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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Yhea, I deleted the whole 13th chapter because of a really big mistake.

Don't worry, the revised Chapter 13 will be due shortly.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

(Lo behold, the new chapter 13!)

Chapter 13-Gravv

The lockdown was being the top priority of everybody's plan when it was initiated...Save Axium, who was too focused on finding Gravv to care.

However, nobody so much as gave Axium an odd look.

Finally, when the streets were nearly deserted, Axium found Gear again.

"...Thanks again, for before." He said, getting Gear's attention.

"No problem. It's what I do." Gear said. "...Do you have a place to stay?" He added.

"I'm looking for someone, I'll look all-"

"It's Lockdown, everyone's going inside. I guess that you Don't have a place for the night, so follow me." Gear said, grabbing Axium's arm, and pulling him off. Axium would rather look for Gravv, but he wasn't about to disobey the orders of the Unova Secretary of Defense and the guy that stopped a catastrophe from happening.

He eventually came to a stop in front of a house. It was regular in every aspect. Gear pulled out a key, and unlocked the door.

Inside was equally regular, nice furniture here and there. One other person was there.

He was big, not as tall as Gear, but still tall. He also looked very muscular. His hair was brown, his eyes green, he was a little plump, and he had olive green clothes. He had a few patches of Armor here and there, but the real feature was the Gauntlets he wore...It had a feeling of entergetic power, great presence, and a mystic aura about it. The gauntlets had spikes on the knuckles, Axium noticed.

"Meet Gravv. He's a buddy of mine. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to keep watch. Gravv, save his butt if it needs to be saved." Gear said.

"Aye Aye, captain." Gravv said, as Gear exited.

"...I was looking for you." Axium said.

"Lemme guess. You're a Volteer, but never got the full gist of your powers? I can help with that. Just hold out your hand." Gravv said, as if he knew that was the most likely cause. Axium, dumbstruck that, at it's most basic, that was the scenario. He put his hand out, and Gravv clutched it. Axium instantly sensed a heavy presence of Energy.

It took a few minutes before Gravv withdrew his hand. "Alright, it looks like that you've got Major-level. That's a great one to have, you know. Great powers, but not enough to put stress on you. Most Legendary-Level Volteers get stressed from having all that power." Gravv said. "Psychic energy is present, and it's at it's peak, can't get any better than it is. Time energy is also present, and it's good, better than most. Same with Kinetic, better than most, but not the best...Light energy is there, on-par with the average. Space is a little below Average, but definatly present. Dark energy is there, but barely. And that sums it up." He added, going in-depth.

"Err...OK...I understand that there were 8 pure energy types, but what are they? In detail?" Axium said, speaking his mind.

"The 8 pure energy types are Light, Dark, Space, Time, Life, Death, Kinetic, and Psychic. Light is the energy that comes with the holy things, generally seen as divine, just, good, and all that. Dark is it's opposite, coming from the night and evil forces. It's described as sinister, conniving, devilish, and other stuff like that. Life is the energy that is in every living being, no doubts. However, it needs to be in surplus to be tapped into, lest you die from using it. Common uses include healing people and controlling plant life, and users are seen as healers and gardeners. Death is the energy given off when things die, and grows when one is nearing death, but cannot be tapped into unless Volteerisim is present. It can control the use of poisons, flesh, blood, bones, tissues, the like, and can alter lifespans. It can't bring life forth, as it's death. It's often the thing that relates to assasins and murderers. Time is, well, time, and Volteers that can use it can manipulate time, like Dialga. They can also travel through it, like Celebi. Kinetic revolves around movement, and in fact, Kinetic means movement. This is more than just moving things, however-this also controlls physical objects, the form it takes, and flames. People that take from this element are usually seen as powerful physical people, able to run fast, hit strong, jump high, the likes. Psychich comes from the mind, and stretches beyond it, and is the only element that can be used to assist every other kind's ability. It in itself can do things Psychics are known for-Reading minds, Telepathy, Teleporting, Telekinesis, and other stuff like that. The people that use this are seen as intelligant, smart, cunning. Space is what isn't covered by any of those, what's left over, but that's a lot. It also includes stuff from other elements, mostly Psychic and Kinetic. And that's about everything." Gravv said, making sure to take breaths between each energy type.

"Thanks." Axium said.

The sound of a shotgun going off was heard, loud and clear, and Gear came bursting back in, several seconds later. He looked like the world was about to end. "DA** EON SKY! IT'S DA** EON SKY!! AN EON SKY RAID IS HAPPENING HERE AND NOW!!" He yelled.

"Kid, we're leaving. Now!!" Gravv said, taking Axium's arm. However, Gear stopped the duo at the door.

"Hold it. I know about the whole Coronation thing, and I know that it was you that got coronated. Take this, it belonged to Azelf." Gear said, grabbing something from his Jacket, looking at the suddenly-dumbstruck Axium, who was just introduced to the fact. He handed him the item he looked for-A spear called the "Will of the Storm," and handed it to Axium, before letting Gravv rush outside.


Avalon was fortunate enough that he could do a raid by himself, and everyone could think that he took all of Eon Sky with him.

They were that good.

Therefore, when Avalon saw Pandora (who had no clue she was being spied on), He waited until the streets were empty, and stealthily advanced towards the Veilstone bank-the one whose bankers were using illegit banking practices.

A criminal robbing another criminal, basically. Hard to believe it was still illegal.

Nevertheless, Gear bought it, shooting the shotgun up in the air when he saw the Eon Sky symbol, freshly engraved into the side of the bank. That would draw every member of the Coganan Guard...And every member of their new rivals.

Tonight was the night that people would wake up and find out that everything changed.


Semaj was in the back of the Veilstone Gym, with Maylene, his mother, and the Karate Quads.

Now, Maylene was most reconized in her teenage years, but now, some people didn't reconize her. She was fit, in every aspect. Her muscules were almost bigger than most fighter girl's muscles (and those are serious muscles), and she lost the bright-pink dye in her hair, letting the ruby-red hair grow and leangthen. She looked more mature, more femaline, and was a seasoned Gym Leader at this point.

However, to Semaj, this was how she looked, in his past, present, and future. He took on after his father, but he had her battling skill, and his father's happy-go-lucky nature...But, Maylene didn't know why he just lost that part of him altogether.

Then the signal-a shotgun round being fired-was sent...The signal that it was time to get inside, find cover, and hide, because of one thing-an Eon Sky raid. Maylene, however, had a role other than hiding. She was going to help catch these Eon Sky crooks.

She was almost halfway across the Gym when the doors opened...The doors were locked, yet they slid aside like they were when they were opened...

"Too easy!" A teenager's voice said. For a teen, it was high-pitched.

Semaj Irahkaz caught the sight of a woman that stood out of the crowd. She had very black skin, almost exactly like the color black, with two eyes that were as dark as plum skin. She had two pigtails, leading to a seemingly freckly face, a small nose, malicious eyes, and a grin the size of the quarter moon. She was decked out in Japanese armor, in a stylish fashion, and she was holding two fans like they were leathal weapons.

She crakled, in her high-pitch tone. "Next time, try a security system that's half-decent!" She cooed.

The Karate Quads rushed out to attack this intruder, who looked like she was from Eon Sky (Minus the lack of their symbol, a thunderbolt inside a ring).

What happened next Semaj didn't register at all...To date.

This girl whipped out her fans, and upon the fans were rather gruesome images. Those were far too bloody to ever be comprehended by someone his age. He was only 12.

However, it wasn't the images. She swiped at the quads with the fans...They were all blown away, a deep gash where the fans strick. They were seriously hurt, and when Semaj saw one, a deep cut was bleeding a fountain of blood out of his chest, all the while making a hissing noise...And where it was hissing, black and purple smoke billowed from it. The hissing noise...Was the flesh being melted away...And it didn't take long for the Karate quads to be gone compleatly.

Maylene and Semaj watched the scene in horror. This chick wasn't Eon Sky...Heck, she wasn't even human!

"Whoever you are..." Maylene started, getting into a battle stance and reaching for her PokeBalls, "I don't take murder in my own Gym lightly."

"OOOoohh, big talker! I'm so scared! I'm shaking in my boots! HAHH! You don't stand a chance!" The crazy murderer woman screamed.

"And that, Maylene..." She added, "...Is a euphemism."

That was all the talk the duo had in store. Semaj, in absolute terror and awe, watched as the two combated, Maylene managing very good blows, and excellent dodges...

...Save that her opponent seemed to be doing better...

That was the pattern that the flurry of kicks, punches, and blocks produced by Maylene and her attacker followed...

...Until the latter brought out her fans...

Pandora's only regret was that she didn't see Semaj sneak by her. She loved it, however, that she saw the look on his face.

Semaj's regret was that he couldn't have helped, couldn't have tried to take the pain away, that he didn't try to save his mother. And he loathed the woman that was her attacker...

...And her murderer. Semaj still doesn't get why those fans could do away with a body like it did, but she was being eroded right in front of his face.

As if it wasn't enough that Axium got the Pokemon he always wanted...

As if it wasn't enough that Axium used that very Pokemon to beat his, thrice now...

As if it wasn't enough that Axium's Riolu got on his nerves...

As if it wasn't enough that he lost every ounce of respect he had when he lost to Axium...

As if it wasn't enough that Gear managed to stop him from punching Axium...

Now, he had no mother. Maylene was dead.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Chapter 14-Pandora

Axium was still a little suprised as to the fact that Gear knew. Was he a Volteer too?

...No, no, don't focus on that, focus on running, and fast!

Axium kept thinking of running fast, and boy, he had reason. Even if Avalon was a good guy, and the leader of Eon Sky, that didn't seem to rub off on the rest of his cohorts. Also a fact-seemingly anybody that encounters Eon Sky during a raid is killed right then and there.

Add those two facts up, and you've got a reason to run.

Gravv was barely managing to keep up Axium's pace, but he was, sprinting all-out to keep up. The sooner they were out of here, the better.

The storage houses that Team Galactic once used were now used as Veilstone's port, and it's the only way out of the city safely, as who wanted to rush deeper into (supposed) Eon Sky territory? And who knew what was Eon Sky territory? The Routes were dangerous even if it wasn't the HQ of the world's greatest theives, especially at night, when it was pitch black, and it was hard to see a foot in front of your face.

So the fearful crowd was running in that direction, for the most part.

...Avalon would save his skin if he saw him...Axium thought...No, no, no, NO, focus on running! Get out of here!

Then Axium's focus was redirected.

Redirected to stop, and see what the big hold-up was...

...And when the cause of it was a woman that was killing everything in her reach, in a blow...

...Then Axium focused on escaping her.

The crazy woman saw Axium's attempt to flee, and started slicing bodies away to rush after him...She was faster, she'd catch up in no time at all...

...Those fans of hers, they didn't produce good vibes at all...The aura they produced only told Axium to run faster, but even with all of his willpower dedicated towards it, he was still slower...

