms, not wanting to be caught in the dark. Seth had bid them a quick goodbye and escaped from the school and into his own dorm.

"Mahora students," an announcement from one of the male school workers rang out, "you have approximately fifteen minutes to either reach your dormitories or the bathing area. These two areas are the only places open to you, if you are found wondering around in a restricted area, you will be escorted immediately back to your room."

Fifteen sounded like a sizable for a few people, but with thirty thousand girls, excluding the boy's school, trying to get to where they need to be at once. Not even in between classes were the halls that congested. Girls giggled and laughed as they went to their dorms, squeals and chatting echoed throughout the halls. The sound was only muffled when Asuna, Konoka, Como, and Negi all crammed the door shut. "Goodness, I thought we'd never make it in time," sighed Konoka in her high-pitched voice.

"Yeah, well, we made it," laughed Asuna, and thankful they did make it on time due to all the commotion. So, they all sat on the cushioned couch, Como abstaining from a comment to shield the fact he could speak. Asuna turned to Konoka, "Know any good games to play in utter darkness?" And immediately after the question, a dying whir echoed throughout the building, and the lights shut off. All electrical appliances were dead. Several girls could still be heard outside yelling and laughing, "Hurry!"

Negi eyes watered up, and he let out a cry, "Waahaaaahaaa!"

"What is your big problem?" asked Asuna.

"I'm afraid of the dark!" he yelled.

Asuna looked at him in the weirdest way for a moment, just staring at the bizarre way he reacted to a simple thing such as darkness, but would think nothing of it to hunt down and combat a vampire, "Oh brother, we just had to get a teacher who is such a coward," she said, crossing her arms.

Konoka did the exact opposite, and comforted the frightened Negi, keeping him from making anymore noise. Suddenly, a muffled voice could be heard. "Who is it?" asked Asuna.

"Oh, yes. I was given a radio communications device-"

"You mean a walkie-talkie?" corrected Konoka.

Negi paused for a moment. Mainly because of the immature way she had stated the childish name of the communication device, but also because he wondered why it was even an issue in the first place. No matter though, he threw on his jacket, took his staff, and took Como along with him. Asuna and Konoka watched him depart as he prepared for his patrol to make sure all the children were safe.

Makie, Sakurado, Chao, and Akira were all splashing in the bathing area. The power was off, but the warm Spring sun had warmed the waters, with the glass sun roof, and the bright moon shining in the night sky provided enough light to see. Most of the other girls had left to their rooms, either to tell ghost stories about the other nights where the power went out and how the girl who had just been sitting across them in their class had disappeared twenty years ago, or just to sleep, as it was a school day the next day. But Makie, Sakurado, Chao, and Akira lagged back to enjoy the warm waters.

They giggled and told each other rumors that the school had presently passed around about the little ten year old professor they had. The rumors had even spread to the all-girl high school and to the boy’s school as well. The children loved to partake in the rumors, and somehow, a perfectly normal rumor would become a twisted myth whenever it reached the next person.

Some believed he had a similar disease as the character in the movie ‘Benjamin Button,’ others believed he was just another Matthew Broderick, or perhaps he was in the Ivy League, and many other rumors. At least the latter was somewhat believable. But, as they acted like all excited teenage girls did, giggling and laughing about almost anything, a change happened to Makie.

He felt her teeth, and they hurt a lot. The pain grew and grew, and swelled and swelled. It was a strange pain. The same pain one feels after their wisdom teeth are pulled out. An empty pain, but pain nonetheless. But the area in pain was not in that area, but rather around the top front of her mouth. Her eyes also started to tear up, to the point where she could not see. The last thing she heard was Sakurado asking her if she felt okay because her skin grew extremely pale. It was too late.

Negi made a count clockwise circle around the school grounds. He bumped into a few familiar faces, like the dean and Professor Takahata as he did. They too, as most of the staff were, checking the school grounds to make sure everyone was where they should be. However, Negi noticed to teachers bothered going to the sizeable bridge leading from the island to the town across the small river.

