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Default Mystical Ten

The last thread was crowded and I couldn't edit well, so here's the new thread for this and other chapters.


Phineas watched through blurred vision, caused by both his tears and the falling rain, as his mother was held between two guards and led away. He tried to run to her but was restrained by another guard who dragged him to a waiting carriage. Phineas continued to sob and struggle but was silenced when a guard stuck him with the butt of his crossbow, leaving a nasty bruise on his cheek. When Phineas awoke he was bound, gagged and laying on the damp floor of some room. He tried to stand but for some reason the room seemed to rise and fall. Phineas tried to walk to the door but stumbled numerous times. He fell for a fifth time and came face to face with a giant rat feeding on an indistinguishable object. The stench was overpowering and Phineas threw up what little food he had for breakfast, and soon all that was coming up was spit. Finished, he just laid there and cried silently until he drifted off to dreams filled with nightmares.

He woke to voices outside the door of the room he was in, he listened for a few seconds but couldn’t hear what was being said. Suddenly the door was threw open and Phineas had to shield his eyes from the bright light that invaded the dank room until the door was shut again. When the room was plunged back into darkness he opened his eyes he was unable to see, forcing him to wait until his eyes adjusted to the dark, when he could see again he saw a man kneeling down in front of him. The man lifted Phineas’s head and placed it on his lap, and brought a cup to his lips. Phineas tried to gulp the cool liquid, but the man removed the cup and made him sip it.

“I’m so sorry my young one,” the man said softly, his face creased with sadness. “My name is Cyrus. What pray is yours?”

Phineas found comfort in the voice and decided to answer. “My name is Phineas, I’m eight,” he proudly said, despite his weakened state.

“Good, you must now rest young Phineas,” Cyrus replied, ending the conversation and once again leaving Phineas alone when he left a moment later.

Over the days Cyrus slowly nursed the young boy back to health until he was able to remain awake in the day without any ill-side affects. Several days later Phineas decided to question his new friend. They had just finished a breakfast of porridge and hardtack. “Where are we? And where are we headed?” he said, with child like curiosity that was common for someone of his age.

Cyrus placed his bowl on the floor. “We’re on a ship called Dregen. heading for the island of Kelmath.”

“But that’s a far way from Avon,” Phineas whined. “Why are we going there? And what happened to my mother?”

Cyrus looked at him quizzically. “You don’t know do you? You are Phineas, illegitimate son of king Rowdan, his first born son and heir to the throne of Avon. Your mother was the first mistress of your father, and when Rowdan tired of her she was told to disappear or be killed. The night Rowdan told your mother to leave she had come to his chamber to tell him she was with child. Because of her distress she was unable to Rowdan, which saved her life then. Your mother fled to her sister’s house quite a distant away. She later found that Rowdan evicted all his mistresses for his queen was found to be with child. Had Rowdan known your mother was with child your mother would have been killed, but fortunately your mother was with your aunt while she was pregnant,” Cyrus explained, he took another swig of his water before continuing. “You were discovered by an aide of the king who was passing through your aunt’s village. He noticed your resemblance then he saw your mother, he knew immediately who you were. He raced to the king and told him what he had seen. The king dispatched his soldiers, they were ordered to apprehend your mother and you. Your mother tried to fight them when the struck you,” he caressed Phineas’s swollen cheek. “When the king heard of what he decided to have you banished from the kingdom for all your days instead of killing you. He ordered you to be placed on a remote island. Upon hearing this information I raced to this ship and with the help of some friends I’m to be exiled to the same island, I’ve arranged for transportation to be placed at the island. Where we go from there is up to.”

A dark cloud settled over Phineas’s features. “I want revenge for all the harm the king has done to my mother and me,” his voice filled with determination and vengeance.

Cyrus nodded, “So be it. When we reach the island Bele we will journey from there to my castle in Novan, there this life will end and a new one will began.

Ten Years Later

Phineas spun around and brought his blade down in a slash. The two blades of steel connected and the two combatants continued their violent dance. Phineas blocked, hit his opponent’s blade on the right, the left, and the right again, causing his opponent to lose control of his weapon. “Submit,” Phineas said, placing the tip of his weapon on the throat of his opponent, panting with exertion.

The man on the ground laughed, “I submit. You’ve learned much these past few summers. Your proficiency with weapons is astounding for some one your age. But, how are you with Pokemon?”

Phineas seized Cyrus by a hand and hauled him to his feet. He sheathed his sword and ran a hand over his Pokeballs belted to his face. “My starter, Munchlax, just evolved into Snorlax, and I caught a Murkrow earlier this month, and to my surprise it had an egg. All my other Pokemon are at the castle engaged in various tasks.”

Cyrus glanced at Phineas’s nine foot tall body. “It should be no surprise to you by now, but I discovered that your mother had giant blood running through her veins, her father was a giant from the land Migroy. You have a cousin dwelling there, I was unable to locate other parts of your family though.”

Phineas looked at his friend and mentor. Cyrus had aged in the ten years from when he first saw him. He was still tall at six eight, he had no facial hair then, but had a budding beard with sideburns now. His face didn’t seem as young, he appeared as if three decades had passed, giving him and old and wise look. “I’ve always wondered why you seem to age faster than most, why is that?”

Cyrus looked at him as they walked away from the training grounds, separating themselves from the sounds of men and Pokemon training together. “Magic has that effect on some people. My knowledge has grown exponentially over the years. And as the head magician for this land I must keep up my quest for knowledge if I hope to retain my position. “

Phineas wiped the sweat from his face and pulled his shoulder length black hair away from his face. “It’s a beautiful day today, I think I will take a patrol around the borders before the storm arrives.”

Cyrus looked at the cloudless blue sky. “I would be grateful, but hurry back before supper. I want you to meet one of my old friends. We have much to discuss tonight considering your future.”

Phineas nodded and changed his course to head for the stables. Cyrus watched his apprentice and friend walk away and was filled with a sense of dread about the coming future. When Phineas disappeared into the stable Cyrus turned back to the castle and turned his thoughts to the matter at hand.

The five hour trek around the northern border was grueling work, as it was uphill, but Phineas knew it created a good image with the men if they saw their leaders doing the same work as them. The northern border was often assaulted by barbarians and their wild Pokemon so Cyrus had placed numerous forts along the border, including a stone wall that stood five feet high and separated the two lands. But even with the wall convoys were often attacked, causing Cyrus to dispatch patrols twice a day, dawn and evening. More often than not, the patrols did not come across any of the barbarians, but today Phineas’s patrol had been attacked. Of the thirty troopers he took with him, only fourteen returned. Two Pokemon were killed, a Arcanine and a Wartortle, plus five others were serious injured and needed medical attention. The barbarians has suffered twenty five dead, with six of their Pokemon captured, so they could be civilized and trained by the soldiers guarding the frontier. Phineas’s own mount had been his fierce Rapadash, who had been with him for five years, had fought valiantly and was now being brushed down by Phineas. Rapadash was now nuzzling Phineas’s neck. “You want a treat, don’t you? Well you did well so you can have a few berries with your food tonight. Here’s one until then.” He reached into his black tunic that covered his chain mail and removed a purple berry. Rapadash ate the berry and whinnied her approval. Phineas chuckled and led her to the pasture so she could feed with the other animals. When he left he pulled an aide aside and told the lad to give berries to the mounts who had fought today and extra to his own Rapadash.

The land was beginning to darken and a the wind was picking up, Phineas also noticed a line of dark clouds from the south heading north, right toward the castle. Phineas started toward the castle, but a servant stopped him. “Master, Lord Cyrus requests that you quickly change into finer clothes for dinner. We have some special guests he would you to meet. Dinner will be earlier then usual, a hour from now in fact.”

Phineas nodded, Cyrus had told him earlier about the guests but not the early supper. “Thank you, you may return to your duties.” The servant took a short bow and walked away.

Phineas continued his way to the castle, and hopefully to a good future. After cleaning and donning his fine robes he felt ready to meet Cyrus’s guests. His green cape swirling behind he walked toward the dining room where all important guests had a private dinner instead of the great dining hall where everyone ate at once. The room was large, lighted by candles and a large crystal chandelier, with two doors at either end. The table was rectangular with a total of twenty chairs. Today it was Phineas. Cyrus. and five others. All wore fine clothing, but two had swords belted to their waists. When Phineas sat all gave him a curt nod. Nobody spoke as the main course of duck was served. After dessert was finished the real business began.

The man seated next to Cyrus withdrew and a lit a pipe. “Exquisite dinner, a fine meal after our long journey.” He glanced at Cyrus over his smoking pipe. “I’ve done as you asked in light of the recent events.”

“What events?” Phineas cut in rudely.

The man sighed, he had long dealt with impatient youths. “Your father has found that you are alive and well. He has ordered his court assassins to kill you,” the man said this with a sad face.

Phineas surged to his feet and banged a large fist against the table, causing the candle to shake. “Let them try! I’ll crush any such man!” he thundered.

Cyrus laid a hand on Phineas’s arm and forced him back into his chair. “Calm yourself, nobody can reach us in the castle. I’ve cast a ward protecting the inhabitants. You know all this,” he admonished.

A dark cloud passed over Phineas’s features for a seconds before he could calm himself. “Fine, what should we do then?” he said, after he control over his emotions.

This time a different man spoke. “Nothing about the assassins, but this makes us move our plans ahead of schedule,” he grunted.

Phineas’s eyes narrow, “What plans?” he growled.

“Plans for you to take what is rightfully yours, the kingdom of Avon,” Cyrus said.

Phineas frowned. “That seems easier said than done. How would I conquer a kingdom by myself? I have no army and few Pokemon, it takes time to raise an army and surely my father would know of an army being raised.”

Cyrus nodded, “We’ve thought of this naturally, and that is why these men are here.” He pointed at the three without weapons. “They are Shingo, Arron, and Kim. All are Dukes of your father, they’ll aid you with passage, some troops and supplies,” he was still talking when Phineas raised a hand.

“Wait, what would they gain by this happening?”

The chubby one frowned and grabbed at his beard, “We’re upset with how things are being ran. Our areas our poorer than the others and the king treats us unfairly, and refuses to do anything.” The other two nodded in agreement.

The bald one spoke up. “It’s true, mine is the poorest.” He indicated his lean body. “Since assuming this position I’ve lost one hundred pounds and I eat better than my people!” the man all but shouted.

Phineas grimaced, the man was six feet seven inches, he should weigh much more than he did. “Granted, but what happens if I lose? Your areas will suffer greatly.”

The one with the mustache wove his slim fingers through it. “One can’t suffer more than we already have. Granted we might lose our heads, but we much to gain and little to lose.”

Phineas nodded then pointed at the two soldiers, he knew they were because they were wearing full armor except their helmets. “And why are you here?”

“If you agree we will be in your army,” the first said.

“What army would that be?”

“A mercenary army, five thousand strong. All are veterans and would fight with you to the death,” the second stated.

Phineas leaned back in his chair. “Five thousand men isn’t many against my father’s massive army and Pokemon. And what about Pokemon?”

The diplomat with the mustache spoke up. “In one month the scum of the land meet in Sun Valley to declare their leader. If you and mercenary army go their, fight the newly crowned bandit king, and win, you gain control of the massive army. Over 200,000 strong, including a fair amount of Pokemon.”

Phineas smiled. “What are we waiting for then, we leave at once!”

Cyrus said, “Not so fast. You and I must talk.”

Plans were drawn up and after talking with his mentor Phineas left the castle the next day, the mercenary army in tow. The battle with the bandit king was in two stages. First he had to beat his Pokemon then in a fight to the death. Phineas was the victor. The next two years were spent forging the army into a fighting force to reckoned with. They then marched upon the kingdom known as Avon.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

To understand what they did, one must first know who they were and why they fought.

The first, a boy, was called Reyes. Reyes stood at seven feet tall, thickly built with muscle and had long black hair with matching eyes. No evidence remains of what his face looked like. Reyes had the ability to transform into a one of a kind Pokemon. The creature was called Torashi. The Torashi was fast, agile and was incredibly strong. It the only Normal and Ghost type Pokemon known to man. It had the likeness of a cat, with a long, skinny body and tail. It was pure white with black stripes running along its body, and an aquamarine colored jewel atop its head. Torashi looked very fierce because of its sharp claws, red eyes, and two inch long canines. Its claws resembled that of a eagle which adorned each foot. Besides being able to transform, in his human form Reyes was faster, stronger and smarter than most humans were. But his last talent was that ghost Pokemon obeyed him and he could summon them at his will. This power was not unique among the siblings as each could control their chosen type.

Brother number two was similar to his older brother in that he could also change forms. But unlike his brother he did not have super speed or was very strong. This brother was called Naota. He could change to any Pokemon and any animal he required. And like the others he could control his type which belongs to the realm of water. But most people feared his ability to create tsunamis and floods with a devastating force. Naota had short, black curly hair, brown eyes and was six four. Although he was six four he only weighed one hundred and fifty pounds, making his body structure that of a reed.

The third brother was called Titus and he commanded dark Pokemon and its energies. He was clever and a trickster by nature. His ability was that he could become one with the shadows and darkness by nightfall. But in the daytime he was like any other human, while at night he was king and feared. But out of all the siblings he was the shortest at only five six and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds which made him a little round. He was also bald and had black eyes that seemed to see into nothing.

The fourth brother was the fighter of the family. His name was Knight. Knight was world known and could not be defeated by anything in hand to hand combat. Plus he knew every combat form and was an expert in every fighting form. Besides calling forth fighting type Pokemon he could incase his body in an unbreakable alloy that was harder than diamonds and unique to him. Knight was six eight, had short black hair, and weighed over two hundred and ninety pounds, but was still skinny.

The final brother was Derek. Derek was the master of the earth and he could summon and merge with a sandstorm at will. Like his brother Knight, Derek could incase his body in a armor that of sand that could absorb most blows. To some he seemed like the weakest but few knew that he could create earthquakes, rock slides including creating a rock golem that stood over twenty feet tall. Derek had sandy brown hair, stood at five eleven and was built like a rock.

Now we come to the female side of the family. All of the girls were known for their beauty and their cunning. The first sister was called Sapphire but was known to many as the ice queen. As her name implies she had the power to create blizzards and she could shoot a freezing mist from her fingers along with sharp shards of ice. But her most fearsome power was the ability to transform into a deadly ice serpent called Ision. Ision had the power to paralyze a foe with its eyes and it could freeze anything by striking it with its sharp, sword like tail. Ision was very fearsome with Sapphire colored eyes and a matching body that glittered because of the permanent ice frozen onto its scales. Her last weapon was two four inch fangs in its mouth that could bite a man in half. In her human form Sapphire was six five and very skinny. She had sharp blue eyes and white hair that a slight bluish tint to it. In her human form she also carried a rod with a blue jewel incased in a diamond on the top and a pointed tip on the bottom for stabbing. The rod could channel her power and could freeze the air around her creating ice anywhere she wished and freezing things through contact if she wished.

The second sister is named Sky, the element in which she dominates. In human form she was like any other human except for her beauty. She had a light brown hair that went to the small of her back, hazel eyes, five eleven and weighed around one hundred twenty as all the sisters did. Her power was the ability to transform into a bird of immense beauty unmatched by any creature except one of her sisters. The bird was a breathtaking spectacle of green and blue feathers, with the main color being green with purple tipped feather and light blue stripes running through the feathers. Her claws were not very powerful but they had the strength to carry a human under one hundred and fifty pounds. Her beak was also green while her eyes were purple. Like her sister Violet she could commune with nature, but not control it. Even though she could not control nature she had control of her element and through it she could create hurricanes, tornados and strong winds at will, both in human and bird form.

The next sister is the most energetic of all the siblings, her name was Electra. Electra had the power to create a golem made entirely from electric energy. Although powerful her power did not end here, she could move at the speed of light, in effect appearing to teleport, for a short time before she could no longer do this as it sapped energy, and she had to see where she was going. Another powerful ability was that she could manipulate metal objects as she wished , she often used this ability to stretch metal and make armor and weapons. She was six feet tall with shoulder length curly hair that often looked frizzled because of the energy that surrounded her constantly. She also carried a metal rod that had a jewel atop it that could shoot beams of electricity at multiple foes.

The next sister is Violet. Violet had the ability to commune and control nature as she pleased. She had the ability to have plant life to come alive and do her bidding and also having trees uproot themselves and fight for her. She was the most beautiful creature alive both in human form and in her transformation. Her transformation was not very powerful physical, but her beauty fooled most men and creatures alike allowing her to use nature to surprise them, often with devastating force. Her form would become covered with leaves and flowers and many compared her to a human Roselia. And in both forms a kiss from her would put anything to asleep and in her other form she could expel a cloud of spore that caused organic life to be put to sleep. In human form she had black hair as dark as night that reached to the floor, she had light green eyes that men seemed to become lost in. She often wore a green dress that matched well with her eyes and brown skin. And like some of her sisters she carried a rod made of vine that was adorned with flowers and by her side she was also accompanied by a Torterra that she often rode into battle.