Gravv stopped, and held out his hand, in the fasion that Axium could run under it, but his attacker couldn't. Sure as anything, and not expecting such a thing, her face was sent right into it, giving her a very nasty experiance. Axium stopped when he realized it.

Turning around, he got a better look at his attacker...She was a foot and a half taller than Axium, she had black hair in pigtails, black skin, a very large grin that bordered on a grimace, a small nose, and dark purple eyes that failed to hide a very malicious and insane glint. She was adorned with Samurai armor, but it failed to conceal her whole body, so she wore a dress. Her grin seemed to contradict the fact that she just ran into a metal gauntlet.

Axium could say that 'Gravv' definatly was a nickname, with the next move he made.

The attacker was suddenly thrust into a wall of a building with incredible force, but Gravv failed to make contact with her at all. He then proceeded to her, but she got loose from the impact crater, and punched Gravv. For such a man that looked very capable of taking such a blow, he was forced to make a few steps back it was so much.

Axium had a spear, he wanted to help, and he felt that he'd be potent with it, but this looked rather flimsy. Even the fans that the girl had (which seemed to have been dropped sometime between her running into Gravv's gauntlet and getting smacked into a wall), from the vibes they gave off, seemed to be something that was easily capable of slashing like a sword.

"HAHH! I thought that you were tougher! Wimp!" She cackled madly, revealing a high-pitched voice...And something was off about that voice. "Now then, whimpy, You've got a choice. Hand over the Shynehart and have a chance of escape from the planet before it collapses, or continue to fight me and die, and then I'll kill him." She added, still having that high-pitch, but at least not sounding like this was a joke.

"Go die in a hole." Gravv said, getting his wind back.

"OOoohh, I'm so intimidated by what WON'T happen! HAHH! Whatever, your choice!" She laughed, in utter glee at his choice.

Axium realized that the fans from before had materialized right back in her hands...Dear Arceus, what was with her?! She definatly looked like a Volteer, but what was she? She didn't even seem human! And what is a Shynehart?

<"Get out of here! GOO!!"> A voice rang in her mind, sounding exactly like Gravv's voice.

Axium didn't know how he did it, but he spoke without speaking. <"But I don't want to leave you!"> He 'said' back to Gravv.

<"That wasn't a choice! She'll kill you!"> Gravv's voice yelled in Axium's mind.


"GOOO!!!" Gravv yelled, as the attacker withdrew the fans. The most evil pictures Axium layed eyes on were adorned upon it. Axium didn't waste time with leaving now.

He refocused on running like his life depended on it, because it did. He left Gravv to face off the murderer woman, despite the fact that he really wanted to.

He also noticed that there was a lack of coarpses on the street, considering the bloody massacre that the woman made.

...NO, NO, Run, Just Run, Don't Think About Anything Else, Just Run!!

Axium refocused on his running.

He heard the sounds of a second person running alongside him.

"GAHH!! The one person I have to run with, and it's YOU!" Semaj'es voice ringed.

Axium wasn't focused on that, he was too focused on running. Semaj was left in the dust, Axium was so focused...

A corpse was thrown right in front of him, and Axium tripped on it, causing him to skid on the ground. Pain here, pain there, pain everywhere.

When he finally got off the ground, Axium realized that the body before him, odd, purple and black smoke billowing from it...

Was Gravv's.

Two Guantlets-Gravv's Guantlets-were sent at Semaj (running towards him), who fell over too. The Guantlets fell right next to his face.

"Heeheeheeheehee!" The voice of the attacker went. Laughing. Mocking.

Semaj got up, turned around, and was inches from the woman that killed Gravv, whose body was now long gone. Axium felt something...Rage. Not just a little, but a serious fury. Maybe she killed someone important to Semaj, too.

Semaj, without warning, punched her. Of all the things she was ready for, she wasn't expecting that she'd get hit. She stumbled back a few steps, but recovered quickly.

Semaj quickly swerved around, and bended over to pick up the Guantlets, the only weapons he had. Lucky he did, because one of the fans the girl possessed came at where his neck was like a leathal frisbee. Axium, much shorter, didn't even move an inch to evade it.

Semaj managed to put on the Guantlets, which were a little big. He managed to get up intact, but the fan from before, acting like a boomerang, was coming back. Axium, again too short for it to hit, didn't need to move an inch. Semaj, however, needed to do something. That something for him was to sheild his face with the newly-obtained guantlets.

The fan stopped cold when it hit it, starting to fall before it evaporated in purple smoke. Semaj turned around, and Axium took a step to the left, allowing him to see his attacker.

He clutched his spear tighter now. The woman had regenerated the very fan she threw in her right hand. She wasn't phased that her opponents were armed, she wasn't phased that Semaj was in punching distance, she wasn't phased at all.

"OOoohh, you can actually use Gravv's gauntlets! HAHH! It's not like your an instant master, idiot!" She cackled. "I did something called training to use these fans properly, you know, and it took a long time!" She added, using a voice one would use on a baby.

"LISTEN UP, IDIOTS! You've got no chance, I repeat, NO CHANCE, of defeating me, and it's a known fact that I, Pandora, am one of the most deadly things that ever existed, thank you very much, and the chance that you can do me in is absolutely zip! ZIP!!" She yelled, still high-pitched as ever. "And I've got a pretty good feeling that you won't be able to run away...So...I'd just stand still, and make this easier, OK?" She added. Now that glint in her eye, the insane and malicious glint, turned into something else...Bloodlust.

Axium braced himself. He had absolutely no clue how to beat her, and someone that can send you flying into a wall without touching you (Gravv) seems like a pretty hard guy to kill. As a bonus, Semaj wasn't a Volteer, Axium didn't know how to use his power, and Pandora was right...Running wasn't an option at all. She was faster. She caught up when it seemed like he put incredible distance between them.

...So stand and fight!

That's the only idea that he allowed inside himself right then. Semaj looked battle ready, too, seemingly more bloodthristy than their attacker. Axium didn't allow himself to think about why that would be, because he had to focus on Pandora, their attacker, and if they couldn't fend her off...

...Their murderer.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Chapter 15-The Arbiters

Avalon's job, like before, couldn't be easier-when you can turn compleatly invisible, float feet off the ground, and disable the sensors, anything that involves stealth gets a whole lot easier. His Prize? The retreat of everyone in the city, including Axium, and another 10 grand those lousy theiving bankers steal from everyone else.

Avalon's yet to prove if stealing from the corrupt is good or bad.

However...There was one little flaw in his plan...

Avalon lost Axium.

Zeph, spying the docks, scanning the people leaving via boat for Axium, hasn't reported back yet, and Axium would beeline to that spot, if he was smart.

That being said, he was smart...And stubborn.

Avalon got a breif mental image of Axium facing off Pandora. That image wasn't pretty.

"Uh Oh..." Avalon said audiably. He didn't waste time in taking to the city streets in pursuit, hoping to save Axium before the Arbiters got their way.

The Arbiters getting their way was Armageddon. And obviously, that wasn't good. Not even slightly. In fact, it wasn't even neutral.

Avalon sped up upon remembering that fact.


Axium...He knew his powers as Azelf, and the only other person here was Semaj...But he wasn't taking that risk. Legendary Pokemon were the highest-placed Pokemon on the 'personally wanted caught' list of every Pokemon Trainer. Even Ash couldn't pass up a chance to catch Ho-oh. Axium wasn't so sure that Semaj would differ, regardless that he was Azelf...Then again, he wasn't sure that PokeBalls could affect him as long as he remained partially human. He could also force Semaj not to tell people, or force him not to attempt capture, but he didn't like forcing people to do things.

And as per his Volteer Powers, again, that would raise suspicion, but in this case...Well, he didn't know the consequences for this, actually.

At least it seemed like Azelf's instinct to weild the spear properly...So that was his only weapon against her.

Well, there was Pokemon, but...Attacking a human with Pokemon Head-on was enough to get authorities the right to kill you, and they generally do...And unfortunatly, the rule applied to everyone, criminal or otherwise, and only allowed in self-defense when the attacker was aiming to kill and was doing likewise...And Pandora didn't seem to be reaching for any PokeBalls...

Before Axium could really get his strategy into place, Semaj made a move, charging recklessly at Pandora. Pandora didn't move at all, instead flapping her fan as if to blow Semaj away...Which, suprisingly enough, worked. And not just a little, either. Semaj was thrown backwards into...A storage crate, like the ones near the Harbor!

Axium made a quick check of surroundings. They were at the ports, where boats got loaded with cargo. Rare Pokemon, Valuable items, and Arceus-knows-what-else was in these crates. However, they were still far from the eyesight of any human being.

Semaj got off of the Crate's insides, looking ready to kill. Pandora giggled at the sight of it. "You're all bark and no bite!" She teased.

Semaj made another attempt to punch her lights out, only again to be blown away by those fans...They were ridiculous. He got sent into another Crate, but got out much quicker.

What to do, what to do, what to do?!

...Find out!

His mind finally decided to find a way to beat this girl, which in turn, made it easier.

And once his mind formulated the plan, Axium acted.

Like Semaj, he got his spear ready, and charged straight for Pandora.

"You bore me! But keep on doing it, I'd appreciate it, It'll make killing you MUCH more easier on me!" She said, taking a swipe with her fans, which, unlike before, were aimed to cut...Axium anticipated that.

He blocked her attack with one edge of the spear. She tried another slash, but the other edge was used to keep that at bay...Though Axium realized that she was also stronger than him, the spear was moving towards him, not back...

He sweep-kicked her...Huh, he never took anything like kung-fu before...Regardless of how he knew, he knew he did it right, as Pandora instantly released the pressure she had on Axium as she fell over. Whist down,

Axium tried to do her in, tried to get that spear tip in her heart, but Pandora was much faster than Axium realized it, and barrel-rolled out of harm's way...Then got up, ran up to the Crate nearest, ran up it, and back-flipped off it, sending her behind Axium and in between him and Semaj, who attempted another blind charge at her when she landed. Pandora, like before, 'flicked' Semaj away with her fan, this time shooting Semaj through the crate compleatly...

<"Semaj! We can't just try to hit her, we have to find some sort of weak point, make her let her guard up, and pin her down!"> Axium 'said' to Semaj.

"...I hate you, but I hate her a zillion times more!" Semaj said, in a manner that suggested a 'yes.'

<"Here's the plan. I'll knock her down again, and you get in close while I'm doing that so you can make sure she doesn't roll out of the way!"> He 'said.'

"...Alright, then, let's do this!" Semaj said, running out from behind the crate.

"You DO realize that I could have killed you by now? I could have simply done THIS!" Pandora said, as she put the two fans together and threw it at Axium. He ducked, big time, and it landed at the crate ten feet behind him.

It exploded...But not like an explosion. Judging from the color of the flash, it was Purple and Black, and when Axium turned around...There wasn't any trace of the crate, just a big, circular hole where it was. Pandora's fans were back in her hand's, separate. She started to look a little curious.