The bridge was wide enough to fit three lanes of vehicular traffic, it was long enough to fit three train cargo cars, and it was strong enough to hold several school buses. However, with technological innovation, the buses have not been used in years, and the only work the bridge gets is from the occasional pedestrian walking into town, or the delivery trucks that come in from the town every day.

The bridge led directly into the surrounding town. The town closely resembled the stereotypical technologically advanced tropical paradise often displayed in California or Florida in the United States. Buildings were either built with stone and brick, or in white plaster with blue decorations. There was a beach along the town, which led off into a bay where Library Island sat.

Despite the bridges use, or more appropriately, non-use, Negi decided to check it anyway. Upon approaching the bridge, he was startled by a figure standing on a large metal box in the middle of the lanes. The woman came forth, greeting him in a snobbish voice. Negi, being young and socially naïve, did not get the woman’s sarcasm and greeted the woman back. “Hello ma’am! As you probably know, the town and the school are going through electrical maintenance. As such, the school is off limits. No entrance or exi-“ but the poor child was cut off...
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“Are you stupid? Do you know who I am?” asked the woman as she stepped forward. She had flowing blonde hair, she looked beautiful, and she wore a scarlet dress and she smelled of flowers. It was a good and welcoming smell, something that one would expect a beautiful woman to wear. It was of similar smell to what Asuna and Konoka wore. But, nonetheless, no, Negi did not know who this person was, and he told her that.

“I-I’m sorry. Have we met?” he asked.

The woman stood there, her eyes half closings as if she was sleepy, but it was in disgust. She looked down at the boy and let out anger and rage, “I am Evangeline you dolt! Magic vampiress! Lilaclililac!” she yelled. When she yelled, lightning crashed behind her. Negi had been so focused on his duty to search the school grounds that he had not realized it might now rain. But, he had no time to think about that, or rather, he could not think about that. His eyes widened and he cowered in fear.

“Evangeline? Please! I do not want to fi-hi-hi-hight!” he cried. Tears started to weld up in his eyes. The boy was frightened of this woman, however, his fear did not prevent him from asking his observant question, “Why do you look like a woman?” asked Negi.

“Your father was none too bright,” she laughed, “The fool did not even use magic to lock me into this pitiful existence as a Japanese school girl. He used an electrical barrier, interfering with most of my magic, and making me the cute and adorable little girl I was!” she continued to rage and lash out as another figure landed via rocket feet.

Chachamaru landed softly next to her master. She had a brown feminine trench coat with large rain boots. Chachamaru had almost no expression on her face until she looked down to see Negi. She then said, “Sorry, Professor Springfield,” in her closest simulation to feeling.

During this time, Evangeline had still been ranting and raving. Negi almost zoned out, and even his fear let him become lax enough to become impatient of all her talk about revenge. But, when she was done, he snapped right back into ‘cower like a coward’ mode. Evangeline laughed maniacally after the long speech and snarled, “But do not worry, little Negi Springfield, you won’t be fighting me just yet.”

She lifted her hand up and snapped. Out came Makie, Sakurado, Chao, and Akira. They all wore a combination of a maid and combat suit. It almost looked attractive, if it weren’t for the terribly frightening figures whom where in them. Their skin was pale, and their teeth pointed strait out. Makie’s was the bloodiest, suggesting she was the one who had caused the other three to become vampires. Negi shrieked allowed, drawing his staff, ready for combat.

“Do not worry, mister ‘Goody-two-shoes,’ she said, “it is only temporary.”

“Using my own students as a shield, I did not even think you would stoop so low as to do this!” he snapped.

“Oh, but that is what we evil people do,” she smirked and snapped again. This time, the four assailants moved forward, surrounding the young wizard. Negi threw off his jacket, along with Como. Como landed on all fours on the sidelines of the newly laid battlefield.

“Don’t let em’ get you, big brother!” Como encouraged.

