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Old 04-05-2013, 01:40 AM
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Default The Pokemon of Skyrim

Heyo Dragotech here! This will be a play-through of Skyrim that will rely on certain mods.

The Mods that will be incorporated will include:
1. Go! Pokeball!- The primary mod used for this play-through. It will allow the capture of animals, monters, humanoids, and dragons. They will be used as the "Pokemon."
2. Argonian Raptor Feet- an aesthetic mod that changes the feet of Argonians to match that of a raptor's.
3. Massive NPC Overhaul (marriage and followers)- modifies certain NPCs to make them more attractive aesthetically
4. Get Drunk- A rather humorous mod that allows the player to get drunk for a short period of time.
5. Heavy Armory- It adds several new weapon types to those already available.
6. Clutterbash- a humorous mod that allows you to use a lot of rather unusual weapons. As in pots, pans, and just about everything you wish you could hit stuff with!

The rules:
1. No mods that allow the player to "Cheat."
2. No console commands to "Cheat."
3. So mostly no cheating.

Unfortunately I cannot write, post, or do anything while Skyrim is active.
Feedback is appreciated! If you guys enjoy this, the more reason to keep doing it.

Here is the character sheet:

Name: Dragotech
Race: Argonian
Gender: Male

Current Equipment:

Head: Leather Helmet
Torso: Leather Armor
Arms: Leather Guantlets
Feet: Leather Boots
Ring: Silver Garnet Ring
Necklace: Amulet of Julianos
Shield: N/A
Primary Weapon 1: Steal Halberd
Primary Weapon 2: N/A
Arrows: Iron

1. Spider/Frostbite Spider
2. Wolfie/Wolf
3. Joshie/Bunny
6. Nixon/Wounded Giant Frostbite Spider

"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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Old 04-05-2013, 02:36 AM
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Default Re: The Pokemon of Skyrim

The Pre-Game Episode!!! The all important Intoduction!

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Tamriel!

Hi... Who are you?... And what is Tamriel?

I am Akatosh! I am considered the chief diety here in Tamriel.

Akatosh... Chief Diety... Tamriel... What is going on?

This world is inhabited by creatures... that can now be caught and wielded as weapons against your enemies. These "Pocket Monsters" are quite similar to the Pokemon of your games. You can treat them as pets if you wish... I honestly don't care. Feel free to send them against anything and everything... Pokemon don't seem to die... so your beasts have been blessed with a divine spark. Don't press your luck mortal!

Pokemon? What? I just wanted catch a Charmander...

Now What is your name? Wait don't tell me, I don't care. This Dragon here, my firstborn, I believe he was your rival? What was his name again?

What? A Dragon is my RIVAL!? How is that fair?... He is your son... How the hell am I supposed to know?

Oh and because this isn't the world of Pokemon, I will break from the generic bull crap. Alduin will be your Rival, and you will go on a Pokemon Jouney in Skryim. Now wake the hell up, and start your Pokemon Journey with these non-Pokemon creatures! Oh and your right to a starter has been revoked.

What... Wake Up?... NOOOOOOO...
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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Old 04-05-2013, 02:53 AM
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Default Re: The Pokemon of Skyrim

Funny how the title of this reminded me of this pic

Dragotech, Eternal Moonlight and I are the PE2k Wolf Pack! Fear Fredward the Sparklepire, Bidoof the Soulless and Slenderfairy!
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Old 04-05-2013, 04:15 AM
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Default Re: The Pokemon of Skyrim

Episode 1: Epic Escape... Nearly a Complete Fail!

Woah... this is weird... Is that... Is that a Load Screen?...

HOLY $&!#, if that is Alduin... then I am totally screwed!

Okay... Woah... am I waking up...

It's dark... and I hear... horses? Why do I... Okay blurry... blurry... I can see...

Uhmmm... Hi?

Your Finally Awake! You were caught trying to cross the border and were caught in that ambush, just like us... and that thief over there.

Border? Ambush... I don't remember this?

Damned Storcloaks... If it wasn't for you...

Bad Thief... Don't be using that kind of language!

You and me... we shouldn't be here.

