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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-20-2011, 10:46 PM
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Default Starcraft II: Drop 2 of a 3 Part Series (Pg15)

"As I said, there will be heavy flack once the doors of the Medivacs open. Those damn spore crawlers give us f***ing hell!" barked the sergeant. "If you want to be one of the few million who will survive, you will do exactly what I tell you to!"

All twenty marines of Able Company looked outside the glass view-port of the staging cruiser. The Entegra Class battle cruiser was modified to hold entire armies for orbital drops, one of which was beginning today. Amongst the marines resided three good friends. Kimmelton, Integrity, and Gus. Gus was an older marine, one of the extremely few survivors of the Battle of New Gettysburg, despite rumors of no survivors. Integrity was a younger marine, she pretended to be cold, but despite it all she could not hide her kindness. Lastly, Kimmelton. Kimmelton was nearly a raw recruit, only with seven kills under his belt. They stood at attention. Well, what would be considered "attention" when they were in their combat suits. Gauss rifles holstered on their backs, they turned after the sergeant's fear-instilling speech towards the carrier that was assigned to them.

Inside the carrier where all the marines sat, there was constant radio chatter, but mostly of other pilots checking their fuel systems and other things. Integrity sat staring at Gus and Kimmelton with her red eyes and gold flowing hair, but she kept her jaw tight. Gus sat across the isle with his Gauss rifle in between his legs, leaning forward onto it. Kimmelton was very fearful, for they were going to land on an old planet. A planet that had been ravaged by the Zerg for years. Mar Ralli-I. Mar Ralli-I was once a beautiful planet, covered in thick green foliage. However, after the major Zerg offensive, back before the Dominion, the planet was covered in what the Terrans referred to as Creep. Patched by the Creep was nothing but magma and dead forests.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed so the once blue light turned red. The drop craft lifted up off the the floor of the hangar bay. The shuttle flew towards the zero-shield and sliced right through it. Along with thousands of other drop ships around them, Mutalisks and Corruptors flew around in space. A smaller cruiser, the Jemekory Class frigate was being ripped apart. Viking fighters swarmed around the Mutalisks. A small moment of serenity covered the crew, until Integrity broke the silence, "Here we go..." Immediately after this statement, the radio chatter erupted.

"I can't get him off me!"

"Shake him!"

"Holy f**k! We just lost seven cruisers!"

"There are too many of them!"

"Mayday! Mayday! This is drop ship Lema, we are hit by a-"

Marines in the isles started to sweat and eye each other. This was suicide. A marine started to vomit as Kemmelton looked out the window and saw why. A shuttle was hit by a large acid ball of a spore crawler. The metal started to rapidly deteriorate, other shards of material loosening and flying about severing three marines from their bodies, sending blood and organs soaring into the vacuum of space. Kemmelton looked back too, feeling a small bit of his last meal creeping up into his throat. It would not be a good idea though, not with his helmet on.

As the ship entered the atmosphere, flames started to surround the craft. The windows were covered in a faint orange texture, flame. Despite the flames and intense heat, Integrity could look through her view-port and see a drop ship being ripped apart. Marines were burning up and falling as the other shuttle seemed to disappear beneath them from the severe heat. Radio chatter picked up even more now. One transmission broke through the rest, for it directly addressed Able Company, "This is Whiskey Company!" static and gunfire could be heard, "There is a massive amount of Hydralisks near your landing zone. I suggest you, aaaaaahck!" a shriek could be heard from a Zergling as sickening crunches and smashes could be heard.

The shuttle smoothed out, but was immediately hit by a large spike of a Hydralisk. It punctured the wing that was visible out of Gus's view port. It was completely torn off. Some marines were thrown around by the turbulence. Many getting their heads pulverized on the metal of the ship, where as others were simply killed by the stress of their belts. Gus, Integrity, and Kimmelton looked out their window, they were crashing through the dead tree's branches. They had hit the surface.
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Old 02-22-2011, 06:59 PM
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Smile Re: Starcraft II: Drop 1 of a 3 Part Series (Pg15)

Kimmelton was laying the the warm mud. There were puddles forming while rain poured on the ashen ground around the crash site. The roof and the right side, where Kimmelton was sitting, was completely demolished. He lay in the center hall of the small drop ship, but it was submerged in the mud. Kimmelton felt the rain seeping through the occasional pieces of fabric in his armor. He opened his eyes to find his Gauss rifle laying right next to him. He moved his arm and grasped the rifle and stuck it in the ground to hoist himself up. As he hoisted himself up, he met a grizzling site. Gus had been stabbed by a large piece of metallic debris, it protruded out if his chest as he slumped over.

