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Default [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

TEAM RP: The Synth Crisis

Yeah, I'm putting it up a day early. I'm sure not too many people will complain about having some extra time to do sign ups though.

In order to participate in this RP, you need to be a part of one of the Team RP teams in the Groups/Clubs board. For more details, go here. Sign ups will ALWAYS be open, there is no need to reserve. Repeat, sign ups will ALWAYS be open, there is no need to reserve. If you reserve, you are hereby crowned a silly bunny. Beware, this is not an achievement.


In 2015, the innovation of the Synth Power Plant had been created, an energy source that was powered by the chemical reactions of multiple man-made crystalline materials reacting in unison. At first, it didn’t seem like much of an innovation, but the key element here was that the energy created would be never-ending with no pollution at all, unless something happened to the materials. For centuries and even millennia, the energy created from the reaction would last endlessly and could create however much or however little the region would need. The only issue was that Synth Power Plants, once fully assembled and turned online, could not be shut down and taken apart without a serious risk of meltdown.

Everyone merely laughed at this risk, thinking it was trivial. With such an innovation, why would anyone take it apart if it could last forever?

In 2035, Synth Power Plants became the sole power plant source throughout the world because of their superiority, replacing the dead energy sources of gas, oil, coal, and so on. These plants were built in every region and effectively provided power for the entire world. However, five years later, the Synth Power Plant in Hoenn suffered a catastrophic meltdown, blasting the entire region with an ungodly amount of vicious, dark blue-tinted chemical gasses which made the skies darker and created an eerie dark blue fog surrounding the region. As a result, millions of people died without protection from the gas, unable to breathe as the gasses closed up their throats, leaving them drowning in air. The only survivors used gas masks and hazmat suits to filter out the Synth gas, and/or fled underground. The Synth Power Plant in Hoenn was later investigated and it was found that there was a critical engineering error that resulted in the power plant’s meltdown. However, the real nightmare had only just started…

It was discovered that this same critical error existed in every Synth Power Plant around the world. It was also predicted that in less than thirty years’ time, every one of these Synth Power Plants would experience the same catastrophic meltdown, and would flood the world with Synth gases that humans could not survive in. Meanwhile, it was deemed impossible for anyone to shut down these plants, and as a result, the people of the world were forced to flee underground and create breathing apparatuses to prepare for the poisonous gas flood. In thirty years’ time, underground cities and shelters would be created in a frantic pace in hopes to house every person at least relatively comfortably.

In the meantime, it was quickly discovered that Pokémon, no matter what species, had a natural resistance to the gas. In fact, Hoenn’s Pokémon had experienced only a very trivial amount of change because of these Synth gases. This caught the interest of several researchers, trying to discover what exactly Pokémon had to resist this. But, in their effort to find a cure, they faced the reality that it wasn’t Pokémon who had a resistance against this gas, but simply humans were too weak to survive in its toxicity. Meanwhile, it was impossible for humans to return to the surface without dying, unless a human was to undergo so much genetic manipulation that they practically became a Pokémon. They were ready to write this off as an insolvable case until one researcher strongly urged the others to consider investigating the use of genetic manipulation, realizing that underground overcrowding would be a horrific issue and no region in the world would be able to send all of its people into underground shelters. After the two Synth Power Plants in Fiore and Kanto had exploded, they realized their options were running short and already the plans for the Underground weren’t looking good. And since genetic manipulation had been approved by the government, they went ahead with it, creating the first Pokémon and human combination.


2057, twenty years later following the catastrophic aftermath of Hoenn’s, Sinnoh’s, Fiore’s, Isshu’s, Almia’s and Kanto’s Synth Power Plant meltdowns, the creation of the Hybrids (humans combined with a single Pokémon, like “PokéMorphs”) and the Chimeras (humans combined with multiple Pokémon) existed as the only solution for any person wanting to return to the surface world without the use of breathing equipment. These Hybrids and Chimeras not only had the resistance that Pokémon had, but also the powers, abilities, and potentials. However, it was clear they weren’t human as many of them were now adorned with fur, tails, wings, and all the other features of their selected Pokémon counterpart(s). However, only they were able to return to the world that was left behind where the Synth gas was, hoping to restart life above the ground. Meanwhile, there were those humans that absolutely refused to forsake their humanity to become Hybrids or Chimeras, insisting they would rather put on a gas mask and only come up every once in a while or be condemned to living in the underground “Subway Cities” that now existed.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the Synth Power Plants in Johto, Orre, Sevii Islands, Orange Islands, and Oblivia. Most of these nations have made preparations to hide underground, but as expected, the living conditions are horrible, overcrowded, and very few people can live comfortably. Before, very few humans were willing to consider becoming Hybrids or Chimeras, but after several decades of living in poor and confined conditions, more people have become these genetically altered humanoids. There are still many, however, that adamantly oppose the thought of humanity becoming these creatures.

In the meantime, many of the Hybrids and Chimeras essentially inherited what was left behind, and many of the confined humans resented them for taking what they could no longer have. However, in their defense, the Hybrids and Chimeras felt if they didn’t use what was on the surface, it would simply go to waste and deteriorate. Regardless, the humans didn’t look at them as being human anymore. Now, racial tensions exist between the Hybrids and Chimeras of the Surface, and the humans of the Underground.

However, it was in Isshu that the war between the Surface and the Underground became most apparent. Precious, natural resources in the forms of fuel, strong ores, and precious minerals were found in Isshu, resources that were once thought to be useless. Thinking nothing of it, the Surface Hybrids and Chimeras took and used the resources for themselves, but once the humans of the Isshu Underground found out about it, the surface was attacked by infantry wearing gas masks, and most of the harvested resources were stolen by the Isshu Underground.

Now, the war between the Surface and the Underground rages on. Only a precious few factions have learned to tolerate the existence of both humans and the Hybrids and Chimeras, but those that have hold the keys to liberating the world. Meanwhile, there are those that want the newly found resources in Isshu, knowing they hold the keys to unlocking more powerful, superior technology.

Which one of these factions will become the dominant rulers of this new world is still a question to be answered…


Regions Affected with Synth Gas – Hoenn, Sinnoh, Fiore, Isshu, Almia, and Kanto.

In these regions, Hybrids and Chimeras are the only ones on the surface. They live as nothing ever happened. However, these areas are where most of the Surface versus Underground battles take place.

Regions still unaffected with Synth Gas:

In this regions, humans can still live on the surface, but they live day to day in wariness, ready to retreat to the Underground if their Synth Power Plant hits meltdown. Chimeras and Hybrids are also on the surface, indifferent to the state of the power plants. For the most part, the races still get along here.

Orre – Synth Power Plant hits meltdown when the RP hits the 10th page.
Sevii Islands – Meltdown when the RP hits page 20.
Johto – Meltdown when the RP hits page 30.
Orange Islands – Meltdown when the RP hits page 40.
Oblivia – Meltdown when the RP hits page 50.

This is the map the RP will use.


Role Players can be either Human, Hybrid, or Chimera. Note that if you choose the Hybrid or Chimera option, you may not pick a legendary Pokémon or Ditto. Also, Hybrids and Chimeras can talk to and communicate with Pokémon. Assume that all Pokémon can understand English.

Humans – Humans are pretty much your ordinary run-of-the-mill homo sapiens. While they don’t get the same kind of moves and powers that Hybrids and Chimeras have, their advantage is in the fact that they can wear mainstreamed armor that is more powerful, rather than weaker armor that has to be custom made for each Hybrid or Chimera. Also, for those not wishing to be subjected to Pokémon type charts or for those wanting maximum armor, this is the best option.

Hybrids - Hybrids are characters that have the stance and posture of a human, but have the features of one Pokémon, blended together to create a bipedal anthropomorphic humanoid. They also have that Pokémon’s attacks, abilities, and type designations.

As Hybrids, they have:
  • Access to ALL moves (level up, TM, Egg, Move Tutor, and so on) to the Pokémon they are a Hybrid of. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
  • They also gain that Pokémon’s Ability and their Pokédex benefits (Such as Rapidash’s ability to run at 150 mph). Dream World abilities are excluded.
  • They also gain that Pokémon’s type alignments.