The final sister is Kyra. Kyra could shoot a sticky solution from her fingers that was often compared to the webs of a spider. She could also shrink to the size of an atom or grow to the size of a tree at will. She could climb any object and her webs when placed upon an injury could heal any wound. Besides being able to heal she could also paralyze creature with a special spore that grew on her skin and was invisible to the naked eye as it was colorless and very fine. Kyra stood at five ten and had short, brown hair, as were her eyes.

The meeting took place in the center of the oval room at the round table where all all important meetings took place between the siblings. Each chair was suited to each person’s individual needs and with a jewel corresponding where everyone sat. The meeting started like every other with talk about the state of the land.

“The army is well,” Titus began, he was the fourth oldest of the siblings. “They experienced a few casualties, including five Pokemon, battling a few golems raised by a magician to the north. They situation was dealt with, the magician was killed in the battle,” he said this with unabashed glee, not about the death but the fighting.

“Good, dispatch a couple of dragon riders and trackers to hunt down any remaining golems,” Reyes stated, the eldest of all and mostly considered the high king among the other regions in the land.

“There is rumors of rebellion and war in the north, I think we should increase the training of the army and Pokemon to combat such a threat,” Knight piped up as he was always itching for a fight.

“But by doing so our neighbors will grow cautious and will follow,” Sky cautioned from Knight’s left.

“We have no other choice,” Knight countered, “let’s put it to vote now.”
With a look around the table, at each sibling in turn, he saw each sibling give a slight nod indicating that they agreed. When the votes were tallied, by the aides waiting in the shadows, the siblings saw that Knight’s measure had passed with only Sky, Derek and Kyra dissenting. Reyes nodded after the votes was passed and he signaled towards one of the soldiers in the shadows. The soldier stepped forward in the gleaming white armor of Redwall, the name of the castle, and took a slight bow at Reyes.

“Yes my lord?” he said, as all the castle's personnel referred to the siblings as lords and ladies.

Reyes handed him the scroll with the orders. “Deliver this to Alexander,” Reyes said, referring to the second in command of the army under Derek. The army was the smallest of any other powerful region with only one hundred thousand men and only thirty-five thousand Pokemon in its ranks. It was the smallest, but it had the best trained men and Pokemon in the world. The army was divided into ten divisions with ten thousand men and thirty-five hundred Pokemon apiece.

Naota stood, “I bring tidings from the east. Our good friend Brocktree is under the influence of a magician who now controls him and his army. He’s been waging war on the neighboring regions for the past year and he is winning those wars. His army is now ten times the size of ours and continues to grow exponential with each region he controls. This is a viable threat I believe we should deal with. His name is Sotan. But, he also has a wife named May who is just as powerful in magic.”

Reyes stood to his feet, “We can not let this slide, Brocktree is a friend and ally. As soon as Sotan is through in the east he will come here with the intention to battle us, all do,” he looked everyone briefly in the eye. “ we all know what that means. Naota, you and Titus will head south to the kingdom there, Sapphire, take one of your sisters and head to our neighbors in the north and ask for their assistance. I will head to the east to the last free region there, to stem the tide. Finally, Electra and Derek will head west to the kingdom there. I want the rest of you to prepare this region for war. This meeting is now adjourned.”

Everyone rose from their seats, except the four eldest, and proceeded to their quarters to prepare for the coming war.

Reyes looked at his remaining siblings. "How much of a threat is Sotan, Naota?"

"The situation is worst than I made it out to be," he said his voice grave, "If he continues on this current course every kingdom will eventual come under his control, even ours. Even with the skill of our army, his troops will be veterans and the sheer number of his forces will overwhelm ours, it would just be a matter of time. The worst case scenario is that our kingdom is defeated and our people enslaved, with us dead of course. The best case is we survive, our kingdom stands."

"How obtainable is the best case?" Titus demanded.

"I made a mistake, if they actually succeed in the east chances are we’ll lose here. But, if we can hold him in the east we might have a chance to win, but the odds we still be stacked against us. In order to succeed I figure will need to hold them in one of the eastern passes, but we need more troops, hence the need of allies."

Reyes looked at Sapphire. "You've been awfully quiet, what;s your take on these events?"

"I think we need the help of allies and others that inhabit our land."

"I think that should be a last effort," said Derek, "it has a greater chance of backfiring."

"I tend to agree," Reyes said after a moment. "But it seems that we don’t have a choice, now let's get our jobs done so we can resolve this crisis." With this he rose from the table, followed by the others, and went his separate way.

Sapphire briskly walked to her room, her cape was swirling around her slim body, her rod making a tapping noise as she walked across the marble floor of the hallway to her room. But before she reached her destination she was ambushed by Sky who had crept up behind her.

“Can I go?” she asked.

Sapphire glanced at her. “I don’t see why not. Meet me in my room in one hour.”

With a smile plastered on her face Sky skipped the distance to her room.

When Sapphire reached her room she lit a couple candles, shedding the room in the soft glow of the candle’s light. After this she undressed and took a bath. Upon dressing and exiting her bathroom she was surprised to see her sister Sky laying on her bed. “What do you want?” Sapphire questioned, she didn’t like people in her room.

Sky sat up and looked around the room. “You know, I’ve never been in your room before. Where is everything?” she asked, referring to the room which contained only a bed and candles placed throughout the room.

“Everything is at my castle where I live.”

Sky stood, “I wanted to know when we are leaving.”

“It’s eight in the morning. I’m going to tend to a few things then we can leave around four.”

Sky nodded and left the room. Sapphire breathed a sigh of relief and looked around the room. The room was all stone with only a single window facing west. "It’s fine. My real home isn’t here, this is only my second," she said to herself. With a small sigh she set about to do some late errands.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

By the time she was finished it was three-forty so she immediately headed to the upper stables where all the flying Pokemon were housed. The floor was covered in food such as straw and other items. Along the walls were stalls for the Pokemon and tables containing various items. Sapphire was dressed in the same outfit as before. A bright blue dress with a green cape flowing from her back to the floor. Sapphire looked to the ceiling where most of the Pokemon were flying around and engaging in other activities. The ceiling stretched to the highest point of the castle as the celling alone was over one hundred feet in the air. Because she was looking towards the overhead Pokemon she failed to notice that her sister had arrived and was standing next to her.

Together they walked to one of the attendants tending a stall. Sapphire signaled to him, “Clear the landing zone. Me and my sister are going to take off soon.”

The attendant nodded and ran over to the landing zone, also known as a giant hole in the south wall. After all the people and Pokemon were cleared from the landing zone the two sisters walked over to the takeoff area. When they reached it Sky changed to her other form. And in the place of the beautiful young woman in a bright green dress stood a gorgeous blue and green colored bird with purple tips on the feathers and large purple eyes.

“Let’s go,” the bird’s voice rang out in a sing song manner.

Sapphire slid an eye to her. “Be patient.” Sapphire closed her eyes and spoke in the ancient language of Pokemon known only to Pokemon and a few humans.

A minute passed and the weather slowly started to turn in into a blizzard. As the blizzard became more fierce the legendary Pokemon Articuno, a delicate looking bird with a small, blunt yellow beak and its cerulean colored feathers, landed in front of Sapphire. Sapphire started to pet the bird and the blizzard slowly abated. “Good girl,” she cooed.

Once the bird had calmed sufficiently and the blizzard had fully abated. Sapphire climbed onto its back and the sisters flew out of the castle and into the fading daylight.

Thankfully it was a cool and not freezing as it usually was at this time of the year. After a hour of flying Sky turned to her sister, “How long until we reach the border?” Sky asked her sister.

“About three hours. Don’t worry, we’ll be there before you know it. Also, be careful. There is some bandits in this area who will not hesitate to take out some fliers. From here on out watch for them.”

But, it wasn’t until a hour later that trouble arrived. Instead of the open plain they had been flying over before, a dense forest was now under them. Providing dense foliage for anyone to hide under if they didn’t want to be spotted from the air, which was the case. Sky was looking down at the forest floor when she shouted, “Watch out!”

As Sky broke from her flight pattern a burning object flew past her, missing her by only a foot or two. By now they sky was beginning to darken and Sapphire realized that the orange glows were missiles coming from the ground below. As eight more objects hurled toward them the girls moved to evade the objects and dropped their attitude to combat the people below. It was then that Sapphire noticed fifteen small specks heading toward them, she realized that they were riders on various Pokemon.

As more objects sailed to them Sapphire raised a hand and a freezing mist sprang forth, cooling the flames and freezing the objects, which turned out to be burning pots. Sending them hurtling towards the ground at a breakneck speed. As the riders neared both girls increased their speed to combat speed and met the fliers head on. As the group broke up to attack the girls Sapphire engaged the lead rider, a Charizard, a mini dragon the color of orange with a fire tipped tail.

As the Charizard and Articuno hooked talons and started to exchange blows, Sapphire was using her rod to block the blows of the bandit who was wielding a sword. As Sapphire countered a thrust by the soldier she jammed her rod into the soldiers gut, freezing the helpless soldier, and his Pokemon who fell from the sky.

As she moved onto another engagement a burst of fire roared past her. She looked behind her to see a Flygon and its rider bearing down on her. As Articuno dodged a Dragon Breathe attack from Flygon, another dragon except for its bug like head and body, Sapphire shot a blast of freezing wind to the the rider, but they countered with another Flamethrower. Sapphire circled around in an arc to meet the rider head on. But Articuno launched an Ice Beam attack, striking Flygon’s wing and instantly freezing it, causing it to retreat from the battle. As this dragon rider retreated to the earth Sapphire turned her attention to another rider bearing down on them.

Meanwhile, Sky was engaging in her own battle. A rider on a Fearow was approaching Sky, she thought quickly and using her wings she sent a strong gust of wind at them, the attack hit, causing Fearow, a fierce brown bird that could be mistaken for a condor, to cycle out of control and plummet to the earth. With a glance around Sky saw that she and her sister were outnumbered and the catapults were still firing their loads at them. Just then Sky realized what she had to do. She opened her mouth and a song issued forth, filling the sky with its soft melody, temporary halting the attack of the bandits.

With the bandits stunned, Sapphire managed to finish another rider. Sapphire lifted her head to see a flock of Zubat and their evolutions fly into the bandits and engage them. As the riders turned to face the new threat Sapphire called out to her sister.

“Sky! Get rid of the catapults!”

“Not a problem,” Sky called back. Sky turned toward the earth, where the catapults were. She started to flap her wings at a high rate of speed. A second later a tornado sprang up in the area, sending wood and men flying in the cortex of wind. Abruptly the tornado ended sending everything to the ground at a high speed. Sky gave a nod of satisfaction to herself and turned back to the air battle only to see the remaining riders fleeing the area but with the Zubat evolutions hounding their tails, occasionally picking a rider off. Sapphire joined her sister and watched the riders flee. The battle had only lasted two minutes.

“Good job,” Sapphire said. “I think we should stop here for the night and make camp. Some of those riders will escape alerting any other bandits in the area to our presence.”

“Humph, doesn’t matter, we don’t have any tents or things of that sort. I’m going to say in this form and sleep in the trees for the night.”

“Well, at least you like to sleep in the trees,” Sapphire grumbled as the sisters descended to the forest canopy below. Along the way they saw the aftermath of the tornado in the form of wreckage such as bodies slung over trees.

Once Sapphire had found a large tree she fed and groomed Articuno before eating dinner herself. Articuno tucked its wings around its body to make a cocoon and fell asleep. Sapphire elected to make an ice bed. She did this by finding a large branch and making a thick sheet of ice. she layered moss and leaves on top of this before she created two walls of ice, one on each side, and laid down to sleep.

The next morning Sapphire woke to the smelly breathe of an Aipom, a small purple monkey, staring down at her as it hung upside down by its third hand attached to its tail from the branch above her head. When the creature realized she was awake it started to smile and screech in joy. Sapphire smiled at the creature and rubbed the purple fur on the top of its head. The Aipom was content until Articuno woke and swept its gaze toward the Aipom, a hungry look in its eyes. Articuno started to spread its wings, when the Aipom spotted it. The monkey gave a screech and disappeared into the foliage. The young queen sat up and saw that it was a bright sunny morning, with the rays of light lighting up the forest around her. Sapphire waited until the ringing in her ears had died down, from the Aipom, before climbing down from the tree. As she fed herself and Articuno, Sky approached her in human form.

“Good morning, sis. Let’s get moving, it’s nearly ten. And I already ate,” Sky said, a smile plastered on her face.

“Let me finish and then we will be off. But, we have to walk the rest of the distance. It’s too risky to fly the rest of the way.” Sky nodded her head in consent.

After Sapphire had ate she released Articuno, who flew off after giving each sister a brightly colored feather from its wings. Since each was not in their ideal environment to conduct combat the sisters decided to proceed slowly and cautiously.

“How many days will it take on foot to reach the king's castle,” Sky asked after walking for over a hour with nothing eventful happening.

Sapphire said, “Hmm, I think it will take about a day to reach the castle. Only about 5 hours to reach the border.” Sapphire suddenly stopped.

“What is it?” Sky whispered, a frown across her face.

Sapphire shoved her sister to the ground. “Get down! I hear something!” she hissed. A moment later a score of bandits in battle armor appeared. A group of Mightyena were leading the bandits toward, sniffing the ground with their black noses. As they were moving to and fro one of the black and gray wolves lifted its head as it caught a scent. A second later the Pokemon started to move toward the spot where the sisters were hiding. As the soldiers got close Sapphire realized that they were going to be seen and she changed forms. As she got bigger and her second form appeared the soldiers and Mightyena were stunned for a few short seconds by the large creature looming before them. Ision looked at the group and hissed at them, her tongue snaking out and hitting a few back. Sky took this time to grab her sword and to send out two of her Pokemon. As the soldiers came out of their stupor Ision slithered into the canopy above.

Sky’s Pokemon, a Gyarados, a large snake like creature that was blue with a gaping mouth with a fang in each corner, and fierce eyes almost always set in anger, and a Murkrow, a small dark bird with a yellow beak and a crown of feathers on its head, appeared on the battlefield. “Murkrow, use Wing Attack! Gyarados, use Aqua Tail!”

Murkrow’s wings started to glow as it flew at two Mightyena, smacking them in their snouts and sending them into a tree. Gyarados’s tail became incased in water and the creature slammed its tail into a group knocking out ten soldiers and five more of the Mightyena leaving only five remaining. Meanwhile Ision dropped down from the foliage crushing three soldiers beneath her eighteen-foot long body. The remaining bandits stepped back a couple of feet as fear shone on their faces. Two of the ten remaining bandits then rushed Ision.

Ision reared back and swept her tail in an arc, decapitating them at the waist with her blade at the end of her tail. As her tail swung in an arc Ision leapt in the air and came down on two more soldiers who were met with her fangs buried deep inside their chests, while using her eyes to paralyze a Mightyena who was trying to jump her from behind.

Meanwhile Sky joined the battle by engaging four of the bandits with her sword. Ision watched as her younger sister was a green blur among the soldiers as she swept under their guard, jabbing them with her short sword and moving along like a river, surpassing all obstacles in her path. The Mightyena wasted no time using Crunch on Gyarados. As the Mightyena latched onto various parts of Gyarados, burying their fangs in the skin of Gyarados. Gyarados thrashed about knocking over a few trees and dislodging a Mightyena but fell unconscious to the ground as the strength of the Mightyena overwhelmed the great Pokemon. Murkrow took out a weakened Mightyena with a Wing Attack before it too fell to a flurry of attacks.

As Ision saw her sister’s Pokemon fall she sent forth a biting cold wind, covering the ground in an inch of sleet and freezing the remaining Pokemon and an unlucky soldier who wandered in the path of the attack. While the soldiers were distracted by the wind Sky used the lapse to unleash a flurry of attacks. She grabbed a fallen dagger and jumped into the midst of the remaining bandits. A tall one swung at her with a sword, she calmly ducked and brought her sword upward in an arc, leaving a long gash in the stomach of the unfortunate bandit. As he fell to the ground, his face scrunched in pain, Sky whirled to her right, directly into another bandit. A jab with her dagger to his exposed stomach brought him to his knees. It was at this time that the other two bandits snapped from their stupor and attacked her again. As she countered blow after blow she was slowly backed into a tree, but the bandits failed to keep an eye on Ision, who crept up behind them and with a flash of her tail their headless bodies fell to the ground, staining the white ground with a crimson fluid as it sprouted from the cavity where the head used to be.