"FINALLY! Someone that can actually put up a fight! But whatever! That doesn't make THAT big of a difference, you know?" Pandora said, as Axium made another charge.

Pandora, this time, threw the fan in her left hand, but Axium deflected it with a swing of the bottom of the spear, sending it away from him, as he again attempted to knock Pandora down. Meanwhile, Semaj started to close in.

But Pandora thew the fan in her right hand...At Semaj. With no cover, nor chance to deflect or dodge it at that range, in the instant he had, he closed his eyes, bracing for the impact of basically a sword being thrown at his face, hoping that he could will it so that it's path of travel wasn't going to intersect his position...

Axium didn't know how Semaj did it, but Semaj did it. The Guantlets seemed to glow a little as the fan miraculously changed course, swerving to Semaj's right, and cutting through the crate next to him over his face.

Semaj opened his eyes, looked around, and saw that fan in the crate. Pandora also stopped abruptly. This wasn't expected.

Axium rushed forward, his focus undaunted by the event, and as easy as could be, push his attacker down, and Semaj, noticing Pandora's state, and realizing she'd barrel-roll, slammed his fist down, making an impact crater, and sending spikes up around it (Semaj did nothing outside of raising an eyebrow to show his confusion). Axium took the opportunity to kabob Pandora's heart, aiming his spear straight for it...He didn't like killing, but she killed Gravv...Axium remembered that, and that managed to keep Axium from stopping himself.

Blood...Black blood shot out, making it look more like an oil spill was coming from Pandora's chest. Axium withdrew the spear, which was clean from the blood she was spurting out...Pandora didn't look blank, have the expression a dead person had...She was breathing, in fact. People that just got stabbed in the heart couldn't breath at all.

...Purple liquid, coming from no source Axium immediatly saw, came to Pandora's chest, where the wound was, and went inside. She was instantly cured of that hole...Axium turned towards where the weird liquid came from.

A woman, nothing short of beautiful, with skin like Pandora's, a perfect nose, beautiful, deep purple eyes, long, black hair, a french style of sorts, and carrying two bo-staffs, Axium couldn't describe the emotion he felt when he saw her...But Axium saw something else quite soon afterwards-And that thing, that thing, that Axium's mind signaled as her sins and misdeeds, were hideous in every aspect, and in since this is what she did, Axium lost all like of this woman immediatly.


Lilleth had to wonder why she was co-workers with Pandora, of all things. She was beaten by Gear, by Avalon, by a few other strong people, and now, the most embarrasing one yet, by two kids, who barely knew combat strategy. Pandora was fortunate Avonu repealed the 'no backup' part of her sentance when he heard of Avalon's and Gear's presance here...

...And lucky that, regardless of her weakness, she was still enough of an asset to keep around. However, she wasn't staying long...Axium would probably be safeguarded by Gear and Avalon, regardless of their conflict, and even if the numbers were fourfold what they had right now, the battle would be incredibly easy for their opposition.

"Pandora, you weakling, you're fortunate I came at all." Lilleth said, coldly. Pandora got to her feet, making Axium and his co-hort step back.

"Yhea, lucky me." Pandora said sarcastically, despite her knowledge of that she, indeed, was lucky.

"The High Preist wishes all Arbiters to come back at once. Our strategy needs to be revised...We have underestimated the defense that the defilers would take to protect the Shynehart..." She said, wrapping up the situation that she was here for. "We leave now." She added. Pandora dissapeared in a black 'flash,' leaving nothing behind.

Lilleth then saw, in the distance, at the farthest reaches of her sight, Avalon, no doubt seeing her first. She turned to Axium. "You were lucky. That was all. But we, the Arbiters, do not just give up...Remember that. Your fate is sealed the next time we meet, and you will wish it was death." She said. She then dissapeared, like Pandora did.


Axium could have cared less as to what the woman said. Semaj looked dumbstruck at the power the Guantlets had, and the fact that they were his meant that the power was his...Axium would comprehend that mystery later.

"Semaj, the boats! They're gonna leave without us! COMEON!" He yelled, snapping Semaj back to reality. He nodded, and with Axium, he dashed. Axium ran full-force, mananging to come out of the fight scratchless, but Semaj, who was injured, going through crates three times now, was running much faster...That being said, not fast enough to say he was as fast as Axium...

And he saw the boats, at last. There...Were...

Two. There were two left, and both were ships were war-class. They missed the transports. However, the ships looked ready to leave. One was the S.S. Void, the other the S.S. Hercules.

"...Uhh...What was it...Oh, yhea! One leads to Orre, the other goes to Unova! Thank goodness for my...Mom..." Semaj said, now bitterly missing his mother, and the fact that he didn't kill Pandora. He didn't, however, know which one leaded where. "...Our best bet is Unova, Orre is crawling with criminals..." He added.

Axium looked at the names. One said Hercules, one said Void. Which was better? "It's the Hercules! Comeon!" Axium said, starting to run towards the ship he named.

"Thanks for the tip!" Semaj said, knowing better than to judge by name. It wasn't like he'd wind up the unlucky one, anyways. Yesterday was over with, and that day was Axium's only lucky day. He rushed over towards the S.S. Void, just as Axium fully boarded the S.S. Hercules.

Axium panted, as the horn honked overhead...The ship started sailing, moving away from the S.S. Void...

...Without warning, something hard and heavy slammed into the boat, causing it to shake. Axium gripped onto the rail for dear life, hanging on...

...When the shaking stopped, Axium, who was looking down, looked up.

There he was, Avalon, looking at Axium curiously. With him...A Manaphy?! Before Axium could gasp in shock at the Legendary before him, Avalon spoke. "Mate, I'm lucky your alive, and all that, but I'm curious as to why you boarded the ship heading to Orre, of all places. Did you know where it was heading?" He asked.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Chapter 16-The World

Orre. This one was the one to go to Orre. Axium made a mistake...

"For the record, One criminal gang is present in Unova that isn't in Orre, and that one criminal gang is the only one that places value in your demise...The Arbiters, the ones who attacked you tonight. Pandora, and the lady that rescued her, Lilith, are both Arbiters. You are seriously lucky that Pandora thought you would be an easy kill...Orre is the safer place, Axium, for you, Orre is safer." Avalon said. "In fact..."


"It's a known fact-or known to me, at least-that Eon Sky has the whole of Orre's crime under it's control, as is it's government, and everything else!! I can't believe it still, and I've heard of this news five weeks ago!" Gear shouted. Semaj wasn't expecting that he'd wind up on the same ship as Gear, and he wasn't exactly expecting that Gear would be that angry about it...Then again, he was told to seclude secrets to keep the civilians calm...

"Avonu's a good leader, but I think that if we can't screw Eon Sky with all of Unova's armed forces and myself, who has been called the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in terms of how much damage I can do, well, we needed an international audience, we needed international support, but he said no, we'll deal with this ourselves and keep this a secret!" Gear yelled. "And now Gravv and Maylene are dead, and...Say...Where did you get those?" Gear asked, pointing at the Gauntlets.

"Pandora threw them at me. I put them on and used them...What's with them, anyway?" Semaj asked. He'd have gone into detail, if Gear didn't put his palm to his own face. Gear shot a look that said, quite clearly, one thing: keep still.

After a few minutes, he withdrew it. "Congratulations. Wearing Gravv's gauntlets have produced an unanticipated side-effect: The activation of a gene...A gene called the Volteer Gene...I'll explain it later, but for now, I'll leave it at this-You're about to learn that this place, this planet...It's not the only one that houses life..."


"...In fact, there are clusters of Universes in dimensions, and Clusters of dimensions in what Volteers call SDs, or Superdimensions. There are five total, and all have special characteristics." Avalon said. "And all of these have trillions upon trillions of intelligent life forms upon each one." He added.

One fact about the world of Volteers, one basic fact, Axium asked for one basic fact, and that was basic?! Dear Arceus, what next?!

"What next is this: The first Volteers quickly and quietly found ways to utilize their powers, to build special technology and tools far beyond their times. These Volteers also found themselves capable of interdimensional travel with this tech, and using it, traveled the dimensions, finally settling on a planet with no life, with all their technology...and they gave it life, using life energy...And eventually, they made the planet a life-sustaining planet, with 23rd century technology...And that evolved thrice the pace of regular tech, even today. It's insane." Avalon said. "And they did this with different planets, over and over, faster and faster, more Volteers each time, able to make it faster, and eventually half the planets in the whole of all the Superdimensions were Volteer populated." He added.

"Holy Murkrow!" Axium yelped.

"I said something like that when I first heard it." Avalon said, remembering he said 'Holy Crow!' over 'Holy Murkrow!' "But...The Volteers decided upon one thing."



"To never tell another being that didn't need to know about Volteerisim about Volteerisim." Gear said, after being badgered into talking about the society Volteers crafted. "We swore only to tell those that had it, and by default, those that would be affected by it. It's called the law of secrecy. It's not heavily punished unless you tell a whole lot of people, and it's a more severe sentence if they believe it, but yhea, it wasn't much for a crime made a crime waaaayyy back when." He continued.

"Whoa." Semaj said.

"Yhea, it blows minds." Gear replied.

"So...What about the others that attacked us tonight? There was this girl, Pandora..."

Gear looked like he saw something really disturbing, and couldn't move it was so powerful. "SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!" Gear screamed, after a few seconds of staring off into nowhere.

"What, who attacked me?"


"The Arbiters...Armageddon-worshiping cultists, THAT'S what they are. They believe that Heaven is impossible to get to, and Hell is the destiny of all, human, Pokemon, something in between, everything. This is from the belief that everything cannot overcome humanity's transgressions and sins, and therefore, in order to reach any paradise, they have to destroy everything else in the process, basically." Avalon said, summing up the Arbiters, in the response to Axium's question as to what they were. "This group has, in truth, been around millions of years now, and barely have changed beliefs at all. However, it seemed that they've resurfaced as an actual threat only recently...And war has been fought over this, because quite frankly, they aren't exactly ones to disappoint."

Axium-and this time, Scyez-now looked as if they were on the verge of fainting. Considering that Scyez barely cared about stuff like this at all, and took it in stride almost every time, well, that must have either been completely new, or that shocking. Or both.

"Oh, yes, did I mention that they, the filth, have kindly given to humankind, Ribar disease? Blame them for Azelf's death-they didn't do it on purpose, but they were the cause of it, and probably liked it, anyways." Avalon added, throwing that in. Avalon wanted one thing to be known...That these people were the cause of Axium's life being forcefully remolded, of Azelf's life being taken, of Axium's dream being crushed like glass under Groudon falling from a 2000 foot drop...Or rather, they took pleasure in watching it happen, and pleasure in that they made the very thing that did it…

...One thing Arceus told him to tell him, one thing, and that was it. That the Arbiters started this.

Axium himself was looking quite...err, Avalon couldn't tell his emotions...

"Ehh...Are you OK?"


Semaj didn't answer Gear's question. He was fed up.

