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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-19-2011, 12:38 AM
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Default Aka's Poetry thread

Okay then.

Hello, my fellow citizens of the awesome site known as Pe2k! :D I'm Akaichi, but you can call me Aka. I want to be an author when I grow up, (I'm 16, so erm, I dunno if you'd say "When I grow up" but meh... We'll leave it at that.)

I also write poetry, mostly to express myself and my feelings. I have a few poems on deviantART, and I was wondering if I should post them up here to get more feedback. I hope you guys like my work, any criticism, good or bad, is welcome.

*Poem first, Description of poem afterward)

My Angel

You do more than complete me
I hear but do not see,
The voice of an angel,
Standing right beside me.
And don't worry my angel
About what could go wrong
Because by your side, I'll be forever strong.
It makes us,
it breaks us
it never lies,
And is always true,
For I am in love with you.

(Written for my girlfriend, Darcy Schraufnagel)

You Keep Me Running

I can't tell you what you mean to me, girl.
Because you would probably think me weird
But you mean the world to me
And more apparently
If the world fell apart
You would have my heart
And all my soul
And it's you that keeps me running
Though I mean to you nothing

(written for my best friend, better known as Enkaku_kumori. Check her out, she be awesome.)

All Love Is Lost

I think of you, and I know you do too.
The thing is, I'm scared of all of it.
Tell me, what is this going to do?
All it's going to do is bring me closer to you.
And I love every minute of it
But I know you must hate me
And so all love is lost.

(Written about one of the gals I liked before I met Darcy.)

To Take Your Pain Away

Today I woke up crying
But not because of sleep.
For I am stricken with worry
And for my friend I now must weep.
Life isn't that hard, if you'd only understand
That we'll always be here for you, to love you, and hold your hand.
We're not trying to judge you
At least not me
All those visions I had of us-- They always included you
Because even though I love her
I'll forever love you too, no matter if you say I hate you
She always calls you her missing piece
And without you, we shall never be complete
I'm not trying to make you cry,
Or Mad in any way.
I'm only trying to reason with you
To take your pain away.

(Written for one of me and Darcy's mutual friends, Lexi, who is a lot like a sister to me.)

I love you too

I'll spare us all the pop crap
About life and love and happiness.
When all I really need is you
And my options are more than limitless.
You own my heart
I don't want it without you.
And the way it all jumps
At the words "I love you too".
It's simple really
No matter how much it's said
I'll love you forever
Without you, I must be dead.
You're beautiful in every way
And I'm always yearning for time to move,
And hurry up 'til the end of the day
Just to see you, and be with you, and be in your arms.
And for within them, I shall meet no harm
That's the way it feels to be with you
And always know, I'll love you too.

(Another about Darcy)

Hold on tight

I still feel you on my skin
And if I had my way with time
I'd do it all again
It was like heaven
All I felt was you
And I know it was the same for you too
You have left the heat
And the spark won't go away
My only regret is that I never stayed
You're here in my heart
So hold your head high
And hold on tight.

(Another about Darcy, but this holds special meaning. I went to meet her just before christmas, in a mall in wisconsin, and to this day, that was the best day of my life. *details not included*)

Confessions of the Heart

I cried myself to sleep last night
Wishing you were here
Because all the pain and anger and hate
Dissolves when you are near.

I know the world is cruel sometimes and you get scared
But think of me safe in your heart
And then I'll soon be there.

It might be the hardest thing to do
When one's heart gets torn.
But know we'll have your back tonight
For we shall always love you.

And sometimes you might think
That you're aged and frail and worn.
But know you'll always have us here.
Friends forever more

And as I think of what's to come
The thoughts quickly soothe my pain
Although I wish I was with you.
To love and soothe your strain.

It pains me once
To say this
But I think it needs to be said
That I think, because of you
To me, the man is dead.

It pains me more
That I deplore
Seeing you both this way
But I'll be there
I'll take the care
And make you happy someday

(Written for both Darcy and Lexi. See, when Lexi has a bad day, it has an effect on Darcy. On this particular day, Lexi was rejected.)

Okay, to date, that's all my poems. I've also written 3 songs, for a band which I hope to start with Darcy. If Feedback is generally good, I'll post those up as well.
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