Negi was forced to dodge several attacks. Most were an assortment and array of punches, kicks, flicks, bites, and grabs. Most of which were easy to dodge. However, Chao was in Chinese Martial Arts Club. She knew how to fight well. If everyone thought Ku, the school’s karate master was tough; this new zombie Chao was invincible. Negi dodged, bended, and twisted this way and that, trying to escape from the clutches of the psychotic school girls. Each brake in attack, he would attempt to cast a spell upon Evangeline, but it would not work.

This time, all four girls tried to grab him at once, he lifted off with his feat, and using his wind harnessing power, helped him fly without much aid from his staff. He landed next to the crowd. Almost rabidly, the girls ran over to snatch him again, this time though, they all shouted towards him, “Play with us Negi! Play with us!” they yelled.

Negi dodged to the side of Chao fell to the ground after lunging towards him. Negi then jumped over Chao, causing the girls to move on to his new position. He then twirled his staff, muttering a Latin phrase that caused a blast of wind. Sakurado and Akira were blown back, yelling out as they flew. Chao and Makie moved to both of the sides of Negi. He quickly looked to his left and to his right, both the smiling faces of his students, but he could not think about that now. He quickly ducked as Makie threw a punch. The arched punch popped Chao in the cheek, knocking her to the ground. Negi rolled; obtaining a new position again, but Makie was faster than him. She was already nearing him again. He looked down at his feet, seeming to think things over and after a short moment, he looked up to the snickering Evangeline, “I’ll play your sick game,” he said.

He held his staff, a bright blue glow emanating from the rod. It was a small energy discharge, not enough to cause actual damage, but enough to knock Evangeline back. Evangeline, because of the abrupt attack, must have lost her effectiveness in her mind control. Makie, and the others passed out, beaten by the wizard without serious injury. Evangeline recovered, seeing her army beaten, and hopped off her higher position, still fuming to Negi on the way down.

“Your father was an absolute fool!”

She jumped towards Negi. Negi quickly and narrowly jumped out of the way, but the parry was futile. He was caught in the arms of Chachamaru. “Sorry, Professor Springfield.” Of course, the odd thought that always comes during dangerous moments came. The ones that normally seem out of place and stupid to think always come when one is in the worst situations. Negi mentally remarked how repetitive Chachamaru’s apologies were. Chachamaru must mean it every time, because hospitality and feeling was not programmed into her, Negi assumed. Why would Evangeline, an apparently heartless vampiress with a vendetta out towards a ten year old boy, need a robot with feeling? Maybe she was like Albert Einstein, and she had to have something like a note card to help her remember what emotions to show at what time and where. But, Evangeline clearly did not have autism; she would be like any other girl, if it weren’t for the fact that she was a psychotic vampire. Negi quickly shook off all these thoughts.

Negi squirmed and shook, trying desperately to get out of Chachamaru’s grasp. The taller and older Evangeline then bent down and got into Negi’s face. Negi started to breathe harder as she spoke in a soft whisper now,

“Don’t worry, Negi. It will only last for a few moments.”

All Negi could focus on now was that vicious set of teeth baring down on him. He squirmed more, but all resistance was futile. Negi was terrified for his life, but out of nowhere, a lightning strike kick smacked Evangeline right in the lip.

“Wo’? No’ ahain!” she yelled as she held her cheek, “Dis’ ca’ bwe happenin’ ahain!”

The assailant was a slender and angry Asuna. She stood there, ready to fight Chachamaru, and turned to Negi, “You little runt! When are you gonna listen? We got to work together!” she yelled. Negi was thankful, but also concerned for her health.

“Asuna! You cannot fight Chachamaru and Evangeline alone!” and with that, a huge energy beam was fired from Evangeline, forcing Asuna and Negi to take cover from the blast behind a large prop for the bridge. So, they cowered behind the side of that bridge prop while Evangeline sprayed the entire area with her giant energy beam. The blast was so massive, that Evangeline did not see where they ran off to. It was stupid of her to make the blast so humungous. It was silly. She beat herself up on that as she yelled out, trying to goad them into fighting.

