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Old 02-08-2011, 02:40 AM
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Default The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer

The title says it all.

Hello all ye peoples! This is the Second Fanfic I've ever done, and I am still relatively new to this kind of thing. I'm still making the first one, in fact. Comment (I beg you), but don't spam me with countless insult after insult (or something close to that), or really insult at all. KEEP IT CLEAN. Don't even use the compleatly or partially bleeped out bad word technique, not even as a compliment. (I.E. Da**)


I won't be using quotation marks in the prolouge, you'll notice. That's because I find it redundant for the particular point-of-veiw (the camera) and the way I'm telling the story for the most part.

And without further ado...Let The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (TVJAPT) BEGIN!!

Enrty # 00001. Date: ??/??/????
Dang, I can't get the date to show correctly! OK, let's try-Wait, it's ON?!

...Oh, DANG, it's BEEN ON! for freaking thirty minutes, no less! GAHH!!!

...Ahh, guess I might introduce you to myself. I am Blaise Nyghtri, and I'll be turning twelve tomorrow. This is AFTER I got all my presents, as I'll be leaving for the Pokemon Battling stage! And what luck! My parents will drop me off at the Professor's house!

For those that are Blind-and I'll say it right now, I don't get why you'd be watching a VIDEO JOURNAL if you are-I'm five-foot-six, Blond Hair, Aquamarine eyes, Freckles all over, slight tan, Yellow-and-red Jacket, Brown-and-Green shirt, Jeans, the regular black running shoes I'm expected to wear, with extra traction. Bleh, if you can't understand, go to someone with a bigger dictionary, 'cause I'm NOT looking any fancy words up!

...And if your an Alien invader...HEADS UP, MARTIANS! You've just set foot on a planet with TRILLIONS of creatures called Pokemon, with many abilities, including-but not limited to-Freezing, Burning, Shocking, Slashing, Blinding, Using Kung-Fu, Shoot Lasers, And more! And only two things stop them, neither of which you'll be able to use properly-Other Pokemon, and PokeBalls! And PokeBalls are something you'll never invent! NEVER!! Only we can use them! We can capture and train these Pokemon, and make them stronger than the kind that generally appear, and kick your butts back to wherever your from! And then, there are these Pokemon that nobody has caught before, 'cause they're so strong, they actually control nature, and are the stuff of LEGEND! Henceforth the term, 'Legendary Pokemon!' And they're smarter, and they all like humans!


...If you're watching this, anyways...hehehe...

Just in case of Alien attack, of course! Never want crazy weirdos from some planet X coming with rayguns on UFOs!

And come on, even then, the terrain's bound to confuse them! There are seven continents total: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Aisa, and Australia. Even with Flying Saucers, it's impossible to do a full-scale ground invasion! Heck, martians can't even swim, and 70% of the planet is covered in water! They've got no hope!

...OK, aside from Martians...

Politoed! Poli-Poli!


Yhea, this is Politoed and Toxicroak, Aka Rivvit and Croak! These two are the only Pokemon I've got, aside from the ultimate twelth birthday gift, my starter Pokemon. They've been around since I was...About ten. I've never battled with them before, but they've got enough power behind them, and they're fully evolved. It's not enough to really get ahead from day one, but it's a nice edge in a battle...Rivvet and Croak also make a good orchestra. A one, a two, a one-two-three-four!

Poli poli-poli poli-poli Po-lii!

Toxi toxi-toxi toxi-toxi to-xii!

...Yhea, I haven't taught them anything outside of that...But still, they can sing. Good for a Pokemon Musical, I guess...Like I'd enter one!

Now then, as is any trainer's inspiration, I want to become the Pokemon Champion...Who is the strongest trainer in their continent...On an official basis, anyways...The REAL greatest trainer in any continent is the number one on the ranking boards, and the Pokemon Champ isn't always that guy. Furthermore, the Best 128 trainers in the WOLRD will come across ways in the Tournament of the Setting Sun, basically short for nothing short of the Biggest, baddest, greatest, awesomest Pokemon Event of all time! It's practically the LAW to watch it! It's the REAL goal of any trainer, period! Whoever comes out on top is generally the greatest trainer in the world, no questions asked...