Ision was about to speak to her sister when she suddenly roared, scattering quite a few wild Pokemon that were observing the battle. Ision whirled around to face five soldiers who appeared and were hacking at Ision’s body. Sapphire’s eyes started to glow a fierce blue that Sky had never seen before when Ision attacked. Ision grabbed two with her mouth and threw them high in the air. As this happened her tail snaked out from behind her and swept in a low arc, decapitating the legs of a soldier who hadn’t jumped in time. The other two turned to run when Ision stopped one with her tail, piercing his body in the back. The soldier looked at the blade through his chest before he slumped over in death. Ision then flung the body at the other fleeing soldier, knocking him onto a upturned sword, likewise ending his life. Ision turned her face skyward to see the soldiers she had tossed up come down, if she had looked a second later and she would’ve missed them. She leapt towards them in midair and brought her jaws down, cutting both men in half. Ision flung the bodies and stood still for a second, calming herself from the rage that had enveloped her just a second ago.

As the battle ended Sky recalled her fainted Pokemon and rushed over to her sister. As she reached her sister one could tell that the young girl was afraid by the size of her eyes and a open mouth. “Are you okay? I can find some herbs,” she babbled, upset by the sight.

She asked this because Ision’s fangs were covered in blood and gore. And her body no longer had a shine to its scales as the body was drenched in the soldiers' life essence, seeping from the gashes in her body and from her foes. “Please tell me that is not all yours?” Sky said, the color draining from her face.

Ision glared at her sister, “No, it’s not all mine. Let’s get me bandaged so we can leave before more soldiers arrive. Those last ones were from another patrol. “

After the wounds were washed and bandaged Sapphire changed to human form. She grimaced, “That’s going to hurt for awhile.” She then noticed the look still on Sky’s face and she took a look around the battlefield. Decapitated bodies, blood, and the frozen soldiers and Mightyena littered the ground.

“I’ve been in a few battles,” Sky whispered, “but nothing like this.”

Sapphire placed a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, most battles are not like this. It will get better as you grow older.”
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

Realizing that the images would be with her sister and that she would still be in shock, Sapphire gently guided her away from the carnage. It wasn’t until lunch that Sky spoke again. “Thank you from getting me away from there,” she said, her voice unsteady and low.

“It was no problem; now help me find some wood.” Sapphire was hoping to distract her sister. Once they had found some logs and they had formed them into a circle. They sat down and ate a lunch of toasted bread and cheese melted over the bread. After the light lunch the sisters got ready to move again.

“From this point on I’m going to take point. Your job is to watch our rear and to cover our tracks.” Sapphire walked over to a nearby tree and using a blade of ice, she formed from her hand, she cut a branch with plenty of burs on it. “Use this. It’s more effective.”

So the sisters set off to their destination through the dense woods. Although the sun had and would not set until eight at night the light was already receding from the woods at six making it appear to be dusk. And it was around this time the sisters met their next challenge. As they were walking through the dark woods Sapphire came to a sudden stop. Sky was looking behind them and didn’t not see her sister as she bumped into Sapphire.

“What is it?” she whispered.

“Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Sky frowned.

“Exactly. Something is out there. I think it’s right in front of us.” she lifted a finger and pointed at a tree directly in front of them. “In there. Be careful and quiet. Let’s go around.”

As the sisters moved to go around the tree a Sceptile jumped from the tree to stand in front of them. The creature was mostly hidden from view and the only reason they knew it was a Sceptile was because of the tell tale blades of grass on its arms that gave it away.

Sky stepped forward and spoke in the language of Pokemon. When she finished the Sceptile, besides the blades of grass it had a fern like thing for a tail, small yellow bells on it back and a stripe of red around its midsection, just sat there unmoving and its gaze never moving.

“I think it wants to battle,” Sky said stepping forward but was held back by the restraining hand of her sister.

"I will handle this." Sapphire dropped her hand to her dress and withdrew a Pokeball hidden in the folds of her cape. The Pokeball was a small blue orb fashioned out of glass and it had a crystal button in the center. Sapphire depressed the button once and the Pokeball went from the size of a walnut to the size of her palm.

“Come out my friend,” Sapphire said, depressing the center and tossing the ball in the air. The ball rose a few feet in the air before it opened and a pale blue beam shot out to the ground where it shimmered for a slight second, casting the surroundings in a blue light, before reveling and large blue Pokemon with flippers and two long fangs.

“Walreinn!” the creature yelled, slamming its enormous fins together.

The Sceptile cocked its gecko like head and crouched low to the ground and launched its body at Walrein.

“Walrein use Defense Curl!”

As Sceptile neared Walrein the Pokemon tucked its body into a ball and Sceptile’s Slam attack merely pushed Walrein back a few inches. Sceptile bounced off Walrein and returned to its original spot.

“Walrein, use Hail.”

Walrein unrolled from its ball and roared. And as if they were in the mountains a sudden blizzard sprang up and started to hail, sending small balls of ice to the earth.

“Now use Blizzard!”

Walrein reared back, inhaling, before it sent a strong blast of snow at Sceptile. Sceptile nimbly jumped away but the attack merely followed, hitting Sceptile in the back and slamming it into the snow on the ground.

“Why did Blizzard hit if first missed?” Sky asked Sapphire.

“Simply. Blizzard will always hit in a snowstorm.” Sapphire lifted her face to Walrein. “Now use Body Slam!”

Walrein heaved its big bulk in the air and was on a crash course with the prone body of Sceptile when the grass Pokemon opened it eyes and caught the walrus in mid air. A small gasp escaped Sapphire’s lips as Sceptile threw her Pokemon. Walrein came crashing to the ground with a loud thump followed quickly by Sceptile whose blades of grass were now glowing. It brought the blades down on Walrein’s back in a brutal Leaf Blade attack.

“Walrein, strike back with Blizzard!”

Walrein slowly rose to its feet and faced Sceptile, who was still being buffeted by the hail. Walrein opened its mouth wide and another wind full of snow sprang forth, rushing to Sceptile. The nimble Pokemon just stood there and when the attack looked like it was going to strike Sceptile moved so fast it appeared as a blur. And within a second Sceptile was directly in front of Walrein. Sapphire’s Pokemon was once again struck by a Leaf Blade attack.

“Wow, that must be Detect. Smart move,” Sapphire gritted her teeth in anger, unconscious clenching her fists. As Walrein lay heaving in the snow Sapphire lowered her head and closed her eyes as if in a prayer. Sceptile saw that nothing was being done and it sped towards its foe with a Quick Attack. And an instant before it reached its target Walrein opened its eyes and bit the offending Pokemon’s arm, startling Sceptile and not allowing it to move.

Sapphire raised her head. “Perfect. Now Walrein, heave Sceptile in the air and use Blizzard!”

Walrein tossed Sceptile in the air like it was a feather and caused another blast of frigid cold air to hit Sceptile. The gecko creature tumbled to the ground and just laid there. Sapphire withdrew another Pokeball and threw it at Sceptile. The ball wiggled briefly before Sceptile jumped out. It was at this time the storm abated. As Sapphire was preparing to launch another attack the Sceptile lifted an arm and started to speak.

“Please I meant you know harm I just wanted to test you. You have passed my test,” it said matter of factly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Sky said, her eyes blazing with fury.

Sapphire restrained her sister and turned to Sceptile. “What do you want?”

“My son has being kidnapped by a group of foul men and their Pokemon who wish to do us harm. I ask for your help. In return I will lend you a guide to navigate through the woods to your destination.”

“Deal,” said Sapphire.

Sceptile nodded its head in agreement and whistled. A few seconds later a Grovile burst through the undergrowth.

The Sceptile spoke briefly with the Grovile before it leapt into the trees, where it disappeared as it raced along the foliage. The Grovile approached Sapphire.

“Please lead us to the border of the nation north of here. I would also like to avoid any patrols. I want to reach the main castle by dusk.” The Pokemon nodded and off the group went, deeper into the ever darkening forest.

The walk through the dark forest was slow, but would’ve been slower and more dangerous had it not been for their guide, who led them them away from wild Pokemon and bandit patrols alike. With the guide the sisters reached the main castle by midmorning the next day. They stood at the edge of the forest as the castle was situated on a hill in the middle of a giant field with its own moat and draw bridge. The guide gave a nod to Sapphire and it retreated back into the woods. It was a partly cloudy sky with a slight breeze this morning as the sisters started the climb to the castle. The castle was a magnificent sight with its high towers and strong walls and the black color of it from the rocks in the region. It took the sisters a hour to reach the summit of the hill on which the castle sat. The sisters appreciated the castle, taking in the impressive looking towers, filled with beasts of war and the forty foot high wall casting an imposing shadow across the landscape. When they reached the moat they stopped and looked at the two towers on either side of the oak doors across the moat. They turned their attention from the archers and various Pokemon to a small man standing at the wall.

“Who goes there?” the small man yelled.

“I’m Sapphire and this is my younger sister Sky. We wish to speak with your king. We hail from the kingdom south of here.”

The little man gave a slight nod and the archers that were in the towers lowered their weapons, slightly. “Very well, you may enter. But your weapons must remain with my guards.”

“That will not happen,” Sapphire called back, placing a hand on her sword. The man stepped away from the wall and returned two minutes later.

“You may enter.” and the draw bridge fell forward with a loud thump, scattering dirt into the eyes of the girls, and the doors swung open.

When they crossed the bridge they were met by two soldiers, dressed in full battle armor, with a Camerupt and a Rotom. The soldiers glared at the sisters as they approached, mistrust and anger shone in their eyes. It was then that the girls saw the small man. As they moved to talk to him one of the soldiers stepped in front of them, placing his drawn blade in their path while the other moved to speak with the man.

Sapphire arched an eyebrow at the soldier. "Do you really believe that's a wise move?"

The soldier seemed to think about this for a brief second, but he stood his ground and increased his grip on his weapon. The other soldier conversed for a few short seconds with the little man before the little man turned to the sisters.

“These soldiers request a Pokemon battle with you if you don’t mind.”

“We’ll have no problem with that,” Sapphire said.

The soldiers stepped forward and each released one more Pokemon, Altaria and Yanmega. Both Sky and Sapphire stepped forward in unison and sent forth their Pokemon, Gliscor, Staraptor with Jynx and Walrein respectively.

“Gliscor, use Stone Edge on Yanmega! Staraptor, you use Wing Attack on Camerupt.”

“Jynx, Sweet Kiss on Rotom and Warein use Ice Beam on Altaria.”

“Yanmega Protect and Camerupt use Eruption on Staraptor!”

“Rotom you use Thunder Bolt on Walrein and Altaria uses Dragon Breath on Walrein.”

Yanmega maneuvered in front of Camerupt and created a bright colored bubble that formed a shield that stopped both Stone Edge and the Wing Attack instantaneous. When the shield disappeared Camerupt came forward and shot a stream of fire from its sprout on its back to Staraptor. Staraptor tried to fly high but Camerupt shot the attack in the air and it came raining down in the form of balls of fire. Staraptor was struck in the back, causing a few feather to catch fire, and fell to the ground. A cheer rose up from the soldiers and parapets overhead.

Jynx blew a kiss in the form of a a fairy that hit Rotom and popped. Rotom moved around as if in a dizzy then regained its course and sent a bolt of lighting at Walrein, hitting the creature directly. Altaria flew over Walrein and sent its powerful cortex of breath at Walrein, striking it. Walrein bore these attacks and after a few seconds it shrugged them off with a matching roar, the attacks stopped and Walrein sent its attack at Altaria. The Dragon Pokemon tried to dodge but to no avail. The beam of blue energy struck Altaria in its chest and froze it on contact. The block of ice fell to the ground and shattered, revealing the unconscious Pokemon.

“Great job!” Sapphire started, “Now, Jynx use Psychic on Rotom and Walrein use Body Slam on Rotom.”

Walrein heaved its self in the air and as it came down on Rotom the Pokemon just stood there and Walrein went right through it.

“Dang, I forgot Rotom is both a ghost and electric type Pokemon. Jynx, go Psychic!” Sapphire stated to herself.

“Don't worry about it,” Sapphire replied. “Concentrate on the battle.”

Sky nodded and turned back to her Pokemon. “Gliscor, Earthquake; Staraptor, use another Aerial Ace!” Gliscor came down from the sky and hit the earth with such force it caused a ripple in the ground that rushed to Camerupt and reached it in a few seconds. The attack brought Camerupt to its nonexistence knees as it withstood the attack. But it was hit a second later by Staraptor’s attack who had came in low from the ground behind Camerupt, knocking it unconscious. As Staraptor moved to gain attitude it was struck down by a sudden Thunder Bolt from Rotom who had gone unnoticed. the unconscious body of Staraptor fell to the ground.

Gliscor moved next to Walrein while Rotom and Yanmega also regrouped. Yanmega and Rotom moved first using Bug Buzz and Thunder Bolt at Walrein. As Walrein was about to get hit Sapphire ordered Gliscor in the way of the attacks. The Thunder Bolt hit first but did nothing to the ground Pokemon while Bug Buzz did a little damage but was shrugged off by Gliscor.

“Now counterattack! Walrein, use Surf on Rotom!”

“You too Gliscor, use Stone Edge on Yanmega.”

Walrein yelped and a wave of water sprang out of the ground beneath its feet with Walrein atop it, the wave swept toward Rotom. Rotom looked up at the wave of water and let it wash over it. The attack did good damage to Rotom but when the water seeped back into the ground Rotom turned to the sky and dark clouds sprang up with lighting rippling through it. Rotom then turned to Walrein and a bolt of lighting shot from the sky hitting Walrein, lighting the surrounding the immediate area with its energy and knocking out Walrein instantly. Yanmega then launched a Hypnosis attack at Gliscor, the circles of psychic energy descending upon Gliscor who nimbly swopped under the attack and grabbed two oversized rocks from the ground and heaved the rocks at Yanmega, the bug Pokemon tried to dodge, it flew around the first one, but was hit by the second one, also being knocked out.

The final two Pokemon squared off and were going to launch another round of attacks before they were stopped by a voice, “Enough!”

The little man stepped forward as the combatants recalled their Pokemon.

“Welcome to Avon, the city of the north,” the man said. “My name is Bernard. Please follow me,” he swept a hand to the road in front of them. The road was made of rocks in layers. The first being smaller rocks and and atop this sat dirt and the top layer was large flat rocks to make the road smooth. This road was good for horseback and for walking. On both sides of the road were houses and businesses and in front of these stood citizens and soldier dressed in battle armor. As they moved up the road a score of guards appeared and surround the sisters and Bernard. They wore the royal guard colors of silver armor and a bright blue cape made of silk flowing from the shoulders to barely touch the ground. Bernard was not dressed in armor but rather a casual brown robe with a girdle around the waist, in which a small push dagger was in it. Bernard had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and flat facial features.

“They don’t seem to like us,” Sky whispered to her sister, referring to the dark looks they were receiving from the citizens and soldiers lined along the road and houses.

“Pay attention and you will know why; take a look at their gaunt faces, it indicates famine or war and I’m guessing war. Also, notice the very few Pokemon, it means that they’ve suffered strong Pokemon losses and that most are being forced into service. Now, lower your voice and keep quiet.”

As Sky looked around she realized that her sister was indeed right and she chided herself for not paying closer attention. Another thing that stood out was that there was not many men in the crowd. It was mostly women and young children.

Presently they came to a secondary wall that surround the fortress. Bernard spoke to a guard who approached and they were waved through the main gate. Once inside the castle they were led to what looked like a banquet hall. The room was a square room made from marble and pillars of gold reaching to the ceiling. The room could hold about three hundred plus people and still have enough room to maneuver around comfortably. The room was lighted by candles placed throughout the great hall.

At the end of the room was an exquisite throne made from gold and carvings made from jade. The seat and back of the throne were made of a purple material, most likely a high grade of silk, and the arm rests were jade carvings in the form of a mighty dragon with a fist sized diamond in its gaping mouth. In front of the throne was a brown, rectangular table with eight chairs made of wood but had a layer of silver on them, not the real deal but a nice thought nonetheless. The score of guards took places by the door while Bernard approached the two chairs in the middle, he pulled them back and indicated for Sky and Sapphire to sit, they did so. After the sisters had sat Bernard moved to stand next to the empty throne.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

Presently the chairs next to the girls filled with men in various dress from armor to fine robes. After everyone had sat a secret door behind the throne, in the shadows, opened and a middle aged man entered the room and sat at the throne. He was around seven feet six inches tall, one of the tallest men the girls had ever seen, he had white hair that reached the middle of his back and he was dressed in a fine white robe, but to Sapphire's trained eye she could tell he was wearing full battle armor beneath the robe. He introduced the men around the table, two magicians, a governor who was the king’s financial advisor, and his three top generals.