“Come on Negi and Asuna! You can come out and play now!” she taunted.
Como had scurried in between Asuna and Negi, “Negi! You need to give Asuna her partnership!”

“What kind?”

“I don’t care, freakin’ permanent for all I care!” and he started to scribble a Permanent Contract Spell around them. Asuna was reluctant. Kissing a ten year old on the lips? Gross and unthinkable! She would never do something like that, but when she saw the fear and urgency in both Como and in Negi, she knew it had to be done. So, as the spell was being finished up by Como, Asuna bent down, not far, for Negi was pretty tall, but just enough to reach his lips. The aura started to glow around the circle as they kissed in secrecy.
It was an awkward moment. Negi was completely unprepared, and had never kissed a girl before. Well, not unless you count his sister and a few times, but those were purely just pecks on the cheek, nothing more. But this was another girl, a non-relative kissing his lips. He actually enjoyed it, but was still actually surprised, and as Asuna backed away, he yelled moodily, “What was with the tongue?”

Como’s face lit up with almost unbelievable happiness. The small ermine almost literally up, died, and went to heaven upon hearing this.

“Well, it was my... actually... my first time actually kissing anyone before,” she said as she covered her mouth in embarrassment. They both blushed and looked at each other and then to the ground. Como was absorbing the moment far better than the other two, and stood with his hands behind his neck, whistling a tune. For a miniscule ten or twenty seconds, it was almost complete silence after the kiss.

There was not enough time, however, and Como snapped right back to his normal self, “Alright, Negi! You know what to do, right?”

“Yes, I do Como. Thank you,” and with that, he raised his staff and yelled,

With that, Asuna felt powerful again. More powerful than before. Como explained, “You are now feeling the full effect of a partnership. You feel physical strength, but you may lack in another stats.”

“Like what?”

“Magical defense, speed, physical defense,” Como named off a few possible weaknesses.

“When will I get a card like Seth?” she asked Como.

“After your first battle, you will get your card. This battle is sort of like a test run, the magic has to read your abilities and then put it on the card.”

“Who the heck designed this system!” she yelled. And the yelling attracted the attention, finally, of Evangeline and Chachamaru. “It would make more sense to just have it read you right then, and there!”

“Yes, but normally students at Negi’s age are still in wizardry school and battle against other students, meaning their life is not on the line!” explained Evangeline, finally finding them. She was very angry from the looks of it, and she was still nursing her now twice bitten tongue.

With that, Chachamaru leapt towards Asuna. Asuna dodged Chachamaru’s metallic kick, punching on her Chachamaru missed. Negi cast a quick spell that struck Evangeline, knocking her down for a moment. Negi moved into a combat stance, his legs spread apart. His staff was held behind him diagonally. And so a battle commenced. Chachamaru would try to hit Asuna, and Asuna would dodge and hit back. Negi would cast a spell or be hit by one.
Eventually this pattern was disrupted. Evangeline got closer to Negi now. She had a glow of magic in her hand, as if saving it for an extra powerful attack. Negi started to back up, and with each step, he got closer to the edge of the bridge. Evangeline looked victorious and once he stopped backing up because his feet could go no further, she lunged at him.

Negi saw it coming, but did not anticipate the devastating outcome. He had moved out of the way at the exact moment she was in the air, but he did not account for the fact that she would keep going, right off the bridge.

Both Asuna and Chachamaru noticed her shrieking as she fell off the bridge, and immediately stopped fighting. The shriek was not an annoying one of a witch; it was a terrified one of a little girl. Negi unzipped his jacket and threw it on the ground.

“What are you doing?” asked Asuna, stunned that Evangeline had fallen, and scared of Negi’s answer. And that fear was well placed.

“I am going in after her.”

“Wait! You can’t! Let Chacha-“ but he was gone. Asuna was terrified. He might die, and then what would she do? All she could do is watch him fall into the water in the exact spot where Evangeline was.

Negi crashed through the water, grabbing the now partially unconscious Evangeline. As Negi risked his life to grab her, she said to herself, “The fool, now he will only die... with me.” She realized then, that this boy reminded her of a past love. Not Negi’s father, that fool abandoned her to a hellish prison. No, but someone else. For some reason though, she could not remember for the life of her.