He just told him that Axium was, in addition to being A Volteer, the lucky one that got Azelf's powers when he died, and was now a Pokethrobe (whatever that was) of Azelf...And, as a bonus, he was also something called a Shynehart...Whatever that was...

"What's a Shynehart?"

"Uhh, actually, they aren't exactly something anyone want's to be. It's like being 'it' in tag, except you can't tag anybody else, period. However, it goes like this-If a Shynehart dies, the planet they come from basically explodes, leaving no survivors. This doesn't work in vice-versa, though." Gear said. "It's rather important to keep a Shynehart alive, because we'd rather not see billions of people die at once. Fortunatly, if the Shynehart reproduces, then the status goes to the first-born." He added. "Fortunatly for them, anyway."

That only worked to get Semaj in a worse mood-now he couldn't give Axium his dues when it could result in his home being destroyed, and a lot of people dying at once. However, he wouldn't focus on it."...So...What now?"


"Learn, train, and do those Arbiters in, so we can finally have some peace around here!" Avalon said. "It's for the best that we get rid of those idiots, as soon as possible." He added. "You'll be going places that have only been imagined off, and I can't tell you how crazy some of these places will be, but truly, it's all part of the job." Avalon said.

"Right! So...How do we win? Do we have a plan of some sort?" Axium asked.

"Heck yes! If the head is destroyed, the body follows, and I've got a pretty accurate image of that head. Brace yourself, you won't believe it." Avalon said. "And I seriously mean it, this is the Arbiter's leader, the High Preist, the one we've got to get rid of to win, but almost all of the time, nobody believes it. I couldn't either, when I first realized it." He added.

"Who is it?!" Axium asked.

"Very well...The Arbitarian High Priest is a chap your very well familiar with already...Someone who is known under a name that's been reconized amoung world leadership equivelantly to Ash Ketchum amoung Pokemon Trainers...The one we've got to destroy, unwittingly to about every world leader, is one of them-Avonu Voya." Avalon said.

Axium stood there, dumbstruck. He was practically perfect in every aspect. He won the elections for Unova's presidency by nothing short of a humoungous landslide victory. Him? An Arbiter?! "...But...But..."

"Look, I've got a tape, from three years ago, that shows his stand as the High Preist of the Arbiters. He doesn't know it exists, but it's proof of it, perfect proof, no editing." Avalon said. "We'll watch it, and if it wasn't so late, we'd watch it right now. I'll let you get up when you want to, Even Azelf needs to have some rest."


"I'm not tired." Semaj said.

"Come on, you just said you got sent through crates three times! That must have hurt! You need rest, to recover your injuries, and now!" Gear said.

"The pain went away. And I'm not tired." Semaj said.

"Seriously, you should, it's three in the morning!" Gear said.

"I'm still not tired. Not a bit." Semaj said.

Gear pulled out something from his pocket...An insence, like the ones used to alter a Pokemon's performance.

Semaj's self-induced insomnia vanished at once, and he grew very tired. The insence, what Gear used was...

He never finished that thought. He fell to the floor of the S.S. Void, asleep. Gear picked him up, took him to a bedroom, put him in the bed, nice and neat, and took off his guantlets. He also let out all of his Pokemon, letting them sleep.

"Good Night." Gear said. He closed the door sliently.


Avalon was almost to his own room, after putting Axium to sleep, but the figure in front of the door, floating three feet above the floor, stopped him. "Avalon, you told him what he needed to know, right?" Zeph said.

"Of course. He needed to have additonal proof as to Avonu, but otherwise, we're good." Avalon said.

"...Are you sure Arceus won't retaliate? You did disobey orders." Zeph blurted out, as though he had a hard time saying it.

"He said it himself: It was an absolute miracle I existed in the first place. I think he'll take it somewat well. Besides, It's up to Axium to determine lies from truth, regardless of how correct he is...But no matter what, he'd eventually have to hear stuff like that..." Avalon said. Zeph floated aside, as Avalon entered his own room...He closed the door.

"...Avalon...You know, he's not exactly giving you that much credit..." Lesha said, worming her way out of Avalon's cloak at last. "But...That's not what I'm concerned about."

"Then what would that be?" Avalon asked. Lesha, when nobody else was around, was oftentimes the voice of reason, regardless of how much she agreed with Avalon on doing the most insane things.

"Semaj. He's not exactly cool with Axium..."

Avalon thought about that too. "Funny...I was thinking about that, too. That they're on the opposite sides of the playing feild will only amplify the conflict between them, but I hope the conflict ends before it turns to the point that Semaj will not care about how much he will destroy in the process of destroying Axium..." Avalon said. "Basically, we're dealing with a time bomb, and we know how to dewire it exactly, but we've only got so much time to do it in...

"...I don't think that's going to work, Avalon..."

Avalon took in the prophetic tone of Lesha's words. Natural for her job of being a Legend Envoy...Nevertheless, he didn't let that haunt him as he slept...Not like what would happen if the Arbiters won did...

...In a sense, Avalon seriously wished that the Arbiters were actually right, and could unaminously prove that there was a Paradise equal to Heaven, without so much as a shadow of a shadow of doubt...

...Then he wouldn't have to fight them, really. But that wasn't the case...


Both Gear and Avalon had a lot of explaining to do. However, not as much as Pandora.

"...And those two brats stabbed me! Heh, they thought I had a heart at all...At least they didn't know that!" Pandora finished, after a whole lot of explaining as to the nature of Semaj and Axium, and what happened during the fight between them up to Lilith's arrival.

Avonu thought...Surely they were like Gear and Avalon, only helping in dire situations, never in any other...However, as they escaped, presumably into Avalon's or Gear's arms...One of them-or both of them-had basically gained a valuable peice to their forces...

"It is of the utmost importance that we make sure we make conflict between the Coganan guard and Eon Sky's forces as much as possible, and try to actually strike them when they are divided. This only changed the game by bringing in another valuable peice...Though now we, the Arbiters, must now make sure that we start to take those peices...We must separate them, and kill them individually. The last thing that can happen is for Gear to come into friendly contact with Avalon enough so that he is given doubt about the truth of my words...If we do not bury the word Avalon says, Gear will listen, and he will eventually accept it as the truth, and if that happens, nothing will save us." Avonu said.

"So basically, we keep to the original tactics-keep them fighting each other, kill them off when they're apart, and get allies for the cause...And Avalon is still our number one." Plaugitroz said. He honestly didn't care about the fact that he owed five bucks to Agravit.

"One question, Holy Preist. Where be my brother? Blizzard, I believe his name is now? Where is he?" Quake asked. Blizzard's brother liked the fact that they worked together better than most every other Arbiter. He also prided himself in the fact that he looked the most like his father, Plaugitroz.

"If he isn't here, it can be presumed that he lost faith, cannot come, or, if it is the worst case...Then like your other siblings, he is now a heratic, a tratior to our cause...But that is only one option of three. Ultimately, what he does when we find him next shall determin his stance..." Avonu said. Quake's face fell.

"To address us all in a general term, tell our armies nothing has changed. Our goal remains, as do our tactics." Avonu said, addressing the whole of them generally. "Tell them this, and remain strong in our faith. Paradise shall come, and we shall bring it!" Avonu said. They dissapeared, all of them, until two remained.

Those two were Quake and Plaugitroz. As Blizzard's brother and father, respectively, they were shocked at the idea of Blizzard losing faith, or becoming a tratior...But neither spoke a word of it. They too, went off to tell their forces...


Arceus...The Alpha Pokemon...Who was he, really?

Uxie thought to herself, in Auxity cavern. She wasn't one to dawdle upon things for too long. She seeked knowledge in every aspect, not just one. She was knowledge. But she knew she wasn't all of it, lest she lose her will to live. What is there in life, to just know all, and do nothing.

She thought...About Arceus...The Alpha Pokemon...

...It occured to her that she never saw Arceus create anything. Not once did she see him make something. Yet everyone said he made the world, making him God.

Nor did she see him ever alter something of his own accord, which, as God, he should be able to. An excellent instance would be the Arbiters...When they were currently all here, why not just alter them into some lower form of being, so that they'd lose their armageddic thoughts, because they couldn't really think armageddic thoughts?

...That was enough for that subject. She must invest her thought elseware...
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

(Shame I couldn't come up with a better title than this.)

Chapter 17-Overload

Arceus was...Well, Arceus. The king of all Pokemon, case closed.

However...He reffered to himself as king, not god. For good reason.

Shamefully, he wasn't god. He didn't make Pokemon. Nor does he know what did. He was simply born to guide the rest, and use his powers to make sure that Pokemon do not go too far down the wrong path...

...It was a shame that everything else believed otherwise...Nor could he keep authority if he told anyone.

So he simply sat...Uxie had thought about him last night...She was starting to connect the dots...Furthermore, Uxie would know if he simply erased her memory of the thought...

...Uxie...What was he to do? Mersprit knows much, and Azelf (or rather, Axium) should start to learn much as well, yet Mersprit seems to have taken it in well, and Axium is taking what he's learining in well too...But Arceus had his doubts about Uxie...She was like one of those AI things humans make, an artificial mind, meant to have little or no emotion whatsoever...

Or was it because of the Knowledge that made her emotionless?


...He looked at the books. The pedestals of the fourteen Books. The book of Creation, the book of Chronologic, the book of Dimensions, the book of Antimatter...The book of Thought, the book of Rebirth, the book of Illusions, the book of Dreams...the book of Mountains, the book of Oceans, the book of Weather, the book of Meadows, and the book of Miracles...Each one owned by a specific Legendary Pokemon: Arceus owned the first, Dialga the second, Palkia the third, Giratina the fourth, Lugia the fifth, Ho-oh the sixth, Darkrai the seventh...Jirachi owned the eighth, Groudon the ninth, Kyogre the tenth, Rayquaza the eleventh, Shaymin the twelth, and Mew the thirteenth...

...The fourteenth, the book of Justice, wasn't here. It was someone else's, and as such, he had a right to the secrets inside...


Axium had slept from three to eleven in the morning...He got up at eleven, usually greeted by a timer far previous this, but without one, wound up awaking at the usual time he does on weekends-eleven.

But...His awakening proved that it wasn't a dream at all...Final proof. He was still in the ship.

And now, his logic was jumbled up. He knew Azelf's powers, but outside of that...Nothing. Very little-even what he knew before-was now being questioned. The reality he thought he knew was turned into nothingness...He tried to make sense of it all-again-and...Well...Even when sorted correctly...Axium was still highly confused about it all.

"...urr...uhh...huh?" A voice said. It was...Exactly...Like...Axium's...

Save that it failed to be his own. None of his Pokemon failed to share a similar tone with Axium. He turned to his right-

...Now he REALLY was hallucinating. There it was...There HE was...Azelf, lying on the bed.

Considering Axium was now Azelf, then Azelf couldn't be here. However...Axium noticed that Azelf was somewhat transparent...Azelf looked confused, too.

"Where am I?" Azelf said. He wasn't looking at Axium, though he must have noticed him somehow, for he turned backwards...