"Oh no, Gus. What happened to you," muttered Kimmelton weakly. He shuffled off of the shuttle and out his hand on his helmet helmet. Distant gunfire could be heard, with large volcanoes erupting, which sounded like lightning. Or maybe it was lightning, Kimmelton could not tell. He surveyed the area. The long streak the craft made on impact seemed to be a trench. The trench was about ninety feet long and twelve feet wide. Small puddles of water were in the indentations of the trench. The mud was brown, but the areas where rain hadn't hit yet were purely red, from volcanic activity.

He walked forward a little more and saw several bodies littering all over the trench and the craft. The pilots were leaning to the side, held up by the glass of the cockpit. Kimmelton walked some more, he heard a loud moan. He flung around, weapon lifted and ready to fire. He looked around and slowly turned to his front. There was nothing there either. He walked a little more, there were dead trees, many of which were broken as the craft had crashed on the ground. Corpses littered the more sturdy branches of the trees, strewn all over them. He saw a familiar code of red from some armor, Integrity. She was slumped over at the base of the tree. Kimmelton ran over to her. He shook her by the shoulder as he knelt to meet her gaze. She looked up at him and coughed a little.

"Thanks, I think I can get up. Rough landing, neh?" she giggled a little over the com for the armor. They both looked around. There was a firefight maybe a mile away. "Let's search the others to see if any of them are still alive.

By the time they were finished checking all the marines, only twevle, including them, were remaining. Eight marines died on impact. Once they got organized they trotted towards where the action was. A young and curly-haired German-accented marine piped up on the com, "No offense marm, boet should ve not be running avay from ze Zerg?"

Another, souther-accented and hefty marine supported this query, "Yeah, Ah thank they outnumber us ma'am."

Integrity ignored them and marched forward, so the two marines simply stopped, "I ain't going, and neither is Freidrich here!"

"My name is Schaeffe..." muttered the offended German. The Germans were always being nicknamed.

"Oh, ahm sorry, Ah will cawll you kraut next tam," replied the offensive American marine.

"Enough you two, we cannot stop, that is unless you want to be eaten by all the burrowed Zerg around here," she said as she lifted a holopad which showed many signatures of all known Zerg types a half a mile beneath them. Both marines looked at each other and scurried to join the rest of the group. They neared the ongoing firefight. Seven marines were held up in a trench of their own, with four others behind a piece of portable bunker which had been destroyed. Three other marines near the left side of the trench lay slain. Spikes were sticking out of their arms. "Watch it men, they have Hydras!" warned Kimmelton as he cocked is weapon. Integrity gently placed her hand on the nose of Kimmel's weapon. It gracefully slid off of it as she faced him.

"Wait, the geo-movement signatures are picking up."

Three Roaches broke out behind the trench. Two marines were disintegrated, screaming and flailing as the acid melted them. Several Zerglings aided the attack, that is when Integrity gave the order. The emerged from the trees and opened fire. Bullets pelted the mud, sending some of it flying in the air. Others ripped through the insectoid Zerg. All Roaches let shrieks as they fell to the ground, .70 cal Gauss rifle bullets demolished the Zerglings as well. Kimmelton and the others met up with the survivors of the marines they rescued.

"Mercee, zankyou for helping us!"

"Ah crap, a Frenchman," muttered two British marines in the back of the party. While Integrity and the French marine sorted things out, Kimmelton was talking with both of the British marines.

"I am actually from Earth. I remember when my mum used to take my to and from London," the marine's eyes glistened.

"I am from Kortosen, one of the core colonies," laughed the other marine, "You are lucky. How is motha' Earth doing?"

"Doing ratha' well, no bloody Zerg ravaging it right now."


"Hay, Kimmelton, come over here!" called Integrity. Kimmelton approached Integrity. "There are more marines coming here, we can make a stand here. According to our Frenchman, they are going to lift us out of here tomorrow. The entire offensive has been called off."

"Why?" asked Kimmelton.

"Because, ze flag ship Victory has been completely, how you say... sank?" explained the Frenchman. "Pardon the naval reference."

"All we have to do is hold out here, all other companies are massing up with us."

"Hopefully, zat will be enough..." said the Frenchman gravely as explosions could be seen up in the night sky. In the distant space, above the atmosphere, another cruiser was being torn apart. A nightmare, in hell.
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