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Old 01-29-2011, 04:11 AM
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Default Kingdom hearts: The keyblade war |SU| pg-13

~ We all have hearts... These hearts are filled with, either light or darkness. What we do with them is up to our own choices and have their own consquences. Many are influenced by the darkness and turn evil. This evil, in its own right can create magestic events. But at the same time it will destroy the weilder slowly day by day untill all that's left is an empty shell.

But those with light, can do even more magestic things. They can use wonderous magic to create wonderful events. But even more those who have enough light in them can train to become a keyblade weilder. Now, keyblade weilder's have been known to go bad in the past, so wether the light or darkness in their heart takes over is unknown, untill it happens.

"Valiant! We wont let you betray master Zi like thi--" Valiant had pushed his keyblade right into the middle of the other keyblade weilder. Blood splattered everywhere, and Valiant laughed maliciously.

"And master Zi, will fall. He is to weak to realize that the X-blade needs to be created!" Valiant suddenly disappeared into the darkness. Leaving only a small seed of light. A married couple with a 4 year old son, came upon the devastated body of the decesed keyblade weilder, and before they knew it the light seed went inside their son.

He grew up like all other kids, except for one other thing, he became a keyblade weilder. The keyblade war is still raging, with no one knowing of Valiant's betrayel, many innocent keyblade weilders were said to be inhabited by the darkness, and destroyed by master Valiant.

These dark figures have started appearing during the war too. They have been named, the Darkness. (think an earlier version of the unversed) and have killed many innocents.

Now, if you are a keyblade weilder of light, then your job is to fight the darkness and dark keyblade weilders. If you are a keyblade weilder of dark then your job is to fight the light keyblade weilders and protect your self from the darkness, without killing them. If you are a darkness, then your job is to kill everyone. If you are none of the above then good luck to ya....

All pe2k rules apply
Keep everything to a pg-13 level, ill be more relaxed on the gore though as long as you dont go and make everything so bloody that people complain.
No god modding
No bunnying
Must be active, (if you know you wont be on for a while alert another member, and we'll play your character(s) while your gone.)
Have fun!

Sign up sheet:

Affiliation: (darkness, light keyblade weilder, dark keyblade weilder)
Keyblade/ darkness description: (or if your a darkness describe what youre like)
Other: (anything else you want to add is optional and not mandatory)
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Old 01-29-2011, 04:20 AM
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Default Re: Kingdom hearts: The keyblade war |SU| pg-13




My SU's

Name: Austin Thero
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Light keyblade weilder
Backstory: Austin, was the child one the battlefield where Valiant dropped that light seed. He grew up quickly after that day and got stronger faster than normal children are supposed to. He started to train as a keyblade weilder at the age of 7 and started fighting in the keyblade wars as a master at the age of 12. He is close to becoming a general in the light keyblade weilder army, as long as Valiant doesnt try to get rid of him.
Appearance: He has short blonde hair, with a blue streak in it. He wear's a grey shirt with a skull on it with black jeans with some chains strapped on to them.
Keyblade/ darkness description: He has a keyblade that looks like an old scottish sword used for breaking bones. Its got the customary, keychain on the bottom of it with a heart. Its got sevral spikes randomly sticking out of it also.

Name: Death Hound
Age: 13 years
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Darkness
Backstory: Death Hound, was one of the first few Darkness created. He looks like a traditional cerebrous except he has shadows that can shoot out from him. He has killed many keyblade weilders in the past and has nearly reached the rank of 'Death Master' in the darkness army.
Appearance: Black single headed dog with shadows coming out from its feet. Huge fangs, with a deadly howl.
Keyblade/ darkness description: Shoots darkness from its feet, can disappear for limited ammounts of time, hard bite, howl can summon more darkness.
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