"Uhh...Do you know what's going on? Because I don't." Azelf said.

"I don't either." Axium replied.

"I'm glad to see someone's awake."

Axium looked up, at Avalon, sitting in the chair opposite him.

"Avalon! Can you explain this?!" Axium asked.

"If you are seeing Azelf...Merr...I dunno, I heard from Zeph that if something shares an essence, it's common for one to see it after it's dead...Otherwise, you got me. Either way, I don't see it. Or him. Or, if some huge misconseption occured, her." Avalon said, mind-reading the situation.

Axium and Azelf looked at each other for a few moments...Neither spoke.

"I'd advise talking with telepathy, because it does get akward when you talk to what appears to be, to everyone else, thin air." Avalon added.

"Now then! One thing before we get started with your training, and it's rather obvious: Food. Now, this'll seem like a lot..." Avalon said, taking a plate off a desk Axium didn't immediatly see. He uncovered it, and inside was enough food, prepared in such a way that it looked fit for the queen.

Axium just gawked at it: Eggs, scrambled, over easy, hard boiled, Bacon, toast, Grapefruit, milk and lemonade. This was TOO much food for one twelve-year old kid to eat...

"Now, don't even think that! Volteers have one weakness: We use energy in ANY task more than a regular person's, so we have to eat more. In the case of a Major-rank...You could eat seconds. Of this." Avalon said.

"Uhh...Are you sure?" Axium said. It still looked like a lot.

"I've got no personal experiance myself, but let me tell you, I've seen Volteers eat...They call 'a decent meal' enough for a Snorlax to be satisfied." Azelf said.

Axium decided to start eating...

...Dang, whoever made this cooked good...

...It took a few minutes for Axium to finish it off, and he didn't even realize that he was done already, and, as Avalon perdicted, was still a little hungry...

"I suppose we need to get your lazy butt of the bed and into training! You should, by instinct, know how to work your powers as Azelf and use the Will of the Storm...But you've got squat as per Volteer Powers." Avalon said. "We're almost to Orre, but training should start now...On the basics, of course!" Avalon added. "Now then, what did Gravv give you as per the nature of your powers?"

"Uhh...He said I was peaked in Psychic energy, I was above average in Time energy, better-but not the best-in Kinetic, Light was average, Space was a little below average, and dark was weak, but there." Axium said.

"We'll start in Psychic, then. I figured that you'd be good in Psychic, considering...Well, you know." Avalon said. "One more thing."


"Picklesburg." Avalon said without regard as to how silly that was.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!!" Scyez yelled anxiously, waking up at once. She then looked around some, realized that everything was right in the world, and jumped upon Axium's hair, and started gnawing on it again.


<"Eccentric. I know. Some girl called Maria told me."> Axium thought. Azelf seemed to know what he thought, as though he said it.

"...By Maria, do you mean Maria Tirpsrem?" Azelf said, looking a little curious.

<"How did you know?"> Axium thought, astounded by his knowledge of that fact.

"A wild guess." Azelf said. "Minus the fact that Mersprit's my sister, and I know what her name is when going around, interacting with humans, appearing as a Human." He added, making his first phrase sarcastic.

Axium actually didn't care THAT much that he just realized that he received Scyez from Mersprit, who used a Psychic illusion to do so.

Avalon took the clean (of food) plate off of Axium's stomach. Axium hopped out of bed.

"Wait. Almost forgot." Avalon said.

"...What?" Axium asked.

"I said we'd watch that tape in the morning, no?" Avalon said.

Axium got a little glum. Avonu was basically a public hero. He couldn't imagine such a thing like him being the head of a Armageddon-worshiping cult.

"I've seen and heard more depressing things." Avalon said.

"Like what?" Axium asked.

"I've heard that the thing that would take me home costed over trillions of dollars...At it's cheapest." Avalon said. "Come on." Avalon added, getting up from his chair and beckoning to Axium to follow. Axium obeyed...What other choice did he have? Besides, it's only a video. And what if he's right?


Avalon led Axium to a room...Inside this room...There was a TV hooked up to a VCR, and two seats, but not much else. Axium woke up his Pokemon, giving them the details of last night's events...They were going to see this too.

Avalon pulled out, from the refines of his cloak, a video tape, and stuck it in the VCR. Meanwhile, Axium seated himself on the left chair. As soon as Avalon was done fiddling with it, he went over to the right seat, and sat down. He held a remote in his hand...And pressed play.

Two guards were positioned around a door inside what appeared to be the office of some important govermental official, though of what government, Axium wasn't sure of. The camera turned around quickly, showing Avonu from a few years back, sitting behind a desk. He was shuffling papers.

"Guard the outside...I wish to be left in privacy, for a few minutes, if you would..." Avonu said to the guards. Without hesitation, they left the room, exiting it from the very door they were guarding.

Avonu remained silent for a few minutes...He was looking over files...

...The camera started to zoom in, when one particular file was being looked at. It was a picture of...Avalon paused it before the camera zoomed in close enough for Axium to identify it.

"I have worked for the government, a few years ago. However...This footage was recorded right there, with me watching it. It's also the reason I would stop." Avalon said.

"What was it like?" Axium asked.

"It was mostly training. I feel that you'll learn best as you go along...But my tutor thought differently, and as such, more training for me." Avalon said, before resuming the video.

Avalon's face was shown, although it looked a few years younger...He looked like him, save the slight differences in eye and hair color, and the freckles...And lack of cuts...

Avonu said nothing until he was almost done...

"Interesting...His personality...It should seem compatible with my ideals, if I am correct..." Avonu started. He spoke in a whisper, as though he wouldn't take the chance of someone hearing him.

"...If that would be the case, then I could make him another Loyalist..." Avonu continued... "...But that is only assuming I am correct..."

"And in the case I am compleatly incorrect, and he would rather destroy us than join us...That would be a blow the Arbiters couldn't take..." Avonu said.

Normally, Axium could take a few people lying to him a lot easier. People have done that before to him. However...This was proving that one of the people Axium looked up to was one of those that would savor the deaths of millions...

...Normally, even though it was bad news, and truthfull news at that (Avonu definatly spoke like that in public), Axium could have at least stayed consious...But no. This, on top of everything else, made Axium faint...

Avalon saw him fainting, but he could only catch him before his head came to a painfull thump on the ground. Avalon experianced something similar before, when being taught the same thing...Sometimes people lose consiousness when they have too much mental pressure on their heads. It take them the rest of the trip there for it to pass...But at least Axium would probably get all of his thoughts straight afterwards...

...And figure out what's right and wrong. Avalon would simply guide him, give him what he knew...And that included Avonu's treachary...

Scyez, on the other hand (fortunatly jumping off before Axium started falling), was freaking out, along with Veeret, Hylix, and Bradin.

"AXIUM!! Uhh...Uhh...Noogie Noogie Noogie! Noogie! Nu-Nu-Nu-Nnnnoogie! Come on, wake up! Picklesburg!" Scyez said, in panic, rubbing her paw upon Axium's scalp to attempt to regain consious.

"Scyez, I am compleatly sure that won't wake him up. He must be in shock, or something." Bradin said.

"Yhea, and he was really suprised by that video, too!" Veeret said, basically repeating what Bradin said with more simple words.


Blizzard's ability to hide served him well.

He was still curious as to the kid. He therefore stowed away upon the S.S. Hercules, making sure to keep near rooms that were near the room Avalon and this 'Axium' figure were at.

And now, he was being stalled, by two of the ship's crew, now forcing him to stay put whist Avalon and Axium were out of his sight...And he couldn't hear them at all, they were talking loudly enough.

And they were talking about women. Dear Arceus, women were NOT that complicated. Emotions, and a man's natural desire to appear to have a lack of them, is what complicated things. And these two, obviously...

No matter. Like the guard from last time, all it would take was some motivation...In a dart.

He threw them at their necks in unison, injecting their sleeping solution inside. A few seconds later, they fainted, caught by Blizzard to make sure the 'thump!' wasn't heard by anyone...

Wow, all that stealth to be caught. Avalon was coming out, carrying the unconsious Axium (presumably) in his arms, followed by what could be considered as Axium's Pokemon.

Avalon stared him down furiously for a few minutes...Then that heavy amount of Psychic power Avalon was known to have alloted him to see Blizzard's reasons...And that they weren't dead.

"You could have just walked on, you know..." Avalon said.

"I didn't know if he was of the Coganan Guard." Blizzard replied. "One can't be too cautious, you know." He added.

Avalon sighed, but continued walking. Blizzard followed, leaving the two men that he knocked out be. They'd come to in a few hours.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

(There was a delay on this, I know!)

Chapter 18-Ambush

Axium's unconsious state made no sense to him. It was jumbled up, making no sense at all. He was glad he woke up at all.

Axium bolted up, finally realizing he was consious, and absorbed his surroundings. It looked like he was inside an APC. It wasn't much, actually, other than the heat and the bumps the vehicle made. He was curious where he was-there were no windows.

However, he was suddenly hugged, from the side, something that made Axium jump. He turned around in suprise, to see Maria Tirpsrem, Aka Mersprit, looking at him like she was his mother.

Axium didn't feel mad that Maria was Mersprit...If anything, her being here made Axium feel good...It was more by the fact he was Azelf than anything, though.

"I'm glad your OK. I was seriously worried when I heard that you fainted, and wasn't exactly pleased when Avalon took it in stride...And took that along for the ride..." Mersprit said, staring at the man opposite her.

Blizzard (the man opposite her) simply ignored it.

"Who's he?" Axium asked.

"Blizzard. A former Arbiter. He's on our side, but I still can't take that two-timing cheater!" Mersprit said, still staring at Blizzard.

"If he is willing to help, let him. That's what I said, and what Avalon said." A voice said. Uxie's voice. Axium looked at the being opposite him.

Axium couldn't believe this was Uxie, had she not been emenating the same comforting presence. She, in complete contrast to Mersprit (who's disguise still looked an abundant load like herself), could blend into any crowd whatsoever without attracting attention. Brunnet hair, Blue eyes in practically a squint (the only hint), a pink T-Shirt displaying skitty playing with yarn, short jeans, rather regular sneakers...That this was the human face of knowledge was almost startling. The name 'Lonnie Avan' Came to mind, signaling to Axium that was the alias she went under.

Uxie payed him no heed after that glimpse, and simply went back to staring at her fingers.

Axium looked down, and saw his Pokemon: Hylix curled up in his lap, napping, Bradin sitting on the floor, looking discontent with each bump they went over, and Veeret, sitting next to Axium, staring. And judging from the warm sensation on his head, Scyez was on it, nibbling the hair upon it.

Axium looked around. The only other person here, the one sitting opposite of Veeret, was a guy that looked to be in his early teens, with brown, curly hair, grown messily all over, with regular skin color, a few freckles here and there, with short jeans, blue sneakers, and...

...And a Jacket and Shirt combo that made this guy look a bit like a Manaphy...

