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Old 12-25-2010, 01:58 AM
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Default [SU] Humanity's Last Atrocity

In the far future, humanity has annihilated itself through its own folly, releasing a virus that killed them all, without affecting any of the Pokemon, who had an immunity to the virus. As such, the Pokemon believe that they can finally roam free, peacefully, without worrying about getting obliterated or being forced to fight amongst thenmselves.

Or can they?

Recently, there have been stirrings in the realm of Pokemon. The Synthetic Pokemon (Pokemon with high tech affiliation, such as the Beldum or Bronzor families, or Pokemon made by humans, such as Castform and the Porygon Family) and the Celestial Pokemon (Pokemon from Space, like the Psychic Rocks and the Staryu family, or an alternate dimension, like Unown) have been increasingly discriminated against, believed to be by the Natural Pokemon (Earth-native Pokemon that can be autonomous from humans) to carry the evils of the human race as they were “invaders” just as the humans. Naturals even discriminated against other Naturals who did not discriminate, calling them Madpokemon who should either be killed or cleansed of their "vile" ways. Then, this discrimination evolved into an outright war...

The Legendary Pokemon were at loss as to what to do. Although much of their number qualified as Naturals, there were both qualified Synthetics (Mewtwo) and Celestials (Deoxys and Giratina) among them. Then, Uxie who ended up coming with the solution: as Spirit had changed the course of history many times to date, it could be used to stop the war. Three would each be blessed with affinities of each part of spirit from all three "sects" of Pokemon, totaling nine pokemon. These nine would have to fight to and/or otherwise persuade the Naturals to end the war.

This plan was not popular amongst the other legendaries, as they believed it was a plan to delegate more power to the Lake Trio. Thinking fast, Mespirit told the legendaries of how they all had their duties to preform, and that they had no other options. Mespirit eventually gathered the support needed, and the motion was passed unanimously. When it was asked how the Blessed (Pokemon with the gifts) would be informed, Azelf declared that he himself would go to each of the Blessed and inform them. The others agreed, and allowed the three to discuss who would constitute the Blessed. At this point, Arceus could not but feel comfortable with the plan, despite the dire circumstances, as he witnessed firsthand how it could work.

When the meeting was disbanded, the Spirit Trio decided on the following things:
  • They would each bless three Pokemon, one from each sect, as already decided by the earlier meeting.
  • The Pokemon they blessed had to not be of the Naturals that were attempting to destroy the other pokemon.
  • The choices could not be forced to preform a 360 on their personality. They already had to have an affinity the Spirit part they were blessed with.
  • To ensure that the plan would work, three of each of the nine would form a group together, totaling three groups. To ensure objectiveness, they had to be three Pokemon that never saw each other before, and they all had to be blessed with different spirit parts, as well as being from different Pokemon sects.

It is up to you what role you wish to fulfill:


The Synthetics are Pokemon who are tech affiliatted or man-made. This is the group that has been discriminated against the most, as they had a high affiliation with humanity.


These are Pokemon from space or other dimensions. They have been discriminated against, but not to the extent of the Synthetics

The Naturals

These are the Pokemon who are not in any of the two above categories. There are two kinds
The Cleansers
These constitute the majority of the Pokemon on Earth right now. They seek to destroy the Celestials and the Synthetics. They have three leaders:
  • Not yet taken
  • Not yet taken
  • Not yet taken

The Resistors
These are Natural Pokemon who object to the prejudice proposed by the Cleansers.

How This RP is going to Work

  1. No Godmodding or bunnying. This is generally a given, however, it is mentioned just in case.
  2. Two characters maximum allowed per person. Only one proposed Blessed one/Commander of the Cleansers allowed per person. No duplicate Pokemon.
  3. This RP has a Minimum of 20 RPers. Nine must be Blessed, Three must be commanders, and the rest shall be part of the Cleansers or part of the non-touched resistance.
  4. Please write at at least an 8th grade level. Minimum one Paragraph per post; paragraphs range in size from 5-10 sentences. No one liners, but no theses either.
  5. You can die. You can also be brought back to life by your comrades, as shall be specified later, but between your death and revival, you can only post OOCs.

Special Rules
  1. If you are signed up to be a Blessed one, you must follow all of the lake trio’s agreements. Failure to do so shall get your character rejected.
  2. Blessed ones are sorted according to their Pokemon class and there spirit type. No two blessed ones can have the same combination of the two. Spirit types are as follows:
    • Thinkers are the crafty, crazy prepared know-it-alls. They have above average intelligence. They are Blessed by Uxie.
    • Emotives , despite their name, are not fluffy bunnies. They know people, yes, and they empathize with them easily, also yes, but that does not mean that they are above getting inside people’s heads. They are talented at persuasion. They are Blessed by Mespirit.
    • Doers are the “What’s next?” Pokemon. They are consistently hyper and impatient. They are Blessed by Azelf
How to Win
Resistors, Celestials, and Synthetics
The Resistors et. al. win if they persuade and/or kill the three leaders of the Cleansers, or otherwise cause chaos in the organization beyond repair (this subjective qualification is to be determined by narphoenix, who shall not join the RP so that he can remain objective)

The Cleansers win if they can kill all of the Blessed (who cannot be persuaded to join the Cleansers) before they can be revived. They can also win if the kill all of one type of Blessed (based on Spirit Class) and capture the Spirit legendary associated with the class.
Revival is a very difficult process that can only be achieved by enlisting the help of a Dusknoir and a Blissey; both species are on the run, and it takes a great deal of persuasion before they shall help you together.
Species of Pokemon:
Affiliation: Cleasers, Blessed (list Spirit and Pokemon Class),
Appearance: Everyone knows what the Pokemon you are listed as should look like, but list distinguishing marks (shiny is not allowed to be the only distinguishing remark: you can still be shiny, but it cannot be the only thing that makes you unique)
Personality: How is your character when they are first met? How do they act towards friends? Enemies? What is their reaction to pressure? Etc.
History: This comes in three paragraphs: Born-Beginning of Prejudice, Prejudice-War, War onward. Be descriptive (show us, don’t tell us).
Other Whatever other blahs that you feel should be added to the character.

Have fun!
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