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Old 12-17-2010, 01:00 PM
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Default Final Fantasy: Souls [RP]

Final Fantasy: Souls

Throughout each era that man may live, there are a few who rise to face dangers no other dare to stand against, sacrificing for the sake of others. But none did so solely for the planet's sake. They fought to protect those close to them, to protect that which was most precious to them. Some triumphed and came home to a heroes' reception. Others never came home at all.

The world of Spira had seen many such heroes throughout the millenia. The crystals which managed the world had been tampered drained of power, only to have heroes restore them. A diabolical madman named Kefka nearly obliterated the world, only to be overthrown by the strength of heroes. Sin later came and turned the world into a spiral of death until it was laid to rest by a summoner and her retainers. A child named Shinra aided the summoner to stop an evil that threatened the aeons and brought her lover back. But the technologies of Shinra began to tax the planet, and a new evil appeared by the name of Jenova. And this evil, along with the evil of corrupt men gave birth to two more dangerous evils: Sephiroth and Genesis. Two heroes rose to defeat them, but one paid the ultimate price for the sake of the other, and that other would save the world from the combined threat of Sephiroth and Jenova.

Thousands of years have passed. The technologies od Shin-Ra are naught but ruins and the world and the races living in it have reverted to a more peaceful style of life, one in which many races would flourish. The world has healed its many scars, and life flourishes. But as tales as old as time, evil shall always rise to put the forces of good to the test. But those who have passed on still have influence in the world of the living.

Several special materia lie throughout the lands of Spira. Each one of these materia houses the memories and the strengths of the heroes from ages past. Each one hidden, waiting for a worthy hero to accept it and the power they offer.

One race of people known as the Thalids, a group of pale-skinned human-like beings with bat-like wings have fallen to a strange form of corruption. Their power has grown exponentially, but they have become war-like and began unearthing ancient weaponry to wage a war of domination across the land. Their once snow white skin has become pitch black and they command magics stronger than those of all other races. Only those who have overcome the various cave of ordeals, whether by accident or purposely seeking the stones out, have any hope of stopping the war that sweeps across Spira.

1.> Obey PE2K ToS. DO IT!
2.> No Godmoding. You shouldn't be pulling off limit breaks/oversouls each battle you get yourself into. These should be used VERY sparringly.
3.> Romance/Violence PG-13 please.
4.> 2 characters per player max
5.> As always, being active is a must. If you don't post for two weeks, your character is killed off, no questions asked. There's TONS of hero stones, and therefore, no shortage of new heroes to take your place.
6.> No bunnying without permssion
7.> Only natural casters can use magic outside of Limits/Oversouls. Rule of thumb: If the hero of the stone carried a staff of some sort in their respective game or are known as a caster, they're probably a spellcaster. And no, you cannot start off with Ultima, Fire3 or other overkill spell. Start off with lower end spells and work your way up.
8.> Start off each post with the following:


Robert Masters & Lilly Fontaine (Mewcario)
Matiem "Mati" Vadit (JechtSphere)
Neon Lior & Hyde (Winter Cherry)
Rinn Crowther (Rin)
Maurice Vitorelli (Latisiblings)

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Old 12-17-2010, 01:20 PM
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Default Re: Final Fantasy: Souls [RP]

Robert Masters/Lilly Fontaine
Zack Fair/Freya Crescent
Fort Holden

The calm before the storm some might say. Most of the soldiers were on edge, and they had every right to be so. Most of the other major kingdoms had fallen,The kingdom of Midgar was one of the very few kingdoms left and was by far the largest. The survivors of the other kingdoms were gathering in Midgar. Those that could fight were at Fort Holden, while those who couldn't were nestled in Shin-Ra castle, a castle that was built upon the ruins of what was once the Shin-Ra main offices.

Several scavenged and repaired ancient weapons were mounted on the fort walls as an attempt to remove the Thalid's air-superiority which had been key to the downfall of the other kingdoms.

Robert and Lilly stood post on the front fort wall, keeping their eyes peeled for any sign of attack. Robert kept his eyes on the ground while Lilly kept her eyes on the sky. "When they attacked the castle, they struck first with aerial mages and then had the ground troops sweep in to kill any survivors." Lilly recounted.

"Well I hope these things will work the way the archeologists said they would, otherwise it's going to be a messy battle." Robert said as he looked at the turbine cannons. Each cannon was powered by lightning materia, modified by the moogles so that the cannons would fire off wide lightning nets.

The rest of the armies were inside the fort, waiting for the alarm to sound so they could quickly deploy. For the moment, only those assigned to patrol the walls, the blacksmiths, chocobo stable managers and the cannon manning moogles were outside of the central building.
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Old 12-18-2010, 01:10 AM
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Default Re: Final Fantasy: Souls [RP]

Neon Lior and Hyde
Angeal Hewley and Vincent Valentine
Fort Holden

The two figure huddled together in a more open area of the fort, a jumble of odd body parts pressed together, looking like they were trying to get some sleep and failing. Neon's wings, all stationed on her right side, were curled around them as much as possible, as if to ward off wandering eyes. Her head rested on Hyde's shoulder, bright green eyes wide open, staring at the white feathery wall while Hyde's eyes were closed, his entire elongated figure curled in on itself to minimize the space he took up, one arm resting gently around Neon's shoulders. The two didn't fit well in any normal-person sized hallway, or rooms, such had lead to their odd resting spot. Besides, they were waiting on a call to battle, such could be seen from the way Neon's sword rested on the ground next to her.

"Say something." Hyde rumbled , eyes still closed, but not startling Neon. He did it too often these days for it to bother the young woman.

"I'm worried." Neon murmured. "Nervous. Feeling like this peace is going to shatter any time now." She told him, Hyde shrugged slightly.

"Maybe it is, but such is life these days. Tell me about Angeal some more before Vincent's memories start nagging at me again." He requested, Neon laughed softly.

"You're going to have to get over these memories at some point, and I've told you almost everyth--" Neon broke off abruptly as a memory surfaced, and she smiled. Then began quoting off the lines softly as the red-clad man in her memories did as well.

OOC: I'd include LOVELESS lines, but I'm outta time.

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Old 12-26-2010, 02:53 AM
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Default Re: Final Fantasy: Souls [RP]

Maurice Vitorelli
Fort Holden

It was getting quite hectic at Fort Holden. Almost everyone was frantically preparing for the battle ahead, and the people that didn't look busy were either sleeping or observing the Thalids. Maurice fit into the latter category. It'd be ridiculous for him to be working with others, since he was technically a criminal. Any detection to high-ranked officials would be very bad for his freedom, and for his goal as well. He was currently in the fort, blending in with the crowd. He didn't care much about the kingdom, but the fact remained that it was the only thing keeping the Thalids away. For now, he'd help them.

"They're here!" A panicky voice yelled out, and almost immediately after, he heard the deafening sounds of cannons. The army ran out of the fort like a huge wave, and not attempting the impossible by going against the flow of people, Maurice followed out as well.
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