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Old 01-14-2011, 04:35 AM
Taras Bulba Offline
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Default Grader Wages (11/16-1/13)

Here we are! Money all around!

Dragoness gets $5,000.
Dark Umbreon gets $500.
Team Pokemon gets $5,500.
Elrond 2.0 gets $20,000.


110186 Dragoness
Surprisingly Shocking
Moderate 1 = 5000

Some examples of how to write with more concision and fewer adjectives would have been helpful. Since this was a first story, both general and specific advice is needed. You talk about the generalities just fine, just fine, but a few examples (and explanations of how to fix them) never hurt.




107318 Dark Umbreon
The Guardian of the Sea
Weak 1 = 500

This grade was short, which is fine as the story itself is inadequate, but it was also rude. It is important to note that this was the writer's very first story. Discretion is required...

106138 Dark Umbreon
My Journey: Part 1

There was no grade, but there is no author. Fair enough. If Miles101 ever returns, a full regrade will be necessary, but it's highly unlikely.

Overall: You seem busy. On your next grade, please take your time and give a proper-sized grade for a proper-sized story.




109473 Team Pokemon

Moderate 2 = 5500

N.B. So far as I can tell, there's no upper limit on post length. You can upload a long grade in one post as easily as you can in two. Just making sure you're aware. If you have other reasons to do it this way, then go ahead.
Try to be lighter on your feet (well, metaphorically.) Walls of text are not a good idea on the Internet. Break it down into smaller manageable chunks based on general topic and it will be easy for anyone to keep track of where you're going.
Be careful when quoting from the story. At least use quotation marks or (better) [ color ] BBCode tags. I use quotes because they're faster. Reading your grammar section was a bit difficult because you kept landing on the wrong side of the use-mention distinction.
Your own grammar was also somewhat choppy. You don't have to be fancy, but you must make sure your points are absolutely clear. Sometimes things got muddled.
I don't think story lengths have upper limits.
Also, because this is a regrade, you should pay attention to the differences between the two versions. Don't just mention how it's improved; give the writer examples of places where there's been a major difference for the better. Also, it doesn't have to be that long! You're focusing on the differences only; don't go for a full grade!




109176 Elrond 2.0
The Trio of A Deserted Playground
Moderate 2 = 5500

This grade isn't long, but it hits all the right spots. There are some insightful observations on how these stories should work, and some clear advice about how to get a fully passing grade the next time around. It's what Turab needs. You were pretty polite: also a plus.
Minor note: formatting issues like orange quotes shouldn't be too big of a deal. This will differ even according to what forum theme you're using to read the story. For all you know, it looked perfectly fine on Turab's monitor.

107333 Elrond 2.0
First Day, First Catch

Same pattern here as with Dark Umbreon. A user posts a single story and melts away...

90441 Elrond 2.0
Secret Invasion: Pokemon

Basic 1 = 2000

This grade could have been a lot more if it was written by someone who's familiar with Marvel continuity. Neither you nor I have read much in the way of Marvel Comics, it seems, but I've heard that their worlds are quite complex. You took an outsider's perspective, and you reaped the benefits of that: objectivity and ideas in unexpected directions. On the other hand, a Marvel fan would have had a much deeper understanding of how the plot should have worked and the various details. You don't know if Mew Magician's Skrulls are well-written, and neither do I...
Anyway, the grade itself was short and not very heavy on content, but you made some good points about how to render thoughts and battle sequences. Examples of specific things were given, but adding remarks about trends throughout the entire story would have been even better.

106748 Elrond 2.0
Bug Business
(Bounceback grade from Limelight)

Basic 1 = 2000

Good critique of the passive voice. Note that the second person is sometimes acceptable in an informal context. Teh internets are as informal as it gets. (You can be both informal and proper.)
The grammar section dominated the grade. I have a tendency to do the same thing, but I must tell you... seek balance. Grammar and style are all about how the story is presented, but grades should be about the stories themselves. Give more examples and deeper critiques of things like the plot and the characterization or description.
The 1/2 capture was appropriate.

109281 Elrond 2.0
Hand-Me-Down Shoes

Moderate 2 = 5500

There should be a balance in terms of detail. Too much description, and the story bogs down. Too little, and it's dry and barren. While your comments on the Skitty were reasonable, you must also remember the purpose that paragraph was supposed to serve: the bond between trainer and Pokemon. A better response would have been to recommend that the information in that paragraph be reduced into one sentence, which is quite doable. Alternatively, the writer could bring up the fact that the trainer had saved the Pokemon's life later on in the story as, maybe, an insight into their battling style or relationship.
Some specific advice for the plot and characterization would have been nice. General advice is fine, but it's easier to learn by example.

108397 Elrond 2.0
Early Morning Adventure

Moderate 1 = 5000

Good point on the introduction. There's some good advice all throughout the grade, although the grammar section's kind of bloated compared to everything else. If you're going to make it big, make the rest of the grade just as big and helpful. The writer will thank you. You need more general advice; I see some good specifics, but surely there must be some trends through the entire thing that you can pick up on.

Overall: Try and move up on that quality versus quantity graph. Slow down and really mull over the story you're grading. Let it stew.

ELROND 2.0: $20000
This account is for grader-ey stuff only. If you really want to talk to me, I'm at Bulbagarden!

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Old 01-14-2011, 06:04 PM
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Default Re: Grader Wages (11/16-1/13)

Thanks, Taras.


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I can probably take some grading requests now. But don't all rush me at once. :/
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Old 02-08-2011, 07:42 PM
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Post Re: Grader Wages (11/16-1/13)

Claiming my money.
The truth is, it's been a long time, so I don't remember what I had written. I will check it though.

AIM: Tomato Kitsos
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Old 02-26-2011, 10:18 PM
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Default Re: Grader Wages (11/16-1/13)

I am soooo late in claiming >.>

Thank you for your advice, Taras.
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