Yeah yeah... I don't want to talk to you.

What's with him?

Watch your tongue, You are speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak. The TRUE High King of Skyrim.

Leader of the Rebellion? But if he is here... Then where are they taking us?

OMG man... I love your freaked out face! Hahahaa...

I don't know... but where ever we are going Sovnegarde awaits.

Hahahaha... The Thief's eyes... How wide can they get?

Shor, Kyne, Mara, Akatosh... Divines help me...

Geez... Akatosh... that name rings a bell... That's it... He is why I'm in this mess.

Shut Up Back there!

I don't like that guy. Oooh, so you were sweet on a girl here? and Mead?

Yeah, with Juniper berries.

Did they just say something about a Headsman? I don't like that.

End of the line...

Lokir of Rorikstead.

I'm not a rebel. You can't do this.
And with that he fled and got ten feet before he was struck down by an arrow!

Who are You?

Dragotech... and I appear to be... a Lizard... What?

Are you related to one of the Riften dock workers, Argonian?

Captian... He's not on the list.

I don't care. He'll go to the block too.

Not... Cool... I thought Akatosh wanted me to start a Pokemon Journey... not get me killed...

Three minutes later...

OMG they did just totally cut off his head!

I don't want to be next... :C

Fine... Akatosh... I hate you...
And with that my head was on the block... Woah... A frickin Dragon! Where did it come from... Daddy?... Oh crap... That must be my Rival!

Woah... totally just got ragdolled... Owwiiiee...

Hey Argonian! Get up! The Gods won't give us another chance!

Akatosh... I love you...

And so I ran. and ran... and then found I had no where to go... I then realized I missed the tower. I zipped up the tower... Alduin popped a hole in the wall and I immediately jumped out and over part of him... and I missed the building. As I fell... I was like... darn. I ran back up the tower. I aimed... and leapt to freedom. I could hear the cries of the townfolk and guards as I ran to freedom... Of course I almost missed a turn as I ran around Alduin. Dumb dragon couldn't even stop me. I zipped to the nearest door. behind me Ralof walked in.

Did you just teleport to the door... because I left you waaay behind.

What? Just nevermind... Let me see if I can get those bindings off... There you go. Now grab Gunjar's gear... No shame in borrowing a friend's axe.

Who's Gunjar?... Oh dead guy... Any good loots... not really...

Take cover Imperials!

I welcome them! Bring it on... Hey you are that person who almost got me killed! Yay revenge!

A moment after killing the two Imperials.

Okay let's go!

Do you have the key?

What? What key?

5 minutes of searching revealed it to be under... keys... in my inventory...

Yeah I got it!

Took you long enough... Prick.

We must flee this evil place!

More imperials... taste my sword!

Holy crap... I just totally grabbed that guys head and thrust my sword upward through his skull... That was sooo cool...

I continued onward... discovering the torture chamber... A torture chamber... One of the Stormcloaks died as I entered. He dropped a spear!

Look a torture chamber! AAUGH... STOP IT... I don't like Majeek Magicians shooting at me.

After defeating, and almost not succeeding, against the two torturers... I spotted a cage!

Look a Spear! DIBS! Oh hey Ralof... do you have lockpicks?

Yeah, Why?

There is a cage! With LOOT!

Here... see if you can pick the lock.

What... Cuz I am a lizard I can pick a lock?... and I got it in one try...

I got the loot! OnWARD!

With that, I left Ralof behind and I fought Imperials with my new Spear. They weren't too hard... because Ralof had to catch up and kill most of them. Of course I abandoned him as soon as possible... and found spiders!

The first Pokemon I encounter... Spiders... Okay GOOOOO POOKEEBALL!
Crap there are a lot of em... at least that one was kinda biggish? Spear time! Die Eight Legged Scum! RAWR, I am LEEZERD MAN, FEAR Me! Wow Pwnage!

I continued onward with my new Pokemon... and came accross another I had not yet encountered. It was an intimidating ball of fur. I considered catching it. I decided to test my new spider.


And soo I charged the beast running around it trying not to die. My spider surpassed my expectations and made quick work of my foe!