Evangeline awoke moments later. Asuna, Chachamaru, and Negi all stood above her as she regained her consciousness, “What?”

Negi was smiling happily, glad to have at least tried saving her... even though Chachamaru did all the saving, for both of them. Asuna looked quite angry that Negi would do something stupid like that, but now that he was actually alive, she could not help to be happy. She hugged him, and scolded him at the same time. Asuna, however, was not the only one doing all of the scolding.

“Why were you smiling like that?”


“Don’t play stupid with me, Negi boy!” she stood up, finding herself almost as small as Negi was. She had shrunken back to her child self again. The power was back on, “You were smiling pretty strangely! Did you read my mind again?” she demanded an answer.

“Uh, no, I was just-“ he was taken aback.

“Listen, just because you ‘beat’ me,” she did not sound like she was beaten, “does not mean you can just go and do something like that!” and she grabbed Negi by the collar and continued chewing him out.

Asuna and Chachamaru stood behind the scene. Asuna turned to Chachamaru and asked her, “Is she always like this?”

Chachamaru, for the first time, smiled. “No, my data logs tell me that she has never been happier.”
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Break Arc

It was officially spring in Japan. Pink cherry blossom trees swayed in the wind on the sunlit day. Negi sat up and let out a large yawn, having had a magic battle with Evangeline. Of course, however, he was nervous about one thing. He had not only battled Evangeline, well, that was a big accomplishment, but what he feared most was the kiss with Asuna. Would she blab on it, expose it and make fun of it, or would she be nice about it.

It was always difficult to tell with Asuna. She would be nice to Negi sometimes, and mean other times. It was offsetting, but it never dampened his spirits. He felt confident; he should feel confident anyway, for it was the last week of school before Spring Break! Spring Break was much like a Summer Break. It was not as long, only two weeks; however it was just like it. All the girls would go to their families, if they had families accepting them home, others would stick around and shop in the surrounding village.

Of course, Negi was so entangled in his own thoughts that he did not even realize something. He was lying right next to Asuna. He twitched a little, expecting a screaming girl to smack him out of the bed, but instead, she moved a little. Still asleep, that was good. Now at least he wouldn’t get barraged by vicious attacks. Negi smiled, slipped out of the bed and threw on his suit. Right before he grabbed his books and opened the door, a voice came from behind him, from the bed.

“If I catch you in my bed again, you little runt, I will knock you right out of the window,” and then she rolled over and went back to sleep. Well, at least it was not loud, and Konoka was still sound-asleep. All was well. Negi had scheduled a meeting with Seth about the instruction of the class. Since Seth was ahead of his classes, he was not very focused on them, and blew them off as if they were standardized testing, which in many countries, meant nothing to your grade. So, because of this, Seth was willing to help out in teaching the English course Negi was supposed to teach. Seth and Negi made a very good team. Seth’s knowledge made him very valuable, but his shortcomings in his social situations made it difficult for him to speak in front of so many people. This was where Negi came in.

With Negi’s can-do attitude, abundant enthusiasm, and energetic feeling, he and Seth could teach an entire army. That was what Negi thought anyway. He went to the Great Hall, the large and open common area, where most of the girls hung out in the morning. It was still early though, and so not many of the girls were out and about. Without any trouble of bumping into girls that thought Negi was just too adorable, or any girls having problems either socially or academically, Seth and Negi worked on picking the worst students.

Several were obvious, such as Kaede or Chao, however, two surprised Negi and Seth the most. Yue, who seemed extremely studious and was constantly buried inside a book, plus, seemed very smart. The next one was even more surprising. Asuna had made it into the five worst students, who jokingly referred to themselves as the ‘Dummy Force.’ Seth was not too terribly surprised, as Asuna was normally the type that cared more about the real world than meaningless things that will never have any actual influence in her life.

