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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default ~Shattered Glass Masquerade~

Such a pretty name for War

Suddenly a topic oh my
Anyway. Seeing how this is a Pokemon fanfic,
It's based off of the PMD2 storyline. Of course spoilers
Oh, and there's Gijinkas in this. Why? Because. fff
Be gentle. This is my first posting and stuff and baw :<


Shattered Glass Masquerade
A Two-Faced World

Long, long ago, the world was once shared by two species – Humans and Pokemon. They worked side by side for a long time, longer than anyone could possibly remember. Even so, humans had been the dominate species – even if to some Pokemon where companions, some saw them as only tools.

And yet, that odd connection between man and beast finally broke. The beginning was, both then and now, a mystery. But, at that point, Pokemon started to change. They became more human-like in appearance, mutating into beings that were almost human. At some point, this mutation stopped, leaving Pokemon has humans, but still retaining a select few physical traits of their Pokemon counterpart.

But, Pokemon did not just take upon physical change – their ways now changed. They seemed so close to man now…and yet, man was scared of them. Afraid, petrified by this all, scared of these ‘Gijinkas’ as they called them. Soon, a war was waged between the two sides. But even with their advanced technology, the Human side did not win. Even if they did change, Gijinkas were still Pokemon – even if they were different.

After that, the land was in ruins. Many humans were both killed and injured, while all the others hid themselves from the world, starting their own colonies in secret. The Gijinkas, upon the end, took control, rebuilding the world from its dusty ashes. Even if the towns where not as amazing as they once where, it was the start. The start of something new.

Though, having this simple world, there wasn’t much of law enforcement. There was a few Gijinkas that took to stopping criminals and the like, but that was never enough. And, many other Gijinkas where always in need, and some needed help to complete their tasks.

And thus, another force was created – a system of Rescue Teams. At first, it was a small organization, running off of several small teams that helped citizens and the like. But, soon enough, it became much larger, even having Guilds to recruit more Gijinkas that wish to become part of a rescue team.

Our story starts
With a Fateful Encounter
Of a Human and a Gijinka…

Chapter I
Sunsets Beginning

The only sounds where of the surf lapping up against the beach, creating a peaceful melody. The only movement was of the bubbles floating across the ocean, gentle in the breeze. Behind them, the sun was setting, casting a beautiful glow across the ocean. The scene seemed to be straight from a watercolor painting, but yet, there was only one on the beach.

The only one was a young man, standing on the shoreline, looking out into the sea. He seemed normal, for the most part – most men didn’t highlight their hair with pink, and it even stood out against the natural dark brown. Most wouldn’t wear a pink hoodie, anyway. Then again, normal people wouldn’t have something like cat ears, or even a tail. The ears themselves where in a pink color, purple on the insides – much like the tail, which was a pink fluff ball at the end, resembling a pin-cushion with three little pins stuck in it.

The waves lapped up once more against the shore line, drowning plants in the tide pools that doted the coast. The water had slightly dampened the end of the young man’s jeans, lapping against boots, but he didn’t pay much mind to it. He didn’t care much for it – too much was on his mind now. All too much.

He let himself be a coward again. This was what, the third time he tried? And yet, he could never bring himself to do so – he’d always just stood there, like an idiot, unable to go any further. At all these thoughts, he felt tears well up in his eyes. But he only shook his head, as if to get rid of those tears. Today, he promised himself he would cry again. No more, no more.

“I’ll only have to try again…Yeah; I’ll just do that…” He mumbled, putting his head down. Even if he wanted to try again, he knew the results would be the same. But it was worth it. Right? Even as tears had welled in his eyes, he didn’t cry.

But that didn’t last for long. Something, a noise, had penetrated the silence of the beach. Moans…moans of someone in pain, possibly.

“W-W-Who’s there?” The young man called out, looking among the beach. He could of swore he was the only one here, and had been the only one there for about the past half hour. There couldn’t possibly be someone else there…At least, that was of what he thought. On the other side of the beach, a figure’s outline was seen.