After the introductions were made by the king he turned to the sisters, “What brings you to the city of Avon?”

“There is war coming from the east that seeks to overwhelm and destroy our kingdoms,” Sapphire stated.

The king appeared to mull over this for a few seconds. “I’ve heard of such rumors and I would help if I could, but my hands are tied. My own kingdom is waging war against a bandit army, surely you've heard of them. The war is costing my people much and until they are dealt with I can not help you.”

Sapphire nodded. “I understand. We also come to you on a different matter, we have come to understand that a wild Treecko has been captured, do you know of this?”

The king exchanged a look with Bernard who bent to the king’s ear. Bernard and the king spoke in brief tones for a few seconds before the king turned back to the sisters.

“I know of who you are talking about and where the Pokemon in question is. The bad news is that one of my men captured the Pokemon in a fair battle but the patrol he was in was attacked by the bandits and the Pokemon was captured.”

Sapphire mulled over this new information before she spoke again. “If I can rid your kingdom of the bandits for awhile will you consider our request?”

The king spread his hands. “I probably could when the time comes, provided I have the proper amount of men and time.”

“That would work fine your majesty.”

“Bernard here will deal with the details. Now I have other matters to attend to. I bide you good day.” The king rose from his chair and exited through the same door in which he entered. The other men around the table also left. When the room was empty Sapphire turned to Sky.

“This could help us in multiple ways. One, we gain a potential ally in the north; two, we free up some of our troops in the north and finally, we not only rid this kingdom of the bandits but ours as well. Let’s go find Bernard then we can make a camp for the night because I'm exhausted.”

The sisters walked out the door and were met by Bernard who was speaking with the generals. He noticed the sisters and turned to them. “It is all set. A portion of the army will meet you in a field east of here. There sleeping quarters will be prepared if you want them.”

“No thank you,” Sapphire politely declined. “We will sleep in the field outside the castle then meet with your men in the morning.”

It was a hour until sunset when the sisters found a suitable area for their camp. Sky changed forms and Sapphire set about making a small camp. They were near the edge of the forest so Sapphire entered the forest and gathered forty sticks approximately eight feet in length. She made two circles in the dirt with the circumference of six feet and stuck the wood into small holes she had dug, the wood met in a point and she froze this with ice, keeping the structure intact. It would only last for the night but it was all the girls needed. With this done she dug two other holes away from the shelters. The first hole was about a foot deep and was also a foot away from the next hole, which was only half as deep and much smaller. The two holes were connected by a tunnel for air. She filled the bigger hole with moss then layered small twigs atop this. She then started a fire with a wad of moss and placed this onto the bed of twigs and moss. The start quickly grew and was soon sending out enormous heat. Sky returned a few minutes later with slabs of meat in one talon and a spit in the other. They cooked the steaks and roasted some bread before they went to sleep for the night.

The next morning the sisters woke to a wet field from a drizzle the night before. They finished the leftovers from the night before and were getting set to leave when Sapphire turned to Sky.

“Where did you get those steaks from? I meant to ask you last night but never got around to it.”

“Oh, I saw a flock of Staraptor and I called them over. Together we spotted a herd of Stantler, we hunted a young looking one and we got a few steaks while they got the rest of the meat,” she glanced at the sky, “We might want to get moving soon, it looks like it’s going to rain soon.”

As Sapphire opened her mouth to reply a Munrkrow landed on Sky’s shoulder. “I had my Pokemon here search for the bandit camp.” The two conversed then Sky gave it a piece of bread and recalled it into its Pokeball.

“The bandit camp is northwest of here. I will head to Avon’s army, you can head to the bandit camp. We will catch up to you,” Sky said before changing forms and flying away.

As Sky flew off, Sapphire called Articuno and the pair set off north. It soon started to rain so Sapphire had Articuno climb above the clouds. It took half an hour for Sapphire to spot the bandit camp from her perch in the sky. She then landed in a field about one mile from the camp and awaited the Avon army to arrive, as the rain had ceased. A hour later the clouds still hadn’t poured our their contents but Sky had arrived. She alighted next to Sapphire and changed forms.

“The Avon army has fifty seven thousand men and twenty thousand Pokemon at its disposal,” Sky started. “According to the generals they believe the bandit army to be around forty five thousand men and around forty thousand Pokemon.”

“That could be a problem. Let us talk to the generals.” Together they walked to the Avon army who were preparing for battle. A table was set up in the middle of the camp, where the generals and their subordinates were crowded around.

“What’s our situation, general?” Sapphire said to one one in particular as she did not know who was in charge.

A balding man looked up from a map he was studying. “We are now forming the army into three columns, a right, left and center. The bandits are also assembling their army.”

“How many fliers and catapults do we have?” Sapphire asked.

“Just under twenty five hundred fliers and twenty catapults,” said another general, his face hidden by his visor. “The enemy has five catapults and ten thousand fliers at their command.”

“Do you have any calvary?” Sky piped up.

“Yes, we have eight thousand.”

Sapphire nodded. “Good, keep them in reserve. Now, I will head the center column with my Mamoswine. Sky can take the left with her Gliscor and one of you can have right if nobody disagrees." Her look toward them stated that there would be no dissenters. "Next, who commands the bandits?”

The balding man glanced at his men before speaking. “A powerful man by the name of Phineas. He has command of the center with his lieutenants commanding the flanks. Not only is he a strong fighter but he is aided by a powerful Munchlax.”

A second after the man had spoke a loud thunder rippled across the air, lighting up the sky and a moment later the rain started to fall in torrents.

“Let’s begin if we’re ready,” Sky said.


Sapphire stood at the head of her column, formed into two lines at eight thousand abreast with the Pokemon spread through the ranks except for the fliers who remained hovering overhead. Sapphire was sitting on Mamoswine’s back and she took a quick glance at her men around her, their red armor and red pendant being pelted by the heavy rain, before she raised her right arm above her head before bringing it down again. As one the center started to march forward, followed by the right and left, as the front line moved forward the catapults in the rear fired their giant boulders at the enemy line, who also fired back. Sapphire had to duck as a airborne missile sailed past, striking the line of men behind her, leaving more than a few dead.

When the armies were within in three hundred yards the air forces met above them, the cries of Pokemon and human alike reaching the ground below as bodies and Pokemon started to tumble from the sky. Sapphire signaled to her ground commander and her forces broke into a trot, the resounding echo was heard throughout the land. The gap was narrowed to one hundred yards when both armies broke into a dead run. The two sides met with a thunderous crash, rivaling that of the lightning overhead, metal hitting metal. Sapphire watched as a man next to her was stomped beneath the feet of a charging Rhyhorn while Mamoswine froze a group of soldiers with a Blizzard attack. Mamoswine then locked tusks with a Aggron, forcing Sapphire to jump off its back and into a group of soldiers. One was frozen a second later by a jab of her rod and two others were struck done by ice shards from her other outstretched hand. As another group moved to attack she smiled and changed forms, quickly causing fear to spread across their faces like wildfire


Sky was also engaged on the left but had not changed forms, opting instead to fight on the ground with a push dagger and sword clutched in her hands. Her Gliscor was immediately assaulted by a Crobat so she moved into the ranks of the enemy alone. A soldier tried to rush, bringing his ax down in a slash, but she nimbly dodged and delivered a fatal stab to his back. She blocked another blow from a bandit dressed in rags, and reached under his guard with her dagger, releasing his bowels for the earth to see. The man fell to the ground, intestines in hand but Sky had moved on. She looked around her for Gliscor and saw him flying around the battlefield occasionally picking up a soldier and throwing him to the ground before moving on. But as Gliscor moved to another target it was blasted out of the air by a Psychic attack. Sky rushed to his side and was surprised to see an Alakazam facing it.

The yellow and brown colored Pokemon launched another attack but Gliscor dodged using Agility then struck it with Wing Attack, knocking the creature back, but as it fell to the ground it disappeared in a flash using its a trademark move of an earlier evolution called Teleport, also favored by many psychics.


After fifteen minutes of hard combat things were starting to go downhill for the Avon army, bodies now littered the battlefield as the fighting broke up into small squads of men and Pokemon. The right was starting to crumble and men were retreating to the rear, creating an air of panic that sent a ripple across the ranks of the Avon army while the bandits pushed forth with vigor. Plus the air battle had been lost and the bandit fliers were picking off men at will, flying into the clouds above, causing men to be struck by lightening or being dropped. Also the conditions were making fighting hard as the ground was turning muddy, creating further problems of footing. Sapphire set about to fix these problems by fighting her way to the head general, the bald man, who was directing the battle from the rear. She changed forms and ran over to him as he was directing the catapult fire.

“General! The right is collapsing.” she swung arm in the direction. He glanced at where she was pointing and a look of surprised registered on his face. “I need you to send the calvary immediately to reinforce them.”

He nodded, his face set in a grim line. “It will be done immediately.”

He signaled to his aide as Sapphire turned to the next matter of reversing the matters in the air. She turned and rushed back into the foray to see that the calvary had turned the tide on the right. With a grin of satisfaction she called for Sky. “Sky! I need you to locate some fliers!” she called. As she leapt to save a fellow soldier, the storm started to strengthen.


Sky had just finished defending herself when she heard Sapphire calling her. As more soldiers moved to confront her she clapped her hands together and a gust of wind sprang up, knocking a few soldiers more than ten feet back. With them temporarily stunned she changed forms and flew toward the center of the storm, a mass of black clouds with massive amounts of rain and bolts of lightening. As riders and their Pokemon flew towards the new threat she reached the center of the storm and hovered there for a second while chanting in the an ancient language. As she finished her chant the sky grew darker, making it appear to be nearing dusk, the rain increased twofold and the winds grew to 60 mph with gusts in the hundreds, forcing all the fliers to the earth and the catapults to stop firing in the fear of hitting their own men. Even though the winds were blowing hard Sky, as a master of the wind and its elements, was able to descend with grace as if the wind wasn’t there.

She returned to human form to find a small man built like a reed, dressed in robes walking toward her. He was followed by two Gligar.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten


As Sapphire watched the battle start to turn to her favor she noticed a large man cutting a swath through her men. She moved to confront him by surprise but when the man saw the thin woman approaching him he burst into laughter. Sapphire’s eyes shrunk to slits and she glared at the man as he slowly ceased the noise he called laughter.

“Wait a second. I know you. You’re Sapphire, the ice queen, well, it will help people fear me after they know I’ve killed you. But first you will have to battle my Pokemon.” He reached to his belt and pulled out two Pokeballs and sent the Pokemon on the field. The light shimmered around the area where the Pokemon were before they became the shapes of the Pokemon. One was a purple bird, its feathers on its head arranged into a weird pattern. The other Pokemon was small and blue except for a patch of white skin on its stomach. The Pokemon were Munchlax and Murkrow.

Sapphire reached into her cape and withdrew a Pokeball and spoke softly. When she finished speaking a loud roar rumbled across the battlefield and Sapphire could see Mamoswine running from the bandit’s side, trampling and goring everything in its path. It stopped next to her and turned to face the Pokemon opposite it. Mamoswine didn’t notice the other Pokemon standing beside it, Sapphire’s Weavile, a blue Pokemon with deadly claws on its hands and feet. The maroon colored headband standing out on the dark Pokemon, besides its wicked looking claws.

Sapphire sized up Phineas as she prepared to engage in battle. He was over nine and a half feet tall, he wore heavy armor that most men couldn’t even pick up, he was covered in armor from head to toe with not a single piece of flesh showing. He carried two long axes in each thing he called a hand, as the things were the size of a Crobat. Sapphire bent to the ground and picked up a small ax and a broad sword for slashing. She dropped into a fighting stance and moved to the man while calling moves to her Pokemon.

“Mamoswine, use Horn Attack. Weavile jump on Mamoswine’s back then use Ice Punch!” As Mamoswine charged Munchlax, Weavile leapt on its back and hid in the long hair of Mamoswine. Munchlax caught Mamoswine’s tusks, but didn’t see Weavile who jumped from its hiding place and delivered an uppercut to the face of Munchlax. The fat Pokemon was forced to release its hold, but Phineas thought quickly and had Munchlax grab Murkrow’s beak. Munchlax latched onto to Murkrow's beak then aimed and fired the Pokemon like a missile at Mamoswine with Murkrow using its beak like a Horn Drill.

“Weavile, jump in the way!” Sapphire yelled to her Pokemon. Weavile reacted quickly and jumped in the way of the attack, crossing its arms and bracing for a hit.

Murkrow hit Weavile, sending the Pokemon flying. Weavile did a somersault in the air to land on the ground feet first. Phineas's Pokemon regrouped and prepared to launch more attacks when Sapphire reacted first.

“Mamoswine, Earthquake! Weavile, you use Night Slash on Munchlax!”

Mamoswine reared on its hind legs and brought them down forcefully while Weavile leapt in the air in a position to come down on Munchlax, a simultaneous attack. Weavile’s attack was about to land when a rock came flying through air, hitting Weavile in the head. A moment later an Onix, a giant rock worm with a single horn on its head, appeared. As the Onix moved to attack the motionless body of Weavile the Earthquake attack from Mamoswine connected with Munchlax and Onix. Munchlax was able to withstand the attack, but Onix suffered heavy damage from the attack as it was super effective to the rock type Pokemon.

As the Pokemon were engaged in a battle Phineas and Sapphire were engaged in a deadly dance of their own, where a misstep would mean the difference between life and death. The two twirled among each other, their blades in an intimate dance of death. A block here, a cut here, as the warriors battled and called out attacks to their Pokemon.

Sapphire ducked as one of Phineas’s axes came close to leaving her headless. “Mamoswine use Ice Shard! Weavile, recover using Moonlight,” she panted as she blocked another blow.

Mamoswine’s tusks glowed blue for a brief second before multiple shards of ice shot from the tusks at Murkrow and Onix. Onix used Dig to escape the attack while Murkrow tried to fly away, but it was hit by a shard, piercing one of its wings to strike a wooden shield. As this happened Munchlax took the opportunity to roll up in a ball, which started to slowly spin. With the other Pokemon temporally distracted, Weavile lifted a claw to the sky and a break in the storm clouds broke away to reveal the moon. Out of the moon shot a single beam of light that encircled Weavile, who slowly rose to its feet as the light shimmered around it. Weavile’s eyes were shut but when the light faded his eyes shot open, blazing with fury as it stared down its adversaries.

“Nice job Weavile. Now show them your strength, use Dark Pulse! Mamoswine use Blizzard.”

The wooly elephant opened its huge mouth to reveal its large flat teeth, but as it moved to release the energy the earth shook as Onix erupted from the ground right in front of the surprised Mamoswine and swung its glowing tail in an arc, connecting with the body of Mamoswine throwing the huge beast in the air. As Mamoswine tumbled to the earth, a dark object blurred by, striking Mamoswine, it was Munclax, using Rollout. Mamoswine hit the ground hard, sending mud flying and crushing everything beneath it, including soldiers. When the mud fell to the ground around Mamoswine Sapphire got a clear look at her Pokemon. Mamoswine lay on its side, breathing heavily, both its eyes shut and one of its great tusks was missing, the missing tusk had pierced the armor of an unlucky bandit, one end stuck in the mud and the other end facing the sky with the soldier impaled on it.

“No!” Sapphire cried, stunned by a second, which was all Phineas needed as her backhanded her across the face, leaving a large red mark. As she fell back in the mud she was surprised to find Weavile had moved to catch her and was holding her.

She lifted a hand to its face and caressed the side of its face. “Let’s finish this battle now.”

Weavile nodded, its face set in a grim look as it set Sapphire on her feet. Sapphire rose to her and dropped the weapons she had been holding, with a cry she arched her back and she started to glow a bright pulsating blue light. As the light shimmered and started to take on a shape her Pokemon used a Blizzard attack, creating a wall between her and Phineas.

When Phineas and his Pokemon broke through the layer of ice a minute later the confidence that had been shining on Phineas’s face dropped a few notches as he stared at the two creature before him. Weavile stood in front of Sapphire its claws lifted to sky as an orb of dark energy, with purple lightening through it, was floating between Weavile’s arms. Its face was set in a fierce snarl as it brought the orb to the ground which tore a rut in the ground as it sped toward the other Pokemon, hitting all. Dark pulse hit Onix, blowing up, sending shards of dark energy striking Onix again and hitting Munchlax, Phineas had just managed to roll out of the way, right into the path of Sapphire.