Chimeras (Lesser) – Lesser Chimeras are characters that are like Hybrids, but have the features of two Pokémon blended together. They have:
  • Access to the level up, egg, and move tutor moves of those two Pokémon. NOT the TM moves. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
  • They may only choose one Ability that either of their Pokémon forms can have. Dream World abilities are excluded.
  • The may only choose one of the two Pokémon’s Pokédex Benefits to have.
  • Also, they may only have two Pokémon types at max. Which means if you want to be a Lesser Chimera of a Charizard and a Houndoom, you may not be Fire/Dark/Flying, but you can be any two of those three.

Chimeras (Greater) - Greater Chimeras are characters that are like Lesser Chimeras, but have the features of three Pokémon together (this is the max amount allowed due to the heavy genetic splicing). They have:
  • Access to the level up moves of all three Pokémon only. Nothing else. This also includes moves learned by the Pokémon at an earlier evolution stage.
  • They may only choose one Ability that any of the three Pokémon can have. Dream World abilities are excluded.
  • They may only choose one of the Pokédex Benefits from the three Pokémon.
  • And like before, they may only have two Pokémon types at max. Which means if you want to be a Greater Chimera of a Charizard, a Houndoom, and a Manectric, you may not be Fire/Dark/Flying/Electric, but you can be any two of those four.

NOTE: In order to be able to breathe underwater, one of your selected Pokémon types must be Water. In order to fly, one of your selected Pokémon types must be Flying or you must have Levitate as the selected Ability.


Team Leaders have a high diplomatic immunity. After the fall of the world governments, Team Leaders are seen by the public as extremely charismatic, and the members of their teams follow them feeling they are the hope for new world order and prosperity. As a result, the team’s actions, regardless of who perceives them as cruel and unjust, will be seen a necessary by the team’s supporters for accomplishing a greater good, or as means to justify the ends. It will be extremely difficult for someone else to diplomatically turn a team’s members against itself.

Project Lists (Research and development progression lists at the bottom of RP posts) are okay. However, the maximum of items that can be developed at a time is three. No project can go over 50 posts. Generally, it is assumed that the more time that is spent into creating a project, the more potential it will have. This does not automatically mean a project that took longer to develop will automatically trump anything that took a shorter amount of time. All it does is justify a bit more potential.

The power of each project is generally determined by both time and effort. Projects that get a lot of time and description are considered to be more powerful than ones that are quick and don’t get very much detail.

Project Lists can look similar to this:

The Alpha Project (20% Complete) [5% per post]
Razorback Tank Series (80% Complete) [10% per post]
S.S. Thunderbolt Battleship (5% Complete) [5% per post]

Large vehicles like a large ship or large aircraft can only be developed separately. However, a new series of tanks, fighter/bomber planes, or conventional weapons can be developed as a series. Also, you can help advance another person’s project if they’re in your team to help build it or research it faster.

All RPer characters are considered to be elite members of the team they are a part of. The grunts and lower-ranking recruits are all NPCs.


Header: On the top of every post you make should be a header that includes:

Character Name & Ability (Such as John Doe and their Pokémon ability if they have one, such as Levitate)
Team Name (Such as Team Rocket)
Current Location (Such as Pallet Town, Kanto)

Traveling: The three post traveling rule is in place. Which means the first post should be about the departure, second post about the journey itself, and the third post about the arrival. No teleporting. Teleport moves only allow the user to “phase out” and “phase back in” within a 100 yard radius of where the move was initially used.

Other rules include:
  • No god-modding (sheer excessive and unjustified power acquisition, invincibility, and so on) or bunnying (controlling other people’s characters and not giving them a chance to respond, unless they have gone inactive). If someone hasn’t posted in the RP for over five days, their character can be bunnied into receiving damage or death. This is to prevent people from being “locked up” by having inactive people never respond to their characters actions. Also, under normal fighting conditions, you may kill another person’s character, but it must be done fairly and give the other person a chance to respond.
  • No use of nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction is allowed.
  • Though the technology level may be slightly futuristic, there should be no leaving the world via spaceship in attempt to colonize other planets. Simply assume the rest of the planets in the solar system are either made of gas and can’t be inhabited, or are simply far too volatile to settle upon.
  • Violence on all levels is allowed, and so is swearing, provided its somewhat filtered (like s**t or f**k). However, keep the sexual content down.
  • You’re allowed up to two characters. If you make two characters, please give them equal show time, don’t make an entire character just to be a one-time-use fall guy for the other. The exception is if your character is killed and you’d like to start another one. While you can have your first character struggle to get out of whatever afterlife they’ve been thrown into, there is always the option to abandon them after death and simply create a new one.
  • Please post relatively often. If you don’t and your character remains inactive for longer than five days, that opens the door for other RPers to kill them or abandon them. You may give me a notice that you’ll be gone for some time and I’ll grant you immunity from this, but if you don’t, be aware that this may happen.
  • Please post with proper grammar and spelling.


Sign ups can be found here:
Sign up thread

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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Shadowfox, Synchronize
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

The old democracies were gone. Those elected leaders, most of them anyway, had retreated to the Underground and no longer had control over what happened on the surface. Essentially, it was a cleansing, and the worlds between humans and our world had been separated.

I had been standing by the window of the assembly room in Gateon Port, looking down at the harbor below. From a first glance, it seemed like there really wasn’t that much wrong. Orre’s Synth Power Plant was actually still up and operational, though I knew that any day, that whole facility might explode. Because of that fear, many Orre humans had already retreated underground. The Under had been reopened and was now bustling with life.

“You’re really sure about this, Boss?” Logan asked me as he was sitting by the assembly table. “To me, it just seems counterproductive. Why make a genetic transformation campaign and then build this dome?”

Logan had a love for dragons, and it was clear when anyone looked upon him. Scales and body of a Dragonite, colors of a Salamence, and topping it off with the wings of a Flygon. He had been sitting by the table for a while now, still trying to understand the plans I had in mind. After I had enough of gazing out the window, I turned back to him, facing him and Gabriel, the Swellow Hybrid.

“It’s actually not as complex as you think,” I told them both, keeping the conversation casual. “You’re right that I would really love it for every last human to take the step and accept genetic alteration. Heck, that’s why I made the operation free for everyone. But I understand what you’re saying, why cover the Synth Power Plant then? Well, it makes perfect sense actually. Not every human wants to live in the Underground, but not every human is quite ready to accept transformation like we have. It’s like new technology. You have innovators and early adopters. We, of course, are in those categories, as we were some of the first to accept and undergo genetic transformation. It’s the laggards that I’m concerned about. They need more time, more evidence, and more convincing.”

“You’re letting them have their cake and eat it too, essentially,” Gabriel told me, looking skeptical about that.

“Heh, you could say that, but it removes the racial tensions,” I told him, knowing that was the key to the plan. “Team Nox becomes the authority as we kill off these tensions and discriminations. That’s why I’m going ahead with the dome plan. We make a dome to cover the Orre Synth Power Plant, one that’s strong enough to contain the explosion from the meltdown and contain the Synth gas as well. It can definitely be done.”

However, it did occur to me that it was likely war would begin again. There were tensions existing between humans and the genetically transformed Hybrids and Chimeras. I was hoping to resolve that by funding the campaign to encourage, motivate, and convince humans that taking the step to become a Hybrid or a Chimera was a good and positive one. Television campaigns, billboards, and other media were used to ensure humans that they could be safe and not have to worry about the Synth gas. Meanwhile, they could become even closer to their Pokémon, and tap into their abilities and powers. Truthfully, I myself had benefitted greatly from it.

“You mentioned something in your plans about armored vehicles,” Logan told me, bringing that issue up. “Care to explain what you had in mind for these?”

“We’re getting prepared, Logan,” I told him, laying down those facts. “The ShadowTitan Tank is in development to not only defend Orre, but to also help the Nox campaign. Same goes with the Nightwolf Mobile Anti-air unit. They can work in either two ways. Manual control, where each of these vehicles has a living crew, or controlled remotely, where operators pilot the vehicle from control stations. I know what you’re thinking. Why both options? It’s made to be flexible just in case. If networks go down, we don’t lose our vehicles. It’s mainly a safety precaution.”