But, it was no matter. They planned an afterschool session, which was developed by Professor Takahata, so Negi scheduled and would have those five students stay after school to get further tutoring. Negi believed that Asuna would enjoy it. But, he also feared it was too late. It was only a few short days until the finals, and these students needed to pass.

Of course, Negi would not tell Seth the real reason he needed the students to pass. It was not because he cared more than before about the girl’s education, or that he was a bad teacher and needed to improve, rather, it was because the class of 2-A had never passed the exams with more than a D. The dean threatened to pull him out of the school if the class failed to get more than a B. So, Negi wanted to work with the ‘weakest links’, and see if he could possibly fix the problems.

When they were both fumbling around with papers, and discussing the material, Seth looked up, “Why are you here?” he asked.

“Why, what do you mean?” asked Negi, puzzled.

“You are smart, I will give you that; however you do not seem like genius material, you are far too naïve. You are not a prodigy. Why are you here teaching classes?”

Negi was appalled. What sort of question was that? He was afraid he’d have to throw away his cover, however, he simply told another lie protect his identity, “Well, the school I went to in Wales thought I was good enough to come here and teach classes. Why do you ask anyway?”

“No reason,” Seth looked happy with the answer, which as relieving to Negi. However, he did seem like he wanted to say something the entire time, but he apparently never worked up the courage. That was fine with Negi, the fewer people that knew about him being a wizard, the better.


Class ended, and after school tutoring began. Asuna was rather annoyed and frustrated with Negi, but when was that not so? Negi had them all taught, he helped them several times, and then gave them quizzes. One by one, the girls left, acquiring passing grades. All but one particular student. Asuna. Negi was sad to see her struggling. He could not understand why she was too. She was very intelligent, and was mastering English. She was very close to an American accent as well, which was unheard of for this early of a student. Negi could only wonder what the problem was as he graded failed quiz after failed quiz. He felt a pain every time Asuna failed one too, whether it is for the fact she yelled in his ear every time, or he truly felt empathetic. Both were likely the answer, but the former was getting more of the attention at the moment.

“Asuna, you have gotten a four out of twenty questions right, are you sure there is nothing bothering you?” asked Negi with genuine care in his voice.

Genuine care, something Asuna seemed to refuse far too often. “Problem? What problem? Why would there be a problem just because I suck at English?” she yelled.

Poor Negi reached to his throbbing ear, and winced. He then looked back up, laughing nervously, “Well, Asuna. According to last year’s records, you did very well in pre-English class. You did well in all of your classes as a matter of fact. Cs and Bs. Now the highest grade you have in all of your classes is a C, and you have a D in this class. There must be something wrong!” he insisted.

“Because,” she paused. She looked at the desk, clench fist. Rage was in her eyes, but as her arm and fist trembled in the anger, it seemed to be let go, “Because Professor Takahata is not my teacher...” she said.

“Well I am sorry to hear that it is my inability to teach,” he said.

“It is not that. I just do not care about you,” she said angrily.

That stung Negi. He knew that it was not the case, for Negi was the person she spent the most time with. Nonetheless, he still flinched. “Well, despite that too, we need to work to improve your grades so you can do well on the finals and boost your grades.”

“Why do you all of a sudden care about my grades?” she asked.



“Well, I-“

“Answer you little puke!” she yelled.

“If the class gets the lowest grade average for the upcoming tests, I lose my job of teaching.”


“What do you mean, ‘so’?” he asked. He adjusted his glasses as he looked up at the tall Asuna. She was a beautiful girl and nice when she wanted to be, but when she was angry, she was scary. Asuna knew it too, and after any fight they had, she would always feel bad. She hated the look of fear in the poor kid’s eyes. It was not only his fear though; it was his look of sadness. Sadness that he had not pleased a friend, and that is what hurt her the most.

“So what? You can still chill out as a private tutor or something,” she started to name lists of things that teachers without classes would do at the school. As she did, Negi would constantly try to put in the reason, but she always blocked him out.

Negi eventually got frustrated, and finally erupted in a loud shout, “I do not care if you despise me or not! But realize this. If you fail, then I have to go!”