In the place of Sapphire stood a creature twelve feet tall. It was a transparent blue, with a long tail trailing from its body; that tail had four spikes of ice on it, two on each side. Two wings that when stretched were twenty-four feet in length. The creature had two horns in a spiral on the top of its head, with an open mouth teeming with sharp teeth made for cutting and stabbing. It had two long ears that appeared like that of a fin with ridges leading out. And finally, it had two arms about six feet long with foot long claws at the end of them. Phineas had angered Sapphire so much that she had found a new form, a ice dragon.

Sapphire growled low in her throat and blue flame shot from her mouth. “You have hurt one of my best friends. Now you will pay the price!” she roared as she opened her wings and leapt in the air, before coming down in a dive bomb at Phineas.

Phineas cried out and dived to his right, Sapphire’s talons barely missing him as she sought to grab him. With another roar she descend within a few feet of Phineas. As the two warriors circled each other Sapphire felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Weavile had jumped on her horned head. She nodded to her friend and turned back to Phineas and the two Pokemon.

“Dark Pulse now!” Weavile jumped from her head, an orb of dark energy clutched in each hand. Weavile brought this together and shot it at Onix. The rock Pokemon reacted quickly, trying to use Dig to escape the attack, but it was hit in the rear by energy, knocking out the Pokemon as it collapsed, striking the ground with half of its body as the other half was buried in the ground.

“Munchlax! Use Yawn!” Phineas roared to his Pokemon. Munchlax opened its mouth and a bubble slowly formed to the size of Munchlax’s mouth before it popped out and floated toward Weavile. Sapphire reared back and blew out a breath of cold air that froze the bubble into block of ice that shattered when it hit the ground. Weavile leapt to challenge Munchlax while Sapphire rushed Phineas, her claws and spiked tail before her.

Sapphire swept her tail in an arc, the spikes glistening from the lightening overhead. Phineas arched his back and brought his axes up to meet the spikes. Using his strength he slammed the tail in the ground with one while he prepared to sever it with his other ax, but he was stopped by Sapphire’s claws as she raked them across his hand. With a cry of pain he dropped the ax and moved backwards away from the snarling Sapphire.

Sapphire slid an eye to her Weavile, who was trying to dodge a Focus Punch from Munchlax, but to no avail as it ducked from one fist but was hit by the other as the glutton Pokemon brought it up in an uppercut. The fist connected with Weavile’s chin, sending the Pokemon into flying backwards from the blow. Sapphire whirled to Weavile who laid motionless on the ground. “Come on! Don’t give up! Finish Munchlax with Ice Shard!”

As Weavile slowly got to its feet Munchlax tucked into a ball and rolled toward Weavile using Rollout. Weavile’s eyes started to glow as did its claws, which had started to grow in length, with a snarl Weavile held its claws outward and from them shot blades of pointed ice that hit Munchlax, slowing it down but not stopping the attack. Weavile tried to dodge, but in its weakened state it was too slow and Munchlax hit Weavile in the chest. As Munchlax bounced off and rolled away Weavile wavered for a second before it fell face first into the mud. Munchlax stared at the fallen figure for a couple of second before its eyes rolled in the back of its head and it fell to the ground with a splash from all the mud.

“No!” Sapphire howled at the sight of her fallen Pokemon, but instantly aware of a pain in her gut as she saw Phineas slash her stomach with his remaining ax. Sapphire cried out in pain and stumbled backward, but at the same time her tail swung out from behind and slammed into Phineas’s legs, with one of the spikes becoming embedded in his right leg. Phineas cried out and dropped his weapon as he bent down to his leg. Using his strength he pulled the shard of ice from his leg, as it had fell off when it became embedded. The shard pulled free with a sickening crunch as the shard fell to the ground with blood gushing from the wound. As the blood swept away with the falling rain Sapphire alighted in front of Phineas and brought her right claw downward, across her chest, cutting through the heavy armor and leaving four long gashes in the chest.

Phineas looked up at Sapphire, his eyes wide and mouth open in an ‘o’, a shudder rippled through his body before he sank to the ground in a clash of metal and laid there, his eyes forever staring up at the open sky in the sight of death. Sapphire turned to sky and roared her fury, that echoed across the battlefield leaving many soldiers wondering what was yelling. As the roar died down in her throat she turned her rage toward and group of bandit soldiers who were trying to make a run for the rear; they were quickly cooked by her blue flame. As the charred bodies fell to the ground sapphire slowly changed back to her human form. When the transformation was done she stood perfectly still as the rain pelted her and soaked her already wet body, she slowly lowered her hand to the slash in her stomach and felt the blood gushing from the wound. She grabbed four Pokeballs and tossed two of them at her Pokemon while the other two she tossed at Munchlax and Murkrow, who was still pinned to the shield.

“Better not leave them to their own devices,” she thought to herself. When the balls ceased to wiggle she stumbled over to them before making her way back to the rear. As she stumbled to the rear it was almost impossible to touch the ground as the muddy field was littered with the dead and dying, both men and Pokemon. She presently arrived at the table where the battle plans were drawn up, the bald was standing there talking to more men. He took one look at Sapphire and called for a medic. He came and Sapphire was lowered onto a bed.

“How’s the battle going?” she muttered through closed eyes.

The bald man walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Because of you we’ve won, we have suffered casualties but the bandit army is in full retreat.”

“Good,” Sapphire said.

LEFT{15 minutes earlier}

Sky stared at the man. “And who are you?”

He did a slight bow. “My name is Cyrus, you might know me as Cyrus the Great,” he said with a flourish.

Sky looked at him quizzically. “I don’t think so.”

The man appeared puzzled for a brief second. “How peculiar. You must not be around here.” His face then took on a serious look. “Well, it seems you’ve created quite a problem for my friend by limiting the use of his fliers, and I know that if I change the situation you will reverse what I did therefore, we will be at a stalemate, which is of no use to me. Perhaps a battle of skills, the winner takes the battlefield and the loser must vacate the area.” He cocked his head to the side.

Sky mulled over this before replying. “You seem like a honorable man, I don’t see why we can’t battle. What do you have in mind?”

“A battle of wills, if we can’t determine who is the better then a Pokemon battle should suffice.”

Sky nodded her head in agreement, and crouched to a fighting stance. “Make the first move.”

Cyrus’s mouth broke into a grin as he slowly levitated above the ground. He stretched at an arm and blue bolts of energy shot from his fingertips.

Sky did a somersault backwards and thrust an arm forward. Her dress billowed about her as wind seemed to appear and shot toward the bolts of energy, that went haywire and hit the ground near her. A smile broke across her face as she brought both hands together in a clap that was louder than that of a normal one, and a gust of wind shot to Cyrus. The magician brought his arms up and crossed them as the wind struck. The wind hit with such force that it appeared to overwhelm his defenses but he pushed against the wind and the force died down.

“You’re more powerful than I figured.” He gestured with his arm and a burst of fire sprang up right in front of Sky, burning the hem of her dress but doing no harm as Sky lifted her finger tips and the flames died down.

When the flames abated Sky closed her eyes and shifted forms. With the transformation completed she soared in the air above the battlefield. A moment later a condor appeared in front of her.

It laughed, which sounded like nails on a chalkboard. “I see you wish to do battle up here. I have no problem with that.” His eyes now had a twinkle in them.

As he spoke Sky dived underneath him scraped at him with her small talons. The bigger bird roared and stabbed at her back with its sharp beak. Sky cried out as the condor latched onto her back with his talons. Sky started to spin as she dived toward the earth. When they were five-hundred feet above the ground she leveled off and sent a gust of wind at the bird. The condor tried to hold on but the force of the wind and g-forces were too strong and it was forced to relinquish its hold. The condor tried to regain a height advantage, but Sky reacted quickly and started to hum.

Cyrus glanced at her when he reached the appropriate height, but was startled by the force of wind that had sprang up behind him. He turned and Sky could see his eyes widen as it took in the sight before it, a funnel cloud.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

The bird tried to escape but it was slowly pulled in the twirling vortex of clouds. While Cyrus spun about Sky was laughing and occasionally sending a gust of wind at the flailing bird. As she was absorbed in her mirth, she failed to see that the condor had escaped from the funnel cloud and was bearing down on her. When she opened her eyes all she saw were brown feathers before her eyes, she felt a strong blow across her face and a moment later she felt intense heat. When she regained her composer and balance she saw her feathers on fire and the condor circling around for another blow. She flapped her wings at the figure and it lost its balance as a gust of wind hit it broadside, knocking it askew.

With the condor distracted she put out the flames and was surprised to find the condor had flown beside her. “Your skills are admirable. I see a Pokemon battle is required. Let us begin,” it said before flying to the ground below. Sky followed it and landed beside her Gliscor who had been watching the battle.

After Cyrus and Sky had landed and changed forms the two combatants stood thirty apart staring at one another.

“Come on you two. Gligars, come forth and fight for me.” Cyrus lifted his face to the sky. Gligar were medium sized creatures colored purple with crab like pinchers for hands, a tail with a stinger like a scorpion, two small fangs and a patch of membrane, attached between its legs and arms, that it used to glide upon air currents.[/b]

Sky held a Pokeball in the air and recalled her Gliscor. “Crobat come out,” she said, “and Jumpluff I choose you!”

A purple bat and a small blue Pokemon, with small red eyes, and three balls of white cotton, two small ones on the side of its body and a bigger one on the head, appeared on the battlefield. “Jumpluff use Sleep Powder! Wing Attack Crobat!”

Jumpluff floated in the air, using its white ball of cotton on its head, and the Pokemon started to shake the white puffs, as purple powder glided to the Gligar, Crobat flew high and then came down in a dive-bomb as its small wings began to glow pure white.

“Gligar go! Use Sandstorm.”

The two Pokemon stood next to each other and started to shoot streams of sand from their mouths at the oncoming powder. The sand sucked the powder into its midst before it struck both Jumpluff and Crobat, who were blinded by the sand.

As Crobat tried to remove the sand from its eyes with its small feet one of the Gligar flew in front of it and smacked it on the head with a heavy claw in Metal Claw. The other Gligar had both claws before in a X as it flew to Jumpluff. As Gligar moved to it with X-Scissor, Jumpluff waited until it had neared before it bounced in the air, dodging the attack and coming down on Gligar’s back. The ground Pokemon slammed into the ground, but was quickly on its feet as it launched back with Sludge Bomb, the purple globs of poison hitting their mark against the body of Jumpluff. Jumpluff cried out from the blows and its body violently shook as the Pokemon was poisoned by the attack.

“Excellent work, now use Stone Edge. Use Sludge Bomb,” Cyrus commanded.

“Crobat, quick, use Roost. Jumpluff use Whirlwind!"

Crobat’s body took on a slight glow as it landed, healing its battered body. The rock hurled by Gligar sailed past Crobat as it had landed. Gligar was enraged by this and rushed Crobat, but was beat back by Jumpluff’s Whirlwind attack. The other Gligar lifted its claws and purple globs shot out. Jumpluff rotated its puffs once again in a circular motion as a wind slowly built up, the Sludge Bomb was then flung back at Gligar, striking it but doing little damage. Jumpluff smiled at its trainer, but it disappeared in a flash as the poison continued to work its way through its system.

Sky gritted her teeth. "We must hit them hard if we’re going to win,” she thought to herself. “Crobat Protect! Jumpluff use Sunny Day!”

Crobat flew to Jumpluff’s side and created a bubble of glowing energy that surround the two Pokemon and protected them from the attacks of the Gligar. The Stone Edge and Wing Attack bounced of the shield, doing no harm to Jumpluff and Crobat. Crobat ended Protect with a wave of a wing and Jumpluff shot a beam of yellow energy at the sky, and a moment later a break in the storm formed, revealing a blue sky overhead.

“Okay Crobat, use Air Cutter on one Gligar! Jumpluff uses Solarbeam!”

“I don’t think so,” Cyrus said, “Gligar, use Stone Edge! You will use Rain Dance.”

Crobat maneuvered to strike at one of the Gligar, but it had dodge as a rock flew by it, disrupting its attack. With Crobat’s attack not happening, Sky hoped that Solarbeam would work, but was dismayed when rain again started to fall from Rain Dance.

“Jumpluff, continue to use Solarbeam, Crobat use Protect,” Sky encouraged her Pokemon.

“Gligar use Quick Attack and Sludge Bomb,” Cyrus commanded his Pokemon.

Before Crobat could create a protective shield, one of the Gligar moved so fast that Sky could not see it, and it smacked into Crobat. The same thing happened to Jumpluff as the Sludge Bomb, from the other Gligar, struck it.

“Okay Jumpluff, use Leech Seed! Crobat use Roost!”

“Perfect, you still have much to learn child. Gligar, double Earthquake!”

Sky recoiled in horror as she realized this was what Cyrus had wanted. “Crobat! Forget Roost, try to use Fly!” she screeched to her Pokemon, but Crobat had already landed and was healing, it was trying to fly away when the Gligar slammed their tails into the ground, the vibration was very powerful, hurting most in the immediate area of the attack. Crobat was knocked out instantly, causing grins to spring up on the Gligar's faces.

As the Gligar basked in the defeat of Crobat, Jumpluff had shot a small seed from its mouth that became imbedded in a wing of a Gligar. The Gligar tried to slice at the vines that had sprang up from the seed, but failed as they encircled the Pokemon.

“Gligar, use Ice Fang on that Pokemon. Gligar try and rid yourself of the seed, use X-Scissor,” Cyrus spoke.

“Jumpluff, fire another Leech Seed at the other Gligar, aim for the ground.” As the first Gligar struggled with the vines Jumpluff shot a seed at the ground beneath the other Gligar's feet. Gligar moved to attack but the vines latched on to it, and pulled it the ground, where it started to sap energy.

Jumpluff looked revitalized as it started to heal from both Pokemon. “Now’s it’s our turn Jumpluff! Strike that Gligar with Energy Ball!”

Cyrus’s face was set in a frown as one of his Gligar was trapped by Leech Seed. “Strike it with Ice Fang,” he said at last.

Jumpluff gathered energy as a small green orb formed into Energy Ball. The ball struck Gligar, who kept on moving despite the attack, when it neared Jumpluff, from its teeth sprang two bolts of blue energy that struck Jumpluff as it tried to dodge.

Gligar and Jumpluff circled each other, but Gligar shuddered, giving Jumpluff an opening.

Sky said, “Energy Ball!”

“That’s not going to work on me,” Cyrus countered, “use Quick Attack Gligar!”

Not to be outdone, Sky formulated a new plan of action, “Quick, use Bounce!” Gligar rushed Jumpluff, but the grass Pokemon was ready. When it neared Jumpluff jumped in the air and landed on Gligar’s back, which it bounced off of and into the air.

“Now! Energy Ball!” Jumpluff turned in midair and shot another green orb at Gligar. Gligar tried to dodge the attack but to no avail as the attack struck its mark. Gligar’s face became contorted in pain when the attack hit, but it changed to a look of sleep as it fell to the ground unconscious. Sky whooped in delight but stopped when she saw the look of anger across Cyrus’s face.

He waved an arm, “I’ve had enough of your childish games,” and the vines from Leech Seed fell off the weakened Gligar. “Now use Ice Fang.”

The beam of blue energy struck Jumpluff and the small Pokemon fell to the ground unconscious, with half its body encased in ice.

Sky recoiled in horror, “No!” She rushed over to her Pokemon and cradled the Pokemon in her arms for a few seconds before she recalled it.

She hadn’t noticed that Cyrus had recalled his Pokemon and walked over to her. He laid a hand on her shoulders as she lifted her wet face to look at him. “Great battle my dear,” he looked at the battle around him as the bandit army started to flee. “Alas, I must go now. I only hope that we will meet again on a future battlefield. Until that time, goodbye.” And with a flourish he disappeared in a flash of smoke.

Sky then glanced around the battlefield to see the enemy troops fleeing with the Avon soldiers hot on their heels. Sky wiped the tears from her eyes, stood, and started to make her way toward the rear. As she was moving to the rear she had to gingerly step as the ground was littered with bodies of men and Pokemon, some were dead, some dying, and other wounded. When she reached the table in the rear, the bald man, Bernard, and a few other people were standing around it. They all looked up when Sky approached.

They took in the sight of the woman standing before them, her hair matted with wet and dried blood, her dress in tatters barely hanging on, and that she was completely covered in the life essence from her toes to her waist.

Bernard signaled to a few women, who rushed over to Sky and led her to a group of tents. The woman entered one but left Sky outside. About a minute later one rushed out, grabbed Sky by the arm and led her inside. Inside the tent were men and women, soldiers, washing away the effects of war.