“What about the revival of democracies?” Gabriel asked me. “I’m sure there are going to be several factions trying to bring that whole ideology back.”

“To me, democracies are tried and failed systems,” I told him, knowing that much was true. “Citizens are forced to pick between two horrendous candidates, or not vote at all, which seems to be the majority outcome in fact. Meanwhile, it all depends on who has more money, who can fill up an advertisement campaign with more feel-good fluff that isn’t true, and not keep their promises upon entering office. People want a leader that is capable of doing things, and that has a long term leadership and isn’t going to be only focused on the short term because their term only lasts for a few years. I’ve got a one thousand year lifespan now. Of course I’m going to be focused on the long-term goals of Nox.”

Still, I knew most of these other factions that were out there weren’t going to look so kindly upon our idea of controlling the new world. To them, they wanted things to return back to normal, and to me, that was a problem. Prior to the Synth Crisis, the amount of corruption was hideous. All the time, I saw money go in, favors go out, and people losing. There was no way I was going to allow that to make a comeback.


Orre Synth Power Plant Dome – 5% Complete (5% per post)
Shadowtitan Tank Series - 5% Complete (5% per post)
Nightwolf Mobile AA Series – 5% Complete (5% per post)

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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Ruzza, Illusion
Soloman, Blaze
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

Soloman flapped his wings, beating them like heavy drums as fur blew in the wind. On his back was Ruzza, holding tight onto the fur of his neck. She made sure not to touch his collar, knowing well and good that if she did it would send paralyzing volts throughout the dragon Meowth's body, and possibly hers as well. As they reached the port, Soloman twirled into a dive, huffing from his long and arduous flight.

"Pull up you bimbo! We're going to hit concrete at this rate!" Ruzza exclaimed as she pulled his fur up. Slowly the dragon arched his way upwards, doing everything to regain full control. He wasn't used to flying yet, especially with a passenger. Sadly, the pulling up didn't work as planned. The two crashed to the ground; Ruzza being thrown off Soloman's back and onto the ground. A few civilians watched the clumsy scene as Soloman slid to a halt, his rear end hanging over his front as his head lay flat on the ground. it tend fell down with a massive thud, a huff of agitation coming from his maw. Ruzza had rolled a few feet away, dirt now covering her cloak and fur. The sleeve over her human arm even slid up, exposing the tan furless skin, her most vulnerable part, to taking eyes as they held the scene in their glossy pupils.

Quickly she got up, pulling the sleeve down and brushing herself off. She walked over to Soloman who was also getting up, shaking his head as the world around him spun like a top. "What the heck was that?!" she barked as she grabbed onto the spikes over his nose, pulling his head down in a tight jerk so their eyes could meet.

"I'm not good at flying yet! You know this! Why couldn't you just hop onto the back of Record or something?!" Soloman complained as he pulled away from her, shaking his head to get off some dust that lay on it. He opened his wings, flapped them a few times, and refolded them back against his body. Now steady and controlled, he walked forward to a large building. He let Ruzza take the lead, entering in and holding the door as he struggled to push his way through.

"Fatty," she said coldly, a smile on her face as she leaned against the door. Soloman only huffed at her remark, knowing well and good that he wasn't fat. Just fluffy. Once inside he took to a lowered hunch, his ears falling back as his body practically feel onto itself. Ruzza chuckled, a brow raising at Soloman's awkward attempts to fit his massive self into the building. "And how are you going to make it up the stairs like that? There isn't an elevator big enough to fit your massive complex and well, the stairwell is skinny as crap."

"I WILL DO IT! WATCH ME!" he shouted. However from the moment he started heading up the stairwell, he could feel that his body was getting stuck. His head fell to the steps and he sighed in so much annoyance, others would have thought him to be depressed!

"You're stuck... aren't you?" laughed Ruzza, her voice taking on a very 'I told you so' like tone.

"I don't want to talk about it!" he responded.

"Suit yourself. I'm taking the elevator. I'll get you unstuck when I'm done talking to Shadowfox!" With that, Ruzza pressed the button and stepped into the summoned elevator. The door slowly closed with her waving goodbye to Soloman, her voice drifting off as the doors closed.

"No! Ruzza wait! You can't leave me here like this!" A worker of the building, a regular human, stepped around the corner of the stariwell holding a thick stack of paper.s When he saw Soloman, he halted in his tracks and stared awkwardly as the stuck Meowth dragon. "Don't... even... ask..."

Ruzza made it to the top floor headed into the assembly room where she knew Shadowfox was. Surprisingly, Gabriel and Logan were there as well. She knew them, but not too well. "Hey there Logan, Gabriel. Nice day? Shadowfox mah man!" she waved as she stepped up to him. Once she reached him, her voice took a whole new tone. She sounded way more serious, as if she'd returned from the heat of battle. "Soloman and I just returned from checking on the plant. It's showing a few signs of exploding, but nothing very severe. It's for certain it will blow but I can't make a determination yet based on what I saw." she described as she folded her arms, taking a quick glance in the plants direction.

=^^= Nya
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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Shadowfox, Synchronize
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

Most of the civilians had responded favorably to the construction of the Synth Power Plant Dome, which was the whole intention. True, I wanted every human to make the decision to become a Hybrid or Chimera instead, but still, I had once been human, and I could understand their skepticism and their doubt. Most of them believed something might go wrong during the operation, others didn’t like the idea of becoming something unnatural or were concerned about losing their humanity, and then there were others that believed outrageous things, such as thinking these operations had damaging effects on mental capabilities. As a Chimera myself, I tried to assure them that things only got better after the operation. I even told them about my ability to live for a thousand years now, just one of many possible benefits that could be derived from taking the next step forward. Thankfully, I was patient.

It was a slow process, however. It was like introducing a new piece of technology. There were many innovators and early adopters that were eager, risk-taking individuals such as myself that were fearless when it came to these kinds of things. But there would always be laggards that would be very, very slow to embrace the change. Still, I was doing everything I could to satisfy both sides, and right now, racial tensions and discrimination were at a low.

Regardless, the Nox engineers agreed that the dome would be able to contain the explosion and the gas given the materials we had on hand, and the blank check budget I was giving them. However, they were more concerned about the possibility of a Synth Power Plant meltdown occurring before the dome was constructed, which would defeat the whole purpose. I simply told them to keep going, knowing it was worth a try and if it succeeded, it would be all worth it. In the meantime, Orre had switched to using oil and wind farms for power, especially considering they were abundant resources in this desert nation.

Meanwhile, I got the intel on what kind of armaments the Shadowtitan tanks would have. The main cannon was actually constructed as three separate cannons in a triangular layout, called the Triad Cannon, capable of continuous fire while the other cannons reloaded. Meanwhile, there were two mounted Razorsaw Vulcan Machineguns mounted on the top, used to wipe out infantry. In terms of targeting, the Shadowtitan was armed with thermal optics, nightvision, laser targeting, and motion sensors. In addition, the Shadowtitan tank was made to be very mobile, able to climb mountains even at a steep 45 degree angle. On roads, it was also very fast, able to move at a speedy eighty miles an hour even with the armor.

The Nightwolf Mobile AA units were made to decimate any gunships and fighter planes, able to lock onto their position using motion and atmosphere tracking, and they had the same thermal optics, nightvision, laser targeting, and motion sensors that the Shadowtitan tanks had. Meanwhile, they too had the speed and mobility that the tanks had. For weapons, the Nightwolf AAs were armed with two miniguns that worked in conjunction with the targeting computers that calculated the speed of the target, its intended flight path, and the weapon configuration of the Nightwolf to accurately lead the shot to the point where the target would be constantly getting bombarded by a hail of full metal jacket bullets. Meanwhile, the Gauntlet Multiple Fire Rocket Launcher (Gauntlet MFRL) was also designed to use its payload of forty laser guidance rockets to either take out flying gunships, or be used against infantry and light armored vehicles.

If everything went smoothly, I could see these stopping the war before it even started.