...But one thing has NEVER happened in the tournament before...Nobody has ever won the Tournament. The final round is always a draw-a huge letdown, I know-because the two toughest trainers can't beat each other. They stalemate each other, basically. It's stupid.

Therefore, it's one of my goals, as a trainer-to beat this legendary tournament, win it, even if it's by default, I WILL WIN IT! One of these days, before I retire, I will become the first legendary winner of the Tournament of the Setting Sun!

I've also got more goals, much more modest...Like defeating every gym leader in the world before one leauge starts...To capture one of those super-ultra-rare-and-unexplainable Pokemon Ulti...To capture a equally-super-ultra-rare-and-unexplainable Legendary Pokemon...And a lot more stuff that I don't even have time for!

I've got to go! The sooner I turn in, the sooner I can wake up! I'm setting my alarm for 6:00 AM, the earliest Proffesor Pines is coming in to his Lab...And the earliest I can get my starter!

For all you people: I'm Blaise Nyghtri!

For all you aliens: STAY OFF EARTH!!!

For the both of you: Good Night!
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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

(Keep in mind, Not Every chapter will be from the Camera's veiwpoint. Doesn't this remind you of something? Oh, yes, when the Camera's out, then the quote marks are gone.)

Chapter 1-Electric Rodents




Blaise Woke up...To sunlight.

"OH MAN!" Blaise yelled. He usually had his alarm clock...But that busted on him a week ago. And he forgot...AGAIN.

And...Unlike one TV Show he watched once...The LAW said that the professor could only give you starter Pokemon, and no other kind, except in special conditions, when specific study was in order...Outside of that, it was screwed.

One word that described Blaise's actions from here to when he got to the Lab: Hasty.

He rushed through everything. He made sure that everything was in order the day pervious as per his supplies, so that he'd not waste time with that. However, the ordeal of showering was a must, and that took about five minutes. He got on his clothes in record time, fortunately managing to at least get every cloth on the right body part, but he had to flip around his pants and shirt. Breakfast was torn through at ridiculous speeds, that being relative to a strip of bacon and two hard-boiled eggs. He dodged his mother's trademark minute-long hugs, and dashed through the door, fully clothed and ready to receive his starter...If it was there. Kids had a notorious habit of grabbing them all. One Torchic, one Treeko, and one Mudkip-that totaled three.

He memorized the route from his house to the Pokemon Labratory beforehand, but the speed he got through it this time was practically halved. He couldn't miss now, one batch of starters came about only four times per year.

After what seemed like forever, Blaise finally looked upon the doors of the Pokemon Lab. It took him an estimated four minutes to clear it all. It usually took him ten. Wasting no time, he went inside the lobby. Flashing his trainer's license to the receptionist, he was almost to the actual lab-

-when a Kid opened the door in Blaise's face. Blaise, feeling immense pain from being squished between a door and the wall, was fine, until he saw that the kid had a Treeko following him.

(After he got out of the door and a hard place,) Blaise walked in calmly, knowing that just because one kid managed to get one starter didn't mean that ALL of them were taken...

The Lab was a huge place. Machines here, Scientific stuff there, whatnot for Pokemon study everywhere you looked. But Blaise ignored that.

He was staring at the machine that kept the three Starter Pokemon in check.

He walked up to it, but before he could examine the Balls there, a hand came down upon his shoulder.

Blaise turned his head towards Professor Pines, basically the most scared man ever. He was rather cowardly, and had an unfortunate phobia of Ghost Type Pokemon.

"Blaise...Uhh...I'm sorry, We're out of starters!" He said in a rush to get it over with.