Wow... You are tougher than you look... or that thing was really frickin weak... Well Onward!

I charged onward bravely. I called back Spider and walked out into the world. Ralof appeared by my side!

What THE #$%^ Man... You scared the hell outta me... stop frickin teleporting to me... Geez... gonna give me a friggin heart attack at this rate.

And that concludes the first episode of my Adventure in Skyrim with Pokemon. Check in next time with me, Dragotech the Argonian, and his loyal spider companion... and Ralof who keeps popping out of absolutely nowhere... Seriously how did you do that...
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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Old 04-05-2013, 04:27 AM
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Default Re: The Pokemon of Skyrim

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Funny how the title of this reminded me of this pic
I don't know why either, but that looks pretty funny.
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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Old 04-05-2013, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: The Pokemon of Skyrim

Episode 2: Off To... Whiterun

Last we left our hero he had managed to escape Helgen after the fairly precarious incident where he almost lost his head. He had managed his way up a tower and successfully missed the building he was jumping to. He almost got himself killed by the torturer when he placed more value on a spear made of iron than he did his very life. He also was nearly scared to death by Ralof who came unexpectantly through the caves exit.

Hey! I wasn't scared!

Yes, yes you were.

Was not!

Who are you talking to? Scared by what?

I'm talking to frickin Akatosh!

Are you now? Let me know if Talos comes knocking at the head of yours.

I'm serious!

Yeah, yeah let's get out of here... What's that?!

What? Oh... My rival again... Why did Akatosh make him my rival?

You're a madman.

Let's just go... He's gone.

We should got to Riverwood, my sister, Gerdur, she could help us!


I wanna be... the very best... that no one ever was. Dun Du-

Stop that infernal singing... there is a reason we don't have Argonian bards here in Skyrim!

Look! These are the Guardian Stones!

Warrior... Why not?

Warrior! Good, those stars will bring you much Honor and Glory!

Will they bring gold?

To you? Probably not.

Woah, look some wolves!

Ralof don't kill 'em all! Go Pokeball!!

Woah... Did it die? Did I get it?

I got it! Woah there Wolfie... Don't piss off the blonde guy!

By Ysmir!!! What magic is this!?

What never played Pokemon?... Don't bother answering that...

Anyways... we are almost to Riverwood.

Fantastic... so we go see your sister now, right?


Is she cute or is she liiiike... you...

She's a strong Nord woman, and she's spoken for, so don't get any ideas!

Sooooo... she's like you then.


While you guys talk I am going to be fish bait!

Brother? Who is this one of your comrades?

No... He's an idiot... and regretably I owe him my life...

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy... Here Fishy, come to uncle Drago, so I can capture you and enslave you for life... well you will be a Pokemon, but is pretty much the same thing.

I see...

Wow there over there Blah blah blahing... where the fishes... I give up...

Any friend of Ralof is a friend of ours... take anything you need...

Well don't mind if I do!

There is something you can do for me... for all of us... if there is a dragon loose, then the Jarl needs to know about it.

Fine I'll go tell him... Bai!

And with that I set off on my journey... I found a bunny... and chased it... soon I found I went in the wrong direction since I found a tower with some bandits whom maybe loose the bunny and ran into some place called Bleak Falls Barrows...

Bleak Falls Barrows... hmmm... where did I hear that...

Oh well lets investigate... Hey stop shooting arrows at me! Die filthy bandit fools!

Wow easy... this Halberd is pretty dandy...

Okay into the depths... More bandits?

Geez... that was close... they still don't see me?

Wow... these guys are lame... and they found me!!

Okay I'm all here... oh a chest... lock picked... and... crappy loot...

Onward... look another bandit!... What's he doin... Oh well... booby trap...

Hmmm... Let's do it! okay soooo... turn these thingies... and... test... Run!!!

That was close... again... okay good... hey it opened! Okay some more crappy loots... Hey a soul gem!

Goin' down.... Aaaaand I am talking to myself a lot today... Wahhh! Frickin rat things!! Go Spider!!

Wow that was quick... good job! Now back in your Pokeball! Onward... Scroll... cool... okay... I don't like this webbing.