“So what’s the next step?” Logan asked me, wondering what I was planning on doing.

“We’re setting sights on Hoenn,” I told him and Gabriel. “Unfortunately, their Synth plant has long been destroyed, and things are in anarchy between the Underground and the Surface. So, I had a few solutions in mind for that problem.”

“And?” Gabriel asked me.

“Considering we have plenty of Underground networks already, including The Under among many others, it offers a place for these humans to relocate to,” I told them both, knowing this would work in our favor. “And this is if the plan for the dome doesn’t even work. But, if the plan to contain the Orre Synth plant does work, every last human in Hoenn can relocate to Orre, and live on the surface without fear.”

It was genius. If this worked, we’d have Hoenn’s support, their resources, and their land and military facilities. Right now, there was no government in Hoenn, giving us plenty of opportunity to step in and take control. I would even be willing to help with the human evacuation of Hoenn, giving Nox even more support.

“Seems like a pretty good plan to me,” Logan nodded.

“Of course it’s a good plan,” I told him with a smile. “I made it, after all.”

It was then that Ruzza had stepped into the meeting room, and I was satisfied to see my fellow Ninetales and Zoroark companion. In a way, we were similar, but still different. Both of us had chosen to be Chimeras of both Ninetales and Zoroark, though I had the Umbreon form also tacked on as well. In truth, Ruzza resembled a Zoroark almost perfectly, save for the human arm that hadn’t been completed during the primary operation. Even though we had the staff to complete the job, she insisted on keeping it.

“Hey there Logan, Gabriel,” She told them, stepping into the room. “Nice day? Shadowfox mah man!”

“Pleasure to have you with us, Ruzza,” I told her with a smile.

“Soloman and I just returned from checking on the plant,” She told me, folding her arms before looking out the window toward the plant’s location. “It's showing a few signs of exploding, but nothing very severe. It's for certain it will blow but I can't make a determination yet based on what I saw.”

It was true, there were signs of it coming close to meltdown, but I felt that if we hurried and picked up the pace, we could complete the dome in time. If we completed the dome before the explosion, it would be quite the bargaining chip to solve Hoenn’s problems and get their resources without even so much as a scratch.

“So I see…” I told her, turning around and looking at the plant a second time. “Well, right now, I’ve made it one of my top priorities. If we pull this off, I’m going to use it as a bargaining chip to draw in Hoenn’s support. Right now, they’re having racial conflicts, but if we offer them space in Orre, where the Synth gas is contained, they can live on the surface and support our industries. I’m willing to offer them free transport and evacuation from Hoenn, and free genetic transformation if they’re willing to take it.”

“Seems a little overly generous, don’t you think?” Gabriel asked me, looking at me oddly.

“Think of it this way,” I told him, knowing this could be to our advantage. “We gain Hoenn as a nation if this works successfully. I don’t need to tell you how many factories, assembly plants, foundries, and so on are over there that aren’t being used simply because of the Synth gas. Once this is done, we claim Hoenn as Nox’s territory, and put it under Nox law. But, even if we don’t complete the dome in time, there are far more underground networks in Orre than there are in Hoenn. Heck, The Under is an entire city in itself, and is much better than those sorry excuses for civilization they call Subway Cities.”

And The Under was just one location out of many. Because Orre is a desert nation, they thought it out beforehand, building mostly underground bunkers, facilities, and cities due to the heat and arid terrain above. Meanwhile, preparations were made for the Orre plant explosion, but if it was contained in the dome, those additional facilities and bunkers would still be very useful.

“Hoenn would be quite the asset to have, wouldn’t it?” Logan nodded, liking that idea.

“Not just Hoenn,” I told him, turning around to look right at him. “That’s just the first step. With plans and operations like these, it won’t be long before the whole world is in our hands.”

Not long at all…


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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Ruzza, Illusion
Soloman, Blaze
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

Ruzza smiled as she was greeted by one of her closest friends, the other being Soloman. As he began to explain to her just what it was he was planning with the syth tower here in Orre, she couldn't help but smile and nod. It was a well thought plan. After he began to mention doing this to Hoenn and everywhere else, it struck her. What about the other groups that had begun to settle in those areas?

"Excellent plans there Shadowfox, but what do you plan to do about the other factions that have taken claim to areas such as Hoenn or Kanto? I'm sure that they are already throwing out their laws and promises. Do you have any plans for them?" she asked as she looked over in his direction. She turned on a special radio chip she had connected with Soloman. It was placed in their ears and was able to work even when separated by entire regions. She was always working on it though, fixing it to try and get it to go even longer distances.

Soloman could hear and respond to what was being said, even though he was still stuck in the stairwell. "Yeah. I'm sure that the humans who haven't changed have already taken in the words of others. What makes you so sure they'd just follow us? The dome thing is a good idea, but would it be enough to win over large masses?" he asked inquisitively, his voice echoing slightly. He tried to shuffle himself free as he spoke, his voice at times taking on a rough tone as he pulled and pulled to escape his "prison". Soloman... strength unmatched... can go beast at any moment... but it weak to stairs.... god I need to go on a diet! he thought after finishing what he said. It wasn't long before he finally got himself free, throwing back until he smashed into a wall. Thankfully his momentum wasn't enough to break it apart, but he did leave a mighty visible dent in it.

Catching his breath he made for the door, pushing it open as he struggled to get out from it as well. It didn't take long for him to get free again, landing him back outside where he could stretch his wings. He flapped them a few times to get the stiffness they were feeling to go away, and shook his body to air out his coat. He then made his way to where the window of the assembly room was. He looked up to it and gave a small wave, showing Ruzza he was outside.

"Oaf," she said to herself as she rolled her eyes. "Soloman couldn't make it up here. He's outside communicating through the radio device I made for him and me," said Ruzza as she pointed down to him.

=^^= Nya
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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Shadowfox, Synchronize
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

Construction on the dome had been underway, and was making steady progress. Meanwhile, we were monitoring the condition of the Synth plant’s equipment, and to say the least, as Ruzza reported, it was doubtful, and the engineers were almost certain the plant was going to experience a meltdown soon enough.

In the meantime, I had sent ambassadors to Hoenn, making it clear that Team Nox was willing to give any human who wanted to escape the Subway Cities of Hoenn to relocate to Orre, where there was far more living space underground in comparison to Hoenn. Evacuation would be free, breathing equipment to survive the trip would be provided free of charge. And upon arrival in Orre, if anyone wanted to take advantage of the operation to become a Hybrid or a Chimera, that was also free. In the meantime, I tried to assure them that Orre’s medical staff and genetic specialists were the best in the world as I was willing to be the spokesman for them.

In truth, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Solve Hoenn’s discrimination problems, as well as the overcrowding of their Subway Cities. Sure, I knew not everyone would want to head over to Orre, but I was sure a great number of them would take the offer, especially if the plans for the dome worked. In the meantime, we would gain influence and control over Hoenn, and since Hoenn had no government yet, we would move our way in, establish a new Hoenn Nox Commonwealth, and place it under our own civil law system.

“Excellent plans there Shadowfox,” Ruzza told me, “but what do you plan to do about the other factions that have taken claim to areas such as Hoenn or Kanto? I'm sure that they are already throwing out their laws and promises. Do you have any plans for them?”

“Yeah,” Solomon agreed. “I'm sure that the humans who haven't changed have already taken in the words of others. What makes you so sure they'd just follow us? The dome thing is a good idea, but would it be enough to win over large masses?”

“Oaf,” Ruzza remarked, looking toward the stuck Solomon. “Soloman couldn't make it up here. He's outside communicating through the radio device I made for him and me.”

I nodded, thinking over their concern. It was true, I was sure we weren’t the only ones actively trying to restructure the world under our name. Still, I knew how to handle this.

“Hoenn seems to be a derelict in terms of government and organized control,” I told Ruzza, having that distinct feeling. “My idea is to move quickly, spread quickly, and influence quickly. As far as I know, Orre is the only nation that is actually doing something about their Synth power plant before it inevitably melts down. Humans don’t want to be stranded in the underground Subway Cities. I’ve seen them, they’re horrific. Meanwhile, there are places in Orre that could be further developed. Agate Village could be turned into a metropolis, and the same goes for Phenac City. Realgam Tower could be turned into an entire casino city if everyone people are drawn to the location. In truth, Orre would become a sanctuary in the midst of all the Synth gas.”