So close. So close. So close...

Yet so far. So far. So far...

Three months. Three whole freaking months. He'd have to wait three whole freaking months to find the next batch, by which time school would have started, and he would be unable to aquire it. Parents that didn't wind up with children with a starter in their hands were quick to give them additional education.

Pines seemed to be muttering to himself.

"Uhh...Ehh...Ohh...Uhh..." Pines went, the general sound of him thinking of something scary...

"What?" Blaise asked, generally what got Pines to say what he was thinking of.

"Uhh...There was this...Errand...I wanted to run..." Pines said.

"What kind?" Blaise asked.

"Ohh...Uhh...Ehh...Ohh...Professors can authorize the capture of endangered Pokemon, did you know?" Pines said, still rather panicky.

"How does that rela-"

"Emolga! Just a few blocks away! In the woods! Catch for me! Please!" Pines yelped, apparently trying to say everything before he lost the nerve. "Here! PokeBall! Go! Now! Please!" Pines yelped again, practically juggling the ball as he handed it to Blaise.

"Uhh...OK..." Blaise said. He didn't know why he was suddenly assigned to capture an Endangered Pokemon, especially an Electric Rodent, which he loathed ever since a Pachirisu fried his television. However, he liked Pines, despite his timid and easily frightened nature.

He walked outside, looking at the usual scenery...Trees, bushes, grass, a road, a sidewalk, a fence, a few houses here and there, and what else? Not much.

He walked calmly towards the Woods, no longer feeling the rush to get a Starter Pokemon, as they weren't there. It didn't take long for him to reach the forest, which was pretty much his hometown, save that it only included Trees and Bushes.

He walked through, calmly, looking up at the vast expense of Pines, hoping to find the Flying Squirrel Pokemon, catch it quickly, and get back. Like he'd be caught dead with an Electric Rodent, the things ruined houses. And they had the habit of shocking the heck out of Blaise whenever he saw one. Not to mention the time that a Pachirisu destroyed his TV while the exciting end to a movie was on. No wonder the settlers were so keen on hunting Emolga down to near-extinction.

When Blaise went through all the woods that generally were safe for a regular human to be in, Blaise decided to pull out his camera...
Entry # 00002. Date: ??/??/????
OK, now, this is the worst day of my life...Ever. And today was supposed to be the absolute best day of my life.

First, I woke up wayyy late, and had to rush to the Lab, only to find myself basically being told that I've got to do another whole year of school before I get my starter. And, as if that wasn't a bummer enough, now I've got to go catch some stupid Electric Rodent for Pines! Electric Rodents, they're the worst Pokemon EVER! I'd prefer Magikarp to them, because Magikarp don't ruin your electronics! Even if one was a Pokemon Ulti, I'd never even try to catch it! Even if it was the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and could beat every single Pokemon with no opposition, and could allow me to control every single last thing in the world to my fit, and it would love me, and give me anything, and would only allow me to catch it, if it's an Elecrtic Rodent, I would want NOTHING to do with it!

And I've searched every inch of forest I'm allowed to...Wait...Oh, COME ON! Pines, whatever this is about, you'd better cough up with something!

Now I've got to go to the part of the forest where Pachirisu are more abundant than trees. I'm not allowed to go there, 'cause they're all wilds in that part of the woods. And I hate Pachirisu. Whatever girls see in them, I don't. They call in a high-pitched tone, they are uncontrollable, one's destroyed my TV, they're Electric Rodents...I hate Pachirisu! Every last one of them!

Pachi! Pach Pachi-Pach! RISU!

See? SEE?! They're annoying! They're...Hey! Don't do that! Stay away from the Camera, you little nutjobs! GHRAA!!! I HATE TODAY! GET OFF ME, SQUIRRELS!

Dear Arceus, these chatterheads never stop, do they?

Pachirisu! Risu-Pa! Pach Pach Pachi!