Sky was stripped to the skin and the women proceeded to wash her body. When they were done they gave her a plain white robe. Satisfied she was clean they moved onto others that required their assistance. Sky slowly made her way back to the table and along the way she passed a group of tents in a row and all she could hear as she walked past was ear wrenching screams, she peeked her head into one of them and saw tables and cots with men on them, all wounded with nurses and doctors running about. She quickly left the tent as the stench of blood was too overpowering, she resisted the urge to throw up and moved on. As she passed through she was horrified to see that each tent had a stack outside it, of arms and legs stacked like firewood. She stood gaping at one when a doctor came out with two legs clutched in his hands; he tossed these on the ever growing pile of limbs and returned to the tent. After seeing this, Sky lowered her head and tried to block out the screams and moans as she ran past the row of tents that seemed to go on for miles. Finally, to her relief, she reached the table. The same group was still cluttered around it, and Sapphire had joined them.

Sapphire was speaking. “I see, and what are your casualties?”

Bernard looked at her, sadness in his eyes. “We’ve lost twenty-nine thousand and sixty one men wounded and dying, with the number sure to increase over the next day or so. We have only four hundred and seven fliers left, some without riders. Nine catapults are left, three thousand thirty seven Calvary are left and nine thousand sixty four Pokemon are left. We’ve lost over half our army in this one battle,” he said hanging his head in defeat.

The bald man then looked at Sapphire. “The bandits have lost thirty thousand and sixty men with the rest fleeing to their base camp. Five thousand seven hundred and eighty four fliers they have lost plus all their catapults. Their Pokemon losses were twenty six thousand eight hundred and fifty one. They lost over sixty six percent of their forces. We didn’t lose as many thankfully. Now what do we do next?” he looked everyone in the eye.

Sky cleared her throat. “I say we now attack them with our remaining forces. They’re at a disadvantage with both leaders gone and much of their forces in disarray.”

The bald spoke first. “I agree, if you hadn’t said anything I would have.” Respect for the young woman shone in his eyes.

Bernard didn’t look surprised. “I was hoping you wouldn’t come to this conclusion but the king insisted that if you did he would lead the battle. He withdrew a small horn from a pocket and blew twice. A minute later the king rode up on a Rapidash, a smile plastered on his face.

“Excellent, I knew you wouldn’t fail me Thomas,” he said to the bald man, “Now organize the men who can fight and let’s get this battle on a roll.

It took thirty minutes for the army to be organized with the king at the head; it was now around three in the afternoon. The army broke into a trot and the army moved across the now bloodstained field. When the army neared the enemy camp it slowed and a scouting force moved forward. Ten minutes passed and they returned with the news that the bandits were in disarray with some leaving and others packing the camp. In the center was a wood cage containing multiple Pokemon including the missing Treecko, identified by the leaf tattoo on its left arm, from the Sceptile clan in the forest.

The king grinned and arrayed his army around the enemy camp. Once the last men were in position he gave the commanded and the army broke and ran to the camp. Unlike the previous battle, this one took place in the dense forest so combat was limited with only Pokemon and soldiers. With the bandits outnumbered and the fight gone from them it was over in less than fifteen minutes with over half the bandits dead and almost all their Pokemon captured. The remaining forces fled deeper into the woods with Avon soldiers after them when the bandits were attacked by the wild Sceptile. Many more fell before they surrendered.

As the battlefield was being cleared of the bodies Sapphire and Sky walked to the cage. Inside were two Gligar, a Murkrow, the Treecko, a Tentacool and various other Pokemon.

The girls did not notice that the Sceptile that they met earlier had come up behind them. It used Leaf Blade and a portion of the cage fell away, all the Pokemon rushed out except for the Tentacool, as it was in a bucket of water, two Gligar, a Murkrow and the Treecko. The Treecko rushed to the Sceptile and together they glided into the forest. The other Pokemon just stood there.

"You can capture them Sky," Sapphire started, "I already captured a Murkrow and a Munchlax."

Sky nodded and stepped forward. "Yanmega, Aerodactyl, come out!"

The two Pokemon appeared; one a pterodactyl like creature without the beak but a strong jaw, it was made of rock, with a dragon head and a long arrow shaped tail. Yanmega was like a common dragonfly except for a few visible differences. It was the size of an eagle, had two smaller set of wings at the end of its tail, and fly like red eyes. The wild Pokemon huddled in the back of the cage at the sight of the fiercesome Pokemon . A sad look crossed Sky's face, "Poor Pokemon, they must have hurt them. I don't think a battle is required. Go get me some Pokemon food."

Sapphire went in search of food and a few minutes later she returned with an armful of wild berries.

"Here you guys go," Sky cooed as she tossed the berries to the Pokemon. Slowly the Pokemon warmed up to Sky and were starting to eat out of her hand. Sky petted and played with the Pokemon until the food was gone. When the food disappeared she started to talk with the Pokemon in their language. After a few minutes she turned to Sapphire, a smile across her face. They've agreed to come with us. They're tired of battle for the day. Will you lend me two Pokeballs?"

Sapphire handed over two empty Pokeballs to Sky, who also had two. Sky placed them on the ground facing the Pokemon. "I you want to come with me depress the center of the Pokeball," she said. One by one the Pokemon touched the Pokeballs and became enclosed in their center. All the Pokemon except Tentacool who’s attention seemed focused on a bandit soldier, kneeling a few feet away. Sky was just about to ask what was wrong when the Tentacool surprised everyone by jumping from the bucket on the head of the soldier. Tentacool landed on the soldier’s head, which became enveloped by the Tentacool. When the head had fully disappeared inside Tentacool the Pokemon wrapped its tentacles around the throat of the unlucky man.
And to the shock of everyone the soldier rose and started to flail around as it grappled with an Avon soldier, the thing had overpowered the man when the sisters snapped into reality.
“Yanmega use Hypnosis on that thing! Aerodactyl uses Crunch and pull the Tentacool of the man.” Yanmega swooped lower and shot beams of energy from its many eyes. The man lifted his shield and the rays ricocheted to hit Yanmega. The giant bug fell to the ground asleep, while Yanmega was put to sleep Aerodactyl latched its giant mouth on Tentacool. The water Pokemon tightened its hold on the man, but the strength of Aerodactyl was too powerful and Tentacool was pulled off with a sickening pop. Aerodactyl was flung to the ground, but immediately in the air as it flung its body and Sapphire. Sapphire stood her ground and waved an arm and a wall of ice sprang up, which the Tentacool smacked into.

“I’ve had enough,” Sky stated, “use Earthquake, Aerodactyl.” Aerodactyl slammed into the ground using its tail to knock out the small Pokemon. Sky then threw a Pokeball at it, the Pokeball wiggled as the Pokemon tried to escape but it stopped shaking, capturing it. Once all the Pokemon were inside Sky picked up the Pokeballs and spoke to the them inside the devices.

"Thank you. You will have a wonderful life with me and my family," she said, all smiles, she then turned to her sister. "That was unusually, we must tell the others about this."
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Default Re: Mystical Ten


Phineas woke to a great pain in his chest. He then remembered the fight with Sapphire and the loss of his army. He realized he was being moved, he glanced up and saw a man above him carrying a stretcher, one that he was one. He tried to speak but nothing came out. A face appeared in front of him, it was his friend and mentor, Cyrus.

“Calm yourself my friend, try not to speak. Your wounds are grievous, but you will live. Most of the army was destroyed, but your mercenary reserve held back the tide with little casualties. They still serve you, although the bandit army is gone. he said softly. “We will talk alter.”

When Phineas came to he was in a bed with bandages covering most of his large body. Cyrus was sitting in a chair next to his bed reading. Cyrus turned when he noticed Phineas was awake. “Ah, our young hero wakes,” he said smiling. “Drink this.” He held a bowl of broth to Phineas’s dry lips. Phineas slowly sipped the concoction before trusting his voice to speak.

“Why call me a hero? I’ve failed,” he said bitterly.

Not at all. It appears that your helped in ways I couldn’t imagine. Shingo, Arron, and Kim can’t be punished because the king’s army is too weak, they’ve promised us help. And the public is angry at the king’s war, that’s what they’re now calling it.” he said with glee. “Arron has also been poring over the kingdom’s laws and he found a way for you to become a duke.”

Phineas frowned. “No one would submit their land to me. After the damage I’ve done to this land.”

Cyrus lifted a finger. “But, the people in this region have no duke, the king never gave it to anyone. Arron can submit the papers to the king using one of his contacts. From there you can gain the trust of the people, and if you do there is no heir to the throne, your father’s son died of the plague two years ago. Leaving the door wide open to you.”

“We would have much work to do, but let’s do it,” Phineas said at last.

Characters: 110,351
Needed: 80 - 135
Pokemon: 5

Chapter 2 should be posted in like 6 months. Length will be around the same if not longer by the way I'm writing.

The Pokemon will be:

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Default Re: Mystical Ten

I'm really sorry I didn't keep my word that I would get this done by Thursday. ^^; I had marching band practice all week, and today was the first day I didn't feel like dropping dead from exhaustion. That, and I had computer/laptop problems that didn't allow me to access the internet.

Notice to everybody else: This is a regrade to this story.

First of all, the prologue was just what this story needed. Before, Phineas and Cyrus were merely antagonists that randomly appeared to cause havoc. There was no forewarning, no back-story, and that is what severely dampened the story the first time around. Now, though, I see this whole new side of them that makes me think, “Man, shame they lost at the end.” All I would recommend is to include your characters in your story evenly, if that makes any sense. What I mean is: don’t create such a huge gap in between character events that when the characters do pop up again (like Cyrus and Phineas) I have to go back and remember who they were.

Second of all, you added more description. Though I saw that there were parts in the prologue that needed more fleshed-out description of the surroundings, right now, the overall quality of the story makes me overlook this. The same goes for the typos I saw in the beginning.

So, in conclusion, I say you scraped yourself: Gligar and Murkow captured! Remember that when you add and edit your story, you still need to go and proofread for mistakes and typos. When you don’t, it doesn’t seem as though you put as much effort into the edits as you did, which may give a grader a bad impression as to how badly you want the Pokémon.

For future stories, work on:

- Fixing typos, typos, and more typos. A great story can be ruined by awkward sentences such as “his Pokeballs belted to his face.” I got that from your prologue. :X

- Surrounding description and not just character description. Throughout the beginning, I just imagined Phineas walking through black since I didn’t know what was around him.

Later, ATF, and good luck with the rest of your story! ^^

- Kat

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Default Re: Mystical Ten

Mystical Ten # 2

Naota rose from the table as the session came to a close and walked over to his younger brother Titus, who was also getting ready to leave.

“Let’s take a walk, we need to discuss our plans,” Naota said. Titus gave a slight nod and the brothers left the room, their destination being the garden outside the castle. The garden was situated next to a medium sized lake, and the garden was filled with vibrant yellows, reds and many colors in-between. While it was the royal garden the siblings allowed the garden to be open to all who wished to enter, and due to the warm weather plenty of people were milling about. The two took in the sights for a few minutes before turning serious.

“Well,” Titus began, “we should first deal with the issue of transportation, it will be the greatest distance out of the three excursions.” HIs unnaturally dark eyes boring into his brothers’ like a black hole.

Naota nodded, Titus’s eyes doing nothing to discomfort him as they would to a stranger. “I think land would be the best option, I would prefer water but the channel that leads to the city is heavily guarded, and I’m not a fan of flying.”

“True, but going by water would cut the time down by a fourth, plus your elementary powers would be a plus if we run into any trouble,” a wicked grin spread across his face, “if any dared to.”

“Good points, we’ll do that then. Captain Coronado is a steady commander, I’ll have him prepare for the voyage, I’ll send a messenger with style.” Naota lifted an arm and pointed toward the lake. He poured concentration into his powers and slowly a man began to form from Naota’s manipulation of the water. The figure was a mirror image of himself and soon the figure had left the lake and was walking toward the docks.

Titus looked at his brother. “I can do something better.”

Naota chuckled. “I have no doubt. Now, if we’re going south to meet the Queen we need gifts. Spices and incense work well most of the time.”

Titus nodded, staring off into the distance. “Yes, perhaps some gold and fleece as well. I’ll get the gold and fleece from the castle stores.”

“”Then we’ll meet at the shipyard in one and a half hour.” Titus rose from the bench and was soon gone from sight as he made his way back to the castle. Naota stayed in the garden for a few more minutes before he rose and headed for the market in the village square. The siblings were very much involved in the running of the kingdom and trying to resolve any personal matters that the villagers brought before them. So on his way to the market he would stop and inquire villagers to see if anything concerned them, and if so what he could do to resolve the situation. He learned that a few Pokémon had gone missing, this disturbed him because Titus’s informants had revealed that a smuggling ring had set up shop at the capital.

The market was full as usual and the sounds of bartering, talking, selling, and Pokémon language filled the air. The market was the biggest in the kingdom and as such people from neighboring kingdoms set up stalls facilitating the trading of foreign goods. Soon the prince was threading his way through the thick crowd on his way to purchase the spices and incense. On his search he decided to stop by one his favorite vendors, Hakeem. Hakeem was a traveler and was known to associate with less than honest customers.

Naota approached his stall and pretending to browser his wares, Hakeem sold some impressive weaponry. “Heard anything about some grisly murders lately?”

Hakeem was polishing a jeweled dagger when Naota questioned him. The copper skinned, bearded man flinched ever so slightly, but quickly recovered, his face a picture of disinterest. “I hear of such things from down south, that is where they’re usually confined to. I would suggest heading south if you’re searching for answers. That is all I know,” his accent thick.

The prince fingered a gold plated dagger with rubies, the sunlight lending greater beauty to the gems. “I see, heard anything about a smuggling ring in these parts?”

Hakeem nodded, he set the dagger inside a velvet lined case and retrieved a different piece. “Yes, they are causing problems for me and my friends.” He looked at Naota now, his gray eyes not blending in with his cream colored turban and robes. “My associates wish to remain out of sight, the smugglers are too arrogant and visible.” He jerked his head toward a short fat man dressed in brown and purple robes tending a stall and large tent, he was selling Pokémon. “His name is Abduhl,” he continued, “be careful that man is a snake and a killer. “He employs fifteen men, all are armed and mercenary soldiers, true professionals not men looking to get rich. The men he employs all carry a tattoo of a whip on their right hand.”

“Thanks, I’ll just take this dagger.” Naota handed over the proper amount and then some to pay for the information.

Hakeem grunted and went back to polishing his weapons while Naota walked over to one of the guards who had pulled sentry duty. Because of the heat the soldier was lightly armored with a silk undercoat and a breastplate of leather, and topped by a leather helmet. The prince explained the situation and ordered him to summon a score of guards as backup. With this accomplished he turned toward Abduhl and started to make his way to the man, as he shortened the distance between the two he noticed no less than half a dozen eyes tracking his movement. When Abduhl noticed the prince his eyes immediately fell to the pouch of gold strapped to Naota waist’s where they sparkled with noticeable greed.

He spread his thick arms wide, a wide grin plastered on his face. “Welcome, is there anything that interests you?”

The man reminded Naota of a weasel with his beady eyes and fake smile. Abduhl had ugly features and a long beard.

“I’m in the market for some rare Pokémon, but nothing of yours catch my eye.” Naota turned away but was stopped by Abduhl’s hand on his arm. “Perhaps you would like to see my rare stock?”

The prince was sure that the only reason he would be allowed back would be because of his healthy purse, he was also sure that he would be beaten and robbed, if not killed if he went to the back. “Fine, but you better not disappoint,” was his response.

The man smiled and motioned for him to follow. Abduhl undid the tent flap and entered with Naota right behind him. The water master noticed a man move towards the now vacant stall while two others entered the tent with himself and Abduhl. The tent was cool and stacked with cages containing Pokemon in healthy condition, although some looked miserably. The Pokemon were powerful and rare, with the basics in the front and the evolved forms in the back. Each cage was tailor made to a specific type of Pokemon and stacked in such a way that it was possible for four men to walk abreast down the aisle. Naota was looking for a Pokemon in particular, a young boy had mentioned that his Machop was stolen, but what made the Machop identifiable was a moon shaped scar on the right side of its face, a stark outline against the Pokemon’s gray skin. The Pokemon was in the front to the right, the Pokemon was huddled in a corner of the cage weeping bitterly. A pile of untouched food lay in front ot the Pokemon, it was clearly starving itself.

“How much for this runt?”

Abduhl grabbed a rod and began to poke the Pokemon, who wailed feebly, but made no effort to stop the torture. “For this one I think forty pieces of silver will suffice.”