If the plan with the dome was pulled off successfully. Considering our progress and the expected meltdown time that the engineers had forecasted, we might just successfully build the dome before that disaster ever happened. In truth, if this was pulled off, Orre and Team Nox would become the strongest and most influential entities in the world.

“As for those other factions, we’ll see,” I told them, knowing we needed to hold control over this situation. “All we need to do is take it as if we are more powerful than they are, and move in before these other factions even become situated. And, once we learn their motives, determine what needs to be done to put them out of power. It’s a race, and I intend for Nox to be the winner. Take it as if there is no such thing as trespassing now.”

That was the way we would win at this game…


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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Kotar Quartus, Pressure
Team Nox
Mossdeep City, Hoenn
Neo posts too much

It was the first time Kotar had been to Mossdeep since the Synth Crisis. The last time, and only other time, had been as a small boy, coming with his father for a work-related meeting. Kotar didn't remember much from back then, but the bustling little city stood out for him in memory, along with the unusually calm weather.

Now, however, not much was left of the once-thriving town. As an isolated island city, Mossdeep had never been very self-sustaining. It was dependent on resources: food, technology, medicine, shipped from the mainland. Those had stopped when the Synth spread. When the gas threatened the city, the population left. Mossdeep didn't have any major underground spaces for the people to live in. The only way to survive was to travel to the mainland. Any hybrids that would have gotten the operation and stayed would have lived quite a lonely existence, so they too, packed up and left. As a result, the city was nearly abandoned. Only a few hybrids, too old or perhaps too stubborn to leave, stayed. They scratched out a meager existence here, depending on small packages delivered from Lilycove to stay alive.

Kotar stood before the gray, cracked exterior of the Space Center. The only one of its kind, it was the only gateway to the stars in all of the Pokemon world. Now, it had been abandoned, the scientists and engineers who worked here long fled. As a result, no new satellites had been launched into orbit since the Hoenn Synth plant exploded.

He hefted the key in his hand, and opened the front door. The glass panes slid open. Kotar walked inside, letting the smell of dust and age filter through his nose. His black and red eyes glanced around the room. The silhouettes of the many machines and models that were on the ground floor were faintly visible.

"Alright," he said, turning around to face the veritable army of Nox engineers and construction workers. "Let's tear this place apart."

The lights thudded on as elsewhere, a temporary diesel-powered generator was hooked onto the Center's power source. The thundering of enormous construction machines growled outside as the Nox workers flooded in, removing machines, blueprints, wiring, computers, anything and everything that looked like it had some role in making rockets fly.

"I can't wait!" a rather large, excited, Metagross-hybrid exclaimed next to Kotar.

Kotar glanced at the man. The Metagross-hybrid had been one of the original scientists who worked at the Center. Upon learning of Nox's plans to move the entire center to Orre, he had gladly became a hybrid (of Metagross, to improve his mathematical functions) in order to participate.

"It will take some time," Kotar replied. Don't get too excited, the unspoken message went.

During the abandonment of the Center, the owner had sold the land and the structures to the Mossdeep city government. Nox had bought the rights for a ridiculously low amount compared to the original price of construction. Of course, the Center was useless to the few remaining Mossdeep citizens, so they had gladly handed it off at bargain price.

Kotar turned around and walked out the door. "Where are you going?" the scientist asked.

"There's something I need to find," Kotar replied.

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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Zara Cios (Ononokusu/Chanderaa Lesser Chimera) @ Mold Breaker
The Cullen
Underground Shippou City, Isshu
“Fate changes faster than the death of light…”

I was visiting the Underground beneath Shippou City, acting as a liaison between the people of Isshu and the Cullen, as well as the general world above. Most people weren’t very happy with my presence, and it wasn’t just because of my intimidating stature or my odd looks. Most people looked upon Hybrids in general with disdain and even, in some places, with outright hatred. Isshu was one of those regions were Hybrids weren’t received very well at all. I was doing my best to change that, and if even just one person started viewing us in a more positive light, then I was doing my job.

“Hybrids, no matter what blood runs in our veins, were all human at one point. We all remember the fear, the anger, the uncertainty, the hopelessness of the Underground. We all remember how hard simply finding the will to carry on to the next day is. Even though we look different on the outside, on the inside we are as human as we ever were. Our hearts and our souls are the same.

“I understand why some of you may not like us, why some of you may resent and hate us. We ARE different, and people have a habit of hating what is not like them. We can live on the surface and move about freely, while you all must don special masks to go topside and even then cannot remain there for long. We have access to things that you cannot have.

“But you should know that my allies and I feel humans and Hybrids should be able to live in harmony and peace, and in order to fulfill this, we will do everything in our power. We will find ways to allow humans back to the surface without bulky breathing devices or ungainly suits. We will find a way to get rid of the Synth gas or make it harmless. We will do whatever we can to make it safe for humans to return to the surface so everyone can escape the Underground. And in doing this, in bringing human and Hybrid together on the surface, we hope that past tensions can be forgotten and that everyone can move forward to a peaceful future.”

Most people were staring at me with undisguised anger or contempt, while a good number were passing by and completely ignoring me. I spotted a few uncertain people in the crowd around me and felt hopeful; maybe I was getting through to some of these people.

“Lies,” someone I couldn’t see snickered into the silence. “You freaks don’t want to share anything on the surface with us! I’ll bet you’re all planning on taking over and trapping real humans down here for the rest of time!” Angry cries went up as the crowd, too eager to take their frustration out on another, agreed with the anonymous speaker. I didn’t try to quiet the throng down, knowing that’d only make them feel like I was trying to control them. Instead, I just let them vent for a second, and eventually they settled down to irate murmuring. I looked around for a second, trying to decide how safe it was to keep going. Sure, these people could mob me and I’d come through without a scratch; I was more concerned with damage done to the reputation of the Cullen than to myself.

“That might be what some Hybrids want,” I replied, not bothering to try and correct the man’s calling Hybrids “freaks”. “But I can assure you, the Cullen wants everyone to be at peace with one another and for humanity to be able to live in the same conditions. We don’t want humans to have to live in these cramped, unsanitary tunnels. We want everyone to have the freedom and beauty of the surface. But there are things we have to do before that can happen. We can’t just snap our fingers and make it safe for humans to live in the Synth gas. It’s going to take time to find a way, and when we do find a way it will take time to develop it.”

“You’re just saying that so we’ll sit here like good little lambs while you monsters get ready to seal us up down here!” a woman from my left shouted, sounding slightly deranged. “You’re trying to make sure we don’t try to take the world back from you! You’re trying to make sure the rightful heirs of the world don’t cause problems while you finish getting everything ready for yourselves!” I cringed inwardly, recognizing the woman’s tone and dreading what was about to happen. She was one of those religious nuts who started ranting about God and damnation at the drop of a hat. I was surprised she hadn’t blown up on me already, considering I’d been here for about half an hour.

“These…these beasts…humans who have given up hope in our Lord God and turned their backs on Him…they’ve opened their hearts to demons and become demons in turn! And now they seek to secure the world for Satan, trying to take our hope and crush it! They mock and degrade us, trying to make us put hope in their filthy Lord of Lies! Demons! Beasts! Agents of the Devil!” The woman raged on and on, eventually sending spit flying as she ranted. It got to the point where those around her actually moved away, and by the time she finished, there was no one within five feet of her. When she’d first started speaking the others had agreed with her, but as she continued fuming they seemed to lose faith in her arguments. Well, they might not like me, but at least they weren’t siding with the Crazy Lady and trying to crucify me or something. All the same, I could tell her religious spewing had irritated the crowd even more, and it was probably time to get going.