Cautious at first he was, slowly walking toward the figure, as if any moment something bad may happen. Nothing did – the figure didn’t seem to move. Maybe the moan was just his own imagination…?

As he moved closer, the figure started to take shape. At first, it was a little blurry – but it seemed to at least be some sort of Gijinka. Closer, odd features came to focus, as well as the rest of the body – small red-ish brown fox ears, matching the reddish-brown wavy hair she had, long too. A deeper reddish-brown tail peaked from under her thigh-length dress, a reddish-brown color too. She seemed cute, in a way, seeing how small she seemed, yet close to an adult Gijinka. The young man knew he’d never seen someone like this, certainly no missing-person’s reports of what seemed to be a Vulpix Gijinka.

But, she seemed to be between consciousness and unconsciousness. Oh, that wasn’t good at all…


“H-H-H-Hey? Are you okay?”

A voice, a concerned voice.

“Hey, come on, wake up.”

A slight nudging, as if someone were to wake someone else up.

“Come on…please wake up, please…”

Groans. Not from the voice, but from her. Small doses of pain sprang through the body, targeting mostly towards her side. Not good, not good. Even with the stinging pain, she forced her eyes open. At first, it was hard – even now the sunlight hurt her eyes. It was as if she’d haven’t seen the sun in a while, that this alien light now burned her eyes, like a vampire at dawn. At first, her eyes couldn’t concentrate correctly. But now, it was easy to see in the last rays of the day. The first she saw was of a man, a relived look on his young face.

“Oh thank Arceus…I thought you were dead!” The man laughed at his own words, clearly nervous, “Good thing you woke up, heh…”

“I guess so…” She didn’t pay much attention, for she was looking around at the surrounding area. Sand filled it, the waves lapping up against it. It was a beach – and a pretty nice one to boot.

“So, uh, do you know how you ended up here?” As the man spoke again, finally did her attention snap toward him.

For a moment, she was silent in thought. But, her answer was simple, “I don’t know.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any missing posters about a Vulpix Gijinka-“

“What?” From her snap, the man looked slightly startled. Apparently, he didn’t expect her to react that way.

“A-A-A-A Vulpix G-Gijinka…” His voice seemed quieter now, unwanted to get snapped at again.

“I’m no Gijinka…at least; I don’t believe I am.”

“B-B-B-But...” The man paused for a moment, “You like just like a Gijinka…”

And now, again, she wasn’t listening. Now, she was panicking. She knew that she was a human, every inch of her. And here, she sat, hands atop of her head, feeling the small ears atop of it. No, this wasn’t right. This can’t be.

“W-W-Well maybe you just, uh, hit your head. Yeah, maybe that,” The man tried to comfort the distraught girl, but no help at all.

“Well, uh, I guess we could try and figure out who you are, uh…” He paused again. A name. Yes, that was what he was hoping for – a name. And yet, at first, the girl couldn’t even remember her own name. First the human to Gijinka and now this…

“It’s, ah, Erycina, I think,” She said at last, confident that Erycina was her name. At least, she remembered being called that. Remembered, yes, that was what it was called. And yet, only a voice, a faint voice – no images what so ever.

“That’s a pretty name. Mine’s Austin – not at all original, unlike yours,” Again, the man, Austin, laughed at his own words, this time out of amusement, not a nervous feeling. It was a…nice change. Yes, nice change indeed.

“So, uh,” Once more, his laughter stopped, now turned back to Erycina, “You really can’t remember anything?”

Sadly, for the two, the answer was no. It was only silence again. Only with the waves crashing against the coast line, and the setting sun going further and further down the horizon. Only a bit more time and it would be night.

“Oh! I know!” Austin said suddenly, jumping up, “We’ll just have to go around Treasure Town!~”

Before Erycina could respond, he had grabbed hold on her arm, pulling her up. As soon as she stood, arm still held, he began to run across the beach towards the pathway opening, dragging the Vulpix Gijinka behind him. She could hardly even keep up with all of this!

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I'm just searching for my thoughts
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