What the-HOT DANG, THE EMOLGA! I gotta get it!

uhh...Emo! Emolga! Emol-Emo!

One good throw, and it's all-YOU SQUIRRELS, STOP THAT!



Blaise threw the PokeBall in the air in shock at the Pachirisu almost shocking him when he tried to intervene with their plot-throwing nuts at the Emolga to bring it down. Either way, the Camera was safe, and the PokeBall was quickly soaring to the Emolga, which was contending with the acorns also being thrown. He dodged the ball, as with most of the nuts...But didn't managed to realize that gravity would dictate that the PokeBall would be where it's head was, sucking it inside in a red light...The Emolga was knocked unconsious by an acorn that happened to hit his face while the PokeBall landed on his head.

The Pokeball barely moved in any direction other than down while it fell...When it was compleatly on the ground, the ball had locked in the Emolga.

"Blaise: one, Pachirisu: zero!" Blaise said in triumph. He didn't like Electric Rodents at all, but he loved it when he could score a victory over one.

"Riiii..." The Pachirisu angrily growled at Blaise.

"...Pachi Pachi Pachiri! Pachi Pachirisu!" One of the Pachirisu finally yelled, while Blaise was walking away.

"Again, that is really annoy-Hey, stay away from the Camera! This thing costed hundreds of dollars! My mom's gonna-Hey!" Blaise said, simply just to comment on the annoying quality the Squirrels had on him, only to find that he was being attacked.

His Pokemon were less-than-ready for a whole Pachirisu flood.

Blaise ran like crazy, trying to get out of the woods, and fast.

"Like I said! They're the worst Pokemon EVER!" Blaise angrily yelled into the Camera before turning it off.
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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

Chapter 2-Going Nuts
Blaise was running like the worst fate in the world would befell him if he didn't. And it would-death, in the most humiliating and painful fasion: Pachirisu shocking him to death.

Considering that he found it humiliating to even be near Pachirisu, that did count as very humiliating and painful.

The Pachirisu were more stubborn than he realized-even when he cleared the Pachirisu-infected forest, they kept tailing him, like it would kill them to leave him alone.

Nevertheless, he kept running, getting more annoyed each passing second when the Pachirisu made their irritating sounds...And, at long last, he cleared the whole forest, and burst back to civilization.

The Pachirisu dared not follow Blaise into where humans with PokeBalls roamed...So Blaise ran off, making sure the Squirrels were out of sight before turning around again...
Entry # 00003. Date: ??/??/????
Suck this, Pachirisu! I'm alive! And kicking! I've got the stinking Electric rodent I came for, and I'm delivering it to Pines! And YOU, squirrels, can go eat nuts, 'cause YOUR nuts!

Yhea, I managed to outrun them! And they came at me like a stinking flood! One of many reasons I HATE Electric Rodents: They swarm. They also ruin houses. One Pikachu was all it took for my family to move here!

And now, inside I go, to deliver the Emol-Oh, Hi Pines!

You know I've got stage fright!

Whatever! I've got your stinking Emolga! Now I've got to go home!

Wh-h-ho said that? What t-t-told you that you couldn't l-l-leave?

Oh, I dunno, the lack of starter Pokemon?! And what's got you out of shaking in your boots?

Ac-c-cording to the law, a Pokemon Professor may ap-p-prove the trainer if he or she is capab-b-ble of catching a wild Pokemon regardless of species, type, or level, on any day st-t-tarters are delivered.


I know you d-d-don't like Electric Rodents, but that was all I could th-th-think of!

...Uhh...I still don't follow.

Your trainer's license, B-b-blaise!


...Mmmhmm! I hearby d-d-decree, by the power given to me by the cert-t-tificate on the wall of my l-l-lab, Blaise Nyghtro an of-f-ficial Pokemon Trainer!


Yes, Really!

Not that! Do I REALLY have to basically consider an ELECTRIC RODENT my starter?!

It was all I could think of!