I said, drawing everyone’s attention back to myself, “I can assure you we aren’t demons, we aren’t working with the Devil, and we certainly aren’t trying to make you lose faith in whatever religion you practice. I just want to tell you all that the Cullen is looking out for everyone, not our own goals. Well, that’s a lie, because our only goals are to bring everyone together in a harmonious world, whatever it takes. I’ve delivered my message, so I’ll be going. I’ve got other places to see, you know.” I then walked off, heading for the nearest exit to the surface. People parted around me like I was infected with some horrible disease, and the looks of relief that rippled through the crowd told me my words had very little impact on their deep-seated racism and emotions. Oh well, maybe I’d planted seeds of change in a few people. It was the best I could hope for.

It wasn’t long before I reached the exit, climbing a massive flight of stairs before reaching a solid door. It was one of those things you’d expect to see on a fallout shelter, heavy and thick and probably capable of taking a point-blank Hyper Beams from a mob of angry Gyarados. I didn’t bother opening it, instead becoming incorporeal for a moment and simply walking through it. On the other side I returned to my solid state, sighing as I rolled my head. I was getting sore and tired, having been up for a while now campaigning across Isshu. Not only was I trying to convince the humans we wanted to help, I was trying to convince the Hybrids on the surface that the humans deserved help. A lot of them felt that if the humans were too weak or afraid to embrace change and become a Hybrid that they deserved to rot in the Underground. It was sad, to say the least.

=Well?= came a deep, gruff voice from my left. I turned to see Snap lying on the ground, his arms crossed and the two small heads at the ends wrestling with one another. =How big was the helping of disappointment this time?=

“A Bible thumper raged at me,” I said brightly, trying to hide how exhausted I really felt and ignoring the bitter tone in Snap’s words. He always got mad when I had to leave him on the surface, but there was no way he’d fit in the cramped, crowded quarters of the Underground. He wasn’t unhappy with me, so I didn’t take his grumpiness personally. I walked over to him as he stood and stretched his wings. “Other than that, pretty much the same old same old.”

=On to the next failure, then?= the hydra asked, his tone light and teasing now that I was with him. I patted his neck and the nearest small head affectionately rubbed on my arm.

“Pretty much. Let’s make this quick, we need to start back for Johto soon. I’m afraid to leave Merun alone for long, who knows what the hell kind of trouble she’ll get herself into…”

=She should be busy at LabCorp working on that Synth-powered armor thingamabob.=

“Yes, she SHOULD be, but you know how she is. Then again, there’s a strong chance she’ll stick with it since if she can get the prototype running properly, she’ll get quite a bit of recognition from our leader.”

=She’d have a freaking heart attack out of sheer glee, you know. She idolizes that guy like no one’s business.=

Merun was our resident genius who happened to also be an extreme nutcase. Something happened to her when she underwent the splicing to become a Hybrid, knocking more than a few screws loose. She was frighteningly intelligent, having had Alakazam, Porygon-Z, and Metagross DNA spliced into her genes. She was also freakishly powerful when it came to using Special Attacks, and even if she weren’t nuttier than a rabid Pachirisu she’d be dangerous. Thankfully, she had a serious case of fanatical hero worship over towards our leader, which made her so loyal to him and the team in general it was literally scary. I oftentimes frightened myself with thoughts of what could have happened had she joined anyone seeking to oppose us.

Currently, she was working on a specialized weapon suit that was powered by the Synth gas. The suit was supposed to conform perfectly to the body of whoever wore it, thanks to a special material infused with Ditto DNA. It was mainly supposed to be for Hybrids like me who couldn’t wear conventional armor. It would, if it worked like it should, be about as strong as my own hide and be capable of performing something like a Bide attack, absorbing damage over time and injecting controlled amounts of Synth gas to make the gathered energy stronger and unstable. When the suit reached critical level, it released all the damage it had absorbed in a massive burst. So far, the only downsides were the suit would be at about half-efficiency afterward, meaning it’d be weaker and absorb less damage. Merun didn’t have an exact number for how long the suit would need to get back to full capacity, but she had a tentative estimate of about an hour.

Hopefully she’d get the prototype up and running soon, because I had a bad feeling we’d need those suits long before this whole thing was over…


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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Ruzza, Illusion
Soloman, Blaze
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

"That sounds good Shadowfox. As a backup plan in case the dome doesn't work, I've put into plan a type of armor for humans to wear in the synth gas that will not only protect them, but be able to take heavy damage from enemy attack. It will give them a longer period of time to stay out in contaminated areas," explained Ruzza as she pulled out from an inside pocket a paper with the plans she'd designed. Next to those plans were the pokeballs she held onto, three containing her team and the fourth still empty. The rattled after the paper was being taken out, not one of them opening accidentally.

She handed the paper over to Shadowfox. On it showed an outline of the design plus notes describing how each part were to work and what the overall outcome would be. "I've already got a few scientists working on it. Hopefully it will go through as planned. On top of that I've begun plans on duplicating the collar on Soloman's neck."

"I told her it was going to be a bad idea! We can't get enough sufficient data from it to make a perfect copy. That and I doubt any member would want thirteen needles jammed into their neck just so the thing could be worn!" interrupted Soloman. He sounded pissed when he spoke, his tail lashing back and forth as he sat with arms tucked into his chest. He looked like a house cat would had they lifted onto their hind legs.

The day that Ruzza had gathered notes on his collar was one of the worst days of his new life. He was constantly shocked from her touching it, his body practically going completely numb from the unending voltage. She'd been wearing an insulator suit to keep the voltage from getting to her. They worked at the collar for an hour before Soloman had to force her to stop, the pain becoming way too much for him to handle.

The data she'd collected was enough to begin research and development, but it was no where near enough to create the final product. Ruzza knew this but instead decided to go along with the development anyways, knowing that there would be ways to get around some of the finer details.

"The chemicals inside each spike weren't too difficult to acquire. I was able to get an injection of it into a small glass. Scientists are working on duplicating it right now," said Ruzza. "These collar's, if we can perfect and distribute them, may give us a great advantage on the war front. The only problem I've yet to figure out is how to get around the beserker effect."

"That's what Ruzza calls the moment I loose control and become a raging beast. it's dangerous and it takes up so much of my strength that it forces me into a weakened state. There would need to be a ton of tests before we even think of distributing this into the collar's and to our men. If we don't get around it, I doubt the project will be a success," added Soloman.



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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Lance Gerard
Underground Hearthome City, Sinnoh

"There was once a time when Cataclysm was just a group of angry citizens tired of the current order and ready for a change. During this time there was no group or promise of change, just an agreement that the Sinnoh government was corrupt", Lance began, addressing those in the room. Taking a sip from a glass of dark-brown Root Beer, he placed the glass down on the table and continued.

"It is different now. We have defeated Sinnoh's oppressive regime and are now in charge of rebuilding Sinnoh. Our group has millions who are loyal to it and hold us responsible for all of our actions. We cannot disappoint the people my comrades, or this government will walk in the doomed footsteps of the last", he told the men in the room. Hybrid and human alike were gathered here, many of whom had served beside Lance during the rebellion.

Incandescent bulbs hung from the ceiling casting a yellow glow. A few chairs lined the concrete walls of the bunker, which was relatively simple in design. A detailed map of Sinnoh's surface hung on the left side, and a map of the Underground hung on the right. Marking on both maps listed armories, food stores, entrances to the surface, and plans for the defense of the continent in the event of an attack. A single round table sat in the center of this room, on which Lance placed three thin pieces of paper. Each had an incomplete blueprint sketch drawn onto it, which when pressed together formed the unmistakable image of a Tank.

"Proposed by one of my associates, this weapon is how we will signal to the other nations that we will not be underestimated. This is the Razorback Tank, a hypothetical weapon that would give as an advantage over the other teams. It's unique design would allow humans to traverse the surface by taking advantage of the toxic Synth gas that floats in the atmosphere by using it for it's original purpose: fuel", explain Lance looking around the room before taking out another blueprint and placing it beside the tank sketch.

"It is a simple design that would allow us to take advantage of the abundant Synth in the atmosphere. See, Synth is somewhat heavier than air. By freezing the mixture of Synth and air we could separate the two into layers, with the Synth sinking to the bottom. This would be done in a system of three tanks using using solid carbon dioxide, or dry ice as most of you know it as", Lance said before pointing at the section of the tank where the Synth would be stored.

