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ASB: Headquarters The Headquarters of the ASB League. The place where all of the registrations and documentations of monetary gain, Pokemon, etc. occur. The place where all new hopefuls begin their ASB journey.

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Old 06-14-2013, 05:58 AM
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Default I AM BACK. c:

Finals are next week so my brain decided that PE2K was suddenly very important. I've been trying to ignore the urge to check here and postpone my return until summer vacation started, but the ache in my gut refused to let me and I feel awful for being gone for so long--making you guys wait even a day longer felt cruel to me.

ANYWAYS. Excuses and apologies aside, I am indeed back, and my activity will indefinitely increase after June 20th.

Firstly, I will not post DQ warnings until June 21st at noon PST. This is to give anyone who still checks occasionally time to see this post and become active, and it also shows me who exactly has given up (hopefully less people than I predict. :s ).

Second, in regards to everything Ref and Ranger related, R/Rs will be paid this Sunday and all battles that have been claimed but not posted in will have their claims removed if they're over a week old. I'll be sending out pass/fail test PMs today for the people who sent their test in and putting up a new test ASAP—however, considering that it's something all of the Officials need to agree on, it could potentially take a long time.

Next, as consolation for all the postponed and missed Events, we'll be having a massive, MASSIVE Contest and Chat Room event. This will be held sometime in mid-July, most likely, along with the release of some interesting new game features that still partially need to be worked out.

In conclusion, to whomever is reading this, thank you so much for sticking by the ASB through the good times and the bad, regardless of Mod activity and delayed updates. You guys truly are the reason I still visit this website and you keep these rusty gears turning. Ily. ♥

Until next time,
I need a new sig, uhg.
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