“Go where?”

“I have to leave Japan, Seth, you, and the other girls! I lose my license, I fail my training, and I may very well never figure out what happened to my father!” he shouted. It left him gasping out for air, and while he gulped in the plentiful oxygen, Asuna started to tear up.

“Well, maybe I-... Maybe I. Maybe I want you to leave!” and she burst out crying. She darted out of the room, and Negi pursued. She hid her face from all the girls wondering the school grounds. She yelled across the large field across the school. Negi had to dodge hundreds of girls. He even came across Seth on the way.

“Seth! Tell me, where did Asuna go.”

“That way. It looked like she was crying, but then I remembered it was improbable that she would ever show emotion, ahaha!” he laughed, “I figure she is just mad that she was the last one out of the class today. I take it she passed finally, right? Were the quizzes I printed out too tough?” he asked.

“No. And you could say she is mad. Rather upset about something actually. It is quite urgent,” he readjusted his glasses and looked as determined as he could, “Now, if you will excuse me.”

Seth bowed. Not out of respect, for he and Negi were friends, but for tradition’s sake and mockery, “Well, I will be seeing you then, Negi!” he laughed a little as he departed. Seth giggled a little more to himself, “Silly Negi, think you can hide it from me.”


Negi ran across the field. Asuna was incredibly fast, and he eventually, when nobody was looking, had to use his magic and fly on his staff. When he finally did catch up, they had run past a small forested area that grew near and around a large hill on the campus. On the hill existed a large tree, the girls of the school called the Mother Tree, which towered over the other trees and seemed to rule over them all. It was a landmark, and was also close to the edge of the campus, so hardly anyone went out there. The only two structures that were out there were the Temple and the Go. Go, being where Evangeline and Chachamaru lived. The Temple was where Mana and Setsuna spent their time. But nobody was around there for the moment.

Past the tree line was the lake into which the river poured into. The river served as a moat around the campus, and the only two ways off of it were the old bridge, on which he and Asuna had battled together against Evangeline, or the tram. The tram was how Negi got there in the first place, and where he might leave if things did not go right.

He came up to the grassy banks of the lake. It was starting to darken. The sky was a faint orange tint because of the sun going lower on the horizon. She was just laying there, staring up into the beautiful sky. “You did well, kid. Nobody has ever kept up with me before.”

Negi was happy to see Asuna felt a little better, “It really isn’t fair. I used my magic to keep up with you.”

“It is an ability isn’t it? You should be able to use it,” she replied.

Negi sat next to her and started picking at the grass. It was an odd moment. And the idea of her kissing him before still lingered in his mind. He shivered a little, but he kept his composure. “So, why’d you run? Why are you so upset?”

“Ever since the first day of this second semester, I have always loathed you,” she said. Negi looked at her, shocked to hear that. “Not because you are a bad person. No, but because you take up the position Professor Takahata was supposed to have.”

“I am sorry.”

“I should feel sorry.”

“A teacher crush is alright,” said Negi. It was true, Asuna did have a crush on Takahata. But Negi often pondered why this teacher. It was not like he was particularly good looking, and he definitely was not young. Every child in their life experiences a teacher crush, or two. But normally they are on a pretty teacher, and not because of the personality of him or her.

“Well, Negi. I guess we should continue the lessons,” she sighed.

“I... I suppose we should,” he also replied in a sigh. They both walked back to the classroom, but they did not stay. It was too late. Negi grabbed his books and supplies, locked the door and left with Asuna. They went down to pick up dinner. It was a silent time. Asuna and Negi did not speak to each other. Negi could not tell whether or not it was because she was still somewhat angry at him, or if it was because she was sorry.

Seth stopped by, asking how they were both doing. “So’d you two finally call it quits on your little game of tag? I suggested to Evangeline earlier today that maybe you are too young to be chasing girls around.”

Negi blushed.

“Ah, so I have a sign of guilt!” he laughed in a jolly manner. He sat down as Asuna defended Negi, “Oh, stuff a sock in it. You know it wasn’t like that.”