This guy kept to himself, and this time, nobody answered to Axium's confusion.

The ride continued in silence...Until the semi-faint sound of a phone set to rumble was heard. The mystery teen reached into his pocket, pulled out a phone, and answered it.

"Ohh crud!" He said, shoving the phone back in his pocket hastily. "Brace yourselves!" He yelled, before Axium could ask what.

Axium got ready for whatever it was-

A loud noise, followed by the shrapnel of the APC, sand, fire, and Arceus-knows-what-else, was all Axium could register, as he was sent flying, tumbling, falling, barreling, twisting, hurting...


Axium regained consious, somewhere sandy, hot, and loud. Gunfire, explosions, high winds, and other indistinguishable noises were present. Axium tried to get up, but pain shot through at every angle. The explosion took a lot out of him.

"Wake up! Arbiter Ambush!" A voice went. Axium was still trying to get up. He hurt all over. He didn't open his eyes, the sun was blinding enough.

"Comeon, wake up, they'll kill you if they see you like this!" The voice said again. This time, Axium managed to right himself fully, and open his eyes.

This place was a desert, and it was one in the middle of war. Blood was pretty much everywhere, as were the coarpses of two men, who wore purple and white robes. Their weapons-a Crossbow and a Sword-lay a few feet from their bodies. Axium's veiw, however, was upon the person that woke him.

The voice was the same of the mystery teen that was in the van with him, but now, he was a full-blown manaphy, minus the odd triangular mark around his left eye. He wore a belt, upon which two blades rested, mirror images of the other, save that one was pure white, the other pure black. Also alien to Manaphy's image-the flaps on the flippers they had, giving him something similar to wings.

Axium judged that he was currently Azelf, based on the fact that he wasn't taller than him. Pushing that aside, Axium found his spear, laying on the ground where the Manaphy was standing.

"Found that for you." The Manaphy said as Axium touched it. The spear instantly shrank to fit his new size. Axium picked it up without question, and held it properly. "Your gonna need it." He added.

Axium would ask the questions after this was over...A man spotted him from the distance. Axium levitated upward, hoping to gain some leverage. The Manaphy, coated in a thin layer of water, also went upwards, though Axium didn't know how that worked (and didn't care currently). The man was wearing the same robes as the two dead in the area, and was weilding a Crossbow...

"For the Arbiters!" He yelled, in a tone that made it seem like he didn't mean it. Axium tried something: To use that Willpower control he had against this man, make him fight his own kind. However, after a brief blue flash, he was still charging, and something in his mind said that didn't work at all.

It then said that he was immune to his ability, and something nearby was jamming it's power, and numbing his mind.

Axium had no time, he had already taken aim. He threw the spear...

...Well, he thought of throwing it, however, his body did something different-It slapped the bottom of the spear.

A 'Will of the Storm' was heading towards the man, and a 'Will of the Storm' was in Axium's hands. Whatever he did, he did it right. This instinct thing was helping...A lot. Otherwise, Axium would stand little chance.

The spear made impact with him before he could fire, and when he did, the pain must have forced him to make a wrong move, his fire inches from Axium's head...But he still felt it. That arrow was notoriously close.

Then the spear in the man's chest exploded, without accord. His bodily parts were tossed about...Axium didn't want to look at it...

"Dang, your good. For someone that doesn't know squat about Volteerisim, your good." The Manaphy said. "Your lucky, that was only one. A hrode of them is generally why most cities facing the Arbiters are leveled." He added.

"Where's everybody else?" Axium asked. He couldn't feel the presence of Mersprit and Uxie anymore. They weren't close.

"Come on, into the thick of it!" the Manaphy said. "It isn't pretty, but it's where this is really going on." He added.

The Manaphy started going in the direction of where the man came from. Axium, with no real clue, followed.

However...After they crossed the first dune...Axium realized how strong Volteers were. Until now, he thought it was something similar to what strong Pokemon could do.


The Arbiters were practically being torn to peices by the frontal forces, which consisted of only so many. However, it was apparent that numbers would be far from the winning variable in this battle.

Blizzard, Mersprit, Uxie, and several other people Axium didn't know about were obliverating the oncoming warriors on the ground, ruthlessly tearing into their hides. Blizzard was using a tactic of freezing a lot of Arbiters at once, and destroying the ice with explosives, killing those frozen. Mersprit and Uxie, now in their true forms, weren't even bothering with the tactic of changing their emotions/knowledge, and instead were using psychic abilities to throw them around. Another girl was using vines and plants to wipe out every last Arbiter that came near, whist avoiding her allies. One person was using the sand as a weapon, whipping his whips into the ground, and sending out a lash of sand, which seemed to be very powerful. And there were countless other techniques being used.

Without warning, the Manaphy shoved down on Axium's head, lowering himself too, and for good reason-an Arbiter with a spear was very close to stabbing Axium, but was stopped abruptly by a sword coming through him. Axium realized that the sword was quite different-it was separated from the other parts of itself, glowed a dark indigo, and reminded him of stars, no matter what else he thinked of it besides that.

The owner of the blade was...No, that couldn't be...Could it?

Yes, that was Avalon. However, aside from the Mark on his right backhand that reminded Axium of stars as well, seemingly connected to the blade, rather than being held...Avalon took quite the metamorphasis in form.

Although Avalon retained a human appearance, he now bore lighter skin, with fewer blemishes, but now a very dark indigo triangle was upon his forehead, pointind downward. He also realized that some sort of thing was coating Avalon head-to-toe, something like a down on the Legendary Lati Twins...But whatever Avalon was now, it wasn't either. Neither Lati Twin had such dark indigo skin, which seemed to connect to him like an armor.

Avalon's face also bore some resemblance to The Lati Twins-His eyes were bigger, and more bright, given some unknown light behind them. They also had a color in it, new to them-Avalon's hazel eyes now mixed in blue, making a beautiful color that Axium wasn't focused on.

However, shoving all that aside, the biggest change, by far, was the addition of not two, but six jet-like wings to his back. Only two were positioned like one of the Lati Twins were, like a jet-the other four were more linear with Avalon's body, straight down it. The sword-like wings were almost impossible to miss.

Axium focused not on that, despite how much it pained him not to ask what happened. Avalon was too quick for that, anyways, now resuming his flight upwards, shaking the coarpse off the sword, and flying upwards like a bullet, taking on single-handedly the swarm of airborn Arbiters, flying on angelic wings Axium realized were there.

Axium quickly realized how limited of a help he'd be in at this size. He wasn't so sure if pure human would allow him to float, and considering the fact that half the invading forces could fly, and only Avalon was facing them, help there would be appreciated by him.

Axium focused very quickly on the half-Pokemon half-human description that was his only insight into the Pokemorph form that he could take...White flash, Pitch black, White flash, back to the real world...

Axium definatly realized the differences from being just human or just Azelf. Although he knew his feet were on the ground, and he had a human posture, the presence of two tails were still evident. Axium's spear fortunatly grew back to the original size, now mirroring Axium slightly. This revealed that he still had Azelf's eyes...And the red gem was sticking out of his forehead...

"...Uhh, Axium? You do realize that the Arbiters can wipe you from existance if their weapons connect, right? Avalon was going to train you well over before you got into that stu-Axium?!" the Manaphy helplessly said, as Axium flew upwards, levitating towards Avalon, hoping to help. The Manaphy followed suit, trying in vain to convince Axium out of what was basically suicide.


Pandora, even with a large strike team and the assistance of two other loyalists, was still losing. However...She struck gold in the lucky sighting of Axium going upwards, in pursuit of her arial troops...

"Alright, This is MY strike team, so here's how this is going to work! You, Agravit! You've been waiting to clobber a few heads, right?"

"Hell yhea." Agravit said, being his usuall masculine self.

"WAIT'S OVER! Sic 'em, boy!" Pandora said, allowing Agravit to rush ahead. He got his spiked sheild out, ready to clobber some heads.

"And what of I? I am not-"

"Quake! You do as I say! It's my-"

"I'm higher-ranked than you. Therefore, it's MY strike team." Quake said, also being his masculine self, save that he was much smarter.

"Really? Well, who do they listen to? You, or Me? ME, DUNDERHEAD! Besides, Agravit can take care of your brother. Go get them, or be the one to take credit when we FAIL!" Pandora said, stating the truth. Quake looked at Pandora threateningly, but when that failed, turned around and went towards the chaos.

Pandora smirked. She got Avalon and Axium all to herself. Payback time.

...Axium was the weak point. Target him. That's what Avonu said. The planet goes with Axium, so it was wise to take out a figure that would take out Avalon and his forces with it, rather than simply attack Avalon head-on.

Then again, it was better to do it now, then let Axium get potentially stronger than Avalon.

Pandora got airborn, using her power over wind, her fans ready. The minimal secrecy she took in public was now gone. And that secrecy was the strict reason she held back.

No holding back now!
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

(If people have been waiting to read this, well, sorry for the major delay for a small chapter.)

Chapter 19-Loss

Axium's attempt to go upwards to help Avalon with the swarm of angel-like warriors was going well, even with Zeph's attempts to tug at his leg.

...But suddenly, Axium realized that he was no longer levitating.

In fact, Axium was going at about the same speed he was going up, except that his direction was the opposite way-down.

Axium also noticed that almost every Arbiter swarming Avalon was also going down, all at various speeds. Only Avalon kept airborn, in fact.

Crashing into the dune was a much softer thing than he anticipated, fortunate that there weren't any rocks under it. The sand did get into his clothes, however.

Moreover, the Arbiters that swarmed Avalon from before were now compleatly down. Most were half-stuck in the sand, some were in up to their heads, and some were only up to their knees.

Axium got up, Zeph taking the opportunity to burst up from beneath him. So did the Arbiters that were able to get out of their sandy holes.


Without warning, Axium was startled and blinded by a rapid series of explosions with no orgin. Out of everything he went through in the period of time between now and when he first woke up as Azelf...This ranked second out of the most scary things he's ever seen, second only to Pandora's ruthless killing.

...Fortunatly, the explosions were where the Arbiters landed, not where Axium was. Blinking to get the sand out of his eyes, the scene he saw was a bloody massacre. He wasn't too tempted to shed a tear, however. These people willingly wanted to kill him!

In the place of the attacking Arbiters, a rather pissed-off Avalon, still in that half-Something-like-a-Latios form, stood.

"Axium, What the heck are you doing here?!" Avalon asked, as though he didn't know he was in the desert at all.

"I wanted to help." Axium said, stating his stand.

"...OK, I'll let you..." Avalon said. "IF!!" He suddenly added, managing to stop Axium from saying anything else. "If you know what, exactly, you are facing, and you know exactly how to deal with them." Avalon said.

"And Guess what?" Avalon asked.

"What?" Axium asked.

"You don't." Avalon said. "I will rarely put you against a foe that you don't know anything about...The Arbiters are one of them." Avalon said. "...OK, in honest truth, I think that's the other way around, It's rare I'll tell you about a foe before you fight him...But the Arbiters are an exception to that." Avalon said, changing his mind on that.