“I think not,” Naota scoffed. “at the most this runt is worthy fifteen.”

Abduhl looked horrified. “You’re trying to rob me, I have a family to feed, thirty six.”

A family of one Naota voiced silently. The two began a back and forth exchange before the price of twenty six silver was settled upon. Naota had just handed over the silver when his attention was turned toward the tent opening, shouting could be heard just outside it, soon followed by yelps of pain. Abduhl and his men also turned toward the door, the merchant turned toward one of the men and jabbered in his native language, prompting one of the men to run toward the door. Abduhl and the other man turned toward Naota, their hands reaching inside their robes, but the dagger Naota purchased earlier was already in his hand and speeding toward the guard. The dagger ended buried to the hit in his throat while an uppercut to the jaw of Abduhl sent him the ground unconscious. The remaining guard was turning to face the prince when a blast of cool water from Naota caught him in the chest and sent him toward the door, where he crashed into two royal guards pushing their way past the tent flap and into the tent.

“Get rid of this body and send the other two to the dungeon,” Naota commanded. “and get more men here to remove these Pokemon, any that are not claimed send them to the palace Poke master.” The Poke master was in charge of all the royal Pokemon and made sure that laws concerning Pokemon were followed throughout the land. He knelt down and with a quick jerk removed the dagger from the throat of the dead guard, he then wiped the blade on the dead man’s clothing. As he walked out he passed the blade to one of the soldiers. “Clean it, then do as you wish with it.” The soldiers employed by the siblings were well paid and treated well, but everyone knew they always use a little extra.

Outside a small crowd had gathered and were watching the events avidly. Four of the smugglers lay dead and seven others were on their knees surround by a dozen royal guards, while three others were being tended to by a physician.

A lieutenant approached. “My Lord, several managed to escape our grasp, riders will be dispatched to the sheriffs to inform them of our unwanted guests, each rider will be given a description of the groups’ tattoo to ensure accuracy.” A sheriff was a law enforcement officer charged with investigating all crime, disposing of bodies and the training of the militia within their jurisdiction.

A soldier was just carrying out the cage containing the Machop when a small boy rushed up the cage, tears flowing down his rudy cheeks talking excitedly to the Machop. The Pokemon responded instantly and began to reply in its own language, the boy couldn’t understand it, but Naota could. The Pokemon was overjoyed to see its master and was promising the boy that she would never leave him and would protect him with her life. This brought a smile a to the prince’s lips.

Soon other people and guards began to arrive, the people looking for their Pokemon and the guards carrying the cages outside while a local banker began to catalogue the Pokemon and take the owners information incase some turned out to be a fraud.

After some time only a dozen Pokemon remained, they were soon carted off to he castle were they would be took care of until the owners were found, and if none could be located the Pokemon would either be released into the wild or found new homes.

With everything now took care of the element manipulator began his walk to the shipyard. He decided to take a slightly longer route to enjoy the capital city. The current road he was on contained mostly businesses, the air filled with savory smells of meats and breads. One could tell the peasant buildings for they were often made of wood, while those of the noble houses were often made of stone. And like most wealthy kingdoms all the major roads were paved with a limestone solution. Naota was jolted from his thinking by a growl from his empty stomach; it was growling as the family meeting had been early in the morning and nobody had time to eat. He decided to stop at a bakery and get a bite. The bakery was empty except for the baker who was currently retrieving a tray of rolls from the oven. The man glanced at Naota, wiped his hands on his apron and walked over, asking what his order would be. Naota ordered two honey rolls for his late breakfast. He had to wait as the baker told him he had to make a new batch as he ran out faster than usual.

The baker started by making fresh dough, to which he added crumbled bits of honeycomb. After shaping and cutting individual rolls he gave each roll an egg wash before placing them inside an oven. When the rolls had turned a golden brown they were removed from the oven and placed on a rack where the baker promptly drizzled honey on the piping hot rolls. Naota paid for the rolls and left for the shipyard, anxious to set sail. He found his brother standing besides a massive war vessel staring at it. The ship was docked besides other war vessels, for the merchant ships were further down. The ship was sixty feet long and powered by wind power, and oars if need be. It was crewed by one hundred sailors, with forty marines if it was a time of war. The ships were made to ram but they carried two catapults, one on the aft and on the fore. It also carried two ballista on the starboard and port sides for boarding purposes.

“I have acquired the proper supplies and Commander Coronado should be along shortly,” Titus stated absently when he felt Naota’s presence.

“As have I, a few other items have also been dealt with, I’ll fill you in later.” He was interrupted by the sounds of booted feet approaching. He turned to see Coronado approaching. He gave a slight bow. “Your majesties, we will be accompanied by a guard of thirty men.” He smiled. “Nice touch with the water creature, more than a few children were awed by it.”

Coronado was a tall, whip thin man, he had a slight tan from being out on sea all day and a handlebar mustache. “I’m positive that he will continue to create such creatures,” Titus said. “How long will it take before we can set sail?”

“We can leave in fifteen minutes or longer if it pleases your majesties.” Came the reply.

The captain walked onto the ship and started to bark orders at his crew while Naota transformed into a Machamp, a large gray Pokemon with four arms and was very powerful. Titus called forth a Tyranitar, a massive green Pokemon with a patch of blue scales in the shape of a diamond on its abdomen, completed with a series of spikes extending from its head to its thick, strong tail. And true to Coronado’s word it took only fifteen minutes for everything to loaded on board and strapped down; when they finally cast-off it was ten-thirty in the morning. While the sailors set about in the maintenance of the ship and the soldiers polished their weapons and armor the two brothers and Coronado met in the Captain’s quarters.

The cabin was sparse, just containing three chairs, a desk, a painting of a knight, and windows on the starboard and port bows.

Naota was currently filling the Captain in on the the morning events. “Sapphire and Sky will be leaving later this afternoon heading north to our allies there while Derek and Electra head to the mysterious land out west.”

“What do you know about the kingdom we’re heading to?” Titus interrupted his older brother.

“Well, that the kingdom is practically shut to outsiders, unless you have one of their papers allowing you to travel within the borders. I’ve only been down there once to negotiate allowing our vessels to travel on their waterways.” A look of disgust crossed his face. “I didn’t even meet the Queen, we met at a border outpost and a simple courier signed their portion, I’m not sure we even made it to the legal borders.” Coronado still felt bitter over the whole ordeal.

The brothers nodded. “That’s how they do things.”

Small talk continued for a few more minutes before the group split up, Naota going to oil his weapons, Titus to polish his armor, and Coronado to yell at his sailors. The day remained nice and they came across no foul weather, and just before nightfall they had reached the border between the two kingdoms as they sailed from lake Gilboa down the Yellow River as it snaked southward. It was then that they spotted the fort guarding the river way. The royal guard lined up with the brothers and Coronado at the head while the sailors rushed to their assigned spots. When the ship was within fifty yards Naota ordered the colors to be hoisted. The colors of the kingdom were a snarling white tiger on a black background surrounded by the figures of nine smaller animals. As the eldest Reyes’s symbol ws in the center and the second eldest, Naota, and his symbol above that of Reyes, and going by age clockwise were the other siblings. Naota with that of a wolf; Sapphire with a dragon; Titus with a viper; Sky with a falcon; Violet with a Panther; Kyra with a fox; Derek with a Rhino; Knight with a bear; and Electra with a cougar.

The distance had decreased by twenty yards and still no signal came from the fort, this created an uneasiness among the crew. Then, over a dozen lights sprung to light among the fort parapets, these lights then lifted and arced toward the ship. Naota reacted instantly summoning columns of water to strike at the fiery objects, but eight struck the vessel, five hitting the sides and bouncing harmlessly into the river while three crashed through the upper deck and and set three fires. The ship became a beehive of activity as they rushed to douse the fires, fighting was dangerous to a crew, but a fire would consume the entire vessel and spell almost certain doom.
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Naota was forced to divide his attention between the fires and incoming missiles, which was not good for his concentration. More missiles struck the ship further adding to the inferno. It quickly became apparent that the ship was lost, the attention was turned to lowering the longboats into the water. It was then that the flaming arrows struck, slaying many of the sailors and further adding to the demise of the ship, and to make matters worse the longboats caught ablaze, forcing many to swim for shore.

Just before Naota jumped from the vessel he summoned multiple water Pokemon to aid the flailing sailors and guards. When he finally swam the thirty meters to shore he was exhausted, but he looked back toward the river. The river was lit by yellow light from the fires as they danced across the water. The normal silent night was filled with screams and cries of the dying sailors and soldiers, it seemed to last forever but in truth it was only a few minutes before silence once again ruled. Naota was forced to wait until his eyes adjusted to the dark before he began to explore his surroundings. Luckily, tonight was a full moon lending some light. He quickly found his brother and Coronado and together the three decided to search for survivors. Daybreak found them huddled around around a small fire, it was dangerous but they would freeze without warmth. The group totaled fifteen, the brothers, Coronado, and twelve of the thirty knights. Twenty Two sailors had also survived, but they were sent back with an escort of the other six surviving knights.

Titus stabbed a knife in the ground and began to draw. “We’re screwed,” he said bitterly to no one in particular.

“We should head back, gather our army and burn the place to the ground,” said Coronado.

The rest agreed but were cut off by Naota. “We need that army for the coming war, we need to scout the area and find out what happened.”

Titus scratched his shaved head. “Fine, but I promise you I will get revenge for our dead.” He turned to Coronado. “Ready the men, Naota will be point and I’ll be the rear guard.”

Naota tested his bow and donned his armor, he had rescued it from the sinking ship before it became fully submerged. Each sibling had special armor fashioned by Electra, with the symbol on the chest with the head of the creature making up the helmet. Because Naota’s choice weapon was the bow he had only brought his torso and forearm armor, the rest was covered in leather. Titus was fully covered in his armor.

The armor saved lives, but also caused the death of the knights as they drowned. The sun was has just began to rise and the land was shrouded in a thick fog. This was good to the group as the landscape was that of rolling forests and hills. But another problem was that some of the wooded areas were to thick to traverse without a guide, which left the roads and passes, all of which were heavily guarded. They decided to investigate the fort first, the one that attacked them, and it took the better part of a hour to approach the fort as Naota decided to take a more cautious route. Even being cautious Titus thought they were being tracked, so he passed the word up and told everyone to be ready if any action took place.

Titus was not to be disappointed. As they neared the fort Titus thought he heard some footsteps behind him and to the right. Titus tuned out all the sounds in front of him and concentrated on the area he was responsible for. A squirrel climbing a tree, its claws making a soft scratching sound against the bark, a few birds singing, a Skunktank rustling in the bushes as it came out for the day and there! The slight snap of a twig to his right. In one smooth motion he drew his blade and whirled to bring it at his attacker, a man dressed in green and brown woodland garb. Surprise was written across his face when Titus countered his attack, forcing his blade to the ground and slamming his armored fist into the man’s gut, knocking the wind from him and sending him to the ground in pain. More men immediately sprang forward and the scene became that of a battle. The knights moved to form a circle with Naota in the center, as he was the only one with a bow, and the fighting began. Titus crouched low in a defensive stance as three rushed forward to attack him, but all three fell to the ground before they reached him, arrows embedded in their chests from Naota’s bow.

“Stop!” a voice commanded. The attackers backed off, their weapons raised as a man stepped forward, dressed in the same clothing as his men. “Coronado? Is that you? I was at the signing of the treaty two years back; my name is John.

“I don’t care who you are?” Naota said, he notched his bow and pointed an arrow at John. “You had better explain yourself or you’ll be dead first.”

John held out both hands forward, palms up and turned to his men. “Sheath your weapons.” He waited until they had done so before continuing. “Listen, we did not attack your ship,” he was cut off by Titus.

“We never said we were attacked,” Titus said darkly.

“A scout saw the attack and reported it to me late last night, which is we’re here. Everything can be explained. Just follow me.”

“I rather die facing my enemy than being stabbed in the back,” Titus said.

John looked at him like he would a young child. “If we wanted you harmed I would not have stopped the fight. But, we cannot talk here, we do not know who might be listening. Either follow or not.” He signaled him men to grab the wounded and they started to walk away.

Titus and Naota looked at each other before they ordered the men to follow John. The party of forty proceeded deeper into the thicket, traveling well away from any path that might have existed. The deeper they went the more cautious John and his men became, but what struck the brothers as odd was that the forest once full of sounds had grown eerily quiet, of both animals and Pokemon alike. This troubled both brothers, but they were powerless to do anything so they just continued, growing cautious themselves, as a small voice kept telling them to go back until the voice became almost unbearable. The deeper they went the darker it became, until it appeared to be dusk, even though it was midday. Presently they exited the dark part of the wood and the forest sounds returned in full force and the group soon came to a massive tree. The tree towered at least forty feet over other trees and the base was the size of a small village. It was surrounded by a ring of grass that circled the tree before other trees covered the rest of the area. The tree seemed to emit a feeling of peace that filled the spirits of the brothers and their men.

“What is that?” Naota said, trying to keep the awe from his voice and failing miserable.

John smiled. “That is the most guarded secret of the kingdom, we call it the Tree of Life. Things will be explained shortly, if you follow us.”

“I don’t see a door,” said a knight, Titus wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic or serious.

The woodland group laughed at the knight, but were cut off by a warning glance from John. He spoke a short phase, in a foreign language. One second they were outside and next they were in a massive room, which the brothers thought was a throne room. Any thoughts were banished from their thoughts when they saw that the room was not empty, in it were hundreds of people. Both brothers removed their helmets.

The room was completely silent for an awkward moment before it became a buzz of voices, prompting both brothers to replace their unique helmets.

“Silence!” commanded a strong voice, the room vibrated from the power. “Sit!” it commanded next, the voice filled the room but seem directed at the knights. The knights looked at each other quizzically as they had seen no chairs when they looked about the room. One of the people pointed behind them, they turned to find a long table with fifteen chairs behind them, when none had been there before. After they had seated another table with three chairs appeared, a distance of eight six feet separated the tables. Three people were seated at the other table, a woman in the center, a man sat on her left while John sat on her right.

The woman nodded at the brothers. ”Greetings, I am Queen Alice. You have met John, and this is Axel. John is my most trusted aide, and Axel is my advisor, second in the kingdom to only me.”

Titus studied the three aptly. Alice was the picture of an aristocrat, long brown hair, blue eyes, and sharp distinct features. She wore a shimmering white dress that emphasized her beauty. Titus’s attention shifted to Axel, he was slightly surprised to discover they were twins. Axel had shorter hair that fell to the middle of his shoulder blades, and was larger than his sister. He wore a white tunic and leggings of fine quality. John was still in the same clothing, but he had washed his face and hands.

While Titus was concentrating on their hosts Naota had turned his attention to the surroundings. Nothing stood out except for the fact that there were no windows, but light was coming from small yellow orbs floating along the walls and ceiling.

“I would like to formally welcome you to the kingdom of Darkwood,” Alice continued. “I understand you are from the kingdom of Kiljahro?”

Both brothers removed their helmets and placed them on the table before them, facing toward their hosts. “My name is Naota and this is my younger brother Titus. We came to your kingdom on a diplomatic mission, but my ship was attacked by the fort guarding your border at yellow river, many of my men died.” His voice was calm, but held an undercurrent of anger.

Alice looked around the room. “This matter should be discussed in private.” She snapped her fingers and the crowd disappeared, and the group was transported to a small room. Only the brothers, Coronado, Alice, John, and Axel remained. Coronado opened his mouth to ask where the knights had gone, but was interrupted by John. “Do not worry, your men are safe. They were transported to a dining room, they will not be harmed. Axel will start.”

Axel leaned forward, his face solemn. “I understand you have many questions, let us talk first.” He looked each in the eye. “Everyone here is a Fae, I am a Fae, you and your men are the only none Fae here. Everything you see here, except for the tree itself, is made from Fae magic. According to our lore, an Angel from the Lord came to our ancestors living in this land, he blessed them and provided this tree for them to live in. It was the later generations who learned that they could do things that others could not. We slowly learned to control and manipulate the powers, but we discovered that our life span increased threefold. We solved these problems by leaving for a kingdom we created using our powers and hiding our powers. When a Fae reaches a certain age they must leave for the other realm for at least two score years before they are allowed to return. This system has worked for hundreds of years, but was endangered six months ago. This all changed when an outsider saw a reckless Fae practicing magic. He caught and tortured her for months, despite our extensive search. He discovered the truth about our people, but fortunately the Tree was not given up. That is really the only bright spot for half a year, anyway the man returned to his native land where he raised an army and returned with a fifty thousand men and Pokemon. He approached the Queen and offered her a choice, step down from the throne or face a war with the truth of our race being revealed. We saw no choice but to obey, so I sent out messages for all full blooded Fae, and those of half blood who could use magic, to rally at the Tree. So far our numbers have swelled to ten thousand full blooded Fae, while the half bloods number two thousand, not nearly enough of a challenge to retake the throne. The man named Hoi Lin forced Alice to issue a proclamation declaring him the successor if she were to die. Immediately after, he issued a statement saying the Queen was gravely ill and fighting for her life. Our sources have revealed that Hoi Lin plans to stage the death of the Queen, it is to take place in five days.” He leaned back, clearly done.