You knew I hated them!

Blaise, you've got to th-th-think about it. What if you were in th-th-their shoes?

If I WAS, I wouldn't be frying televisions unless I've got an absolutely perfect reason to! And they don't!

B-b-blasie, you wanted a journey, and it's either Emolga or one school year's wait!

Tell my mom I left already!


Blaise wasn't exactly pleased when he had to let the Emolga onto his Party. It was an endangered species Pokemon, and was quite rare, even then, but like any other Electric Rodent, he hated it.

But rather that then having to retake school. He was too good at his classes for school, and was not looking forward to another boring year.

The Emolga itself wasn't pleased either. He thought he avoided the ball, but somehow, he got his face slapped with a nut, and his head conked with the crazy orb of brainwashing. Moreover, it actually worked. He could have escaped easily, had he been consious.

But rather that then those stupid Pachirisu, extracting their revenge. They can't tell whose acorns are whose, and when they came into his little home, the nuts there were his. He takes them back, and they get angry with him.

Entry # 00004. Date: ??/??/????
OK, so here I am, on my fantastic Pokemon journey. I've had the Pokedex in advance, I've got everything else under control, but one thing still ticks me off.


And Now, instead of the Torchic I was planning on getting, I'm stuck with this Flying Squirrel!

Emo! Emol-Em!

GAH! Even the call's annoying! My Politoed isn't adjusting, and my Toxicroak is ignoring it, like everything else!

Whatever! Better that than School! It better be worth the trouble I took! I wasn't planning that It would wind up my unwanted property, but heck, I'll deal with that better than another boring and stupid year of school!

Emolga! Em Emo Emol Olga!

Poli! Pol!

SEE?! No connection, no bonding! The only thing interesting about it to me is that the stinking thing has Olive cheeks. It should have yellow chee-HEY! Emolga, Keep out of there!


GAH! BAD SQUIRREL! Don't go looting my food! I gave you nuts, go eat that!

Stinking thing can't eat it's own food!

Stinking human can't even get the right nuts...


...Emolga-Em Emol Olga Emo Emo Olga Mol Emo-Em Emol...

...Must have been a trick of the wind, but I SWORE I heard that think talk. I swear, it spoke clear english!

ToxicroOAK! CroOOOAK!

...Whatever that thing does...That makes me sleepy...Bwhaaa!

I wonder what'll come tomorrow!


Blaise allowed the fire to flicker and die of it's own accord, and he turned off the light, but neglected to keep Emolga in it's PokeBall, or turn off the camera. He didn't really need to keep Emolga in it's PokeBall, as there was a barrier that prohibited it's movement out of a certian boundary. It was a big barrier, however, and the Emolga could run far from here, It just couldn't run too far. Moreover, Wild Pokemon weren't affected.

And the Emolga knew this, from Pokemon it spoke to, Trainer Pokemon it fought and defeated. Trainer Pokemon that failed to know how much he hated humans...This one was pissed off because a Pachirisu wrecked his TV. Humanity has killed almost every brother and sister he had, and only very recently stopped. His only reason he'd live for now was because he loathed Pachirisu as much as he did. He'd let him live...He'd let him live...

...But that didn't stop him from whispering a few words to Blaise...Whist Blaise was asleep, and while he thought the Camera was off, and therefore wouldn't be any evidence to prove it...

"You will need not worry about that...You will go through the same routine every day...I'll drive you insane...I'll make you go crazy...I'll put you through torture that you'll simply see as my inobediance...And one day...You'll free me, because you don't see sanity in keeping me..." He said.

Yes, that was his plan. He'd grant him his life...But eventually, he'd be free of him. He'd release him, destroy the ball, let him live out his life again...He left out the part about starting a revolution between Pokemon and humankind, leading the glorious rebellion of all Pokemon against the tyrrany of humanity, and would make a device to capture humans, like they made the PokeBall, catch Blaise, and then torture him more...And after the pest that was humanity was gone, Arceus would see error in letting them live, at the paradise the Pokemon would make, and grant him, Byte Trype, the honor of becoming a Legend...The plans were far-fetched, but heck, he could dream.