"I still want-"

"Go find your Pokemon." Avalon said.

"What?" Axium asked.

"Do you know where they are?" Avalon asked.

"...No. But these Balls keep Pokemon in a barrier. They couldn't have gone far from me." Axium said. "I can return them from here, too." He added.

"Really? Must've gotten upgrades to them I didn't know about...Well, return them!" Avalon said, finally proving to Axium that Avalon didn't know everything he did and more. Axium pressed one of the PokeBalls.

A stream of red light, coming from behind Avalon, streamed towards the ball, and sealed. Axium pressed the second one.

A stream of light, coming from Axium's left, came and rushed towards the ball, and sealed. Axium pressed the third one.

Axium pressed the third one again.

Axium pressed it again.

He pressed it again.

He pressed it-

"OH DEAR ARCEUS, JUST DO THE FOURTH ONE!" Avalon said, actually torn between laughter and frustration with the thoughts Axium was thinking.

Axium pressed the fourth one, and a stream of red light came from behind the dune he was on, and bounded towards the ball, and sealed.

Axium resumed pressing the third one again and again and again.

After what seemed like fifty or so presses, Axium realized it-The PokeBall was damaged.

He quickly released his Pokemon, the three he had.

The first one was Veeret. She popped out, sporting multiple gashes, but was OK.

The second one was Hylix. He popped out, showing a large slash mark on his back. He was a little grumpy, but safe. Axium was worrying. The last ball contained either Bradin or Scyez. He pressed it.

The Pokemon inside was...Scyez. She was, unlike Veeret and Hylix, compleatly intact. She took a quick look around, and then turned to Axium.

"I don't like being in PokeBalls!" She said. Saying nothing more, she jumped back onto Axium's head, and resumed merrily chewing on his hair.

Bradin...Dear Arceus, that was from his Grandparents...He cried a bit, ignoring the sounds of war, cried for his lost Pokemon.

"Bradin..." Veeret said, looking very down. Hylix, in contrast, looked like he was out of jail, seeing the first beam of sunlight after thirty years. However, he said nothing, and kept this look to himself.

"...I understand it's hard on you." Avalon said, coming over and holding him.

"He was from my grandparents..." Axium said sadly.

"..." Avalon said nothing.

He was more torn than he looked. Axium was barely into the whole Volteer thing when one of his prized Pokemon was lost, doomed to either wander the desert, hoping to be rescued, or...worse.

...Axium looked up.

...He blinked. It was either Dehydration, or Pandora, the crazy Arbiter from before, was floating, without wings or any source he could see...She looked as insane and foregin as before, and now added even more malice into those eyes.

Avalon looked up in response, and stood up quite quickly after he made out the figure.

He then took off, without hesitation, taking Axium in his arms, making off like a bullet, flying away from Pandora's immediate next action-Throwing two fans at the sand, making an explosion of Arbitarian energy, which quickly devoured the dune.

"UGHH! Can't you just SIT STILL?!" Pandora histarically screamed.

Avalon shot a Luster Purge at the crazy Loyalist, but she easily got out of the way.

"I'm about as likely as you are!" Avalon yelled back. "And hands off!" He added, holding Axium tighter.

"I'm not going to strangle him, that would be too much effort!" Pandora said, making her very rare intimidation of a regular girl. "Besides, Beheadding him sounds so much more...simple!" She added.


The Ground forces were finished. Considering the firepower they were using against them, it was easier than you'd think.

However...When the remainder got out of the way, Blizzard had a feeling he'd be greeted by Loyalists, making their final 'change your mind or die right now' speech.

Sure as gold, Agravit, the hulking idiot from Sparta, complete with greek-looking armor, rushed towards the Volteers, sheild raised. Behind him...

...That was Quake...

...His brother was heading away from him, more towards the direction of his allies, his staff out. However, Agravit was going straight for him, and the only person nearby, Natalie.

Agravit slid the rest of the way, throwing his sheild down in front of him and jumping on, causing the sheild to slide at ridiculous speeds.

This was like bullfighting. Blizzard simply sidestepped the simple Agravit, who had as much sense for strategy as a bull.

However, in Agravit's mind, strategy wasn't anything more than a plan, which he was never good at. However, this man was quite the leathal one, for one who went into every battle headfirst...Because it was rare that he wasn't the last one standing.

It wasn't as if he was totally brainless either...In fact, his 'brainless idiot' status was relative to the Arbiters, who were usually very smart.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

I'll be taking a hiatus. Need the breath.

Expect posting on weekend.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Chapter 20-Volteerisim

Pandora's nature as a predator was quite evident. She attempted to strike Axium while he was crying over the loss of one of his Pokemon.

Avalon couldn't tolerate her or any other Arbiter like that. Really, nobody could tolerate any Arbiter period.

Pandora 'slid' down to the Dune, at a slow pace, so that she wouldn't die from impact. She still looked like a maniac, but something was wrong. She didn't leave the air when dealing with her more experianced foes. Avalon and Zeph qualified for 'experianced foes.'

"Hey, It's your lucky day, Axium!" Pandora said.


"I'm only offering this once!" Pandora added.


"Join the Arbiters, and I'll let you live!"

Avalon presumed Axium's answer, by sending an explosive duplicate of his spear at Pandora, which she dodged compleatly, was a 'no.'

The trio of Avalon, Axium and Zeph charged at the Loyalist, now on top of the remainders of the dune, but none of them expected a sandstorm to intervene. While they sheilded their eyes, and while Avalon used a Kinetic pulse to stop the sandstorm, Pandora took the opportunity to resume floating.

She pulled out two fans from her sleeves, and did the usuall Arbiter trick of cutting herself-in this case, she used her legs. Had they not been Arbiter weapons, that would have been pointless.

The Fans, originally colored Black and Blood red, and describing the most gruesome symbols ever seen, direct from hell unto itself, Now turned compleatly black, with only one symbol, made of purple lines-The symbol of the Arbiters, a Large eye with three circles in a triangluar pattern around it. The fans were now also smoking a black gas.

As if she couldn't make enough of them out of thin air...She had to carry around those.

She threw them, both of them, separated, at Axium. Avalon knew it would be hopeless to try to stop the Kinetic flow-the current state of the fans meant that they couldn't be destroyed. Avalon had the fortune of Axium's instinct, being able to block both fans.

But that was just a warm-up throw, Avalon knew...


Gear was tired. Teaching Semaj Volteerisim wasn't as easy as he thought. He wasn't like most young Volteers, who were either quite eager or nervous about using their powers. Semaj wasn't either of those. He was dead serious, and rather indifferent to Gear's condition (Or maybe too hasty, but wasn't in a good mood.) As a result, they made more progress than expected, but at the cost of Gear's injury. Bruised, scratched, and sore all over, Gear threw in the towel early, actually, so he could take a warm bath...

...Still, he was more into becoming part of the Coganan Guard than Storm was, and Storm was both his mentor, very gullible, and the only person to have run away at the age of six to join the Guard (then called the Pesse Interdimensional Guard, or PIG). And the reason why he run away because he was all to fascinated by the idea of becoming one that he ditched his parents the instant he could think straight.

He'd be just like Storm, minus being gullible, and just like Gravv, minus the other Volteer powers Gravv never had.

...He was sorry Gravv died. Torn in two by Pandora...That proved that the Arbiters were always a threat, even when given enough of a crushing that they could be compared to a cockroach being crushed by a boot.


He was in the tub and everything! Now what?!

"Gimmie a minute, I'm in the tub!" Gear yelled back at Semaj, while exiting the bath.


Axium didn't realize how powerful Volteerisim really was until now.

He was suprised Arceus let it exist.

Pandora was currently creating a huge tube out of sand, and was linking it with a purple energy that made Axium think 'demonic.' It twisted and turned, and formed into a giant dragon, made entierly of sand. It might have attacked him, but Avalon blew it up with a large burst of pink electricity. The weird energy then attempted to strike Pandora, but she made a massive wall of fans to block it, and the weird pink energy died out.

The fans then broke apart, and proceeded to slice Axium to bits, but he was saved by Zeph making a huge tornado, blowing them away. One stray fan was still going, but Axium blocked it.

Zeph then used Water Pulse, but Pandora tore into the attack with the wind, and hurled it at the ground, letting it seep through the sand.

"Where's your game?!" Pandora screamed. "I thought that you'd be less predictable!" She added.

She then, at once, shut up. But not by choice. It was more likely the sudden growth of Vines that sprouted from where Pandora carelessly threw the water. She was being strangled, and quite badly. However, a indigo-colored energy suddenly appeared, and danced on the plants, which withered quickly afterwards.

Pandora looked quite mad after that.

She put the two Black-Smoke Fans together, and sent them at the group. Considering what happened the last time two fans were put together, Axium tried running away-

But then found himself airborne. Avalon was flying upwards, gripping his shirt like iron. He let go, and found himself hovering. Zeph was also floating.

Axium looked down, and realized time slowed-The fan was going at a quarter of the speed it should have, and Pandora threw that thing pretty fast.

However, time quickly resumed regular speed after a few seconds, and the ground where the fans were quickly exploded.

Axium realized that he left his Pokemon on the ground. He was about to cry more, but Avalon was grinning, holding two PokeBalls in his face. He realized that they had a Pokemon in them each, just by looking at the center (It has a little light to indicate if it had a Pokemon in it or not, and it blinked when it had one). Scyez was also still present on his hair.

"Ghhhrghrhughhhrugh...GAHHH!!! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING?!" Pandora screamed.

"This is fun! You just don't want to admit getting your **s kicked is fun!" Avalon yelled, looking more like a maniac than Pandora. Both of those things only seemed to make her even more furious.

"Axium, this is why Avalon is never the voice of reason." Zeph said, in a much more calm and collected tone.

Zeph shot more Water Pulses at the ground, while Avalon made a Mist Ball-What gender was he, anyway?!-And threw it at Pandora. She blocked it, but the down was enough to stop her from seeing properly.

A fan came shooting through the mass of down, and was heading straight for...Thin air, actually. It missed entierly. However, the down was now gone from Pandora's eyesight, and four more fans were flinged at the group, this time much more accurately. Avalon put his arm out in front of him, and moved it as though he was sliding his hand amoung a surface in response. The fans hit where Avalon's hand rubbed against, but no further-A wall was made there, invisible.

"Can't say I'm not good at mime." Avalon said.

Pandora grabbed a belt from behind her back, looking fit to burst. The belt, as anything else, had PokeBalls on it. They were black, with a similar pattern to the smoking black fans on it, in purple. She picked the one on the top, and chucked it at a fan that appeared in the no-mans land between her and her adversaries.

In response, out came a Honchkrow...However, the white parts were purple, and the symbol on the Fans and Ball was also present on his hat-like crest. He grinned in a malicious way, as though the bunch he looked upon were very stupid, and just did something funny.

"Heheheheheheh...herherherher..." The Honchkrow laughed.

