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Old 03-24-2011, 01:13 PM
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Default Re: {SU} Sonic: Distant Worlds {SU} (Roleplay is up)

Since we need a new staff bearer because Metal quit (very sad), here's my go at it...

Name: Sara

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Side: Evil

Appearance: Sara is skinny and lean- unhealthily so. She has brown eyes, and dark hair that is stringy and tangled- the girl does not take care of herself. She has mostly dark fur, but has white legs and orange colored arms- (somewhat similar to the markings of a prevost's squirrel). She's actually rather tall, but is horribly skinny and lean- she doesn't eat much, if at all. The area around her eyes is very dark, and her eyes tend to look very wild. Her tail is skinny and matted.

She dresses in a long white dress, which at one point was probably rather fine and beautiful, but now it is mangled and torn. Over that she wears a black cloak.
Personality: Sara is insane. Not just kind of insane, not just a little unhinged, but really, truly, deranged. She's moody and aggressive, and if things don't go her way, she tends to throw violent temper tantrums that involve breaking lots of things- objects and people included. When things do go her way… Well, it's not really a whole lot better, but at least she's not actively hurting people. It's impossible to call her out on her savage nature- since she's seemingly under the impression that she's the good guy. She believes that everyone else in the world is evil, and deserves to be corrupted with dark matter. Which is how she embarked on her insane quest. There is no way to prove to her that you are actually a good person. Good luck trying. The only reason she works with others trying to bring about the dark matter entering the world is that she figures the faster she gets the job done, the better.

History: Sara's backstory is somewhat fuzzy. She doesn't tell anyone about it, and asking about it is one of the many ways to insure your head being permanently removed from your shoulder. What we do know is this:

Sara was at one point in time, a member of high-ranking nobility. Her family's only daughter for quite some time. She was the heir apparent to her title for quite some time. There was a bit of worry, though- her both sides of her family were prone to mental illness. She seemed perfectly normal, though, so there were no serious worries.

That is, until a brother came along.

A noble's title, of course, instantly goes to a male, no matter who was born first. So Sara would no longer retain her title. She would still live in the home- or perhaps be married to some rich lord. But still, the title would not be hers. Sara had been used to the idea her entire life. And it being taken away from her… Well, she snapped.

They managed to lock her away in an insane asylum before she caused anyone serious harm. However, the asylum gave her time to do some good, long, thinking. Thinking mostly on how cruel the world was. How unjust. What would be the best way to exact justice on it?

Destroy them. All of them.

And so, she escaped the asylum (with surprising ease) and set off on her quest to destroy everyone, by way of using the staff. She's not quite aware of what happened to the previous staff bearer, but she doesn't really care. She just wants to destroy everything.
Weapons: Kakon's Staff- Well… It's the staff. She gets to blow things up with it. Be very afraid, and hope that Kakon at least tries to keep her in line. She also has a small dagger, but doesn't use it very much.

Abilities: Sara has mild magical ability, but tends to use the staff as her primary weapon. Get it away from her and she'd easily be defeated.

Other: …Really belated Merry Christmas… xD

Yup, the new staff bearer is a psychotic female squirrel. Fear her. xD

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Old 03-26-2011, 12:22 AM
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Default Re: {SU} Sonic: Distant Worlds {SU} (Roleplay is up)

Lol Doodles, that is awesome XD Seriously. It makes Skye's insane half seem like a walk in the park XP

I imagine Sara and Skye will not get along, given that the latter would be classified as "Lawful Good". As in, an extreme goody-two shoes. I doubt corruption could even change that factor XD

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Old 04-01-2011, 05:53 PM
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Default Re: {SU} Sonic: Distant Worlds {SU} (Roleplay is up)

Reserve me for two, please. Still working on it all.

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