Unfortunatly, one ear was listening in on what he did say.

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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

(It took too long to post this. I know.)
Chapter 3-Recklessness
"Don't tell me the Camera was on all night!" Blaise said.

It was morning. The forest was quiet, but Blaise wasn't. Emolga, Rivvet, and Croak were promptly awakened by this, as well as most Pokemon in the nearby area.

"Dang, It was! I need new batteries for it now!" Blaise added.

Byte took that immediate opportunity to start sabotaging Blaise. However, before he could move...

He felt the presence of a claw being pointed at him.

"I heard what you said last night." Croak Croaked.

"So?" Byte asked, knowing what was coming.

"One little scratch from this, and you die, you realize?" Croak Croaked. "Harm him, and you'll be worse off." He added.

"I think that I've been told that a lot. Yhea, not intimidated." Byte said.

"At least I can stop your sabotage attempts." Croak Croaked. Byte noticed that Blaise was back at the Camera. It would be foolish to attempt shocking it when the Toxicroak was watching him.

"And alert Blaise of it. I know the difference between the language of Pokemon and the language of humanity, unlike most others." Croak added, now sporting an evil grin.

"Alright, that's done...Now, to pack up." Blaise said.

"Blaise! The Camera! Last Night! Rewind it!" Croak Croaked. Blaise probably heard "TooOOOXICroak! CrooOOAK!" Instead. However, the use of pointing at the camera was going to help Blaise figure it out.

"Uhh...Yes, that's the Camera, why?" Blaise asked, as he reached into the bag and pulled out Two PokeBalls. He threw them in unison-One was tossed at Rivvet, the other Byte. Byte was sucked in by the red light, becoming the light in the process, and forced inside the void within.

Entry # 00005. Date: ??/??/????
OK. I'm on Route 1. Hoo-rah for Route 1. I've got about a bazillion more Routes to go.

But, first things first! The First Gym! That would be in...Atlanta!


Alright, then, Lets Hightail it! I've already figured it out! We need to take under a week on average to get to each Gym, Or else we won't get every Gym in the world on the first try!



Thank...Arceus...A trail marker...


Now...Let's see...How far...We've gotten...

...WHAT THE?! We've...We've...We've...

WE'VE ONLY GONE A QUARTER MILE! And we've been running for a whole-

Fifteen Minutes.

What the?! What are you doing here, Zoey?!

The same you are. Does a Pokemon Journey ring a bell to you?

GAHH!! I didn't sign up to be on the same road as the queen of sarcasm!

You signed up for a lot.

RRRGHRRGGHH...You, Me, Pokemon Battle, NOW!!

Blaise, I've battled several times in advance to today, your battling experience is zip-iddy-do-dah. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll win.

Does it look like I CARE?!

If you insist on it, mister whineypants. Go, Togetic.

Croak, show her who’s boss!

OK, seriously. Humor me, and don't use a Pokemon that's been pooped out by sprinting for fifteen minutes. Maybe it'll give me a challenge.

...FINE! Croak, Return! Emolga, Go!

Blaise, don't-

Emo! Emolga!

...I Hope Pines Authorized the capture of that. Otherwise, I will report you to the Environmental Protection Agency, and have you arrested for Pokemon Poaching!

Which is highly illegal.

What the...Tell me that Togetic didn't just talk!

I spoke, clean as the forest should be. Zoey took the kind liberty of teaching me English.

You still sound like her! Gah! Emolga, Thundershock!


...You managed to capture an Emolga, with alternate coloration, and your blind loathing of Electric Rodents has obviously kept you from training it at all.

You were an idiot to even approach this battle, you two. I'll take this excuse of a Electric Type out in a hit.