“Ohohohoo! Only if it was!” whispered Como.

“Where have you been all day, Como?” asked Negi.

“Definitely not checking out the ladies. I have actually been doing some work on your mag-. Um. Your,” he caught himself, knowing Seth was there. “Er. Classwork?” Seth looked down at the little ermine, petting him. He quickly reverted to high-pitched squeak noises, trying to cover up the fact he spoke.

Asuna face-palmed, but stayed silent. Negi started to laugh, and Seth did too. However, Negi could not understand why Seth was laughing. He didn’t notice the slip up. “Well, see you soon, Mr. Joe Tanner,” and he left.

“Who the heck is Joe Tanner?” asked Asuna, picking at her food.

Negi didn’t know who this ‘Joe Tanner’ was, but he could tell Seth was a little different. He was afraid maybe Como’s slip up cost him his cover, but he did not know. So, without worrying about it any longer, they both went to their room. The room was in a nice yellow light compared to the darkness outside. Negi was still mildly afraid of the dark, though he would have never admitted to it.

Asuna was busy at taking her next test, so Negi was busy looking up who Joseph Tanner was. He had heard the name in a history class, but was puzzled unto what he was or what he did. When he came across it however, it all started to come back to him. “Joe Tanner was a Welsh fighter pilot who became an astronaut.”

“What could he mean by calling you an astronaut?” asked Asuna as she handed her quiz to him. Negi started to grade it.

“I have no idea.”

“Strange,” she said. But she kept looking over Negi’s shoulder to see how her grade was fairing. Negi purposely covered a lot of it up, coming up with a mischievous thing to do to her.

“Move! I wanna see,” she said

“That is no way to treat your teacher.”

“You are not my teacher. You are a little ten year old boy with far too much responsibility!”

“I regret to inform you,” said Negi with a serious look on his face, “That you... you...” he looked like he was preparing for a smack, so Asuna believed him as he built up tension, “You... Have passed with flying colors!”

It turns out Negi was preparing for a slap, and good thing he was too. Asuna hit him upside the head, “Do not ever do that again! I have been slaving over these stupid tests for the past six hours!” Immediately after she said that, three voices came from outside their door, followed by a knock.

Asuna answered it, muttering something about Jehovah’s Witnesses and door-to-door salesman, but Negi hardly understood any of it. She opened the door to see Kaede, Yue, and the rest of the “Dummy” Force. Yue walked into the room, “Professor Springfield, we have found something that may guarantee our passing grades,” she said in her flat voice.

“It’s on Library Island!” said Ku.

“Deep, deep under the library, there are still corridors that are not explored. There are still books to be found. We think we have found evidence for the existence of... The Book of Knowledge!” her voice suddenly started to actually show emotion.

“We can go out and look for it tomorrow,” said Makie, the other and final member of the Dummy Force.

“Yes, I suppose we could! Seth will have to take care of the class during the final days before the exams. We will be gone for a while,” he said excitedly. He quickly ran to his computer and shot Seth an email.

Seth answered almost immediately. It wrote.

-Roger that, Negi! Take care of the class until exams. Sounds good! Oh, by the way, I want to talk to you about something.

Negi thanked him and told him he’d talk about whatever it was soon, and logged off. Seth was a reliable kid, no matter how socially awkward he was.


Seth said many things when he was trying to feel comfortable in public that he later regretted. He regretted teasing Negi about a possible crush. He also regretted saying what he said about Asuna. Constantly joking to cover it up. He always felt like such an idiot afterwards. Being a joker to cover up his insecurities often, he felt, made him look like an obnoxious jerk. He sighed as he turned off his computer and crawled onto his bed. One day, he would stand up to his fears. He only wondered how many conflicts he’d have before he finally did conquer them. So, he crawled under the sheets. It was cold to the touch at first. It was refreshing that way. It made him feel snug and safe as his body warmed. Now if only he could plan out the conversation he’d have with Negi so he would not come off as such a jerk...
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