Someone needs help! Okay... a giant spider... go Spider... Yeah get 'em!

NOOOOO SPIDER!!! GO WOLFIE!!! Yeah get 'em from behind. Yes! Yes! NOOOOOO WOLFIE!!! Darn... I'm not blacking out? Oh crap! It's tryin tuh kill meh!!! Go Pokeball... wow that worked! Well of course it did... It was my master plan all along!

Hi Arvel... You are standing in the middle of the floor? Why didn't you just run? What do you mean cut you down?

Wellll... if you say so... what? I no can kill you? Screw it... out of here... Got to cut this web here and... good... what? Arvel, you can move now? Where are you going? Arvel? Did you just die?

Huh... Well... WTF? Frickin zombies?

Die! I cut you! Okay that was easy enough... Huh an Ancient Nord Warhammer... Cool!

Lalalala... Wah? A trap? Oh hey Arvel... You're dead... oh well... Looting looting looting... Golden Claw? Okay... ONWARD!

OMG I LOVE THIS HAMMER! It frickin one hits all these guys! Aaaannd... Pendulums... Really?... Frickin Pendulums... Just run through them... Just... Oh, well... that was easy. Okay... more of these zombies and no good loot?

This cave is lame... Huh... Glowy mushrooms?... No... probably a bad idea.

What... is this... Gate?... thing... huh...

maybe I can hit it... Ow... didn't work... Perhaps I can play with it? Hmmm... Claw Marks?... Nah... Well maybe... Oh look opening... and... cool!

Okay... What is this... strange wall... It is speaking to me... Uhmmm... Okay... This is scary... What... What is... Woah... that was actually kinda cool... hey is that the way out?

Wah! Another One? TASTE MY HAMMA!!! Wow that was anti-climatic... okay so enchanted sword... and a rock... Wow that was probably the best loot in here...

I'mmmm soo outta here... Off toooo the Jarl...

Hmmmm.... Let's go this... Woah Bunny!!!

You're mine! Get back here... why are you guys sooo hard to catch? Geez... Haha I got you!... Wow... Cool city... Must go!

Hmm... is that... a giant? It is fighting people! Gonna catch it! Gotta hurry it's dying! GO POKEBALL! Aww... man it escaped... and is standing there... dead? How you doing this?

You handle yourself well! You would make a good shield-brother!

A what?... Nevermind... I gotta find the Jarl...

Wow... definitely not from around here... Well Balgruuf is as good as any... go to that city... Whiterun...

Thanks! Bai rather attractive Nord chick!

Okay... so I guess...

Halt! Cities closed with the dragons about!

But I was at Helgen and I need to tell the Jarl that Riverwood wants help.

Hold up. YOU, you were at Helgen? The Jarl may want to speak to you! Now get going before I change my mind!

Geez... troll...

This city is neat... but where...

Psst... Follow me!

What? ... Joshie?

I know where to go... JUST DO IT!!!

Okay no need to get all demon voiced on me...

And so my Rabbit led me to this place called Dragonsreach...

Okay... so go talk to Jarl... Important looking guy?


No time woman!

Riverwood calls for aid!

I began my conversation with the Jarl... there was apparently nothing odd about a talking rabbit companion sooo that went swell... and then I was told to do a job. So I left to find Farengar. Who made me wait for the Jarl...

The Jarl can be found in the throneroom... usually sitting on the Jarl's throne... not in a Wizard's Laboratory.

Geez... You can be such a dick...

Aaaah... so the Jarl thinks you may be useful to me...

I've been saying that this whole time!!

I need you to fetch something for me...


The Dragonstone of Bleak Falls Barrows.

Does it look like this rock?

Aah so you already found it.

Yeah, Yeah... Take the dumb rock.

Farengar, a dragon's been sighted!

I left to see the Jarl for my reward... I got a rather useless enchanted item... I disenchanted... all of my enchanted gear... I left seeking new gear and ended up... making... Leather... Check in next time, to see if I can defeat the dragon!... And if I need to take directions from a bunny... again...

I know where to go!... I led you to Bleak Falls Barrows and to Whiterun haven't I?
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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