“We have a plan,” Alice said. “But complications have arose. The foremost is that we have a traitor amongst us, and another delicate issue.”

Naota began. “We came here to ask for assistance ourselves, but we cannot just leave you hanging, your Majesty. You have our aid.”

Axel beamed. “Perfect, and we will of course provide assistance when you call for us.”

“Thank you, I will not lose my kingdom to an usurper,” Alice said, her voice full of steely resolve. “Myself and Axel have other matters to attend to, John will explain things in further detail.” Alice and Axel shimmered slightly before disappearing.

John began. “That’s everything in a nutshell, but I’ll elaborate on a few things. Concerning the traitor we have a few suspects Deglor, general of the army; Kadron, a Fae noble who is a rival of the Queen; and finally Gonjorn, another Fae noble, who is an isolationist and very ambitious. We’re confident one of the three is the traitor.”

“I have a question,” Titus broke in. “Why doesn’t the Queen have the army fight that of Hoi Lin?”

“And how does the traitor add into this if Hoi Lin obtained information from the captured Fae,” Naota added.

“Most of the army is in the southern wilderness fighting the barberians, we have sent messengers but to our knowledge all have been intercepted, their routes leaked by the traitor. The Queen has ordered no more runners until the traitor is caught.” John’s face deepened into a scowl. “The Fae didn’t give any information of the Tree, but the traitor leaked the information of the Tree’s existence, but not of the location itself. It is only a matter of time before Hoi Lin’s scouts find us. All previous assassination attempts have failed, but the latest plot is only known by myself, John and Axel. You three will be clued in as needed.” He turned his gaze to Coronado. “Commander, I’m in serious need of a season soldier to train the Fae, would it be a burden for you and your men to provide training in both combat and Pokemon battles?”

“Five days isn’t a long time but your men will not be left defenseless,” replied Coronado.

“You have my thanks. I’ll send you to the great hall, the steward will provide anything you request.” When the commander was gone John spoke to the brothers. ”Your parts will be more difficult. We need you to request the aid of more nontraditional allies.”

“We obviously accept,” said the brothers in unison.

“Good,” John’s face showed his pleasure. “Your jobs are to locate the children of the moon, and the children of the night...” He stopped when he saw the quizzical looks on their faces. “You’ve never heard of vampires and werewolves? How when your family is deep in the supernatural life.”

Titus had paled slightly. “We’re still shocked that Faery exist, vampires and werewolves are just a little too far right now.”

“Such a mission is near suicide, why do you ask this of us?” said Naota.

John shrugged. “We need their help, it is as simple as that. We have Fae magic, their powers and yours surpass many Fae, a few like Axel can wield enough power to protect themselves, but they are needed elsewhere. And you two are more powerful anyway.”

“Granted,” replied Naota. “But even with our talents, we would be short on time and on a bad footing to negotiate.”

John stood. “Look, I’ll let you two discuss this before you make your final decision.” He stood to leave but was stopped by Titus.

“We said we’ll help and we will.”

“I’ll go inform the Queen of your acceptance.” John bowed and was gone.

“This is near madness.” Titus rose and started to pace around the room. “We’ll have to face these creatures with no information, we’ll be blind like an infant.”

“You would give up our kingdom over fear?” Naota said quietly, clasping his hands together.

Titus whirled, his dark eyes blazing. “Watch your tongue,” he hissed. “I would do anything for my people. My life would be forfeit for them.”

“As would mine, be if we don’t get help that time may be sooner rahter than later with this war brewing. This war will be the biggest since our parents fought nearly five hundred years ago. The enemy will be able to call up at least one million men and tens of thousands of Pokemon, the latest census conducted by Knight puts our numbers around one million men, and who knows how many Pokemon we can field.”

Titus sighed. “I know the numbers and the situation, doesn’t mean I have to like it. Do you have a plan to find the supes?”

Well, vampires are night dwellers, and some news I heard yesterday believe me to lead that they are in this kingdom, so your job will not be as tough in locating them. I’ll use my abilities to search out the werewolves. I’m thinking it will take a day or two to find both groups.”

“Agreed, and since the vampires are night walkers, so I’ll leave tonight.”

“I’ll leave tomorrow morning. I plan to get some sleep soon, food can wait. So let’s find John.”

They made ready to open the door when John entered. “Just who we were looking for, point us to some food then our beds,” said Titus.

He gave a knowing smile and indicated for them to follow. The brothers saw that they were on a branch high above the ground on the Tree. John lead them past levels of branches winding around the Tree as they descended. Near the bottom they stopped at another house, made entirely of wood.

“How do those houses get here?” questioned Naota.

“We use our magic to hide them, but the Tree forms them, we’re not sure how or by what means.”

The brothers opened the door and walked in, leaving John outside. I was a long room with an equally long table in the center and bunks lining the walls. Some of the beds were already occupied by the exhausted knights. Both brother shed their armor and placed them on the table before they too lay on down and fell asleep.
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Default Re: Mystical Ten

Titus opened his eyes to find himself in a dark.foggy landscape. His eyes darted around searching the darkness for any clue and finding nothing. He felt something start to boil up inside him when hideous creatures started to appear within his view. The creatures were of dark energy and no true form, but manifested into creatures from that of nightmares. The stirring deep in Titus’s body grew in intensity as he power surfaced and grew. One of the creatures had neared and now it attacked, it had a large upper body with a bublbious head and tentaculed arms, its legs long and thin with sharp edges along the back. A wall of dark energy sprang up, shielding Titus from the creatures as he let the power course through him. He closed his eyes and shuddered as the power washed over him, dark and cold, until he called to it, filling him with warmth. He opened his eyes and recalled the shield of dark energy, he lashed out with his right hand and cut the creature that had attacked him a second ago, the wave of energy slicing the monster in half, forcing a cry of pain from it as the top half fell away from the bottom. Titus’s body turned dark as he lashed out at the monster, feeling the air with the stench of death. Titus woke with a start, breathing faster than normal ,but not labored. He dressed, but leaving his body armor, only taking the vambraces and gloves. He retrieved his weapon and exited the room, careful to make as little noise as possible, as to not disturb his men and brother. The tree was light by many Fae lights attacked to branches, it looked like a swarm of fireflies had descneded on the Tree; a young boy was sitting by the door eating an unfamiliar fruit, the jice dribbling down his chin.

“Lad, could you take me to your Queen?” The boy nodded and disappeared, leaving Titus. Titus impatiently tapped his foot to an non-existent rhythim until the boy reappeared. “Try again?” he all but growled.

The boy’s smile faltered for a second but he set off on foot this time. The boy led him to a well decorted room and a door guarded by two soldiers. Titus looked pointedly at the guards before they let him enter the room. He placed both hands on the poor and pushed them open, revealing a well lit room with a large table in the center, piled with food. Seated at the table were Axel, Alice, John and thirty two other Fae, who the dark master took to be nobles, who ranged from young to old. Titus nodded to three he knew and started to sample the food, shying away from the drinks, which were wine, the common drink of the era.

“What do you think you are doing?” one of the nobles snarled, not even attempting to hide his contempt or disgust.

Titus glanced at John who mouthed the name Deglor. “My name is Titus, I’ve come to help your kingdom that has been took over because of your incompetence.” He didn’t even look at him when he replied, sending the proper message that he was not worthy Titut’s time or energy.

Someone laughed. “Help us! Not likely, I remeber when yout family slaughtered the highlands, killing everyone and burning the cities to the ground.”

“Quiet Kadron,” the Queen admonsished.

Titus fingered a fruit that the boy had been eating when he escorted Titus. “They broke a treaty and attacked members of my family, their lives were forfeit at that point. Plus, they refused an unconditional surrender.” Titus shrugged. “They made things personal, so did we.”

A few nobles paled at the last part, but some still felt the courage to speak up. “Your family is a den of murders and thieves,” he was cut off as a large black fist seized him by the throat and threw him into a wall. All eyes turned to Titus as his right fist receded to normal size.

“Guards!” Kadrn wheezed before he was claimed by unconsciouness.

Titus continued to eat as three dozen guards burst in the room and surrounded Titus, Pikes raised, their green armor covering their heads, torso. Titus listed a brow. “Seriously? I’ll give one warning back off,” growled. When none backed oof Titus sighed, placed his place on the table and turned to Alice. “I will not kill any of them or severly wound them.” He turned to the soldiers and crouched low. His eyes turned black, followed by the rest of his body as he channeled his power. The creature Titus had fought earlier he transformed into now, it’s tentacules waving madly. He swept a dark tentacule into the soldiers, bowling seven over as he opened his mouth to reveal rows of sharp teeth. From his mouth sprang forth dark monkey like monsters who leaped on the soldiers and attacked the other guards. With them occupied with his minions Titus plunged two of his arms into the ground and chanted. As he did a Sableye rose with the chanting. The furry, purple Pokemon fixed its overly large diamond eyes on the soldiers and used Scary Face, instantly rooting them to the spot. Together they finished off the soldiers with Sableye using Shadow Ball and Titus using mis mini monsters and arms to knock them out. With the uncounscious soldiers littering the floor, Titus recalled his creatures, returned to human form, and plastered a dazzling smile on his face before he turned to the Fae nobles. A few were staring avidy at him while others were surveuying the carnage.

Deglor had regained conscious as was still defiant, his proud no doubtly bruised. “You’ve proven your prowess, now leave.”

Titus absently waved a hand. “All in good time. But I intend to capture a Gastly as a gift for your Queen.” The Sableye was standing over one of the guards poking it with one of it furry hands, Titus recalled it. Titus lifted an arm and a black orb materialized in his hand. “Come out my friend,” he said to it. A beam of dark energy shot forward from it sprang a Houndoom. The dog Pokemon snarled at its foe and shook its two curved horns, its tail moving around, the arrow shaped tip ready to attack.

Titus chanted and a small purple orb appeared in front of Houndoom. Slowly its features started to take shape, two large eyes taking up most of the face, and completed with a thin mouth, hiding two small fangs. The ghost Pokemon stared at its black and grey foe before it opened its mouth and fired a glowing purple orb at Houndoom.

“Strike back with Flamethrower.” Houndoom’s orange snout grew red as it gathered the fire to unleash its attack, and it did. A stream of swirling fire striking the Shadow Ball and canceling both attacks. “Good, Crunch.”

The Houndoom sprang forward, its sharp claws scratching the floor. The Pokemon was mid-leap when two beams of spiraling, multi-colored beams struck, putting Houndoom asleep. The pokemon collasped to the floor snoring loudly. Gastly smiled with glee as it lowered its floating body to meet with Houndoom’s eyes. It hovered there for a few seconds, confusing Titus until Houndoom started to whimper in its sleep, which meant that Gastly had used Nightmare on Houndoom. Titus knew he couldn’t do anything until Houndoom woke, which we probably be soon for Houndoom had the ability Early Bird. Gastly floated away and shot another Shadow Ball, the attack moved Houndoom a few feet but didn’t do a lot of damage due to Houndoom being dark. It was then Houndoom woke up.

Titus saw the Gastly get ready to fire another Hypnosis, he was going to allow this. “Taunt, Houndoom.”

Houndoom bounded forward like a puppy and waved its tail at Gastly, mocking it. Gastly’s face twisted in rage as it fired off another Shadow Ball. “Fire Blast.”

Houndoom inhaled and exhaled a searing hot jet of fire. The Shadow Ball struck teh fire attack and simply disintergrated in the heat. Gastly tried to dodge but wasn’t fast enough and the attack hit, also inflicting a burn on the Ghost Pokemon. Normal Gastly would’ve been knocked out by a powerful attack, but the Shadow Ball weakened Fire Blast, keeping Gastly alive. Titus was about to finish off the Pokemon when a screech pierced the air. The air shimmered around Gastly for a second when a Gengar appeared, s small purple Pokemon with short limbs, small pointed ears and a wide grin. That grin was now a snarl as it looked at Houndoom. Houndoom was struck by an invisable force that threw the Pokemon across the room, and slammed it into a pillar. When Houndoom fell to the ground the pillar was visably dented and crumbling. Titus now knew he couldn’t take this Gengar lightly, that was a powerful Focus Blast attack. “Strike back with Will-O-Wisp.”

Houndoom fired off a small ball of blue fire that sped toward the powerful ghost. The Ghost ‘s eyes glowed a magenta as it exherted control of the attack using Psychic. It sent the attack to the floor, causing the attack to explode, sending a few spurts of flame in the air. The Gengar smiled then disappeared, leaving no trace.

Titus was well versed in dark and ghost Pokemon so he knew what it was doing. “Roar, followed by a Crunch.”

That dog threw back its head and roared its pain, it sounded like a hurricane was in the room, causing most of the Fae to cover theirs ears. The sound didn’t bother Titus, he used his power to dampen the sound. The sound caused the Gengar to reappear, not three feet from Houndoom, it to was covering its ears and grimicing at the sound. The roar was abrupty cut off as Houndoom catapulted its self at Gengar, jaws opened wide. Titus’s Pokemon seized its foe with its strong jaws and threw it savagely.

“Good! now Dark Pulse!”

The Gengar faced the oncoming attack and chanted in its language. When the Dark Pulse hit Genger the Pokemon screamed and collasped to the floor. Houndoom roared as its body started to shake fiercely, before it to collasped.

Titus meshed his teeth together, the Gengar had used Destiny Bond as it’s finally move. to knock out both Pokemon. Now he still had to face the Gastly in battle. He decided to make the fight a little more fair this time.
He grabbed another dark orb and sent forth a small gray creature, with its skull as its face. The Pokemon stared at its foe with its red eyes. “Give it a Confuse Ray attack!”

Duskull fired a red pulse of light from its eye at Gastly. The Gastly entered the ground and dodge the attack, coming up behind Duskull to hit it with a powerful Shadow Ball move.Duskull focused in on its target, staring advidly and its foe.

“Confuse Ray again.” Duskull fired off another attack, and Gastly once again tried to dodge, but Duskull predicted where it would go and the attack hit it pefectly. The gastly crashed into the floor without being able to shift due to its confusion. “Don’t attack, Duskull. I want to see what it does first.”

The Gastly continued to float around smashing into objects or firing off a randomly aimed Shadow Ball before it’s confusion sanpped. Now clear it fired another attack at Duskull.

“Good, don’t dodge. Take the attack and use Pain Split.”

Gastly’s Shadow Ball hit and vaporized as Duskull flinched at the pain, but soon turned white, as did Gastly, as it created a bond between the two Pokemon, sharing their energy.

When teh light fade from both Pokemon, Duskull seemed healthery while Gastly seemed worn out. “Good, finish it with Shadow Sneak.”

Duskull turned to a dark blur as hit moved to strike the wounded Gastly, emmiting a screech that would put a cat to shame as it fell unconscious to the ground.

A dark orb materialized over Gastly and it slowly started to absorb the Gastly, as pieces started to merge with the dark energy. He recalled Duskull and when the Gastly had fully merged with the other orb he called both to his body. The once clean room was now an area of disarray, and now complete with missed Pokemon attacks.

“M’Lady,” Titus bowed to the Queen and walked away, a black cape appeared down his back and with a twirl Titus was gone.

Ater he was gone, the guards started to come to. “What happened?” one stated.

“Not really sure, it was all a dark blur,” said another.

“I heard he is not even the most powerful, and if he is that strong, how much more powerful are the rest?” said a noble.

“Just be glad they’re on our side then,” said Alice quietly.

“We have a new problem now. We have to help them at a later date in a war. If that family is that strong indiviuall, think of what they are together, and they have a strong army. What is making them seek allies in fear of being destroyed?” said Kadron. Nobody could answer, and that frightened them.

Titus had moved outside and was standing in the shadows of the forest looking at the Tree. If he stepped back a foot or two the Tree would disppear, he repeated this few more times before he turned away, he had to finish his mission.

Titus called forth two energy wolves and sent them toward the capital of Kiljahro, to hunt for the scents. Titus shifted to a dark winged creature and followed his creations. They reached the city a few hours before dawn, and the only people awake were guards and the bakers. Titus managed to sneak past all the guards except one, who thought he was seeing things and promised never to drink again.
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