I suppose a Metronome attack should do it...



Byte, fueled by the fury of being called an excuse, ignored his current task of escape, and used Thundershock to his fullest. Meanwhile, and surprisingly, Togetic's Metronome pulled out Shock Wave, forcing Togetic to create a vast amount of static in her body, and unleash it, targeting Byte.

The two attacks collided with more force than anticipated, but Byte's Thundershock blasted through the Shock Wave, landing a blow on Togetic.

Togetic was blown back by the ferocity of the blow, sent stumbling towards it's trainer. Zoey realized that although Togetic hanged on, and could strike again, it was too exhausted, and a second blow would immediately do it in.

Zoey then withdrew a potion, healing her Pokemon. She then took it up, holding it in her hands, a signal of forfeit.

"...YES! I Won! Take that!" Blaise said, knowing that she was handing the victory over to him.

"Emo! Emolga! Emo-Emol!" Byte said (with Pokespeak, of course), unwittingly saying the same phrase at the same time as Blaise.

"You two speak at the same time." Togetic said.

"Really, Skye? Well, they're probably as cocky as one another, too. Easy pickings for the wild Pokemon." Zoey said.

"OI! I beat you! And you should know the drill!" Blaise said, extending his hand, expecting payment for victory. Zoey said nothing as she walked towards Blaise, put down Skye on the ground, near Byte, and gave Blaise Five dollars.

"You're a cocky brat, you know that? That hit was simply a critical hit, nothing more." Skye whispered to Byte.

"Really? That's what a lot of Pokemon said." Byte whispered in human speak, startling Skye slightly. The latter was then scooped up by Zoey, who continued to walk to the next Route.

"Yhea! And don't think I'll ever forget this day! I've filmed it! All on camera!" Blaise yelled. When Zoey was out of sight, He picked up Emolga. "...I guess your not totally worthless after all..."

Byte...Wasn't exactly touched by that. Being considered totally worthless, past, present or future, only made him feel more considerate to bring Blaise through a nightmare worse than one Darkrai could make, and back out of it, in a state that would make him release him.


"Zoey." Skye said, calmly to Zoey.

"Yes, Skye?" Zoey asked back, equally calm.

"The Emolga Blaise had with him. He could speak English." Skye said to inform Zoey.

"Really?" Zoey asked.

"Yes. He also has alternate coloration...And that Thundershock was no critical hit. Even that shouldn't have done that much damage." Skye said, stating the facts.

"...You think Blaise caught an Ulti?" Zoey asked.

"No, but it is a possible assumption. If the Emolga was an Ulti, Blaise fails to know, lest he commanded that Emolga to use a move it shouldn't have known, which would guarantee it would be an Ulti." Skye said, again stating the facts.

"...I see. Excellent insight." Zoey said. She didn’t care that badly. Three things were highly probable, if it was an Ulti: Blaise’s hatred of all Electric Rodents will make him quickly ditch the Emogla quickly, the Emolga would overpower Blaise, and it would escape before a bond was made, or Blaise would lose the Emolga to poachers…Or his own lack of knowledge of how to Pokemon Battle.
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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

I just have to say that I love your story. I'm not really good at cc, but I think it gets a bit messy with different colors when they speak. I'm not a supernatural grammarbot either, so I'm gonna leave that to others too. Anyway, great story, and can other mons be Ultis too, or is it just Emonga?
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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

I'm pretty sure that the American name for Emonga is Emolga. Serebii said it, and they're pretty reliable.

The amount of Pokemon Ulti is a very small fraction to the amount of Shiny Pokemon, and as we all know, the amount of Shiny Pokemon is a very small fraction to how many Pokemon there are total. However, there are multiple Pokemon Ulti.

Thanks for the comments! I hope you'll keep reading.
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Default Re: The Video Journal of an American Pokemon Trainer (PG-PG13)

I'm taking a Hiatus. Expect post on next Weekend.
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