"While the oxygen will be piped into the operation compartment, the Synth collected would be piped to a tank where it would be used to generate electricity to power the tank and a powerful railgun that would fire a projectile that would accelerate to 13,000 mph in about 0.2 seconds. That would be about Mach-17, with the projectile reaching hyper-sonic speeds. Any questions?", Lance asked finishing with the explanation.

In Progress

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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Blizzard, Illusion
Avalon, Serene Grace
Team Nox
Pyrite town, Orre
The Errand

Avalon was truly the definition of Chaos.

Avalon was practically a Pokemon (in the physical aspect) before the operation, and afterwards he was untouchable, A Legendary Pokemon in his own right-but Avalon himself despises it, or really any overly-incredible testamony to his powers...And at this point, underestimating him would be saying he's Arceus times two. More like Arceus times twenty.

Avalon has a Pikachu on his shoulder named Lesha, who talks and acts like a human, not to mention weilds human weapons for her size, which is incredible, but Avalon says it's just training. However, that Lesha can do what pretty much no other purebred Pokemon could is almost too extrordinary to be simply training.

Avalon has unrivaled abilities to steal, kill and destroy, but Avalon resents that to equal unrivaled extremes.

Avalon could have simply turned Eon Sky against Team Nox, but he joined them anyway.

Avalon killed Blizzard's own brother and father, yet he saved Blizzard's life unto iteslf, and revealed that his own father was a j**k**s.

Avalon was truly driving Blizzard insane.

Here they were, stuck in Pyrite Town, in their own private, upper-class underground bunker (which was useful to them only because some radicals against Hybrids/Chimeras were threatening to bomb the surface, and said radicals had the means), With Avalon annoyingly fiddling with whatever he was.

"Avalon, I have to ask." Blizzard said, finally intrigued enough to question if it was something worth noticing at all when a bright flash emitted from whatever Avalon was looking at.

Avalon himself turned around. His eyes showed two things-a slight discontent from having to pull away from what he was doing, and mild curiosity from the question Blizzard was about to ask. Lesha herself, however, answered, in the tone of the impatiant. "What? He's got things to do, ya know!"

"That's just it, What are you doing, Avalon? I've got no clue whatsoever." Blizzard, in a rare circumstance, told no lies, and witheld no info.

"Me? I was working on something. It's called the Viro Laser. It's portable, It's colored like Synth gas, It's rechargable with Synth gas, AND best of all, It can burn through most materials. I've only tried it with Quartz so far, and the Viro made a hole in a sheet just one and a half feet in about 30 seconds. This thing could burn flamable objects or flesh pretty easily." Avalon said. He turned around, Lesha and him focusing on the invention.

"...That's pretty good. I thought Lasers couldn't do that kind of stuff yet." Blizzard said. However, he knew of larger laser cannons that could harm things. How much harm, he didn't know.

Avalon didn't turn around, but spoke up nevertheless."I know. It's really just another series in the line of portable lasers that burn stuff. I'm trying to make the best one yet. The issue is that mass producing it is going to take some time...Plus, I'm not so sure of how big or how small the frame around it should be. Too small, and the laser will melt the whole frame. But too big, and it's conveniance is going to be severly cut. Plus, it's not enough for weilding like a gun, or something like a large cannon. It's going to take time. I'd get some more people on it, but most of mine are on the Orre Synth Dome Project. Plus, I've got something else to do...Unless your willing to assist me."

Blizzard was looking for something to do. Avalon was lower in rank than him, so he didn't exactly have to do whatever he asked of him, but it was better than wasting away here. He wanted to prove himself. "In what?"

"I've heard rumors. They're about Haloclyst, an enemy faction that revolves around scavenging and recycling. The rumor is that one of their scientists have made a Portable Hammerspace Rift. It's one of the most useful inventions of all time, But only Haloclyst higher-ups have it. I want you to get one for me, I haven't had much luck in locating one. I don't care how-Kidnapping, blackmail, burglary, compromising, dancing through a flower-filled meadow, whatever-I just really want one. Can you help?" Avalon asked while his back was turned, still focused on the Viro Laser. He did laugh a little after his little gag about dancing through a flower filled meadow, but he was steady.

"...I don't need to do that, but in any case, I've been dying for something to do. I'll appease that little errand of yours, quick and good. What exactly am I supposed to be looking for?" Blizzard said, keeping himself moderatly calm.

"A pocket that's larger than it should be when you reach into it, or someone pulling stuff three feet long out of a pocket four inches long. Or really anything that could lead to me being able to reverse engineer one. Oh, yes, In particular, the scientist that invented it-if you can, grab him and take him back here so we can grill him." Avalon said, still compleatly focused on the laser.

"OK. I'll be off. If anyone asks about this, DO NOT mention that you asked me to do it, understand?" Blizzard said. He didn't want anyone to mock him for taking the errand of someone lower-ranked. He'd take some stealth mission experts and be off to Haloclyst Territory. He'd like this to be quiet.

Viro Laser: 10% Complete (10% Per post)
Orre Synth Power Plant Dome: 25% Complete (5% Per post)
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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Shadowfox, Synchronize
Team Nox
Gateon Port, Orre

“That sounds good Shadowfox” Ruzza told me as we discussed the plans. “As a backup plan in case the dome doesn't work, I've put into plan a type of armor for humans to wear in the synth gas that will not only protect them, but be able to take heavy damage from enemy attack. It will give them a longer period of time to stay out in contaminated areas,”

She handed me the blueprints and the schematics of what she had in mind. I looked them over, knowing this would be an effective armor for all the reasons she mentioned, but would also create a better foundation of trust between us and the humans. They would see that we weren’t only concerned about just our benefit, but for theirs also.

“I like what you’ve done with these,” I told her, definitely seeing her design team and engineers did a very decent job designing this.

“I've already got a few scientists working on it,” She told me, letting me know the design for the initial prototype was already on the way. “Hopefully it will go through as planned. On top of that I've begun plans on duplicating the collar on Soloman's neck.

“I told her it was going to be a bad idea!” Soloman protested, trying to persuade me to see his way. “We can't get enough sufficient data from it to make a perfect copy. That and I doubt any member would want thirteen needles jammed into their neck just so the thing could be worn!”

I knew that in the heat a battle, a pinprick of pain would be nothing in comparison to the kinds of benefits that would be derived from it. We already did it with Novocain and other painkillers, so this wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise.

“I still think it’s feasible,” I told the rest of the group. “In the event that someone gets shot and needs painkillers immediately injected or needs an extra boost of speed or energy, it would be pretty useful. As for the design itself, I’m sure we could create a dependable alternative, even if it’s not an exact copy of the original.”

Still, from what I could see, Ruzza had gone through a hell of a time trying to gather information regarding the design and mechanics of the actual collar itself. Still, even if the design wasn’t completely a perfect copy, the alternative could definitely still be applied with the same idea.

“The chemicals inside each spike weren't too difficult to acquire,” Ruzza told me, letting me know it was really the engineering replication behind the collar that would be the most challenging aspect to duplicate. “I was able to get an injection of it into a small glass. Scientists are working on duplicating it right now. These collars, if we can perfect and distribute them, may give us a great advantage on the war front. The only problem I've yet to figure out is how to get around the beserker effect.”

“That's what Ruzza calls the moment I lose control and become a raging beast,” Soloman admitted. “It's dangerous and it takes up so much of my strength that it forces me into a weakened state. There would need to be a ton of tests before we even think of distributing this into the collars and to our men. If we don't get around it, I doubt the project will be a success.”

“If we end up creating and distributing it, I’m sure it’s only going to be used for dire situations,” I told him, knowing that much would be certain. “It definitely sounds like the kind of thing that should only be used in life and death scenarios. Still, I’m pretty sure even you would appreciate being given painkillers while in heated combat, or adrenaline if you really needed it. If things get that heated between us and some other rogue militant group out there, it might be helpful.”