"KILL THEM! MAFIA, I WANT THEIR BODY TORN IN PEICES!!!" Pandora yelled. The whites of her eyes were no longer present at this point.

"With pleasure!" Mafia responded. He proceeded towards the group, and emitted a orange-red wave in the process...Heat Wave.

Zeph used another Water Pulse, but it evaporated with the heat, and Axium felt how bad it was to get hit by one...And it felt very, very bad. It was like getting a really bad sunburn, and having every part of it touched all at once.

Scyez reacted to that. She bravely jumped from Axium's head to Mafia's back, striking it with a Focus punch, charged in midair. Mafia was thrown downwards at the force, but was far from being grounded.

Pandora only looked more furious as Scyez continued to pummel Mafia, the bird unable to focus on anything other than the bipedal aura puppy that kept hitting him.

"I WILL KILL YOU! STOMP ON YOUR CORPSE, RIP IT TO PEICES AND CRUSH YOUR HEART, ALL OF YOU!!!" Pandora yelled. She threw fans at Axium, who blocked it expertly.

Axium thought that she could have simply thrown Scyez off...He still didn't understand Volteerisim fully.


Agravit was putting up a better fight than usuall...As he was coming closer to hitting than usuall. As if he hit at all.

Blizzard's evasion served him well, sidestepping every thrust of the sheild Agravit used while Natalie attempted to stab him in the back. She accomplished this task a few times now...But Agravit showed how tough he was in managing to take that.

Agravit decided to throw his sheild at Blizzard just then, and Blizzard had to backflip to avoid it. Regardless, the fire Blizzard sent at Agravit would serve as a counterattack. Agravit still ignored every ounce of pain sent at him, even while burning up-literally. He didn't even bother to put the flames out.

The rock-skinned neanderthal was an agravation...Henceforth his name, Agravit.

...His thoughts started to drift out to how Axium was doing against Pandora. With Avalon around, that would probably be 'very well.' She was a smart woman, and capable of killing the Coganan Guard's elite (If not Eon Sky members or Coganan Knights), but was always trumped, every time, by Avalon, in every encounter.

The issue now was that the Arbiters seemed to be stronger and smarter than before.

...But he shoved it aside, to dodge an attack that would have shoved him into a steep dune.
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Default Re: W I L L (PG13 for Violence)

Axium was finding it hard to believe that Pandora would make any comeback whatsoever. With Avalon and Zeph countering every attack she threw at them, Himself being able to block her fans, and Scyez kicking Mafia's butt (and punching his back), It seemed like Pandora was out of options...

...Until Pandora made a huge gale. The gale came from behind her, so sand got picked up in it, making a sandstorm. Axium, suddenly buffeted by the massive amount of wind and sand, lost his grip of the spear, and wound up highly disoriented of his surroundings.

"Find It!"

That was all the inspiration he needed. Axium sought ground, regardless of the harsh winds and massive amounts of airborne sand. He had difficulty finding ground, the spear was like the sand in color, and he was separated from Avalon and Zeph, probably Pandora's intention, not to mention the pain he took with every step, caused by the sand that now was buried in every last nook of his clothes...No, no, no, don't focus on that stuff, FIND IT!

After what seemed like a painful few minutes of searching, a glint of light casted off of what was surely metal. Axium rushed towards it, trying to reclaim his only defense...

And he held out his hand, and the spear came swiftly to the open palm. Axium clasped it tightly, the Spear feeling right in his hands, feeling like he just found and old friend after his last encounter 5 years ago.

And that feeling was quickly erased by suprise. Pandora suddenly shot down, Scyes following shortly afterwards. Pandora noticed it, and attempted to crush the Riolu underfoot, but Scyes barrel rolled out of harm's way. She didn't retreat to Axium, but instead took a pose (though certianly not an attitude) that suggested battling.


Axium hoped, in the very far back of his mind, that Avalon and Zeph would find him, but only in the very far back of his mind. The rest of it was compleatly focused upon the matter at hand...Stopping Pandora.

Pandora made the first move, attempting to strike with her fan with an overhead blow, but Axium was quick to block it. A second blow with her other fan, coming from the side, was also attempted, but was quickly diverted with the same countermeasure.

Axium attempted to strike Pandora through the heart with the spear, like before, but Pandora caught the spear between her fans, and threw it behind her.

"DON'T TRY TO RESIST! I'LL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE FOR YOU!!!" Pandora yelled, as she tried to slice his head off with one of the fans, but Axium ducked, and retreived the spear, while Pandora looked around wildly, trying to find the foe that slipped under her nose. Said nose was broken quickly after a few seconds, by Scyez, who was never going to give her any rests. The Arbiters basically killed Azelf, she wouldn't have Axium dead.

The massive amount of determination was masked by a face that suggested that she had no clue what was going on, but took it for something incredibly exciting and fun. As usual.

Pandora failed to enjoy a minute of it. It wasn't the sandstorm, she made it, she was smart enough to make sure the sand didn't touch her. It was Axium, and Avalon, and Zeph, and how every attempt she made to kill them all was easily diverted up to this point...And Mafia, a trusted and liked partner, was lost to the sands by the same Riolu that had caused her most recent nosebleed...Not to mention being beaten by a kid wasn't so fun.

Pandora's speech, from here on out, was either too loaded with cussword to be legally mentioned, or too intangible to make out. Or both.

Pandora yelled wild words that Axium couldn't understand, at what seemed to be the highest pitch she could make. Pandora also kicked him out from under her, rolling over into her plain sight. Pandora looked ready to throw a fan at him-

-And he barrel rolled out of harm's way, like Scyez did a few moments ago. The fan quickly shot into the sand, spraying a little upon Axium's eyes, now blinding him. He had to quickly get up, before she tried anything else, he knew...But, as he would later find out, Scyez quickly bit down upon her raised leg, and spit it out at once, spitting out black blood with it.

"Blech! Go get blood-wash, or something!" Scyez said comically, while Pandora attempted to stomp upon the biter, adding the insult of her bad-tasting blood to the injury of her foot. She connected with the blue dog, to her fortune.

However, the same blue dog fought back vigourously, while still keeping her huge grin. She showed incredible power in lifting something many times bigger than herself, and in doing it while the very thing she lifted was forcing itself upon her. She quickly overthrew Pandora's boot, letting it stomp the sand over squishing Scyez.

Pandora's language at this point was too hard to describe, but she wasn't relenting in saying such foul words. However did she manage to know Axium was behind her, and was about to stab her with the spear, with such a massive tempertantrum going on, Axium would never know, but next thing he did know was that a fan was between the spear and Pandora, and another was being held at his neck, and he was down on the ground, pinned by the insane woman.

"I am SO going to enjoy this!" She said, still in her fury, but still rather mockingly. Axium's instinct told him to make her change her mind by manipulating her will...And what other choice did he have?

Axium focused upon Pandora...

He had no clue how he left the desert, transformed into Azelf, and found himself inside a dark cave with Pandora standing at the end, the light shining through behind him, but he figured this meant he did it right.

"Stop this! Please! There's no gain in it!" Axium said. He couldn't really describe it right then and there, but he felt Pandora move her fan away from his neck, even though he saw no weapons upon her person.

"NO! I've got a right to do what I want!" Pandora Protested. He felt the arm twitch slightly. "And there is a gain!"

"There is no possible way a paradise could be made by destroying everything!" Axium shouted back. He felt Pandora get off his body, yet she was over there, not on his body.

"Now how do you know that?! GET OUT NOW!!!" Pandora screamed.

The instinct told him that whatever happened to bring him back to reality was very, very wrong, and that Pandora had done something she shouldn't have. However, Axium acheived his goal of escaping Pandora's pin. However, he was still on the ground, while Pandora stood above him. The sandstorm stopped in his absense.

"What the-" Pandora said to herself, finally using a tone that was much less high pitched, and much more calm. It was confusion. Axium took that precious moment to get off the ground-quickly.

"RRRAGHHH!!! YOU LITTLE B*TCH! YOU LITTLE ****IN' RE****** BAS****!" Pandora screamed. Axium had regained a stance where he could defend himself from, but he wasn't looking forward to what Pandora was about to do-Proabably kill him. And worse, from what Avalon told him...Probably...

"YOU DO THAT AGAIN, AND I'LL DO STUFF SO BAD, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THE DESCRIPTION!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!! PAY!!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled. She looked at Axium like cornered pray, and Axium wasn't prepared for whatever she was about to do.

And whatever it was, Axium was fortunate enough to never realize what would happen. Avalon shot down out of nowhere, grabbing Pandora, and slamming her into the sand, all at speeds to top a jet plane. The next moment, Avalon stood by him, looking at him with the utmost concern.

"...Oh, thank Arceus your OK!" Avalon said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Just a few nicks and scratches here and there, nothing to worry about. You'll need a shower, though." Avalon added, assesing the damage done.

"Yhea...What about Pandora?" Axium asked.

"She isn't dead, for one. Arbiter Loyalists, like her, retreat when they've taken critical damage, and need medical attention-Broken Bones or Unconsiousness are the minimal requirements for this to happen, and she either broke a bone or went under when I did...Err...What I did." Avalon stated, not being able to find the words for what he did.

"Now let's get you out of here, before anything else happens!" Avalon said, extending a hand. Axium, clueless as to what he'd do, took it. Avalon, seeing Axium take his hand, practically threw him upon his backside.

"Hold on tight!" Avalon said. Axium gripped on to his chest like his life depended on it.

And with that, he flew off, taking off like a bullet, shooting through the skies...


"Pandora is alive. She'll need time to heal from her wounds, two weeks at least." Lilith said, after the treatment was done. She was a bloody wreck-Avalon's blow, along with Pandora's overuse of energy and the suffocation, along with several other attacks made, caused Pandora's injuries to be quite severe. Had she not had Volteerisim, she'd be dead.

"Excellent. Agravit and Quake retreated afterwards, I presume?" Avonu asked. He was interested, but he sounded, as usual, bored out of his wits.

"Yes sir. Agravit took quite a lot of abuse, though. He's going to recover overnight, but the injuries...They looked like the attacker was Blizzard." Lilith stated. "Quake confimred this, saying that Blizzard was attacking Agravit head-on. Like he meant it. He's a turncoat, sir."

"...I will tell Plaugitroz." Avonu said. He wouldn't be pleased by this. Only one loyal son...Quake....And maybe not for long, too. With the rest of his siblings turning over to either Eternal Night or the Coganan guard, the chance Quake could do likewise was high...

...It was all for the greater good. A paradise made by the destruction of all, which meant the destruction of all sin...And they'd be let in...

...Heaven was a lie...Only their paradise...Only that...And it was a shame when people learn these principals, and follow them to the point where they can be considered a Loyalist, especially one of Blizzard's caliber...Then they simply ditched their cause, forgot that, and instead fought alongside those that would prevent their Paradise...

...Dishonerable and shameful. Plaugitroz would not be pleased...Or remorseful.
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