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Old 01-05-2011, 12:34 PM
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Default [TEAM RP] Team Dancing Flame - Beauty at the Core

The saying that you see above you is the motto for Team Dancing Flame - we strive for beauty and to rid the world of boring, crowded ideals.

What does Team Dancing Flame stand for?
As you might have already guessed, Team Dancing Flame stands for beauty in every part of every day life - especially in the art form of Pokemon Battling. Around the world, millions of people believe that battling is all about the winning or losing - this is incorrect, it is about the beauty of the match. The flow of moves, the originality of your combinations - these are the cores that a battle should be centered around. Of course, to truly stand out from the crowd, you need to perform well, and WIN.

We hate conformity - if you ever feel like you are being forced to fit in - to be bland and boring, to do as everyone else does, then you are not living in a way that can bring you absolute happiness.

Judging the worth of a person, Pokemon or item should not be based around its physical usefulness, but should be judged by its own standards.

Surviving for surviving's sake is idiotic. We must not simply wish to live, but to live beautifully. To spend time on perfect the elegance of life. When life is something so beautiful, why must we treat it as a boring dull object. We should think of it as an art, and this is one of the beliefs that defines us as a group.

What is our relationship with other groups?

The Cullen - The Cullen have no defining views on beauty and elegance - they do not use it as an idol as we do, but they do not dislike it. For those reasons we are on neutral terms with The Cullen.

Team Nox - The strong approach to the Totalitarian views of Team Nox do not appeal to us, and their motto of Be Assimilated does not fit well with our ideals. It is for these reasons that we find ourselves unable to tolerate the existence of this team, and therefore, we must crush it.

Haloclyst - Their views on the world and survival are completely skewed. Although we do not dislike the team, we do feel that they are misguided in their ideals of surviving for surviving's sake. As a result of this, we do not hunt to kill, but instead, try to re-educate. This does not apply to their leader, who has obviously decided to throw away the beauty of life in favour of surviving.

Cataclysm - We find that we can understand the views of the Cataclysm - they want revolution when it is needed, and they are opposed to Team Nox. We are wary of them - they must not be allowed to revolt against our plans - but feel that they are harmless to us, and so find ourselves on neutral terms with them.

Where did we originate from?
Team Dancing Flame was originally a clan situated high in the forests surrounding Snowpoint City. We later moved down out of these mountains, and into the surrounding areas. I hope that answers your question.

What is our symbol?
Well, this was a tough decision, and a lot of thought went into the design process. I will now display the symbol, and describe the features and why they are important.
Right, this should be pretty simple. The background is a wall of fire - this indicates that beauty can be a passion that is not just limited to looks, but can also be incredibly powerful. The black ribbon-like icon in the centre is designed to represent the flow of elegance. For true perfection, we must combine flow and passion. Elegance and beauty.

What is our stance on the Synth Crisis?
After the Synth Power Stations exploded, humanity found itself shunned underground. Unable to bear this life of dull existence, the majority of the team underwent the transformation into Hybrids - we felt this would be a liberating experience, and as such took part in the program. However, the idea of merging with multiple Pokemon didn't sit particularly well with some of our ideals - could we merge with multiple beings and still come out in an elegant or beautiful form, or would the results be disastrous? We don't disallow the forming of Chimaeras, but we do feel that the designs would have to flow nicely.

How can I join?
Its easy! Simply fill out the sign up sheet below, and you're all set.

Username: (Umm... I don't think this needs explaining)
Nickname: (Nothing too lewd or outlandish please)
Gender: (Uhh....)
Representative Pokemon: (Choose a Pokemon you would like to represent you. Make it beautiful!)

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Old 01-05-2011, 12:37 PM
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Default Re: [TEAM RP] Team Dancing Flame - Beauty at the Core

Just in case ;)

Eevee: Evolve to Espeon@130 Finished@310
Ludicolo are NOT FUNNY
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