I handed the schematics and outlines back to Ruzza, giving them my final approval. I knew we could easily use both of them. The armor would greatly benefit the humans, and it would be proof that would convince other humans that we were looking out for their welfare as well.

In the meantime, the sweep through Hoenn was beginning, as Nox agents were being deployed throughout the nation to each underground location and each city to try and explain the situation behind Orre’s Synth power plant, and how the possibility existed that it was possible Orre could become an oasis for humans, which would also be an extremely supportive and economic opportunity. Even if the monetary cost of transporting, escorting, and establishing the humans here was pricey, the possible return on investment was worth the price. Orre’s cities and towns would boom, there would be a massive expansion in industry, and if the plan for the Orre Synth power plant dome was successful, Nox would benefit massively and soon enough, Orre would rise as one of the new superpowers of the world.

“Well, its time we moved on to the next piece,” I told the assembly. “Logan, I want you and Gabriel to head into Hoenn and help with the relocation. I already have operatives in the region attempting to gain the trust and cooperation of the local populace. What we need here is for both the Surface and the Underground to see the mutual benefit in trusting us. The humans of the Underground will be provided relocation to Orre, where they have the benefit of having better Underground civilizations with the potential of even living on the surface if all goes well.”

“I’m going to head over to Hoenn myself soon enough, only I’m targeting the Surface Hybrids and Chimeras,” I told them all. “Right now, most of them are having disorderly issues trying to keep the peace, and have resorted to almost being tribal in nature. My plan is to go into Hoenn, get the Surface to cooperate, and establish a new order in Nox’s name. In return, we assure them that Nox will protect Hoenn, as well as reactivate its economy by bringing its industries back online and by the establishment of a Nox commonwealth state.”

“Whatever you need financially, I’m willing to provide,” I told them, knowing money wouldn’t be too much of an issue here. “The return on investment if this all works will be massive. Not to mention the power and control that we’ll obtain… that will be priceless.”

I was sure of that…


Orre Synth Power Plant Dome – 30% Complete (5% per post)
Shadowtitan Tank Series - 20% Complete (5% per post)
Nightwolf Mobile AA Series – 20% Complete (5% per post)

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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Zora Linthinide and Victoria "Tori" Lynnly-Intimidate
The Cataclysm
Underground Hearthome City, Sinnoh

Zora stared at the designs for the new weapons in amazement. "These designs are quite fascinating. To be able to use the gas to our advantage is quite genius. Well it's no surprise my fellow members developed this. Our team is quite extraordinary," he said to himself. Zora had been sitting towards the back of the bunker, listening to their grand leader tell them of the fascinating new weaponry. Zora was proud to call Lance the leader of Cataclysm. He is loyal to both him and the whole group. He loved to attend these meetings and get his spirit flared up and ready for the change of the world envisioned in his imagination as grand and glorious. Being able to build this tank would greatly benefit us and would help us to continue our plans.

Tori sat near the center of the room, sipping some water while listening to this inspirational speech type announcement. "This really is quite an amazing acheivment. This could really help the humans to access the surface level," Tori commented to herself. Tori loved how their leader was able to speak in such an inspirational manner. With this kind of brilliance on our side we are only bound to bring peace and freedom back to our delightful Sinnoh! Tori sipped her drink with a satisfied smile on her face. She sat in her chair with one leg crossed over the other in an intimidating yet sophisticated manner. Her wings tucked in so she wouldn't take up too much space. Her talons carefully holding the glass in which she drank her water from.
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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

Jebez Leval, Inner Focus
The Cataclysm
Underneath Hearthome City, Sinnoh

I grinned underneath my helmet as Lance, our leader, began detailing the Razorbacks to the assembled crowd. Many faces showed either total awe or stark disbelief, a common reaction to progress. These tanks would not only allow for a gradual purification of Synth, although total cleansing would take tens of thousands of years no doubt, but would also prove to be essential to defending Sinnoh in case of an invasion by unfriendly forces. Tat this project was being proposed to the top Cataclysm brass was a source of amusement for me, as I, along with several others, had pressed for Lance to agree to develop it. These Razorbacks would no doubt lead to cries of tyranny from a few concerned citizens, but that was going to be offset very shortly.

I rose to my feet and glanced at Lance, giving him a fractional nod of my head. With brisk, proud strides I made my way to the table and faced the crowd. It was true that I had no blueprints, and little more than the assurances of our best scientists that it would work, but it was important to begin work right away. "Ladies and gentlemen," I began, starting off in a rather cliché way, but I didn't care, this project was too important to get bogged down in the formalities of proper speech making. Some chuckled at my opening line, but I ignored them and continued, “As you know, the Cataclysm, our very way of life, was formed by a coalition of humans and hybrids who followed the dream of one man, a man who believed that the corruption and evil of old could be replaced by the hope and justice of tomorrow.”

I let the message sink in, and even offered a glance at Lance before moving on, “Even so, today tens of thousands of humans live in crippling poverty and all of our citizens have difficulty finding the resources to do such simple things as provide nightlights for their children. But no more, because, starting today, ground will be broken on the site of the Hearthome Synth plant to allow for the reconstruction and restoration of the plant. Shortly afterwards, we will begin working on rebuilding every Synth plant in Sinnoh.”

Several gasps presided over the silence that fell across the crowd. One man’s voice, rang out, “You mad man, do you want it to just meltdown again?” Other murmurs of agreement followed. I held up my hands to ask for silence, after a minute they were ready to listen again.

“We have located the fatal error in the Synth plants of old and as such can make sure that these ones will never, ever experience the crippling failures of the past. Most importantly, by returning the plants to full operational capacity, every person in the Cataclysm, rich or poor, human or hybrid, will have access to power.” I bowed briefly to scattered applause and took my seat.

In Progress
"The Razorback Tank Series" - 10% complete (5% per post)
"Reconstructing the Synth Plants" - 2.5% complete (2.5% per post)
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Default Re: [RP] TEAM RP - The Synth Crisis RP

OOC: Didn't I start here last time?

The Janitor
Blackthorn mountain range, Johto.

A great man once said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If he was talking about the 20 years of euphoric and bliss served to us by Synth Crystals on a silver platter, then obviously the sadness and despair followed by the meltdowns across the globe were the proper response. Though one could only wonder whether those who gained or regained power in this desolate and inhumane world are the result of that reaction or just a reaction to that sole action. Man - or any species for that matter - needs strong leadership in times of acute imbalance and panic. Once given that authority and responsibility, those in power either let go once their task is complete or fall in that downwards spiral leading towards tyranny.

Then again, the vacuum left by the action of those altruistic enough to let their powers return to whom it came from is submitted to the same principle. Those seeking power will jump into that vacuum in an attempt to plug it, but will only end up sucking in more and more until their lust for power can not be satisfied. And when they are left with nothing to gain and everything to lose - well, that is when they provoke an equal and opposite reaction.

A revolution. Whether by the hand of many or just by one; whether silent or out in the open. Even a simple glimmer of it in the eyes of the sheep can make the wolf feel backed up in a corner. Driven into madness just long enough for that to provoke yet another response of the similar magnitude albeit with a different direction. And that single vector is the one to clean up the mess. The concierge, the maid, the housekeeper, the garbageman. Call it what you want. The result is the same. Cleaning the house leaves the door open for newer trash to come in. And that my friend, is a downward and neverending spiral. Cause no matter how much trash you take out, the feces will still keep hitting the fan.

It might have taken me a while to realize, but be honest, logically the sanest solution would be to end it all. Maybe that was the reason why the Synth melted down. Call it divine punishment, Mother Nature balancing us out of the equation or just an extinction event.

The reason shouldn't matter. The result does matter.

You ask why I care? ~ Why would I?
You ask who I am? ~ I'm just your friendly janitor, here to clean up the mess.
You ask why I would do that? ~ Well, somebody needs to do it. Would you?

No, I did not think so. And if you do think you're the one cleaning up,
well, then I guess the world doesn't have a vacancy for my position. And I make it a principle to take my competition out first.

This transmission will mark Day Beta. The day of that equal and opposite reaction.

This janitor bids you adieu. Over and out.

In Progress
Project Beta - 2.1421541652%

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